Bloomberg: Eastern European states intend to acquire their own nuclear power plants

Bloomberg: Eastern European states intend to acquire their own nuclear power plants

It seems that nuclear energy in Europe has suddenly ceased to be “dangerous and environmentally unfriendly.” While Germany closed its last nuclear power plants last year, the states of Eastern Europe, on the contrary, intend to urgently acquire nuclear power units.

Bloomberg writes that Eastern European countries from the Czech Republic to Romania want to build their own nuclear power plants.

The material says that the authorities of these states are now actively working on a plan to implement the initiative, which some experts have already dubbed “the largest project of the century.” After all, in total, the countries are preparing to build at least 12 power units.

The authors of the article emphasize that the “nuclear course” of Eastern Europe is due to two reasons. Firstly, Brussels’ continued desire to achieve carbon neutrality against the backdrop of the failure of “green energy”. Secondly, minimizing resource dependence on Russia.

However, according to experts, the implementation of such a large-scale idea will not be easy. After all, the “project of the century” requires colossal investments, which Eastern European states do not have. The transition to nuclear energy requires appropriate competencies, which states that want to acquire their own nuclear power plants also do not have. In addition, the ambitious project is estimated at 130 billion euros; Eastern Europeans simply do not have that much investment of their own.

Currently, only two new nuclear power plants are being built in the EU countries - in Slovakia and Hungary. Moreover, in the latter, Russia finances the construction of the Paks-2 nuclear power plant. In Slovakia, the problems go beyond money - there is a shortage of experts and contractors. Perhaps the only company that could really help the countries of Eastern Europe in the construction of nuclear power plants is Rosatom State Corporation, but then what about the anti-Russian policy?
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  1. +2
    10 July 2024 16: 44
    Well, how can this be... Only - only the “Greens” were happy about the closure of the construction of the nuclear power plant, and here again... You monsters will offend Greta Thunberg... The child fought, fought and ended up running into himself again...??? And this despite her weak psyche... No nuclear energy in the EU... Only coal... Well, you can also use
    1. +3
      10 July 2024 17: 05
      Already offended the little girl...
  2. 0
    10 July 2024 17: 10
    Ok, Google, how much CO is in the earth's atmosphere? 0.02-0.045%. Ok, this battle with CO2 is going to be epic.
  3. +4
    10 July 2024 18: 39
    Here’s the thing: building a nuclear power plant does not equal ensuring the country’s energy security. You will still find yourself depending on the fuel rod manufacturer.
  4. +1
    10 July 2024 19: 13
    What about the “green agenda”? Complete “Gretatuenbergerization” of European energy? And who will build THIS for you, poor people? The EU has long lost all competencies in nuclear power engineering... Projects, equipment, fuel rods from Russia? I just want to offer my European “partners” something “hard and warm for the collar so that their head doesn’t sway” when walking and in the process of thinking....
  5. 0
    10 July 2024 19: 50 there a market where you can go, look for a nuclear power plant, buy it at a reasonable price?
  6. -1
    10 July 2024 20: 42
    The Americans began selling mini-reactors for nuclear power plants. Modular blocks. If the exploitation practice turns out to be successful, this is the future.
    1. +2
      11 July 2024 00: 42
      Oh well! They cannot put their stations in order. But their marketing is in perfect order! Plus “whoever doesn’t buy, we’ll turn off the gas!”
    2. 0
      11 July 2024 17: 39
      Dear voyaka uh! Where does this “rolling” information come from? Isn't it from CBS Corporation? These will be published and won’t even blush.... If you noticed, then we refused to impose sanctions and banned the EU against the Russian Rosatom and its products... And the “trick” is that “stars and stripes” “forgot” how to enrich uranium and make some types of nuclear engineering products... And you, about mini reactors and other mini-blocks... Let them remember how to make safe fuel rods, for starters...
      1. +1
        11 July 2024 20: 33
        Let them remember how to make safe fuel rods. Well, Westinghouse won't let you lie