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Chinese economic system

Chinese economic systemRecently, quite often questions have been raised related to how rapidly the Chinese economy is developing. In just a decade and a half, the financial system of this state has grown so powerfully that it seems there is not much time left until the moment when China will overtake the United States in terms of total GDP. And then the almost century-long domination of the United States at the world economic Olympus will end.
However, the Chinese economy is actually only a powerful force outwardly. When trying to assess the same economy on the part of an ordinary Chinese citizen, a strange situation arises: everything seems to be fine, but at the same time it is not easier for a citizen.

With the total onset of Chinese goods on world markets, this expansion does not bear obvious progress for a small Chinese manufacturer. Intermediary for the delivery of clothes and shoes from China can receive much greater income than the manufacturer itself, and there is an explanation. After all, it is the intermediary structures that can independently determine the price of a product on the markets in other countries.

If we touch upon the question of economic benefits that fall on the ordinary citizen in the Middle Kingdom, it turns out that the average monthly income of an ordinary Chinese in 3-4 is times lower than the average monthly income of a Russian. The average monthly wage of a Chinese is lower than the average monthly wage of a citizen of any other developed or developing country. This is the main reason that Chinese products have virtually no competitors in the global market. After all, if a product is produced by a person who requires less money for his work, then the cost of such goods will be lower than in other cases. In addition, Chinese production is trying to follow the path of multiple processing of materials. In other words, the fact that Russia goes into the trash as waste products in China is used for new production. This approach allows Chinese products to be out of competition at the present stage of economic development. If this trend continues in the near future, then we can expect the development of new concepts from foreign countries, which will do everything to “get” China in terms of its manufacturing boom.

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  1. Assistant professor
    Assistant professor 24 February 2013 12: 33
    I believe that in the economic sphere Russia is superior to China. And there is no need here to peer into the numbers. Yes, of course, the volume of the Chinese economy is larger than the Russian one. But Russia has huge potential for development. Firstly, in my opinion the most important wealth of the country is its people! The Russians are more developed than the Chinese. And this actually predetermines a lot. From the development of high-tech industries to the stability of the political system.
    Secondly, the Russians are richer than the Chinese. So there is a domestic market! And in Russia, a fairly stable and large middle class has developed.
    Thirdly, Russia has huge resources. Oil, gas, forest, land, metals and so on. And this is the source of additional income. Guaranteeing the independence of the Russian economy from imports and vice versa is a means of political pressure on countries, importers of our raw materials.
    Fourth, after the crisis associated with the collapse of the USSR and the need to build market relations in the economy, we can now see a revival of production. First of all, in the defense sector and further in the civilian sector. And this is just the beginning. Further this process will only intensify.
    Fifthly, statehood has strengthened in Russia, and respect for the law appears. And this, together with freedom of initiative and a fairly prosperous population, makes it possible to create various enterprises, small industries, agricultural facilities, i.e., small business will develop.
    And all this + the return of faith in oneself and one’s country, will increase the birth rate in the Russian Federation, and improve the demographic situation. Will give an influx of labor and relief to the pension fund. And of course, with the strengthening of Russia, the CIS territory will unite. So we got 300 million market!
  2. Alf
    Alf 24 February 2013 22: 22
    If everything in the Celestial Empire is so beautiful, then why do the Chinese flee to us in droves, and agree to work for 12-14 hours without days off and walk-throughs, live literally on top of each other and sleep almost standing up, and even after they knit and send them out, they climb again here?
    And the casket just opens ... In fact, a state slave system has been built in China, in which people are held in the position of slaves and given them just enough so that they do not give up hunger.