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Prison Caliphate Radical Islam is massively distributed in the penitentiary system of Russia

Prison Caliphate Radical Islam is massively distributed in the penitentiary system of RussiaThe criminal environment, the SIZO, prisons and colonies have become a breeding ground for the spread of unconventional for Russia currents of foreign Islam of a radical nature. The criminal world with its set of values ​​and ideological attitudes gives many opportunities to religious fundamentalists to recruit new followers to their ranks who are behind bars in everyday articles of the Criminal Code.

The preacher Kasym Nurullin, a well-known preacher in the region, began working with prisoners among Muslim religious leaders in Russia, who did a lot in Tatarstan to nurture the spiritual prisoners. The peak of his activity fell on 1990-ies, and he actively contributed to the fact that almost in every colony or pre-trial detention center of the republic a prayer room appeared or a mosque was built. But the sincere service of Kasym Khazrat, who saw religion as an opportunity for moral improvement and rectification of those who violated the law, acquired other forms after the Department of Relations with the security forces (with the special contingent in the Muslim Religious Board of Tatarstan) ) became the head of Marat Kudakaev. Experts are inclined to believe that it was at this time that even a special theory of “prison jihad” appeared, according to which criminals could become the vanguard in building a caliphate - an Islamic state.

The term “prison jihad” is understood to mean the practice of involving a criminal element in the ranks of Islamic fundamentalists right on the territory of penitentiaries. The approach itself is clear: take in hand weapon and to kill a person “on the way of jihad” - this requires a certain courage and moral and psychological stability. And who, if not criminals, can be capable of such actions. Moreover, the values ​​of the zone built on the system of unwritten thieves' laws can easily be replaced by the values ​​of religious extremism: “live by the rules” - “live according to Sharia”, “Cop state” - “Käfer State” (infidel. - NG ") etc. Respectively, killing a “kafera” is equivalent to “stitching a sucker”. The Russian chanson and mournful songs about the “hard life of thieves” among the Wahhabis that are popular among the prisoners have their counterpart in the form of the work of the Chechen bard Timur Mutsurayev, whose songs are dedicated to the hard life of the “warriors of the jihad” wandering in the mountains. The romanization of the criminal world in the eyes of criminals themselves echoes the aesthetics and ethics of Wahhabism: common ideas about good and evil, right and bad, and life “by notions” is easily replaced by life “according to Sharia” in its fundamentalist understanding.

The most famous example of the fact that a prison can become a place for recruiting into the ranks of Wahhabism is the case around the colony number 2 of the city of Novoulyanovsk. It was there that one of the leaders of the Ulyanovsk Jamaat, Valery Ilmendeyev, created a cell of the “Emirate of the Caucasus”. Having adopted Wahhabi Islam still free, Ilmendeyev, being in the zone, immediately launched an active propaganda among the prisoners. Having become the “amir” of this prison jamaat, he managed to gather from the ranks of criminals a “shura” —the council of the jamaat, with the help of which he began to recruit cellmates into his ranks. The leader of the virtual Islamist state “Emirate of the Caucasus”, Doku Umarov, was given an “Bayat” (oath), while coordination was conducted with those like-minded people who were in the wild. Upon their release, the members of the jamaat were to go to the North Caucasus "to conduct jihad", and the second colony of Novoulyanovsk turned into a recruiting station for the terrorist underground. The situation is aggravated by the fact that prisons become camps for the recruitment of militants not only for the “hot south” of the country, but also for the Volga region itself, where in the summer of 2012, the terrorists who committed the terrorist attack against the mufti of Tatarstan Ildus Faizov and killed one of the major theologians of traditional Islam appeared Valiullu Yakupov. Both the first “amir” of Tatarstan, Rais Mingaleyev, and the second leader of extremists within the Ural-Volga region of the “Viladet Idel – Ural”, Robert Valeyev, had criminal convictions behind them, during which they served in Wahhabism in the zones.

The short terms that religious extremists are sentenced to make the situation just a stalemate. The success of the propaganda of fundamentalism among the prisoners leads to the fact that there are often cases when radical Islam preachers deliberately went to jail in order to recruit new adepts in the zone. In Bashkortostan, cases of repeated imprisonment of Hizb ut-Tahrir ideologues have been recorded, which, falling on short periods under the 282 article (from six months to two years), use this time to conduct dagvat (propaganda) in the criminal environment. We have to admit that one fundamentalist turns in his ideology to 7 – 10 cellmates who are serving sentences on “everyday” articles. Moreover, in the eyes of like-minded people on the outside, those who have served “for the faith” become an authority - this is especially impressive for young people. That is why, more and more often, experts are proposing the need to isolate religious radicals from other prisoners, perhaps by placing them in a single cell to serve their sentences.

The arrival of the leadership of the Kazan Muftiyat Ildus Faizov was marked by a new change in work with the prison special contingent. Airat Zaripov became the head of the department for coordination and interaction with the Federal Penitentiary Service, an agreement was concluded with the agency itself, after which an inventory of all literature in mosques and prayer rooms was first carried out, which was replaced with the appropriate Volga region religious law school. However, this is only the beginning of great work, and if in Tatarstan they have somehow begun to straighten out this area, the situation is more complicated in other regions of the Volga region.

For the time being, the penitentiary system of Russia is permeated with an invisible network of jamaats, forming a kind of prison caliphate: there are camps for recruiting militants, here is fertile ground for propaganda of the call to jihad, here and the possibility of gaining authority for further work in the wild.

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  1. Archer
    Archer 23 February 2013 15: 49
    This phenomenon can only be fought with the active counter-propaganda of Wahhabism. Until then, it will not be possible to lament as much as you like about its distribution. And for this it is necessary to combine the efforts of both the Russian Orthodox Church and representatives of traditional Islam.
    1. queen
      queen 23 February 2013 17: 19
      To stop the spread there is only one way ... to eradicate and burn out .... otherwise it will never end.
      1. ansimov
        ansimov 23 February 2013 18: 09
        It is better to combine both counterpropaganda and destruction by force.
        1. queen
          queen 23 February 2013 18: 20
          It will not work, he is a family man during the day, and in the evening you will have a knife in the back. You can’t give them a choice. Only total destruction. You +
    2. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 23 February 2013 18: 52
      "And for this it is necessary to unite the efforts of both the ROC and the representatives of traditional Islam" - only a strong state power not affected by corruption can restore order, and the ROC and Islam must be kicked away into the Middle Ages! There they belong, together with Wakhabism!
    3. Warrawar
      Warrawar 23 February 2013 22: 38
      Quote: Archer
      And for this it is necessary to combine the efforts of both the Russian Orthodox Church and representatives of traditional Islam.

      The catch is that there is no "traditional" Islam in Russia. We have local Islam, adapted and politically correct, so to speak. And traditional Islam is in Saudi Arabia, and it is radical.
  2. calculator
    calculator 23 February 2013 15: 54
    Universiade in Kazan will be a training session before Sochi .... I don’t even know what to say more .....
  3. Alikovo
    Alikovo 23 February 2013 16: 08
    Wahhabis must be destroyed
  4. homosum20
    homosum20 23 February 2013 16: 11
    Archer, are you serious? And sobering up?
    Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, who have served the KGB for decades and are now traveling on Mercia, will be able to actively counter-promote Wahhabism, which operates in the zone with real bucks, can protect it (I recall the slogan of the Russian Orthodox Church - do not kill, do not steal, do not wish, turn the other cheek).
    Steel reflect steel. Over the centuries. Strength is power. Do you understand what I mean? In the zone, not the ROC survives, but the strongest. If we can’t fight Wahhabism already behind the barbed wire, guarded by soldiers and dogs, we must accept Islam. If you want your wife and children to survive. Because being strong is responsible for the weak. Whatever it costs us.
    1. homosum20
      homosum20 23 February 2013 18: 05
      That's the bastard put the cons and for what? You object. Or do you think that the zone is similar to the younger group of the kindergarten? That the prayer room is not visible by cameras? What will someone pray in it? Do you yourself know at least one word of prayer? Do killers and thieves, then, know?
      And if you are more concerned about your own comfort and tranquility at the cost of the life of your family, then such as you and your family, the cultural layer in the excavations 6 meters deep is filled. And the place is still dofiga. And if you are strong, then either fight (which you do not do), or at the cost of your comfort, protect yours.
    2. Kaa
      Kaa 23 February 2013 18: 39
      Quote: homosum20
      Steel reflect steel. Over the centuries. Strength is power.

      In the 50s, the forces of our "internal organs" organized a campaign to de-crowning "thieves in law", camp wars "against thieves" ... The effect was quite good, there were "red" and "black" zones , by the 70s, the wave of thugs romance among teenage boys sharply declined ... The new is the well-forgotten old ...
      1. avt
        avt 23 February 2013 19: 02
        Quote: Kaa
        In the 50s, the forces of our "internal organs" organized a campaign to de-crowning "thieves in law", camp wars "against thieves" ... The effect was quite good, there were "red" and "black" zones , by the 70s, the wave of thugs romance among teenage boys sharply declined ... The new is the well-forgotten old ...

        But with the fall of the USSR, the thieves turned on the return line. But in general, everything is like in the song, the Chekists gave free rein to the swindlers having their own tambourine interest .... "
      2. walter_rus
        walter_rus 23 February 2013 21: 42
        We have not yet left the criminal correction system, which was formed in the Gulag, but appeared much earlier. Then they thought that in prison the criminals would re-educate themselves in the collective, but it turned out the other way around - they’re only getting deeper in crime, and now in extremism. Prisons have become a hotbed of organized crime. It is necessary to gradually rebuild places of deprivation of liberty so that prisoners are more isolated from each other. Then there will be an opportunity to think about your life and more likely to improve. Although of course it will require costs, but what is more important?
    3. andrejwz
      andrejwz 24 February 2013 01: 13
      Quote: homosum20
      I recall the slogan of the Russian Orthodox Church - do not kill,

      By the way, the commandment is the 6th in a row, the first - believe.
      They believe. God im Benjamin Franklin, pretty and definitely green.
  5. apro
    apro 23 February 2013 16: 20
    As long as the law has fallen by them, they are on horseback; putting them outside the law can be forgotten about them.
  6. Romch
    Romch 23 February 2013 16: 41
    In response, Orthodoxy needs more to go to jail, Muslims have opened a prayer room, which means the Orthodox must open their own side thereby preventing a person from going astray.
    1. apro
      apro 23 February 2013 16: 56
      Less planting and more shooting is the solution to the problem.
    2. Tersky
      Tersky 23 February 2013 17: 02
      Quote: RomCH
      Muslims opened the prayer room, which means the Orthodox must open their own side thereby preventing the person from going astray.

      It is necessary to completely isolate religious extremists from the rest of the prisoners by either placing them in solitary confinement or creating a separate colony for them, where they will also be separate from each other.
      The popularity of the ideology of Islamic fundamentalism in the criminal environment is explained by the fact that Wahhabism rejects the social hierarchy of the prison community: “for the Wahhabis there are no“ men ”,“ frauers ”,“ thieves ”and even“ roosters ”- they are all“ brothers ”.
      1. Romch
        Romch 23 February 2013 18: 36
        Quote: Tersky
        The popularity of the ideology of Islamic fundamentalism in the criminal environment is explained by the fact that Wahhabism rejects the social hierarchy of the prison community: “for the Wahhabis there are no“ men ”,“ frauers ”,“ thieves ”and even“ roosters ”- they are all“ brothers ”.

        Happy holiday to you and all those involved in the defense of the fatherland! I can agree, and a separate colony, but how many privileges will come of then, because many will specifically seek there, if there is no hierarchy of criminality, then for some it will be a kind of paradise. They write correctly here and I agree with many, involved in the course of Wahhabism - execution and that’s all, do not wait until he has done something. A couple of hundred will be shot and there the flow of beginners will decrease.
        1. Tersky
          Tersky 23 February 2013 20: 38
          Quote: RomCH
          Happy holiday to you and all those involved in the defense of the fatherland!

          Thanks you too!
          Quote: RomCH
          but how many privileges will be obtained then, because many will specifically seek there

          in my post:
          where they will also be separate from each other.
          I think this removed your question, hi Happy Holiday Once Again drinks
      2. queen
        queen 23 February 2013 19: 16
        Isolation, and total destruction.
        1. R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№
          R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№ 24 February 2013 06: 38
          KAAAAAK ?! We have a moratorium and a struggle for tolerance.
          1. Kaa
            Kaa 24 February 2013 06: 59
            Quote: Vitaliy
            We have a moratorium and a struggle for tolerance

            So it is necessary that they be in the zone "in the mordatorium" and "ottolerast" in full ... angry
  7. Boer
    Boer 23 February 2013 16: 46
    All involved in the protection of the fatherland, with the holiday men! And, on the topic of Wahhabis and other fanatics in separate I.K. let each other’s brain be taken out. There are no prayer rooms, the regime is special and they can be determined not only by the article of condemnation, but also by the rhodical views. if they comply with their own laws, this will be the most peaceful zone.
  8. andrey903
    andrey903 23 February 2013 16: 58
    For blacks it is necessary to create special zones, in special places, with the appropriate regime so that mortality is at least 30 percent, and people with disabilities come out
    1. Romch
      Romch 23 February 2013 18: 40
      Quote: andrey903
      and people with disabilities

      Then a mortality rate of 100% is better, and then these disabled people will sit on our own neck.
      And the rest I'm for wink
  9. Sergey47
    Sergey47 23 February 2013 17: 20
    isolate, crush, strangle, poison like infecting rats. Islam, let alone the Wahhabi movement, is outlawed on the territory of Russia. Watering and burying along with pig carcasses.
      HIGHLANDER 24 February 2013 04: 36
      in Russia, 40% preach Islam. what you are calling for is called extremism. the problem is not in Islam, but in one of its movements, one can also say about Protestants, Old Believers, etc. power struggled with them, but it was in the Middle Ages, why come back, you just have to turn your head and look back and not make mistakes of past years. but in general I am for Comrade Stalin, a strong politician will not allow such misunderstandings in his country)
      1. calculator
        calculator 24 February 2013 04: 54
        According to the 2002 census, the number of traditionally Muslim peoples in Russia amounted to about 14,5 million people. - About 10% of the country's population. According to the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the European part of the Russian Federation, adherents of Islam in Russia at that time totaled up to 20 million. “Ethnic Muslims,” according to the 2002 census, make up the majority of the population in seven constituent entities of the Russian Federation: in Ingushetia (98%), in Chechnya (96%), in Dagestan (94%), in Kabardino-Balkaria (70%), in Karachay-Cherkessia (63%), in Bashkortostan (54,5%), in Tatarstan (54%). It should be borne in mind that during the census the question of religion was not asked, and that not all “ethnic Muslims” actually practice Islam. The data of opinion polls and sample studies of the ethnic composition of confessional communities suggest that in Russia from 10 to 15% of “ethnic Muslims” adhere to other religions, primarily Orthodox Christianity. [1] At the same time, many cases of conversion to Islam of Russians who are not “ethnic Muslims” are known. Experts in matters of religion believe that the number of Russian Muslims is from 2 to 20 thousand people. [2] [3] [4]
        The number of Muslims continues to grow due to natural growth, especially among the peoples of the North Caucasus, as well as more Muslims due to migrants, mainly from Central Asia and Azerbaijan. Together with a reduction in the population of Russia, this leads to a significant increase in the share of Muslims in the population of the Russian Federation.
        Wikipedia quoted ..... either non-Muslims are wildly cut out, or the pace of settlement of the country by Muslims is far from generally accepted. hi
  10. don.kryyuger
    don.kryyuger 23 February 2013 18: 25
    : Garbage - "godfathers" on the drum, who recruits whom. For them, the main thing is that there would be no escapes and other emergencies.
  11. in reserve
    in reserve 23 February 2013 18: 58
    Well, finally, someone voiced this topic.
  12. Nobody except us
    Nobody except us 23 February 2013 19: 12
    How sickened these jihadists are - terrorists. Probably killing people is easier than working and living quietly.
  13. cumastra1
    cumastra1 23 February 2013 19: 16
    I don’t remember :), but someone from those in power once said - to soak in the toilet. Vyb..yadki buyout cut people or walk free, as sharply repentant, or very soon go to that freedom. And again they cut, shoot. And they repent again. And one thing because. One bandyugan in his "career" cripples and kills well, obviously not one person, probably several. And they could work, give birth to children. It is necessary to treat normal people humanely, for abnormal people they need a zone on the New Zimle, to rake snow, forever, you can act more humanely like the Chinese or Americans, since there is absolutely no one to take examples from.
    1. Octavian avgust
      Octavian avgust 23 February 2013 19: 52
      I don’t remember :), but someone from the authorities holding once said - soak in the toilet
      Putin V.V. yes
  14. robinson
    robinson 23 February 2013 19: 27
    Thank God we have a secular country. It is necessary to reduce the degree of believing warriors, that's all. No need to divide, you need to combine, including the territory of residence, and nationality.
  15. 120352
    120352 23 February 2013 19: 45
    Only one form of counter-propaganda is effective against Wahhabism: a bullet in the forehead!
  16. Octavian avgust
    Octavian avgust 23 February 2013 19: 51
    This problem needs to be approached conceptually. To begin work with imams and muftis, so that they explain correctly interpret the content of the Koran. In the educational system, start counter-propaganda and work more actively with youth. But fanatics and radicals can no longer be helped; they are heavily zombified if you start to explain something to them; the roof is coming! Their only soak by toilet angry !
  17. kukuruzo
    kukuruzo 23 February 2013 20: 00
    how many problems from this Islam ... for some reason in Soviet times there was no such problem ... maybe it is worth learning from fathers ...
    1. Octavian avgust
      Octavian avgust 23 February 2013 21: 37
      There was an ideology, Marxism-Leninism! It involves atheism in the spiritual sphere - all religions and their followers were registered with the KGB, and some even worked for it!
  18. Byordovvv1
    Byordovvv1 23 February 2013 20: 11
    Only universal enlightenment of people from kindergarten to old age into the existence of the only material world on Earth will save mankind from religious conflicts. Sooner or later, people will come to this. Every year, fewer and fewer unsolved secrets remain in this World.
    1. walter_rus
      walter_rus 23 February 2013 21: 52
      Alas ... In science, for each unraveled mystery, several new ones appear. Atheism is also a kind of religion - sometimes there is faith in the presence of God, and sometimes faith in the absence of both is unprovable. For a cultured person, regardless of religion, it is unacceptable to impose their ideology on others. And their level of culturelessness not only allows Wahhabis, but even obliges them to impose their ideas on others.
  19. horoh
    horoh 23 February 2013 20: 30
    Survived !! Without a raster article, it will be hard in the future. Wahhabism is not just a disease, but much more serious.
  20. ed65b
    ed65b 23 February 2013 22: 20
    Bullet in the back of the head. One solution.
  21. Rrrrr
    Rrrrr 23 February 2013 22: 22
    Until again, no one will bite. Wahhabism must be outlawed. Followers alone, uk allows. And the best way out is not to take prisoners
  22. VNM
    VNM 23 February 2013 22: 45
    But the Wahhabis are not fools: they are being strangled in the wild so they hid their rot under the driftwood (in prison) - they multiply there.
    Well, nothing ... for every cunning Wahhabi ass, there’s a bolt of your own :-)
    All since February 23rd!
  23. GG2012
    GG2012 23 February 2013 23: 04
    And why does the operative unit in the zones exist?
    The paths work, they reveal these shitty Wahhabis ... and the information must be transmitted to the FSB.

    Any special service has so many opportunities to neutralize objects that are objectionable to the authorities ...
    You can, finally, use our bandits in the dark, so that they would find a reason ... and cut them into Wahhabi belts ...
    In the FSB, this technology (use in the dark) worked out perfectly ...

    It's just a little ... start "wagging in toilets"!
  24. Slavs
    Slavs 23 February 2013 23: 24
    Return capital measure in relation to certain articles. including the dissemination of Wahhabism ideas ... Otherwise, it’s impossible to burn out .... And the costs are for ammunition and green stuff ... It’s cheaper than reconstruction of institutions ...
  25. Dyagilev
    Dyagilev 23 February 2013 23: 47
    “O those who believed! Do not consider Jews and Christians as your helpers and friends, as they help each other. If any of you considers them his assistants and friends, then he himself is one of them. Verily, Allah does not direct the path of unjust people. ” (Quran, 5:51). This is traditional Islam.
  26. Vitali-46
    Vitali-46 23 February 2013 23: 54
    I don’t know who and how, these false soldiers can score, treat their heads ...... I will say for myself. I am a RUSSIAN ORTHODOX person! And try to drive me, this whole utopia! It is useless! Wherever I go! at least in the zone! It all depends on the person’s worldview, ON ITS EDUCATION ,!
    1. Fodaorugel
      Fodaorugel 24 February 2013 07: 13
      ... try me, all this utopia! Useless!

      Very commendable! hi
      It remains only to note, for the sake of memories, that in the zones there is a VERY large percentage of those who are recently over 18.
      This is to whom these false lies can easily and easily score and process their heads. It is enough to assess the level of culture resistance in the modern average teenager and reduce it several times for those in the zone.
  27. vjatsergey
    vjatsergey 24 February 2013 03: 16
    It is necessary to deprive all relatives of the terrorist of houses, cars, and so on, otherwise the perpetrator of the attack as a hero and his younger brothers and sisters are told what kind of hero he is, and after confiscation of everything he would be cursed in the family and he would know when he went to the crime that he would be cursed all relatives.
  28. Region65
    Region65 24 February 2013 07: 59
    maybe many will now start throwing tomatoes at me, but "Comrade Stalin" comes to my mind again ... no matter how negatively I treat this character, but from year to year his behavior becomes so clear - for example, the eviction of Chechens outside the Chechen- the Ingush republic in Stalin's times ... and the Bolsheviks with their ideology that there is no God may be in relation to our state and were they right? I'm not saying, I'm just thinking ... after all, Russia is actually a unique country, where from time immemorial many religions and traditions have coexisted ... so maybe they can't really get along if they are in tight-knit gloves they can not be kept and can still not be allowed in such a multi-confessional state as ours to officially allow any religion? or introduce world Buddhism, that's when exactly peace and quiet will come))))) smoked hashishika in the morning and all day long they go ... or Krishnaism is introduced)))) the official religion ..... naturally, all this is jokes .. .with a grain of truth ... what
  29. GEO
    GEO 24 February 2013 11: 30
    Wet scat-Wahhabis without hesitation !!!