The mayor of Kharkov urges city residents not to rush into switching to the Ukrainian language

The mayor of Kharkov urges city residents not to rush into switching to the Ukrainian language

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin previously publicly stated that the purpose of the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces in the north and other parts of the Kharkov region is to create a buffer zone to ensure the safety of residents of the border Russian regions from attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but not to capture the regional center itself, it seems that even people do not believe in this Ukrainian officials on the ground. A rather unexpected statement was made by the head of the Kharkov city administration, Igor Terekhov, appointed by Kiev.

In an interview with the British news channel BBC News, the Kharkov Gauleiter suddenly called on city residents not to rush into a complete transition to the Ukrainian language (language), as required by the country’s legislation.

There are families who enter several lines (in Ukrainian) a day, and there are those who have switched irrevocably. This can be felt throughout the city. But don’t push, let the Kharkovites, who have spoken Russian for decades, move at the pace at which they can

— the city mayor actually urged Kharkov residents not to rush to switch to the language.

At the same time, for those who continue to use the Russian language, which is now generally banned in Ukraine, a fine of 3,5 thousand hryvnia (about 7,5 thousand rubles) is provided. Terekhov admitted to a British journalist that he himself continues to use the Russian language, for which he has already paid one fine and was allegedly issued a second one.

However, the head of the city administration does not consider Kharkov a Russian city. According to him, all this is a “harmful and deliberately created myth” that was promoted by Russian media. Apparently, he means the newspapers of tsarist Russia, published in the provincial Kharkov.

Yes, our residents were often carriers of the Russian cultural code and more often Russian-speaking, but this did not make them less or worse Ukrainians

- said the mayor of Kharkov, who prefers to pay fines but speak a “foreign” language.

However, as some commentators write not entirely correctly regarding the statements of the Kharkov leader, he has long been opposed to the forced Ukrainization of the country. At the end of August last year, in an interview with the French news agency France Presse (AFP), Terekhov said that imposing a boycott of the Russian language in Ukraine could lead to resistance from citizens.

Insisting that people give up Russian is not the best way

- Terekhov spoke out then, however, after that he had to publicly justify himself for these words.

He would just have to decide who he really is - a Ukrainian, although such a nationality does not exist ethnically, or a Russian, which he is genetically, but it turns out, taking into account the payment of fines for refusing to switch to the language, also culturally. Otherwise, the Russian President, taking into account the operational situation, may “change his mind” about whether the Russian army will return the historically Russian Kharkov to its possessions.

There is no documentary evidence of the founding date of Kharkov. But in the Geographical and Statistical Dictionary of Pyotr Semyonov - Tan-Shansky it is said that the governor of Chuguev Sukhotin was sent a royal letter in 1651, in which it was ordered “... to send the Warrior Selifontov to build a fortress (city) in Kharkov and then take him into his command all Kharkov and Khoroshevsky Cherkassy." Circassians were the name given to Russians who moved from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to lands that belonged to the Moscow state.

Selifonov coped with the task and built a fortress. From the Cossacks living around Kharkov, he formed the Kharkov Sloboda Cossack Regiment. From that time on, governors with service people, appointed from Moscow, lived in Kharkov.

In general, the South-East of modern Ukraine is lands that never belonged to the Hetmanate, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, or the Principality of Lithuania. For a long time they were part of the Russian (Russian) state, which allowed Little Russians (who fled from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), mainly Cossacks, Bulgarians, Serbs, Moldovans, Germans and other non-indigenous peoples, to settle there.
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  1. +13
    3 July 2024 12: 44
    He seems to know something)))

    In general, the mayor of Kharkov is a Banderaite! And he needs to be sent to Styopka.
    1. +5
      3 July 2024 13: 06
      .........but that did not make them less or worse Ukrainians

      We were convinced of this by the example of the bandits from “Kraken” and other ultras such as “football” fans.
    2. +1
      3 July 2024 13: 32
      With a little one. With a small letter and a couple of mistakes are required.
    3. +6
      3 July 2024 14: 13
      There is definitely no need to study the Ukrainian language in Kharkov. Waste of time.
      Kharkov doesn’t have long to stay in Ukraine. Yes
  2. +1
    3 July 2024 12: 46
    A Ukrainian is not a badass!
    A Ukrainian is a converted Russian.
    1. +1
      5 July 2024 07: 59
      Did you understand what you wrote? Khkhly are the descendants of the Zaporozhye Cossacks resettled by Catherine II to the territory of the modern Southern Federal District of Russia. Ukrainians as a nation were created by Austria-Hungary and the Poles on the territory of Western Ukraine. Most Russians believe that Alaska was also sold to the Americans by Catherine II, although at that time she had already been in the grave for a long time, nothing special, in the USA, too, dead people participate in elections. Gentlemen, don’t embarrass yourself, don’t write nonsense and don’t show your failures in education. To say that Ukrainian = xhol is from the same series that all Don Cossacks are Russian, therefore all Russian Don Cossacks. Stereotypic thinking will not lead to anything good. Don, Kuban (khkhly), Ural, Terek, Amur Cossacks are an estate, a military estate. All residents of Little Russia could not be entirely Khkhlyas, just as residents of Russia could not be Cossacks. Learn history. Here is a link to the article.
  3. +8
    3 July 2024 12: 50
    Terekhov said what he said and nothing more. He said it for his own people. Unfortunately, many of our propagandists are hopelessly stupid; you shouldn’t pull an owl on the globe, because you can’t win the information war this way.
    1. 0
      3 July 2024 13: 15
      Terekhov for his own people must be subjected to “total mobilization” and even in Russian, even with his stormtroopers, even with ours wassat
  4. kvv
    3 July 2024 12: 58
    this is a typical degenerate who betrayed his ancestors and his history, these are the ones who must be exterminated first
  5. +6
    3 July 2024 13: 10
    If you take Kharkov, they will shell Kharkov, just as they are now shelling Sevastopol and Donetsk.
    No, we took the NVO somewhere in the wrong direction.
    Initially, the Russian people thought that ALL of Ukraine would be denazified and demilitarized.
    Well, how can we solve this problem now, when the Abrams are already in service, the F-16 is on the way, and the supply of tactical nuclear weapons will soon begin to be discussed?
  6. +5
    3 July 2024 13: 15
    You have come to our land. If you don’t like it, take your stones and boards and move back to the Carpathians. We have documents for everything. But we do not recognize the decision of the Russophobes. We have not given anything to anyone and will not give anything to anyone.
  7. +2
    3 July 2024 13: 16
    What can be assumed... he is afraid of an uproar among the masses if Ukrainization is carried out at an accelerated pace. Does he need it?
  8. +1
    3 July 2024 13: 28
    No need at all. The invented Surzhik will not be useful.
  9. -1
    3 July 2024 18: 36
    The mayor of Kharkov urges city residents not to rush into switching to the Ukrainian language

    Hmm, that’s a blast for you, but before the war in Kharkov almost Ukrainian was not used.
  10. -2
    4 July 2024 04: 03
    What is it like to be Russian genetically? Do different peoples have different genetics? Or is this some kind of figure of speech?
  11. HAM
    8 July 2024 14: 12
    " accept into your management all the Kharkov and Khoroshevsky Cherkasy". Circassians called Russians...."
    Maybe, after all, Cherkasy, and not Circassians?Circassians- people in the North Caucasus...
  12. 0
    11 July 2024 00: 29
    Quote: Sergey Prutkov55
    You have come to our land. If you don’t like it, take your stones and boards and move back to the Carpathians. We have documents for everything. But we do not recognize the decision of the Russophobes. We have not given anything to anyone and will not give anything to anyone.

    Eeeee, the Carpathians are also ours!!! IN
    Warsaw and only to Warsaw!!! The masters of the slaves are tired of waiting, they want to drag them by their forelocks.