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Why does Asad fight

Why does Asad fightA wave of terrorist attacks swept through Damascus. At night, the bandits tried to seize one of the roadblocks in the capital of Syria, but were discarded. And again, the media yelled about the "battles in Damascus." What is the real situation in Damascus and Syria in general? Dmitry Yershov, a political scientist at the Anna News news agency, answers these and other questions in an exclusive interview with, from Damascus.

- February 21 attacks were a response to the proposals of Syria and Russia about the negotiations. It is not by chance that the explosion that took the most lives of civilians took place close to the Russian embassy. It seems that the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation was the main target of the terrorists. In other words, it is an act of revenge against Damascus and Moscow, which rigidly stops any attempts of large-scale military intervention in the Syrian conflict from outside and continues a consistent line of support for the legitimate authority in Syria. Of course, the terrorist international received a command to destabilize the situation in Damascus and rushed to carry it out. And the team came from Qatar ...

But despite everything, the situation in the capital of Syria is calm and controlled. The most important indicator is a huge number of people on the streets. There are no fights in the city itself, no matter how the world media lied there. There are no fights in the center on Abbasid Square, as some reputable Western publications have stated. There was a brief shelling, the firing points of the terrorists were suppressed. No checkpoints are captured. The city lives a normal, measured life. There is no panic in Damascus either. Lots of cars and people.

... As for the premises of these events, large groups of terrorists are blocked in the suburbs of Damascus. In particular, in the Duma and Darayya, where a global sweep has been underway for several months. In another suburb - Haraste, a gang of terrorists is practically destroyed, as in a number of other places. The situation for the militants is critical. They ran out of food, ammunition, no one can supply them, because all these settlements have already been completely blocked. And these, let's say, actions, allegedly from an attack on Damascus, are in fact a desperate attempt by terrorists to break out of the encirclement and leave at least somewhere to their logical destruction by the Syrian army.

It is worth noting that the terrorists have heavy artillery. For example, from the stadium of the Duma, the houses of residential quarters nearby and the hospital located there are regularly shelled. We were at these sites, we saw how a howitzer shell actually blew the doctor's apartment. In this case, the wife of the doctor was at this time in an apartment with two young children. She was saved only by a miracle ... The terrorists began to attack civilians in the expectation of causing panic and fear.

From the same series, there are regular informational injections that serious battles are allegedly taking place in Damascus, that the Syrian authorities can no longer resist the rebels. And in fact, the "rebels" who are terrorists themselves got into the boiler, they are systematically destroyed. Soon their days will end, they will end. The other day it was reported that another ally Nusra Front 700 terrorists left Syria, heading for Mali.

- Back in December last year, there were reports of the successes of the Syrian troops in Darayya, the destruction of many terrorists. But fierce fighting continues ...

- In Darayya fights go a few months. A large group of militants - Wahhabis gathered from all over the world, entered there in late November - early December, when they announced the so-called. operations "Volcano in Damascus". But there was a volcano in Darayya - successful blows were inflicted on the gangs, the city is being cleaned up.

The delayed periods are connected with the fact that the soldiers of the Syrian army tried to at least somehow preserve this city and the property of the inhabitants, who were forced to flee from there. There is a slow systematic progress. Every day 100-150 meters are released. The Syrian army is hampered by suicide snipers, whom the terrorists leave in their homes. The supply of bandit groups in Darayya goes through underground tunnels - we also made a good movie about it. These tunnels discover the Syrian military, and, of course, destroy.

- What is the length of these tunnels?

- Some tunnels are up to 5 km, they are supplied with medicines, ammunition, weapons and replenishment of terrorists surrounded in Darayya. This is the only way to supply them, because the city is blocked from all sides, as well as the Duma.

I myself have already been in Syria for quite a long time, and when we first arrived in December for a position in Darayya - the fighting went on the outskirts of the city, right at the sign “Welcome to Darayya”. Now the battles are already in the center of the city and the terrorists have remained under control of several blocks. Sukein’s mosque, which was being held by terrorists, was recently released. They placed on the minarets, on the dome of the mosque of snipers.

- Was writer Sergey Berezhnoy injured in these places?

- Yes, the sniper wounded our colleague, a respected judge from the Belgorod region writer Sergey Berezhnoy. Now this mosque has been liberated, but battles are taking place along the perimeter.

Do not forget that the terrorists have large-caliber machine guns, on which they hang optics. This know-how allows you to conduct aimed fire at a distance of up to 4-km, so the command is cautious, saves manpower, technology and the city itself ...

- What are the forces of terrorists?

“Syrians are opposed by disparate forces.” The backbone consists of foreign mercenaries - professional mojaheds from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, who fight for money. There are foreign mercenaries, foreign special forces. Last year, the French military was detained - this is well known история. In the battles, the Turkish military were killed, and elite British special forces appeared in Darayya. But the core of the backbone is precisely the mercenaries from the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, the Persian Gulf - the Saudis, Qatari. They occupy, as a rule, leading posts in this gangster hierarchy.

The division itself goes into two camps. The first camp is radical Islamists who receive instructions, financial and military support are received from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This is the so-called. The Salafi-Wahhabi current is fighting for the idea of ​​radical Islam. They are fighting very cruelly, almost never surrender. We saw the corpses of dead Saudis. They can be distinguished by a henna-colored beard, and the flags of Al-Qaida and the units of its Syrian branch, Al-Nusra Front. This is the most frostbitten forces that oppose the Syrian regime. What they are doing here can only be called a lawlessness very softly, because in reality it is much worse.

There are still so-called. Moderates are also ordinary gangsters, in fact, that they constitute the “Free Syrian Army” (PAS). Now in Aleppo, there is a situation when the radical Islamists and the SSA are actually fighting with each other. Apparently, the loot is divided. These forces are not friendly with each other. There is also a bunch of small terrorist units that are engaged in banal robbery, taking hostages for ransom and minor sabotage. This is a local Syrian criminal element.

There are some Syrian citizens in the ranks of radical Islamists who fraudulently or by their own misunderstanding joined these ranks. It was the adherents of the ideas of Salafism and Wahhabism that took up arms and demolished their own country. How to name them? Good word does not work.

If you dwell on the SSA, then its structure is divided. How they did not try to unite it in Doha, and how the Turks did not try to do it - it does not work: there are too many different detachments that call themselves the SSA, but in fact do not obey anyone except their leaders. The same with the "Al Nusra Front" and radical Islamist groups that are divided into emirs. Each emir directs his gang. They communicate and communicate with each other, but they do not like united command.

The political structure of these scumbags is represented by the so-called recently formed Doha (the capital of Qatar). national coalition government on the basis of the National Coalition of Opposition and Revolutionary Forces (NKORS), led by Ahmed Muaz Al-Khatib.
This Al-Khatib was at one time the imam of a mosque in Damascus, then for certain financial benefits he went over to the other side. He has no real influence on the situation in Syria, but is used as a puppet in all these difficult games.

Another thing to consider is the moment of the role of a foreign state in this conflict. For example, in Aleppo, Turkey provides assistance to scattered terrorists, but it does not render it free of charge. First, the Turks have their own geopolitical ideas, which are also difficult to call sensible. For this, the blame lies directly on the Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Erdogan, who went on about the West and dragged his country into a conflict that he absolutely did not need. Turkey is profitable in all respects stable Syria, but Erdogan provides maximum support to precisely those forces that destabilize the situation. In exchange for these radical groups, the Turks are exporting factory equipment from Syria. More than a thousand factories were looted in Aleppo during these months of confrontation! This is a factor of economic aggression, real terror.

Another point - a serious deception of refugees. Fearing for their lives, hundreds of thousands of people in Syria left the country, falling for a deceptive offer from Turkey and Qatar. They moved to Jordan, where they were promised to build houses and create infrastructure. Now they live in tents, get wet in the rain. Accordingly, they have not built any houses. They were tritely deceived. They are begging there, and, by the way, they are not allowed to return to their homeland.

The situation is similar in the refugee camps in Turkey. These camps serve as an excellent feed for radical groups, because desperate people often see no way to feed their families, find means to live in any way — and go for some ridiculous money, you can say for pennies ($ 100-200) to the troops either the SSA or the radical Islamists. Right there, in Turkey, these unfortunate people learn to shoot Soviet-made or Chinese-made Kalashnikov assault rifles from Saudi Arabia’s warehouses, which they had previously bought from Eastern European countries and through intermediaries in China. They arm themselves and go like cannon fodder to fight with Syria, where, of course, in the case of clashes they are put without sparing.

The vast majority of gangs is engaged in banal robbery, extortion and other completely unseemly acts.

- How are the events in Syria connected with Libya?

- Let's start with Libya. Gaddafi practically did not have an army, but the 32 brigade of Khamis Gaddafi, the old Air Force, had some decorative fleet attached to it.

The insurgency in Benghazi was unleashed from outside by the forces of radical Islamists, released, by the way, a few weeks before from the CIA Guantanamo prison in Cuba, which shows clearly where their ears are growing. Mercenaries flooded from Egypt, Tunisia, where there were open borders as a result of the recent "Arab Spring" coups a month before the Libyan events.

Gaddafi in late February - early March, 2011 really turned the tide, even though he didn't have an army, in fact. The 32 Brigade approached Benghazi, a mutiny failed, if not for the intervention of the NATO bloc, not for the bombing of Libya under the pretext of supposedly protecting the airspace.

What could be the airspace when they bombed everything and everyone, including the palaces of Gaddafi? In May, his grandchildren and son died. After Gaddafi actually managed to suppress the rebellion, foreign aggression against Libya began, and she had no chance, because the country was completely isolated. The leadership of Algeria was afraid and did not provide any substantial support to the government.

Libya plunged into chaos, the militia forces simply crushed: the armored vehicles were destroyed from the air, and then foreign special forces from Qatar, Great Britain completed the job. It was they who staged the assault on Tripoli at the end of August 2011. And Gaddafi finished as he graduated.

In parallel with this situation, it is necessary to conduct, because after Libya fell, she broke up into separate pieces. There is now no single government. That which sits in Tripoli, for example, Cyrenaica does not obey. In Fitzana, radical Islamists are generally, hence all the problems in Mali and the south of Algeria.

In Libya, there are camps for training militants who go to Syria (this is the main stream) and ... to our North Caucasus. There is information from certain structures that even the basics of the Russian language are taught in these camps. It is easy to guess why this is done.

I repeat that Libya itself, as a state, is not now. It is worth noting that if the same happens, God forbid, here, then Syria will also cease to exist as a single state and turn into Libya. I am sure that the Syrian people, at least the sensible part of them, the Syrian army, which is, was and will be, and which is one of the most prominent armies in the Middle East, understands this.

Bashar al-Assad has an army of soldiers who love their country and are ready to die for it. I read it in the eyes of those soldiers with whom I had to communicate. Almost every one of them is ready to fight to the end and does not doubt it. These are real heroes who are ready to give their lives for their homeland, for loved ones, for their friends. These are patriots. I think they can’t be broken, they can only be killed, but too much will have to be killed.

Now there is no so-called "closed sky" over the territory of Syria, no matter how it tried to push through the UN Security Council and other structures sworn "friends of Syria" and the countries of the Persian Gulf. Therefore, in Syria, it turned out to be much more difficult to implement a plan to destabilize the Middle East.
Now, in fact, this project has already been abandoned, and the Wahhabi-Salafi International, the gangsters of the SSA stalled. Although the money for the destruction of Syria was allocated huge - more than $ 100 billion.

Unfortunately, the losses of Syria from this war are also huge. The country lost over $ 1,5 billion in infrastructure conflict over these 300 years, plus another $ 48 billion - purely losses to the Syrian budget through sanctions, for banning the export of Syrian oil. After all, 95% Syrian oil went to the European Union.

The West, the Persian Gulf need destabilized Syria, where they can simply buy, as they do now in Libya, local princes and use them to their advantage.

- No less serious loss is that a part of the population of Syria was captured by the ideas of radical Islam. We all see shots of people coming out, bringing their children to minors and saying that they will cut, kill, etc. Scary shots for a country where representatives of traditionally different denominations got on together since ancient times.
Here everyone is talking about the Chechen factor. Still, there are militants from the North Caucasus. And what else is the situation connected with Syria with Russia?

- I saw terrible shots when a 7-year-old child stood with an al-Qaeda bandage on his head and spoke about cutting and killing. Such cadres for any normal person, wherever he is - in Damascus, in Moscow, in Paris - will not cause positive feelings. Positive feelings, these frames can cause only scumbags. We still have few scumbags. Therefore, these videos do not color these freaks who do it, and just open their eyes to the whole world. These very freaks who do such things themselves, putting such videos on the network, allow normal, adequate people to open their eyes to their very essence.

As for the ties of events in Syria, Libya and Russia, we will begin, perhaps, from the first moment. If you look closely at Syria’s device, both political and economic, it is in some way similar to Russia. Our country is also multi-religious. In our country, there are also inter-ethnic and inter-confessional problems. This is especially acute in the republics of the North Caucasus, in Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, now, unfortunately, in some places even in Siberia, Yakutia.

If we analyze the events in Syria, then very bad parallels can be drawn with Russia. The same activation of the Salafi-Wahhabi project in these republics that I have mentioned is evident. This is the same growth of national radical right-wing ideas among already Russian-speaking citizens, as a response to the threat. That is, in Russia they are trying to simply pit the population, as it did in Syria, and what it led to. Emissaries are contaminated, they are trying to subordinate mosques to themselves and to make propaganda, Salafi-Wahhabi Islam out of normal secular Islam. And the sponsors are absolutely the same - Saudi Arabia and Qatar. What they did in Syria, so they do in Russia.

For example, one of the most authoritative sheikhs of the Salafist-Wahhabi Islam, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, spoke directly about Russia “Moscow is now the number one enemy of Islam and Muslims, because it opposes the Syrian people. More than thirty thousand Syrians were killed. What kind of weapon? Russian weapons! But when the army of Saudi Arabia, for example, with American weapons destroys the Bahrets peaceful protestors (citizens of another country!), Sheikh Qaradawi is silent. But about the Russian, and in fact still Soviet weapons, with which the Syrian army is destroying the terrorists, Qaradawi stared. Why did it happen? Will this gentleman prejudice his very loud assessments?

As for Russian aid to Syria, it is very high in diplomatic terms. Together with China, we vetoed a resolution in the UN Security Council, which provided for disastrous consequences for Syria. We provide economic assistance. Maybe it is really insufficient, but it should be understood that Syria is the last barrier to destabilization in Russia and Iran, in particular. If, God forbid, something bad happens here, for example, there will be external aggression, then we will be next. It is absolutely clear where and to which this all leads.

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  1. Manager
    Manager 27 February 2013 15: 39
    Because a patriot! Because the head is on the shoulders. Because man!
    1. sergey32
      sergey32 27 February 2013 16: 03
      Because he is a man with ya! Saudis and Qatari finance the destruction of his country, it would be time for the Syrians to arrange sabotage, for example, at oil refineries or gas liquefaction plants. An eye for an eye.
    2. avt
      avt 27 February 2013 16: 16
      Quote: Manager
      Because a patriot! Because the head is on the shoulders. Because man!

      Pancake ! I could not write a poet smile + good
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        Quote: avt
        Pancake ! I could not write a poet +

        Sorry, could not resist!
    3. bosxxl
      bosxxl 27 February 2013 17: 43
      NEED HELP TO SYRIA ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ................... ............. HERE THINKING TO GATHER VOLUNTEERS AND RIDE HELP
      1. Borisych
        Borisych 27 February 2013 18: 01
        Well, the flag in your hands and a drum on your neck!
        Helping Muslims is an ungrateful affair; you’ll still be an extreme one.
      2. Vodrak
        Vodrak 27 February 2013 18: 47
        The main thing is for the state to help, at least not publicly, at least not to interfere.
    4. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 27 February 2013 17: 54
      Syrian fighters occupy the Golan Heights demilitarized zone

      Islamic gangs operating in Syria have seized all settlements in the demilitarized zone of the Syrian province of Quneitra (on the border with Israel), Israeli media reported, citing one of the "activists" of the armed opposition.

      After conquering the Golan Heights by Israel in 1967, this area became the site of constant clashes between Israeli and Syrian forces. In 1973, Syria, in the course of hostilities, tried unsuccessfully to regain the Golan. Since then, a demilitarized zone under the control of the Syrian authorities has appeared between Israel and Syria, including the dilapidated city of Kuneitra.

      The militants tried to invade the Syrian Golan in the summer of 2012, but really serious battles unfolded here in the autumn of that year. Particularly active government troops defended the villages of Bir-Ajam and Bureyka. Bandits in the area of ​​these villages repeatedly launched mortar shells through Israeli territory, trying to provoke him to intervene in the conflict.

      According to Israeli media reports, the entire border zone, with the exception of the city of Quneitra, is currently under the control of the armed opposition. The militants do not want to take Quneitru, allegedly "understanding the political responsibility of such a step," mignews reports with reference to the Times of Israel.

      In early 2013, information was received that the Syrian authorities were withdrawing troops from the demilitarized zone of the Golan Heights in order to transfer them to more important directions - to Damascus and Aleppo. Nevertheless, just a few days ago, the militants reported the artillery shelling of their positions right at Bir-Ajam and Breika, where, according to the opposition, there should not be government troops for a long time.

      The Israeli media claim that Bashar al-Assad wants all the villages on the border of the Golan Heights to be occupied by militants, in order to play off Israel and the Islamists. "The government wants the rebels to take control of all the villages on the border of the Golan Heights in order to force Israel to intervene in the conflict, and then Assad can accuse Israel of conspiring against him," said opposition "activist" Abu Jabel.

      Various sources confirm that at the moment the border villages are really completely controlled by the militants, but the army continues to hold the northernmost part of the demilitarized zone and sometimes inflicts air attacks on Islamists.
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 27 February 2013 17: 56
        US may direct aid to selected groups of Syrian militants

        The United States is still trying to divide the militants fighting in Syria into "bad" and "good". Washington cannot decide in any way whether to directly help the armed groups in Syria or not.

        Supporters of such aid have finally received support in the White House. The US administration is ready to consider options to help individual groups of Syrian militants. Since the most active Islamist group, Jabhat al-Nusra, is recognized as a terrorist organization in the United States, the Americans intend to supply "non-lethal equipment" to specially selected units of the Free Syrian Army, "RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Associated Press.

        A Western news agency received this information from an unnamed US diplomatic source in Europe. According to him, the decision to supply "non-lethal equipment" to "good" FSA militants may be announced on February 28 during the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to Rome, where an international conference on Syria will be held. At the same time, it is too early to talk about the adopted decision, since "it needs to be coordinated with the European Union countries."

        The Syrian militants, of those who agreed to obey the unified command in Turkey, recently received a large batch of modern weapons - MANPADS, ATGMs, RPGs, heavy machine guns and automatic grenade launchers.

        Reuters writes about this absolutely openly and reports, according to the militants themselves, that all weapons and ammunition came to them through Turkish ports, Hatay province and the Bab al-Hawa border checkpoint controlled by the SSA. Currently, another ship with weapons for the militants is standing in the port of Iskenderun, its unloading is in progress.
        1. Lord of the Sith
          Lord of the Sith 27 February 2013 18: 02
          Syrian troops pursue the rebels on the outskirts of Damascus, fierce fighting going on in Aleppo

          The Syrian army is conducting special operations to suppress the centers of armed resistance on the outskirts of Damascus. Over the past 24 hours, attacks on the firing positions of militants and their rear bases have been inflicted in Duma, Harast, Erbin, Sakba, Zamalka and Daray. The Syrian Air Force attacked from the air strongholds of extremists from the Liwa al-Islam group in the area of ​​the mountain resorts of Zabadani and Madaya, as well as in Nabak on the Damascus-Homs highway.

          The enemy suffered "significant losses in manpower and equipment." According to him, modern anti-tank missiles, mortars and large-caliber machine guns have recently appeared in the militants' arsenal. All these weapons, according to the "rebels" themselves, were smuggled by them across the border with Jordan and Iraq.
          Regional analysts attribute the intensification of armed sorties by opposition groups in the capital and its environs, as well as in northern and northeastern Syria, with reports from a number of Western media about the transfer to the hands of rebels of a new batch of weapons purchased with Saudi money in the Balkan states, in particular, in Croatia.
          The Al-Watan news service, citing military sources, notes that the attempt to break through to the center of Damascus on Monday night was a "collective action" by suicide bombers. "In the course of its repulsion, over a hundred terrorists were killed who attacked army checkpoints in the northern direction," the newspaper said.
          On Tuesday in Damascus, a training television program studio in the Berzi quarter was fired from mortars. Five shells were fired at the building. Fortunately, there were no casualties or casualties, only material damage was done.
          War reports continue to come from Aleppo, where the historic city center, with its medieval buildings, covered markets and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, has once again become the scene of violent clashes. According to the Surya TV station, retreating armed extremists blew up the southern wall of the XNUMXth-century Great Umayyad Mosque to break out of the encirclement.
          In the suburb of Aleppo, Khan al-Asal, government forces have occupied a defense line near the Interior Ministry school, which has been converted into a military camp. All attempts by the militants to seize this outpost, protecting the northern capital of Syria from the west, were repulsed. Nevertheless, the Al-Jazeera TV channel reported that the "rebels" had seized one of the premises where the barracks were located in the evening. Fighting continues in the area of ​​the nearby Meneg airfield. The helicopters attacked the gangs trying to surround the air force base located there.

          1. Lord of the Sith
            Lord of the Sith 27 February 2013 21: 56
            A brief summary of the situation in Idleb

            In the province of Idleb, as a result of a counter-terrorist operation in a driving school building, a militant shelter was discovered and destroyed, where there was a field hospital and ammunition depot. Among them were found rockets with thermal guidance. After this operation, more than 23 ambulances were transported that transported wounded terrorists to Turkey.

            In the districts of Maaret Al-Numan and Vaadi Al-Daf of Idleb, fighting continues between the units of the Syrian army and the militants from the Al-Nusra Front. Destroyed 13 terrorists. 28 militants were injured.

            In the Jiser Al-Shchugur district in the villages of Der Al-Akrad, Assyr-Mania and Al-Nab, militant groups were destroyed. Also, the Syrian army eliminated 5 jeeps from the DShK and 3 cars that the terrorists used to move in the area. In the same area in the village of Al-Duriyya, 40 militants were eliminated by the Syrian military. 25 terrorists were injured.

            In the Sarakeb and Binnesh area, the Syrian military discovered and destroyed a militant shelter. 6 terrorists and 2 jeeps with DShK were liquidated.

            Near the checkpoint of the Syrian army in the area of ​​Saybin, a KIA pickup truck with a children’s artillery school and explosives was destroyed. This car tried to drive into the area of ​​the checkpoint, but was stopped by the fire of the Syrian military. Then a strong explosion sounded.

            In the area of ​​Arikh, as a result of a special operation in the Al-Sabah school, a group of militants was liquidated.

            In the Ischem district in the village of Al-Rabi, the Syrian military eliminated 3 militants. 2 terrorists were injured.
            1. igor67
              igor67 27 February 2013 21: 58
              Sith Lord,

              On Wednesday, February 27, a tank shell fired from Syria exploded in Israeli territory, near the moshav Alonei a-Bashan in the Golan.

              No one was injured as a result of the shelling, the Kol Israel radio station reported. No material damage has been reported.

              The Israeli military did not return fire.
              1. Lord of the Sith
                Lord of the Sith 27 February 2013 22: 29
                And rightly so, Syria is generally unnecessary to attack Israel. And you think the tank shell is watching dozens of videos, where you can see that the tanks are used in the city to suppress sniper and machine gun points. Let's say in some strange way the tank didn’t get into the building - ridiculously of course, but let's say. And how long will it fly? 2-3km maximum. that is, the tank should stand several hundred meters from the Israeli border and simply shoot them over the hills into the sky so that it flies a couple of kilometers and explodes in the depths of Israeli territory.

                Remember the winter war of 1939, the USSR and Finland - there, as if, an artillery shell flew from Finnish territory. The result is known to you.
                1. igor67
                  igor67 27 February 2013 22: 36
                  Sith Lord,
                  Actually, there is a place on the Syrian-Israeli border where the kibbutz is located not far from some Syrian city, although there are gardens and technical buildings closer to the border than the kibbutz itself. You can look at the map if you look at the North of Israel, then look at the Golan Heights from the Syrian Kuneitra to the left, there is a lake and a Syrian city I don’t remember the name, but it seems like it is now under the control of the rebels
                  1. Lord of the Sith
                    Lord of the Sith 27 February 2013 23: 03
                    Yes, I know, I’ve talked a lot of friends in Israel, everyone calls to relax. Moreover, if the city is in the hands of the rebels, then it was bombarded with 1-2 km so as not to get under the anti-tank systems.
                    1. igor67
                      igor67 27 February 2013 23: 07
                      Sith Lord,
                      Last summer, tears were heard on the Syrian side, now the silence even the planes stopped flying. And it's good to rest, the places are beautiful,
                      1. Lord of the Sith
                        Lord of the Sith 27 February 2013 23: 25
                        Therefore, it is clear who shoots at you and the Turks. The army left the Golan a couple of months ago.
                      2. igor67
                        igor67 27 February 2013 23: 37
                        Sith Lord,
                        I think the rebels have a desire to provoke Israel to Assad, it won’t work out, maybe this year there will be some kind of denouement, it can’t continue endlessly, both economically and politically
                      3. Lord of the Sith
                        Lord of the Sith 27 February 2013 23: 47
                        Thank God, you and I have come to a common denominator. Todot wink
                      4. Andrey57
                        Andrey57 28 February 2013 00: 56
                        Well, yes, and the Israeli raids on a sovereign state are pure humanitarian missions. It would cost the Syrians a couple of Grads salvoes and not hitting an empty field, so that the Jews would not have to bomb.
                      5. igor67
                        igor67 28 February 2013 01: 11
                        Oh well, how many times Syria attacked the sovereign state of Israel, and therefore lost the Golan, and again, Israel offered Assad how many times to sign a peace treaty and return the Golan, for some reason Assad refuses
                      6. Che
                        Che 28 February 2013 14: 17
                        In the summer or fall of 2013, bandits will be soaked if the amers do not fit in or do not provide assistance. Still, the general people from the geyrops would have understood the fallacy of their actions against Syria.
                  2. Andrey57
                    Andrey57 28 February 2013 00: 54
                    Not on the Syrian-Israeli border, but on your captured Syrian lands your kibbutzim stick out, I really hope that they do not have much time left to hang around there, however, like Israel itself.
              2. Andrey57
                Andrey57 28 February 2013 00: 51
                What you fight for is what you get - you support a bunch of bandits from all over the world in Syria, catch crazy shells, that's fair ... yes
        2. Artmark
          Artmark 27 February 2013 22: 57
          I think without the knowledge of the United States, nothing happens there, they all started!
    5. Borisych
      Borisych 27 February 2013 18: 09
      They have such a tradition. His father, Hafez al-Assad, was also a rebel at one time and came to power in a coup. Incidentally, he was at one time a separatist - an adversary of the UAR (United Arab Republic).
      No one should interfere with their disassembly, let them urinate.
    6. vjhbc
      vjhbc 27 February 2013 21: 09
      And she really doesn’t want to finish as Husseini and Gaddafi
      1. Borisych
        Borisych 27 February 2013 21: 20
        In the east, this is the only way - you either put the cuttings in, or they will insert the cuttings. laughing
        1. aksakal
          aksakal 27 February 2013 23: 49
          It seems to me that this is not only in the east, in some less obvious forms it is on the whole planet so-))))
  2. Apollo
    Apollo 27 February 2013 15: 42
    Why is Assad fighting.

    Yes because he is fighting for his homeland and that says it all.
    1. Che
      Che 27 February 2013 15: 58
      By the way, I have long wanted to read those who are in the thick of things. Thanks for the nice review. Assad did not want the Libyan fate of his country, which is why he is fighting. First, cleanse the country of rats, and then solve other problems. Article +++
      1. воронов
        воронов 27 February 2013 23: 37
        Totally agree with you
    2. alexng
      alexng 27 February 2013 16: 17
      For Uskalov Assad, like a pain in the ass, which they will never pull out.
      Yes, Assad defends his homeland, and jackals just work out green candy wrappers.
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 27 February 2013 20: 23
        Thus, by the way, it shows neighboring countries how to resist Wahhabi aggression!

    3. Artmark
      Artmark 27 February 2013 23: 00
      I completely agree with you! For the homeland! For the country! For the people!
  3. Avenger711
    Avenger711 27 February 2013 15: 50
    Have you seen what happened to Gaddafi? So there is no choice, except to flee to Moscow, or Beijing.
    1. Mareman Vasilich
      Mareman Vasilich 27 February 2013 16: 05
      Quote: Avenger711
      Have you seen what happened to Gaddafi? So there is no choice, except to flee to Moscow, or Beijing.

      I do not agree, he does not fight for fear.
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 27 February 2013 23: 09
      Liberals have been saying this for 2 years now.
      1. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 28 February 2013 04: 38
        Let them repeat. Assad will now win any election, I think even if you propose him to the US President ...
  4. Alikovo
    Alikovo 27 February 2013 15: 52
    Assad loves his country and people are fighting.
  5. bdolah
    bdolah 27 February 2013 15: 56
    And he’s doing it right, maybe even he will interrupt a series of successful pro-American coups in the Arab world and the murder of rulers objectionable to the West.
  6. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 27 February 2013 16: 00
    Assad is a man, he sacrificed everything that he has, himself, for his country, the Fatherland. Having lost the country and the people, he will lose everything, and the main thing is that he puts life not the first place, therefore he beats like a lion. He perfectly understands that he personally is for the people the personification of fidelity, courage, struggle, because he is one with the people. Not like ours. Strength to you, will, and spirit Comrade Assad !!! I envy such leaders.
    SPIRITofFREEDOM 27 February 2013 16: 00
    Great Syria, but nowhere to retreat !!! Behind Damascus !!!
    1. Mareman Vasilich
      Mareman Vasilich 27 February 2013 16: 04
      Super, five points !!!
    PROXOR 27 February 2013 16: 04
    I say it again. Russia should make it clear to Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the most direct way. Do not finish this, we will "EXTINGUISH IN SARTIER". I think we can begin to vigorously shake the political situation in these countries .. Yes, for us it is expensive, but it is worth considering the issue of arming the regular Syrian army. The same terminators on the streets of Damascus, Alepo and other cities will be very helpful. We have plenty of North Caucasians who can't wait to shoot. SHIT QUESTION !!!
    We will pay them, and let them put on the uniform of the regular Syrian army. They will have the opportunity to fight there before shred. And Russia and China and Iran understand. Syria is the last frontier. Further open the mines of ICBMs. There are no more reasons to restrain the enemy.
    1. JonnyT
      JonnyT 27 February 2013 17: 03
      Quote: PROXOR
      Russia should make it clear in the most direct way to Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Turkey

      How??? Bomb on ... n ???? Uncle Sam will not understand ...... first of all, the United States needs to be put in place, after this little thing will calm down itself ........
      To destabilize the situation ??? Our money is not enough for the military-industrial complex, not to support the secular opposition .......
      The most normal way is sabotage, sabotage and once again sabotage. To smash caravans with weapons, to impede monetary operations in every way ...... they are businessmen, as soon as the project starts to bring losses they will close it .......... Again, oil ... sheiks from the oil pipe take the headstock, if only the Russian economy was strong, it would be possible to collapse the price of Russian oil ...... sheikhs would immediately win and don’t throw money ..... they have what ???? Only oil and all ..... you need to collapse the price of oil.
      Unfortunately, this is very utopian ....... Although in the event of a collapse in oil prices, what will happen to our economy ??? The oligarchs will go bankrupt ... we don’t need the money of Europe ... we have almost everything of our own, all resources, from wheat to uranium
    2. Borisych
      Borisych 27 February 2013 18: 22
      We are up to their showdown. Our task is not to allow the precedents of direct military intervention, and putting up the holo for them is a thankless task.
  9. valokordin
    valokordin 27 February 2013 16: 07
    ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH kissing with amers, as they all chew snot. Islamists piss our allies, and we offer all negotiations. This bastard will never go to negotiations. Already our media are talking about the resignation of Assad, and the negotiations, Bullshit. Syria should be helped with weapons of ammunition, if necessary, volunteer advisers. This reptile needs to be crushed. If Libya is preparing terrorists for Russia, organize an air defense counter-terrorist operation. On the territory of the country, launch vigorous activity to eliminate the Islamist underground.
    And also Serdyuk and the company in prison, Kvachkov and Khabarov to freedom.
  10. engineer74
    engineer74 27 February 2013 16: 08
    I hope the West will break off the horns in Syria, otherwise we are next. If they think that the technology of "revolutions" has been tested, they will move on to Russia or China. Iran will no longer suit them, a war too small for such a big crisis.
  11. sincman
    sincman 27 February 2013 16: 12
    Excellent and true article! I think the guys from the anna-news agency have accumulated a lot of footage. It would be great on this basis to create several full-length films for showing on central TV (By analogy with Nastya Popova's "Syrian Diary"). And also translate all the films into English and scroll several times on the English-language RT channel. Because not all smart and adequate people understand the real events in Syria, and most importantly, they do not know the main conclusions from these events. Unfortunately, a limited number of people who are not indifferent to these events and who receive all the information from a small number of really valuable Internet resources know the full picture. The rest have their eyes blinked with Western propaganda pouring down on our heads through central channels or from news sites.
  12. kontrol
    kontrol 27 February 2013 16: 19
    Assad, we are with you!
  13. IRBIS
    IRBIS 27 February 2013 16: 22
    "And the sponsors are exactly the same - Saudi Arabia and Qatar."
    Maybe our respective services should already come to grips with these "sponsors"? Do you want to organize something "fun" there? Well, not all professionals have retired. Their sponsorship will not lead to good. An example is Syria. Well, the Kurds need help somehow. Let Ergodan's brains be "powdered" so that he is preoccupied with his own affairs.
    1. vadson
      vadson 27 February 2013 16: 49
      One problem they have on the territory of Amnr bases and their weapons is like a fool of glass, but if they were to collide with each other, that would be the case.
      1. IRBIS
        IRBIS 27 February 2013 17: 00
        So I'm about the same. There are also masters in organizing such events.
  14. djon3volta
    djon3volta 27 February 2013 16: 31
    I’m wondering, is it really possible that people in Libya were satisfied that Gaddafi wasn’t there? After all, people there seemed to be in abundance. And those who rallied against Gaddafi, they became millionaires, or what? I don’t understand? laughing Really our Russian hamsters think that if they throw off Putin, then those who rallied in paradise will go, I just don’t understand laughing Of course, I understand that nothing will change in the life of ordinary hamsters, housing and communal services will not get cheaper and gasoline will not get cheaper. It’s not clear what they want?
    they’re zombie, but they don’t understand it, because they are zombie by bloggers, echoes, facebook, pagavda, and tp mura. laughing
    Putin quickly put things in order in Chechnya, bombed and ironed along and across, everything, now there is peace and quiet. yes, I had to invest many billions in Chechnya again, well, destroyed it, be kind and rebuild again! I don’t know, maybe in Syria Russian military consultants, and if not, it’s bad. Partisanism is difficult to eradicate, of course, but it’s been eradicated in Chechnya, no one is running there now, there are no fights in Chechnya like in Syria, yes it was, but now no! why doesn’t Assad how Putin's?
    1. ozs
      ozs 27 February 2013 20: 19
      Again about hamsters. I already have the opinion that you have a phobia fear of hamsters.
      It is impossible to compare our power and the power of Syria, the head of state defends his people and national interests there, but on the contrary they sell and betray us.

      Russia passed Libya? I handed over. So you would be silent about Gaddafi, Russia first of all betrayed him.
      The fact that we are helping Syria is very surprising, the usual practice of the past 20 years, so it was a betrayal of its former allies, from Najabula to Gaddafi.
  15. deman73
    deman73 27 February 2013 16: 46
    I think we should help the Syrians
  16. Bosk
    Bosk 27 February 2013 16: 47
    East is a delicate matter .... who loses, he dies, and the subtlety lies in the fact that you die inexactly ... but all your loved ones ... this is the eastern subtlety ... at least as I recognized it.
  17. jagdpanzer
    jagdpanzer 27 February 2013 16: 52
    he knows that if he leaves, the country will simply be devoured, and that’s not giving up
  18. VNM
    VNM 27 February 2013 17: 26
    Yes, just the truth is on his side yes
  19. zao74
    zao74 27 February 2013 19: 12
    Because he hopes for Russia ...
  20. suharev-52
    suharev-52 27 February 2013 20: 10
    I have already said on the website that since Qatar and the Saudis are paying for the bandits in Syria, it is necessary to answer. Throw sabotage groups and hit the most vulnerable - pipelines. And I think that literally after intensive "work" on the territory of these sponsors of the bandits, the financial river will dry up quickly. Who has an opinion? Sincerely.
    1. Sandov
      Sandov 27 February 2013 20: 43
      GRU, as you know, was also destroyed. There, the guys were cool specialists in such matters. They would be able to bring to mind the presumptuous Saudis.
      1. Andrey57
        Andrey57 28 February 2013 01: 05
        Thank God, not everything was destroyed in the GRU special forces, moreover, it seems that they began to restore the reduced spetsnaz brigades in the opposite.
  21. Bresh
    Bresh 27 February 2013 21: 59
    Loved the article! Thanks for the truth.
    As Bodrov said, “The power is in truth.” Turks are thieves and Saudis, Americans will get theirs!
  22. serega52
    serega52 28 February 2013 00: 36
    This is one hundred percent truth about the situation in Syria, Marat Musin and his team can be trusted! And after cleansing the terrorists, it is necessary to deal with their owners, with politics in their spirit.
  23. Alexfu
    Alexfu 28 February 2013 14: 12
    Here's more about Syria: