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Russia is taken to the Golden Billion

Russia is taken to the Golden BillionWhat rights?

The big game for the Soviet legacy reached the most important stage. The European Union and NATO are competing in diplomatic love for Russia. The simpleton of the Russian Federation does not yet realize her happiness, does not understand what she fell historical chance. Let me remind you, last year I wrote:

“Russia will soon join NATO, this factor explains at first glance the absurd evolution of Putin’s regime. And the main question for us is the conditions under which the Russians will be in NATO. ”

Now it's time to say that in the next decade Russia's accession to the Western Club, the notorious Golden Billion, is almost a matter of course. Judging by the extraordinary diplomatic activity, the process is now in the home stretch. So that there is no doubt about the upcoming sensational events, I will give excerpts from the official diplomatic chronicle. I apologize to the readers for the vastness of the quotation, but without this, one cannot see the scale of the process. A brief overview of public statements by officials about the possibility of Russia's integration into NATO and the relevant diplomatic events of the past month and a half has been annexed.

As you can see, the leading members of the Western Club, and Europeans, and Americans, love Russia in unison, they do not make significant claims. And even having a reputation as a hardened Russophobe, Brzezinski is optimistic about the future of Russia, saw promising President Medvedev's course towards democratization of the country (in fact, Medvedev promotes a program to tighten the existing anti-democratic regime and strengthen Chekism). From undeserved praise and generous advances, Medvedev, not believing in his happiness, mumbles something unintelligible in embarrassment, de, we’ll see if we need to join your NATO.

The Western club is not only preparing to join us in NATO, this has long been clear. From now on, the European Union is openly competing with NATO for the primacy of Russia's accession. And what is interesting is that a general overturn in the foreign policy priorities of the Western powers occurred without any intelligible pretext. Isn't that amazing? Based on the declared principles of building relations with post-Soviet state entities, and that strategic line, which until recently the West seemed to be officially followed, such a radical political and ideological turnaround is formally difficult to explain. And even more so the fraternities of Moscow and NATO do not have any intelligible ideological justification from the position of the past two decades of the policy of opposing the expansion of NATO to the east of the RF publicly proclaimed. Especially in repelling the NATO threat, the Putin regime was zealous, declaring “rising from its knees” and taking all sorts of proud postures towards the West, mostly threatening to repel the US encroachment.

In fact, the Chekist junta to them. Putin consistently carried out the dismantling of the Russian defense infrastructure and military potential in the western direction. Without further ado, the army was reformed to a form convenient for interaction with NATO. Currently, preparations for the transition of the Russian army to military and social NATO standards are almost complete. Actually, after the announcement last year of the official plans of the Russian Navy to purchase 4 French Mistral-type helicopter carriers, it became difficult to mask the country's secret integration into NATO. Today, diplomats are using as a cover-up explanation that Russia and NATO are going to fight together with a common enemy - the drug mafia in Afghanistan, Somali pirates and more. By the way, these same French helicopter carriers, which will cost Russia billions of euros, to the Russian the fleet unnecessarily. Part of this contract is a gift from France, and partly aimed at creating the capacity of the Russian fleet to solve problems in the interests of the European Union.

Even Soviet military experts began to guess that the Russian Federation is fully integrating into NATO.

First Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, captain of 1 rank Konstantin SIVKOV (October 6 2010, “Arguments of the Week”):

"The Defense Ministry is preparing our troops for expeditionary wars?"

“- In the past few years, the Russian Ministry of Defense, with the approval of the top military and political leadership of the country, has dramatically changed its military-technical policy. There is a clear bias in the purchase of weapons, communications and reconnaissance equipment, armored vehicles and ships for the Navy — that is, not defensive, but offensive systems — from foreign manufacturers. No official statements to explain these changes in the construction of the Russian Armed Forces (VS) have been made. ”

“- The new military-technical policy of our country is the transition to foreign, or rather NATO, weapons systems.”

"Thus, it can be concluded that the structure of the Russian Armed Forces creates a certain component equipped with foreign weapons on foreign vehicles with foreign surveillance and communication systems that will technically fully match with the control systems and logistical support of countries NATO, in particular the United States. And incompatible with the main body of the Russian army. And what is this, if not expeditionary expeditionary forces, which are equipped according to NATO standards, right up to intelligence systems and intended for operations as part of NATO forces under the NATO command? ”

“- For several years now, the units of the Airborne Troops, a reserve of the Supreme Commander, have been sent for internships in the United States and Germany. And not senior officers, for example, to work out issues for interaction, to agree on the principles of operational use, but to rank and file and junior commanders. That is, those who did not serve in the Soviet army did not live at that time. ”

As we noted in the summer of this year, on the way to integration into NATO, Putin’s people refuse to train officers in the Russian Federation. Since 1 September 2010, military universities graduated officers graduated, the country will train only sergeants.

The Russian military industry is also going to be transferred under the control of Europeans.

“Part of the strategic defense enterprises in the future can be privatized. This was announced at a meeting with representatives of the Association of European Businesses by the head of Russian Technologies, Sergey Chemezov. "I do not exclude that some of the shares will be sold, but this will be the decision of the state," he added. " (RBC, 19.11.2010)

A natural question arises, why the integration of the Russian Federation into Western structures is not carried out openly and publicly? Why did Putin’s regime publicly engage in anti-NATO “patriotic” clowning, faking confrontation with the West, and first of all challenging the United States? Why did the West play up to the Chekists? To answer these questions, first you have to explain what the Russian Federation is and for whom.

We often call the Russian Federation a colony, but usually no further rhetorical figures go. Whose colony, how does the metropolis control the Russian Federation? What are the strategic goals and objectives set by the owners of the colonial regime in Moscow? This topic is extensive, we will touch only on some aspects.

To begin with, let us point out that the Russian economy, even legally, is basically under foreign control. That is, the overwhelming majority of large private Russian enterprises are banally owned by foreign companies. The Russian Federation is not capable and does not pursue self-directed financial and any other economic policy.

Evgeny Fedorov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship (21.01.2010):

“Yes, indeed, if we talk about large-scale industry, 95% is not only in offshore companies, just in foreign jurisdiction. And it is clear why. ”

"Large Russian property: industry, banks and everything else is foreign jurisdiction, it is true."

“... the names of citizens of Russia, but at the same time they own something in Cyprus or in Ibraltare, or in Luxembourg, and this“ something ”already owns a business in Russia.”

The colonial nature of the Russian economy was especially pronounced during the struggle against the crisis in 2008-2009. It turned out that the government assistance allocated by the Putin government to the Russian economy, trillions of government rubles, went to foreign companies.

“... on 9 / 10, the Russian economy is owned by foreign companies, mainly under British jurisdiction (it is useful to know that the British and the local offshore companies are also actually controlled by the British). And what really belongs to the Russian “oligarchs” depicted in the photographs is a big question. Usually, these Maharajahs on pink elephants are banal dummies, “Abramovichs.”

It is not so difficult to determine that the controlling interest of the Russian Federation belongs to the European Union, and the main shareholder is the British. This is clearly seen even from the fact that the ruling elite in Russia holds capital in European banks, buys real estate mostly in Europe (tries in London), drives money to European offshore companies (British), in case of danger finds refuge in England, Finally, their children seek to educate in Britain.

At the same time, inside the Russian Federation, the agitprop diligently transfers the arrows to the USA, represents America as the main oppressor, robber, and strangler. And although the presence of American political and economic influence in Russia is small compared with European, "liberation" propaganda directed against the United States. As an example, I will cite statements from the interview of Evgeny Fedorov, chairman of the Duma Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship, already quoted above:

“... where did the Russian oligarchs from the late 90s come from, they were picked up by American Chicago boys in the early 90s. And I remind you that our history of the Russian state is based on 10 of thousands of American advisers who sat in all the ministries and departments of Russia, just like the Soviet ones, for example, in the Afghan ministries and departments, or Polish, or some other. So the Russian state was becoming.

And, for example, the property ministry, the Federal Property Management Agency, is a six-story building, it was in the same building at that time, at the beginning of the 90s, American advisers occupied the entire sixth floor. And they appointed whom to be an oligarch, to whom to sell ... "

"... the same Chicago boys have left the type of the Russian economy since the 90-s, in which the primary component is the raw material component, that is, we have a primary economy."

“... the very conventionally named" Chicago boys ", because they did not only come to Russia, they traveled around the world, the entire Russian economy was forming, its type as a small, narrowly focused economic structure in the world division of labor. Russia's task was to extract natural resources, sell them to other countries and buy everything else with this money. ”

American advisers in Russia 90-x were present, it is a fact. And, suppose, the notorious “Chicago boys” imposed self-sabotage recommendations on the rulers of the Russian Federation. However, let us ask ourselves, why is Russia then selling raw materials mainly to Europe? Why are Russian “oligarchs” hiding capital not in the US, but mainly in the British offshore? Even if the agent of American imperialism, A. Chubais, donated to him by Putin on “nanotechnology”, state-owned $ 5 billion was invested by no means in the United States. Similar examples can be multiplied. The facts irrefutably indicate that the metropolis of the Russian Federation is in the European Union, the real owners in London. And the (colonial) Soviet colonial regime established in Russia deliberately invites Russians against the United States, leading them away from questions to the Europeans, the British.

Russian authorities openly encourage unbridled anti-American agitation, which, as a “patriotic”, falls well on the old Soviet yeast. And what an expressive contrast, in the yawning country there is no criticism of Western Europe. As if not a giant empire of the European Union is located on the western borders of Russia and is our main (and senior) economic partner. It is characteristic that a permanent campaign against the dollar is being conducted in the Russian Federation, and even officials are participating in it. Russian media are methodically spreading dreams of the inevitable collapse of the dollar as the world's reserve currency and the subsequent inevitable death of the damned America. At the same time, doubts are not allowed regarding the prospects for the euro. Despite the fact that it is the European financial system that is going through the most dangerous crisis. In the foreseeable future, the global role of the dollar does not really threaten, and whether the euro will survive the crisis is not yet clear.

Looking at the Russian Federation as a colonial entity under the auspices of the European Union, we will clearly see what real problems Western strategists are addressing Russia. Generally speaking, the dissolution of the Soviet bloc and the collapse of the USSR was the result of agreements within the Western Club. As a result, each side got its own. The US has gotten rid of the burden of global confrontation with communism. Western Europe acquired Eastern Europe and formed a European Union comparable to American power. The Soviet communist nomenklatura, Tsekists and Chekists, received guarantees of impunity, the possibility of privatization, and in fact remained in power in Russia (and in the other republics of the former USSR, too).

It would seem that Brussels and Washington should not have serious obstacles to continue the process of further involvement of the Russian Federation in Western structures. However, there is one objective problem that significantly complicates the inclusion of the Russian Federation in NATO. Because of this strategic factor, it is quite difficult for the parties to reach behind-the-scenes agreements on the division of Russia into spheres of influence between the European Union and the United States to mutual pleasure.

The fact is that the Russian nuclear weapon objectively serves as a counterweight to US nuclear power. That is, in fact, is an insurance policy for the European Union. This delicate circumstance is associated with the peculiarities of the dismantling of the Russian military-industrial complex by the Putin regime. RF is preparing to purchase Tanks, ships and even small arms from the countries of the European Union. However, parts of the Russian defense industry designed to compete with the US strategic forces have been preserved and maintained (albeit at a minimum level). First of all, it is the nuclear industry. As well as rocket science, aviation, radar and some other industries necessary to maintain the strategic potential of the Russian armed forces on land, in the sea and in space. The military, especially the nuclear missile confrontation of the United States is a priority task for the Russian Federation; the Brussels Regional Committee will strictly ask the junta with a security officer for the unauthorized degradation of Russian strategic forces.

Russian nuclear weapons are not only a huge military technical problem, it is also a most difficult political issue. How to properly arrange the cooperation of the Russian Federation with NATO and at the same time preserve the Russian nuclear missile potential, obviously intended to balance the power of the United States. As a way to solve the problem, we observe complex diplomatic maneuvers around the project of some kind of joint US-Russian-European anti-missile defense (PRO) within the framework of NATO.

For Americans, the main problem of Russia's joining NATO, to which extent Russian nuclear weapons will threaten America. Will the European Union assume political responsibility for the Russian nuclear potential?

20.11.2010, Moscow, RBC: “NATO calls for the early ratification of the new START Treaty. "We welcome the conclusion of a new treaty on strategic offensive arms and hope for its early ratification and entry into force," the final declaration of the NATO summit in Lisbon stresses. "

RBC, 23 in November 2010 G.: “... The ambassador [of the USA in Russia] told during a press conference about the“ breakthrough ”in relations between Russia and NATO, which occurred on November 20 at the summit in Lisbon. "Indeed, it cannot be characterized less than a breakthrough. After all, for the first time in the new strategic concept of NATO, it was clearly stated that NATO sees Russia as a partner."

John Beyrle recalled that such statements had been made before. “But now, after the summit, we see a rather rich agenda in order to turn these words about the desire to have partnership into practical deeds,” he noted. The United States expects that within six months a new plan will be released on the possible assistance between NATO and Russia specifically in creating a new missile defense system. ”

Under the diplomatic sauce of the joint missile defense system, the issue of the status of Russian nuclear weapons is being resolved. The European Union and the United States are trading on the conditions for the inclusion of Russia in the Western Club.

And the European Union does not have complete confidence that in the event of Russia's integration into NATO, the Russian nuclear arsenal is guaranteed to continue to serve as a deterrent to the United States. Therefore, Europeans preventively attended to the creation of the nuclear potential of the European Union.

“The two main military powers of a united Europe - France and the United Kingdom - decided on a historic step. On Tuesday [02.11.2010] in London, an unprecedented agreement on full-scale military-technical cooperation was signed, including joint actions to create a new generation nuclear bomb. The plans of Downing Street and the Elysian Palace include the formation of a large research nuclear center. One part where developers focus will be located in the UK. The French are taking on tests of new models of strategic nuclear weapons. Their nuclear simulation center will be built 45 kilometers from Dijon, in the heart of Burgundy, and will begin operation in 2014 year. ”

Some political analysts hurriedly concluded that Paris had disavowed a military-political alliance with Berlin and suddenly reoriented itself to Britain. This is not true. Germany is not involved in the creation of a joint Anglo-French nuclear potential, since the Germans are fundamentally not allowed to nuclear weapons.

“For the first time, agreements were reached on joint development and testing of nuclear weapons among the members of the UN Security Council, who jealously guard their strategic self-sufficiency. The military-political axis London-Paris is becoming a reality. ”

"British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy intend to" regroup their efforts in the military industry. " For the first time, it is a question of coordination and specialization in the aggregate defense order of both countries. It is about cooperation in the development of equipment and new technologies for nuclear submarines. ”

Now we can explain the observed jealousy between the European Union and NATO towards Russia. The competition within the Western Club is due to the fact that in our case, NATO plays the role of an instrument of American influence. Without going into direct conflict with European partners, Americans have the opportunity to strengthen and legitimize their influence in Russia only through NATO structures.

“After the collapse of the Soviet bloc, NATO was transformed primarily into a global executive mechanism for supporting consensus decisions among the leading powers of the West.”

Russia's involvement in NATO will have to ensure greater respect for American interests. For its part, the European Union, in order to guarantee the preservation of its dominant positions in Russia and in the countries of the former USSR, is vitally interested in integrating Russia into European structures before NATO (that is, before the United States). Therefore, European politicians are inclined to tie Russia to the European Union at a faster pace and slow down Russia's accession to NATO.

23 October 2010. “German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel warned NATO against rapprochement with Russia too quickly. This was announced by Angela Merkel during a meeting with the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, held in Berlin.

According to the Chancellor, it’s too early to talk about integrating Russia into NATO, we should rather talk about a "strategic partnership," which can manifest itself in the implementation of "specific projects," Deutsche Welle reports. "

“NATO Secretary General, in turn, stated that relations between the alliance and Russia have improved significantly over the past year. He pointed out that there are many areas in which NATO and Moscow can successfully cooperate, for example, in the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking, as well as in the framework of the operation in Afghanistan. He urged Russia to take part in the development of a missile defense system. ”

And Putin immediately responded to the call of his German friends. At a time when President Medvedev prescribed the Russian Federation for NATO, Prime Minister Putin went to Germany, where he passionately urged the European Union and Russia to unite.

The newspaper Zyuddauche Zeitung published an article by Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin “Russia and Europe: From Thinking the Crisis Lessons to a New Partnership Agenda”, dedicated to his upcoming participation in the IV Annual Economic Forum of Managers and Top managers of leading german companies

“Today it is obvious that the global crisis that broke out in 2008 year was provoked not only by the inflating of“ bubbles ”and the failures of regulation in the financial markets. He wore a structural character. And the root of the problem is in the accumulated global imbalances. The model based on the fact that one regional center has unsuccessfully increased its borrowing and consumed good has failed. And the other is producing cheap goods and buying debts. ”

Ritual anti-American lunge. The colonial administration of the Russian Federation vows allegiance to the Brussels Regional Committee. Parasitic US robbing the whole world, and the European Union sows freedom and enlightenment in the world, protects the environment, helps the poor, and silently suffers from the rapacity of the Yankees. Standard rhetoric and way of thinking, imposed by the Chekist junta in Russia.

“Europe needs a vision of the future. And we propose to form it together - through the partnership of Russia and the EU. It would be our joint bid for success and competitiveness in the modern world. ”

“To change the situation, we must use the real advantages and opportunities that both Russia and the EU have. It would, indeed, be an organic synthesis of two economies - the classical, well-established - in the EU and the new developing - in Russia. With growth factors that complement each other well. ”

"What do we offer?

The first. This is the creation of a harmonious community of economies from Lisbon to Vladivostok. And in the future, perhaps, free trade zones and even more advanced forms of economic integration. In fact, we will get a common continental market with a capacity of trillions of euros. ”

Now it is understood that the formation of the Customs Union of the Russian Federation is the application of the European Union to include Kazakhstan in the sphere of its interests. It is unlikely that Americans who have long declared the Caspian a zone of their interests will like it. Since 2003, relying on Azerbaijan, the United States has been implementing the Caspian Guard (Caspian Guard) military project. Americans are trying to attract cooperation and Kazakhstan.

But even without Kazakhstan, with the accession of Russia, the Americans in the person of the European Union will get a gigantic empire, not inferior to the United States either in economic or military power. There is something to think about in Washington.

We continue to listen to Putin.

“It is obvious that, to begin with, it would be necessary to remove all the remaining obstacles to Russia's accession to the WTO. Then - to unify the legislation and customs procedures, as well as - the rules of technical regulation. Implement projects aimed at eliminating bottlenecks in the pan-European transport infrastructure.

The second. This is a common industrial policy based on the addition of the technological and resource potentials of Russia and the EU. Implementation of joint programs to support small and medium-sized businesses operating in the real production sphere

“I believe that on our agenda we must raise the issue of encouraging a new wave of industrialization of the European continent. Including, through the creation of strategic alliances in such industries as shipbuilding, the automotive industry, the aviation industry, space technology, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, nuclear energy and logistics. "

“The idea of ​​creating a unified energy complex in Europe is literally knocking on the door.”

“Russia will continue to invest in European research projects. Such as the construction of an X-ray laser in Hamburg or an accelerator center in Darmstadt. "

"We believe that the abolition of visas should be not the end, but the beginning of the process of real integration of Russia and the EU."

“I emphasize that Russia is not interested in a weak or divided EU. Since, thereby, Russia's international influence would indirectly diminish, our possibilities for relying on a partner with similar and often directly coinciding interests would be narrowed. The rapprochement between Russia and the EU cannot be directed against anyone. And it does not require weakening ties with traditional partners and allies. "

“In conclusion, let me remind you: in 1990, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl made a very brave decision. Do not wait until the GDR is ready to become part of a united Germany. And to unite - immediately. So that later - in the process of mutual grinding, solving common problems - the West and East parts of Germany once again learned to live together. History has proven such a decisive step.

Today - in the new historical conditions - we have a chance to build a united and prosperous Europe. And if you set yourself this goal, it will be much easier to find compromises on specific issues. ”

Well, is someone still not clear to something? Putin announced his willingness to IMMEDIATELY hand over Russia to the European Union without any conditions (he only asks to leave control to the Russian energy complex to his group). And in essence, we are talking about the legalization of the actual state of the Russian Federation as a colony of Brussels-London. And I must say bluntly that the transition to open government of the Russian Federation from Brussels will improve the position of the Russians in Russia. As now the sovereign chekist junta, but in reality the stunned colonial administration, creates uniform lawlessness in the country.

26 November 2010. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is on a working visit to the Federal Republic of Germany, took part in the 4th Annual Economic Forum of Leaders and Top Managers of Leading German Companies

Vladimir Putin: “Now, regarding the free trade zone, the possibility of Russia's entry into the common currency area. I could not get acquainted in detail with what my colleague, Mrs. Merkel, was saying about the proposal to create a free trade zone with the European Union, although this issue was not initiated by us, and was actually initiated a long time ago. By the way, from what I saw, I see only positive signals. (...) It is possible - if we assume that Russia will be with Europe in the same currency area, I fully admit it, completely. (...) Because Mr. Kohl absolutely sincerely, very convincingly and with the facts in his hands spoke of the need for a rapprochement between Russia and Europe, and he ended something like this: "It is inevitable." If Russia wants to survive as a significant value in the world and if Europe wants to take its rightful place, then it is necessary to unite efforts. I totally agree with that. For me, to be honest, this was absolutely unexpected then. I was not ready for such an understanding of the processes taking place. And now (more than 15 years have passed), when I assess what is happening in the world, I estimate the anti-crisis phenomena that are occurring in the world, I look at the prospects, I think that Mr. Kohl was absolutely right. And I do not know what forms our cooperation should acquire, in what forms we will come closer to each other (there will be a common market - free, there will be our associated membership in the European Union), but the rapprochement between Russia and Europe if we want to survive as a civilization , we want to be successful and competitive, the rapprochement between Russia and Europe is inevitable. ”

Question (as translated): You, as Prime Minister, consider: does the euro have a future, despite the problems of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland?

Vladimir Putin: “This is absolutely necessary for the global economy. We are all interested in this. I have already talked about this. All other colleagues, including Mr. Ackermann, supported the thesis that we need a currency-polar world. In order for it to be stable, reliable, you can not rely only on one leg - on the dollar. But the euro has already taken the first steps, has been established. Yes, there are some problems, there are problems in Ireland, Greece, Portugal. I will not name other countries that may still have problems - this is all possible. But the economic policy of the European Bank, the economic policy of the governments of leading European economies convinces me that the stabilization of the euro will be ensured, and we very much hope for it. ”

Officially, no one undertakes to properly explain why the economic crisis continues in the Russian Federation, there is a budget deficit, taxes are rising. Prices for the main products of Russian exports are high for the second year; there are no objective prerequisites for such economic problems in the country. But the fact is that the Chekist junta secretly threw all the resources of the country to the aid of the European Union. As you heard, without the well-being of the euro, Putin’s life is not sweet.

The public is at a loss as to the census of the population in Russia started in 2010. And there is a simple explanation, this strange census is conducted at the direction of Brussels for the inventory of the Russian Federation in the types of transfer of the country under the control of the European bureaucracy.

No one can explain why, for the sake of Putin’s regime, with persistence of a maniac, sacrificing obvious Russian economic interests, leads the country to the World Trade Organization (WTO). And what particularly baffles the Russian observers, America is hindering Russia's accession to the WTO. More precisely, it hindered, recently Washington approved Russia's accession to the WTO.

“... A. Dvorkovich noted that the possibility of Georgia blocking Russia's accession to the WTO is still there, but the United States and the European Union are ready to help the Russian Federation in this matter.

The Russian presidential aide also stressed that now the issue of the timing of Russia's accession to the WTO is largely “technical”. A. Dvorkovich recalled that the WTO session is held twice a year - in spring and autumn. In this regard, he suggested that if any questions or technical details could not be prepared for the spring session, they would have to be postponed to the second half of the year. ”

“The US needs to hurry up with a decision on the last issue that is hindering Russia's accession to the WTO. President Dmitry Medvedev gave this assignment to First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. ”

"... according to Shuvalov," joining the WTO is a more significant task, and we tried to find compromise solutions that take into account the interests of investors who are already making investments and the interests of enterprises located in EU countries. "

RBC, 23 November 2010

“US Ambassador to Russia John Beyrle spoke today at an online press conference organized by RBC about advancing negotiations on Russia's accession to the WTO, a breakthrough in relations between Russia and NATO, and the case of Viktor Bout.

According to J. Beyrle, Russia's accession to the WTO is one of the main priorities of the administration of President Barack Obama. Russia faces a rather large amount of technical work in Geneva due to the fact that Russia must coordinate all its tariffs and services with other WTO members: this is about 60 separate agreements. "This is a large amount of work. But we are confident that in the future 2011 will be in the end, and Russia will finally become a full member of the WTO," the US ambassador said. According to him, Russia's accession to the WTO is also in the interests of the United States. "We consider it incomprehensible why Russia (the only one in the G-20) is still outside the WTO," said Beyrle. "

The surprise of the American ambassador is all the more surprising because it was the United States that was slowing Russia's accession to the WTO.

The paradox is explained elementarily simple. The membership of the Russian Federation in the WTO is necessary for Brussels to strengthen the economic position of the European Union in Russia, and to secure its positions for the future. As a matter of fact, the entry of the Russian Federation into the WTO is the subject of bargaining between the EU and the USA

Russia's accession to NATO and the European Union is of such global importance that it will define the context of international relations for the next decade. I will give one fresh example.

2 November 2010, Japan announced that it is recalling its ambassador from Russia. For no apparent reason, Tokyo decided on a seemingly senseless exacerbation of relations with Moscow on the issue of the “northern territories”. What is the meaning of the scandalous diplomatic demarche that does not promise Japan any political dividends? Less than a week later, the Japanese ambassador returned to Moscow. At first glance, the senseless Japanese action is linked to the fact that negotiations between the United States and the European Union on the conditions for Russia's integration into the European Union and NATO are moving towards the final. And the Japanese found it necessary to remind the Western Club of their territorial problems in relations with Russia. After all, if the Russian Federation is somehow integrated into NATO, then NATO will have to de facto recognize Russian sovereignty over the Kuril Islands. Thus, Japan reminds the United States and the European Union of its interest in the “northern territories”. Europeans and Americans can easily ignore the Japanese demonstrations. But if they do not agree among themselves in a good way, then in order to complicate the rival’s life in Russia, the offended party may require partners to take into account Japanese claims to the “northern territories”.

* * *

Until now, the West was digesting the Russian Federation ideologically and politically in a latent form, under the howl of Putin’s anti-NATO, anti-Western propaganda. Now the inclusion of Russia in the Western Club is moving into an open stage. And this will have enormous domestic political consequences for Russia. Putin's regime will inevitably go under the scrapping and will soon be replaced. What and by whom? This is the main intrigue. I think the outcome of the case is not yet completely predetermined, and the Russians have been eager to take an active part in the Great Game. Moreover, they decide our fate, the fate of Russia.

This topic is extremely extensive. Let us touch upon only some key points.

The post-Soviet political and ideological system in the Russian Federation was built in such a way as to keep the patriotic and national identity of the Russian people in the Soviet reserve. Many noted that the social and economic reforms of the 90 were carried out in a deliberately boorish, defiantly anti-popular form. The authorities condoned the total criminal terror, from which the spontaneously forming Russian petty and middle bourgeoisie (the big bourgeoisie, the notorious oligarchs, primarily appointed from above mainly appointees from ethnically non-Russian nomenklatura clans) suffered first of all. What was it for? In order to cause nostalgia for Soviet life, to discredit the ideas of democracy and liberalism, to inspire a mass Soviet reaction.

“The cultivation of Stalinism is beneficial to the current authorities, because it helps to put pressure on any civilian opposition of the oligarchic despotism established in the Russian Federation by the communists and the Chekists”.

“The spread of opium of the Soviet Union and the delirium of Stalinism is encouraged by the regime consciously, the Russians are systematically driven into a proven Soviet trap.

A convinced Soviet, by definition, is alien to the principles of civil liberty, is submissive to any superiors, he relies only on the Good Partorg and firmly believes in the wise Heavenly Politburo. And besides, what claims can the current authorities have against people who admire the brutal Bolshevik terror against the opponents of the Soviet regime, justify any vileness of the Soviet government, collective farms, gulags and other mass communist murders of Russians? That's it.

And from the point of view of the political image against the backdrop of hordes of red zombies, dreaming of the revival of Stalinism in Russia, and demanding that the communists return to the practice of preventive destruction of tens of millions of citizens, the current regime looks quite respectable. ”

As a popular oppositional ideology, the Soviet is very convenient for the post-Soviet oligarchic regime. Politically, this regime is really dangerous only for the Russian democratic movement, and (about) the Soviet comrades call for despotism, and usually even in the most bloodthirsty Stalinist form. And as if going to meet the patriotic aspirations of the people, the Putin regime destroyed even weak civil rights and freedoms in the Russian Federation, dispersed and banned any legal opposition, abolished even the semblance of democracy in the Russian Federation.

Also Sovietism is useful for patriotic nuskivaniya Russian to America. At the same time leading away from the uncomfortable questions on the European Metropolis. And the Chekist junta itself appears as the only imputed and civilized force in Russia.

“Thus, the ruling communist elite, in the 90-s without any losses, gradually transformed into a post-Soviet oligarchy, is vitally interested in being presented to the West by the only Democratic and Liberal in Russia. And, accordingly, the Russian people should be portrayed by the Dark Force, the pitch Mordor, the chthonic Orcish horde, striving for a nuclear war, striving to inflict all sorts of atrocities and bloodshed on the planet. Then it turns out that the KGB is the only civilized force in Russia, which at least somehow keeps in check the man-hating Russian instincts.

Now it is not difficult to understand why in the Russian Federation the problem of the non-existent “Russian fascism” is being blown up with all its might, and at the same time the Stalinist cult is being covertly encouraged. The only excuse in the eyes of the West for the post-Soviet corrupt oligarchies is that they keep a nightmarish Russian monster in obedience, sweetly dreaming of the revival of Stalinism, in addition to Nazism and world nuclear war. In front of TV cameras with icons of St. Stalin and portraits of St. Hitler, Russians should go to the Kremlin for Chekist machine guns. This is the main political and ideological scenario from which, according to the vital indications of the post-Soviet communist oligarchy, it is impossible to deviate. ”

The irony of history, the Soviet patriots hating the present “anti-Soviet” regime with all their hearts, are, in fact, its regime, the most important pillar and main resource of political viability. And what is especially offensive, despite the enormous potential, the Soviet reaction had never seriously won a chance to win. Since the head of the pro-Soviet opposition was entrusted to verified Zyugangov Judas from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. On this side, everything is under reliable KGB control.

From the opposite side, too, everything is controlled by the Organs. The status Liberals, Democrats and the main Oppositionists appointed cadres who were checked by the KGB. Their main task is to turn Russians away from democracy and liberalism.

“... a simple and clear explanation of the typical mental agony of Putin's patriot. In no way able to understand, why is it in the Kremlin and near the teeming tee with all the known Keeperis and agents of foreign powers. Odesa throne of the Chekist king, the court "liberals", our “human rights activists”. It turns out that these are not meaningless grant-eaters, they do useful KGB work: status “liberals” discredit liberalism in Russia, “human rights activists” - human rights. Their strategic task is to present the ideas of liberalism and civil liberties as something vile, nationally hostile to the Russian people. ”

And that is not all. By positioning themselves as friends of the United States, these Chekist “liberals” and “democrats” are called upon to cut off the West, primarily the Americans, from real Russian democracy. And according to the Russian civil society, to instill hostility towards America (as we do, we analyzed the example of the well-known agitprop worker Yu. Latynina).

On this topic, you can talk a lot. The summary is, the cage design for Russians is quite solid, real masters did. However, the system has one fatally vulnerable point - the regime in the Russian Federation has a pronounced anti-Russian character. The ruling colonial elite to the Russians cultivates downright racial hatred. Generally speaking, for the colonial regime it is not necessary for the administration to nationally oppose itself to the ethnic majority. But for Russia it was necessary to do so. Why, a separate topic.

It is important for us that due to the integration of Russia into the Golden billion, the Brussels Regional Committee will be forced to liberalize and democratize the regime. Actually, the process has already begun, Perestroika-2 is running. Since the spring of 2010, Putin and Medvedev will blow up the election campaign with full dedication. The people are amazed, before the presidential election of 2012, far away yet. And this election campaign is not for the Russian population, but for authentic voters in the Brussels Regional Committee and London. Candidates must prove their usefulness in the future, the ability to operate successfully in new conditions.

The entry of the Russian Federation into the European and NATO structures should lead to the dismantling of Putin’s Power Vertical. For two main reasons. Russia should get a political system, a political interface suitable for public allied interaction with the West. It is clear that monstrously corrupt wild KGB despotism is not suitable for solving this problem. Even simply because Europeans and Americans will not want to allow Soviet criminals and mobsters (the majority of security officers and Tsekists), now forming the “elite” of the Russian Federation, into their elite club. And disdain, and not comme il faut. And most importantly, it is impossible to conduct business directly with the KGB cursors, different social worlds. Replacing Putin's priblatnenny security officer with a more decent intellectual, Medvedev, reflects a change in the Obkom's requirements for the personality and cultural level of the President of the Russian Federation.

And the second and also important, unofficial package of agreements on the dismantling of the USSR certainly included the condition of the Americans on democratizing the regime. The United States not only professes liberalism and democracy for itself, it also uses democracy as a weapon against European colonialism. Americans reasonably believe that they will be able to cooperate more successfully with local democracies than with authoritarian regimes. As historical experience has shown, Europeans skillfully manipulate totalitarian dictatorships and successfully incite them against America.

In one form or another, Russia's accession to the European Union and NATO will inevitably lead to a weakening of the KGB regime, which in general will improve the situation of the Russians. However, it should be clearly aware that the Europeans are not interested in Russian democracy. The Brussels Regional Committee encouraged the anti-Russian policy of the KGB junta, and within the European Union the Russians in Russia would be in the position of nationally discriminated, unreliable second-class citizens. Brussels has run in technologies of national oppression of Russians in Estonia and Latvia. Of course, the degree of oppression of Russians in the Baltic States is weaker than in the Multinational Russian Federation. And yet.

To justify anti-Russian discrimination, the refusal of the Russians in genuine democracy, civil liberties and the national state, as before, will mainly use the Soviet term. The KGB and the Brussels Regional Committee themselves inspire in Russia (the inspiration of “Russian fascism” did not work convincingly for the outside world, and the attempts of the KGB to link Russian nationalism with international Islamic terrorism failed altogether shamefully). Say, Russian fiends dream at the first opportunity to revive the monstrous Stalinist regime, to perpetuate total state zhivodstvo and start a global thermonuclear war. Therefore, there is no way that Russian barbarians can be allowed into democracy. The post-Soviet nomenclature, the KGB and the Europeans will work jointly on this scenario.

Thus, the natural ally of the Russian United States. The history of relations between America and Russia in the 20 century is complex and controversial (assorted in a series of articles - 1, 2, 3). The Russians can present the United States with serious claims during the Soviet period, fostering and supporting the criminal Stalinist regime (which eventually turned against America itself). However, in the main, interests in Russia as a Russian national democratic state, Russian and American interests coincide.

“In principle, Americans could rely on the support of the Russian national democracy, since Russian nationalists are the only ones who are vitally interested in democracy and civil liberties in Russia. Yes, and some serious contradictions between Russian Russia and the United States in the foreseeable future is not expected. However, the problem is that the infrastructure for working with the Soviet elites has been created in the USA for half a century, and all this infrastructure has a pronounced anti-Russian orientation. Just because the Soviet elites are genetically anti-Russian. It is important for them to think and convince those around them that all the horrors occurred in Russia not through the fault of their communist ancestors, but because of the organic predisposition of the Russian people to “thousand-year slavery”.

The problem of Russian-American relations is not only that Americans traditionally work with the anti-Russian Soviet elite. Despite the squeal of the KGB agitprop, Americans practically do not interfere in the internal life of Russia. American restraint is quite obvious, given the potential for intervention by the Americans and the weakness of the regime in the Russian Federation. Apparently, the agreement with Brussels to dismantle the USSR included conditions on limiting American influence on the internal affairs of the Russian Federation.

However, soon things will start to change. Digestion of the post-Soviet space by the West is a long and difficult process. Its course will be determined mainly by the relationship between the European Union and the United States. At present, many things are being solved in Belarus, how the dismantling of the Lukashenko regime will take place, and under what conditions will the country join the European Union and NATO.

In the Russian national interests focus on allied relations with America. Yes, of course, many more since the Soviet times have become accustomed to seeing in the USA the main potential enemy. Anti-American prejudices in Russia are skillfully provoked and widely cultivated. And indeed, the United States can make a well-known claim. However, irrefutable pragmatic considerations prove the vital need for a strategic Russian-American national union. At the very least, Russians should shy away from complicity in the anti-American confrontation. It is not needed, not in our interests.

A year ago, I was told, "the people will not understand." However, after the start of the open integration of the Russian Federation into NATO and the European Union, the anti-American “patriots” will be demoralized. This is a good moment for Russian nationalists, overcoming harmful anti-American stereotypes, to support the idea of ​​a long-term alliance between Russia and the United States. Russians for national democracy and union with America.

Our historical chance is that, in the course of another political and ideological moulting, the anti-Russian regime will be vulnerable to Russian democracy. And we, Russians, should politically correctly take advantage of a historic chance. It is necessary even to admit that the previous chance, Perestroika-1 and the demolition of the USSR was missed by us. Yes, of course, the Soviet man was blind and stupid, he should not be judged strictly. And twenty years later, it would be rather shameful for us to make another blunder.
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  1. NATO resident
    NATO resident April 26 2011 16: 21
    Such forces (separate groups armed according to NATO standards) in the Russian armed forces are the real virus in a healthy cell of Russian statehood.

    It is enough to equip these forces with loyal or relatively loyal Russian-speaking soldiers and they will turn into not just a fifth column, but a well-armed force capable of blowing up Russia from the inside, having beaten, for example, eastern Siberia.

    The creation of such forces in the body of the Russian army is the path to self-destruction of the Russian state. This is a potential divide and conquer approach. This should not be allowed.

    The path of the power of the Russian state is the path of antagonism not only to NATO, but also to the Asian bloc.
  2. NordUral
    NordUral 22 June 2018 10: 46
    What nonsense is the author?
  3. Ehanatone
    Ehanatone 23 September 2018 18: 38
    And the author hto!?
    No afftor!
    Reprint .... however ...
  4. Brigadier
    Brigadier 20 November 2018 10: 30
    Although the article is extensive, it makes you think hard - "Are we on the right path, comrades?"
    Of great importance to the people of any country is the authority of the leader of the country.
    In Russia today there is NO authoritative leader of the country!
    Until the end of August 2018, he was, and now - NO! Just NO and that's it

    Today there is no leader of the country whom the people recently unreservedly believed.
    Today there is simply President Putin ... a leader NOT ANYMORE !
    Until 29.08.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX Putin had the strongest authority and huge rating of trust among our people, who elected him as his President. The people thought that he would come now, bang his fist on the table, look menacingly at Medvedev and bark: "Don't you dare offend the people!" and Medvedev, squealing with fear, will immediately spin everything backwards! The people had such a hope ... there was ... request
    But after "Black Wednesday" - 29.08.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX. among Putin's overwhelming majority of the people NOT ANYMORE no trust, no rating ...
    Who will trust Putin today? Is it just the one who, by his naivety, is used to trusting everyone ... even street scammers and scammers ... I’m afraid that it’s hard to find such people today, and if there are such people, then let them not cry later.
    During the war, our soldiers went on the attack with the words: "For the Motherland! For Stalin!"
    Who will rush into battle today with the cry: "For Putin!" ? Who? ... That’s the same! There are no fools today ...
    Now people think simply and logically: "Today I will go for HIS (Putin) to the battle, and tomorrow he (Putin) THANKS FOR THIS for another 5 years he will add me a retirement age, and I will die, just not living up to the very, already impoverished, Putin's pension ... Do I need this?
    People today have sharply wised up and know that to go into battle for those who HE IS ALREADY He doesn’t believe - then it will be more expensive for himself later.
    And from this, people have a simple and logical conclusion: "If the head of state himself doesn't keep his promises data publicly in 2005 to all the people of the country, then how can you believe his subsequent words about a future happy life? "

    After all, it was precisely for the fact that there would be no all these reformist hardships that the people chose Putin for a new term ... and Putin "thanked" the people for this choice ...
    And then go after HIS to battle? Thank you ... Something does not pull ...
    In addition, people see perfectly well how Putin's comrades - Medvedev, Kudrin, Siluyanov, Gref, Nabiullina and others - are "successfully" working ... Their name is legion!
    And under their control, a galley, in which someone once "plowed like a damned one" is rapidly flying into the raging abyss of the waterfall of history! The reforms developed by him only lead to the impoverishment of the population and stagnation of production ...
    And the "great helmsman" proudly stands at the helm and looks attentively into the distance ... as if seeing the horizons towards which the country should go ... And on the oars of a galley no one plows for a long time, like the damned ... so ... they pretend ... they quietly move the oars ... if only the captain could see something from a distance ... and that's it ...
    And it actually carries an already poorly managed galley to the point of no return ... And below the waterfall, on both sides of the turbulent stream, jackals with NATO emblems have already gathered, over which ravens with EU flags are circling, and who have already prepared to tear to pieces those of us who are lucky to sail from a waterfall and miraculously do not die at the same time ...
    And from here for our people one more bad conclusion logically emerges that directly follows from the logical reflections set forth in this article ...
    But won't this very "our" people be surrendered by those "top" who have money in the West today, houses, yachts, wives, children, mistresses and lovers? Will they not surrender US for 30 pieces of silver to beg forgiveness for themselves if something happens? Do they weave already today, gradually and imperceptibly the web that tomorrow It will be called upon to facilitate the West, NATO, the European Union and their small but numerous jackals invasion of Russia ... And our people have no answer to these questions ...
    Rather, it is ... but all the same obscene language ... am
    We, too, are not fools and see everything ...
    And therefore most of us already know today - on which side will it be in an hour "Ч".
    I PERSONALLY, for myself - I KNOW EXACTLY !!!
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 8 December 2018 10: 40
      I agree with you, Team Leader! With these, the road to the grave.
      And the moderators question, a hundred does this mean?
  5. 046
    046 6 December 2018 09: 45
    what for liberal throw, administrators filter a market
  6. Vovser
    Vovser 2 August 2019 16: 43
    Rave!! Article of 2010, why shove it here? And for what?
  7. Nikolay Fedorov
    Nikolay Fedorov 14 October 2019 11: 25
    Why did they take this liberal nonsense nine years ago from the chest, shake it off mothballs and put it out for reading and discussion ?!
  8. pylon101
    pylon101 7 December 2019 16: 08
    An archived article shows perfectly how wrong analysts are. Everything turned out exactly the opposite.
  9. Pavel57
    Pavel57 12 July 2020 14: 36
    It is read as an alternative story.
    1. Nikolai Korovin
      Nikolai Korovin 3 August 2020 17: 36
      Fresh, however. The question arises - so who cheated whom?
  10. Yuri Mikhailovsky
    Yuri Mikhailovsky 16 August 2020 01: 05
    What is that ?
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    ratcatcher 20 August 2020 03: 26
    It's funny to reread it in 2020 ...
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    frizzy 9 September 2020 14: 12
    From chamber number six, did the author run away -> author -> author ???
  13. Tarasios
    Tarasios 17 November 2020 15: 47
    Article of 2010.
    "in the next decade, Russia's entry into the Western Club, the notorious Golden Billion, is almost a done deal"
    The fortuneteller from the author is so-so ...