“Up to two battalions every day”: the adviser to the head of the DPR called the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Donetsk direction

“Up to two battalions every day”: the adviser to the head of the DPR called the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Donetsk direction

Currently, Ukrainian troops are suffering very impressive losses as a result of intensive offensive actions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Igor Kimakovsky, adviser to the head of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) Denis Pushilin, spoke on Channel One about exactly how many people the Armed Forces of Ukraine lose per day in the Donetsk direction alone.

As it turned out, the enemy’s losses were indeed very impressive. They number in hundreds, or even thousands, of people per day. As a result, Ukrainian formations are faced with a severe personnel shortage, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to make up for losses.

This week, Ukrainian armed forces lost 2500 people in one day in the combat zone. In our direction alone they lose from one to two battalions every day

- said the adviser to the head of the DPR.

Enemy losses are also high in other directions in the zone of the special military operation. Western and Ukrainian military analysts call too large losses one of the most important reasons for the deterioration of the position of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the front.

The Kiev regime, even through forced mobilization, can no longer organize the supply of high-quality reinforcements to the brigades operating at the front. The most combat-ready men have already been “raked out” after two and a half years of fighting, and those civilians who are now being forcibly mobilized are, for the most part, not ready for service at the front, either due to their physical health, or their motivation and psychological characteristics.
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    10 July 2024 16: 23
    Well. If the information is true, then our rate of advance should at least not fall.
    1. +3
      10 July 2024 16: 34
      Well, we still have to work and work until the last minute... Well, the pace of the offensive should be such as to minimize our losses and maximize theirs, so we also need to hurry wisely...
      1. +5
        10 July 2024 16: 48
        What I mean is that such losses should cause the collapse of the defense. Now we see something similar.
        1. +1
          10 July 2024 16: 58
          Quote: Single-n
          What I mean is that such losses should cause the collapse of the defense.

          I would also like to know how much they have in reserve. As far as I understand, some kind of presidential unit has already been introduced. They are still being trained abroad, they are still taking them off the streets. It’s difficult to say anything about the collapse; not everyone has been scraped out yet
        2. +1
          10 July 2024 17: 44
          To cause a collapse at the front, the losses must be irreplaceable. But they still have people.
          1. +1
            11 July 2024 08: 22
            Not necessary. It’s just that the rate of decline must be faster than the rate of preparation. If a unit has 30% newcomers, then its combat effectiveness drops significantly.
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    10 July 2024 16: 39
    I would like to believe... Two battalions are 700-1000 bayonets. Multiply by 365 and get 255-365 thousand, i.e. half of the Ukrainian army. And this is only in Donbass. Hmm.... belay
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    10 July 2024 16: 41
    How else can we understand how many of these losses are irrevocable?
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      12 July 2024 07: 59
      About half I think. Another part was out of action for months
  4. -1
    10 July 2024 19: 26
    The mobilization reserve of these ukrozeverys is still very large, unfortunately... If they lower the conscription age to 21 years, they could conscript an additional more than 500 thousand by the end of the year... People have nowhere to run, the borders are mined. We will still have a lot of work to do, not to mention the Polish troops that will definitely be brought in...
  5. +1
    10 July 2024 19: 51
    Judging by our progress on the LBS, everything is quite modest... Judging by the Sovinformburo reports from General Konoshenkov, the enemy is “two hundred”, “three hundred”, daily, in platoons, companies, battalions, regiments and brigades, and the end of these “body losses” not visible... All this is alarming (about the large, irreparable, daily losses of the enemy) is this not a series of banal “postscripts” or “wishful thinking”???? Probably, to raise the “morale” of the troops and the rear, on both sides of the “front sight”, such numbers are quite, even, even... But what about the fact that this “flow” does not dry up and, even, “ does not lose" in size given that, in general, the gene pool of that certain country is not large... And according to the incoming information about the motivation and Slavic tenacity of the enemy in the LBS... Yes, they surrender, abandon positions, but their companies and regiments and “attribute” all this to unpreparedness and demoralization of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - it’s somehow strange...
    1. +1
      10 July 2024 23: 44
      However, in Ukraine itself, judging by the news, they are rowing much more actively than before, and they are also trying to bring back those who fled to Europe by hook or by crook. So maybe these losses are not so exaggerated.
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    12 July 2024 07: 55
    Interesting. Increased losses of the Armed Forces are associated with the increased intensity of hostilities, or the quality of the Armed Forces' personnel and armament what