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Spring day in Damascus, crossed out hope


On this day the spring sun was shining brightly, dandelions bloomed, and absolutely did not want to think about something bad ... People happily went to the balconies to enjoy the good weather. The schoolchildren were waiting for the end of the lessons in order to frolic in the sun. And suddenly this day was darkened by the most terrible explosion, forever crossing the hopes and dreams of dozens of people ... February 21, the main street of Damascus Al-Saur - Revolution Street ...

Someone calls the militants the Russian embassy, ​​someone - the headquarters of the Arab Socialist Revival Party ... In fact, from the explosion site to the Russian embassy - no less than 150 meters. In the building of the diplomatic mission, the windows were broken; none of the workers were hurt. The headquarters of the Ba'ath Party is not very badly damaged (Renaissance is the name of the Arab Socialist Renaissance Party). The windows were knocked out in the building, party symbols were torn from the facade, and I would like to hope that this will be restored fairly quickly.

Most of all it got residential buildings. People died and suffered while in their own apartments. And especially not lucky for those who enjoyed the good spring weather on the balconies ... At least in three residential buildings, many balconies were destroyed ...

This is a densely populated area, there are always crowded places, there are a lot of cars on the highway ... Many people were unlucky on that day - both for passersby and passing cars ... Dozens of cars were destroyed by an explosion, and only a few of their drivers and passengers survived in this hell. There was a school nearby, and not all of its students managed to return to their parents ...

The bloody outcome of the terrible terrorist attack - at least 53 dead, more than 300 injured. Doctors and nurses could barely cope with the load, and many of them have seen something that they would not even dream about in a bad dream ...

The central bank of Syria is at a distance of about half a kilometer, and even the blast wave came, knocking out several glasses. Why, the Central Bank is there - even those who live almost a kilometer from the site of the terrorist attack, and then the glass cracked in the apartments. Such a force was an explosion.

But the victims could be much more.

At the site of the attack, doctors found a man in the car who had lost consciousness. Performing their medical duty, they began to provide him with medical care. When a person loses consciousness, his clothes are unbuttoned, so that it is easier to breathe ... They unbuttoned them - and they found out on his body a "death belt."

It turned out that in the car of this “man” there were still a half tons of explosives! 5 explosive devices weighing 300 kg. A fluke saved hundreds more.

Russia sharply condemned this atrocity and raised the issue for discussion in the UN Security Council. And here, the United States, which positions itself as the “main fighter against terrorism”, blocked this resolution. When trying to condemn the terrorist attacks that occurred earlier, this unseemly role of the blocker was taken in turn by European countries. Now it was taken over by the United States. “Lost”, the loudest shouting about fighting terrorism after 11 September 2001 of the year! How, under the pretext of “fighting terrorism”, they bombed Afghanistan and Iraq ... The US did not allow its protégés to be condemned at the UN level - pseudo-revolutionaries who, under the slogan of “freedom and democracy”, killed and made hundreds of innocent people with disabilities whose terrorists and their patrons - only in the fact that they lived in the center of Damascus and went to the balcony in good weather. Or they simply ended up in this place for any business.

The next day, even the weather deteriorated sharply, as if expressing grief over the fallen martyrs ... People gathered at the site of the terrorist attack. They chanted slogans in support of the Syrian army and the President. They unfolded the national banner, raised the portraits of their leader, Bashar Al-Assad, highly. They said that no terrorism will not break the determination of the Syrians to uphold the values ​​of patriotism and independence of the Motherland, no atrocities will put people on their knees, no victims will force them to renounce their principles. They came with children ... Young people from volunteer detachments cleaned up the garbage and helped to clean the wounded street.

Many curses from ordinary residents of Damascus sounded to the United States, Europe, Turkey and the Gulf monarchies who support the villains-terrorists who committed the crime and many, many terrorist attacks and murders before. Even the bus stop, broken by the explosion, stood under a cloudy sky, reminding that terrorism supported by the West is a terrible evil ... Indeed, at this stop, perhaps someone was standing in those very seconds waiting for the bus ... Unusually looks like an empty pedestrian bridge, on which nobody walks anymore - usually there are a lot of people on it, and passers-by who have crossed the road probably died and suffered ... Now it is blocked - it looks like it has not suffered so much, but it is dangerous to walk on it ...

The US position in these conditions is nothing more than support for terrorism and issuing carte blanche to criminals for further bloody misdeeds. What nonhumans you need to be in order to block the conviction of the terrorist act that interrupted the lives of civilians, including children! However, the States and their allies will again shake hands with the murderers and gangsters tomorrow, invite them to international meetings and meetings, and provide them with new help — kill further. And all this is under the slogan of “struggle with dictatorship”.

However, in their NATO they do not want to notice a real, genuine dictatorship. Turkey is an active member of NATO, whose prime minister, Erdogan, speaking at a forum held in the United Arab Emirates, broke out with harsh, marketplace insults against the legitimate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the mildest of whom was the word "tyrant". However, the newly-minted Turkish under-sultan lives according to the principle "I see a speck in another's eye, but I don’t notice it in my log."

For example, in the province of Hatay in southern Turkey 24 February, people came to a demonstration in memory of the fallen victims of the terrible terrorist attack in Damascus. They demanded that the authorities stop interfering in the affairs of Syria and support the militants. In addition, citizens opposed the deployment of American Patriot missile systems in the country.

What was the answer erdoganovskogo regime? The rally was savagely dispersed, its members beaten by the police. Reportedly, the formal reason for the use of force against demonstrators was the refusal of its participants to voluntarily stop the action. And what kind of “tyranny” after this can Erdogan argue at international meetings? However, the beaten demonstrators do not feel sorry for anyone in the West. What to say about the beaten up protesters, if the gentlemen in dress coats do not even feel sorry for people torn to pieces in the center of the Syrian capital?

Terrorists do use the carte blanche for murder, issued to them by the United States of America, Turkey and other puppets.
In the evening of February 24, 75-year-old Syrian actor Yasin Bakkush was killed in the Palestinian quarter of Al-Yarmouk. In his car, the terrorists fired mortar shells.

Yasin Bakkush is known for his performance in many Syrian comedies, he is called one of the founders of the Syrian comedy genre. He also starred in historical paintings and played in the theater. He has 11 children.

Yasin Bakkush was not the first artist who was killed by bandits. So, 4 November last year, they killed a young Syrian actor Muhammad Rafaa. He was 30 years old, and the militants accused him of being an active supporter of President Bashar Al-Assad and even of being in the Syrian army. And, although this was not the case, but Muhammad Rafaa took part in a patriotic action in support of the legitimate government, for which he was blacklisted. But what prevented the terrorists 75-year-old Yasin Bakkush? Neither ordinary people nor those who supply and support the murderers have an answer to these questions ...

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  1. Svarog
    Svarog 26 February 2013 09: 58
    The suicide bombers are brainwashed, and completely. You better ask yourself how can they selectively ignore the deaths of US children and their lapdogs? About the financing of all this I am generally silent ..
    1. Krsk
      Krsk 26 February 2013 10: 41
      Quote: Svarog
      The suicide bombers are brainwashed, and completely.

      To wash something that does not exist in nature does not exist is impossible.

      the type of activity of these NON-HUMANITIES is called "torpedo", that is, they "sharpen the horns" and go ... well, for Allah something else ...
      1. SSR
        SSR 26 February 2013 12: 31
        Quote: KrSk
        Death row brainwashed

        And we have brainwashed by the media who in their silence act on the side of scumbags.
        Interesting .. but here in the media they report this?
        Is it somehow covered in our media?
        Something I doubt. Dab on the Internet and you will be given that the Russian Federation and China have blocked or that the United States has blocked Israel in Israel .. but about Syria, silence, silence. The question is very interesting .. why are our media silent?
        Russia sharply condemned this atrocity and raised this issue for discussion in the UN Security Council. And here positioning themselves as “the main fighters against terrorism” The United States blocked this resolution. When trying to condemn the terrorist attacks that happened earlier, European countries took on this unseemly role of a blocker. Now it has taken over and the United States.

        As soon as I didn’t hammer in the search engine ... well, our mass media are silent on this topic. Only if you search then links to inotv or the eye of the planet pop up.
        1. elenagromova
          26 February 2013 13: 17

          1. atalef
            atalef 26 February 2013 14: 28
            Even the bus stop, broken by the explosion, stood under a cloudy sky, reminding that terrorism supported by the West is a terrible evil ... After all, at this stop, perhaps, someone stood in those very seconds and waited for the bus

            everything that he did to others was returned to him.
            All these acts were carried out by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The headquarters of which were located in Damascus under the Assad wing.
            Terrorist attacks on buses, stops, and stations against civilians are a special handwriting of Palestinian terrorists.
            Terrorist attacks in Israeli passenger buses (September 2000 - November 2012)
            27.03.2001 Jerusalem. Bus No.6
            About 30 wounded.
            02.12.2001 Haifa. Bus No.16
            14 dead, about 40 wounded.
            29.11.2001 Gush Shmuel (suburb of Hadera). Bus No.832
            3 dead, 10 wounded
            05.03.2002 Afula. Bus No. 823
            1 dead, about 20 wounded
            20.03.2002 Crossroads Musmus (suburb of Afula). Bus No. 823
            7 dead, about 30 wounded
            10.04.2002 Crossroads Yagur (south of Haifa). Bus No.960
            10 dead, about 20 wounded
            05.06.2002 Crossroads of Megiddo (near Afula). Bus No.850
            17 dead, about 40 wounded
            18.06.2002 Jerusalem. Bus No.32
            19 dead, over 70 wounded
            04.08.2002 Meron Crossroads (east of Haifa). Bus No.361
            9 dead, over 50 wounded
            19.09.2002 Tel Aviv. Bus No.4
            5 dead, over 60 wounded
            10.10.2002 Ramat Gan. Bus No.87
            1 dead, over 30 wounded
            21.10.2002 Crossroads of Karkur (near Hadera). Bus No.841
            14 dead, over 50 wounded
            21.11.2002 Jerusalem. Bus No.20
            11 dead, over 70 wounded
            05.03.2003 Haifa. Bus No.37
            17 dead, over 60 wounded
            18.05.2003 Jerusalem. Bus No.6
            7 dead, about 80 wounded
            11.06.2003 Jerusalem. Bus No.14
            17 dead, over 60 wounded
            19.08.2003 Jerusalem. Bus No.2
            23 dead, over 100 wounded
            29.01.2004 Jerusalem. Bus No.19
            11 dead, about 50 wounded
            22.02.2004 Jerusalem. Bus No.14
            8 dead, over 60 wounded
            31.08.2004 Be'er Sheva. Double bus attack
            16 dead, about 100 wounded
            21.11.2012 Tel Aviv. Explosion of a bomb in bus number 142
            20 more injured

            Continuation further
            1. Lord of the Sith
              Lord of the Sith 26 February 2013 16: 17
              By the way, here's the news

              Palestinian militants fired on southern Israel for the first time in 2013

              Roadway damaged by a rocket strike (photo: flash90 / Ts. Abaev)

              On February 26, Palestinian militants for the first time since the escalation of the conflict and the Israeli Air Force operation "Cloud Pillar" in November last year. Then a ceasefire agreement was reached, which was broken this morning.

              The missile was fired at southern Israel from the Gaza Strip and fell south of the city of Ashkelon, damaging the road surface. no one was injured in the explosion. The alarm did not work. The reason is being investigated, reports with reference to the radio "Kol Yisrael".

              This was the first rocket attack from Gaza in 2013. On December 23, 2012, terrorists made an attempt to fire, but the rocket fell on the territory of the sector. Recall that the ceasefire entered into force on November 22, 2012.

              On February 25, a powerful explosion occurred in the south of Gaza. But it was not a question of the IDF’s strike: together with UN representatives, Hamas policemen destroyed the unexploded Israeli shells.
              1. Hunter thomson
                Hunter thomson 26 February 2013 17: 14
                Yes, judging by the news of Palestine, the third intifada is pregnant, it seems that Israel will soon return to a state of siege. However, they are not used to it.
                1. atalef
                  atalef 26 February 2013 18: 22
                  Quote: Hunter Thomson
                  Yes, judging by the news of Palestine, the third intifada is pregnant, it seems that Israel will soon return to a state of siege. However, they do not get used to

                  will not reach. not that situation. It’s just that Obama should come soon, PR, pump up the stats. They don’t have opportunities for the intifada (now) there is no trump card (free entry into the territory of Israel (as it was before, the fence is now built).
                  1. Hunter thomson
                    Hunter thomson 26 February 2013 18: 40
                    This is not a fence, this is a colander. Until it becomes a real reinforced concrete fence with electronic perimeter control, the picket fence will remain a fiction. In addition, during the "cloud pillar" the explosion in a bus in Tel Aviv was carried out not by a Palestinian Arab, but by an Israeli. When they are all thrown over the fence, then they will have no opportunity to start an intifada.
                    1. atalef
                      atalef 26 February 2013 20: 39
                      Quote: Hunter Thomson
                      Until it becomes a real reinforced concrete fence with electronic perimeter control, the picket fence will remain a fiction

                      Fence-fence, as expected

                      Quote: Hunter Thomson
                      That's when they are thrown all over the fence, then they will not have any opportunities to start the intifada.

                      But the Israeli Arabs have nothing to do with it, and a few of them were involved in this matter. This * Israeli * Arab, just an Arab from the territories who obtained citizenship after the wedding with an Israeli Arab. Her family has already cursed him 150 times. laughing
                    2. elenagromova
                      26 February 2013 21: 17
                      Sow for such racist statements need.
                      1. Aaron Zawi
                        Aaron Zawi 26 February 2013 21: 27
                        Which ones?
                        By the way, I have long wanted to ask you to outline the economic situation in Syria. The latest intelligible information can be found in the 2010 year. Of course, the situation worsened, but there are areas absolutely not affected by the war, and indeed millions of Syrians should somehow live. At least in general do a sketch?
                      2. Hunter thomson
                        Hunter thomson 26 February 2013 21: 48
                        The scribe of the Syrian economy. What is there to review? The only good thing is that there has never been any serious economy and large-scale industries based on intersectoral ties. Small shops and home manufactories. And to ask Elena Gromova about the economy, you need to have a fair sense of humor. Aunt is insane:

                      3. Hunter thomson
                        Hunter thomson 26 February 2013 23: 05

                        Himself. The orderlies team is probably on its way.
                      4. nnkfrschk
                        nnkfrschk 27 February 2013 00: 17
                        Hunter Thomson - Have you ever seen poetry being read expressively, with feeling, with expression? Are you sane yourself?
                      5. atalef
                        atalef 28 February 2013 21: 24
                        Quote: Hunter Thomson

                        I'm crying. crying
                        Now I understand a lot. Elena, good luck, life is such a hard thing
                        You would give so much energy better in the fitness center, believe me, there would be more sense.
                      6. elenagromova
                        26 February 2013 22: 41

                        For what? For appeals to expel the Arabs on a national basis. This is some kind of racism.
                      7. atalef
                        atalef 28 February 2013 21: 20
                        Quote: elenagromova
                        Sow for such racist statements need.

                        So, about racism laughing
                        A representative of the Ethiopian community Yetaish (Titi) Einau won the 2013 Israeli Beauty Queen. The final of the competition took place on February 27 at the Haifa Congress Center. She became the first Ethiopian to win the competition, NEWSru Israel reports, providing the news with a detailed photo report.

                        In addition to the title, the winner received a sponsorship prize of the contest - a Suzuki Alto car.

                        Einau is not a professional model, she worked in a shoe store before winning the competition. The dark-skinned beauty was above all and older than all the participants in the final: 21 year, growth - 1,82.

                        Titi immigrated to Israel 9 years ago, when she was 12. She learned Hebrew, graduated from high school, and did compulsory and long-term military service. She hopes to be able to adequately represent Israel in the Miss World pageant, and expects to become the "Israeli Tyra Banks".

              2. atalef
                atalef 26 February 2013 18: 24
                Quote: Sith Lord
                The rocket was fired at southern Israel from the Gaza Strip and fell south of Ashkelon.

                Specialists from Iran arrived in Gaza (to Islamic jihad), checked in, now in the coming days we will see how Hamas will begin to persecute jihadists.
                1. atalef
                  atalef 26 February 2013 20: 41
                  Quote: atalef
                  Now in the coming days we will see how Hamas begins to drive the Jihadists.

                  Well, in less than 3 hours. as predicted by Hamas yells, there was nothing and is slowly getting closer to Jihad (tomorrow we'll hear about the first arrests) laughing
                  Hamas spokesman in Gaza Ihab al-Hussein denied reports of a rocket attack on Ashkelon on the morning of February 26.

                  Hussein said: "All this is a lie. No faction in Gaza has claimed responsibility for the shelling. The government is clarifying the details."
                  1. Hunter thomson
                    Hunter thomson 26 February 2013 20: 52
                    What other arrests? Gaza is not Geneva. They will be thrown upside down from high roofs, as they did with Fatah and all this Arafat brotherhood.
                    1. elenagromova
                      26 February 2013 22: 27
                      yes ... how much Arabs are more humane than Zionists ...
                      They did not use white phosphorus.
                      1. Hunter thomson
                        Hunter thomson 26 February 2013 22: 41
                        More humane. I also do not like Jews. Instead of dropping from the roof all those who do not like being dragged to court, then they feed them in prison. Leaflets before air strikes scatter. Or are you talking about the humanism that the Arabs in Syria have demonstrated over the past two years. Last week, an outbreak of humanism in Damascus was so simple. And the Arabs so humanely Gaddafi lynched, who introduced free electricity, education, built for the fellow citizens the best healthcare system in North Africa for all, without exception, allocated interest-free loans for study, including abroad. So humanely the Arabs stood in line at the supermarket where the poor fellow put up the body for general mockery. The whole family came, took pictures. Well, it’s not the Zionists who choked on the lines laughing Have you forgotten to take the medicine today?
                      2. Hunter thomson
                        Hunter thomson 26 February 2013 23: 04

                        Attacks of Arab humanism (in relation to their own Arabs)
                      3. Aaron Zawi
                        Aaron Zawi 26 February 2013 23: 13
                        Since this forum carries not only a political, but also a military component, let me correct you. In 2009, IDFs did use phosphorus-containing shells. This is the M825 - smoke bomb of an air blast. It is used to create a smoke screen and explodes 20-30m from the surface. Despite the loud statements, the Palestinians could not present burns caused by phosphorus to UN doctors.
                        Contact M110 also contains phosphorus elements and has a serious damaging effect, but it was not used.
                      4. nnkfrschk
                        nnkfrschk 27 February 2013 00: 48
                        That's what I don't like, Aaron Zavit, is lies and lies.
                        "The Palestinians, in spite of the loud statements, could not show the UN doctors the burns caused by the phosphorus."
                        - YOU'RE LYING.

                        Nafeez Abu Shabaan, head of the burns department at Shifa Hospital and chief burn specialist in the Gaza Strip, reported at the time that 60 to 70 patients died in his department during the war from severe burns unlike anything he had ever seen before.

                        Patients with even relatively small burns, which, according to all forecasts, should have survived, died unexpectedly.

                        His story, along with the testimonies of surviving survivors, confirmed statements by organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International that the Israeli military fired shells containing white phosphorus in densely populated areas of Gaza. And this is a direct violation of international humanitarian law. Amnesty International has charged Israel with a war crime.

                        What about the photo that justifies Israel’s war crimes, a liar trying to assure people that you haven’t done anything like this? You Jews are not only killers of children, but also petty bullies !!!
                      5. Aaron Zawi
                        Aaron Zawi 27 February 2013 22: 42
                        Yes, yes, these are the Jews we are. To your ravings too lazy to answer. Sorry for such uncivilization.
            2. igor67
              igor67 26 February 2013 20: 48
              There is an inaccuracy: the Meron intersection, if not eastern Haifa, it is 50-60 km from Haifa, it is 10 km from Safed, the suicide bomber got on the bus for Karmiel, there were Arab students from the Safed college, they warned them and they got off the bus, through a couple of days the father of these Arabs brought them to the police and handed them over to the authorities.
            3. nnkfrschk
              nnkfrschk 27 February 2013 00: 13
              Atalef, what did you expect when you occupied a foreign country - Palestine?
              1. Aaron Zawi
                Aaron Zawi 27 February 2013 01: 00
                And when was this country created and where did it exist? belay No seriously? As far as I know, this geographical concept was introduced in the 2nd century AD by Emperor Hadrian after the suppression of the 2nd Jewish uprising of Bar-Kokhba. In order to eradicate the Jewish desire for independence, he renamed Judea Palestine. By the way, this word has a Hebrew root. Liflosh- grab. Plishtim - invaders. Philistines in Russian or "plishtim" in Hebrew were the settlers from Crete who took over the coastal line from Gaza to Ashdod in Judea and created five city-states that waged war, first with the alliance of Jewish tribes, and then with the Kingdom of Israel. They were finally defeated and subdued by kings David and Solomon by 950. BC. The area of ​​their residence was called by the Jews "Eretz hPlishtim" - "Land of the Philistines".
                Or can you tell us about another state called "Palestine"?
                1. Kaa
                  Kaa 27 February 2013 01: 48
                  Quote: Aron Zaavi
                  And when was this country created and where did it exist?

                  "The geographical name Palestine is used very often. It appeared when the Philistines came to the Levantine coast of the Mediterranean. Since then, it has been constantly (albeit with short interruptions) used by Jews, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Turks and, finally, by the British mandate government. The initial impetus for the beginning of these processes was the invasion of the coast of the Levant from the west, from the islands of the Aegean Sea, by the mysterious "Sea Peoples". Among these conquerors were the Philistines, who settled in the coastal regions of Palestine after Ramses III in about 1180 BC. repelled their invasion of Egypt. ... By the 11th century. BC, in the early Iron Age I (c. 1200-900 BC), the Philistines dominated the entire coast. .Jews became another ethnic group new to Palestine at the same time. Palestine is the territory located between the Sinai Peninsula in the south and the Lebanese Mountains in the north, the Mediterranean Sea in the west and the Arabian desert in the east. The main landmarks marking its limits are Wadi al-Arish, located on the southern border of Canaan, in the south - the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, and Jebel-et-Tubeyk, located in southern Jordan and the northernmost point of Arabian Heyjaz. In the west, the sharp transition from the hills and mountains of Galilee, oriented south, to a high plateau located in the Levant and facing north, also quite clearly defines the natural borders of Palestine. . Palestine has become a region in which the two largest states - Israel and Jordan - are adjacent to large chunks of "no man's land", demilitarized zones and areas belonging to modern Egypt (Sinai) and Syria .. Palestine I will call the territory located between the Sinai Peninsula on south and the Lebanese mountains in the north, the Mediterranean Sea in the west and the Arabian desert in the east. The main landmarks marking its limits are Wadi al-Arish, in the south - the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, which is located at the junction of the Sinai Peninsula with the Arabian Peninsula, and Jebel al-Tubeik, located in southern Jordan and being the northernmost point Arabian Heyjaz. The western border runs through the sands of the desert. The natural boundary is marked by a line of hills extending from Jebel al-Tubeika in the north, turning into a series of wadi, oriented to the west and flowing into the oases of the Sirhan valley in the east,. The reference point in the north is the Yarmouk River.

                  1. Aaron Zawi
                    Aaron Zawi 27 February 2013 22: 40
                    Fine, but then what do the Arabs have to do with the toponym "Palestine"?
                2. rubber_duck
                  rubber_duck 28 February 2013 21: 39
                  Quote: Aron Zaavi
                  And when was this country created and where did it exist?

                  And the country "Israel"? !!
        2. Krsk
          Krsk 27 February 2013 20: 09
          You even quoted I wrote about suicide bombers ...
  2. Krsk
    Krsk 26 February 2013 10: 26
    You read this and immediately a question in your head: why are there still no peacekeeping troops there? Just not the UN ovski they "escort services" for pissing provide and let's say the BRICS ovskih I agree that Brazil is not out of hand but we are next? I think they have enough of RICK for the eyes. And to catch the mrazota, if possible, make everything rebuild (if possible) and then shoot. It hurts to watch such "news." Syrians thank you for your steadfastness !!! Rest in peace to the lost ...
    1. atalef
      atalef 26 February 2013 14: 31
      Other attacks against bus passengers (2000-2011)

      20.11.2000 Gush Katif (Gaza Strip). A bomb was blown up next to a school bus.
      2 dead, about 10 wounded
      22.11.2000 Hadera. Explosion of a mined car near the bus.
      2 dead, about 60 wounded
      01.01.2001 Netanya. Explosion of a car bomb near a bus stop.
      Around 60 Wounded
      14.02.2001 Holon. A terrorist on a bus crashed into a group of soldiers at a bus stop.
      8 dead, about 30 wounded
      28.03.2001 Kfar Saba. A bomb was blown up next to a school bus.
      2 dead, about 10 wounded
      22.04.2001 Kfar Saba. A bomb explosion at a bus stop.
      1 dead, about 60 wounded
      25.05.2001 Hadera. A bomb blast at the central bus station.
      Around 70 Wounded
      16.07.2001 Binyamina. A bomb explosion at a bus stop.
      2 dead, about 19 wounded
      05.12.2001 Jerusalem. Suicide bombing at a bus stop.
      Several people are injured
      09.12.2001 Haifa. Suicide bombing at a bus stop.
      Around 30 Wounded
      17.03.2002 Jerusalem. Suicide bombing at a bus stop.
      Around 30 Wounded
      12.04.2002 Jerusalem. Suicide bombing at a bus stop.
      6 dead, over 100 wounded
      20.05.2002 Around Afula. Suicide bombing at a bus stop.
      Several wounded
      19.06.2002 Jerusalem. Suicide bombing at a bus stop.
      7 dead, about 50 wounded
      04.08.2002 A passenger bus was fired near Tul-Karem.
      Several wounded
      18.09.2002 Around Umm al-Fahma. Suicide bombing at a bus stop.
      1 dead, several wounded
      23.05.2003 Netzarim (Gaza Strip). The passenger bus was blown up by a mine.
      Several wounded
      09.09.2003 Zrifin. Suicide bombing at a bus stop.
      9 dead, over 40 wounded
      25.12.2003 Bnei Brak. Suicide bombing at a bus stop.
      4 dead, about 30 wounded
      11.07.2004 Tel Aviv. The attack at the bus stop.
      1 dead, about 20 wounded
      23.03.2011. Jerusalem. The attack near the Central Bus Station.
      1 dead, about 30 wounded
      07.04.2011/XNUMX/XNUMX. A passenger bus was hit by a Cornet rocket between Kibbutz Nahal Oz and Saad Junction.
      1 dead, 1 wounded
      18.08.2011. The shelling of buses and cars on the 12 highway, near the border with Egypt.
      8 dead, about 10 wounded

      And this is only for 10 years

      All whom the Assad special services trained (Hamas and Islamic Jihad) to blow up buses and civilians to him and returned (the same Hamas is now fighting against Assad)
      Do not dig another pit wassat
      And no lei crocodile tears.
      States raised Bin Laden. Assad is terror in the Middle East.
      1. Hunter thomson
        Hunter thomson 26 February 2013 17: 02
        I remember the Syrians dancing and giving out sweets on the streets of Damascus on the occasion of a pizzeria explosion in Jerusalem. They laughed so merrily, so rejoiced, they distributed sweets to children. And now it turns out that nichrome is not fun when blood and brains are on the pavement. What they sow, they reap.
        1. atalef
          atalef 26 February 2013 18: 25
          Quote: Hunter Thomson
          And now it turns out that nichrome is not fun when blood and brains are on the pavement. What they sow, they reap.

          Here I am about that.
      2. Sandov
        Sandov 26 February 2013 21: 39
        In many ways, you are the initiator of this situation and its hostage. The result is a broken trough.
  3. kostyan77708
    kostyan77708 26 February 2013 10: 32
    Well-brainwashed + good dose of drugs!
  4. d1m1drol
    d1m1drol 26 February 2013 10: 33
    What to pour from empty to empty ... Amers and other zapadentsy will not recognize that it is the fault of terrorists .. and they will not recognize terrorists. These are liberators, the West thinks so. And in the press they will sound words that this Assad blows up the rebellious civilians. These are all words! And what's the point on Internet sites to condemn Western countries ... they do not care about our opinion. It is necessary to write open letters ... nafig letters ... it is necessary to physically help Syria to destroy these freaks of the Islamists. Yes and SSA in the same firebox! The feeling of sorrow is overwhelming, evil is being dismantled from helplessness ... next year this festival will come to visit us ... believe me ... it’s not in vain that two special forces brigades scatter across the mountains. Soon this whistle will begin with us ... and then it will already be possible to completely completely crush these creatures by all available means without looking back at the UN conventions ... a relic of the past. If anyone offended I apologize)
    1. Lapin
      Lapin 26 February 2013 13: 44
      Yes, alas, you can expect something similar in the Russian Federation. After all, we have a strong western "fifth column" that can also take part in the "revolution." We even have a prime minister from the fifth column. In Libya, he showed himself to be a treason, and Assad is threatened by the "fate of Gaddafi."
      And in the West, what sounds in the media is the "truth". When the UN Security Council adopted resolution 1970 on February 26.02.2011, XNUMX on Libya, for the first time in the world such a document was adopted not on the basis of real facts, but on TV pictures.
      And Medvedev immediately began to help the West treacherously.
      2 days before the adoption of the resolution with the condition of an embargo on the supply of arms to Libya, our ship arrived with spare parts for Libyan air defense - what was vital for Libyan air defense. A few NATO planes would be shot down then - you look, beware of bombing.
      Libya was ready to quickly unload the ship and pay for the goods.
      But what Medvedev does is he forbids unloading the ship !!!
      He gave the order - to raise the anchor and leave the Libyan port!
      And this is just one of Medvedev's betrayals, of which there are many collected in the film Giveaway Game, his actions definitely fall under treason.
      And I don’t understand how this person continues to be the prime minister ?!
      Is the "fifth column" really so strong in the Russian Federation that it can so effectively defend a traitor at a high post?
      Until recently, our defense was headed by the thief Serdyukov, whom the LADY called an "effective minister" - how can that be?
      Why was he allowed to destroy the army ?!
      And if the world war for resources that Medvedev brought closer to our borders comes to us, how will we defend ourselves? After all, at the very top of the traitors!
  5. zambo
    zambo 26 February 2013 10: 45
    Hold on, Syria! Elena is a huge "THANKS" for another article from the Syrian front.
  6. Kaa
    Kaa 26 February 2013 11: 09
    Let's hope these are the last cramps. We looked at the view from Syria, take a look from the side of the neighbor - Israel.
    "March 5 was set as the date for peace talks in Moscow between the Syrian opposition and the Assad regime, Opposition leader Moaz al-Khatib is waiting for a meeting with representatives of the Assad regime, possibly Foreign Minister Walid al-Muall, Bashar al-Assad removed his resignation from the agenda and insists on retaining the opportunity to run for president in 2014. He relies on President Vladimir Putin. And even the silence of the Syrian opposition seems to be an admission that the rebel movement has reached its limit and Assad’s tactics have paid off. For all their notable victories, the rebel forces know that their desperate attempt to conquer Damascus was repelled by overwhelming Syrian army fire, pushed back from the center of Aleppo, unable to gain control of Assad's chemical arsenal. Now, most of the fighters against the Assad regime are ready to discuss the terms of a ceasefire as the first step for a political settlement. ... At the same time, Assad consolidated the Tehran-Damascus-Hezbollah alliance. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's sphere of influence now stretches from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea - his reward for a billion dollars a month in aid to Assad. His other ally, Hassan Nasrallah, whose Hezbollah operatives have fought Syrian forces side by side, serves as a strong representative of Lebanon. Russian President Vladimir Putin, a loyal supporter of Assad, who assisted in diplomacy, weapons and moral support, congratulates himself on the success of the civil war in Syria and, in addition, upsets the US and NATO projects to remove the Syrian ruler from power. These are the winners. AT the losers are the United States, the Gulf countries, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey. The democratic, liberal "Arab Spring" crashed. Turkey relied mainly on the achievement of the overthrow of Assad as a key to the pursuit of regional power and missed.

    SO, KEEP, SYRIA, VICTORY IS CLOSE, and it pleases us good
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 26 February 2013 18: 55
      Today in Berlin will be the first meeting of the new head of the US State Department, John Kerry, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
      Fedor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of the journal Russia in Global Affairs, believes that hysteria is breaking through American-Russian relations due to Magnitsky’s law and dead orphans. Because of it, there will be no constructive negotiations.
      “Even without this, the agenda itself is very vague. That is, it is completely unclear what to talk about. To begin with, the United States is counting on the fact that together with Russia they will continue the process of arms reduction. But Russia clearly and unequivocally said that today it is not going to cut anything else».

      The situation in Syria, as well as US violations of international law will also be discussed at a meeting
      "The United States has a track record of violations of international law, but I think this is an anomaly. Our task is to work in dialogue with the United States to ensure that they remain within the framework of international law, within the framework of the UN Charter."
      - said Lavrov, speaking on Monday in front of teachers and students of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

      "I hope that tomorrow, when we meet in Berlin with John Kerry, this will certainly be discussed using specific examples, including the example of the Syrian crisis, where both our countries are interested in an early end to the bloodshed and in pushing the conflicting parties to dialogue, so that The Syrians themselves sat down and agreed among themselves how they would continue to live in their country, to live in such a way that no ethnic or confessional group would feel infringed, but would be comfortably integrated into the political system,
      - noted the minister

      This is John Kerry's first overseas tour. And his meeting with Lavrov is the last chance to “save” Barack Obama’s visit to Moscow, say political scientists. It was planned for the summer, but may not take place.

      My webpage
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 27 February 2013 02: 02
        Quote: Ascetic
        And his meeting with Lavrov is the last chance to “save” Barack Obama’s visit to Moscow

        “As it became known, a breakthrough could ensure the exchange of political declarations between the presidents of the two countries, the meaning of which is to fix the desire of the Russian Federation and the United States to cooperate in the field of missile defense and not use their potentials against each other. The discussion of such documents was confirmed by diplomatic sources on both sides. will remove the key irritant in relations between Moscow and Washington - at least during the presidency of Barack Obama. -American negotiations on missile defense.The sides have not been able to compromise on this issue for more than two years, which poisons relations between Moscow and Washington in all spheres... In this situation, the way out of the impasse, according to Kommersant's information, may be the exchange of political declarations at the highest level on the principles of cooperation in the field of missile defense. President Barack Obama does not need to seek the consent of Congress to sign such a document. The United States has a form of international agreement that does not require ratification by legislators. These are the so-called presidential executive agreements: in 1937, the US Supreme Court ruled that they have the same effect as international treaties approved by the Senate. In this case, Russian President Vladimir Putin will only need to sign a memorandum of understanding, similar in content to the American text... It is assumed that both documents will deal with the desire of the parties to cooperate in the field of missile defense and not use their potentials against each other. They may also include specific confidence-building measures: mechanisms for mutual notification and information exchange, joint exercises and threat assessments. The fact that the parties began to discuss the possibility of drafting such documents was confirmed by diplomatic sources on both sides. "Such an agreement is necessary for both us and the Americans," explained Viktor Kremenyuk, deputy director of the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Americans understand that if they create their missile defense system without our approval, we will find ways to harm them by creating conditions under which their system can be largely depreciated... From our side, there is also an understanding that a compromise is needed ".:

    2. DeerIvanovich
      DeerIvanovich 26 February 2013 19: 39
      Yes, the influence of the ayatollah intensified - which was to be expected: there is a consolidation of Shiites ... The question is only for what? The media are trying to present this to us as a contrast to the USA, but in reality ... in doubt!
  7. evgeni21
    evgeni21 26 February 2013 12: 15
    y ......... so these Yankees .................................... .................................
  8. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 26 February 2013 12: 23
    and people feel sorry ...
  9. don.kryyuger
    don.kryyuger 26 February 2013 13: 58
    : At the end of January, according to previously signed contracts, SAM, Pantsir-1C were delivered to Syria. "This is our answer to Chamberlain.
  10. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 26 February 2013 14: 32
    What is Assad thinking? There is a very simple way - to turn to the Russian Federation for help in the fight against terrorism without any fancies. And all the business ... Under this shop, you can do a lot of good deeds, from the destruction of gangs to the restoration of Syria's infrastructure by our engineering troops.
    1. Ghenxnumx
      Ghenxnumx 26 February 2013 15: 00
      Quote: Geisenberg
      There is a very simple way - to turn to the Russian Federation for help in the fight against terrorism without any fancies. And all the business ... Under this shop, you can do a lot of good deeds, from the destruction of gangs to the restoration of Syria's infrastructure by our engineering troops.

      Yes of course. Do you even think what you offer. Given the confrontation in the media, in just a couple of days we provide REAL help - they will show how people in Russian uniform, speaking Russian, shell peaceful people and cut off their heads, and engineering troops level houses with the earth, while condemning how well they have fun.
      To you, Geisenberg - definitive "minus".
  11. wax
    wax 26 February 2013 14: 41
    America is an empire of evil, Europe is an American vassal. The destruction of empire evil is on the agenda.
  12. lexat7
    lexat7 26 February 2013 15: 52
    Gaaaad! I think our state can provide more help to the Syrians, especially humanitarian. And to our state corporations, part of the profits came from the restoration of SYRIA, instead of paying dividends.
  13. Apollo
    Apollo 26 February 2013 19: 47
    Saudi Arabia armed Syrian rebels with rifles and machine guns from Croatia

    ER-RIYAD, February 26. Saudi Arabia purchased weapons from Croatia for the Syrian rebels. As reported by The New York Times, citing the words of unnamed American and Western European officials, the rebels were given "thousands of rifles and hundreds of machine guns."

    Deliveries of weapons that were carried out through the territory of Jordan began in December 2012 of the year. At the same time, assistance was received mainly by secular, rather than radical Islamist groups of opposition members, reports.

    Officials familiar with the details of the supplies stated that weapons brought from Croatia had been stored in that country since the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990's.

    According to the publication, earlier various states refused to carry out such deliveries, fearing that weapons could reach terrorists. However, their opinion changed when it became clear that radical groups were better equipped and could potentially gain more influence. At the same time, sources in The New York Times refused to talk about what role the United States played in arms transfers.

    Officially, the Croatian authorities deny the fact of deliveries, officials in Saudi Arabia and Jordan declined to comment.
    Read more:
  14. vlad767
    vlad767 26 February 2013 21: 56
    Well, freaks - they are freaks in Africa too request That the "opposition", that NATO. But nothing, the first, I think, will soon "go to their houris". The Syrian army will fulfill the role of a delivery man. laughing That's just a pity for people ... recourse Cattle...