Grimaces of the new privatization: where did the whole port go?

The fact that flirting with privatization in our country in most cases turns into Russian roulette can now be considered as an unequivocal fact. True, Russian roulette and Russian privatization still have one important difference: in the first case there is at least some chance of success ...

Despite the fact that the chances of improving the situation in certain sectors of the Russian economy in the case of privatization of high-yielding enterprises are close to absolute zero, the idea of ​​holding the next privatization stages in our country continues to give hot heads. At the same time, many readers can say: what is actually bad about the very fact of privatization, because in our country today there are a lot of inefficient companies and enterprises that are on the state balance and work without any return, or even frankly minus. After all, it is possible to transfer these enterprises into the hands of an advanced private owner, who will force them to bring tangible profits. Yes, indeed, there are enough of such enterprises, and there is nothing bad in transferring them into the hands of efficient private owners. However, today, for some reason, it’s not about the privatization of objects breathing incense, but about transferring to the private hands of the state property that brings obvious profit.

Recently, it was announced about the possibility to privatize such companies as Rosneft, RusHydro, United Grain Company and a number of others. It would seem that the very fact of privatization in this case loses all meaning, because the same Rosneft is one of the largest taxpayers to the state treasury. So why look for good from good? Perhaps, someone from the bureaucratic apparatus hopes that the sale of these state-owned companies into private hands will lead to filling the state budget with an enormous amount, which in itself will become life-giving moisture for the Russian economy. Well, well - hope, of course, is necessary, but whether this is a case where the risk (and the sale of a large state-owned company to a private trader is a risk by definition) is justified.

Is it justified or not justified - no one has asked us for a long time ... They don’t ask, but again they explain how blessed the sale of both efficient and ineffective state-owned enterprises into private hands will be. No, you know, hidden intrigues, no doubtful vouchers or mortgage auctions. Everything is for the country, everything is for the people. It would seem, why this time not to believe the ideological inspirers of the new privatization perturbations? We would be glad to believe, but ...

One of those “buts” that again makes us think about a new round of privatization fraud is the privatization of the famous Vanino Sea Trade Port, one of the largest stevedoring companies in Russia (a company carrying out a set of measures for the loading and unloading of ships, as well as having the authority to hire a shipowner and charterer).

Not so long ago, the privatization of the “new model” just by the example of the Vanino port (VTPP) showed itself in all its glory. At first, it was reported that the state decided to sell 73,3% of the company's shares to one of Mechel's subsidiaries, which was managed by a man like Igor Zyuzin. The same Igor Zyuzin, who became one of the key figures of the grandiose scandal with Mechel of the 2008 model of the year, when it turned out that the company's management was selling its products to foreign buyers with a strange discount. Why did you sell it "at a discount"? Well, certainly not to increase tax revenues to the state budget.

It is worth recalling that after identifying the fact of “discounting” in 2008, in just one day, Mechel’s shares fell by a third, thereby inexpressibly “delighting” shareholders ...

And now, after 4 a little more than a year later, the state decided that Mechel was still an effective proprietor who would manage the VTPP much better than the state itself. But it is hard to believe. After all, if a company tried to avoid paying the proper amount of taxes once, and its management did not have anything for it, then it is unlikely that it will want to repeat a similar attempt again.

However, this could be long and lengthy to argue if the controlling stake in Vanino port de jure would remain in the hands of Mechel-Trans, the very same daughter of Mechel mentioned above. But then the situation made us feel a sense of déjà vu, returning us to the dashing 90. The fact is that Mechel-Trans, after a very short time after the purchase of the 73,3% of the shares of VMTP, decided to sell the 71,04% of the shares of this company ... Why? Perhaps, Mechel set out to self-brand itself, emphasizing that this time the effective owner did not come out of it. But somehow, extremely quickly, the management of the company received the idea of ​​selling almost all of the port’s shares. In this regard, the conclusion suggests a somewhat different one: but could not the company “Mechel-Trans” itself could act in advance as an early maturing mediator, who took the “right” 2% for his works “for the good of the Motherland”? It is a painful sensational figure, isn’t it ... But if it is a mediator, then who ultimately received the lion’s share of the VCPP shares? ..

It is not difficult to guess that these buyers were "effective owners" of clearly questionable status. The media is actively discussing the topic of offshore. Where do without them in the implementation of the "new" privatization ideas. So, the buyers of 71,04% of HMTC shares are: Sedmino Investments, Travina Trading and Op. Trade. Where are these companies registered? Well, of course, in Cyprus.

And here new oddities arise. It would seem that Cyprus is part of the European Union, which means that, on the basis of the updated legislation, it does not have the right to harbor offshore companies on its territory. However, Cyprus today is far from uniform. On this island there is also the territory of Northern Cyprus, undefined by status, in which the conduct of business is beyond any control. It is Northern Cyprus that today intercepts the palm of an offshore championship from the rest of Cyprus. In addition, the European Union part of Cyprus for some time received the status of the so-called onshore, which allows (note) firms to avoid double taxation. It turns out that the companies to which Mechel-Trans sold 71,04% of the shares of the Vanino port in any case (even if they are offshore, onshore though) are exempt from paying the money to the Russian treasury. Cypriot legislation says so directly: register with us - pay taxes to us or pay nothing to anyone at all (in the case of Northern Cyprus). So all profits from the port of Vanino after such a sale actually float past the federal Russian budget. As the saying goes, what was required to prove ...

But then the situation gets even more "funny" shades. Mechel-Trans unexpectedly buys En + 21,6% shares from the shareholder of the port of Vanino and starts negotiations with Russian Railways on co-financing the development project of the maritime harbor. Interest in the deal with Mechel on the part of Russian Railways was manifested. But at the same moment the question arose: after all, the state-owned company “Russian Railways” itself did not have time to privatize. Then it turns out an obvious nonsense: the state sells its port to “unknowingly”, so that later its (state) company makes a deal to develop this port with a private buyer. The question is: why then did the port have to be privatized, if ultimately for its development the state is going to spend its (that is, taxpayers) hard-earned money? It hurts all this story with the privatization of the CPV, it resembles the classic episode of the privatization of the early nineties: the big heat of bureaucratic hands ... 2% of the sale just enter the notorious outline ...

Understanding such a sting with the participation of Russian Railways, the government promptly announced that it was not encouraging the deal with Mechel. Well, if it had also encouraged it, it would have looked quite somehow impermissible for our Cabinet of Ministers.
In terms of sales and resale of the port of Vanino, there is still only one mystery left: who is behind those Cypriot “effective owners” of Russian property? It is hardly worth believing that these are some Cypriot retirees who have dumped their savings and bought shares of the whole port in the amount of almost 550 million dollars from Mechel-Trans. And if not Cypriot pensioners, then who?

Considering the fact that Mechel-Trans actively trades in stocks and tries to involve RZD in this business too, it is worth assuming that all these Trades and Investments are some backsends of the company. And if so, then Mechel-Trans made what is called a knight's move, once again finding a loophole that avoids the need for full tax deductions to the state budget. And whoever, at the government level, advocated it so that this company would become one of the new implementers of privatization ideas is a question, the answer to which will be obvious in a few years ... As they say, even in Russian privatization everything secret becomes obvious ...

PS If the state intends to continue to privatize its high-yield enterprises like the Vanino port, then such privatization to the Russian citizens, as the hero of one cartoon said, is not worth it, and not money for money ... If you really want to privatize something, then why would not start our officials from their, for example, cabinets? .. And what - even a very profitable business can happen if you sell the lower floor of the Government House, for example, a network shopping center, and in the State Duma meeting room a couple dozen in the always empty deputy chairs to convert into dental chairs; On the roof of the Federation Council you can grow tomatoes with zucchini in general ... Again, profits - but everything in the budget - no offshore ...
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  1. predator.3
    28 February 2013 08: 49
    And who in our country so vehemently advocates the privatization of the remaining state asset?
    Well, yes, the former president, and now the "most advanced" prime minister LADIES, he is also an "iPhone" and "Twitter"!
    1. +7
      28 February 2013 09: 42
      Quote: predator.3

      And who in our country so vehemently advocates the privatization of the remaining state asset?

      And knowing that the whole port has sailed to Cyprus, can Russian president Putin do nothing? Or again Medvedev is to blame. Yes, Christmas trees are sticks, who is the main one in our country that you got to the bottom of Medvedev.
      1. +8
        28 February 2013 13: 05
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Yes, Christmas trees are sticks, who is the main one in our country, that you got to the bottom of Medvedev.

        This is the "salt" that the "chief" is not alone, but their "Politburo" and each strives to get under his own chago.
        Only after the introduction of the death penalty for economic and political crimes will it be possible to shorten the "coarse hands" of "dealers".
        Well, there is no need to remind about the large presence in the "interested circles" of "thieves in lawyers" and "Israelite orphans".
        1. +2
          1 March 2013 00: 31
          Quote: Papakiko
          Only after the introduction of the death penalty for economic and political crimes

          To begin with, we would have to introduce the punishment as such, and only then we can measure by cap
      2. +1
        28 February 2013 17: 58
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Russian President Putin can not do anything? Or again Medvedev is to blame.

        No, Putin is not to blame, but Medvedev needs to be shot, the fact is that many do not understand that after the collapse of the USSR in 1991. by the Americans, not only the barbaric collapse of the country, but also under the protection of Yeltsin, changed the Constitution with their laws and we never had the position of President, we came up with amers. So while the liberals are succeeding, the People have awakened, and together with Putin V.V. they are aimed at changing the constitution and restoring sovereignty, and what do you think The Russian People will always pay tribute and be occupied territory, FUCK FOR YOU ANYWHERE !!! soldier
      3. +3
        28 February 2013 23: 53
        Alexander Romanov. And in our country everyone is to blame except the Fuehrer. The Minister of Defense has "muddied" billions, but the Supreme Commander has nothing to do with it. Although, as his immediate superior, he had to take action long before the scandal with Oboronservis. But then Putin had not yet received the "face" command from Zubkov. There is a pandemic of corruption among state officials in the country, and the president has nothing to do with it. We only observe his surprised face at regular meetings, where he, in a trembling voice, tries to ask the bureaucratic people where they have spent billions of budget money. This old tale about a good tsar and evil boyars has been known in Russia for a long time. I don’t believe a single word or deed of Putin. A deceitful and hypocritical type. This person should have been on the bunk for ten years already. And he's still at large. The time will come and those who are now licking his ass will ask: how did we overlook this?
    2. +10
      28 February 2013 11: 06

      Our Dima was for everything
      he is an "iPhoneist" and "liberalist"

      About the meteorite and air defense, it’s completely muddy, but the rest I explained the situation practically on my fingers. And as for Putin, let’s take a look. Like what. Does he have the strength and will to break the vicious circle. Tsar Nikokai I didn’t have enough when he confiscated the estates of Ogaryov and Herzen.
      “On the advice of Rothschild, I bought myself American papers, several French and a small house on Amsterdam Street, occupied by the Le Havre Hotel.
      One of my first revolutionary steps that unleashed me with Russia, immersed me in the respectable class of conservative parasites, introduced me to bankers and notaries, taught me to look at the exchange rate - in a word, made me a western rentier. ”
      - Herzen's memoirs
      And then Herzen used Rothschild to cancel the confiscation and seizure of property that threatened the Russian government.
      "Rothschild does not want to know who owned the tickets, that he bought them and requires payment or a clear legal statement - why the payment was stopped, that, in case of refusal, he will subject the matter to the discussion of legal advisers and advises to think very much about the consequences of the refusal, especially strange at that time when the Russian government tries to conclude a new loan through him. "

      And the king and Nesselrode surrendered, credit is more important.
      Yes, and Yeltsin quickly expelled Polivanov from the Ministry of Property, for an IMF loan.
      And then there was privatization and loans-for-shares auctions and so on. TP. Now "iPhone" and other compradors require continuation of the banquet
    3. lucidlook
      28 February 2013 20: 01
      Forgot? And I remind you:

      Vladimir Putin: The sale of a stake in Sberbank is one of the most profitable in 10 years.

      (2012 year)
      1. vitya29111973
        28 February 2013 22: 06
        for him, I probably bought it myself !!!
    4. vitya29111973
      28 February 2013 22: 05
      you think he will get something, and it’s unlikely that he even squeaked without agreement with dad !!!
    5. +2
      1 March 2013 08: 57
      Gentlemen, wake up, Not so long ago in DAVOS, the head of our delegation explicitly stated that we would sell as we would, Spit on everything They personally discussed everything with the president and therefore sales will be the most efficient enterprises, I listened a bit and it became disgusting, Everyone says that now during the recession selling in the economy is inefficient, And we will not be able to keep our own enterprises at the state, He also muttered about creating some kind of LLC that will be most effective in gold and currency reserves, After his speech, applause, flattering speeches say Russia is moving in the right direction. In general, there are a lot of interesting statements there, I would like for these programs to clearly speak by box and not there over the hill,
    6. -1
      17 June 2019 23: 46
      Neither Putin nor Medvedev have any influence on this situation. They generally have no power in our country; these are just two hired showmen for speaking on television. Who rules our country - I really do not understand.
  2. fenix57
    28 February 2013 09: 07
    Privatization continues ....
  3. +3
    28 February 2013 09: 09
    Quote: predator.3

    And who in our country so vehemently advocates the privatization of the remaining state asset?

    No, dear: speaking on, of course, speaking. But the pieces of paper not alone signs .... wink
    1. 0
      1 March 2013 09: 14
      The authors of the privatization are sitting in our upper echelons of power. During the crisis, they just looked who works well and the whole list is ready. Again they will drop everything for a penny and everyone will be happy, because there are the main experts of the famous Academy of Economics created by Gaidar. They don’t listen to others, but why she delivers cadres for the upper echelons of power they are proven,
  4. 0
    28 February 2013 09: 12
    In order for the 90s not to turn around, we need a new 1937.
  5. +16
    28 February 2013 09: 13
    In order not to repeat the 90s, we need a new 1937.
    1. +3
      28 February 2013 13: 20
      I completely agree. And to each member of the family a control in the head.
      1. +2
        1 March 2013 03: 06
        Quote: regin
        And each member of the family control in the head.

        I really respect Lavrenty Pavlovich but I would like to ask you: whose family?
      2. Kir
        1 March 2013 17: 22
        And something like in China, the bullets were bought for their own families of the punished, the money, and generally not much worse for the like, was not shooting, and the civil execution of all family members, as they say and did not take the death penalty, the death penalty and like there are NO personalities !!!, since they absolutely do not have civil rights !!!, and even better, as an exception in especially neglected cases, as according to Gunsun Yang (He is Wei Yang, also the legendary SHAN Yang), when they were also punished patronymic father and mother bureaucrats!
  6. Download Do Re Mi
    28 February 2013 09: 53
    Privatization is stealing insolent. And the government knows about it, because it organized it itself!
    1. neodymium
      28 February 2013 13: 22
      Judging by the charts of mergers and acquisitions clever knowledgeable people begin to buy assets before the crisis ....

      2013 will be a record in terms of stock buybacks.

      Who will need cut green paper.

      The Americans turned on the printing press.

      And in Russia they have many assistants - "graduates of Yale University"

      DAM, Dvorkovichi, etc. contribute to them in a profitable investment of money, the fact that they Homeland is being sold they don’t really care.

      They stop then, it seems, when they choose a measure of restraint ...

      Now there is a battle for the Central Bank. For the fact that he would cease to be a branch of the Fed.
      It is necessary that the Glazyev group would win ...
      1. Download Do Re Mi
        28 February 2013 13: 56
        The battle is on, and if the patriots do not win, then a revolution will break out, perhaps the last for Russia, after which it can disappear from the world map!
        1. djon3volta
          28 February 2013 18: 42
          Quote: Download Do Ryo Mi
          revolution, perhaps the last for Russia, after which it can disappear from the world map!

          that’s why it’s necessary to be for Putin, and not for revolutionaries!
          1. Download Do Re Mi
            28 February 2013 19: 18
            We must be for Russia! But a revolution cannot be allowed, but with such reforms, the nerves can not stand it, and blood will flow, and when it starts to flow, then there will be nothing. Then there will be nothing!
      2. Borisych
        28 February 2013 18: 36
        There is no battle, everything is captured and distributed. If Glazyev will head the central bank, then everything is clear with him.
        1. Download Do Re Mi
          28 February 2013 19: 18
          The battle is always on!
  7. +7
    28 February 2013 10: 30
    Why not say directly - privatization, it's just a desire to buy the next oligarch a new profitable business, and the official will once again make money on kickbacks on this deal. What does the people, the country have to do with it? For them, deceitful political scientists, for a part of the stolen income, come up with new tales for us about "the special efficiency of a private trader."
  8. Ruslan80
    28 February 2013 10: 31
    90s do not go in any comparison with today's Russia !!! Now there is complete lawlessness in the country !!! Openly steal billions, overcharge. But Putin, as he fell from the moon, knows nothing, sees nothing. But does Russia need such a leader and such a government?
    1. +7
      28 February 2013 10: 34
      Quote: Ruslan80
      But does Russia need such a leader and such a government?

      Do you think angels will come to replace him, promising everything and everyone? Then the first will yell, Putin back!
  9. djon3volta
    28 February 2013 10: 45
    So all profits from the Vanino port after such a sale actually float past the federal Russian budget.

    so it’s like that, only the people who work there in the port get paid on time and have enough for bread and butter.
    let’s say I’m a worker of this port, loader, slinger or crane operator, driver, it doesn’t matter — how do you think I really care who the company pays taxes to? It’s exactly so that a simple hard worker to the bulb these nuances, he worked for a month, got a salary, fed his family and everything at him (hard workers) is normal, everyone is happy.
    that’s why, that’s why, they’ll put Serdyukov, Skrynnik, and so on or not, they won’t add anything in your pocket, nor do I have your dear reader / commentator. Serdyukov can only be forced to return the loot (if he has one), to the treasury.
    1. djon3volta
      28 February 2013 13: 34
      hopelessness can of course be neglected, I also sometimes do this when there is nothing to object or say laughing
      just imagine if you remove the system of pluses and minuses, then the people will be in a panic, he will not understand what opinion they will listen to laughing
      1. +6
        28 February 2013 13: 43
        Quote: djon3volta
        just imagine if you remove the system of pluses and minuses, then the people will be in a panic, he will not understand what opinion they will listen to

        People do not look at the pros, but read what you write.
        1. djon3volta
          28 February 2013 17: 05
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          People do not look at the pros, but read what you write.

          why then did they come up with the plus and minus signs? eh? then remove this system, we will just read the comments, and everything will be fair, everyone will be in equal positions. I know why this was invented, before these + and - there was no website , this fashion has recently appeared in order to create public opinion, they say, if a lot of plus signs means a person is right, and if he is minus, then he is wrong. I suppose you read rambler, you see who benefits there and for what comments? and they get to the top, they say they think so "millions" of dissent, right?
          1. Borisych
            28 February 2013 22: 18
            / djon3volta

            "before these + and - there was no site on any site, this fashion has recently appeared to create public opinion"

            You are absolutely right in this case, only this is not a fashion, but a means of propaganda by you of the supported political forces. Only here + and - here, many are not sincere, it’s like a computer game for bonuses, an exciting game. Vanity is a contagious thing, therefore, do not pay attention to the +, - shoulder straps, only the content of the commentary and the ideological civilized debate are important.
    2. +6
      28 February 2013 13: 47
      Well yes. While they receive ... And then it will be as always ... Workers will be reduced, cranes and cisterns into scrap metal, land for sale, loot abroad! The classic "privatization" scheme.
      And about the stool and gynecologist, the case should be decided in a criminal case, court and sentence with confiscation. Then the loot in the treasury!
    3. VAF
      28 February 2013 14: 15
      Quote: djon3volta
      that's why, that’s why, they will put Serdyukov, Skrynnik, and so on or not

      In their love and "reverence" tongue you generally cease to notice and understand something ... only KU and all ....
      It does not reach you in any way, (or maybe on purpose .. "work out" your daily bread). that there will be no stoolkin, there will be a stoolkin, there will be no skyscrapers. there will be a canopy .. what a difference .. the SYSTEM is built !!!
      Well, since we are with you, or rather you .. touched upon the topic of China in the "Chinese" An-12'-but judging by your comments, they did not understand anything, then the next example is off-topic. all the same planes. and here is just ... for the port ... wassat

      Yesterday, i.e. On February 27 this year, the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning in the morning for the first time docked at the newly built military port in Qingdao (Shandong province, Eastern China) belay

      The new military harbor was built under the leadership of the PLA Navy; it took only 4 (!!!!!!) years to build it.

      that is, the Chinese military port for aircraft carriers is already able to accept giant warships. belay

      And now attention to the question ... what built your VeDro, together with the Tandem ????
      Can you only imagine that such a port .... "was privatized byb" in China and what would have happened ....... with these "privatizators" and those who ... "covered" them ??? wassat
      1. djon3volta
        28 February 2013 16: 59
        Quote: vaf
        Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning

        the aircraft carrier is probably in the USSR, right? laughing purchased from Ukraine, or did the Chinese themselves assemble it at the factory? wassat
        1. broker
          28 February 2013 18: 33
          You write correctly, to make an embankment on the shore is not a carrier to build !!!
      2. djon3volta
        28 February 2013 18: 30
        Quote: vaf
        what built your VeDro, together with Tandem ????

        but those for whom you advocate or vote, or would like to see them in senior positions, what have they done in 20 years ???
      3. itkul
        28 February 2013 20: 44
        Quote: vaf
        And now attention to the question ... what built your VeDro, together with the Tandem ????

        I have never heard of Ust-Luga, BTS-2. Yes, and the port of Qingdao has existed for quite some time, I was there in 2007, and to fill the embankment is not such an achievement
    4. lucidlook
      1 March 2013 02: 12
      Quote: djon3volta
      That's it, so that a simple hard worker to the bulb these nuances

      The lumpenization of the whole country really has a place to be. But then we must immediately make a reservation that citizens (thereby workers, if they are not migrant workers) - to a light bulb, what exactly is happening with their country. They live their daily bread and do not bake about the country to any degree.

      But in this case, they have no right to demand anything for themselves, since they don’t care about the country, then the country has exactly the same business. Why? Because they are the country. When they understand this, then their attitude to what is happening will change, and it will become much more difficult for thieves' business to live. That is why he - the business - will do everything so that they never wake up.
    5. Kommunisten
      1 March 2013 02: 14
      With such owners, the enterprises either sell out or work for wear and tear and then sell out, and all this is accompanied by theft without interruption, despite the fact that this enterprise was essentially built and operated at the expense of state funds. And in either case, sooner or later, the workers will remain not only without oil, but also a country without shipyards and shipbuilding.
      In general, I like the idea - to sell off all production facilities, and then instead build them again in impassable Zagopinsk, drinking billions. Only in this situation, one sawmill will be left alone one day, and there will be nobody to work.
      The country is in such a wild asshole that no one is surprised at the daily reports of stolen billions, and a frenzied Putin with a crystal-clear face, as if nothing had happened, like I’m a cloud, I’m not a bear ...
  10. 0
    28 February 2013 12: 28
    The emperor and the people have one enemy-nobility. Stalin and Mao Tse Dong read Machiavelli, but Nikolai2 and Gaddafi, it seems, do not. The book today is relevant for the Presidents.
    As for Igor Zyuzin ... There is also such a profession, to sell the homeland.
    PS Northern Cyprus as well as the Kosovo-mafia states: in the first case, the Turkish mafia, in the second-Albanian.
    1. +2
      28 February 2013 18: 27
      they would force the Cypriots to return our grandmothers, talk to the Turks and give them a green one for disassembling with Cyprus, if they heard rumors about this, they would immediately start transferring capital from offshore into assets at home and taxes would be leaked and not blather, now in the West legislatively they can send a message on the Magnitsky act and goodbye loot, the less offshore is left the more profitable we are, from Europe even the depardieu didn’t arrange taxes
  11. predator.3
    28 February 2013 12: 59
    The RAS Scientific Council on Eurasian Economic Integration, Modernization, Competitiveness and Sustainable Development, headed by Advisor to the President of Russia Sergey Glazyev, proposed to seriously strengthen the influence of the state in the economy and to cancel privatization for a while.

    The recommendations made by Glazyev were prepared for the presidential administration and the government, and in March they will be submitted to the cabinet for consideration, Vedomosti writes.

    The presidential course toward modernization is hampered by government actions, writes Glazyev and his team. The privatization and removal of officials from state corporation bodies hinder this course. “This line has neither scientific nor methodological justification and is being implemented, judging by the rhetoric, based on the dogmatic idea of ​​the unconditional advantages of private property over state property,” the authors of the recommendations say.

    However, in their opinion, this is far from the case. And you can overcome the economic crisis only if you change the technological structure: “Now, at the time of depression and financial turbulence, market mechanisms fail, the state is forced to act as the main subject of development,” they conclude.

    Many states resort to direct management of key economic entities for modernization, nationalize them, introduce planning mechanisms, the Glazyev group points out. So, in particular, it was in almost all capitalist countries in the 30-50s of the last century and in all new industrial countries after the war.

    In order to organize a new technological structure, state-owned banks must lend to state-owned enterprises, they continue, and privatization can be resumed when “an appropriate technological trajectory is formed and economic entities created with state support go into expanded reproduction mode”.

    As the newspaper VZGLYAD previously reported, the economist Sergei Glazyev is now called one of the main contenders for the post of chairman of the Central Bank of Russia.
    1. VAF
      28 February 2013 14: 35
      Quote: predator.3
      economist Sergei Glazyev is now called one of the main contenders for the post of chairman of the Central Bank of Russia.

      The news is AWESOME if that were really so! +! fellow

      But this will not happen .. NEVER .. unfortunately crying .t.k. this will lead to the collapse of the entire "economic" system ... built and suffered through suffering "grief by the reformers" and their ... "tandem" followers angry
      1. SSR
        28 February 2013 17: 42
        Quote: vaf
        The news is AWESOME, if that were really so!+!

        )) to ensure that this happens Truth .. there are all the prerequisites ...
        Now there is a planned prying of liberals Serdyukov, Skrynnik, Hydro, Housing and Utilities, the Ministry of Education are starting to rustle .. Rosal, and one of the most recent ... Skolkovo !!! and most of the tips from the FSB and were preparing to see for a long time and persistently, and that is why before "poking a stick anthill gadyushnik "there was a team face on MUdaltsov and Co. ... I really hope that this flywheel is being promoted.
        1. VAF
          28 February 2013 19: 56
          Quote from S.S.R.
          I really hope that this flywheel is spinning.

          Roman, +! But this is too good ... to be true. although ... what to guess ... will make a refinancing rate as in "civilization" 1% .. say yes ... started stirring up .. "gadyushnik", no .... everything is a complete HAT! wassat
    2. djon3volta
      28 February 2013 18: 27
      Quote: predator.3
      Sergey Glazyev, proposed to seriously strengthen the influence of the state in the economy and to cancel privatization for a while.

      Sergei Glazyev denies calling for ban on privatization
      Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Glazyev said that a group of economists led by him did not call for a ban on privatization in his recommendations prepared for the presidential administration and partially published in the Vedomosti newspaper.
      “The publication“ No to privatization ”reflects one of the subjects of the discussion that unfolded at the Scientific Council. The recommendations based on them reflect the position of a number of scientists who are professionally involved in issues of institutional theory and the theory of property rights, ”Glazyev told the Prime agency on Thursday.
      “By the way, they do not propose to ban privatization, as the title of the article claims, but it is reasonable to use it as one of the instruments of state policy in order to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the economy,” said Glazyev.
  12. Vladimir_61
    28 February 2013 14: 52
    Behind a heap of ornate phrases and promises of how useful the second wave of privatization will be, the banal looting of what has not yet fallen into the hands of the looters. That is how those in power behave with a mass of serious problems in the country. It is impossible to relate to those who have lost conscience except as traitors. It is necessary to call things and part of our compatriots by their proper names.
  13. +4
    28 February 2013 15: 04
    Get fucked up! Such a port to crap! Why is this happening !?
    1. +2
      28 February 2013 16: 45
      Quote: vjatsergey
      Why is this happening !?
      STABILITY wassat
    2. Download Do Re Mi
      28 February 2013 17: 44
      Sale is going on!
  14. +3
    28 February 2013 16: 33
    Yes...! It is necessary to quickly abandon the moratorium on the death penalty. Theft and fraud in especially large financial frauds - execution, with the complete confiscation of all property. And at this port it is necessary to block all land transport roads, along with the railroads and the port itself will suffocate, and then make a privatization or buy it for debts that appear or at bargain prices.
    1. Moritz
      28 February 2013 17: 39
      Quote: Simon
      Yes...! It is necessary to quickly abandon the moratorium on the death penalty. Theft and fraud in especially large financial frauds - execution, with the complete confiscation of all property. And at this port it is necessary to block all land transport roads, along with the railroads and the port itself will suffocate, and then make a privatization or buy it for debts that appear or at bargain prices.

      are you really so naive thinking that such transactions are made without the knowledge of the main thing in our country?
    2. +1
      28 February 2013 18: 42
      here it is necessary not to deal with the consequences but to the causes, for example, to privatize unprofitable enterprises 50 to 70 years ago with monitoring of its work during this period, to sell unprofitable, profitable - excuse me, I’m sorry for such a cow, to prohibit foreign campaigns they drank here, let them create a subsidiary in Russia and taxes will be here, they will refuse the hell out of our market and they will do everything according to our own, this is not Georgia for you, for example - half the continent after all. Yes current does the top go for it ?!
  15. +3
    28 February 2013 16: 44
    Russian citizens, being drunk or not regaining consciousness, again chose this stability.
    The liberals have a boss who will not offend Serdyukov and Chubais with the Bears.
  16. +3
    28 February 2013 16: 55
    Indeed, a somewhat strange solution what
    Especially in choosing a new "effective owner", market analysts warned even before the sale of the port "Michel" that the company was in a very difficult financial situation and would simply not be able to attract additional costs.
    According to the results of the first half of 2012 total debt of the company amounted to 8,8 billion dollars., net debt - $ 8,7 billion. In order to reduce the debt load, in September the group put up for sale 14 of its enterprises, including a 25% stake in Mechel Mining and metallurgical plants in Russia, Romania and Ukraine . So far, none of these enterprises has been sold, and some have completely suspended production.

    Payment of the contract at 15,5 billion. rub. the new owner was planning to make $ 2,7 billion from a recently raised syndicated loan. However, given the company's high debt burden and the continued fall in prices for metals and iron ore, such a purchase can hardly be considered successful and promising in the long term.
  17. +3
    28 February 2013 17: 14
    I thought that the nightmares of the privatization of the 90s would never come back, that the hyperinflation that led to the general impoverishment of the population remained only in history .. but no, it turns out that someone really liked what was happening and they want to start the destruction process in the second round really not in a restored country, why hurry up, let at least people live a little normal, otherwise the second 90s will not be so peaceful and bloodless as the first !!!
    1. Download Do Re Mi
      28 February 2013 17: 50
      So it already started, a couple of minutes ago I watched the news. The director of a factory was killed, the factory was building ships! And Russia will not survive the new 90, a civil war will begin, and there will be a lot of blood + such bitches as bulk, Nemtsovs, Iudaltsovs will ask the United States for help and NATO, and during civil times, these creatures will still induce "democracy"! Maybe the truth then the people will unite, give everyone the best, do not spoil, and hang all the privatizers and their assistants! But this is so, thoughts out loud!
  18. +2
    28 February 2013 17: 46
    I have some kind of deja vu. I remember the conversations that it was impossible to privatize anything with unknown beneficiaries.
    Well, apparently the conversation and left?
  19. +1
    28 February 2013 17: 47
    And let's collect signatures demanding the return of the death penalty for treason and undermining the country's economic security and with it the confiscation of property, especially for bribes, theft and fraud. Sincerely.
    1. Moritz
      28 February 2013 18: 02
      Quote: suharev-52
      And let's collect signatures demanding the return of the death penalty for treason and undermining the country's economic security and with it the confiscation of property, especially for bribes, theft and fraud. Sincerely.

      and this measure will work selectively, as they are now sitting for three years for stolen chicken, and for stolen billions they receive conditionally at best.
      1. djon3volta
        28 February 2013 18: 35
        Quote: moritz
        sit for three years for stolen chicken

        and who sits for 3 years for a stolen chicken? and why bother to steal chickens? eat hunting, so go earn, you can always earn money for food. here you probably work, so you fire and steal chickens. but you won’t work, although you can put for theft, so it’s more profitable to work, am I right?
        1. rubber_duck
          28 February 2013 19: 28
          Quote: djon3volta
          eat the hunt, so go make money, you can always make money on food

          Now, when you grow up a little, you will understand that it is impossible to evaluate the actions of seven billion people through the prism of their own outlook on life, and even presented as a snapshot (today, now, in your system of values, taking into account your emotional state).

          PS Last year a man got four years for two chickens, drunken asleep ... s. For which, by the way, he later paid (compensated for the losses). Not that I would justify him, but in comparison with citizens receiving a conditional sentence for murder ...
        2. Moritz
          28 February 2013 21: 14
          djon3volta do you happen to be from Kashchenko writing your thoughtful comments?
  20. phase 711
    28 February 2013 19: 42
    Medvedev, Dvorkrvich, etc. - enemies! It seems to me that they are not particularly hiding it already. It's time for them to dry crackers, it seems to me.
  21. +3
    28 February 2013 20: 31
    <<< However, today, for some reason, we are not talking about the privatization of objects that are breathing on fire, but about the transfer to private hands of the state property that brings obvious profit. >>>
    Maybe before starting a new stage of privatization, Aiphone, the main lobbyist for the next privatization, should prepare a report on the results of the previous privatization in order to convince the public (although its opinion is unlikely to interest those eager to privatize something tasty) that the private owner is really more effective in comparison with the state and brings more benefits to the country, in which there are SO VERY large and justified by Russian practice Doubts. Otherwise, the "filling of the budget" from the new privatization can hardly be enough to print victorious reports about achievements in economic development!
    1. 0
      8 March 2013 16: 04
      And their Majesties are very pleased with the results of the previous one:
  22. Sinus cosinus
    1 March 2013 00: 59
    Need to finish this booth. If Putin can’t do it. So worthless to him as president. Waiting for the whole country to be pulled away. Although shouting at least dance, the Kremlin is on the drum. You upset the GDP, the people who voted for you.
    Of course, you can hang everything on Medvedev, and on his pirate team. But such deals just do not go through foolish things that Putin would not know about them. The revolution of Russia cannot be avoided.

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