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Appeal of the Council of Atamans of the Terek Cossack Army to residents and authorities of the North Caucasus Federal District

The events that took place in Zelenokumsk on the night of 26 on 27 on November 2010 of the year forced us once again to take up pen and paper to appeal to the authorities. For now only pen and paper. But we clearly understand that this is not the case. weaponthat can stop the rampant crime and protect us and our families from the mayhem that is happening in the North Caucasus.

Practically all print media and television channels in recent weeks have Cossacks garnered in connection with the massacre of civilians in the village of Kushchevskaya, Krasnodar Territory. With irony, the atamans are asked: “And where were you, the Cossacks, when children were killed under your nose?”, Without listening to any arguments or explanations.

In our case, the situation is different. Men rose to the defense of the 15-year-old girl. Having stood up for the girlish honor, four people with gunshot wounds were in the hospital.

God knows, with all our strength we have always tried to maintain peace and not inflate the constantly smoldering fire in the Caucasus, but our losses have been too great lately, and too often they provoke us to respond.

The authorities are trying to reassure and with the help of the media to convince that everything is not so scary, they say, let’s give concrete facts, who forces you, who presses you? Here are the facts.

Tears on the eyes of relatives after the death of Kizlyar ataman Peter Statsenko had not yet dried up - the gangsters shot him near his home. That Cossack girl from Pyatigorsk, who a couple of months ago the Cossacks beat off the bandits by force, did not forget her fear. It was not yet time to restore the destroyed temple of the village of Rozhdestvenskaya in Ingushetia, as its dome was again shot.

But can anyone name at least one case when a Cossack or a Russian tried to take a Chechen girl by force? Or maybe someone from the Orthodox shot the mosque? No one will blame the Cossacks for this, because there are no such examples!

So what is waiting for our government? We live in a legal state and do not want to break the law. But so that we can walk peacefully on our land and not be afraid for the lives of loved ones, the government must provide us with peace and order. The Cossacks can not oppose their daggers and checkers firearms!

History knows who is the true owner of these lands. No need to even look into the books. The Cossacks settled and mastered these lands and the proof of this is the village and the hamlet - originally Cossack settlements! Notice, not villages, but villages! Kotlyarevskaya, Yessentukskaya, Naurskaya, Kochubeevskaya ... So why do we create unbearable conditions for living on the original Cossack and Russian territory? We do not intend to tolerate dirty sorties that end with the blood of our brothers.

For our hospitality we are answered with blood. What are these guests who are tired of the hosts? You came to our villages, but we are not to your villages! And if you came, then follow our rules and live according to our Russian laws! We always welcome guests, but we don’t need to go to us with our own rules, and, moreover, if you please, leave your weapons at the door!

Our ancestors - the Cossacks could stand up for themselves! And now again the bloody events are spreading across the territory of the Caucasus, like an epidemic of plague. A very difficult state of affairs in the republics, but today the waves of conflicts are more and more often rising to the Stavropol region. Events similar to what happened in Zelenokumsk, at one time served as the beginning of the exodus of the Russian-speaking population from the republics of the North Caucasus. It was such illegal actions that forced and compel Orthodox residents to leave the land of their ancestors. To stop this process, it is necessary to take the most urgent measures, and the state should protect its citizens. But if it does not, then the answer suggests itself. We are not going to create the same mess, but we will not allow to burn our homes, kill mothers and children, rape wives and daughters. And if the state and the authorities in it are not able to ensure the safety of our families, we will have to take care of this ourselves.

Council of Ataman TKV
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  1. Alexey
    Alexey 1 December 2010 15: 24
    It’s time to stop reckoning with this power, which is doing everything to destroy the Russian population, it’s time to put things in order themselves, and these jackals can only spoil from around the corner and if, what, run for help to the authorities that block them
  2. a guest
    a guest 1 December 2010 16: 22
    Cossacks? So be yourself - Cossacks !!! With the consequences for everyone!
  3. Sergei
    Sergei 1 December 2010 21: 35
    Dear Cossacks! I recommend that you study it yourself and make your children read the book by Hadji-Murad Muguev "Exuberant Terek". The book describes the events in the Caucasus during the time of A.P. Ermolov. The work on putting things in order in the Caucasus is shown. Very effective. Times have certainly changed, but human relations have not changed for centuries.
  4. 111
    111 1 December 2010 21: 47
    The authorities are fiddling and thinks that the people are the same, will like the power to turn the ass ... dick them in the Jewish bitch mouth and venal Jewish ass. it is time to fuck abreks and Jews, and the government in Israel will move itself.
  5. kaza4ka
    kaza4ka 2 December 2010 11: 17
    As a Cossack who personally knows the Zelenokum Cossacks and knows the situation from the inside, I dare to argue: what does it mean "to be Cossacks with the ensuing consequences"? Who are you, Sergei, to advise us to read "Exuberant Terek"? What do you know about modern Cossacks?
    They are given terms for hooliganism, and the Russians always go through article 282. Understand, we are normal law-abiding people. Our men patrol streets for free, without life and health insurance, and try to keep the situation on their own. Every Cossack is the same person as you, dear bloggers. He has a mother, a beloved woman, children and friends. Why should he go and die for YOUR freedom, inert, indifferent Slavs? Just because he does not hesitate to speak openly about his Cossack roots, should he pick up the trunk? Go extinguish the Caucasians, who covers our finished law from all sides? And you are sitting at home, in front of computers and shamelessly obscuring the only patriots who remained in the country who are trying to get something from the government in a legal way: they have been hammering the regional government with letters for 20 years, so that finally they can make municipal squads. Or at least they didn’t interfere with their creation.
    Feel free to pour dirt on the Cossacks! Fear God, you have no moral right to demand from the Cossacks now to go with weapons and go to prison!
    Cossacks do hundreds of times more than yours: on weekends and holidays they play sports with children for free so they don’t hang around and smoke, while the state has not created a single free sports section for our children! Cossacks build temples with their own money, when even on Sunday you cannot go to the service, get enough sleep at home! You have no actions, your patriotism is sleeping on the couch, at best you are posting something on blogs, you are all world boxing champions in your soul! Try to do something for the hundredth for the country, for the Russian children! Cossacks can be brought to an armed clash, but believe me, while they will HEROICALLY fight in real life, like the Ermolovsky Cossack battalion in the first Chechnya (THROUGH THE FORMATTED MOSCOW, WHEN THEY SAWED THAT THE KAZAKES ARE REALLY POSSIBLE, GIVE THEM IN AUTHORITY) you will sit and watch how it will end! And our guys will lie down, you laugh ridiculously: here suckers, died ...
    We still give the last chance. If we really get up with weapons, the massacre will begin for real, do you call for the Cossacks?
  6. Smirnov Vadim
    2 December 2010 12: 16
    kaza4ka,Bravo! I fully support you.
  7. Maghrib
    Maghrib 3 December 2010 11: 14
    Caucasus freedom and ....)
    Cossacks to Ukraine.
  8. radio operator
    radio operator 4 December 2010 19: 50
    Kazakh, you are right, emotionally, but to the very point. Cossacks, like all Russians in Russia, are powerless.
  9. Mikhalych_75
    Mikhalych_75 6 December 2010 00: 35
    Kaza4ka is 100% correct! And about children and sports, and about church and sleep on Sunday, and about indifference and "their own shirt is closer to the body" among today's Russians. Clever girl! Only this fat of indifference you are unlikely to be able to break through, because the Russian people do not have traditions - they were taken away in the era of communism, destroyed the spiritual threads, and now the authorities are trying to fill this vacuum, but nothing comes of it - some loud slogans, coupled with their own zazhrozhnost. I have lived in Russia for 15 years and have seen enough of my house from the edge, disrespect for elders and a complete lack of compliance with Christian traditions. After a glass of vodka with a fist in the chest and a cry "I am rrrusky", but in real life indifference when they will beat the same Russian nearby.
  10. radio operator
    radio operator 6 December 2010 06: 22
    So let's change for the better, regardless of the course of power and existing laws. And there are examples, as in the pioneer camp near Tuapse, the local population rose up against the resting Chechens - boors (Russians and Armenians). Let's raise our heads - everything is in our hands!
  11. Little Russia
    Little Russia 16 December 2010 00: 11
    Of course, the events of recent days are a wake-up call to the authorities, but aren't the Russians themselves to blame for what is happening and why is there such an attitude towards them? For example, who works in the police in Zelenokumsk, most of the same Cossacks, probably, and whether they cover the lawless people for bribes from Chechens. And in Moscow, a Russian can get a residence permit for figs, and again please rich ethnic groups for bribes, and who’s sitting in the passport office, again Russian. Why do nationals have 4-7 children, and Russians have 1 force 2, why drunkards mostly Russians. So there is nothing to blame on Jews and those who hold power, first learn to respect yourself so that others respect you, not to be sold for money to everyone, or even sell your homeland soon with giblets.
  12. rex
    rex 1 March 2011 13: 11
    But Stalin crushed all this mob together with the nascent shit. They kill us Russians! Two clowns in Moscow. Hehe at the same time manage to joke in front of cameras! That would be them in a real chamber with a half-crazy black-ass!