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President honored the memory of paratroopers

President honored the memory of paratroopers

Today, on the memory day of the soldiers of the 6 Company of the Pskov Division who died heroically in Chechnya, Vladimir Putin visited Pskov. The feat of the paratroopers says that patriotism is no stranger to youth; they proved: Russia can not be defeated, said the Supreme Commander.
The President arrived for a review of personnel in the 104 Guards Airborne Assault Regiment of the 76 Guards Airborne Assault Division. First, he laid flowers at the monument to the heroes, then spoke at a gala evening at the regimental club in front of relatives and servicemen. The plans - an informal meeting with the commanders of airborne divisions.

The paratroopers of the 6 Company of the Pskov Division engaged in an unequal battle with the terrorists and heroically died in the Argun gorge of Chechnya in the year 2000. "They will remain forever in stories Russian army and in our hearts, "- said the president.

The guys took the fight when a lot was decided in the fate of the country and its people, Vladimir Putin recalled. International terrorism waged a brutal, criminal war to "dismember Russia, violate its sovereignty and plunge its people into a fraternal bloody war among themselves," said the head of state. But the heroes of the 6 Company didn’t take a step back.

The paratroopers came to the regiment from different parts of the country, and they were hardly specially prepared for the feat. "But they were ready, as befits a soldier, to unconditionally fulfill the order," the president continued. "We were ready for any risk and any danger."

And when the time came, committed the feat. “They fought enemies as fearlessly as their grandfathers in the fight against fascism,” the head of state stressed. “They proved the holy continuity of generations at the cost of their lives.” “Let someone now say that patriotism is alien to our youth,” Vladimir Putin snapped.

“The fighters of the sixth company showed the whole world that it is impossible to win Russia, that at the critical moment its brave sons will stand to death for their Motherland,” said the head of state.

"Eternal glory to the immortal sixth company! Glory to all who died defending Russia!" - concluded the Supreme Commander.

During a visit to the 104 Guards Air Assault Regiment of the 76 Division, the President met with the commanders of the airborne forces. “Marines are always where the hardest thing is. It has always been and it will be this way. Airborne forces are the basis of the Russian rapid reaction forces,” the president said, speaking to the regimental personnel.

Later, at the meeting with the commanders, the head of state repeated the warm words addressed to the "blue berets". “I decided to gather you to talk about the problems of the army in general and on airborne forces in particular,” Vladimir Putin began the conversation. "It was not by chance that I said on the parade ground that our people love paratroopers," he remarked. "This is really true. So it is."

The supreme commander urged the paratroopers to "keep themselves in shape in the broadest sense of the word." One must be ready for any trials and effective work in the conditions of modern warfare, he instructed.

The president offered to talk about all the components of life and service: living conditions, training, weapons. And since the conversation was planned to be frank, the press was asked to retire almost immediately after it began.

In the presence of journalists, the commanders only thanked the head of state for taking care of the army. And one colonel from the special forces demonstrated that he was following the last the news. "The military college said that the issue of providing military personnel with permanent housing will be resolved," he said and asked to continue the construction of official housing.

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  1. maestro123
    maestro123 1 March 2013 19: 23
    Sorry for the guys ... but they heroically performed their duty with honor! Everyone flew by unnoticed.
    It’s not sitting in armchairs and not thinking how to cut another state loot holding a high post in the Moscow Region.
    1. Armata
      Armata 1 March 2013 21: 01
      Just a pity? But do you think for whom they died? You know, I’m thinking that if only these guys knew why they were going to die .................................. I’m ashamed that failed to realize their dream of peace.
      1. domokl
        domokl 1 March 2013 21: 21
        Quote: Mechanic
        You know, I’m thinking that if only these guys knew why they were going to die .................................. I’m ashamed that failed to realize their dream of peace.
        Any soldier knows what’s going into battle! For the Motherland, for relatives, for relatives, for comrades ... And the guys knew about it! They are Soldiers! Soldiers of Russia! No need to sprinkle ashes on our heads, we are building what they died for. We build for a long time, with errors, with blood in our hearts, with betrayal, but also with heroism, with self-denial.
        And we’ll build. Their death was not in vain! And Putin acted like a real man and like a real president when he arrived .. Well done!
        1. wax
          wax 1 March 2013 22: 27
          By the way, I somehow notice that there is less and less "water" in Putin's speeches.
          1. djon3volta
            djon3volta 2 March 2013 08: 17
            Quote: Wax
            By the way, I somehow notice that there is less and less "water" in Putin's speeches.

            mind you, Putin often began to use the phrase Dear comrades! at the meeting of the FSB 3 times said this to the audience, and at this meeting he also used Dear comrades!
            1. gribnik777
              gribnik777 2 March 2013 11: 52
              Quote: djon3volta
              Putin often began to use the phrase Dear comrades

              The appeal of the commander in chief to subordinates under the Charter - COMRADE.
        2. makarich26
          makarich26 2 March 2013 00: 07
          Quote: domokl
          But Putin acted like a real man and like a real president when he arrived .. Well done!

          Why didn’t he come to the funeral in 2000, this real man?
          Where was he when the Kursk team was buried?
          He was very busy, he raised the country.
      2. SSR
        SSR 1 March 2013 21: 49
        Quote: Mechanic
        You know, I’m thinking that if only these guys knew what they were going to die for.

        No, I don’t want to .. and I don’t accept speculation. if only ... as I remember yesterday in the army ... I don't know how to sound it .. .. probably the closest is the Spirit of the SPIRIT of our Man .. Obstinacy ... Burn with Fire Earth ... I will burn but not ..... maybe .. about what the West writes in Russian "fatalism"
        Mechanic ... I'm just Sure ... that "Guys" .. (in quotes because they are HEROES). just ... how it happens ... sometimes ... they said FUCK to you ... and STANDED to the end ...
        I can’t call it fatalism ... but I know EXACTLY ... OUR PERSON WILL NOT TAKE ON "WEAK", it's just that we ourselves are ... probably.
      3. SSR
        SSR 1 March 2013 22: 07
        Quote: Mechanic
        But do you think for whom they died?

        General Gunter Blumentritt, chief of staff of the 4 Army: “The behavior of the Russians, even in the first battle, was strikingly different from the behavior of the Poles and allies who were defeated on the Western Front. Even being in the circle of encirclement, the Russians stubbornly defended themselves. ”

        The author of the book writes: “The experience of the Polish and Western campaigns suggested that the success of the blitzkrieg strategy was to gain advantages by more skillful maneuvering. Even if you leave the resources outside the brackets, morale and the will to resist the enemy will inevitably be broken under the pressure of enormous and meaningless losses. From here logically follows the mass surrender of those who were surrounded by demoralized soldiers. In Russia, these “elementary” truths were turned upside down by a desperate, sometimes reaching fanaticism, Russian resistance in seemingly hopeless situations.

        IMHA .. what can I say ... just born like that.
      4. scrack
        scrack 2 March 2013 10: 36
        In the words of my grandfather - a veteran of the Great Patriotic War - if only there was no war
    2. w.ebdo.g
      w.ebdo.g 2 March 2013 00: 01
      powerful boys ...
      grabbed the real courage of the battle, when I do not care to save life ...
      when there is only one task - to sell your life as expensive as possible ...
      and you care how many lives are yours alone ...

      all this is bullshit. VERY scary, but war must be fought.

      bright memory to the heroes.
    3. Samaritan
      Samaritan 2 March 2013 02: 33
      In 99, we went to the military commissariat together, Kohl shouted at the major why they didn’t take him into the army, it turned out that there was a namesake in the neighboring village - Nikolay Shalaev of the same name had already managed to serve the guy a sinful thing, that is, six months since Kolyan had not been taken into the army by mistake, major figured out and promised to send to the Airborne Forces, kept his promise.
      Nikolai Shalaev was killed in the Argun Gorge, awarded the Order of Courage posthumously. He was buried at the Bratskoye cemetery of the Second World War in the city of Lodeynoye Pole.
      Eternal memory to you and all those who fell with you Brother!
  2. sined0707
    sined0707 1 March 2013 19: 24
    Sorry guys. Probably, as always, some bitches on top poured the boys.
    Eternal memory to you guys!
  3. Larus
    Larus 1 March 2013 19: 30
    Eternal memory to the guys who died heroically. It is a pity that not a single creature of general will answer for these deaths, and not only for his brainless command.
    1. S_nami_strength
      S_nami_strength 1 March 2013 21: 58

      Eternal memory to the guys who died heroically. It is a pity that not a single creature of general will answer for these deaths, and not only for his brainless command.

      They will answer ... Not before us ... They will answer before the Almighty ... And now let them live their miserable life with this ....
  4. Sedoy
    Sedoy 1 March 2013 19: 32
    > The guys took the fight when a lot was decided in the fate of the country and its people, Vladimir Putin recalled. International terrorism waged a cruel, criminal war in order to "dismember Russia, violate its sovereignty and plunge its peoples into a fraternal bloody war among themselves," said the head of state.

    that you’re not lying to justify general impotence a betrayal of power
  5. Marmot
    Marmot 1 March 2013 19: 37
    Eternal glory to the soldiers and commanders of the 6th company! And the eternal shame on those who let them perish and did not come to the rescue
    1. Slavs
      Slavs 1 March 2013 22: 23
      They didn’t give help ....
    2. smel
      smel 2 March 2013 00: 45
      No one could come physically. Nobody could physically support. The only question was who sent 873,6 to this height and, more precisely, through it.
      1. djon3volta
        djon3volta 2 March 2013 08: 20
        Quote: smel
        The only question is who and why sent 873,6 to this height. Or rather through it.

        and if he hadn’t sent, then the majahideen would have passed quietly, and what would have happened then?
  6. Narkom
    Narkom 1 March 2013 19: 46
    the third, stand silently ...
    1. sergej.salnikov2012
      sergej.salnikov2012 1 March 2013 20: 35
      I am drinking alone. I drink in silence. I drink the third, standing.
  7. воронов
    воронов 1 March 2013 19: 47
    Everlasting memory
  8. Sandov
    Sandov 1 March 2013 20: 06
    Glory to the true patriots of Russia. Shame on the overseas organizers of this war.
  9. Garrin
    Garrin 1 March 2013 20: 08
  10. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 1 March 2013 20: 12
    Let's not tarot today
  11. morpex
    morpex 1 March 2013 20: 16
    Eternal memory to these guys! Mark Nikolaevich Evtyukhin was really BATEI. And many remember his last words on the air - "... you betrayed us, bitches!" ..
  12. George
    George 1 March 2013 20: 18
    Hello everyone .
    And today my friend died. Razvorotnev Vladimir Ivanovich - Guard Junior Sergeant. He served in this division, and resigned on the eve of the feat of fellow soldiers.
    Bl 33 of the whole year. And we were born with him on the same day, month and year. I already thought it was a sinful thing not to let me go, but then I changed my mind.
    I grieve.
    1. cherkas.oe
      cherkas.oe 1 March 2013 20: 56
      What are your years, Jura? Do not rush there, you probably have so many more things to do in this world, look around, think and do not lose heart, it is a sin for a young healthy man to become discouraged. Over 13 years ago, how many guys were killed for us, for all, how many children were not born, no houses were built, no trees planted, things on our land could not be completely wrong, and you should be sad. Let’s live, both for yourself and for a friend for yours and for your peers who have died,
      1. George
        George 1 March 2013 21: 08
        You are certainly right Oleg! We will live, to the delight of friends and relatives.
  13. morpex
    morpex 1 March 2013 20: 21
    Winged infantry
    did not come out of the fire ...
    Sorry 6 company
    Russia and me.

    Deceased, immortal
    you became awake
    In the battle of Ulus Curt
    like in the battle for Moscow.

    Goodbye 6 company
    Gone through the ages -
    immortal infantry
    Heavenly Regiment.
  14. ruslan7608
    ruslan7608 1 March 2013 20: 24
    Eternal memory, and glory to the dead. Let them rest in peace, and a soft feather !!!
  15. vpaster
    vpaster 1 March 2013 20: 28
    MISLEADING \\ For courage 22 servicemen were awarded the title of Hero of Russia, 69 soldiers and officers were awarded "Orders of Courage", 63 of them - posthumously. \\
    In violation of the laws, commandments, and charters of God, presidents, deputies, oligarchs, businessmen, and governments all prepare bloodshed with their deeds, which is not even suspected. The lawlessness they do is returned to the nations (accomplices in affairs) first in the form of natural disasters, then bloodshed. Here comes the name of the bloodsucker shedding blood. If you try to explain to them, then they cannot understand this, because they have an unclean spirit that blocks the words of truth and truth.
    In Russia, “scum” is removed from the blood in Chechnya, the so-called fight against terrorists and armed gangs, and the people are presented as protecting the constitutional order. To make it more convincing that they’re fighting for good reason, they confer the title of Hero of Russia, are awarded with medals and orders of one state, but for different belligerents. The people paid with blood, the wicked can continue to exist, and so on in a circle.
    NATO soldiers "scum of blood" clean up in the so-called peacekeeping operations, while many of them become dogs and killers. The Ukrainian military, participating in the so-called peacekeeping operations, also remove "blood scale."
    Those who send Russian, Ukrainian military-entangled people to participate in hostilities on the territory of a foreign state (except Yugoslavia) “take” their souls, making officers and soldiers killers, and the killer has no life. He bought a penny and ruined his soul. Instead of putting things in order at home and thereby saving their souls, they, like a soulless womb, go penniless, losing their lives. Let's add bloodshed on the roads of Ukraine here. According to statistics from the traffic police, Ukraine is the first in Europe in the number of deaths in road accidents. During 2012, about 5000 people died in road accidents in Ukraine, and 38000 were injured. In Afghanistan, over 10 years of hostilities killed 15 thousand troops. If you roughly round the death toll, not only in traffic accidents, but also murders committed under various circumstances during the leadership of Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko, Yanukovych, it turns out that seven Afghan wars swept through Ukraine. So it seems to be imperceptible, but the “scale” of blood is regularly removed for the fact that the people serve the beast.
    Everything is much simpler in this life. About the same as in the restaurant dined and be sure to pay. So it is here nations participated in a devilish meal - pay, only pay with blood.
    Each new price increase (sin) is the filling of the cup of sins, and this is one step closer to the civil war. The civil war in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus has already been prepared by shitty (hell is a bitter root) employers, but how it goes with little or big blood depends on the people, or how the rams put on opposite sides in Chechnya will shoot at each other, or as the Lord advises. “And cast the worthless slave into outer darkness: there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Having said this, he exclaimed: whoever has ears to hear, let him hear! ” (Matthew 25:30).
    Nobody has been able to “jump over” the laws of God; one does not need to hide one’s head in the sand like an ostrich; the people themselves “prepared” a civil war by participating in the affairs of the wicked. Participated in a devilish meal - pay the price
    . For so that people pass a lot of bloodshed now we need a "SPIRITUAL EXPLOSION" (mass appeal to God for help) of the Slavs, which was predicted by the Elder Lavrenty of Chernigov. Then the Lord will give enemies into the hands of the people.
  16. kosmos84
    kosmos84 1 March 2013 20: 40
    native regiment
  17. APASUS
    APASUS 1 March 2013 20: 40
    Heroes memory!
    Forces alive Forget!
    Parents health!
  18. GRIGORIY1957
    GRIGORIY1957 1 March 2013 20: 45
    NOBODY EXCEPT US... ! ! !

    1. nycsson
      nycsson 1 March 2013 22: 02
      And you know what the worst thing is that such "sucked" percent of 30 !!! And 30 more did not serve in the army, although not like that !!! am
    2. nemec55
      nemec55 1 March 2013 22: 31
      GRIGORIY1957 Don’t please, but they are what you are. Yes, take a word they are the same guys as everyone And in the 90s there were guys who jumped from the train before sending to the Chechen Republic and the heroes were and will be the same now But in general, everything well done guys in most of them will all stand to death for their homeland.
    3. Moccal
      Moccal 1 March 2013 23: 35
      I believe that in peacetime, professional military personnel should rest peacefully and culturally in bars and brothels and not disturb the calm and peaceful order of ordinary citizens.
  19. bap063
    bap063 1 March 2013 20: 46
    Russia, never defeat anyone!
    This is just another confirmation, and this is feared and understood by all the West and the USA, and it is holding them back, otherwise they would have been bombed for a long time, they want to capture Russia and share its riches all their lives, all countries have risen and got rich on Russian gold, which they it began to come from traitors starting from Kolchak and ending with Gorbachev and Yeltsin, but they made a big mistake with Putin (the one thing that Yeltsin did good, left Putin in his place).
    Eternal memory to the guys! by their feat they also brought fear into the souls of those who see an eye, but their teeth are numb.
  20. DDR
    DDR 1 March 2013 20: 49
    Nenad shout about anything today. Just humanly, let's REMEMBER BOYS!
  21. skrgar
    skrgar 1 March 2013 20: 56
    Russia cries for you guys .. Eternal memory to you .. And we definitely know that you are definitely in Paradise .. Thank you and your parents !! ..

    Know for sure "commandos" there are all sorts of .. stick your nose at us .. - like this .. we have such guys and there are a lot of them !! .. I'll drink to the guys ...
  22. Altor86
    Altor86 1 March 2013 21: 13
    Forgive us guys! They didn’t help out. Thank you!
  23. Armata
    Armata 1 March 2013 21: 24
    Sorry guys. We all could not help you.
  24. SerAll
    SerAll 1 March 2013 21: 26
    Glory to the dead and eternal memory. Let the earth rest in peace ...
    Health to relatives !!!
  25. Bort radist
    Bort radist 1 March 2013 21: 28
    Glory to the Airborne Forces! God rest their souls.
  26. harrymur
    harrymur 1 March 2013 21: 32
    The Russians are not the most submissive in history, and every drop of blood of a Russian soldier makes us all stronger, thanks to the guys, we all remember and take revenge on everyone, this is the latest history of the Russian state (not Russia) of the Russian Empire, how sweet this exclamation is: RUSSIAN GO
  27. slavik_gross
    slavik_gross 1 March 2013 21: 33
    Guys in Russia did not transfer. May the earth rest in peace.
  28. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 1 March 2013 21: 34
    I grieve with you for young guys now forever.
    Was recently at the parachute. He was driving from Peter. You cannot be there without tears.
    May the kingdom be with you.
  29. Onil
    Onil 1 March 2013 21: 43
    Poor guys! The kingdom to them is heaven. The names of those generals who sent the unshooted children to the very heat of the militants, without providing them with either intelligence or artillery and air support, are still unknown. And now they are buying off the dead, awarding them posthumously with orders and medals. When will we take care of our soldier, how is this done even in Israel?
  30. Alekseir162
    Alekseir162 1 March 2013 21: 44
    Eternal memory and GLORY TO HEROES who did not flinch before the enemy!
  31. BARKAS
    BARKAS 1 March 2013 21: 48
    Someone said that a feat perfect by some is stupidity and a betrayal by others, I am inclined to agree with this.
    Eternal memory and glory to the heroes of the paratroopers and thanks to the mothers!
  32. Boomer
    Boomer 1 March 2013 21: 55
  33. maestro123
    maestro123 1 March 2013 21: 58
    Quote: Mechanic
    Just a pity? But do you think for whom they died?

    This is the Airborne Elite of our Army! He is always the first! They have such a motto! THEY know who they died for! For grandfathers and comrades! For the motherland! For the fatherland!
  34. nycsson
    nycsson 1 March 2013 22: 00
    Bright memory to the guys! Glory to the heroes! hi
  35. Pound
    Pound 1 March 2013 22: 38
    and what was necessary for them to die? could not help the guys or what? Or do we need dead heroes? a big minus the image of the country, leaving its heroes in trouble and honoring them all the time posthumously !!! not aviation or helicopters
    ? only in the cinema everything is beautiful with us and the heroes perish - but they could live!
  36. DPN
    DPN 1 March 2013 22: 46
    GUYS VERY SORRY !!! they only paid Yeltsin’s indemnity with their lives and for the oil of millionaires, their homeland didn’t smell of it. If there is still a guerrilla war, the army does not fight with its people.

    GLORY TO THE HEROES !!! and shame on the generals who did not want to save them!
  37. wax
    wax 1 March 2013 22: 47
    True blood for the homeland against the backdrop of betrayal, embezzlement and criminal irresponsibility of the upper classes saved Russia.
  38. Slavs
    Slavs 1 March 2013 22: 51
    This is a feat .... I think so, the passage was sold, they threw a handful of airborne troops, with the expectation that they would either sweep away, or assess the numerical superiority of the Czechs, they would let them through .... I represent the slobbering rage of the "soldiers" of Allah, who paid for the passage and got stuck at a height .... This is how a Russian soldier fights ... Sold and devoted ... So think about what will happen if we fight competently, according to science ... Bow to the ground to the guys ... Thank you ... And memory will live, my boy knows about you and will tell his children ... But to the Supreme Commander, I’ll tell you - they wouldn’t sell us, they wouldn’t have to remember today ...
    1. Mikado
      Mikado 1 March 2013 23: 20
      I don’t think that someone sold, it’s just that the level of command was such that they could neither predict, nor orient during the time, nor understand the situation, nor could command
      1. Slavs
        Slavs 1 March 2013 23: 57
        Look and read more information about those events ... Even on this site ...
  39. vilenich
    vilenich 1 March 2013 23: 54
    What to talk about, bow our heads before committing a feat!
    But here are some of the points in the article are not clear:
    And one spetsnaz colonel showed that he was following the latest news. "The military collegium said that the issue of providing servicemen with permanent housing will be resolved," he stated and asked to continue the construction of service housing.

    What is this here?
    Even if purely in text, then official housing is far from permanent!
    Although maybe I'm wrong!
  40. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 2 March 2013 00: 20
    +5 Мда . Читаю поименный список и кажется, что это не российские , а советские ВДВ. Даже немец и еврей там оказались. Хотя это я уже только по фамилиям и месту рождения делал выводы. Но все равно впечатлило. О мужестве их тут ничего не добавишь, но в то трудное время, такие разные люди и никто не сломался. У комроты явно кроме командирского был не малый педагогический талант.
  41. Committee
    Committee 2 March 2013 00: 35
    Has it been 13 years already ?! And it was like yesterday ...
  42. smel
    smel 2 March 2013 00: 51
    Plus all .....NO WRONG HERE
  43. navy33
    navy33 2 March 2013 00: 59
  44. Ilhar
    Ilhar 2 March 2013 01: 24
    Glory to the Airborne Forces! Glory to the Russian Army! Glory to the Sons of Russia!
    But damn it, damn it! Why is that!? Why not even write about them in history textbooks !? Why who is to blame for their deaths, from the leadership and command of the Armed Forces and the country were not convicted, brought to criminal responsibility !?
    If we now tell these guys that after only ten years, and in Moscow, like “war-scorched” children, they will drive expensive cars and shoot in the air, extinguish the Eternal Flame on mass graves ... Besides obscene words, we don’t hear ....
    I’m sure if today some people in Pskov were sincere in their actions and told the truth to the country, near the grave of whom they betrayed ... This country would have woken up completely different ..
    Glory to the Airborne Forces! Glory to the Russian Army! Glory to the Sons of Russia!
  45. sotryas
    sotryas 2 March 2013 02: 07
    Everlasting memory.
  46. pa_nik
    pa_nik 2 March 2013 08: 37
    Bright memory...

    Below is the opinion of the commander of the Airborne Forces, Hero of Russia, Colonel General Vladimir Anatolyevich Shamanov

    The sixth company could be saved. The paratroopers who fought with the Khattab militants became victims of an unsubscribed order

    The paratroopers of the 6th company of the 104th regiment of the 76th Airborne Division died in the battle in the North Caucasus in 2000 due to an order not given in time. The federal forces should have been forbidden to leave the border of the artillery support zone, and then the death of military personnel could have been avoided. Such an opinion was expressed on the day of the 13th anniversary of the tragedy by the commander of the Airborne Forces, Hero of Russia, Colonel General Vladimir Shamanov.
    "The analysis, which was carried out in hot pursuit and years later, shows that in difficult weather conditions, in the absence of the ability to support the units from the air, it was necessary to indicate to the paratroopers the zone beyond which they could not advance," he said in an interview with RIA. News". According to Shamanov, 13 years ago, the paratroopers, fulfilling their official duty, did not receive such instructions, and therefore lost the support of artillery.

    Errors in the command led to the fact that the battle took place at different lines and with a total numerical superiority of the members of the gangs. “The paratroopers were moving on the march, in fact, in non-united, scattered subunits and were deprived of many conditions in order to conduct an organized confrontation,” Shamanov stated. The general explained that the rules of command and control had been violated.

    The battle of paratroopers of the 6th company under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Mark Evtyukhin with fighters of the field commander Khattab took place on March 1, 2000 in the area of ​​the settlement of Ulus-Kert. Military personnel at the cost of their lives prevented the breakthrough of 2,5 thousand terrorists, destroying 700 of them. Of the 90 fighters of the company, only six survived.

    For the courage shown in battle, 22 servicemen received the title of Hero of Russia, 69 were awarded the Order of Courage (63 of them posthumously). In memory of the paratroopers in the Staropromyslovsky district of Grozny, a street was named and a memorial complex was opened.
  47. shtirlits
    shtirlits 2 March 2013 09: 47
    Eternal memory to the guys .... sad
  48. Dimitr
    Dimitr 2 March 2013 09: 48
    Eternal memory to the guys! Whoever was wrong there, didn’t give, couldn’t, the guys proved that they are real Russian Warriors!
  49. Krasnoyarsk
    Krasnoyarsk 2 March 2013 10: 03
    As Putin says tolerantly, although thanks to him and the corrupt generals, not only these men were merged, but also many others. Not my goddamn brothers.
  50. Egoza
    Egoza 2 March 2013 10: 24
    I'll lie that reinforcements will come -
    We cannot stand otherwise.
    Patience became a gray slush
    And the weapon wants to sleep.

    How long have we not believed in salvation!
    But the boys look into my eyes ...
    I’ll lie that reinforcements will come -
    Because it is impossible otherwise!

    We are familiar with the burial rite
    We are unaccustomed to tea and cabbage ...
    I’ll lie that reinforcements will come,
    Over the grave of murdered friends.

    Singing is heard above the high
    Smoke creeps beneath the high ...
    I’ll lie that reinforcements will come -
    And probably we can resist.

    The last wound is aching again
    They ask for cereal boots and belly ...
    I’ll lie that reinforcements will come ...
    After all, it will certainly come!

    Eleanor Ratkevich

    When flaming armor
    cools down with a cripple
    living will get me out
    a handful of ash from the compartment.
    Yes, I would survive ... Though in spite
    bearded man with a grenade launcher ...
    But this time, no luck.
    War ... It happens, what is there ...
    Yes, and also: from under the Shawl,
    do not be ashes - just a body,
    guys wouldn’t leave with me
    all died b, such a thing.
    And so - light in the mountains,
    a handful of ash - the load is not heavy,
    won't hurt the trail
    put some stretch marks,
    capable of "spirits" to detain -
    let them breathe with them.
    ... Well, guys, in god-soul-mother,
    come even though you are alive

    Yuri Gladkevich (Beridze)