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The fight against terrorism. An inside look (blog of Ingushetia special forces)

My rank is included in the conditional category “middle-level officers”. There are state and other awards, but I do not treat awards as something significant. I know many guys who are worthy of awards, but have not received. And I know people who received them "for the sum total of merit." There are no significant rewards for me. Probably, the age has not come yet, when you are proud of your rewards and walk with them with your chest sticking out. They hang on the dress uniform, and I see them 1-2 once a year when I put it on for some festive events. All the rest of the time, I somehow do not think about them and do not even remember. Like all guys, in principle.

What are the special forces talking about?

You know, in fact, it is quite difficult to cope with such a flow of communication. They write me a lot of just kind words, it’s about 70% of all messages that come to mail, VKontakte, and BOS. Another 10% are requirements to respond to an event and express their opinion about something. Approximately the same amount constitutes curses and tearing off covers from me, with evidence that I am surely cursed. Having proved to me like two and two that I am not real, people calm down and push off without annoying me anymore. Particularly uporotyh something bribe in their blogs about what kind of propaganda project I am (as a rule, I blocked them the opportunity to try in my blog, so they have not many options). Where did 10% go? In the category of "miscellaneous." This is not counting the comments.

It seems to me that such indifference to me is connected with the fact that I tear up some templates. Some overly patriotic citizens think that the conversation of two fighters looks like this:
- Do you love the motherland, comrade?
- Oh, I love you very much, comrade!
- I dream of dying for the Motherland.
- And I. I shake your hand, friend!

Some people think that we speak like this:
- The main thing is that people should not wake up and not understand what the regime is hiding from him!
- Oh, no, if the people understand and rise, we will have to shoot ourselves or go to their side. We will not be able to support the criminal regime for a long time.
- Yes, it will be terrible. Let's go today to kill bystanders who are innocent of anything?
“Didn’t we still fulfill the plan to kill the innocent?” Then let's go, just drink vodka first.

In fact, the conversations we have are so everyday mundane that if you heard them, all this bloom of gilding would fly off from my blog in the blink of an eye. Yes, we do not speak much, everyone has already told each other, everyone already knows everything. I can even guess the replicas of comrades sometimes. We do not engage in heated disputes and disputes, we do not educate each other in terms of patriotic chatter. You think I'm really such a talker, like a blog? Yes, I can say in a day on the strength of the words 100. And I have enough of these words. In short, we are not as many imagine. Neither a plus nor a minus.

And yes, this blog is my personal one. He is not special forces at all, not our unit, but my personal one. I just have a place of work and I can show something related to it. But otherwise, these are my thoughts. And not all of my comrades agree with them. How many people, so many opinions. Therefore, I put, put, and will put on Natsik, radical Islamists, schizophrenics and other uporotyh, who believe that since my blog has become popular - I now MUST (save Russia, smash corrupt officials, draw attention to the problems). My anti-Caucasian, Russophobic, pro-Putin, Ossetian, kafir and just stupid blog remains my personal one. Bdymts!

Shoot. No options

I am shocked by the number of people who talk about the shooting as an ordinary thing. They take out the verdicts so easily, they speak about the shooting so calmly that it is immediately obvious - they did not shoot at people and have no idea what it is. It seemed to me that when I look at the first gangster I killed, something will break in me, the world will spin before my eyes, I suddenly realize that I have taken away my life, in short, as in the books they describe it ... Figs there. The strongest feeling was the surprise of their own indifference. We shot at each other, here is a proof in front of me that I shoot better. But there is one "but." I know for sure that I could not shoot an unarmed person. Could, of course, if there were such a problem, as, for example, in the film "Saving Private Raina". I don’t understand what they were stupid about. He is an enemy, you can't take a prisoner with you, you can't let go. Only one way out and it is obvious.

But just like that, when there is no such extreme need ... just put to the wall, shoot. Could not. And deliberately kill the innocent could not. These are completely different levels. I just don't understand how people can write - shoot everyone. Is this for general insanity? Who are these people? What is this secret sounder team? In the counter-strike beat? Kindergarten, damn, read disgusting. Balaboly, blah. If a person was killed in cold blood with you - you would probably have half the life of your nerves with electricity. But writing about mass executions is so easy. For you, of course, just - pulled the bullet out of my head, loaded it with a shotgun and shot. Only without this bullet in the head, you will perceive everything in a completely different way, heroes, damn it.

Passport check in the North Caucasus

Sometimes we do passport checks. I have the impression that they are being created solely so that we do not relax, as long as there are no active events. Despite the fact that the event is in general rather peaceful, everything is happening as if a bird can “fly out” at any moment.

The fight against terrorism. An inside look (blog of Ingushetia special forces)

In the 2011 year, when checking the passport regime in the Upper Alkunas, three people died - the head of the special police unit and two FSB operas. Instead of a passport, they were presented with a queue from an automatic machine. As a result of the clash the house burned down completely. Ruins remind - do not relax.

Dude on an armored troop-carrier as if hints - if you touch operas, you will deal with me ...

From house to house ...

Additional control - from bird's eye view

We enter quietly, culturally, cordon off the territory and modestly control the sector.

We cover each other, naturally ... Everything is as it should be. Better to be safe than to clap your eyes and say: “And we did not expect ...”

And again to another house where everything repeats itself ...

The people in Alkuny specialize in bees. Virtually every yard apiary.

Enough abandoned and unfinished houses. About half of all buildings, if not more.

From the series "you want to live - not so raskoryachishsya"

Basements, awnings ...

_The same, side view)) _

That's how it looks from my position. Scary man! ))

They check, and we control ...

In short, I zadolbalsya upload photos. To be continued.

What is soldier happiness?

I experienced it only twice. It is not comparable with anything. When they shoot you, it’s you who miss you. It is impossible to describe this euphoria. No matter how many personal achievements you have, only such a mistake by another person can lift you to the highest seventh heaven of happiness. Here's a second and you don't even have time to understand anything, just standing with eyes wide open. You are not afraid, not numb. Just realized that now - everything is over. And the shot sounds, and then turn. The shooter is lying in a pool of blood, and you feel yourself - and not a scratch. And then you see a hole in the back of the wall and you realize that the bullet passed between the hand and the body. Just like a puck into the goal, I found free space and slipped through it.

And here you are covered with adrenaline, and a feeling of unlimited happiness, and everything around you becomes brighter, more beautiful ... Luck rushed to you and passionately kissed right on the lips. If just the bullets whistled over your head - this is not that. And when the bullets entered the shield - not the same. Only when they shoot you from a short distance. And then you still experience this happy minute for a long time. This is so damn nice ... You are not so hot a chess player, but suddenly inadvertently mated the world champion. Imagine? This is not your merit, this is his mistake. But the result is important.

You lost, but you won ...

No, I was not shot today. Just remembered ...

Passport check in the North Caucasus continued

As promised, I post the continuation of photos from passport check in the Upper Alkunah. Generally village peculiar. Residents on armed people react absolutely calmly. Moreover, in every home it surely sounds: “Can tea?”

Some go even further and troll the operas:
- When will you buy honey?
“When they give a salary, then I will buy it,” the operas joke.
- Take it now, then bring the money ...
Opera take off from the yard under the laughter of the owner ...

But work is work. While they tryndyat and check passports, we check the territory

See, I can without hands!

Mountain with mountain does not converge ... Stunning views ...

It is a pity to enjoy them especially once ...

But look - a tree covered with greenery. But this is not his native greens. It is affected by some rare species of parasites, which is found only in Ingushetia and in a couple of other regions. From a distance, it seems that the branches are covered with bird nests.

Here is what this parasite looks like:

Examined and went on ...

And I'll lie down, lie down ... (c)

The ruins of the Ingush towers

Cows graze along the road and are not particularly scared ...

Loads to not beat your legs ...

The answer to the question is whether the fighter on the roof is tired of climbing back and forth. He rides on the roof, so not tired

What is it I am all about us, yes about us ... In the neighboring village, meanwhile, a measured life goes on. Children go to school ...

Sami, along the road. Independent ...

Another baby ...

And this kid in one of the houses accompanies us. There are not many entertainments in the Upper Alkunas, but here such a movement ... “Who are you? Davate, goodbye! ”

And here are two girlfriends. One treats the other with sweets. Mi-mi-mi ...

The boys in the school yard play football ...

Burning grass along the road. Just in case, we fire the fire.

Well, actually, and all the pictures. Normal measured life. And you, probably, thought that in Ingushetia the terrorist is sitting on a terrorist and is chasing a terrorist?

How does the special forces on the sweep.

As a rule, the work of the special forces in the address looks in the eyes of the man in the street as follows: a crowd of armed to the teeth armored types in masks flies in, screaming wildly, putting everyone face down on the floor and so on. All in horror, shock and trance. In practice, everything looks different. As a rule, if there is an armed gangster in the house, then the house is blocked and women, children and all other uncomplicated people are taken out, and then the address clearing begins.

But when there is a routine work on the search of addresses, the opera is washed every time the brain: come in carefully - there is a sick grandfather, there are small children, do not frighten. Naturally, our work does not involve delicacy, but in any case, it is better not to frighten people when inspecting or searching people.

In fairness it should be said that Ingush children are not at all shy. Armed guys give them more curiosity than fear. But when the house is searched, the anxiety of the elders is transmitted to the children. They are not looking with curiosity and interest, but with caution and incomprehension. All the usual way of life flies to hell, the house is full of strangers, who with a focused look digging into personal belongings. Some freaks love to hide weapon and ammunition in children's things, hoping that there the opera will not be looked very carefully.

Asks operas from an accomplice:
- How many children do you have?
- Four. Daughters all ...
- And what were you thinking about? Now they will put you in prison, who will feed them?
The detainee sighs and lowers his eyes.

I roughly understand what he was thinking. The fact that, perhaps, do not catch. Ingush accident beats Russian, as trump ace non-trump ten. This is such a hell of irresponsibility in front of your family, that you just wonder. This is in the Caucasus, where the family is the most important thing? Relatives may not leave the family completely to the mercy of fate, but they will not replace the father anyway ...

- Why do I feel sorry for your children, but you are not?
- And I'm sorry...
- And if you're sorry, what the hell are you doing for all this?
- Fool because ...

Fool or not, but crazy enough to give birth to 3-4 children? Now they watch the folder being taken away in handcuffs. You fool, imagine what they feel now! Is it worth the money that you earned by helping the bandits? Of course, blah, what a crime it is to take things in one place, take them to the forest and leave them at the right time in the right place. "I did not kill anyone ...". You did not kill - they will kill. Not today, then tomorrow. And the other children will be as painful as you are today. The difference is that you will live, and these children will be orphans.

The pain of a child is always ten times stronger than your own. When I hurt a child, I personally feel his pain with such sharpness, as if my heart is cut with razors. I don't care whose baby it is. I would have gnawed my throats at the bastards who mocked the children. I would strangle bastards with my own hands, without remorse. Illusory ideas remain so from century to century, and the child cries here and now. If you have given birth to a child, you have assumed responsibility for his fate. If he is happy, you will be happy. And vice versa - you will never be happy if your child suffers ...

If this whole svolot, who stumbles through holes, drags them to devour there, even once thought about what has a real price in this life, there would be no terrorist attacks. But zombies are not capable of thinking. They can only move, devouring all life in its path.

About the crowd and solo vocals.

I love to read the Bible actually, despite my atheism. I perceive it as a collection of parables, good philosophical principles formulated in an accessible language. This is a very instructive book. Take, for example, the scene of the execution of Christ. The crowd shouted "Crucify him, crucify!" and she didn’t care what Christ was judged for and whether he deserved this punishment. The crowd did not care what the person pointed to Pilate did. It is curious that several cliques, who were the first to shout, formed public opinion, and issued a definite and final verdict to Christ. Rate the chip - Christ crucified on the basis of a democratic choice. The people decided so ...

We note, a little earlier, Jesus predicted all this, warning others: "Do not toss beads before swine, because, having trampled on it, they will rush on you." He knew how all this would end, where his sermons and parables would lead. It is possible that he hoped that this cup would pass ... The trouble with Jesus Christ is that he addressed the man, and the high priests addressed the crowd. He was new to this field, unlike them. The crowd administers judgment and determines the future, but not the person. The episode in the movie "To Kill a Dragon" is remarkable, when the Archivist asks during a riot a person who sets fire an inverted cart: "This is why?", And he answers: "I fight."
- With whom?
- With all. For happiness and freedom.
And the Archivist puts on an eye patch so as not to see what is happening around. The very bandage that he was able to remove, thanks to the "revolutionaries". The man closes his eyes, yielding to the crowd ...

Therefore, I do not like the chorus. Prefer solo vocals.

"Arab Spring" in Russian.

Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen broke out almost simultaneously. And to anyone in general, this does not seem strange. The ideology of the Arab spring looks like this - they are tired of enduring and they suddenly all were excited at the same time and went to overthrow their governments. Take Egypt. There, a wave of mass street performances began strictly after Friday prayers. Doesn't it seem strange to anyone? After the overthrow of the government, Egypt calmed down? Not. Doesn't it seem strange to anyone? Take Syria. There were quiet smoldering contradictions in the country. Who blew on the embers? Why was the crowd suddenly so organized and well armed? Even regular troops always have problems with coordination and control, and then suddenly a crowd of protesters turned into well-managed armed units.

Syria and Libya were blooded with the very people that inhabit these states. Internal conflicts were not allowed to flare up as a whole dictatorial methods of management. As soon as the regime weakened, conflicts began to be resolved in the most primitive way - slaughter. No need for intervention and occupation. You just need to blow on the embers. Imams became the direct performers of this in the Arab countries. But they do not rule the process. The imams here play the role of initiating device in the bomb. But who laid the bomb? Quid prodest - look for who benefits (lat.).

The most interesting thing about this is that no one has created these internal problems for the Arab states. They arose themselves and did not dare, but only were suppressed, were left for later according to the principle “maybe it will resolve itself”. Beneficiaries of all this did not even have to spend much. Just lightly blow on the embers. The economic potential of the Arab countries (already insignificant) is completely undermined. Control is lost. The terrorist attack in Syria with the victims of 50-70 people killed does not impress the world community. Everyday business - civil war ...

The saddest thing about this is that in Russia such contradictions have also accumulated enough. And they will be used necessarily. Did not you prokanal project with election fraud and corruption? You can try to pit the Caucasus with the rest of Russia. It seems to me that this path is more promising. Even in my blog, I came across its implementation - users from the Czech Republic, Israel, Estonia, Germany, etc. ached in bedrots as they were tired of enduring Caucasian lawlessness on the streets of Moscow. And I entered into discussions with them, argued something until I wrote in a personal: "Fool, look at their IPs and info on blogs." The worst thing is that no one pays attention to this. That is, we were blown on the coal of corruption and election fraud, now on the coal of the Caucasus. And each time for power is a surprise, a surprise!

Someone up there, open your eyes, eppel!

Why the special forces do not always take the terrorists alive.

All the time I come across comments with the same questions. Why aren't we trying to take the terrorists alive and why are there such losses for such professional special forces, surpassing bandits in armament and training? In fact, both of these issues are interrelated.

Put the combat mission. The commander reads the combat order. And in the end he says: "We need to take it alive ...". And then everyone listens intensely - if he says a very important ending: "... if it works." Because when the opera very stubbornly insists on being taken alive, then you have to get out, risk the lives of the fighters for the information that the operas want to receive from the detainee. At the same time, we are not told how important it is and for what it’s all. Just "need alive" and that's it.

Any thug knows he walks on thin ice. He is not informed of when he will be taken. Therefore, he is always ready, always waiting for capture. Naturally, his nerves are stretched. He can start to burn at any suspicion of danger. Or start scattering hatabacks. Even they are specially worn with broken mustaches, so that you do not have to waste time on the ring - pulled it out of your pouch and immediately dropped it. And this nervous creature needs to be taken alive. I am already silent about suicide belts and other gadgets, such as hatabok, glued in the groin area with a plaster. Bandits do not trust anyone, even each other. I remember several cases when they killed their at the slightest suspicion.

Therefore, the most unpleasant task is when you need to take it alive. And here the question of what will win is instinct or the performance of a combat mission. Read with my friend and colleague about Seryoga Ashikhmin (Yakut). During a special operation in Kazan, he covered a grenade. Do you think that in that situation everyone stood in a stupor and looked at her? I’m sure everyone would have closed it there with him, but Sergei’s reaction was better. Sometimes when you do something clearly and beautifully in training and ask, "Well, how?" And in response - "Too good for the living." The better you are, the more likely you are to sacrifice yourself. And Yakut was prepared a little better than the rest. This allowed him to close his comrades first. Not for the sake of the star of the hero posthumously - such a reward of the dead does not warm anything. Here are a number of your comrades and you are closest to the grenade and you have a second to make a decision. An ordinary person will save his life. Special Forces fighter - strangers. Instinctively. I am sure that the task there was to take alive, but the attempt was unsuccessful. When people tremble with fear and shudder at every rustle - it is very difficult to catch them by surprise.

There are idiots who shout, looking at the video - this is a murder, you should have done a curse and make a polite offer to pass by the handle to the office. These same people enthusiastically perceive the death of employees and applaud our losses while standing. But moral monsters have always been and always will be, it does not change. Someone goes under the bullets, and someone at this time spits in the back, telling that it is cruel to shoot back - throw daisies at them. I do not even want to answer such freaks. It is useless to prove something. We can only listen to the words of the commander and wait for the coveted end of the phrase - will we exchange our lives for valuable information ...
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  1. Sarus
    Sarus 7 March 2013 08: 45
    Excellent reasoning about who works on the "land".
    Good luck and fortitude
    1. crazyrom
      crazyrom 9 March 2013 22: 32
      All this info is from the blog of a real commando: I constantly read, very interesting, very good, kind and smart man. I advise you all to follow his blog (and it is advisable to read the entire blog from cover to cover, it will take less than a day), you won’t regret soldier
    2. sonik-007
      sonik-007 12 March 2013 12: 05
      Here is this blog. He’s a man at all!
  2. Bort radist
    Bort radist 7 March 2013 08: 59
    Special forces know best the value of peace, war and human life. Take care of yourself, men, relatives, friends are waiting for you! Your losses are especially painfully experienced, you know the best of the best are gone. God bless you.
  3. JonnyT
    JonnyT 7 March 2013 09: 06
    Interesting and informative information!
    Very correct reasoning, the author is right!
    1. edge
      edge 8 March 2013 09: 42
      what can I say, an intellectually gifted human being, a moralist of an absolute level ........... you only know this after walking with death in an embrace.
    2. Gimaev Bulat
      Gimaev Bulat 9 March 2013 08: 02
      "Look, I can do it without hands ..." smiled, but in general, thanks for the article, a lot !!!
  4. Vanek
    Vanek 7 March 2013 09: 09
    And I liked the photos more with the kids ....... Good luck to you guys.
    OLDTODD 7 March 2013 09: 17
    The point of view of a healthy person, I completely share the views on the theme of the Caucasus.
    1. aksakal
      aksakal 7 March 2013 11: 46
      Especially in this part: Even in my blog I came across its implementation - users from the Czech Republic, Israel, Estonia, Germany, etc. whined in kammenty, how tired they were of enduring the Caucasian lawlessness on the streets of Moscow. And I entered into discussions with them, proved something, until they wrote me in a personal: “Fool, look at their IPs and info on blogs”. - this is how I so latently perceived such comments here, and even from seemingly adequate (in other topics) members of the forum, now I will directly minus and strongly object -)))
  6. Yashka Gorobets
    Yashka Gorobets 7 March 2013 09: 17
    Well done guy. I do not want to belittle his work, but with his "pen" he brings benefits even more than an automatic machine. Good luck to all brothers.
  7. in reserve
    7 March 2013 09: 20
    Ordinary people who are not alien to simple worldly joys.
  8. lechatormosis
    lechatormosis 7 March 2013 09: 24
    Frankly speaking, this person is good.
    But he doesn’t agree that when you enter someone’s house with an inspection from behind the back of a sick grandfather or a child, they can shoot a bullet out of the Kalash, how can one be using force?
    I AGREE that in the Kremlin DO NOT EXPRESSLY UNDERSTAND the THREAT emanating from newcomers IMAMS - Wahhabis.
    RUSSIA is full of illegal immigrants with RADICAL VIEWS and it is possible that they are slowly getting ready for the hour X when they start cutting BOSHKI to our WOMEN AND CHILDREN as it was in CHECHNYA in the 90s.
    I have a video of such crimes posted by these scumbags on the Internet.
    I WILL TELL DIRECTLY - I'd rather be a living nationalist than a dead Tolerast.
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 7 March 2013 09: 51
      Quote: lehatormoz
      slowly preparing for the hour X when they start to cut BOSHKI OUR WOMEN AND CHILDREN as it was in CHECHNYA in the 90s.

      enough horror to induce here, no one will start anything. that, for example, in a 100 thousandth city 20-50 radicals will run and cut all 100 thousand? and how much time is needed for this? even if all 100 thousand voluntarily come to be shot it will take tens of hours!
      what time are you writing about X? let's tell a real script, not fairy tales about a granny. we don’t live in Chechnya this time. Soaked up the radicals in Kazan in the summer, remember? Well, how much did they manage to cut off their goals in a millionth Kazan? ZERO. Even if they started running down the street and cutting, they wouldn’t have had much time. conducts the right tactics and policies in this matter, they were created not to suppress the people inside the country as some want to suggest, but to suppress all sorts of thugs, so that there wouldn’t be a scenario like in Libya or Syria! if I had the will, I would have been all kinds of Navalny and Udaltsov turned the boschi, and would have imagined it as an accident, and all sorts of Razvozhaevs and Lebedevs would have been steaming for about 5 years on the plank beds.
      1. lechatormosis
        lechatormosis 7 March 2013 10: 00
        it’s you who don’t fool your people with your balcony.
        I have already uploaded a video on how propaganda is being conducted among young people in the Caucasus.
        As for KAZAN, I never thought that extremists would have SUGGESTIONS to publicly shoot the head of Imam Kazani.
        BUT this happened and the cops and riot police, as you put it, began to run across KAZAN ONLY after the commission of the crime.
        you can tell in detail about the plans of the radicals only when they are in their ranks - you don't need to ask stupid questions.
      2. Val_y
        Val_y 7 March 2013 15: 03
        But you don't need everyone, three explosions, five shootings, and the whole city is in a panic, but if you take all over the country at once, kapets ... danger.
        1. official
          official 7 March 2013 23: 36
          In-in. When in Dnepropetrovsk last year several charges were blown up - in urns, there were no dead, only wounded, a tram stop broken, etc., so the panic just went wild. Immediately after, all mobile operators were blocked (they thought they were undermining using mobile phones) - the panic went beyond Dnepropetrovsk. How many people tried to reach their relatives and friends in the Dnieper then? And in the blogs, panic grew simply in geometric progression - even tanks in the streets had already been seen. So in the current information age, panic in the case of several explosions in a metropolis is a resolved issue even without additional informational support
      3. skeptic
        skeptic 8 March 2013 13: 23
        Quote: djon3volta
        enough horror here to induce, no one will start anything. what, for example, in a 100 thousandth city 20-50 radicals will start to run and cut all 100 thousand?

        It is easy to reason while warm and safe. Just remember the panic of mothers for their children, and fathers, when one, the only maniac appeared in the city. An example from the psychology of the crowd: at one wedding, a rabid fox burst into the yard, people scattered. The next day, several dozen people were treated with signs of rabies. When the doctors checked, there was no bite, but symptoms appeared in people - the result of self-hypnosis. A timelessly prevented panic can break a lot of firewood, and this is mainly what the enemy’s calculation is about.
      4. SIT
        SIT 8 March 2013 16: 26
        Quote: djon3volta
        enough horror here to induce, no one will start anything. what, for example, in a 100 thousandth city 20-50 radicals will start to run and cut all 100 thousand?

        When the funds going to Syria are released and Iran falls, the Caucasus and Central Asia will be next. Hundreds of millions of Saudi petrodollars and weapons stolen from Gaddafi (MANPADS alone, according to various estimates, up to 20 thousand) will flood there. The organizers will be the same as in the other Arab springs. Scenarios too. These scenarios were developed back in the 50s by Alain Dulles. Guatemala was the first, then Iran, then the stream already went. We are quiet now because without collapsing Syria and Iran, it makes no sense to start with us. When they collapse, funds comparable to our military budget will be used against us. To stop this, no riot police and specialists will be enough. You can’t shoot either submarines and perfume missile cruisers in the neighboring quarter. We need a national guard with the full mobilization of the entire male population. That's just the population under 30 machines saw only in computer shooters ...
        1. djon3volta
          djon3volta 8 March 2013 16: 39
          Quote: SIT
          When the funds going to Syria are freed and Iran falls,

          many politicians prophesied that the war in Iran would begin in the spring and summer of 2012. well and ??? already then they thought that Syria would fall .. well, and when will Syria fall? already in 2013 and Syria did not fall as we see, everything is calm in Iran fellow Well, when is it to wait for an invasion of hostile forces in the Caucasus? wassat What year is your script? And if Syria suppresses all the bandits, then Iran will continue to live in peace, and no one will come to us in the Caucasus! Maybe that’s it? Of course it can. Assad will stand up and that’s it, and then what?
          1. SIT
            SIT 8 March 2013 17: 24
            Quote: djon3volta
            what year is your script?

            Exchange panic crisis 1907 + 7 = 1914, the great depression 1929-1932, 1932 + 7 = 1939, crisis 2008 + 7 = 2015.
            I myself do not want to and will be immensely glad to make a mistake. To do this, everything must be done so that Syria stands as long as possible.
        2. Serg812
          Serg812 10 March 2013 00: 16
          We need a preemptive strike against militant bases ... in the same Qatar or Saudi Arabia. From the side of the submarine. Fig who knows ... who did it. laughing
          1. soul
            soul 10 March 2013 23: 27
            Partisan warfare needs to be carried across the ocean and the English Channel
    2. Ghenxnumx
      Ghenxnumx 7 March 2013 10: 49
      Quote: lehatormoz
      DO NOT UNDERSTIMATE THE THREAT emanating from the incoming IMAH - Wahhabites.
      RUSSIA is full of illegal immigrants with RADICAL VIEWS and it is possible that they are slowly getting ready for the hour X when they start cutting BOSHKI to our WOMEN AND CHILDREN as it was in CHECHNYA in the 90s.

      Why be surprised - who is revered by Muslims more than others - the pilgrim who performed the hajj to Mecca. Where Mecca is in Saudi Arabia, where all the pilgrims are brainwashed, it has been so since the Civil era and nothing has changed since then. So is it any wonder that fellow countrymen especially eagerly listen to their esteemed neighbor in a green turban, spewing poison under the guise of a balm for vanity and other vices of a dark man and not capable of independent analysis of what is happening? Where are these green-headed old mullahs telling that you have to live in peace with all your neighbors and that only labor earns respect and honor?
      1. xan
        xan 12 March 2013 16: 16
        Quote: Ghen75
        Where are these green-headed old mullahs telling that you have to live in peace with all your neighbors and that only labor earns respect and honor?

        apparently not everything is so simple, since they kill mullahs in the Caucasus and in the Muslim republics
    3. Serg812
      Serg812 10 March 2013 00: 08
      You are fundamentally wrong! Yes, Imams are newcomers, but this is why they create their "universities" for them.
  9. Son
    Son 7 March 2013 09: 45
    Hmm ... Ah ... It is intelligible ... I was not mistaken, the men in the photo AK-47 ..?
    1. wave
      wave 7 March 2013 12: 10
      wrong akms
      1. SIT
        SIT 8 March 2013 16: 11
        Quote: val
        wrong akms

        Really AKMS. They work in the building, 5.45Х39 gives a wild rebound in such conditions. This is probably why AKMS, not AK74. But why not provide all the software for such exits? At such distances, it is more than enough, and the AKM is unnecessarily powerful.
    2. leon-iv
      leon-iv 7 March 2013 14: 09
      AK-47 can only be a nigga
      The SA had AK then AKM.
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 7 March 2013 15: 43
        There are common names that are included in the lexicon. AK-47 - the name has long been used, and included in the lexicon, Kalashnikov himself used it. But flaunting this little knowledge is not a sign of great knowledge in relation to the opponent.
  10. mabuta
    mabuta 7 March 2013 09: 51
    Here is the script for the film about such fighterswho do not talk about those killed by them, but think, and sympathize: The pain of a child is always stronger than your own tens of times. When a child is hurt, I personally feel his pain with such sharpness, as if my heart was being cut with razors. I don’t care whose child it is. I would gnaw at the cams that mock children. Strangled the bastards with their own hands, without remorse. Illusory ideas remain so from century to century, and the child cries here and now. If you have given birth to a child, you have taken responsibility for his fate. If he is happy, you will be happy. And vice versa - you will never be happy if your child suffers ...
  11. Corporal
    Corporal 7 March 2013 09: 58
    A year ago, I talked with an employee, a man of 35, a wife, a child, a higher education. So he very much advocated the return of the death penalty and the mass executions of the entire government.
    That is, this is how everything in a person’s mind is simple. The government is to blame for everything and must be shot. And that will solve all the problems.
    I did not immediately argue, it was interesting for me to find the bottom of this quagmire in my head.
    When asked where to draw the line between the government and not the government, the person agreed to shoot everyone, including state employees.
    But he clarified that it is not necessary to shoot the innocent, only the guilty. The stump is clear.
    But how to identify the perpetrators? Well, will you hire a bunch of judges, how can they determine who is worth the bullet? How to avoid the death of the innocent? Very simple - you need to make a choice with your heart!
    The finish.
    Guys, how is that possible?
    1. RDS-1
      RDS-1 7 March 2013 12: 03
      It is very easy to do. Last time, if anyone forgot, it was called "revolutionary consciousness". Oh, and the people then leaned against the wall - horror! And, which is typical - also from the bottom of my heart.
    2. Val_y
      Val_y 7 March 2013 15: 06
      Well, not all, but through one to the tails. And let the second half continue to work, I assure the efficiency of officials, will increase significantly. laughing
  12. I627z
    I627z 7 March 2013 10: 12
    Thanks to the author for his work! I fully share my thoughts on executions and fanning hatred in Russia, and in many ways we ourselves help fan the contradictions among themselves.
    Lehatormoz, tolerast = internationalist?
    1. lechatormosis
      lechatormosis 7 March 2013 10: 31
      In Soviet times, I believed in the friendship of peoples -
      but when I saw how our neighbors in the Caucasus began to slaughter the Russian-speaking population in the 90s, carrying out an outspoken genocide according to a national sign - my faith in this friendship vanished like smoke.

      for slabs, watch this- even though it’s a movie (I can’t lay out the real death for ethical reasons)

      1. I627z
        I627z 7 March 2013 14: 34
        Lehatormoz Thank you for your honest answer. Now one more question, but is genocide based on class characteristics normal?
      2. Yarbay
        Yarbay 7 March 2013 15: 20
        Quote: lehatormoz
        but when I saw how our neighbors in the Caucasus began to slaughter the Russian-speaking population in the 90s, carrying out an outspoken genocide according to a national sign - my faith in this friendship vanished like smoke.

        Much earlier than this, my people and I had to experience the same thing, including from representatives of the Russian people !!
        But my faith did not disappear into People!
        The fact that the friendship of peoples was a screen for many was also clear in Soviet times, when smiling at each other they did dirty tricks behind their backs!
        1. fzr1000
          fzr1000 7 March 2013 20: 24
          Much earlier is when? In the 19th century? Or in the 30-50s of the 20th century, when it was hard for everyone and got it. You are being told about the 90s of the 20th century, about the time of "glasnost and democracy".
          1. Yarbay
            Yarbay 9 March 2013 00: 37
            Quote: fzr1000
            You are being told about the 90s of the 20th century, about the time of "glasnost and democracy".

            I’m talking about this time!
            January 90th!
            Then the participation of the 366th regiment of deadly civilians in Khojaly is not enough for you?
            1. fzr1000
              fzr1000 9 March 2013 19: 23
              The massacre was in January 1992. The USSR was gone. With the participation of military personnel of the 366th regiment of the CIS Joint Forces operating without the knowledge of the command. This is the official point of view and let's stick to it today. And who was there among them and what is their national composition is unlikely that you, what else is known to anyone. This conflict and now can not figure out.
              1. Yarbay
                Yarbay 10 March 2013 08: 02
                Quote: fzr1000
                The USSR was gone.

                and in January of 90 did you miss ??
                Quote: fzr1000
                With the participation of part of the military personnel of the 366th regiment of the Joint Forces of the CIS, acting without the knowledge of the command.

                This does not happen !!
                Available with the participation of the command!
                and again, regardless of whether or not the command in Moscow took part, the Russians also participated in this massacre, including the regiment’s command !!
                Quote: fzr1000
                This is the official point of view and let's stick to it today
                why ??
                When it is profitable for you, stick to anything, but not the official version !! and who gave this official version ??
                Quote: fzr1000
                And who was there among them and what is their national composition is unlikely that you, what else is known to anyone.
                Why? Everyone knows the personnel of the regiment !!
                The Russians were!
                The commander of Zorvigorov and soldiers and sergeants who refused to participate in the massacre fled to us on the day of the events!
                and the regiment was not a ghostly command of the CIS, but namely the Russian one, whose personnel was manned by 60-70 percent with servicemen of Armenian nationality !!
                That also speaks of the open support of the then Russian leadership of the Armenian fascists !!
                Quote: fzr1000
                This conflict and now can not figure out.

                This conflict is easy to understand, there would be a desire !!
                1. fzr1000
                  fzr1000 12 March 2013 20: 29
                  In January 1990, there were pogroms in Baku, against Russians and Armenians. And this is a well-known fact. Something does not agree with you or you are insincere. Therefore, it will not be "easy to understand".
                2. Allegedly
                  Allegedly 17 March 2013 15: 53
                  Quote: Yarbay
                  This conflict is easy to understand, there would be a desire !!

                  And how many * ethnic Russians * were cut out in only one Caucasus? There are 250 thousand people in Chechnya alone, you hear? PERSON!!! But among them were Belarusians, Ukrainians, Jews and Germans ... In short, if white, then Russian ...

                  So do not you lament about your troubles and tragedies.
        2. Allegedly
          Allegedly 17 March 2013 15: 43
          Quote: Yarbay
          me and my people had to experience

          According to the 1926 census, 221 thousand Russians lived in the Azerbaijan SSR, making up 9% of the republic’s population. By the way, the number of Transcaucasian Turks, who later turned from Stalin into “Azerbaijanis”, made up 63% of the total population of the Azerbaijan SSR.

          As of January 1, 1979, 476 thousand Russians lived in Azerbaijan (7,9% of the republic’s population), and in 22 regions of the republic there were more than seven dozen Russian settlements. According to the 1989 census, 392 thousand (5,6%) lived in Azerbaijan in Russia, in 1999 - 176 thousand. And the last census of 2009 showed that only 119 thousand people remained in Azerbaijan in Russia, or just over 1% of the republic’s population, of which, according to the data presented, only 99 thousand people speak Russian ... Azerbaijanis now make up 91,6% of the population. Here is such exponential arithmetic.

          And now the inverse numbers. From 1959 to 1989 the number of Azerbaijanis in Russia grew 4,7 times. And then ...

          Transcaucasian Turks (they are Azerbaijanis), due to their mentality and unlike labor migrants from other CIS countries, do not go to Russia to work in factories, build houses and raise agriculture. The bulk of the arrivals settle in numerous Russian markets and bazaars, where, using the unscrupulousness of local officials and law enforcement officers, using diasporal ties and direct bribery, it is easy to get rid of competition in the face of a local agricultural producer, who, as a rule, remains the ordered route to the Russian counters.

          The second direction of the "labor" activity of the Azerbaijani diaspora is the import into Russia and the distribution on its territory of narcotic drugs, including the so-called "hard" drugs.

          And just how defiantly this accustomed public behaves in everyday life in relation to the local population - everyone knows.
  13. MAG
    MAG 7 March 2013 10: 37
    I’m reading Hard’s blog from the very beginning, it writes well, but here the hodgepodge turned out well, even if at least people get to know the thoughts from the front line!
  14. Nagaibak
    Nagaibak 7 March 2013 10: 55
    Respect to the author as they say. About the fact that people are easily in favor of executions. I can tell people are just scared. That's all. For relatives and friends from here and "bloodthirstiness" in statements. Good luck in your difficult service!
  15. pogis
    pogis 7 March 2013 11: 04
    Here is his blog
  16. Volkonog
    Volkonog 7 March 2013 11: 27
    Thank you so much for the article!
  17. black_falcon
    black_falcon 7 March 2013 11: 50
    Good article. Good luck both in the service and in life !!
  18. gribnik777
    gribnik777 7 March 2013 11: 55
    Thank you for being there!
  19. Yarbay
    Yarbay 7 March 2013 12: 32
    *** But it’s so simple when there is no such urgent need ... just put it on the wall, shoot. I couldn’t. And deliberately killed an innocent could not. These are completely different levels. I just don’t understand how people can write - to shoot everyone. What kind of general insanity is this? Who are these people? What is this secret probe team? Did you beat the counter-strike? Kindergarten, damn it, it’s disgusting to read. Balabol, If you had a man killed in cold blood, you would probably have treated your nerves with electricity for half your life *** -True words!
    Recently, the god-bearer Heydar Mirze learned about a man who accomplished a feat at the time, did not sacrifice his conscience!
    I think you will be interested!
    Private Joseph Schultz served in the 714th Infantry Division, which carried out occupation service in Serbia.

    On July 19, 1941, after stripping in the village of Orahovac, his platoon received orders to act as a firing squad. 19 people were required to be executed on suspicion of participation in the partisan movement. The usual story.

    Unusually its ending. Joseph Schultz refused to participate in the execution. And after he was reminded that a military tribunal relied on disobedience, he laid down his arms and stood in a row with the executed.

    And he was killed with them.

    A photo taken by one of the shooters has been preserved.

    Schultz goes towards death ...

    *** The trouble of Jesus Christ is *** -So an atheist who reads the Bible and does not understand it can reason!
    The trouble was for those who crucified Jesus !!

    ** The pain of a child is always stronger than your own tens of times. When a child is hurt, I personally feel his pain with such sharpness, as if my heart was being cut with razors. I don’t care whose child it is ** -analogous feelings should be experienced by all normal people!
    1. Skavron
      Skavron 7 March 2013 16: 09
      Ay ... it's a pity that only one "+"
    2. Allegedly
      Allegedly 17 March 2013 15: 55
      Quote: Yarbay
      analogous feelings should be experienced by all normal people!

      I agree, but it's about people. But what about nonhumans, do they also have rights? Democracy guarantees in the end ...
  20. Black
    Black 7 March 2013 12: 49
    Well, if he is a real fighter, bow to him in the belt, if the "project" is a bow to those they are writing about, bow to the guys who are waging this difficult and apparently still very long war.
  21. Massik
    Massik 7 March 2013 13: 10
    The pistol in the photo is pretty little, and the hill is statutory and in general, what’s it? She’s supplying her mother like her motherland))) That’s why I have to buy the equipment myself, but I can’t buy a gun for myself. I wrote not bad considering that to serve in the area It’s complicated, constantly on the territory of the unit, where the hell you go out, the rest is only on vacation. As one continuous trip. It is probably better because all the training of the military personnel is aimed at the direct fulfillment of the combat mission, unlike the troops in the rest of Russia. There too preparations are underway for business trips, but in the event of a terrorist action on their territory of responsibility, they work in blocking.
  22. potterz
    potterz 7 March 2013 13: 37
    Great reasoning about hard work! Good luck men in your hard business !!! And for less loss !!!
  23. Vovka levka
    Vovka levka 7 March 2013 14: 21
    Everything is accurate, but the trouble is that the problem is not solved, but choked. So there will be a continuation, and what kind of God knows him.
    1. xan
      xan 12 March 2013 16: 22
      Vovka Levka,
      but why conclude that it is not solved, but choked?
  24. silver_roman
    silver_roman 7 March 2013 14: 41
    These same people enthusiastically perceive the death of employees and applaud while standing to our losses. But moral monsters have always been and always will be, this cannot be changed.

    For such people, war is politics, the life of soldiers is a resource, an idea (ideology) is a means of influencing people, honor or courage is an empty word!

    It is correctly said: it was so, it will be so. the essence of man is ugly!

    The article is a huge plus. God forbid our fighters and defenders of good luck in their truly difficult matter, so that a bullet - a fool flew by, but it is better that she never shot!
  25. Rim-roev
    Rim-roev 7 March 2013 14: 46
    Good article. Thank you.
  26. super-vitek
    super-vitek 7 March 2013 15: 02
    I want to ask a question. Tell me, what to do for ordinary people who do not have AKMS in hand with ruined dags, Chechens, etc. And not only in Moscow. Look what is going on in St. Petersburg! Representatives of "Caucas" gathered under my window in the summer. , time from 00.00 to 2.00., stable muzuka, cackle. I asked once, twice, in response we answered your mom, dad, etc. I took a dear double-barreled shotgun two shots and the question was resolved! Since you think we will get along with our neighbors.
    1. Kir
      Kir 8 March 2013 00: 25
      Super-Vitek, but it doesn't seem to you that the question should not be addressed to the author of the article, but to those who made it before. I think that their "names" are well-known enough not to be called, the only question is why our Urya Nazi patriots of various spills are fighting not with the cause but with the effect? Weakly or simply, money is dripping from those who condone this deplorable situation, and with regards to the natives of the Caucasus themselves, they are also different, I really did not study with them with the Ingush, I didn’t happen with the Chechens, but I studied together with people from Dagestan, but the blood is hot, but if you do not provoke, then they are quite good and sympathetic people, and with regards to those whom we see by their advantage, the very normal majority of the inhabitants of the Caucasus do not really like them, and what is more important, look at the fidgets from ours, who, having abandoned their relatives, move in search of the best, then, let's say the same shit among them in bulk !!! So it turns out that quiet, hardworking people often stay in their places, and calabor ..., and you shouldn't forget that if something happens, the conflict can be presented not as a criminal one, but as an international one, here the paid scum from among human rights defenders can be harnessed and off we go.
      And if, mind so, one of the biggest tricks that the dermacratic bastard threw out is the abolition of the propiska institute, and that they cared about the people there are NO kind ones about themselves, so if you fight with anyone it is with them and their lackeys!
      And I would compare the Caucasus with Mistletoe, the one that should be Mistletoe white in the photo, by the way, it wasn’t clarified. And look at the drug !!! The only thing that I heard is not to give it a big break.
    2. xan
      xan 12 March 2013 16: 25
      I had to call the cops.
      I actually saw in St. Petersburg how riot policemen and Caucasians understood, maybe riot police were just evil, or maybe Caucasians are not the same.
  27. Rrrrr
    Rrrrr 7 March 2013 15: 18
    All right. By the way there are a lot of ghouls blowing on coals)) Jews, Poles and Balts are especially successful;)
  28. korp67
    korp67 7 March 2013 15: 34
    Fucked-up freaks with liquefied brains spit in the back. They are not aware that the world has long been on the brink. More precisely beyond. And what has not yet blazed under the windows of a cozy apartment with all the amenities is the merit of just the guys who are so comfortable to water over their eyes and anonymously.
    1. xan
      xan 12 March 2013 16: 28
      Quote: korp67
      Fucked-up freaks with liquefied brains spit in the back.

      therefore I will always be for universal conscription
  29. bazilio
    bazilio 7 March 2013 16: 59
    Interesting statements from the author! And it is written in a peculiar way, beautifully. On the topic of the Caucasian "coal" - here you need to clearly understand that it is almost impossible to avoid this problem, at least there is a historical basis, which from the mouth of the blowers will sound like this - "the Russians seized our Caucasus by force, down with the invaders" And the solution of such controversial issues - the thing is extremely delicate and measures must be thought out, so the difference between an operation to neutralize terror. and band. formations and repressive measures of the bloody dictatorial regime over the oppressed peaceful nat. minorities fighting for their independence and democracy can be blurred or erased by the media, as we can see in Syria.
  30. Sirocco
    Sirocco 7 March 2013 17: 17
    The article did not like, why? because it’s more like a story. It was possible to communicate with people who really were there. So all the information had Pincers Pull. They will not really tell anything, they are excerpts. And then like clockwork. This philosophical theme was especially impressed. (I am shocked by the number of people who speak of the execution as an ordinary thing.) It's my opinion.
    1. dmitreach
      dmitreach 7 March 2013 18: 25
      It was possible to communicate with people who really were there.

      Among them there are those who graduated from VGIK and became a director. AND? Cancel their battle wounds?
      1. Sirocco
        Sirocco 8 March 2013 02: 24
        Do not make people laugh Comrade Major. Familiar with many of the 24 br Naz JV. There are no such writers there. And from such educational institutions do not take there. They may take it, but they will have to study. I have not seen the one who graduated from VGIK and came to specialists. Apparently, the Journalist writes here, who was carried by riot police or SOBR with him. The GRU has a slightly different job. Everything is Elean and philosophical. I recall a film from the United States about the actor who was attached to the Top Gun air link, which would be trained for filming in the film. So, while he was sitting on the plane, he was rehearsing the crash thereof, and he was pushing and practicing speech. (similar as in the article) But when shot down, in battle, mats and stuff fell. Real fighters Special naz. Honor and respect. Caesar is Caesarean, but to God God. Let it be. May people not make people laugh.
        1. fzr1000
          fzr1000 8 March 2013 02: 42
          If you read LJ carefully, you will understand that he is a participant in Beslan and in Nord-Ost.
          1. dark_65
            dark_65 11 March 2013 08: 29
            write a link to the blog please. read.
            1. fzr1000
              fzr1000 12 March 2013 20: 22
              You are welcome. Here they already gave it.
        2. dark_65
          dark_65 8 March 2013 08: 35
          correctly said, read the article, looked at the photo, well, the pearl is something wrong, I felt .. props.
          1. dark_65
            dark_65 11 March 2013 08: 11
            How much I read most of the comments, I’m only more and more convinced of the thought; well, there are very few people who act here, and there are a lot of talkers, .. disgusting, although this is just a cast from society.
        3. uncle Vasya
          uncle Vasya 8 March 2013 17: 45
          If you write illiterate, then this does not mean that someone else, the same special forces soldier, cannot write in book mode. A good man studied at school, at a military school, reads a lot, knows Russian. And his hands are sharpened not only under the machine ...
    2. fzr1000
      fzr1000 7 March 2013 20: 28
      Above gave the address LJ. Read it. You will see that here they collected three months in one message ..
      1. fzr1000
        fzr1000 8 March 2013 12: 09
        The Russian land does not dry up by the Thomas unbelievers. Well .... with you ....
    3. aleshka
      aleshka 9 March 2013 08: 04
      just lost the habit that a special forces officer can be a thinking, educated person, even a philosopher, do modern stereotypes interfere ???
  31. deman73
    deman73 7 March 2013 18: 16
    Correctly written Bro support hammer
  32. homosum20
    homosum20 7 March 2013 19: 31
    Like a breath of fresh air. Thanks you.
  33. scorpido
    scorpido 7 March 2013 19: 55
    Strong and very interesting, I didn’t even expect from myself that I would read everything and even later I would read to my wife.
  34. optimist
    optimist 8 March 2013 00: 02
    Interesting article. Low bow to those who, not sparing their lives, in fact cover up the treachery with the power of their own people. For more than 10 years there has been neither peace nor war in the Caucasus. And the worst thing is that many are interested in this. The authorities are interested in receiving kickbacks from the allocated funds and a 100% vote for the desired party and leader, satisfied with the local "babai" who have their own% and even simple "dekhans" who live on benefits. And people like the author pay with their health and life. And the recipes for solving the problem are simple: at one time they were demonstrated by General Ermolov and Generalissimo Stalin. And no matter what they say about "nationalism", on the surface there is one simple truth: the Caucasians have always had two paradigms, either they "press" or them. And they perceive the normal (human) attitude towards them as fear of them. So there are only two options: either the Stalinist one, or they will "tear" Russia from the inside ...
  35. Terkin
    Terkin 8 March 2013 01: 10
    Thank you, God bless you.
  36. T100
    T100 8 March 2013 01: 17
    The author is a good person. May God grant him never to become an indifferent performer ...
  37. dsf43rewdsg
    dsf43rewdsg 8 March 2013 01: 41
    Imagine, it turns out that our authorities have complete information about each of us. And now she has appeared on the Internet in free use at Just enter your name and surname and there you and the address, and the place of work, correspondence in the social. networks, and even found my intimate photos, I can’t imagine where it came from ... In general, I was very scared. But there is also good - the data can be deleted, I used it myself and I advise you ...
  38. Vadxnumx
    Vadxnumx 8 March 2013 02: 41
    I think that this is the accumulated experience of actions in the Caucasus. Chel summarizes everything that happened to him.
    Im health, good luck.
  39. Denis
    Denis 8 March 2013 09: 09
    Why not try to take the terrorists alive
    And they need to be alive? Imagine howling shit-the work of bawling and watering them. Only a court can recognize a type of criminal. Does he take a weapon in his hands to protect himself from wolves or aliens? Our super-democratic probable "friends" in such cases do not stand on ceremony

  40. torrnado
    torrnado 8 March 2013 12: 16
    Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.
    1. Allegedly
      Allegedly 10 March 2013 00: 35
      Fat plus! ...

      Once I already wrote the same thing, I do not want to scoop up the minuses ...
  41. buk-m1
    buk-m1 8 March 2013 12: 31
    Thank you for the article.
  42. georg737577
    georg737577 8 March 2013 13: 22
    The journalist wrote (judging by some peculiarities of the style and construction of the article - probably a woman), after the "excursion" with the soldiers ... The pictures are unprofessional, taken within 3 - 5 days. Probably so long "ec
    tour "... The fighters are clearly posing.
    1. Little Russia
      Little Russia 8 March 2013 18: 05
      If you, sir, served in the army, and did not pose as an analyst, you would probably see that all fighters in front of the camera always pose.
    2. Serg812
      Serg812 10 March 2013 00: 27
      Even if so! Well done anyway! And the journalist too !!
    3. Tatarus
      Tatarus 10 March 2013 04: 27
      Well you and ha *** n
  43. Yanot
    Yanot 8 March 2013 15: 25
    In my humble opinion, this is a blog - the stupid craft of the famous Artemy Tatyanovich Lebedev. Apparently, having got accustomed to the role of a prostitute:, the man decided to try on the role of a brutal man.
    Military personnel from n.p. Persianovka, Stepnoy, Kovalevka, Rostov Region, sincerely smile and express a desire to communicate with the author personally.
    1. in reserve
      9 March 2013 21: 24

      In my humble opinion, this is a blog - the stupid craft of the famous Artemy Tatyanovich Lebedev. Apparently, having got accustomed to the role of a prostitute:, the man decided to try on the role of a brutal man.
      Military personnel from n.p. Persianovka, Stepnoy, Kovalevka, Rostov Region, sincerely smile and express a desire to communicate with the author personally.

      And where such individuals like you come from, no actor will be able to compose like that, because this is not an essay, but the ongoing reality of the person who wrote it.
      1. Yanot
        Yanot 10 March 2013 09: 49
        Read the blogs mentioned and then have your opinion. I have not yet seen an officer who would call himself a "middle-level officer", etc. And in general, this style of presentation, to put it mildly, is not inherent in a spetsnaz officer. Even the most spiritualized of them express themselves in a completely different way.
        1. in reserve
          10 March 2013 21: 12

          Read the blogs mentioned and then have your opinion. I have not yet seen an officer who would call himself a "middle-level officer", etc. And in general, this style of presentation, to put it mildly, is not inherent in a spetsnaz officer. Even the most spiritualized of them express themselves in a completely different way.

          Yes, I read his blog and am reading this hour.
          Skeptics like you are full of his blog. Just in your opinion, if he is a special forces officer, then he should be Oorfene Juice. There are plenty of them now, whom you can only command. But you cannot perceive him as an ordinary person, in your understanding, a special forces soldier is a "pumped-up gorilla without brains", but even in boxing you need brains. hi
          1. Yanot
            Yanot 11 March 2013 18: 49
            I have the opportunity to communicate with people who are doing the work described on the blog. I repeat, they sincerely smile - the author has nothing to do with them. You did not accept, or most likely did not understand, what I wanted to say in my comment. If interested, I’m ready to set out in an accessible form my considerations in PM, so as not to hang footcloths.
            1. in reserve
              12 March 2013 10: 22

              Write in a personal, I wonder what you tell me less.
  44. knn54
    knn54 8 March 2013 15: 37
    I really want these kids to indulge in toy machines, rather than real ones!
  45. rapid1934
    rapid1934 8 March 2013 15: 47
    Article plus. The guys there working good luck and health. hi
  46. alex13st
    alex13st 8 March 2013 16: 55
    Many thanks to all the guys who do the hard work in the Caucasus. Especially respect for all who, despite everything, do not break down and remain human without departing from their principles, supermen.
  47. Download Do Re Mi
    Download Do Re Mi 8 March 2013 17: 33
    The article is patriotic at first glance. It describes the life and way of life of the special forces in the Caucasus, but it’s not like that, it’s a lot left out of the story, even very much, I say it because I was in the Caucasus at one time, and not everything is so rosy there, was I’m really in Chechnya, but that doesn’t change the essence of the matter, the Ingush are also Chechens who hate Russians!
    1. avreli
      avreli 9 March 2013 06: 05
      Comment without toasts, which is already valuable, and an addition in essence. So you are a plus.
      The material flipped through fluently (maybe the topic was not too interesting), but I looked with interest in the photo - are there not too many brick buildings even in such an unemployed subsidized outback ...
  48. spymaster
    spymaster 8 March 2013 17: 50
    Simple and without unnecessary information.
    Everything is very clear, and nothing more needs to be said.
    God grant these guys every time they return home alive and healthy.
  49. Little Russia
    Little Russia 8 March 2013 18: 02
    Great article !!!
    Respect and respect to the author.
    Yes, good luck accompanies him!
    And may the Lord protect him!
  50. Captain45
    Captain45 8 March 2013 18: 33
    The author is a plus, thank you, brother! I checked the passport regimen for two business trips, and did colloquial cleanings. Thank you for your work, for the truth told in the article. God bless you and good luck!