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White America's Black Anniversary is Coming

Freedom is never given. She is conquered.

Asa Philip Randolph (1889-1979),
leader of the African American civil rights movement

A little more and for the United States will come anniversary date - 400 years from the day in 1619, the first Negro, the patriarch of the current African-Americans, stepped onto the land of North America in XNUMX.

It is doubtful that this historical the fact will be marked by salute and confetti, a military parade in front of the Capitol and a reception in the White House. In publications working to promote "American democracy" for the cordon, articles will probably appear telling about how good whites fought against bad whites in order to free enslaved blacks. They also tell about the heights that black athletes, film actors, politicians, military and even businessmen in the most democratic country in the world have reached. And you can’t argue with that. Blacks in the United States live better than their fellow tribesmen in Congo or Chad.

However, hardly anyone remembers that for a part of African Americans 2019, the year is also the bequest “from above” the beginning of their “real liberation”, which should end with the creation of black citizens in North America, whose religion will be Islam.

These hundreds of thousands, or even millions of US citizens believed that if the Lord allowed their ancestors to be transported from Africa to America in the holds of the white slavers' ships, then that was His will, and this is God's intent. They find an explanation for this in the Bible, believing that the words of Yahweh, spoken to Abraham, refer to them: “... know that your descendants will be aliens in their own land, and will enslave them, and will oppress them for four hundred years, but I will make a trial a people with whom they will be enslaved ”[1]. And the time of a fair trial, according to the descendants of black slaves, is approaching.

In the United States, there are a lot of public associations whose purpose is to protect the rights and interests of racial, ethnic, and religious communities. But not so many among them are mass organizations whose members consider the creation of their own state in the United States as the only way to achieve justice in relations between white and "colored" Americans. One of them is the Nation of Islam.

White America's Black Anniversary is Coming

The emblem of the "Nation of Islam"

Established in 1930, an organization with such a name immediately became the object of attention of American special services and defamation from the part of the Jewish-controlled press. Since the leaders of the Nation of Islam use pseudonyms, the FBI could not reliably establish the origin of its founder, known as Wallace Fard Muhammad, who his followers believe was a mahdi, that is, a Muslim messiah.

W.F. Muhammad, who disappeared without a trace in 1934 year (supposedly killed by white racists), and Elijah who replaced him, Muhammad developed a strange, at first glance, doctrine based on the basic principles of traditional Islam, densely mixed with theosophy and Buddhism. The main position of this doctrine is the postulate of artificial "breeding" by a certain prehistoric scholar Jakub of all currently existing races from their black and "brown" Afro-Asian ancestors. At the same time, the white race and its by-product, the Jews, were created by Yakub as a “devilish race” specifically for the temporary oppression of dark-skinned people in order to harden them in difficult living conditions. African-Americans, in turn, are a single nation, a people “chosen” by Allah so that in the future it will free all “colored” from white domination, and they will rule the world as the highest race because of their more ancient origin and "Chosen".

The preachers of the "Nation of Islam" teach that their followers so far are not fundamentally different from other races and peoples. They only follow the path to liberation and becoming the highest race if they follow the instructions of their teachers. For faster progress, they need to separate from other Americans, up to the formation of autonomy within the United States or even a separate state of Negroes in North America. Leaders of the organization emphasize that the “Nation of Islam” does not intend to achieve this by force. In their opinion, if “white” cannot provide “black” equal opportunities, then they are simply obliged “for moral reasons” to give the “black” opportunity to separate and build their lives on their own, including developing their own economy separate from the US 2).

According to the teachings of the “Nation of Islam”, with the establishment of their future power over the world, blacks will lead other nations to follow by example and not by force weaponsthe power of money and false propaganda, as supposedly do American whites and especially Jews.

Elijah Muhammad, the second leader and main ideologue of the "Nation of Islam"

Thus, several ideologies united in the teaching of this organization. In the US, they are characterized as “black racism”, “black superiority” (Black Supremacy), “black separatism”, Islamic radicalism, although followers of traditional Islam have long refused to recognize members of the “Nation of Islam” as their “brothers by faith. "

The most famous American - a follower of the ideas of the “Nation of Islam” was the famous boxer Cassius Clay, who, having become a champion in 1964 year, announced his accession to this organization and received from its leader a new name - Muhammad Ali. His example has inspired many black fellow citizens.

The true number of members of the "Nation of Islam" is kept secret. Its core is usually estimated at 50-60 of thousands of activists. However, when the FBI documents were published in 1995 that spoke about the attempts of the American authorities to split the organization, spreading false information about its leaders through the Jewish press, and then also about the failed attempt to kill one of the leading preachers (and the FBI did not find anything better than hired a Jewish agent to recruit a killer), the Nation of Islam, together with other black and Islamic human rights organizations, was able to organize the so-called “March of a Million Men” in Washington (Milli on Man March). Moreover, the “million” is not by name, but by the actual number of participants and, indeed, only men (!).

"Marsh of a million men", Washington, 1995

Since then, the FBI has included the “Nation of Islam” on the list of particularly dangerous groups, although, unlike the radical Islamist organizations, its leaders have never called for the overthrow of the American government, for terror, or even simply for forceful street actions. Moreover, the teaching of the “Nation of Islam” prohibits members of the organization from taking arms in their hands and calls to act only by word and personal example. And, as it turned out, this frightening white American establishment is no less than terrorist attacks.

With the help of human rights defenders - computer technology specialists from the Electronic Front Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union, the leaders of the Nation of Islam have confirmed that US intelligence agencies are following them, trying to split the organization and trying to push its individual members to acquire firearms. The latter would give grounds for the United States Department of Homeland Security (United States Department of Homeland Security) to declare the “Nation of Islam” a terrorist group and bring it under the effect of the Patriotic Act. And all this despite the fact that the organization’s leadership publicly condemned the terrorist attack on the towers of the World Trade Center in New York and called on the Islamists to abandon the use of terror as a method of struggle (3).

True, some reasons for concern for the FBI and the CIA might have arisen because the current head of the Nation of Islam, Lewis Farrakhan, maintained contacts with leaders of many countries in North Africa and the Middle East, receiving multimillion financial assistance from Libya, Sudan, Iraq and Iran . However, despite all their efforts, the American special services did not manage to find evidence that the money was used at least once to buy weapons or prepare terrorist acts. Religious prohibition members of the organization to touch the weapon is really strict.

Lewis Farrakhan, the current leader of the "Nation of Islam"

Naturally, the question arose about the legality of the actions of American intelligence agencies, which use the Patriot Act to spy on an organization that is not terrorist by definition. It turns out that the US government opposes the "Nation of Islam" only because its members profess Islam and openly express discontent with the government, based on their ideas of social justice. In particular, the preachers of the Nation of Islam claim that 10% of the richest people on Earth exploit 85% of humanity, but only 5% of people of all races and nations, including the Nation of Islam, are fighting this injustice.

Thus, if the US government considers such sermons dangerous, then it is not so much about the struggle between “black” and “white”, as about the struggle of “rich” against the “poor”, as well as about the opposition of US law enforcement agencies to freedom of speech. this country boasts so much in promoting the "values ​​of American democracy" abroad.

What is so agitated by the American elite, if the whole force of American special services and the massive propaganda of various “anti-terrorism” propaganda projects like the Radical Islam website (4) that have grown like mushrooms after a rain, have fallen into this harmless, in general, organization? Of course, there are no theories about ancient civilizations and the origin of whites from blacks. And not even separatism, which the "Nation of Islam" preaches, appealing to the "conscience" of American Jews and immigrants from Europe. Most likely, the American establishment saw in the sermons of the “Nation of Islam” what Zbignev Brzezinski warned about in 2010 and 2011, speaking to members of the Council on Foreign Policy in Canada (5), and then at the Yaroslavl Forum in Russia (6) - it is a social storm looming on the USA, threatening to turn into an all-destructive social tornado.

According to economist Juliana Malvö, no more than 1,5% of African Americans have an annual income of more than 200 thousand dollars, while in other racial groups this percentage reaches 8-10 (7). Despite all attempts by the Barack Obama administration to reduce the gap between rich and poor in the United States and especially the income gap between white and "colored" Americans, his policy has not yet produced significant results. Moreover, according to the US Department of Statistics, in two years (2010-2011), the number of whites living below the poverty line decreased by 0,2%, while the number of African Americans in the same position increased, as luck would have it, 0,2% (8). At the same time, blacks constitute the majority of the population in such large cities as Baltimore (65%), Birmingham (74%), Memphis (64%) New Orleans (61%). The percentage of them in Detroit is the highest (84,3%), and Detroit is at the same time one of the most depressed cities in America (9). Imagine what will happen there in the event of a social explosion, it is not difficult. Suffice it to recall the massive looting and murder of shopkeepers during the floods in San Francisco in 2010.

Even more power and the white population of the United States are frightened by the trend of further criminalization of the African-American community and the mass conversion of Negroes to Islam in American prisons. According to data provided to the Internal Security Committee during hearings in the House of Commons in 2011, the United States has the largest number of prisoners in the world — over 2 million, and by this indicator all other countries are ahead — 701 people for every 100 thousand people (10). Of the total number of Muslims imprisoned in American prisons, 80% converted to Islam during imprisonment. Each year, the number of such converts averages 35 thousand people. According to the report of the Senate Foreign Policy Committee for 2010 a year, approximately 40 people who converted to Islam in prison had previously been trained in Islamist camps in Yemen.

Tattoo on the back of a Muslim prisoner with the words "Killer of enemies" and "Messenger of Allah." From the album for US intelligence officers (11)

In places of detention in the United States, stable Islamic criminal groups have emerged, such as the “Arab Assembly of Real Islam” (Jam'iyyat Ul-Islarn Is-Saheeh), the “Black Guerilla Family”, “The Bloodies” (Bloods, Alliance of African-American street gangs of Los Angeles suburbs), etc. After the release of their new members, the factions continue to direct and control their lives, retaining as part of armed gangs and planning crimes, part of the profits from which go to finance Islamist organizations.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Barack Obama’s intention to restrict Americans with the right to own combat types of firearms had the opposite effect. The population (and above all the more solvent white Americans) rushed to buy weapons and ammunition, emptying the stores at an unprecedented pace.

White America feels the approach of civil war. And not even because the “black jubilee” is coming. Americans are increasingly beginning to understand that they will not be saved by "legions on the borders of the empire," imposing "democracy" in other countries of the world. The US administration must finally stop spending money on military and political adventures abroad. Before it is too late, she should tackle the acute social problems of her own country, as Zbigniew Brzezinski advises. Otherwise, you may be late ...

1. Genesis, 15: 13-14
10. Hereinafter -

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  1. domokl
    domokl 9 March 2013 06: 36
    From the point of view of multiformativity, the article is a huge plus. But the conclusions about the crisis of American society on a racial basis are quite controversial ... Although black separatism is indeed more and more alarming for the USA ...
    1. ughhh
      ughhh 9 March 2013 13: 01
      Quote: domokl
      And here are the conclusions about the racial crisis of American society

      Yes there blacks just started to let the white buses, do you think they forgot it? Negroes for them are not like our fraternal peoples, this is the lowest race of slaves, on which grace descended and they were allowed to rise to the race of masters. And many still consider blacks dumb black meat. And this is such a hassle in the head, which will not bring to good.
      1. Gecko
        Gecko 9 March 2013 14: 00
        And in general, they gave more rights to blacks, fearing that they would become the fifth column in the confrontation with the USSR.
        1. ughhh
          ughhh 10 March 2013 08: 03
          Guys, your conclusions do not contradict the conclusions of the article in any way: there is a problem with blacks and it can get such relevance at any moment that it won’t seem enough.
          Personally, I, as a good man, wish everyone only good and prosperity, but I remember evil. And I respect the boomerang law, when even greater muck will fly back to you for perfect muck. The issue is a clear identification of the opposing parties. And what could be easier than dividing by skin color?
          Unfortunately for the modern white population, their white ancestors have too many sins before the blacks. Will they understand? Will they agree? Well, if so, but if not, a conflict may arise that no one needs, including Russia.
          Honestly, if American children have nothing to eat, I will not be happier from this. If you figure it out, then nobody really needs it, let them eat from the belly, if normal, adequate kids.

          It's time to grow up and reach a new level of understanding. We must learn to negotiate frankly. To be honest.
          It is gratifying that I was born and live in a country that can offer this from a pure heart, not demanding anything in return and not holding a stone in my bosom. And simply because he can afford it.
          How many times Russia has been stealthily beaten by filthy virgins, and the cause is good nature! Time after time - an outstretched hand of help and friendship, often in response - all that they can afford. From spitting to gag. Spitting these homeland - tired of wiping. Already everything sacred, it would seem, was mixed with mud ...
          Does not help! The good nature of the Russian people is enough for everyone.

          We Russians are a great nation. We are those who think not rational thinking, but see deeper, look at the essence of things. Household little things in life are not worthy of our attention. War, for example. There is more war, less war, there are already hundreds of them in our history. Just think, war. The main thing is that for a just cause, so that conscience is clear. Then to the end, to the victorious. Either the truth will triumph, or fall dead. Garbage, like money or a car, always remains an everyday husk. And the soul, it is eternal. Therefore, only from the heart, only wide open. This is our style.
          Always ready to go for dialogue. Even with the worst enemy, when the bloody veil falls from the eyes, we can agree. At least, about a fair fight so that there are no omissions.

          I could not help but write - I adore Russian! I consider it the greatest achievement of the Russian nation. Any man-made achievements pale before the greatness, breadth, imagery of thought that the Russian language can allow. Perhaps there are more beautiful languages, I don't know. I also studied English and Spanish. Do not stand nearby. Phonetically, for example, I like English more. But no Englishman, the most sophisticated in the language, will be able to express hatred, contempt or affection in words as easily and vividly as can be done in Russian. I love this opportunity. Yes, I even adore the word "adore". Go find an analogue in English. "Really like"? "Very, very satisfied"? Sosamba!
          This is something that cannot be taken from the Russians. This is the only thing that cannot be taken away from them. Speak and think in Russian. I recommend it to everyone, it’s good for the brain.

          Oh, I wrote something ... Sorry, maybe bust. But let my thoughts also go into the general informational noise and add a couple of notes of positive.
          Everything will be awesome!

          ps if absolutely in garlic, then yes, having drunk ...
      2. Avenger711
        Avenger711 9 March 2013 14: 04
        For a long time, exactly the opposite, the Negroes are simply insolent to the limit, just a little, so go to court right away and prove there that it is a Negro and not you a racist.
      3. carver
        carver 9 March 2013 19: 38
        What is this statement that our fraternal peoples are the lowest race of slaves for us? Why did you give such a thing, and how we and them, of course, joke about them according to different stereotypes that have developed, in principle, every nation and even within the nation has something to laugh at, but as slaves we certainly did not keep anyone.
      4. Nuar
        Nuar 9 March 2013 20: 48
        Quote: ughhh
        Yes there blacks just started to let the white buses, do you think they forgot it?

        In "Kievsky Vestnik" for the past week there was a note when The US slave trade has been officially abolished. It turns out that all procedures were legally executed 7 February 2013 year. So that chorozhn. Afro-Americans are already a month as people, not things.

        Well, the United States itself, to teach other countries is now possible with doubled intensity

        Pe Se. Publisher's website:
        (is there an article there itself - don’t know, I'm more on paper versions ...)
        1. Beck
          Beck 11 March 2013 13: 31
          In America, to one degree or another, but more than in some parts of the world, they honor the law. Sometimes he takes a rash - They accept the law and execute. In other places, laws still have to get to the local mentality, and then act.

          Example. Only under Kennedy in the early 60s all discriminatory laws (places for whites, etc.) were repealed. And they immediately began to be fulfilled. The overwhelming majority of owners of cafes and restaurants, only for whites, and did not think opposes. And seiyas even not a single American film without blacks in one or another role. Not a single television frame without blacks.

          Cicero - To become absolutely free, you must become a slave of the law.

          And then, hurray-patriots often cite the "atrocities" of reptiles amers in relation to Indians and blacks. All Indians live today on government support. The US government enforces reservation laws. Who among the Indians wants to live on his own, I can freely leave, but then you provide for yourself.

          And the last one. Today's US blacks are probably grateful to God for bringing their ancestors 400 years ago to America in holds. Otherwise, the present blacks would run now, through the jungles of tropical Africa in loincloths and with a spear in hand. Without all the benefits of today's America.
      5. Darck
        Darck 9 March 2013 21: 18
        it's not like our fraternal peoples
        This is which they kept slaves and called slaves?) Figase fraternity)
        1. carver
          carver 10 March 2013 13: 21
          Well, ka facts where exactly the Russians used small nations as slaves? Just like that on a national basis?
      6. dark_65
        dark_65 10 March 2013 08: 54
        But didn’t you try to live in the same area with blacks? Another pleasure ... our Caucasians will seem like lambs ..
  2. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 9 March 2013 06: 40
    A little more for the United States there will come a jubilee date - 400 years since the day the first black man shackled on the shackles of North America, the patriarch of current African Americans, entered the land of North America in 1619. Good morning everyone! hi This statement (the very first line) could simply be written: the destruction of local minorities and the seizure of their territory. But the truth here is not compatible.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 9 March 2013 09: 53
      Quote: tronin.maxim
      the destruction of local minorities and the seizure of their territory.

      This happened even earlier, during the "discovery and conquest" of America. But the first slaves were brought in really in 1619.
    2. mamba
      mamba 9 March 2013 10: 50
      Quote: tronin.maxim
      the destruction of local minorities and the seizure of their territory

      Well yes. First, the creation of bridgeheads for further expansion. At this stage, land is even bought from local leaders, and trade relations are established with the natives at the level of simple in kind exchange. Then, when pulling up military reserves, a brazen seizure of land begins, accompanied by the expulsion or even destruction of the rebellious Aborigines. After that, slaves are required for the economic development of the territory, and of the local Indians, no slaves are required: the mentality is not the same. Therefore, they continue to be pressed so that they do not get confused under their feet, but bring in slaves from Africa who have no problems with the mentality.
  3. fenix57
    fenix57 9 March 2013 06: 45
    Frankly, the problems of amers are not too worried. But Islam as such and the speed of its spread are tense and alarming. hi It's time for the Russian leadership to think about the dangers of promoting such "movements".
  4. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 9 March 2013 06: 54
    Quote: fenix57
    similar "movements".

    Islam is a complex religion in terms of its interpretation, in its true understanding. Not so read, not so explained and the meaning is changing. What Americans use when working with terrorists! For some reason I remembered the cartoon verb imperative direction where he judges the ignoramus. You’ll put a comma correctly, if I don’t execute it! So where in our situation to put a comma?
  5. fenix57
    fenix57 9 March 2013 07: 04
    Quote: tronin.maxim
    So where in our situation to put a comma?

    Radical Islam. Without commas.
  6. nokki
    nokki 9 March 2013 07: 52
    Quote: fenix57
    Radical Islam. Without commas.

    I support. Directly faced in life with such a concept as "black racism". I'll tell you, "little thing" abruptly "white" or "yellow"! And in the same package with radical Islam, it is a cross between plague and cholera!
  7. Zhzhuk
    Zhzhuk 9 March 2013 08: 05
    watched lectures on KOB, so it said that blacks in the United States are united under the flag of Islam. It means that we need an instrument of the principle "divide, play off, and then make yourself a kind peacemaker"
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 9 March 2013 08: 11
      Quote: Zhzhuk
      It means that we need an instrument of the principle "divide, play off, and then make yourself a kind peacemaker"

      When there are not enough external enemies, internal ones are created. Everything under one, less rights for citizens and unlimited power of authorities over citizens. An ordinary totalitarian state hi
      1. Zhzhuk
        Zhzhuk 9 March 2013 09: 43
        I read in a book that a scout can be identified by two things - this is the handwriting of intelligence and communications. who in Syria supports terrorists who rape children and cut their heads not submissive, it turns out that the methods in foreign and domestic politics are identical, but also forgot about global politics
      2. mamba
        mamba 9 March 2013 11: 05
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        When there are not enough external enemies, internal ones are created. Everything under one, less rights for citizens and unlimited power of authorities over citizens. An ordinary totalitarian state

        Games of "controlled chaos" outside the United States no longer satisfy American puppeteers. So they brought them to their territory. Those. they don't need the rear. Then they are not the puppeteers, but those who pull the strings.
  8. zavesa01
    zavesa01 9 March 2013 08: 09
    Well, the state count was not very upset. But there is a danger to Russia, and therefore it is worth considering
  9. cumastra1
    cumastra1 9 March 2013 08: 25
    In general, the accumulation of weapons against the background of radical ideas cannot pass without a trace. One day, an explosion will occur. And then everything with a full spoonful of bread. Civil war in a country with nuclear weapons - it will be something. And there the revolution is ripening, the organizing force - here it is - the Islamists, the tops can’t and the lower classes don’t want —that will come, and the aggravation of the needs and calamities of the masses — so if the dollar plumps, here it is, aggravation. And that’s all, pipets to your resources. It is necessary to prepare for this, and first of all - to mix the radicals with this very kl, so that young people are not tempted.
  10. fenix57
    fenix57 9 March 2013 09: 17
    Quote: cumastra1
    And then everything with a full spoonful of bread. Civil war in a country with nuclear weapons - it will be something. And there the revolution is ripening - the organizing force - here it is - the Islamists, the tops cannot and the lower classes do not want

    Let's hope it won't come to the "world revolution". hi
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 9 March 2013 09: 58
      Quote: cumastra1
      Civil war in a country with nuclear weapons - it will be something. And there the revolution is ripening - the organizing force - here it is - the Islamists, the tops cannot and the lower classes do not want

      Actually, I have nothing against the emergence of a separate state of blacks in the United States. The main thing is that they do not climb further. And the US president "nigger" - there are now out, and Dad are going to choose black ... still lacked a black Hitler!
    2. Cheloveck
      Cheloveck 9 March 2013 23: 56
      Quote: fenix57
      Let's hope it won't come to the "world revolution".

      Unfortunately, such a scenario cannot be discounted.
      Islam actively crawls into all cracks, and turning "traditional" Islam into radical is like having two fingers on the asphalt.
      And then, away we go, let's go. It will start at the piondos, they will immediately pick it up in Europe, and Russia will fall over, where to go ...
  11. Normal
    Normal 9 March 2013 09: 47
    Separatism in the US under the leadership of the Nation of Islam, in my opinion, is unlikely. If an organization calls for “non-resistance to evil by violence,” it is doomed to failure. Moreover, the organization is Islamic and Negro. Radical Islamism will simply cut out its "vegetarian" co-religionists, and the Negro craving for crime is well known.

    The solution of acute social problems under capitalism contradicts its very nature, which is proved by the example of Europe. So the social racial explosion in the USA is a matter of time.
    1. Cheloveck
      Cheloveck 10 March 2013 00: 00
      Quote: Normal
      If an organization calls for “non-resistance to evil by violence,” it is doomed to failure. Moreover, the organization is Islamic and Negro.
      Let me remind you that Islam is very flexible.
      The turn from non-resistance to radicalism is made at once.
      Dar al Harb, and that’s it.
  12. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 9 March 2013 09: 47
    The USA is a police state. In which case they will raise the National Guard and massacre, in vain do they buy our Saiga in such quantities. Moreover, all media will be silent like a fish on ice and everything will be interpreted exclusively in favor of the official authorities
  13. StraNeek
    StraNeek 9 March 2013 10: 05
    In my opinion, in America, as in Russia, approximately the same processes are taking place - the Islamization of society and the struggle based on religious differences. But, unfortunately, behind the Islamist groups there are concrete figures who play a very big and very dirty politics. I think everyone should think about what Islam is at the present stage of development and what consequences may come with the rampant radical groups ... recourse what
  14. Averias
    Averias 9 March 2013 10: 05
    I am a little confused by the fact that this organization everywhere trumpets that they are against violence and weapons. Something it reminds me of. And the fact that they do not have weapons, hmm, but what excuse them prevents them from training on dummies? What prevents them from learning a little, everything about weapons and explosives. Learn to the level of reflexes. When a person has never held a barrel in his hands, he will be able to disassemble and assemble it with his eyes closed. And as regards practical skills, in the USA that shooting ranges were forbidden, just shoot at your pleasure, hone your skills and you don’t need to have a weapon for this.
    It's just that I heard about this organization for a long time, how many did not try to find information, but there is nothing acre of loud words and "bright" ideas. And this raises some suspicions.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 9 March 2013 11: 41
      Quote: Averias
      And the fact that they don’t have weapons,

      You can say anything! And even more so, screaming about it at every corner until the time comes X! And there .... where did it come from? The Lord threw up!
  15. fenix57
    fenix57 9 March 2013 11: 12
    Quote: Egoza
    still missing black Hitler!

    If only from this opera:
    1. cumastra1
      cumastra1 9 March 2013 12: 01
      awesome party leader, charismatic president of the United States.
    2. illarion
      illarion 9 March 2013 15: 43
      more like a dancer from a strip bar for gays)))
    3. dark_65
      dark_65 10 March 2013 08: 58
      In most cases, it will be so, but there will be many cases.
      Blacks have no concept of statehood, have not had, and will not be by definition.
  16. indrik
    indrik 9 March 2013 11: 35
    blacks can exist only as servants of the white race, they are no good for anything else. Louis Boussenard still noted their cunning and laziness.
  17. tupolev-95
    tupolev-95 9 March 2013 11: 41
    It has long been clear - if somewhere they are too fattened, then somewhere because of this they are starving. The time of reckoning is approaching. The United States has repeatedly pushed back this retribution at someone else’s expense, but how much rope does not twist ..... And, by the way, it was the United States that greatly contributed to the radicalization of Islam and continues to do so.
  18. astra
    astra 9 March 2013 11: 45
    But America owes Russia, when we supported it in the struggle against England
  19. Rubik
    Rubik 9 March 2013 13: 29
    Delirium on delirium. Suffice it to say that only 1.5% of African Americans are Muslim. Among them, the percentage of Christians is higher than among whites.
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 9 March 2013 13: 34
      Quote: Rubik
      the percentage of Christians is higher
      These are not Christians ... Protestants ... Baptists ... rarely Anglicans ... sectarians, in a word.
      1. Rubik
        Rubik 10 March 2013 03: 39
        It was you yourself who so decided and your words are worthless.
    2. dark_65
      dark_65 10 March 2013 08: 59
      It's not a matter of religion, when a Baptist or Muslim will cut you, the difference is small.
  20. Megadan
    Megadan 9 March 2013 14: 14
    blacks, latinos .... there is one. not particularly numerous people who will always "outplay" them

    Perhaps it is better to think about the problems of their homeland?
    1. TUMAN
      TUMAN 9 March 2013 14: 25
      Quote: MegaDan
      Perhaps it is better to think about the problems of their homeland?

      Exactly! This small nation, plays well in us, sows discord and provokes conflicts!
  21. Megadan
    Megadan 9 March 2013 14: 37
    Quote: TUMAN
    sows discord and provokes conflicts!

    I completely agree. Divide and conquer - divide and rule
  22. uizik
    uizik 9 March 2013 17: 42
    The worst thing is that the United States is "exporting" radical Islam to other countries. They forget that everything will boomerang back to them.
    1. saygon66
      saygon66 10 March 2013 14: 08
      - These are the correct words about boomerang ... Only this applies to everyone! Without exception! Raise the history of the decolonization of Africa, practically all the "independence" was the state of the socialist camp: Algeria, Angola, Southern Rhodesia, Mozambique, Egypt, Congo and many, many ... Time has shown that, freed from the power of the white man, the former colonies turned into a cannibalistic reserve, where life was not for anyone ... So was it worth it to support black against white? And now we have what we have ...
  23. rodevaan
    rodevaan 9 March 2013 18: 14
    The fact that Pen-dos-nya, and at the same time Geyropstan is blackening and is being Arabized at an advanced pace, is wonderful! And the faster the black Russophobic zapadoid swamp turns black and assimilated by the Negroes, the easier and easier it will be to reduce problems with them. I personally do not give a damn about their problems personally, like many other Russian people! On the contrary - the more problems they have - the easier it is for us. So let them blacken, let them be Muslim, let them degenerate. I repeat - it’s time for a long time to put an end to this Russophobic zapadoid swamp. If you couldn’t fuck it, then at least black expansion will absorb them.

    But what really worries me and what really needs to be paid attention is that this is starting to happen in our country too! The borders of Russia are a large walk-through barnyard, through which all and sundry go. Come on, if our compatriots came here, many of whom find it difficult now in all sorts of churkostan. Here, on the contrary, the bulk of the masses of Central Asians and other "good" are supplied which are not belmes in Russian, and which are completely alien to us here! And there are more and more of them. They reproduce like cockroaches and for some reason they are in no hurry to return to themselves in Churkolyandia.
    I live in Vladivostok - wherever you throw, wherever you look - only Basurman's faces! Go in herds of 10 pieces! We are here in the minority is already simple! It’s scary to get into public transport - the greater half of the bus is THEY. Everywhere they are. Soon, not Vladivostok, but Moscow will be!

    I agree the quota for foreign manual labor should be! Someone must take revenge on the yards, clean up the trash! But where are they SO MUCH ?? Why are there SO MUCH here?

    They keep telling us all the time about the need to settle the Far East! What everyone is running from here to the West! What regions are emptying here Is it really about this POPULATION that was meant ??? I agree - at such a pace - they will not only fulfill their plans, but simply overfulfill them in a Stakhanovian way!
    But do we need such a population of foreign elements? This is far from the best material, all sorts of lumpen and other bottoms are brought here, raising the criminal level to heaven. Why do we need it?

    This is what really worries me, because there is no end to this, and the deterioration of the national composition is constantly visible! I understand that the enemies of the people, that is, officials, only have silver and gold in their pocket, since this SLAV force (not working, namely slave) has no rights here and is used for pennies or for nothing. The enemies of the people, after all, are the enemies who think not of their own people, but only of their own skin, in order to then flee to the west.
    This, as a citizen, really worries me.
  24. Kibl
    Kibl 9 March 2013 20: 08
    blacks in the USA, blacks in their homeland, the Black Continent 2 are big differences. If the former can download rights, the latter put these rights on their big black AK-47. Those and others know one excuse, an infringement, which they themselves sometimes do not sniff if , a member, it hurts, but the remainder shakes a little !!! All eggplant from the USA to Somalia! Look it !!!
  25. MG42
    MG42 10 March 2013 04: 27
    As in the demo of one computer. games while our troops were busy on the far lines of the galaxy >>> they stabbed in the back
    This once again proves that the United States will fall apart not from an external threat, but from within, such characters as these black Amero-Nazis. >>>> yes

    The catalyst will serve as the presence of huge arsenals of weapons in the US population.
  26. saygon66
    saygon66 10 March 2013 14: 53
    - "Kill everyone who is not white!" - He said these words in 1961. leader
    Union of the Peoples of Angola Holden Roberto. They hide the true attitude towards the white man. "Nation of Islam" is just another form of negritud - black racism. Check out the works of L.N. Sentora, E. Sezer, L.G. Damasa - Here's the "black hitlers" for you! In the 60s in the United States, it was with difficulty that the Black Panthers movement was suppressed - and a holy place is never empty, black Islamists came! Speaking about the rights of blacks, let's not forget that we are WHITE people, and this is regardless of our political and religious preferences! "Pride in one's race is the first condition of a negritude" - Sentor. Let's draw conclusions ...
  27. saygon66
    saygon66 10 March 2013 16: 49
    - I beg your pardon, in the comment there is a typo: in the quote "not" - do not read!
    - On the morning of March 5, 1961, gangs of Congolese and Angolan Negroes attacked a number of settlements in the province of Uyge in northern Angola. An Englishman who witnessed the massacre, William Stanton wrote in the London Times: “The massacre was perpetrated against 800 impulses, including women and children who were ripped bellies, hands and heads were chopped off. " He wrote with bitterness: “The reaction to this news shows the true attitude towards terrorists in Great Britain: When a Portuguese soldier stabs an African with a bayonet, the press makes an unprecedented noise! ​​When an African chops off the arms and legs of a Portuguese child, gouges his eyes out, and puts his mother's head on a pole - no one says a word! " In a UN report, Portugal's ambassador to the UN Vasco Garin noted: The Witness heard the dismembered victims screaming because the terrorists did not kill their victims right away, they gouged out their eyes, chopped off their heads, cut off pieces of flesh from their bodies, ripped open their stomachs and committed other atrocities. Some whites, mulattoes and blacks were skinned alive .... The terrorists dragged all women out of their homes, regardless of age. Children were torn away from their mothers to play ball, their hands and feet were chopped off ... Women were methodically raped several times. These atrocities took place on the M'Bridge plantation on March 15, 1961. And this is the same Holden Roberto ...