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Submachine gun Scorpion Vz.61


Despite the very large distribution of automata in the second half of the twentieth century, submachine guns, which were previously virtually the only manual weapons with the possibility of automatic fire, have not disappeared anywhere. True, the usual type of submachine gun has gradually changed, which is especially noticeable when comparing samples of the Second World War with modern ones. On the one hand, everything remains the same, it’s still the same weapon that can be “spat” by the bullets of pistol cartridges in automatic fire mode, but the layout of the weapon, its dimensions, weight have completely changed.

It is difficult to name a specific period in years when the dimensions of submachine guns decreased, but on the whole this transition occurred within ten to twenty years after the end of World War II. In fact, it can be said that all post-war designs reduced their size and weight by changing the layout. This happened because the machine guns seriously pressed the PP, and the weapon, which was previously the main manual with the possibility of automatic fire, became a weapon for the crews of armored vehicles, police and for combat in cramped conditions, which required not only small dimensions, but smaller ammunition .

In Czechoslovakia, the development of such weapons was decided to be dealt with late. Despite the fact that the country is famous for its gunsmiths and has always been at the height of its weapons, which was valued all over the world, a compact version of a submachine gun appeared only by the sixties. Such a delay is explained by the fact that initially the designers made a mistake and decided to create a weapon that would be quite compact and light and at the same time could conduct automatic fire on the base of the gun. But the idea was a failure initially, since it required a rather complex structure to reduce the rate of automatic fire, and, as a result, very fast wear of weapon parts. In addition, the ease of use of such a gun raises many questions, and successful samples of guns firing a queue can be counted on one's fingers. Looking at the fact that the automatic fire in the CZ52 pistol is a costly and unreliable business, it was decided to curtail work in this direction and start creating a more reasonable solution to the task, which was the Scorpion VZ61 submachine gun.

Since time was wasted, the development of a new software was a kind of opportunity to rehabilitate for designers, and they fully justified themselves with a new model of weapons, once again confirming that the gunsmiths in the country are among the best in the world. Even taking into account the fact that this was not the first compact version of a submachine gun in the world, the Scorpion can be considered one of the first modern models. Even if you now look at this weapon, then it is unlikely that someone previously unfamiliar with the "Scorpion" will be able to say that the submachine gun is already more than half a century old. Yes, the weapon gives out plastic that is used in it, a handle with an unusual angle of ninety degrees and other individual details, but in general the weapon doesn’t look at its age and can be easily taken if not as a modern model, then as a weapon of the end of the twentieth century is very easy. The controls of the submachine gun are thought out to the smallest detail, and they are thought out from the point of view of ease of firing, as well as from the point of view of carrying a weapon. So, despite the fact that all PP controls are large enough and comfortable even for switching, when the hands are protected by thick gloves or gloves, nothing in the design of the weapon bites into the body even when wearing it hidden. Special attention should be paid to the shutter knobs on both sides of the submachine gun, they are made in the form of small protruding elements that do not interfere with wearing at all and although it may seem that their use is not very convenient, you get used to them quickly and there is no inconvenience. The switch of fire modes and setting the weapon to the fuse is carried out using a small switch above the pistol grip of the weapon, the location of this switch is most convenient for switching with the thumb of the holding hand, although it requires sufficiently long fingers. The sights of the submachine gun open, consist of a pillar and a front sight, in general, the simplest, although there are various options even with a diopter sight, which in my opinion is a nonsense for a submachine gun. In addition, the submachine gun "Scorpion" can have a wide variety of butts, including even fixed wooden ones, individual samples have the ability to install an additional handle to hold the pistol when firing.

A variety of different variants of the Scorpion submachine gun is not limited only to various variants of butts or sighting devices, the designers were required to constantly upgrade weapons for ammunition. As it turned out, the design of the submachine gun is so successful that a deep modernization is not required when changing the cartridge. At various times, the Scorpion submachine gun used a variety of ammunition from 7,65x17 to 9x19. In one case, such a modernization was required by the weapon due to the adoption of the cartridge 9х18, in other cases the transition was required for the weapon to enter the world market.

This omnivorous ammunition is ensured by the fact that the designers have very successfully solved the problem of reducing the rate of fire from a submachine gun. Since the automatics of the weapon are built according to the free-bolt scheme, and the weapon’s dimensions do not allow for ensuring the sufficient weight of the bolt and its long stroke, it was decided to introduce into the scheme a kind of “catcher” of the bolt in the rear position. At first glance, the hook hook in the form of a regular hook is the simplest element, but everything is not as simple as it seems. On the surface for public viewing only the hook is open, but it is associated with a very complex mechanism, the basis of which is inertia and springs. Having reached its rear position, the bolt not only engages with the hook, but also triggers the mechanism, the result of which is to raise the retaining hook after a very short period of time, but long enough for the firing rate of the submachine gun to be reduced to the required level . Very often in the description of this submachine gun you can meet a few words about the fact that moving in a vertical plane inside the pistol grip parts reduce the accuracy of the weapon, and theoretically this is true. But to be honest, the small weight of moving parts, albeit moving at a very high speed, cannot create a noticeable deflection of the weapon during firing, especially for weapons where 150-200 meters to the target is the limit.

If we talk about the Scorpion Vz.61 submachine gun model itself, then it is in it that one can observe a decrease in the size and weight of the weapon that the designers were striving for. The length of the submachine gun with extended wire butt is equal to 517 millimeters, with a folded butt butt its length is equal to just 270 millimeters, of which 115 is millimeter long. Separately, it is necessary to note such a moment as the fact that firing can be conducted from one hand or from two without using a butt, that is, the weapon turned out to be really compact. Naturally, according to modern standards, this model of a submachine gun may not be considered the most effective, since it uses relatively weak ammunition. But, as it was written above, this submachine gun developed further, the cartridge changed, some moments changed in design, the appearance changed, and as a result of this evolution, very little remained of the first sample.

Quite often, this pattern of submachine gun associated with terrorist groups. Indeed, at one time these weapons often flashed in the hands of not the best representatives of the human race, this even to some extent contributed to the popularity of weapons. But we should not forget that a weapon is only a means of hitting a target, and a man directs a weapon at a target and shoots a man, therefore associating a weapon with the goals for which it is used is clearly wrong.

It is interesting that now the citizens of Russia have the opportunity to at least partially become closer to this weapon, however, in its defective form, but rather - disfigured under a traumatic cartridge. Just a couple of years ago, a version of a submachine gun chambered for 9mm RA became available. Naturally, such a weapon is not even a means of self-defense, although it is performed better than many other types of traumatic equipment. The weapon is deprived of the possibility of automatic fire, its design has lost the delay of the shutter in the rearmost position, as it became simply unnecessary. Nevertheless, the submachine gun in its traumatic version retained the appearance of military weapons, as well as its mass, close to the original, and the dimensions of the weapon, which pushes people to purchase this sample. So to say, MMG with the possibility of shooting any kind of ammunition. For the purpose of self-defense, it would be strange to recommend this weapon, since as a traumatic weapon this submachine gun has no advantage over lighter and more compact samples of traumatic pistols and revolvers.
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  1. avt
    avt 28 February 2013 09: 35
    Here is some kind of ugly, with a huge number of PP models it does not seem to look like. But the machine is effective, the Czechs blinded a successful model, the working one and the ultrasound did not unwind it, as it quietly got out.
    1. Mikhado
      Mikhado 28 February 2013 10: 30
      Only one thing is surprising - they made PP so that it was easier than an automatic pistol. And where is the simplicity?
      It was more logical to develop according to the shop-in-stick scheme, IMHO.
      The most successful of the supercompact PPs, I believe, is our PP-2000.
      1. anomalocaris
        anomalocaris 2 March 2013 09: 05
        Is the same APS or Beretta 93R easier? They are just more complicated, and much less convenient for automatic shooting precisely because of the layout.
  2. avt
    avt 28 February 2013 10: 45
    Quote: Mikhado
    The most successful of the supercompact PPs, I believe, is our PP-2000.

    I also like 2000 good An interesting solution, but here the whole "joke" is that despite the seemingly "wrong" in comparison with the ultrasound scan and its Czech counterpart, it turned out to be a normally functioning machine and quite compact. Well, do not take this away from Scorpio!
  3. Ch0sen1
    Ch0sen1 28 February 2013 11: 09
    The Czechs have always been great in terms of weapons, the same PP, with a magazine in the handle and a rolling shutter, they released, though not the first, but before the ultrasound.
    According to reviews of a person personally dealing with Scorpio, this is the best compact PP until the end of the 20th century.
    1. Raphael_83
      Raphael_83 28 February 2013 19: 03
      Oh yeah! Series of Czech software SA23-SA26 J. Koleček! They are considered the first serial software with such an arrangement. Against the background of basic ultrasound, by the way, they look much more elegant (not so monumental). And they fought decently in Africa and the Middle East.

      Gratitude to author. A good selection of facts in a compact article, like the sample in question.
  4. Uruska
    Uruska 28 February 2013 14: 56
    That's what officers need to be armed instead of pistols! And you all argue which is better: Rook or GS-18 ...
    1. scrabler
      28 February 2013 15: 44
      Well, specifically, this sample, it seems to me, does not suit much, BUT I, to be honest, did not even think about the fact that, after all, it is better to arm officers with PP than with a pistol, but I think it never occurred to other people. The proposal, in my opinion, more than rational smile
      Something compact like Chestnut, but not chambered for 9х18, for the army they are still weak even in their best variations

      1. avt
        avt 28 February 2013 19: 45
        Quote: scrabler
        Well, specifically this model, it seems to me, suits little, BUT, to be honest, I didn’t even think that it’s really better to equip officers with a gun than a gun, but I never thought of other people. The proposal, in my opinion, is more than rational smile

        Well I do not know . Nevertheless, if in the field it is still Kalash, but for everyday wear and hand-to-hand combat it is easier. GSH-18 for my taste, the best method of hand-to-hand combat is a pistol shot! The first one!
      2. the47th
        the47th 1 March 2013 09: 14
        Quote: scrabler
        Something compact like Chestnut, but not chambered for 9х18, for the army they are still weak even in their best variations

        Then by this.
      3. anomalocaris
        anomalocaris 2 March 2013 09: 08
        That was, yes it is. Just remember the Austrian TMP.
  5. Petrucho
    Petrucho 28 February 2013 15: 43
    As a student, it was possible to shoot from such bursts. The caliber is small 7,65, the chamber is a little more than from the small things, but the trunk pulls up, God forbid! Out of habit, I almost shot the ceiling in the dash! laughing Old, ugly, but how much roar and pleasure - the most positive impressions remained.
  6. the47th
    the47th 11 March 2013 11: 25
    Quote: scrabler
    it’s better to equip officers with a gun than a gun, but I think it never occurred to other people.

    The pistol of the officer corps (specifically, those officers who are supposed to have a machine gun by the nature of their activity) is a "last chance" weapon, most of the time it hangs on a belt, and carrying a PP, which weighs 2 times more, is not very pleasant. Another thing is if the officer does not have a machine gun, then the PP will be a better choice than a pistol.
  7. Witold
    Witold 29 June 2013 16: 11
    I see armament specialists gathered here immeasurably. It seems that everyone is only engaged in the fact that for 10 hours a day they disassemble, assemble, upgrade and shoot all kinds of weapons. Imho (although I don’t know the meaning of this word).
    1. Falconne
      Falconne 28 November 2016 09: 45
      Do you think this is the only resource? :-)
      If you collect (count) in one computer all high-class Internet specialists in weapons, aircraft and armored vehicles, ships, submarines, hand-to-hand and knife combat, sports and racing cars ... etc. - that total amount, I think, will exceed the population of Russia at times.