Stalin: people's monarch

"... He has deep knowledge, a fantastic ability to go into details, mental alertness and a strikingly subtle understanding of human nature ... I found that he is better informed than Roosevelt, more realistic than Churchill, and in a sense, the most effective of military leaders."
Averell Harriman, US Ambassador to the USSR

Joseph Stalin left an indelible mark on the Russian, and the world stories. Its value was so great that the people idolized him during life, and after debunking the “personality cult”, he retained respect for him, despite the mountains of informational rubbish that his enemies piled on the grave of the leader of the nation.

This is not surprising, it is difficult to completely turn white into black and vice versa. Traces of the Stalin era are still visible throughout the country. During the years of his reign, Stalin completely transformed the country. He took the country ravaged, destroyed, lost all the landmarks. The enemies were able to tear off part of its suburbs from Russia. However, during the years of his reign, Stalin was able to turn Russia into a superpower, which the peoples of the world viewed with respect and hope. Stalin rebuilt the national economy. While the world was experiencing an economic crisis, the USSR was booming, new industries were created in the country. Under Stalin, the Soviet army became the most powerful force in the world, defeating the Third Reich and most of Western Europe. The Soviet army defeated the Japanese troops washing away the shame of the lost Russian-Japanese war 1904-1905. The Soviet army won twice over the Finnish armed forces. The power of the Stalinist army so frightened the leaders of England and the USA that they did not dare to carry out Operation Unthinkable and attack the USSR immediately after the defeat of Nazi Germany. The Baltic states, Vyborg, Western Ukraine and Belarus, Bessarabia, the territories seized by the Japanese were returned to Russia-USSR. Russia received a new stronghold on the Baltic Sea - Königsberg.

In the USSR, a new generation of people was brought up, immensely loyal to the Fatherland and socialism, technically literate, capable of taking humanity to a new level of development. Education, health, cultural institutions, children's creativity under Stalin became free and accessible. It must be said that under Stalin, the best system in the world for educating and educating people was created in the USSR. She allowed to bring up people who exceeded the citizens of other countries in terms of morality, intelligence, volitional and physical qualities.

After the victory over the Reich, Stalin not only did not flinch before the atomic threat when the USA tried to blackmail the Soviet Union, but also took a number of retaliatory measures. The USSR quickly achieved great success in the nuclear field: 25 December 1946 of the year in Moscow under the leadership of I. V. Kurchatov launched the first Eurasian reactor F-1; 29 August 1949 at the test site in the Semipalatinsk region was successfully tested the first Soviet atomic bomb; 27 June 1954 was put into operation the world's first nuclear power plant with an electrical capacity of 5 MW in the city of Obninsk.

G. K. Zhukov, a man who knew Stalin closely and saw him in the most difficult and crucial moments of his life, gave the leader of the Soviet people a very good description in his memoirs. According to JV Stalin, he made a strong impression. Deprived of posturing, he bribed the interlocutor with the simplicity of communication. The free manner of communication, the ability to clearly formulate the thought, the natural analytical mind, great erudition and rare memory even made very well-trained people during a conversation with Stalin internally to gather and be alert. During the reports at GHQ, Stalin did not tolerate answers at random, demanding exhaustive completeness and clarity. Stalin possessed a tenacious memory and well remembered what was said, he strictly punished the guilty for vague information.

Stalin did not like to sit during a conversation, walked slowly around the room, from time to time he stopped, coming close to his interlocutor and looking directly into his eyes. His gaze was clear and piercing. He spoke quietly, with a noticeable Georgian accent, but he knew Russian very well and loved to use figurative literary comparisons, examples, metaphors. Stalin rarely laughed, but he understood humor and was able to appreciate wit and good joke. I read a lot, and was a man with a wide knowledge in various fields. He had an amazing performance (worked on 12 - 15 hours per day), the ability to quickly grasp the material, which allowed him to learn a lot of very different factual material in a day. Stalin was a talented and versatile man with a strong will.

JV Stalin dealt a lot with questions of weapons and equipment. Often summoned the main aviation, tank and artillery designers, talked with them for a long time about the details of the design of military equipment in our country and abroad. He demanded to produce weapon in due time and in such a way that it is not only of the quality of foreign samples, but also superior to them. Stalin mastered the organization of front-line operations and operations of front-line groups and led them with great knowledge, well-versed in large strategic issues. He knew how to find the main link in a strategic situation and, grasping at it, to provide the necessary opposition to the enemy, to carry out this or that major offensive operation. Undoubtedly, Stalin was a worthy Supreme Commander and proved himself an outstanding organizer (GK Zhukov. Memoirs and reflections).

Stalin: people's monarch

The foundations of Stalin's worldview were laid in his youth. In 1888, he entered the Gori religious school. From all students demanded unquestioning obedience, obedience and compliance with the rules. They taught Christian virtues, patience, the ability to forgive offenses, and at the same time severely punished for the slightest offense. Joseph saw this contradiction and told the teachers. He was accused of freethinking. So, in his soul there appeared a doubt about the correctness and justice of the world order, where in words one thing, but in fact another. There is one of two things: either the order is unsuitable, or it is taught that which is not in real life. Perhaps these doubts became the grain from which the future fate of this person was born.

Upon graduation, the teachers were picky about the free-thinker student. However, they could not find fault with anything. Joseph had an extraordinary memory and could recite entire pages from the Bible by heart. For diligence and impeccable knowledge, he received an excellent rating. In 1894, Joseph entered the Tiflis Orthodox Theological Seminary. He was continued to be tormented by undivine, and worldly questions, which led him to underground groups of revolutionary Marxists, expelled by the government in Transcaucasia. Here he gained access to underground Marxist literature, including the works of Ulyanov-Lenin. Joseph received the first Marxist education.

Young Dzhugashvili was very eager for knowledge. He studied philosophy, political economy, history, natural sciences, was fond of poetry and even wrote poetry himself. Among them is the prophetic poem “The Death of the Savior”:

In this country he was a shadow
A guest missing.
He touched eternal strings,
He sang unusual songs.

Songs born of light.
Songs born of pain.
Everything about them was the truth itself.
Everything about them breathed love.

Songs worried him
Even cold souls
Clear thoughts
To the light from the gloom of the going.

But not able to listen
Singing those wonderful songs
People poured poison
And, blinded by arrogance,

Drink, damn! - shouted. -
This is your rock, the angel of hell:
But why do we need this?
We do not need such songs!

In many ways, Stalin himself was a prophet. In his youthful years, Joseph saw the injustice of social order. At one extreme, a small group of rich people who were furious with fat, where the rich allowed themselves gifts to their mistresses at a cost of several states for ordinary families, on the other the masses of the disadvantaged, living from hand to mouth and the poor. Almost no one lived according to the commandments of the Savior, whose teachings were perverted and everyone interprets, as it is convenient for him. The contradictory nature of the biblical commandments was obvious. Here and the Old Testament hatred, examples of complete genocide of enemies, and non-resistance to evil, angry condemnation of the idle and the rich, and the requirement of humility and humility, because there is no other power on earth than from God. And the seminar teachers gave one answer to all the questions: “We must believe.”

Stalin led Russia far ahead of his time, creating a unique, new socialist civilization. As a result, he became the "enemy number 1" for the masters of Western civilization, which was based on exploitation, parasitizing a small group of people over all others. And inside Russia, he had many hidden opponents. Some hated him, others were jealous, others did not understand. Everyone was waiting for the right moment to strike, which was supposed to stop the breakthrough of Russia, and therefore humanity in the future.

Understanding the injustice of social order led to the fact that Joseph was headlong into revolutionary work. In 1899, Joseph was expelled from the seminary with official motivation "for failing to appear for exams for an unknown reason." Apparently, the real reason for the exception was the fact that Dzhugashvili was actively engaged in the propaganda of Marxism among seminarians and workers in railway workshops and was taken note by the police.

After graduation from the seminary, Joseph is interrupted by tutoring, then goes to work as a calculator-observer at the Tiflis Physical Observatory. It was an amazing time for him. He continued to master Marxism, read forbidden literature, wrote leaflets and proclamations. And at night he loved to look at the stars. In April 1902, Joseph was arrested and sent into exile in Eastern Siberia. In January, 1904, he fled and appears in the Caucasus, first in Batumi, then Tiflis. Behind the first reference will be the second, third, fourth, and shoots, shoots ... In total, from 1902 to 1913, Joseph's year was arrested seven times. Stalin had a lot of pseudonyms - Koba (“indomitable), Besoshvili, Nejradze, Chizhikov, Ivanovich, etc. In 1912, Joseph finally adopted the pseudonym“ Stalin ”, this was the name of the translator of the poem“ The Knight in a Tiger Skin ”. During this time, Joseph very well recognized Russia, its people.

In December, Marxists of Transcaucasia delegated Joseph Dzhugashvili to 1905 for the first All-Russian Bolshevik conference in Tammerfors in Finland. There he first met Lenin, with whom the most important period of his life would be associated. The mind of Vladimir Ilyich, his energy, broad outlook and powerful will conquer Stalin. Together they will fight the Mensheviks, uphold the unity of the Social Democratic Labor Party, organize and direct the Bolshevik newspapers Zvezda and Pravda. Stalin and Lenin were at the sharpest turns of historical events: the struggle against the internal opposition, the preparation of an armed uprising, the Civil War, the conclusion of the Brest Peace, etc.

Stalin sustained a hard struggle after the death of Lenin in January 1924. The "international" wing of the party planned that Trotsky would get power. However, Stalin was able to seize the strategic initiative from the opposition. To begin with, he took steps to eliminate supporters of Trotsky from the armed forces. Instead of Sklyansky, Lev Davydovich's favorite, the chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council and the people's commissar for military and maritime affairs of the USSR became Frunze. He updated the staff in the military.

In 1920, the country was on the verge of death. Russia barely got out of the bloody pit of the Civil War, was able to restore statehood and save most of its territory. But, the governments of many states were disposed towards the USSR with hostility. The economy was barely breathing. The issue of Russia's future was resolved. The half-ruined country, which had lost all previous foundations, had to be led into the future through radical reforms. Any mistake could lead to a catastrophe. Inside the party, three main directions were defined: Bukharin, Trotsky, and Stalin.

“Right deviation” of Bukharin was essentially small-property, “kulak”. The leaders of this trend underestimated the external threat and did not see any danger in restoring the former capitalist relations in the country. If Stalin insisted on accelerated industrialization, carrying out reforms in agriculture, on the tough state monopoly of foreign trade, then Bukharin demanded that the life of the capitalist elements in the city and village be simplified, and the NEP course continued. He threw the slogan “Enrich yourself!” To the masses. “Rightists” pushed the problem of industrialization into the background, not considering it a vital necessity. If Bukharin had won up, Russia would have been waiting for a new catastrophe. His proposals strengthened those strata who wanted to restore the old order in the country, which could be the cause of the new Civil War. And the neglect of industrialization would have made Russia-USSR easy prey during the new big war, the beginning of which was inevitable.

The left direction in the party was headed by Trotsky. He argued that without the victory of the proletarian revolution in Europe, which automatically led to its victory throughout the world, socialism could not be built in Russia. Russia, in his opinion, should have thrown all the resources to prepare for a revolution in European countries, inciting revolutionary sentiment. The Russian people in his plans turned into a kind of "fuel", which was supposed to kindle the flames of the world revolution. Therefore, Trotsky proposed "super-industrialization", the country had to live in a constant state of military mobilization.

Stalin was convinced that the doctrine of "the victory of socialism in one country" is true. At the XIV Congress of the CPSU (b), which was held in Moscow from December 18 to December 31 1925, the historic decision was taken on the course towards building socialism in one country. The task was to industrialize the country and strengthen the defense capability of the USSR. It was a decisive decision in the history of Russia-USSR, our civilization got good chances of survival and victory over external enemies. If Stalin had faltered before the pressure of the opposition, it is very possible that the Victory Parade did not take place and the Wehrmacht’s motorized columns triumphantly marched in Moscow and Leningrad, and the Japanese occupied the Far East. The development of world history would have taken a different, more dark scenario for us ...

My oath

Girded with ribbons
Moscow plunged into silence,
Deep her sorrow for the leader
Heart pain squeezes melancholy.

I am walking among the stream of people
Woe unto my heart
I'm going to take a quick look.
On the leader dear brow.

My eyes burn terrible fire
And I do not believe the black trouble
A constant groan presses the chest,
Crying heart about a wise leader.

There is a funeral march
The violins groan and the hearts moan,
I at the tomb swear not to forget
Dear leader and father.

I swear: I will keep up
With a friendly, strong and fraternal family,
I will carry the bright banner
What did you give us, Stalin native.

In these sorrowful days
I swear at your grave
Do not spare their young strength
For my great fatherland.

The name Stalin will live for centuries,
It will fly over the earth
Name Stalin will shine for us
The eternal sun and the eternal star.

V. Vysotsky. 8 March 1953
J. Stalin: Defeat of the Fifth Column

Scenario - Vyacheslav Erokhin, announcer - priest Vladimir Chashchin. Director: Vladimir Novikov. Russia, "Standart", 2004.
In the film took part: the writer - Sergey Semanov, the writer - Nikolai Kuzmin, the adopted son of Stalin - Artyom Sergeyev, the writer - Alexey Golenkov.

Anatoly Wasserman about Stalin

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  1. +28
    4 March 2013 09: 02
    As I understand it, a series of recent articles about Stalin is dedicated to tomorrow's 60th anniversary of his death.

    He was a great man. The man of history. You can talk about him for hours. About how he was. Of course, some love him, while others do not. But everyone respects him. He was a real people's monarch.
    1. djon3volta
      4 March 2013 13: 53
      Quote: Deniska999
      He was a great man.

      this is what Hitler said about him.
    2. golo-yurij
      4 March 2013 23: 51
      So after I.V. Stalin was not and at the moment there is no one close.
  2. Perch_xnumx
    4 March 2013 09: 05 - Пророчество Лаврентия Черниговского

    About the resurrection of Holy Russia.

    Schiarchimandrite Feofan also narrated that Father Lavrenty joyfully said: “Russian people will repent of mortal sins, that they have allowed the Jewish ungodliness in Russia, they have not defended the Anointed King of God, the Orthodox churches and monasteries, the host of martyrs and confessors of saints, and all that is holy. Despised piety and loved demonic wickedness. And that for many years they praised and appeased, and went to worship the destroyer of the country - the Soviet-godless idol, as well as the idol of Stalin, venerating his name immortal. " The priest said that when the demons dragged Lenin into hell, then the demons had great rejoicing, triumph in hell. And he added: “... that when Stalin comes to hell, the same thing will happen. Their memory will die with noise. Russia, together with all Slavic peoples and lands, will form a powerful Kingdom. The Tsar of God, the Anointed of God, will feed him. In Russia, all schisms and heresies will disappear. There will be no persecution of the Orthodox Church. The Lord will have mercy on Holy Russia because there was a terrible pre-Antichrist time in it. The great regiment of Martyrs and Confessors shone, beginning with the highest spiritual and civil rank of Metropolitan and Tsar, a priest and a monk, a baby, and even a baby, and ending with a worldly man. They all beg the Lord God of the King of Forces, the King of Kings and the Most Holy Trinity of the glorious Father and Son and the Holy Spirit. You need to know for sure that Russia is the lot of the Queen of Heaven and that She takes care of Her and intercedes for Her purely. The whole host of Holy Russians with the Virgin is asked to spare Russia. In Russia there will be the prosperity of the Faith and the former rejoicing (only for a short time, for the Last Judge will come to judge the living and the dead). Even the Antichrist himself will be afraid of the Russian Orthodox Tsar. And all other countries, except Russia and Slavic lands, will be under the authority of the Antichrist and will experience all the horrors and torments written in the Holy Scriptures. Russia, repent, glorify, rejoice, God and sing to Him: Hallelujah. "
    Schiarchimandrites Theophanes,
    Scheme. Alexander and M. Olympiad
    1. +8
      4 March 2013 09: 25
      Not even half read. Nonsense...
      1. speedy
        4 March 2013 21: 47
        This is not nonsense, but the prophecy of the holy elder, but only someone wrote about Stalin, even stylistically the postscript stands out as foreign. During the war, Stalin prayed both in his office and in the church on Sokol (near the metro station of the same name), her parishioners told even on camera, both "Our Father" and "I Believe" he sang with everyone - he is from the spiritual among friends and classmates there were both priests and bishops, and he restored the patriarchate, and released the priests from the camps (and who planted, you just heard). By the way, his friend Anastas Mikoyan was ordained a priest and did not erupt from dignity, has anyone heard of this? There are many secrets in Russian history, not everything lies on the surface ... But Father Lawrence was most likely stipulated, it is unlikely that he said this about Stalin.
      2. sds
        6 July 2014 05: 22
        +. In general, I noticed that not very old and not even heavy drinkers have lately been falling into some kind of religious-mystical ecstasy.
    2. +5
      4 March 2013 12: 06
      And here they have already dragged pro-naphthalene "prophecies".
      1. +8
        4 March 2013 13: 38
        "And here they have already brought naphthalene" prophecies ".
        S ... S ... S ... S ... S ... S ... S ... S ... S ...

        Profession evolution: fortune teller-> palmist-> astrologer-> expert->
        political scientist. (c)
      2. +13
        4 March 2013 14: 42
        Quote: Kahlan Amnell
        And here they have already dragged pro-naphthalene "prophecies".

        It is better to read Stalin's "prophecies" which, alas, are actually coming true in Russia and the power of the Zionist Semibakirshchina with the puppet Yeltsin, and national enmity and separatism and nationalism and pygmy leaders who have raised their heads among nations. And the sharp contradictions between the West and the East.

        Further, according to this diary entry, JV Stalin said:
        “All this will fall on the shoulders of the Russian people. For the Russian people are a great people! The Russian people are good people! The Russian people, among all peoples, have the greatest patience! The Russian people have a clear mind. He was born to help other nations! Great courage is inherent in the Russian people, especially in difficult times, in dangerous times. He is initiative. He has a persistent character. He is a dreamy people. He has a goal. Therefore, it is harder for him than for other nations. You can rely on him in any trouble. The Russian people are irresistible, inexhaustible! ”
        Source: "Great Encyclopedia of the Apocalypse". From-in "Eksmo",
        November 2011, XNUMX
        1. speedy
          4 March 2013 21: 59
          Thank you Stanislav for the video, very much ... and in a timely manner.
    3. djon3volta
      4 March 2013 14: 02
      Quote: Perch_1
      Prophecy of Lawrence of Chernihiv

      no, you understand, there are all kinds of people in church and Orthodoxy, well, a man expressed his opinion, foreseeing the future, well, well. what did he say bad in the text? it says that Russia will win in the future, you don’t like it, as I understand it? belay interesting people are you going here what I’m baptized, but I don’t go to church, the question is - am I good or bad? wassat
    4. +2
      4 March 2013 16: 26
      Quote: Perch_1
      About the resurrection of Holy Russia.

      Sectarianism gives ...
      Read better St. Seraphim of Sarov.
    5. +3
      4 March 2013 17: 19
      Not to rebuke the Orthodox and people of other faiths - but can the same text be used, only in the normal Russian language ?!
      And why by the way Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria shiarchimandrite Feofan calls
      Quote: Perch_1
      Father Lavrentiy
      And about
      Quote: Perch_1
      did not protect the Anointed King of God
      - So this king, at the time of death, had long since been anointed from the anointing, having personally signed the renunciation with his own hands and without compulsion.
      1. sds
        6 July 2014 05: 26
        Exactly. Shit and to the side. I don’t understand how it is possible with a pathetic aspiration to treat a person who in all seriousness declares that he is the “anointed one” of God. As well as his close and distant relatives, who after his death will also become anointed.
    6. Turdaun
      6 March 2013 17: 03
      Doggy delirium ....
  3. +14
    4 March 2013 09: 14
    There is a lot of controversy in Stalin, but "the wind of history begins to blow away the debris deposited on his grave ..."
    4 March 2013 09: 21
    Supposedly from the 463rd Bomber Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force.

    The drawing on the fuselage is a ballot paper. Names of candidates:

    John Curtin (Prime Minister of Australia)
    Jan Christian Smuts (Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa)
    Joseph Stalin
    Winston Churchill
    Mahatma Gandhi

    The crew votes for Stalin!
    1. +6
      4 March 2013 09: 44
      Contemporaries vote for him
      The heirs voted against
      Descendants - not yet decided
  5. +16
    4 March 2013 09: 54
    To NTV's credit, the film "Stalin is with us" was shown from Saturday to Sunday. I liked the film for its objectivity. He showed Stalin as a leader and a person.
    Something has changed? Indeed, before on this channel, the name of Stalin sounded only in a negative context.
    I would like to see the twisted face of SWANIDZE while watching this film.
    1. +1
      4 March 2013 14: 13
      oh ... I would like to agree with you that NTV finally took hold of the head and stopped broadcasting frank G ... I think that this program was paid in advance, let everyone think the extent of their promiscuity, by someone ... It does not appear on this Channel materials that are either not popular, or reflect the truth and are not funded!
      Oh, I feel now the trolley will fly with the topic if there is no advertising and no one will pay for television, then there will be no television ... But back on 30 years ago ...
    2. +4
      4 March 2013 22: 12
      There are also propagandists of the fifth column of the Mlechins, and about Svanidze, I read the case of "innocently repressed" relatives, and indeed an apple is not far from the apple tree.
    3. golo-yurij
      4 March 2013 23: 57
      Svanidze is still that frame, he will never miss to bite the Soviet Union.
  6. +22
    4 March 2013 09: 57
    No matter how hard they try to hush up his merits in the heart of the people, this leader will remain forever! Western capitalists are trying in every possible way to hush up the deeds of this man, accusing him of all "mortal sins". They cannot forgive how he wiped their noses !!!
  7. +12
    4 March 2013 10: 05
    In Yalta and Tehran - it was clearly visible who in the top three Leader
  8. +3
    4 March 2013 10: 10
    I agree with the article. Except for one incomprehensible moment.
    Everything is clear with the Bukharinites and Trotskyists, but who was from the leadership of the Communist Party or the Red Army then "for Stalin"? I do not see bright personalities next to Stalin. From his associates later one can name Molotov, Voroshilov, Budyonny, Beria. But at that time they did not yet have a serious meaning in the party. Is that Kalinin. But the "All-Union Headman" is somehow small in the role of a fighter-politician.
    Perhaps I do not know the then situation in the party, but it seems to me that Stalin did not "take" power. And he was "given" it. Like a "zitspresident" to find out who will defeat the Bukharinites or the Trotskyites. But he managed to outplay them all.
    1. +1
      4 March 2013 10: 59
      In order to understand what's up there ..., I recommend that you read the following article: ""Arbitration" of the head of state as the basis of the "scam" in relation to the "elite" clans".

      ".... The exclusiveness of the position of an arbiter is that he has the most complete picture of the spectrum of interests, and he, realizing a certain balance of satisfying interests, can use this information either in the interests of the clans that pushed him upstairs, or in the interests of the development of the entire society This means that he can achieve his goals using the resources of the clans, acting in the same way as the GP, but with one significant difference: his activities will have the support of the Above, and the GP will not. Why? The ruler is a divorcing arbiter (if he acts in the interests of the development of the entire society) receives this support; if he works in the interests of the clans against the interests of the development of society - no. Here is the answer: why did Stalin succeed in the most difficult circumstances, but Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Gorbachev, Yeltsin - apparently under more favorable conditions and the same slogans and promises - to ensure freedom and justice - nothing worked out. And here is the answer to the question: why is the GP from the top of the crowd - "elite" pyramid? ... "

      The entire text:
    2. DYMITRY
      4 March 2013 11: 11
      Quote: alicante11
      but who was from the leadership of the Communist Party or the Red Army then "for Stalin"?

      Such a powerful personality as Kirov was a companion of Stalin. Rykov, who later betrayed Stalin, was at that time with him. And more of the leaders, probably no one to remember.
      1. +5
        4 March 2013 13: 49
        Dmitry. It seems that Stalin wanted to see Kirova as a receiver, so the opposition began with him. So the Basques did not in vain destroy Admiral Carrere Blanco-receiver Franco. Peter 1 was simply not allowed to appoint a receiver ...
        I repeat, but if Stalin is really the son of Przhevalsky, the illegitimate son of Alexander2, then the UNIQUENESS of this person, combining folk wisdom and aristocracy, becomes clear. Truly MONARCH in every sense.
        PS Regarding the above, Ya. M. Sverdlov said (I don’t remember whose memoirs it was mentioned) that in 1913 Stalin sent a congratulatory telegram to the Tsar’s Court ...
    3. R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№
      4 March 2013 13: 50
      Read the book of Vladimir Uspensky Privy Advisor to the Leader. I am reading now, I learned a lot.
    4. 0
      4 March 2013 19: 35
      The answer is Kirov.
    5. speedy
      4 March 2013 22: 09
      Stalin formed his environment by attracting specialists close in spirit both from the Tsar’s General Staff and from intelligence ...
  9. +19
    4 March 2013 10: 39
    After himself, Joseph Vissarionovich left a most powerful state. American generals fought at night out of fear, digesting information from the General Staff meetings. After the death of the personal belongings of the leader, two uniforms remained, one casual, the other ceremonial, a coat, an overcoat and a cap. That's all! An example of modesty and asceticism. Our "great" managers should follow an example.
  10. +1
    4 March 2013 11: 06
    Quote: Perch_1
    demons were a great jubilation triumph in hell

    In Hell, in principle, there can be no celebration. It is not demons who "rule" there, but angels, this is their work, and demons are tormented along with sinner people, and Satan is there along the way.

    Quote: klimpopov

    Is this about an article, or about a previous post?
    1. +1
      4 March 2013 11: 30
      About the post naturally. I haven’t heard a greater heresy ... In a person, this person who wrote is clearly some kind of illness ...
      1. djon3volta
        4 March 2013 14: 06
        Quote: klimpopov
        In a person, this is clearly writing some kind of disease ...

        Do you believe anyone more, Navalny or the churchmen? I somehow trust the churchmen more, they at least do not call for the overthrow of power and for human unrest.
        1. 0
          4 March 2013 16: 17
          The point is not who I trust more (no one lately). The point is what is written. And why is it all "suspended" ... And I said exactly what I said, no more, no less ...
  11. Kubanets
    4 March 2013 11: 59
    Article + But I do not agree with the title of the article. A monarch is an absolutist with an appropriate form of communication with both the masses and the elite. Stalin communicated as with equal comrades. An example is one of many: "Transcript of the meeting of the Military Council under the People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR on June 1-4, 1937" Remarks from the field, open disagreement on certain issues and, as a "crown" of party democracy, an exclamation from the audience to Voroshilov's announcement of work until 18 pm "A break would be to smoke a cigarette" Who of the monarchs would allow such liberties?
    1. 0
      5 March 2013 17: 41
      Quote: Kubanets

      Article + But I do not agree about the title of the article.

      I agree! Need easier and closer for us. Simply - the FATHER OF ALL PEOPLES.
      Father is strict, but fair.
  12. +15
    4 March 2013 12: 36
    Whatever they say about Stalin, he was a Leader with a capital letter, and no matter how much dirt poured out about the personality cult, the people continue to respect him, unlike the current "leaders".
  13. +9
    4 March 2013 12: 52
    Indeed, in principle, Russia has never in its history been such a powerful state as after Stalin, i.e., thanks to it. They owned half the world. Only the States and the Soviet Union were in the world. Russia had never before had such a hegemonic influence. And the present, maybe still powerful influence, only thanks to Stalin.

    "When the lackeys who surrounded the Bald Cornfield, maddened by the ghost of freedom, poured mud on Stalin, a descendant of the Dukes of Marlborough on Solemn meeting of the British House of Commons in honor of the 90th anniversary of Stalin pronounced a panegyric to the deceased. Churchill's speech of that time is useful to re-read ... "A. Bushkov," Russia, which did not exist ... "
    ksandrovich / rossiya_kotoroy_ne_bilo_zagadki_versii_gipotezi_2 / read_40 /
    1. vyatom
      5 March 2013 15: 45
      Quote: Atash
      When the lackeys surrounding Bald Cornfield, having lost their mind from the ghost of freedom, poured mud on Stalin

      Marshal Zhukov with great contempt for the mikitka Khrushchev. And there are objective reasons for that. As they say give a fool x .. glass, then he will cut the army with the fleet and plant everything in corn.
  14. +8
    4 March 2013 13: 07
    Yesterday A.A. Prokhanov is very worthy, in my opinion, - literally rubbed the liberal Posner on the importance of the Stalin phenomenon in the fate of Russia.
  15. +7
    4 March 2013 13: 33
    Very good above movie about the fifth column.
    Looked, thanks.
    To high school would have him.
    That Svanidze hanged himself from hatred :)
    1. +3
      4 March 2013 19: 38
      Such as Svanidze are not hung. Unfortunately ...
  16. Lexo
    4 March 2013 13: 44
    It is gratifying that the komenty were Thinking people and not spraying with saliva that Georgians ...
  17. +4
    4 March 2013 14: 42
    He really was a people's monarch, striving for the highest justice, not achievable on earth, he built the most just society that has ever been in history.
  18. MIKK1972
    4 March 2013 15: 05
    Place in the history of Stalin took (no options), because the result is important. Controversial methods. Score 3 (sat.).
    1. folds
      4 March 2013 18: 18
      Name at least one excellent student in this subject? A man who built a superpower in 10-15 years, who managed to do this by persuasion and exhortation, without a single execution or term in the camps? Very indisputable methods - fiery revolutionaries created a punitive apparatus that destroyed them.
    2. +1
      4 March 2013 21: 42
      And I put Joseph -5 +. At such a height as with him, Russia has never been before, and may God still rise!
      1. golo-yurij
        5 March 2013 00: 12
        And I put 5 +, everything that remains with us is laid down and made by people of HIS era.
    3. golo-yurij
      5 March 2013 00: 07
      What place would you give to the rulers of today's Russia? The result is obvious. Natural methods for lizoblyudov.Evaluation?
  19. Sashko07
    4 March 2013 17: 39
    For the Slavs to be strong they need a tyrant! Let it not sound like it is a tyrant and not a leader. Leaders are needed by Europeans and Americans, but not by Russians, Ukrainians or Belarusians. We do not have the mentality that something would start doing on us, you need to "bark" well, only then there will be a sense.
    1. folds
      4 March 2013 22: 53
      Do you know why Stalin is a leader, not a tyrant? Before making a decision, he consulted with leading experts on the issue, delved into the basics - and made a decision. Does the tyrant fuck it? He shot half the country - the rest go on a string. The population of the USSR under Stalin increased from 137 (1920) to 209 (1959) million people. Despite the Great Patriotic War. Oh, and he was tired of seeing :) By the way, about the repressed: from 1921 to 1954, 3.777.380 people were convicted of counterrevolutionary crimes, including 642.980 people were sentenced to VMN, 25 were kept in camps and prisons for periods of 2.369.220 years and below .765.180, in reference and expulsion - XNUMX people. Compare with the general population of the country and do not sing other people's songs - they have someone else's truth.
      1. Sashko07
        4 March 2013 23: 24
        I may have put it a little incorrectly, under the tyrant I meant a man with a strong managerial hand, we called such Slavs tyrants)))) The same Ivan the Terrible to remember.
  20. orkibotu
    4 March 2013 18: 48
    He was a Jew! And that's it
    1. Terminator
      4 March 2013 20: 22
      Orkibotu is an unwise person ... And that’s it. negative
    2. folds
      4 March 2013 22: 54
      do you write with pride, since a Jew with a capital letter?
    3. Cheloveck
      5 March 2013 00: 41
      In Ukraine, everyone is obsessed with Jews?
      We will not cure human idiocy!
      One fact that his mother from the family of the serf Orthodox Church puts an end to this ismazlizm.
      Jews were never serfs anywhere.
    4. 0
      5 March 2013 03: 25
      Why a Jew ?. "..." Jugha "is a very ancient pagan Georgian word with a Persian connotation, probably widespread during the period of Iranian rule over Georgia, and it means just a name. The meaning, like many names, is not translatable. Name as a name, like Russian Ivan Consequently, Dzhugashvili means simply “son of Jugha” and nothing else ... ”From a letter from the writer-playwright Kit Mikhailovich Buachidze, dated February 1990, to the writer William Vasilyevich Pokhlebkin, the author of the book“ The Great Pseudonym ”about Stalin.
    5. Turdaun
      6 March 2013 17: 10
      okribotu it is rather you are a Jew ....
  21. -4
    4 March 2013 19: 03
    To evaluate Stalin from the principle: he is good - not bad, at least stupid. The topic is certainly large and complex, but in short, I came to the following conclusions on it:
    1. The country was destroyed by the First World War, the Civil War, famine, food surplus and the Red Terror. The country was agricultural. Millions of trained and bombarded people wandered around it, who for 1-5 years simply lost the habit and sometimes did not want to work. She was crushed by external isolation and internal contradictions. The land was taken from the country, driven into debt and the most offensive - the victory was stolen from her. This is for short.
    2. Stalin was not an idiot, as many want to introduce him, but he was not seven spans in his forehead, as many also want to see him. The backstage fight in the party made him a real rat (google if the concept is unfamiliar). We can say that he was a genius of intrigue and undercover struggle. As a result, he destroyed or subjugated everyone who could at least somehow challenge his authority.
    3. In order for the government to maintain intrigues alone is not enough, it is still necessary to restrain external enemies, and there were enough of them. How to solve the problem given paragraph 1? Everything ingenious is simple, but not everything simple is ingenious. One of the zealous Communists of Jewish nationality proposes to reduce the bulk of the population to labor camps (apparently the kibbutz did not pass for nothing) without money. As a result, we have collective farms with non-passport collective farmers without the right to move, and part of the population is moving from cities to what will later become the Gulag.
    4. So, we have practically gratuitous support in the countryside and workers "for soldering" in any necessary place where it is necessary to intensify construction. The best scientists sit in closed design bureaus, count prisons under the NKVD / MVD. Plus universal (or almost) equality. The huge freed up funds go to industrial development and the army.
    That is, in short. To say that Stalin pulled the country to a new technological level - YES, created a rigid vertical of power - YES, rearmament the army - YES, to say that hundreds of thousands of lives were paid for it - YES. Well, and how will you evaluate it?
    1. 0
      4 March 2013 20: 45
    2. +5
      4 March 2013 20: 46

      sensible too
    3. folds
      4 March 2013 22: 57
      And what else is paid for the survival and prosperity of the country?
      1. golo-yurij
        5 March 2013 00: 25
        In our country, OBORONSERVICE, ROSTEKHNOLOGII, SKOLKOVO, you can no longer continue where you do not look the same.
    4. Cheloveck
      5 March 2013 02: 40
      Quote: SunScorpion
      but in short, I came to the following conclusions from it:
      It’s bad when a person thinks about something from someone else’s words without knowing the facts.
      1. True
      2. Not right.
      Stalin did not wage an undercover fight and did not intrigue.
      He always fought openly.
      As for the "seven spans", compare the number of books Stalin read with the number you read, then repeat your statement.
      3. Not right.
      On collective farms repost of my post from an earlier discussion
      Quote: Cheloveck
      Yes, we worked for workdays. What's wrong with that? Some sort of rationing should always be, call it at least "workday", at least "standard hour".
      As for the provision of this very "workday", everything depended on a specific collective farm (after all, a collective farm is a cooperative, how much it earned, it paid from that), therefore the "price" of a workday could differ several times in neighboring collective farms, somewhere in minimum and without money, somewhere in plenty and with money. Nobody canceled the simple rule "as you drown, so you burst". If my maternal grandmother claimed that before the war "they began to live like a human being," then the paternal grandmother said that they lived poorly, respectively, if my mother remembered about sweets, dresses and beautiful shoes, then my father recalled that he had tried sugar for the first time and jam only after the war, and how he received the first underpants and dressed them so that it was clear that they are also there after the war. But both lived in the village at that time.
      As for leaving for the cities, it all depended, again on the particular collective farm. Somewhere the board let go, somewhere not. Here I have almost all the sisters and brothers of my grandparents moved to the cities before the war and no one said that there were any problems with leaving the village.

      Also, ask yourself: where did the workers come from in the enterprises built during the industrialization?
      Regarding the GUAG.
      The role of the Gulag in the construction of socialism, to put it mildly, is somewhat exaggerated by Solzhenitsyn and K.
      If we turn to archival documents, then the number of "repressed" in the GULAG was about 30%. The exception is 1944-1948, when this category received a worthy replenishment in the person of Vlasovites, policemen, headmen and other "fighters against communist tyranny."
      4. Not true.
      We have a population united by a common idea, ready to sacrifice personal for the sake of the public.

      Ready in PM to give relevant links.
  22. Murzyak
    4 March 2013 22: 26
    Quote: Sashko07
    Slavs were strong they need a tyrant! Let it sound as though it was a tyrant and not a leader.

    The people never called Stalin a "tyrant", this phraseology is from modern democrats and liberals. This is a man from the day of whose death 60 years have passed, and he, it is him, is still feared, they are afraid that Russia which they are again trying to drive into a corner will push out of their number a personality, at least 10 percent similar to Stalin. He is hated for the fact that in some 10-12 years he forced to build a country capable of much. Yes, industrialization, collectivization cost many, many sacrifices (including unjustified ones), but the result of these sacrifices was the ability to drive tens of thousands of tanks, aircraft, weapons from the Urals and Siberia, which, who protect, saved much more human lives not only in our country ... "He filled up with corpses, fought under the machine guns of barrage detachments" and many other things have been said by modern historians. Only how can a detachment (albeit well armed with small arms) stop a regiment, a division (where there are maybe more small arms, and there is also artillery). Yes, there were detachments - created against cowards and alarmists, penal battalions - for those who stumbled (read the Criminal Code "Military Crimes" in the same place, every article, then a "tower". Or for unauthorized absence in the camp on bunks - to wait for amnesty on the occasion of victory? obd memorial several times came across lists of military tribunals, so there is "treason" - 5 - 10 ITL (that is, penal battalion), but cross-fire - execution). All these critics of Stalin, neither before nor now, can offer an alternative to the development of the USSR in those years. And all this chatter about satisfying the needs of the population - then our grandfathers would have to throw toilet paper at German tanks. Yesterday I accidentally came across a test developed by Min arr. for 3rd grade girls Question: "Did you have a sec.c" Answer options: 1. I did, but with a condom, 2. I don’t remember the answer, but the same disgusting thing, 3. I don’t remember, because I was drunk ... Guess three times where the developers of such a test would be, as well as the officials sitting in the neighboring offices and the minister five minutes after Stalin knew about it? Freedom of speech, freedom of opinion - what do you mean? Only in the middle of the 20th century was the Soviet school considered the best in the world - and this was under the "tyrannical" regime, where now this school is in conditions of democracy, rights and freedoms - in .....
    And about Stalin - his role in history is very complex and contradictory, and there were millions of victims (though no one is eager to count, statesmen - probably because if you cannot protect these tens of millions from archival documents, then the "guardians of Russia" They can close the entrance to the West, where then should they go if something happens?; And the democrats and you - you will not be protected from all the lies and therefore they will be more on Solzhenitsyn, who received the Nobel Prize for an outstanding ARTISTIC work). But the victims are OURS, and only US has the right to understand them, and we will not ask the whole world for forgiveness for our victims, we know that the West is sometimes to blame, and when and directly.
    And if you offended any of the neighbors in the difficult history of the 20th century, there is such a building law - DO NOT STAND UNDER ARROW, do not blather out of the gateway, do not try to bite your legs, do not build a missile defense system on your territory, establish good neighborly relations and everything will be in openwork.
    Why did I write this? Born in the Soviet Socialist Republic, in the Soviet Socialist Republic I will probably die.
    1. golo-yurij
      5 March 2013 00: 19
      Thank you for the excellent answer to our democrats. I support your Words - Born in the Soviet Socialist Republic, in the Soviet Socialist Republic I will probably die.
      1. +3
        5 March 2013 06: 51
        SSR, damn it
        Find out what the country was called, and then be born ...
  23. 0
    5 March 2013 06: 58
    For a better understanding of the situation, especially during the War period, I would advise you to read the "Orders of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief" and his decrees as the People's Commissar of Defense. The subject matter of these documents is quite extensive and immediately makes it clear what a wild mess was at that time in the country and in the army, and that it was simply not realistic to solve these problems by other methods!
    1. explorer
      5 March 2013 08: 47
      war inevitably brings chaos, for example, they built a thermal power station at the beginning of 42, laid pipes at the station, no documentation (mess), but the pipes are still in working condition ...
  24. Turdaun
    6 March 2013 17: 06
    I will say simply and clearly: Joseph Stalin is the greatest man of all people who ever walked on earth. That's all.
  25. +2
    8 March 2013 21: 56
    I read above that there the saints spoke about Stalin and I want to quote the words of another priest, who was repressed by the way: Priest Dmitry Dudko (who spent many years in Stalin’s camps) associates Stalin’s name with the rejection of the idea of ​​an endless revolution in favor of building socialism in a single country.
    “... If you look at Stalin from a Divine point of view, then, in fact, he was a special person, given by God, protected by God, even his opponents write about this,” thinks Father Dmitry. - If Trotsky had won with his permanent revolution ... we would all be a labor army for the dark forces. But it was Stalin who practically proved that socialism can be built in one country and saved Russia ... Therefore, I, as an Orthodox Christian and a Russian patriot, bow low to Stalin.
    And one more priest: "" ... I had two fathers (besides the Heavenly Father): one father is my father in the flesh, and the other father is the father of nations, who was strict, who made mistakes, but who did not care less, he has for me the high name of my father as the father of my country, "Fr. Eustathius admits on the pages of the book." That is why any attacks on Stalin are both ridiculous and disgusting. I don’t want to listen to these poodles of democracy who bark at a dead lion, I listen to my heart, my soul. I remember Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin at all services where it is appropriate, especially on the day of the common Victory of our people ... "And more:" "... His Holiness Patriarch Sergius (then still Metropolitan) after meeting with Stalin on September 4 1943, (then it was decided to renew the Patriarchate in our country), to the question of the patriarch's cell attendant, Archimandrite John (Razumov), how the meeting went, he answered:
    “How kind he is! .. how kind he is! ..
    Archimandrite John asked:
    - After all, he is an unbeliever.
    The Patriarch, the gray-haired wise old man, said:
    - Do you know, John, what I think: who is good, God lives in his soul! "
    Or this: Or here, for example, EXTRACT FROM THE PROTOCOL OF THE MEETING OF THE CC POLITBURO from 11.11.39
    Religion issues
    In relation to religion, the ministers of the Russian Orthodox Church and Orthodox believers, the Central Committee decides:
    1) In the future, it is deemed inappropriate to practice the NKVD organs of the USSR with regard to the arrests of ministers of the Russian Orthodox Church and the persecution of believers.
    2) The instruction of Comrade Ulyanov (Lenin) of May 1, 1919, No. 13666-2 "On the fight against priests and religion", addressed to the previous. The Cheka to comrade Dzerzhinsky and all the relevant instructions from the Cheka-OGPU-NKVD concerning the persecution of the ministers of the Russian Orthodox Church and Orthodox believers - to cancel.
    3) The NKVD to conduct an audit of convicted and arrested citizens in cases related to worship. Release from custody and replace the punishment with non-custodial sentences for convicted persons for the indicated reasons, if the activities of these citizens did not harm the Soviet regime.
    4) The question of the fate of believers in custody and in prisons belonging to other faiths will be decided further by the Central Committee.
    Secretary of the Central Committee I. Stalin
    Is it enough?
  26. +1
    9 August 2013 15: 04
    History puts everything in its place.
    Stalin is no longer stigmatized. More emphasis on his affairs.
    And his deeds are great.
  27. +1
    17 September 2013 12: 12
    “The Russian people are a great people. Russians are a good people. The Russian has a clear mind, as if he was born to help other nations. Great courage is inherent in the Russian people, especially in difficult times, in dangerous times. He is initiative. He has a persistent character. He is a dreamy people. He has a goal. Therefore, it is harder for him than for other nations. But you can rely on him in any trouble. " I.V. STALIN.
    1. 0
      2 September 2019 22: 56
      Hypocritical! Burn in hell!
  28. +1
    15 June 2015 14: 38
    Quote: Deniska999
    As I understand it, a series of recent articles about Stalin is dedicated to tomorrow's 60th anniversary of his death.

    He was a great man. The man of history. You can talk about him for hours. About how he was. Of course, some love him, while others do not. But everyone respects him. He was a real people's monarch.

    Stalin, He is a genius of planetary proportions .V.V. Putin is also a genius. To this conclusion we will come later. I like the trait of Stalin to understand the characters of people, here he is a master.
  29. 0
    2 September 2019 22: 54
    The vile type! I hope he is in hell!