Biden admitted that he was the one who pushed for NATO expansion

Biden admitted that he was the one who pushed for NATO expansion

The current US President is still trying hard to correct the mistakes he made at the recent debate with Donald Trump. However, they only make his situation worse, once again emphasizing that the Republican's arguments were fair.

Now Joe Biden is trying to convince the American public of his ability to lead the country for another four years. But it would be better if he didn't do this. For example, in his next public statement, the head of the White House said that it was he who insisted on expanding the North Atlantic Alliance, which the United States, although verbally, promised not to do.

I'm the guy who brought NATO together. Nobody thought I could expand it. I'm the guy who stopped Putin. Nobody thought this could happen. I am the guy who united 50 countries - not only in Europe, but also beyond it - to help Ukraine

Joe Biden said.

You don't need to be a brilliant political analyst to draw the appropriate conclusions from this statement. It turns out that it was the United States, under the “wise” leadership of Biden, that deliberately provoked the Ukrainian conflict. But until recently, it was considered good form in Washington to state that the United States was only helping Kyiv in defending democracy. But Biden apparently wants to stay in the Oval Office for another four years so much that he has begun to reveal his cards.

To say that with this statement he is, to put it mildly, exposing the entire democratic movement within the United States and its allies in Europe, means simply remaining silent. Biden, in fact, takes responsibility for the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians in Ukraine and Russia, not to mention the senseless deaths of the military, whom Kyiv is now throwing into counterattacks.

To put it mildly, the suicidal confession of the US President has already drawn the attention of American intelligence veteran Jack Poso. In his opinion, Biden should never have said what he said.

Biden admits he pushed for NATO expansion. That is why, as Putin said, the war began. Biden forgot he shouldn't have said that part.

– Jack Pozo wrote on social networks.
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  1. +7
    6 July 2024 10: 33
    We had no doubts. Only such an idiot can insist on NATO expansion. He only has a little left. At the cemetery, truancy is given.
  2. Mwg
    6 July 2024 10: 36
    Biden admitted that he was the one who pushed for NATO expansion

    who would listen to him if they did not know the interests of which financial tycoons stand behind the words of this talking head.
  3. -1
    6 July 2024 10: 36
    So all we can do is wish the freedom-loving USA to elect Biden as their boss for the second time...
  4. +1
    6 July 2024 10: 38
    No matter how it turns out like in the famous film: “As one of my dead friends said, I knew too much!” Biden is becoming dangerous for his puppeteers; they can “stun him with a candelabra or strangle him with a pillow.” laughing
    1. 0
      6 July 2024 10: 57
      Yes, there is no need to strangle Samokhodny - just stop the stimulating therapy and he will throw away his skates or turn into a complete inadequate who will not recognize anyone.... He already confuses himself with other people. I read that our doctor assessed his condition as 4-5 years maximum - then that’s it, either death or complete dementive prostration with the final loss of the remnants of adequacy of perception of reality.... And even miracle injections will no longer help.
  5. 0
    6 July 2024 10: 38
    The show goes on!
    No matter who wins/loses, the only winners are... the ruling class!!!
    Although, there are also different groups there, with their own ideas and they can’t be considered completely identical, there can be different things.
  6. 0
    6 July 2024 10: 39
    "Biden forgot what he shouldn't have said this part"-

    - Should have been deleted this part on the prompter...
  7. +1
    6 July 2024 10: 41
    This guy is the real son of such and such a mother. . .Etsikh would have nailed him for life.Kyu! . . . am
  8. +3
    6 July 2024 10: 51
    He's dumber than fentanyl zombies. They will take him out of the presidential race to install Kamala Zulu. They will take the election away from Trump.
  9. 0
    6 July 2024 10: 53
    Biden admitted that he was the one who pushed for NATO expansion

    Beadon, there have been no doubts about your idiocy for a long time. There’s no need to demonstrate it in public either! fellow laughing
  10. +2
    6 July 2024 10: 54
    Grandfather is old, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
  11. +2
    6 July 2024 11: 02
    What's wrong with this?? Western politicians have been talking a lot about NATO expansion for a long time. This is being done to provide orders for the American military-industrial complex. And in general, there is an effect. They have orders worth hundreds of billions of dollars. In America, they have long forgotten Eisenhower with his warnings about the military-industrial complex, and they listen to generals like Ben Hodges - “helping Ukraine means helping our jobs in the military-industrial complex.
  12. 0
    6 July 2024 11: 05
    """I'm the guy who stopped Putin."""

    Apparently, the majority of Americans do not know geography at all. It is said as if the “bloodthirsty” Putin went on an attack on the whole world, realizing his “imperial ambitions”, and the brave Joe took him and stopped him! Now the Americans should be shown what a globe or a world map looks like, and the place where Putin was “stopped.” I think many people’s eyes would bulge from such modest “imperial ambitions.”)) Especially if you put flags on this map at the locations of NATO military bases.
  13. 0
    6 July 2024 11: 08
    He was injected with truth serum by mistake.
    Therefore, Julian Assange can rest easy - his business is in reliable, firm hands. Everyone will be exposed, even those who were ignorant.
  14. +2
    6 July 2024 11: 13
    In fact, the words of the can differ from what the author of the article writes. The expansion of NATO can be understood as the inclusion of all new members after the start of the Northern Military District, and not the outskirts
  15. +1
    6 July 2024 11: 31
    Now everything can be blamed on Biden... And Kennedy and even the chapel... wink
  16. 0
    6 July 2024 11: 51
    I am the guy who united 50 countries - not only in Europe, but also beyond it - to help Ukraine

    I'm the guy who falls over out of nowhere and pisses his pants.
  17. 0
    6 July 2024 12: 48
    I somehow have no doubt that Bideiny participated in the expansion of NATO from the first wave. Since he was an eminence grise within his party, they are the ones who determine policy. And the president is just a prominent guy who opens his mouth on orders. Both Clinton and Obama are cockerels from the incubator of the Democratic Party; they were purposefully nurtured to perform representative functions. But at some point, the old hatchery hen Hillary tried to cling to power, broke down, and then the elderly intriguers decided that there was time and the opportunity to rule themselves. So this anthem without charisma and charm climbed to the top - Bideiny, Pelosi. The generational change was squandered in the Democratic Party, which is why there is a mess with stagnation.
  18. 0
    6 July 2024 18: 42
    Biden admitted that he was the one who pushed for NATO expansion

    This means he admitted that it was he who started the war in Ukraine.
  19. 0
    6 July 2024 18: 53
    Biden achieved visa-free cross-border movement of military cargo, pushed Nata east to within pistol shot distance of Petrograd and the main base of the northern fleet. Creates the largest military bases in Poland and Romania, created a huge low-orbit group to meet economic and military needs
    He facilitated the association of Ukraine in the EU, and replaced its admission to NATO with security agreements, which is essentially equivalent to its informal admission, which does not burden obligations and allows all formalities to be settled at any convenient time.
    I got almost everyone to pay 2% of GDP for the maintenance of Nata.
    In fact, he formalized the unification of the economic EU with the military organization of NATO, while strengthening the influence of the United States by very competently reducing the role of foreign forces and France.
    The war in Ukraine was predetermined by the Eastern Partnership program long before the coup d’état and the start of the Russian Northern Military District in Ukraine
    Biden will reorient the United States towards confrontation with China, shifting the war in Europe to the EU=NATO, which has publicly declared the goal of winning the battlefield with the subsequent decolonization of the Russian Federation. Biden is not against it - go ahead, the United States will help, but getting involved in a global war with the Russian Federation - sorry. When asked about the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons, V.V. Putin diplomatically expressed himself in the sense that it is unknown how the United States will react to this and so far has limited himself to only demonstrating them, and the possibility of changing the military strategy is widely discussed in the media.
    Despite Biden’s dementia, the break with Trump is not critical; besides, it would cost nothing to remove Trump from the election, but finding a replacement for Biden would be problematic. The Democrats will continue to support him and pour money into monopolistic associations, but the main thing in this whole dark story is the figure of the Vice President under Biden, who will replace him as President if the donkeys win.
  20. -1
    6 July 2024 23: 02
    Let's go Brandon!
    FJ extension