American sequestration: what's new

In the media, there is a lot of speculation about the imminent collapse of the dollar (or, at a minimum, its noticeable depreciation), the fall of the state finances into the abyss, the transition of the world economy to gold, rubles or yuan, and the final American decay. After Barack Obama and a number of senators - mostly aggressive Republicans - instead of condolences to the people of Venezuela, spoke disagreeably about the premature death of Hugo Chávez, we also wanted to make some unpleasant statements - why wasn’t a default? But it is possible to act in another way: not to take an example from the congressmen and the congresswoman, eager to arrange in Venezuela — and not only there — another “democracy”. Let's try to consider impartially: is the sequestration of the American budget really as terrible as it is painted?

The US debt crisis scenario, developed by Frederick Mishkin, a professor at Columbia Business School, was not at all as gloomy as some analysts and their readers might have thought.

According to professors, if American politicians fail to reduce the budget deficit, by 2018, the States will fall into a crisis of the Greek type. In this case, the Fed will have nothing to do but to bring down the dollar: with the help of high inflation a “hidden default” will be held. Mishkin and his staff, who conducted scientific research, do not believe in the imminent collapse of the economy of their homeland. The United States can get into a crisis (like the Greek one) only in the 2018 year, and even then, if politicians fail to urgently reduce the budget deficit.

The growth of US government debt, according to the study, can be stopped by reducing the budget deficit to 1,8% of GDP from last year’s 7,8%. That is, even the shortage in the coming years is acceptable. True, the debt will still grow. The Congressional Budget Office predicts that it will grow to 107% of GDP in 2014. From here will go up and the cost of its maintenance.

The US may overtake a budget crisis, says Professor Mishkin. In the long term 25, the US national debt will grow to 176% of GDP. The Congressional Budget Office makes a smaller growth forecast: up to 159%.

But note that we are talking about a quarter of a century! And, as is well known, extrapolations of current processes very often ended up with zilch for the most intelligent scenarios. The world is changing too quickly. In 2007, the world did not suspect the crisis of 2008. At the beginning of the century, many lost on the shares of IT-companies - in the same America. And even with the calculation of shale energy reserves in the United States recently made a big mistake: they started talking about "Saudi America", which the United States will become by 2017, when it suddenly turned out that the reserves are almost half the estimated. Nobody knows how things will turn out if Obama and the hawks-Republicans from Congress unleash a war in the Middle East. MIC will begin to work at full capacity, there will be new jobs. On the other hand, the war in Syria can be very costly, not to mention Iran. But the fact that the plans to attack these two countries in Washington are not hatched, only naive will believe. The White House has invested a lot in the anti-Syrian campaign, and will sometime wish to put an end to it. And there is possible the Israeli-Israeli attack of Iran. We will come back to this topic, but for now let's continue the conversation about “scenarios”.

At the "BO" it was already reported that Jacob Lew had become the new US Treasury Secretary. The main task of the minister will be just to find a compromise to reduce the strength of the economic blow in the amount of 85 billion. $ - the US national budget will be exactly “cut off”. Compromise, as previously suggested, must be found no later than 1 March. However, the country did not fall from the "financial cliff". The fact is that funds for most government operations end on March 27. Lew is the man (that’s probably what the president thinks), who is able not only to take the lead in difficult negotiations with the Congress on cutting the budget deficit, but also to find the right compromise. Negotiator and financier, he is really very experienced.

So, it’s not necessary to bury the US budget and the key currency ahead of time. But March 27 ...

As for the more distant prospects, the aforementioned prof. Mishkin is inclined to think about the upcoming “monetization” of the US debt: the dollar depreciating through inflation caused by the usual printing of money (for which the Fed is a great craftswoman). The reason for this “monetization” of debt may just be the constant deficit of the federal budget - provided that politicians are not ready to develop a plan for reducing it.

If Mr. Lew, while in his high office, makes a proper compromise, and an agreement is reached, the dollar will not collapse.

The new Minister of Finance himself is very optimistic. In all the photos he smiles. Despite the sequestration, he promised to put pressure on the second largest economy in the world - the Chinese. Lew and Obama do not like that China weakens its currency, which allows it to benefit from foreign trade. Meanwhile, the artificially low value of the yuan causes damage to US companies.

Its US foreign policy will continue. It seems that neither Obama, nor Lew, nor the Republicans and Democrats among the senators attach great importance to sequestration.

But because of this very sequestration, the Pentagon alone will have to cut off the costs of 30 billion dollars by the end of the current fiscal year (46 of September). Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta saidThat cuts will make of America a secondary military power.

The cuts will affect many military contractors. For example, the economic losses of Texas will be expressed here in the amount of 2,4 billion dollars. A whole army of civil servants - 30 thousand people - will remain without work. Their financial losses in earnings will be 180 million. $.

As for maintenance, those states where large warehouses are located will suffer: they will be closed in the coming months due to budget cuts. Pennsylvania, for example, has two main maintenance depots, where modernization of complex weapons systems, including Patriot complexes, is underway. Texas and Alabama will be seriously affected. Closing the depot here will stop the repair of weapons, communication devices and vehicles. Reducing the flow of orders will affect 3.000 companies. More 1.100 companies will face bankruptcy.

Analysts of the American center "Stratfor" have spread The report entitled “US: what a sequestration will do with the army”, which gives a forecast about the consequences of cuts in state funding for the Armed Forces.

The authors believe that the interim plan for financing government spending that was in place before 27 in March has already affected the Armed Forces. A further cut in funding will cause even more damage to the US military.

Destructive is not the volume of reductions as such (500 billion dollars over 10 years), but how this will be done. The mere threat of long-term budget cuts has affected combat readiness. For example, the marines canceled the dispatch of a second aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, departing from the usual standard, according to which two aircraft carriers should be deployed in each region. Instead, the second aircraft carrier will serve as a rapid reaction unit in the near future.

Pending budget cuts, maintenance costs were also cut or suspended. But any military platform, from the Stryker armored vehicle to the aircraft carrier, requires large expenditures to maintain their readiness for use at any time and in full. But if there is no more money, then there is no other option than to reduce the level of readiness.

And modernization? It is a constant cycle, the interruption of which is fraught with far-reaching consequences. US Navy announced the withdrawal from combat duty of four aviation links of nine and four aircraft carriers at various stages of operation. This means that for many years to come, the country will have one aircraft carrier in combat service and one more ready if necessary.

Moreover, it is likely that the contingent located in the region of the Pacific Ocean, the very region that occupies a central position in the new US strategy, will suffer the greatest damage.

Experts, however, do not claim that American troops are degrading immediately. The effectiveness of the armed forces is measured against potential adversaries, and over the past decades the United States has stepped forward. But if the army does not develop, then its relative power decreases. This means, analysts write, that after the introduction of sequestration or the extension of the current financing plan, the US Army will still be the most powerful in the coming years, but it cannot be considered as such in relation to other forces, as it was before.

Similar thoughts expresses military expert David Arutyunov. He believes that in the short and medium term, a sequestration cannot cause a sharp lag of the “Power No. XXUM” behind its closest competitors — China, Russia, and the European Union.

“First of all, all these players are inferior to the United States in terms of power projection in different parts of the world. However, over the next couple of decades, the United States may have competitors capable of projecting power at the regional level. Of course, they will not be able to resist the US Armed Forces, but in any case, this is significant. "

Of course, of course. And not so much “outside”, as “inside”.

In the army and on navy The United States will fall under the sequestration of almost half a million people. Mike Amato, spokeswoman for the House Committee on Armed Forces, is already saidthat we are talking about serious consequences that will affect both national defense and the country's economic well-being.

All this is not a joke. Obama's rating can be greatly shaken.

However, the president will do everything to put pressure on Republicans in Congress in order to avoid the above cuts. He is going to initiate a plan that includes cuts in other expenses and which changes tax policy, which ultimately should bring additional revenue.

The president publicly expresses his concern that people may lose jobs. This, he says, "is not an abstraction."

However, words are words, but people are already being fired. General Raymond Odierno, army chief of staff, told the senators a week and a half ago that the Pentagon’s temporary 3100 employees had been fired. Hiring new employees is frozen. The newly trained soldiers did not depart for Afghanistan and South Korea. All of them will be "reduced."

However, its costly US foreign policy continues.

The US Secretary of State, in the framework of his tour, recently visited Rome, where he kindly spoke with the Friends of Syria and сообщилthat the United States will provide them with additional assistance in the amount of sixty million dollars, and at the same time for the first time will provide "non-lethal funds". Yes, despite the sequestration. In the US, people are left without work and wages, and Kerry distributes money and expensive equipment to some dubious bearded men.

This is not all. The Pentagon has just concluded negotiations between the Ministers of Defense of the USA and Israel, Chuck Hagel and Ehud Barak. The ministers discussed, among other things, support for the development of the Israeli missile defense system.

Well-known pacifist Charles Hagel assured his Israeli counterpart that the United States would continue to provide financial and technical assistance to the development of the Israeli missile defense system - despite the difficult economic situation in America. Will be supported: “The Iron Dome”, “The Magic Wand” (“The Story of David”) and “Hetz 3”. The head of the Pentagon stressed that his department "will work with members of Congress" to ensure the continuity of funding for these programs.

And this was declared by a man who is considered an “anti-Semite” among senators and once called himself “an American, not an Israeli senator”!

Also, the US Secretary of Defense (as if Panetta is still in his place) confirmed Washington’s desire to maintain the status quo in the Middle East region: when the Israeli army has a military-technical advantage over the Arab and Iranian armies.

Then, turning to a discussion of the Iranian problem, the ministers declared a unified approach, thereby again giving the international community to understand that the option of a forceful solution is not excluded.

Finally, Mr. Hagel expressed his readiness to visit Israel.

Greater unity of souls is hard to imagine.

It seems that the sequester of the development of US foreign policy programs is not a hindrance. Analysts are sure: Republicans and Democrats have a chance to agree on a balanced budget. Fund experts Nouriel Roubini doubtthat the expenditure budget will be reduced in the specified amount (85 billion dollars). The most likely scenario is that Obama voiced: making a deal between Republicans and Democrats to lower the sequestration ceiling and create a joint commission to cut costs.

There will be nothing unexpected either for the USA or for the world economy as a result of a sequestration, says PhD in Economics, Sergey Pyatenko:

“In general, all this is not really an event. It is no accident, say, the stock markets around the world, and the US, do not notice this event at all. Of course, any stock market uses any reason to twitch, but here that is typical: the markets behave absolutely calmly and therefore this is such a wort in a glass of water. As a certain ritual: some should criticize, others should change something in detail, therefore it will not have any significant impact on the world economy. In two months, an agreement will be reached with Congress, and this money will be returned. Therefore, it is such a ritual-bureaucratic move. At least a dozen times this has already happened. ”

But the White House itself “suffered” from sequestration: the excursions to the residence of the US President were stopped. "Tours are stopped from Saturday to the special notice due to the reduction in the number of staff serving the White House," сообщили there to reporters.

As far as we know, the presidential administration will not be concerned with the reduction of jobs. Barack Obama, his speechwriter K. Keenan, Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Liu and other useful people in the country will remain in office. At the same time, in the US, 750.000 people will lose their jobs, of which 400.000 is in the power departments. Over 10 years, budget spending will be reduced by 1,2 trillion dollars.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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    1. +7
      7 March 2013 08: 27
      In a couple of months, they’ll agree what what, take another 3 trillion or what? Wishing to buy US securities is becoming less and vice versa, the demand for gold is growing .. What they say it was already like that, well, when it was the world economy was afloat, and now .........
      Nothing really can be said about the prospects for 25 years, I can also predict 50 years in advance and I have no economic education, the chances of guessing are as many as those of experts. hi
      1. +3
        7 March 2013 09: 16
        They have not been printed on the account of "printing money" for a long time, but only add 0 on the computer and issue various bonds with denominations of $ 10-100-1000 million.
        1. 0
          7 March 2013 10: 20
          In addition to the last post:

          1. 0
            7 March 2013 22: 31
            They also think badly: 3 photographs of 250 million are written in 500 photographs. That’s 1,5 trillion dollars. I used a calculator. I got 1,25 trillion. Or linden or Votruba bookkeepers

          2. Sergey Panzer
            8 March 2013 01: 49
            Gentlemen, what should be in this box? Gold or something else?
      2. +10
        7 March 2013 09: 48
        I agree that making predictions that will never come true is a thankless task ....

        After all, the thing is ... Nobody wants to change anything, and apparently, nobody knows-HOW TO CHANGE IT ...
        The existing system of finance is built on the basis of loan interest .... That is, everything is assigned price(land, resources, enterprises, products, even copyright)) When everything is valued on planet Earth and even plots on Mars and the Moon have been sold (there are also such offices))) .... then, without changing the format of the relationship system (not only financial)) prospects for NT

        Recall the recent past, there was an iron curtain, part of the world was not integrated into GMOs (the economy)) and the USSR fell and traitors began to sell Siberian resources for green papers, a consumer market opened, and they defaulted on us (artificially burned our savings)) = This everything was done to delay Agony as far as possible (and longer)))

        Wait, the clown iPhone in Davos said that we will sell the enterprises anyway, although this is not profitable for us. So it is asked in whose interests He acts ???
        In whose interests was the accession to the WTO signed by patriot Putin ??? moreover, part of the documentation was never translated into Russian))))
        Why cash for OIL AND GAS announced by the government -that they supposedly are not earned by us and they need to be stored in the accounts of the Fed. And it’s interesting how, in the Kremlin, Vova and Dima push through the idea of ​​managing these PEOPLE'S MEANS with the help of a private structure OJSC "ROSMONITORING" (read correctly PE "Deripaska"))) ...... And he has already proved his effectiveness, remember the phrase GDP:
        _- Give the handle back!......
        So smart People made a conclusion from all of the above that Vova and the oligarch of the Deripaska family are root and this scene with a pen is homework .....

        Well, back to the US ..... This means a budget sequestration is being introduced. What does it mean - the congressmen did not agree (only an idiot can think that the Congress is an unmanageable structure, it is a complete analogue of our Duma))) So actions will be taken to undermine the situation inside the United States (if there is Chaos, then everywhere)) You should not think that who it will save the USA ..... It's the same "occupied state"Corporations (or rather the People who lead them)) will finish it off with pleasure.
        In the world we need CHAOS, without exception ..... I have a question (and YOU probably also matured it))) -How are they going to survive ???
        They would ask themselves if they had brought the WORLD to such a state, which means they have no chance, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE FOUND !!! Hide will not work. Not underground, neither inside nor outside))) ....

        The show has begun, Budget Sequestration is the second act ... we look and think ....
        1. +1
          7 March 2013 16: 09
          You forgot to mention in 2009 the question if something goes wrong in the USA, what will happen to us, remember Putin’s instant answer, We won’t feel it, China alone invested almost a trillion dollars in its economy at that time, And we remember where you invested and the answer is
        2. rubber_duck
          7 March 2013 17: 32
          Quote: Asgard
          Wait, the clown iPhone in Davos said that we will sell the enterprises anyway, although this is not profitable for us. So it is asked in whose interests He acts ???
          In whose interests was the accession to the WTO signed by patriot Putin ??? moreover, part of the documentation was never translated into Russian))))

          And what, and so it is unclear in whose? By the way, about the "documentation". She, apparently, was not translated at all, except that the translators sprinkled an abstract.

          Quote: Asgard
          How are they going to survive ???

          But still. It is not in vain that information from various sources skips about the massive investments of the main Jewish families in the Chinese economy. Capitalism knows no other way out of the crisis than world wars. And his conductors are always behind the winners, although before the war, the defeated were intensely heated.
      3. Kaa
        7 March 2013 10: 33
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        In a couple of months, they’ll agree
        Just to what? Recently, there was a "minor" news about the inclusion of the Australian and Canadian dollars in the list of reserve currencies. The impudent Saxon world is seriously concerned about survival and uses all its last possibilities. Soon, the currencies of the African countries of the British Commonwealth will be made reserve ... laughing
        1. 0
          7 March 2013 16: 13
          What are you excited America will save the country 20 they did it not so long ago experience is
          1. 755962
            7 March 2013 23: 27
            And the sequestration came
            Today is the day (March 3; approx. Mixednews) when, if you listen to Obama, whose idea it was in the first place, the unprecedented $ 85 billion cost cuts will have to unleash hunger, pestilence, apocalypse and the hell in a mortar. Therefore, we applaud the administration’s desire to avert these tragedies from the country by issuing $ 28 billion of debt bonds on February 80 alone, which is (quite expected) raised the general government debt to new values ​​of $ 16,687,289,180,215.37.

            In other words, all the apocalyptic influence of sequestration in 2013 is completely compensated by the issuance of debt obligations in just one day.

    2. Piterkras
      7 March 2013 09: 03
      It is not the United States that rules the world, but the private shop of the Rothschild bankers. All these budget cuts are nothing more than the destruction of the extra dollars printed by the Fed's press. A sort of black hole. And for that, it is needed, so that instead of these "lost" due to the crisis (and artificial) dollars, the FRS printed the same amount of its new dollars and put it back into circulation. The crisis in the USA and in the same England, because of which the British are withdrawing their troops from Germany, this is all the Fed's business. But schmizis crises are such a trifle. For better destruction of excess money and excellent earnings, there is another very convenient way - a major military conflict. Very soon he will be in the BV, when Israel, on the orders of the United States, that is, the Fed, attacks Iran,
    3. +11
      7 March 2013 09: 14
      Recently, the USA has been calling me such an association!
      1. +2
        7 March 2013 10: 03
        The patient is more likely dead than alive!
      2. +1
        7 March 2013 11: 17
        Accurate comparison. And thanks for the image sizes, I have new desktop wallpapers today! ;)
        1. +1
          7 March 2013 14: 29
          I will support! Wallpaper came to the eye! Who is author? Do not know? )
      3. Region65
        7 March 2013 14: 50
        in any way, the dude from the right in black will take this dying soul)))
        1. 0
          7 March 2013 20: 36
          Quote: Region65
          in any way, the dude from the right in black will take this dying soul)))
          Already picked up am

          America always thought that she was holding God by the balls, and when she opens her eyes, she will see this very picture. Knowing the truth, I really do not want to leave a coma hi
      4. 0
        7 March 2013 21: 04
        Well, the picture touches simply! Ariel Sharon is not otherwise!
    4. Region65
      7 March 2013 09: 30
      .... instead of condolences to the people of Venezuela, they spoke unpleasantly about the premature death of Hugo Chavez .... ".. I wanted to write" from the Americans "but I will not, there are many Americans - Mexicans, Brazilians, Argentines, and so on, Hugo Chavez himself was American, because he lived on the mainland "America" ​​..... so I will say this - among the Pindo .. stans, among the Sesheans, or as these humanoids are more correctly called, just in general, in the blood and in culture, the pleasure of someone else's death. This is expressed in the cinema of the United States, in painting, in songs, in games, etc. Suffice it to recall how farmer Zhora Bushev Jr., smelling of dung, squealed and grunt joyfully while watching Saddam Hussein dangling on a rope on the air, how Condoleezza Rice was dripping with stinking grease, dragging and drooling at footage of the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, the old pervert Hillary Clinton with her lovers, Nicolas Sracosi, and so on .. so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the humanoids from the world-parasitic pigsty "USA" are once again just laughed and got a violent moral orgasm from the death of a good man.
      “The Western system failed to ensure true morality in the West itself, why should we adopt it?”, L. Tolstoy.
      that's actually their culture
      these are moral freaks with a non-human psyche from birth
      1. +2
        7 March 2013 16: 38
        add a little bit. Today I read an interesting fact in the book. Let's analyze the tales that were written in the West. They will sell the children, then the heart for gold.

        And then we wonder how it is in Holland - pedophiles and gays appear so prosperous. Where in Europe come the fathers who keep their daughters in the basement and rape them there ... They have very few good and bright fairy tales. So why are we surprised at what they really are - and even the States - in general, a nation of shepherds of cows (cowboys), convicts and prostitutes - do not forget about it, after all, genes are no, no and they will come out !!!
    5. Denis_SF
      7 March 2013 09: 56
      It must be done as de Gaulle, and then the karachun will come to the whole system of dirty green pieces of paper. De Gaulle demanded that the United States - in accordance with BVS - "living gold." In 1965, at a meeting with US President Lyndon Johnson, he announced that he intended to exchange 1.5 billion paper dollars for gold at the official exchange rate: $ 35 per ounce. Johnson was informed that the French ship loaded with "green candy wrappers" was in the New York port, and a French plane with the same "luggage" landed at the airport. Johnson promised the President of France serious problems. In response, De Gaulle announced the evacuation of NATO headquarters, 29 NATO and US military bases from France, and the withdrawal of 35 troops from the alliance. In the end, this was done, but while the essence and the matter, de Gaulle in two years significantly facilitated the famous Fort Knox: more than 3 thousand tons of gold.
      1. +4
        7 March 2013 11: 29
        It was after these events that the inscription "provided with gold" disappeared from the wrapper. In general, the paddling pools dispersed de Gaulle's conquests. They even returned to NATO, not to mention pi ... n weddings.
    6. Region65
      7 March 2013 10: 45
      guys ..... while reading the laws here, I found an interesting moment, who is an active military man - can you clarify? :))) .... "The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation consist of central bodies of military command, associations, formations, military units and organizations that are included in the types and branches of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, in the Rear Services of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and to the troops not included in the types and branches of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. "..... what kind of military units and organizations are the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation but which are not part of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation?

      directly on the topic of the article, who are interested in:
      Federal Law of March 28.03.1998, 53 N 30.12.2012-FZ (as amended on March XNUMX, XNUMX) "On Military Duty and Military Service"
      The contract on staying in the reserve is concluded between a citizen and on behalf of the Russian Federation - the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation or another federal executive body in which this Federal Law provides for military service, represented by the commander (chief) of a military unit in writing in a standard form in the manner determined by The Regulations on the Procedure for Staying Citizens of the Russian Federation in a Mobilization Personnel Reserve, and provides for the preparation of a citizen for military service for mobilization and the performance of military service duties in cases provided for by this Federal Law.
      Article 57.3. Duration of the reserve contract
      1. The first contract for a stay in the reserve is concluded for a period of three years.
      2. A new contract for a stay in the reserve may be concluded for a period of three years, five years, or for a shorter period - until the maximum age of stay in the reserve.
      3. The maximum age of stay in the reserve corresponds to the maximum age of stay in the reserve, established for citizens from the stock of the second category.
      7 March 2013 10: 52
      We must wage a quiet war against the United States!
      Do not let them try to calm the boat into the STORM!
      1. +4
        7 March 2013 11: 24
        How are you going to lead it? Your "quiet" war? Well, you can of course stop using goods produced in the states, as many advise here to see prices)))). True, in this case, first of all, you will have to open your amd processor with a screwdriver and cook your Invidia video card with dumplings;). But as a result of such not cunning actions, you will really start your "quiet" war, through a very "quiet" presence on this resource. (Exclusively with irony and kindness)
        1. Region65
          7 March 2013 12: 18
          Quote: Hariva
          you can of course stop using goods made in the states,

          ahem - ahem ... the fact is that there is practically no goods turnover between the USA and the Russian Federation))) remember 08.08.08, when the pin to stigmas tried to impose sanctions against Russia for raping Saakashvili :)))) they introduced like sheep a couple of weeks sank and lifted their sanctions EXACTLY BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO INFLUENCE ON THE RUSSIAN ECONOMY, but they have affected the US economy, because they buy metal from us :))) plus their satellites are launched from Baikonur, plus that, plus this, not to mention already about oil and gas :))))))) further in meaning - the USA is the largest consumer of CHINESE goods)) because most of the production is outsourced to China))))) I mean that we are all the same China is purchased by consumer goods, and American goods are bought only because it was once considered cool (an inscription like maiden in SES A)))) so this is all the lyrics ... so in fact the US doesn’t need us anyway .. why do they the whole world feeds ...
          1. +1
            7 March 2013 12: 37
            And how do your words cancel or, at least, in any area "discredit" mine? :). Well, I'll switch from AMD to INTEL. And what will change? Do you know any alternative? And this is only a single, special case, so to speak. Without looking far, you can remember that the "navigators" in our cars work almost exclusively with GPS satellites. Is not it so? And it doesn't matter that the navigator itself is made in Malaysia - it doesn't change the essence.
            I mean that despite the lack of trade, we will still be using goods with a state pedigree for a long time, even despite the fact that Quote: "The sanctions against Russia for the rape of Saakashvili HAVE NOT AFFECTED THE RUSSIAN ECONOMY"
            1. Region65
              7 March 2013 13: 25
              you misunderstood me a little, I mean that it makes no sense for Russia to butt the states with such methods as refusal of goods, since we do not consume goods, but China has such a weapon in its hands, because if it is China that refuses the dollar in calculations then the US economy will collapse in seconds. And Russia has a different way of fighting the West - it's just stupid to start ignoring and stop promoting Western cattle culture to the people and to engage in the resurrection of its national identity, the resurrection of its culture ... it is in spiritual and moral values ​​to move away from this pig and live its own life .. that's all that is needed for the United States to dry up on its North American continent. Well, of course, do not give a pin to the stigma of your noses in foreign countries, such as Syria (and Libya is a pity that Mr. Medvedstein pro ... ral, for which a mouthful of grub in his eye and a piece of paper on his back "I'm a sucker, kick me" ...
              PS I fully agree with the following clip
              1. +2
                7 March 2013 14: 10
                On some aspects - I give a standing ovation). Quote: "And Russia has a different way of fighting the West - ......."
                As an example. My eldest son (5 years old) is sure that when he grows up, he will fight against "fascists".
                That Coca-Cola is bad juice.
                That Russian weapons are the most powerful.))))) (With observance of the world outlook of a small child).
                Well, this is an example of a "quiet war". It was in this vein that I tried to communicate with "SPIRITofFREEDOM".
                And to link here debt obligations and other tooth extractions without anesthesia, I somehow fail. Sorry . what is left is not understood.
                1. Region65
                  7 March 2013 14: 48
                  and you kid done well))) good ...
            2. 0
              7 March 2013 16: 31
              It can’t be that it didn’t affect why the oligarchs became worried. Only the rejection of metal and Magnitogorsk rushed to help, Do not think so primitively, It’s not for nothing that they held press conferences for a month, That’s with the French, then the Italians and the Germans,
          2. 0
            7 March 2013 16: 25
            Yes, try to explain it to the large experts in the Kremlin and our oligarchs, Yes they will laugh back, we have long been drawn into the net The question is what happens to us ordinary people, Here it just doesn’t seem weak, but on top everything is fine in any bad weather in the West,
          3. 0
            7 March 2013 16: 50
            as far as I remember, that year that data was published on this site stating that Russia is the largest importer of electronics from the states (meaning military products). So I can not judge the reliability of this, but you will not deny the fact that, for example, almost all of the avionics of our superjet is foreign (in my opinion, French-made). So, in this industry, things are still so-so, as the post very clearly testifies Hariva recourse
        2. rolik
          7 March 2013 13: 10
          Quote: Hariva
          How are you going to lead it? Your "quiet" war?

          To begin, withdraw the funds of the stabilization fund from the mattress. Then present debt obligations for payment, and if this is done together with China, then the long-awaited Karachun will come. All this can be really done if the Central Bank is headed by Glazyev (antagonist to Kudrin’s policy).
          1. 0
            7 March 2013 13: 33
            Young man, with all due respect to you, I will nevertheless allow myself to make a remark to you. I do not associate your words with the concept of a "quiet" war in any way. This is rather the beginning of the 3rd World War)))).
            Is not it? Your post is not quite the topic!)))))
        3. +1
          7 March 2013 16: 45
          Well, there was an example in history in post-war Japan. As far as I remember, it was the Japanese intelligentsia that introduced its products into fashion (which were worse in quality and much more expensive than the US ones). However, this did not bother the Japanese and they steadily took their own. As a result, the economy began to rise, and not in the last turn, we now have what we have.

          Who has such a fantasy that even Medvedev can imagine, who drives the domestic Volga, uses a domestic telephone and a domestic laptop ... not to mention all kinds of oligarchs, etc ...)))
        4. Grishka100watt
          7 March 2013 18: 17
          You don’t need to throw it out already, just wipe it off the dust on time, and change the heat-conducting paste to last a long time))) A very long time, until the very end .... America)))
        5. Bashkaus
          7 March 2013 19: 22
          And what about the computer? For example, I have a hobby, I am fond of the railway (remember, was German German in the USSR?) I make models of domestic rolling stock, etc. Of course there are still amateurs, we’re also talking about the forums, but there’s one small BUT, we also regularly meet with this kind of club, we come here once a month, with children, with cognac, etc. We are telling the big road (there’s the benefit of the area) we play ourselves, children play, a bathhouse, a feast, conversations as in the good old days.
          And this forum what? remember the USSR, wall newspapers on the streets, passed by, read a friend nearby, discussed, commented on if, as an argument, the mugs were filled with durga to a friend, or, on the contrary, they went to drink pallitra)))
          Was it really bad? (to the same, the eyes from the monitor do not deteriorate)
          1. 0
            7 March 2013 21: 14
            And in the 19th century, the average peasant, for his whole life, absorbed as much information as is now contained in one issue of A&F for example. ;) And it seems the same did not suffer from a lack of communication with a neighbor ....
            Everything needs to be considered in context, so to speak.
            1. Bashkaus
              9 March 2013 12: 10
              A bit of psychophysiology:
              Stress is a non-specific reaction of the human body to suddenly changing environmental conditions that require adaptation.
              What irritates me most is the view of modern society, so used to certain conditions of existence that a person is afraid of any changes more than death.
              A person should be ready for absolutely any situation and the ability to act in it, incl. and with the option of collapse of the global economy.
              Man has therefore evolved because he has learned to adapt.
              And the Western world reminds me more of parasites who have reached some kind of imaginary equilibrium, like stability and are now ready to cling to it with all their might. But is this not standing still?
              Is not a bold look into the future, the readiness to change something even global is not a path of development?
              In a crisis of the modern world order system, a person will come to another system, and so it is necessary not to clutch at the old, but to create a new, better one.
    8. 0
      7 March 2013 12: 34
      All this is to show others to hang their ears and relax. And as they developed their army, they will. They will find at whose expense. And we don’t have to stop.
      1. 0
        8 March 2013 08: 37
        Quote: asbaev
        All this is to show others to hang their ears and relax.

        All those who relaxed communicate with the pro-fathers.
        Quote: asbaev
        And as they developed their army, they will.

        And how long will they last?
        Quote: asbaev
        And we don’t have to stop.

        drinks In no case!!!
    9. Terkin
      7 March 2013 13: 36
      "In 10 years, budget spending will be cut by $ 1,2 trillion."
      In 2013, only 631,900,000,000 will be allocated for defense, and the Americans want to cut the budget by 1,2 trillion in 10 years. I’m certainly not an economist, but with the same success, I can save 10 cents per rainy day every month from my salary. Making long-term forecasts for 25 years is not grateful. Our economists have learned to make forecasts for six months, a year. Look who is interested in Professor Gubanov. In the 20s of the last century, the economic crisis ended in war. The United States simply will not leave the world stage, as well as their satellites.
      1. 0
        7 March 2013 17: 03
        Where does this data come from? about a budget of almost 632 trillion dollars ??? !!! Yesterday, Putin said that about 10-15 trillion rubles will be allocated for the development and purchase of new equipment in the aviation industry (I don’t remember the exact numbers).

        Did you dig up information on Wikipedia? so there and in Russia the budget is written 71,200,780,000 dollars
      2. 0
        7 March 2013 17: 07
        I've got a little confused in the numbers, it turns out. 631 billion is almost 900 billion dollars, right? And how will they reduce by 000 trillion? unclear...
        1. Terkin
          7 March 2013 19: 02
          Yes, almost 632 billion. The fact of the matter is that the Americans want to reduce 1,2 trillion in 10 years, i.e. per year, they will cut their budget by $ 100 billion $ 20 million, due not only to the defense industry. This is clearly not enough, state. debt will grow. Americans cannot live within their means, because living standards will fall several times. The number of small arms in the hands of citizens surpasses. It all threatens with a real slaughter, i.e. The US will try to foment war to write off debts.
    10. Octavian avgust
      7 March 2013 14: 22
      Well done, Barak lowers the states, but doesn’t forget about the allies! good He has time 2 terms until 2016!
      1. 0
        7 March 2013 15: 10
        What do you think about this publication? The Decline of the American Dream ("Le Monde", France) Is the American Dream outdated? Has the promise that an insignificant person can, in the United States, sooner than anywhere else, harbor the wildest hopes of enrichment turned into a chimera?

        Cruel, almost shameful, recognition for the largest economy in the world was made in mid-February by the team of US President Barack Obama himself. On page 177 of the annual presidential economic report presented to Congress, what is called the “Great Gatsby Curve” is presented. Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, describing the vanity of America in the 1920s, gave the name to a graph that intersects data that measures the degree of income inequality (on the horizontal axis) and (on the vertical axis) the relationship between the incomes of parents and their descendants. It is a barometer of social mobility.

        What does this curve tell us? Whatever angle we look at, the United States is in the worst position. Income inequality mixes with social inertia, which we considered characteristic only of the old Europe. So, America Paris Hilton is much behind the northern countries, as well as from France, New Zealand, Japan and the UK ...

        The obscene sizes of overseas fortunes have already been described in the works of the French economist and historian Thomas Piketty. But try to talk to an American about it and you will hear in response that "the rich are rich because they deserve it." That the almost communist idea of ​​taking money from the wealthy and giving it to the poor is an unfair reward for their talent. Shouldn't an American citizen, due to his fighting spirit, one day climb to the top? "No pain, no gain" ("as you sink, so you burst"), they say around. The Great Gatsby Curve strongly refutes this theory. And in the United States, as elsewhere, "talent" too often consists of inheritance. Read more here
      2. mazdie
        7 March 2013 21: 32
        Barack Husseinovich Obama, graduated from the PFUR named after Patrice Lumimba, the best intelligence officer of the USSR! JOKE
        PS And I would like to believe in it)
    11. -1
      7 March 2013 15: 07
      American sequestration: what's new but in my opinion there is nothing new. Do not dig a hole for another; you yourself can get into it. The United States is like a lousy, lascivious dog, it marks in all corners, and these pits have poured themselves all over the world.
    12. Pere lachaise
      7 March 2013 16: 32
      Problems in America? I am for.
      1. +2
        7 March 2013 20: 40
        Quote: Pere Lachaise
        Problems in America? I am for.

        Return all democracy with a loan interest ??? Always ready soldier
    13. mazdie
      7 March 2013 21: 29
      I hope that the 10th year of tan will remember how we remembered the 90s am
      1. Skunk
        7 March 2013 22: 05
        If they remember the 10th as we are the 90s, then for us the 90s may seem paradise. Our economy depends on the world and to a large extent on the US economy. U will have a standard of living in the states - consumption will fall, energy prices will fall. Well, then what will happen in our country, I hope everyone understands.
    14. Octavian avgust
      7 March 2013 21: 56
      Over the years, I met many Russians who were convinced that my brothers and I were a clique that pulled behind the scenes the strings that govern American foreign policy. The Soviets had no idea how pluralistic democracy works, and believed that elected officials, up to and including the President of the United States, were just puppets acting in the roles that the real “masters of power” dictated to them, in this case my family ... I tried to explain that the United States was governed in a different way, and I did not have this kind of power, but it was clear that they did not believe me.

      David Rockefeller
    15. Sergey Panzer
      7 March 2013 22: 20
      Gentlemen, the United States is alive and will live. With the twisting of this country, everyone will suffer. But I hope this will not happen. Even a dollar fall will not destroy this great country. The USA will come to life, industry will work again, the great American people will build a new country, and after the dollar becomes truly golden America will enter the era of prosperity.
      1. 0
        7 March 2013 22: 46
        Quote: SergeyPanzer
        Gentlemen, the United States is alive and will live.

        Do you think the United States will be able to live in economic isolation? All the promises are done! The whole world Named (supposedly) slaves now look at all this and say; you morons have a star fever, and the world is not Naked-Wood ........ so we sit quietly and save up debt, all your attempts are GOODWORK of the world gendarme. they are killing you !!! Say NO ???
        1. Sergey Panzer
          7 March 2013 23: 29
          What kind of isolation are you talking about? The US is the economic pillar of the world that will never fall. And if it falls, then it is imperative to recover.
          1. Guun
            8 March 2013 16: 48
            Oh yeah, right, immortal kashchei, how many unbeaten everyone got up until one day his vulnerability was found and made so that he was dead. In general, the United States bloodsucker swelled due to World War 2 where it sold weapons. Charles De Gaulle saw that the green candy wrapper is paper and that he made a mistake exchanging gold for it, we know the result - there is no revolution and there is no Gaul. Now there will be a new pillar of the world - China, the country that will replace the old man of the United States.
          2. 0
            9 March 2013 20: 53
            Quote: SergeyPanzer
            What kind of isolation are you talking about?
            This is not me talking about, Brzezinski himself is talking about this, read it, read this seasoned Russophobe now sees his near future ......... and this country !!!
    16. dsf43rewdsg
      8 March 2013 01: 39
      Imagine, it turns out that our authorities have complete information about each of us. And now she has appeared on the Internet in free use at Just enter your name and surname and there you and the address, and the place of work, correspondence in the social. networks, and even found my intimate photos, I can’t imagine where it came from ... In general, I was very scared. But there is also good - the data can be deleted, I used it myself and I advise you ...
    17. -2
      8 March 2013 08: 29
      Quote: SergeyPanzer
      What kind of isolation are you talking about?

      belay Sorry, then this comment is not for you.
    18. Lolitatic
      10 March 2013 03: 45
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