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The last jump. The hunt for Syrian athletes

The last jump. The hunt for Syrian athletes

February 20 Damascus shuddered from two loud explosions. They thundered in the Baramka area, not far from the center. Terrorists fired from a mortar sports complex "Tishrin". One of the shells fell on the stadium, where at that time the players were training, another hit the hotel for athletes.

The next day was supposed to be a match between the teams of Al-Wasba from Homs and Al-Navair from Hama. The stadium was training team Al-Wasba. In translation, this name means "jump." No one else knew that for one of the team members one of the jumps would be the last.

And the training was interrupted by a deafening explosion. Killed one of the athletes, Yousef Suleiman. Three more were injured. In addition to football players, several employees of the administration of the sports complex "Tishrin" were injured.

The Syrian Sports Federation and the Syrian Olympic Committee have sharply condemned this barbaric crime against sports, against the people of the country, against the prestige of Syria. They called on all international sports organizations to join their protest voices against the barbaric crimes of gangsters and those who support them from abroad.

Chairman of the Sports Federation Mofak Djuma said that Syrian athletes are heroes who hold the flag of the Motherland in international sports competitions and achieve achievements for the good of their country. And no terrorist threats can force athletes to stop seeking new records.

“The vocation of the criminals is murder, injustice and savagery, while the vocation of sport is peace and good,” said a statement from the Syrian Federation of Sport.

Many comrades of the deceased football player wondered: how could his murder, the murder of other athletes, serve the good of “freedom and democracy”, for which the rebels allegedly fight? On the contrary, it is medieval savagery. In addition, such a murder is a blatant violation of all principles of honor and peace established since the very beginning of the Olympic Games. But are savages up to the Olympic principles?

Yousef Suleiman is not the first sportsman killed by terrorists. Let me remind you that 12 January of this year killed the champion in race walking Hisham Ar-Raksha. The athlete, who made great efforts to achieve this title for his homeland, who trained by walking on the roof of the house, which was training a new, young shift, was shot dead by terrorists in his own car when he returned home from training.

Earlier, terrorists killed the Syrian basketball team striker Basel Raya. His “fault” was only in the fact that he, giving a television interview, spoke in support of the legitimate president and the Syrian army. After that, he already knew that he had been put on the “black list” of militants and ordered his mother not to cry if something happened to him ...

In March, 2012, in the city of Aleppo, on the square in front of the University, boxer Giyas Teyfur was killed. He was a multiple champion of Syria and Asia in boxing. Bandits shot an athlete in broad daylight in his own car.

And now the young footballer Yousef Suleiman fell victim to the ruthless criminals. He was born in 1986 year in the city of Homs. Before joining the Al-Wasba team, he played in the Al-Karam team (Dignity). He left a wife and daughter.

Three years ago, Yousef Suleiman took part in the Asian Championship. The match took place in the city of Homs. Then the Syrian footballers failed to win this championship, but President Bashar Al-Assad himself came to support fellow football players, which caused great enthusiasm among all the fans and citizens.

In the team of "Al-Karama", where the fallen football player had previously played, is the goalkeeper Mosaab Balhus. This athlete first participated in anti-government demonstrations. Then he understood what the development of events was going on, he understood that this is not "democracy" at all. And he returned to the national flag of the homeland and showed himself well during the last West Asian Championship at the end of last year, when the Syrian team won. The football players who won the cup were received by the president and congratulated on an important achievement. Now Mosab is also forced to take security measures, as the rebels blacklisted him.

These pseudo-revolutionaries do not need Syria's records, they need a humiliated country, kneeling before the West and the monarchies of the Gulf. But athletes of Syria again go to the gym to glorify their homeland.

PS While this article was being written, a major terrorist attack took place in Damascus on Revolution Street, in the city center. The bomb exploded around the school. Dozens of dead and hundreds of wounded among civilians, including children. The explosion blew out the windows in the Russian Embassy building.

In addition, law enforcement agencies detained a car with a terrorist. He found 5 explosive devices weighing every 300 kg.

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  1. Straiser
    Straiser 21 February 2013 18: 50
    Here is democracy for you ... They are already suppressing athletes.
  2. wax
    wax 21 February 2013 18: 55
    Shame on the USA! Shame on NATO! Shame LAS! Syrians stamina, stamina and once again stamina. The rabid dogs of terrorism in Hell!
    1. Hey
      Hey 21 February 2013 19: 03
      Still add the shame of the UN.
      1. Roman Skomorokhov
        Roman Skomorokhov 21 February 2013 21: 13
        This can not be written. It is well known.
    2. Dinver
      Dinver 22 February 2013 11: 08
      The main shame of Russia I am very ashamed of our country and the fact that it allows this ...

      "I'll tell you: yes, there is. This is the Law of the Jungle. This is your law and your order. Four months - four months! - you bomb our country, and everyone is afraid to even say words of condemnation. Be still in the world Russia, real Russia, the united and great Russia, which defended the weak, you would not dare. But she is not, she is not, and you triumph.
      But you have forgotten one thing: life knows how to unfold, and a lot can happen in the future. Your arrows may return to you! "
      - Muammar Gaddafi
  3. Priboi
    Priboi 21 February 2013 18: 58
    the Syrian people proved more resilient than anticipated in the west ...
    They instill faith in them allies, and scare the enemy with their stamina)
    Well done, however smile
    DERWISH 21 February 2013 19: 04
    the embassy of RUSSIA suffered !!!!! it's time to send troops and tear rags all this evil !!!!! am
  5. Krsk
    Krsk 21 February 2013 19: 09
    it is necessary to introduce peacekeeping troops with a normal mandate, then wait until these assholes get on and ... so that those who crawl alive to their children and grandchildren explain that it’s bad to kill
    1. Sandov
      Sandov 21 February 2013 19: 25
      When will it come to the geyropa that they have set the wrong ones? The supplies of weapons and dough would cease, the rats would have already died. And so creatures are fed and vampires drink folk blood.
      At least we should close the borders from supplies, the Syrians would have soaked these creatures in a month.
  6. Malysh
    Malysh 21 February 2013 19: 12
    Of course, it's too early to introduce troops, but it would not hurt to send a group of children from unit "B" or as it is now called
    1. Oleg Rosskiyy
      Oleg Rosskiyy 21 February 2013 23: 10
      Quote: MALYSH

      Of course, it's too early to introduce troops, but it would not hurt to send a group of children from unit "B" or as it is now called

      And preferably in Qatar or Turkey, to eliminate the top of this rabble, as Israel or the United States does.
  7. Alikovo
    Alikovo 21 February 2013 19: 15
    Quote: Wax
    Shame on the USA! Shame on NATO! Shame LAS! Syrians stamina, stamina and once again stamina. The rabid dogs of terrorism in Hell!
  8. jagdpanzer
    jagdpanzer 21 February 2013 19: 31
    yeah they will send how! fuss 33 times we are for democracy! the language in the opu was hidden
  9. Octavian avgust
    Octavian avgust 21 February 2013 19: 46
    All the people of Syria for Bashar al-Assad and all famous personalities. Hold on! If the Islamists win, then everything will be worse there, and someone will pay their lives! soldier
  10. Army1
    Army1 21 February 2013 19: 57
    Resolve to our government! At one time, the USSR would have transferred 7 airborne divisions there in a matter of hours.
    1. alkach555
      alkach555 21 February 2013 21: 49
      Why didn’t I hear that Bashar Assad would be recognized as a friend of Russia. If we were friends, help would be more substantial. It is incomprehensible to me and to people like me what is happening. Evacuate the support base. What's so bad? I won’t figure it out without beer, I’ll go to the store.
      1. alkach555
        alkach555 21 February 2013 21: 53
        I answer the minus: Officially there is no friendship agreement, there are military contracts that Russia is fulfilling
    2. DPN
      DPN 21 February 2013 23: 48
      Here, volunteers are needed so that it doesn’t work out like in Afghanistan, it will be difficult to enter easily.
  11. APASUS
    APASUS 21 February 2013 20: 32
    What kind of democracy do they want to build in Syria ?? They shoot the nation’s sports elite, and then what? Doctor, writer?
    Self-devouring such a mode !!!
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 21 February 2013 21: 44
      what next? Doctor, writer?

      First there were children at the school fired from grenade launchers! Then students at the University !!
      For the death of children and civilians in Syria, these creatures hope to receive in full !!! am
  12. Straiser
    Straiser 21 February 2013 20: 40
    Enter the Black Sea Fleet there with the Marine Corps! Let them flee to Turkey!
    1. DPN
      DPN 21 February 2013 23: 38
      Volunteers are needed here so that it doesn’t work out like in Afghanistan, it’s easy to enter, it’s difficult to leave.
  13. drago36
    drago36 21 February 2013 20: 45
    Something more and more seems that war with amers cannot be avoided, their arrogance has no limit (
  14. lexat7
    lexat7 21 February 2013 22: 06
    Fucking democracy .. Today again, the kids were hit ... bastards. Burn to all of you in hell, rootless creatures! am
  15. baku1999
    baku1999 21 February 2013 22: 14
  16. aleks71
    aleks71 21 February 2013 22: 26
    I still do not quite understand the position of our authorities
    Well, you can’t endlessly just try, with some vague phrases, on a very specific situation .. You can collect information. UNFINABLE, who supplies. Who is fighting and where, etc. To declare publicly ... and demand by the whole world community that have stopped lawlessness .. And then it’s interesting, everyone knows, make meaningful faces and everyone is silent and lawlessness continues ..
    1. rubber_duck
      rubber_duck 22 February 2013 16: 41
      Quote: aleks71
      and demand by the whole world community that they would stop lawlessness

      Wake up buddy! "The entire world community" can demand (and achieve!) Only if there is an active military-political force on the other side of the scale. All three components are important: 1) military, 2) political, 3) active. If anything, there used to be Russia (Rus, USSR) at this place ... But there is no Russian Federation at this place ...
  17. ovaron
    ovaron 21 February 2013 22: 50
    Exactly, it is necessary, as in an old joke, to send 20 thousand eggs to help the Syrian government troops, in "special packaging"
    1. Oleg Rosskiyy
      Oleg Rosskiyy 21 February 2013 23: 12
      Quote: ovaron
      send 20 thousand eggs to help the Syrian government forces, in "special packaging"

      More smoke bombs to protect against snipers.
  18. Forest
    Forest 22 February 2013 09: 16
    The Syrian people have the most important thing in the war - an incorruptible government and a people who believe in it. While it will be a victory for the enemies do not wait.
    1. Sandov
      Sandov 22 February 2013 20: 05
      Yes, you are 100% right. Without popular determination to defend their homeland, the Syrian government would not have lasted a day.