Mental security in modern warfare. Manipulation of meanings

Mental security in modern warfare. Manipulation of meanings

Mental security is the main aspect of any war of all times and peoples.

As A.V. Suvorov said: “victory is won not with hands and feet, but with the soul" In other words, first in the head, and then on the battlefield. The main victory is the victory of meanings. In the modern world, mental security takes on special significance, since the consequences of war can be much more fatal.

The West and Israel are well aware of the importance of mental struggle and have been boldly and skillfully exacerbating it recently.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson, when voting on the allocation of the next tranche of aid to Ukraine and Israel, said: “Supporting Israel is what the Bible advises us to do.”

In the United States, Democrats, Republicans, Protestants, and Talmudic rabbis are united in this narrative. Republican Congressman Rick Allen even claims that "there is a curse from God for refusing to help Israel and the Jews."

Worldview basis of Russophobia

This concerns us directly: in Western apocalyptic scenarios of the battle between good and evil, Russia is portrayed as a representative of the forces of evil, and the Russian people are dehumanized as “opposing the “people of God.” Thus, the semantic ideological basis of Russophobia is laid.

As proof, Protestant and neo-Jewish preachers and politicians refer to the prophet Ezekiel, Josephus and the interpretations of the Talmudic sages. However, their version does not stand up to deeper analysis: they selectively adjust quotes to their point of view, ignoring passages that contradict them in the same sources.

Westerners are prone to superficial perceptions, so they willingly believe in this distorted version, which allows them to accuse others of atrocities. Unfortunately, many Russian-cultural people also share this point of view. Moreover, this worldview and its proponents enjoy the support of our government, which threatens national security.

What do the sources really say?

Prophet Ezekiel: “And the word of the Lord came to me: Son of man! Turn your face to Gog in the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him. And say: here I am against you, Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal.”

By these names, based on distant consonance, Talmudists and Protestant sectarians in the West understand Russia, Moscow and Tobolsk.

In reality, “prince Rosh” is translated as “chief prince,” and Magog, Meshech and Tubal are the sons of Japheth.

The rabbis also refer to “Jewish Antiquities” by Josephus, Book One, Ch. 6, which tells about the genealogy of the sons of Japheth: “Magog laid the foundation for that people who from him received the name Magog, and by them (the Greeks) are called Scythians.”

Based on these words, biased interpreters conclude that the land of Magog is Russia.

We have no reason to reject the point of view of I. Flavius ​​about the origin of the Scythians, just as there is no reason to neglect what he writes just below: “Fauvel laid the foundation for the Fauvelians, who are called by our contemporaries Iberians. The Mosohens, whose ancestor is Mosoh, now bear the name Cappadocians».

The peoples of the Caucasus living between the Caspian and Black Seas were called Iberians/Ivers.

The Cappadocians lived south of the Caucasus and partly in the Crimea, as they crossed the Pontus. They had nothing to do with the Slavic tribes. Moreover, the Scythians are considered an Iranian-speaking tribe, but in any case, according to my father stories Herodotus, their language differed from the language of the more northern Slavic tribes.

Where did the peoples of Magog, Mosoch and Tubal live?

The answer is already obvious: Crimea, the northern Black Sea region, lands north of the Caspian Sea, which was then called the Khazar Sea, in the Caucasus and south of the Caucasus in the territory of Cappadocia. But it's nothing more than territory of the Khazar Khaganate.

The Jewish Encyclopedia also says that Magog was located beyond the Caucasian ridge near the Caspian Sea, that is, where Khazaria was, and in geographical terms it is not at all ancient Rus' that correlates with Gog and Magog.

Moreover, during the Khazar Kaganate there was no doubt about this. Rabbi Hisdai ibn Shaprut (Jewish sage and politician of Spain of the 9th century) in his message to the Khazar king called him "Prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal."

In addition to the Old Testament, the Scriptures of the New Testament are also the authority for Christians. This is what the Revelation of John says about the geographic area of ​​Gog and Magog in the last days.

“When the thousand years are ended, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations that are at the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, and gather them together for battle.”

It is more likely that the nations "at the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog" are the nations in dispersion who will gather in the Holy Land. Why nations, and not people, will become clear below.

In Western political and military thought there are no categories of “good” or “bad”; in war, all means are good, and one of the main tools is lies. Former Secretary of State Michael Pompeo spoke directly about this: “I was the director of the CIA. We lied, we cheated, we stole. We had entire training courses about this.”

And two thousand years earlier, Christ said to the Pharisees: “Your father is the devil; and you want to fulfill the lusts of your father... When he speaks a lie, he speaks his own way, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” (John 8:44).

It is necessary to understand that modern Kabbalists and Talmudists are the spiritual heirs of the Pharisees. This is confirmed by the Jewish Encyclopedia: “The teachings of the Pharisees form the basis of Halakha and modern Judaism.”

As part of the mental struggle, the neo-Jews carried out two very successful spiritual substitutions: they appropriated someone else's national and someone else's religious identity.

Appropriation of someone else's national identity

National, since they refused to be the heirs of the multi-tribal Khazaria and declared themselves exclusively Semites. They can be understood, it is easier to present hereditary rights to Palestine.

At the same time, they shift their original Khazar identity onto the Russians. Over the centuries and millennia, many tribes have mixed in the vastness of our great homeland. We have a lot of Scythian, Jewish and Uyghur blood, but Russians are predominantly a Slavic people, formed, among other things, on the fragments of the Khazar Kaganate, the land of Magog, defeated by Prince Svyatoslav.

Among the Khazars themselves there were also Semitic Jews, mainly from the tribe of Dan, but the blood of the Khazars predominated - steppe dwellers of different nationalities and tribes. This is confirmed by DNA analysis of modern Jews - carriers of various haplogroups. An outstanding specialist in the field of DNA genealogy, Professor A. Klesov, said, for example, that there are more Semites in Orthodox Greece than in neo-Jewish Israel.

It is very interesting that Ashkenaz - the grandson of Japheth - by direct consonance should be the forefather of the Ashkenazis, but then they will be forced to recognize themselves as Japhetites, and not Semites.

What do Ashkenazi Jews themselves say about their ethnicity?

Benjamin Friedman in his work “The Truth about the Khazars” he argued that “the Jews of Eastern Europe have never been Semites, and they are not Semites now.” In his opinion, "England had as much right to promise Palestine to the Jews as if the United States had promised Japan to Ireland."

Andrew Winkler: “Modern Jewry has three different ethnic groups... The largest (90%) are the European Khazars or Ashkenazis, who are descendants of the ethnic Turkic Khazars. The second largest group makes up 8%. These are Afro-Iberian Sephardim who are also not Semites. They are descendants of a tribe of North African Berbers who converted to Judaism in the 2rd century AD. BC, and only XNUMX% of modern Jews are Eastern Jews, who are of truly Israeli, Semitic origin."

Arthur Koestler: Based on numerous evidence from historians, Koestler comes to the conclusion that “The majority of Jews living in Europe, North and South America have their roots in the Volga and Caucasus and are not Semites at all” (“The Thirteenth Tribe”).

Marek Halter in the book “Khazar Empire”: "Some of the Khazars integrated into the Russian kingdom, but most of them fled to Central Europe."

Echoes him and Martin Gilbert in his book “5 Years of Jewish History” and states that after the destruction of Khazaria, some Khazar Jews settled in the Mediterranean, many in southern Russia, and another, larger group of Jews settled along the Rhine.

Thus, Jewish researchers themselves claim that modern Ashkenazi Jews are genetically related to the Turkic and Uyghur tribes, and not to the Middle Eastern Semitic Jews.

To complete the picture, let’s add the opinion of modern Khazar politicians.

B. Filatov, mayor of the city of Dnepr: “Ukraine is the homeland of the Jews. Dot!"

We don't argue with anyone. Ukraine is Ukraine, period, period. Moreover, this is true, at least about Southern Ukraine. But then we ask you to enlighten us about what your relationship to Palestine is, and why you are shifting your legitimate and in some places even respected historical ethnicity onto the Russians.

Prime Minister of Israel B. Netanyahu: In December 2022, Netanyahu published a list of goals and priorities for the new cabinet, including a statement that nationalist ideology would now serve as its guiding light: “The Jewish people,” it said, “have an exclusive and inalienable right to all parts of the Land of Israel.”

According to international law, recognition of Israel automatically implies the creation of a Palestinian state, since the UN General Assembly resolution of November 29, 1947 provides for the division of Palestine into two states.

Netanyahu declares the historically and legally dubious right of modern Israel to “all parts of the land of Israel” to be exclusive and inalienable. Compare this with the position of Russia, which is inconsistent in its historical right to “all parts of the Russian Land” and behaves connivingly towards countries that pose a military or cultural-civilizational threat to our national security.

In the second part we will consider the question of how modern Jewish Kabbalists appropriated someone else's religious identity.
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  1. +6
    7 July 2024 04: 41
    Well, that's it... it's time for the author to dry the crackers... he encroached on something sacred.
    Looking at how modern Jews enthusiastically destroy Palestinians and occupy their lands with the support of the United States, fun times await us.
    The article is interesting...we need to think about its content.
    1. +3
      7 July 2024 06: 37
      If you dig deeper, the fraternal peoples are Semites smile And where is whose land is it a question of questions... Apparently, they also laid a “mine” once wink
    2. +7
      7 July 2024 08: 54
      What do you care about the Jews, “evil takes the guts out”, that they do what they see fit without looking at anyone, and the Russian Federation only does what the “white master” from overseas allows? Get your own things in order, and then worry about the “Palestinian brothers.”
      1. 0
        7 July 2024 09: 52
        Quote from AdAstra
        What do you care about Jews?

        The Jews themselves really wanted to draw attention to themselves; they really liked to talk about the Holocaust. And then they began to feel shy about attention.
        Quote from AdAstra
        They don’t do what they think is necessary without looking at anyone, and the Russian Federation only does what the “white master” from overseas allows?

        Well said. Netanyahu hit the table with his fist and said: “The States are not a decree for us, take your handouts, we will do what we want. We created our own country in the struggle, we will live on our own, no one is decreeing us.”
        Damn, it's funny to read messages like this.
      2. +2
        7 July 2024 20: 19
        Quote from AdAstra
        And what do you care about the Jews, “evil takes the guts out”, that they do what they see fit without looking at anyone,

        And it’s such that the “New Khazaria” of Jewish immigrants is already knocking on our doors. It doesn't even knock, it breaks.
        In 2012, the world's largest (with an area of ​​120 thousand sq. m.) Jewish community (cultural and business) center “Menorah” was opened in Dnepropetrovsk.
        In one of his speeches to the community on the holiday of Purim on March 16, 2014, the Dnipropetrovsk rabbi said: “We have been living together with Ukrainians for 1000 years. And Ukraine is our Land."
        In 2011-2014 The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to Ukraine was Reuven Dinel (born in Lithuania, his mother is a native of Odessa, his wife is also from Odessa). In 1969, his family immigrated to Israel. He graduated from the University of Haifa (faculty of political science and international relations) and the IDF Higher Military Academy.
        In an interview with the Jewish Observer (an information and analytical publication of the Confederation of Jews of Ukraine), Rauven Dinel said: “Here (in Ukraine) there is a colossal field for my activities. If only because for centuries Ukraine was one of the world's largest centers of Jewish civilization. Here Hasidism arose and on a practical level, and not in abstract theory, the Zionist movement. Ukraine is the birthplace of great writers and poets who wrote in Yiddish and Hebrew, as well as a number of Israeli statesmen, including presidents and prime ministers. I consider it very important to focus attention on this, to remind Israelis of the “Ukrainian” origins of our statehood and national culture."
        The prospect for the residents of Novorossiya to become Palestinians is quite obvious. Moreover, it is much easier for our people to change their mentality than for Palestinians or Muslims in general.
    3. +2
      10 July 2024 16: 40
      I'm shaking with disgust. And that's why.
      1. Since when has the Bible become a source of scientific knowledge? Maybe then we need to announce that Jonah was actually swallowed by a whale, that Joshua stopped the Sun and the Moon, that Jesus Christ walked on water and performed other miracles? Maybe scientific knowledge - history, archeology,
      Is it time to abolish paleontology, and at the same time physics, chemistry, and mathematics, replacing them with the Word of God? And what difference does it make from whom Jews, Russians and other peoples descended, and where someone’s ancestors lived five thousand years ago? Is this a basis for revising borders, for expelling some and resettling others? Don’t you want to return the Hungarians and Finns to the lands of the Finno-Ugric? And this is very reminiscent of the reasoning of one Aryan about the rights of the descendants of the Indo-Aryan tribes.
      2. It’s enough for me that my grandfathers, parents, I myself and my children live here, that they with weapons repeatedly proved their right to Russia, that many of my friends do not have Slavic roots at all, and their grandfathers fought together with my grandfather against the common enemy - and without citing dubious sources like the Bible or Josephus.
  2. +3
    7 July 2024 04: 49
    Southern Ukraine is the land of the Nogai Tatars, from Bessarabia to the North Caucasus. Jews could appear there along with Turkish towns on the coast, but the mass settlement was already under the protection of the Russian Empire.
    1. +1
      7 July 2024 05: 07
      Probably earlier, most likely with the Greeks.
  3. +3
    7 July 2024 05: 34
    I remember a TV report about a conversation between a journalist and German Gref. A volume of Kabbalah on a shelf regularly came into view... Even then I thought: “Can a high-ranking manager or employee also be abnormal at the same time?”

    If super-duper energetic, obvious half-psychopaths, half-maniacs infiltrate the big bosses, things are bad.
    1. -1
      8 July 2024 17: 05
      Gref appointed himself a German, drag it))) well, then I’ll be an Assyrian from Bobruisk, I swear by the health of that German))
  4. -6
    7 July 2024 05: 35
    I completely agree. Moreover, the trident of Ukraine is a Khazar sign. Those. As soon as this coat of arms was adopted in Ukraine, war with Russia was declared. And the Russian leadership knew about this 30 years ago, that there would be a war. This is why Zhirinovsky has been talking about the war in Ukraine since the early 2000s. Because Khazar Jews challenged the Russians for their defeat 1000 years ago. And it is the Jews who are waging war with Russia in Ukraine. And that is why all laws on mobilization in Ukraine are the utilization of the local population.
    And exactly what is happening in Ukraine now speaks of the complete incompetence of the Russian leadership at best. At worst, about a complete conspiracy with the Jews to dispose of the Russians.
    1. +6
      7 July 2024 09: 36
      Oleg. If you undertake to write about some historical events, it would be nice to know history, well, at least at the Wikipedia level.
      The Khazars were never Jews. Here is how Wikipedia interprets the origin of the Khazars:
      "The following hypotheses have been put forward regarding the origin of the Khazars and their ancestral homeland:
      - The Khazars are descendants of the Hun tribe Akatsir, known in Europe since the 5th century (A.V. Gadlo, O. Pritsak).
      - The Khazars are of Uighur origin, from the Central Asian Kho-sa people mentioned in Chinese sources. (D. Dunlop).
      - The Khazars are descendants of the Hephthalites who migrated to the Caucasus from Khorasan (Eastern Iran) (D. Ludwig).
      - The Khazars come from a tribal union formed by the Ogurs, Savirs and, at the final stage, the Altai Turks (P. Golden, M. I. Artamonov, A. P. Novoseltsev, D. Nemeth)."
      And the trident of Ukraine was never a Khazar sign, it is a stylized image of the deity of heavenly fire, a falcon, called in some chronicles “Rurik’s falcon”; it was the personal sign of some princes from the Rurik dynasty, in particular Vladimir the Great and Yaroslav the Wise.
      1. +4
        7 July 2024 10: 43
        There is an eternal confusion here between Jews as a people and Jews as a religious community. The Khazars are Ann-Mass Turks but Judaists (partially). The same Palestinians are not just Semites, but, in fact, are closely related to historical Jews but not Jews.
      2. 0
        7 July 2024 20: 46
        Quote: bug120560
        If you undertake to write about some historical events, it would be nice to know history, well, at least at the Wikipedia level.
        The Khazars were never Jews.

        You simply do not understand the meaning of the term "Khazars". This is not an ethnonym. Just as the concepts “Soviet” or “Russian people” are not ethnonyms. The Khazars were the totality of Turkic peoples who were under the control of the Jewish elite. That is, the people in Khazaria were Turkic, and the managerial elite was Jewish. The same thing is now happening in Ukraine and Russia , where oligarchs or Jews or related to them, where the media are controlled by Jews, etc., where a new caste of untouchables has emerged.
        1. +1
          9 July 2024 07: 51
          Stop talking outright nonsense, if you are going to make historical comparisons, then you better study history. There was never a Jewish elite in the Khazar Kaganate, and before
          creation of the Khaganate, the Khazars were an ordinary nomadic people with a tribal system and the worship of spirits. The only thing that connects Jews and the Khazar Khaganate is a common religion. Only in those days, Judaism, along with early Christianity, was one of the most widespread monotheistic religions.
  5. -2
    7 July 2024 05: 42
    For the sake of truth, we must still admit that ALL the media and all mass culture are under the control of “God’s chosen” people... More precisely, individual representatives... Therefore, it is inappropriate to talk about mental security.. By the way, this is also Comrade. Hitler (I am not a supporter of ideology) emphasized in his “Drinking Tables...”
    1. 0
      7 July 2024 08: 49
      For many modern “patriots,” Hitler is not only a comrade, but also a teacher. Although they are trying to disown

      For Hitler argued that the inferiority of a people is determined NOT by their ability to create a State for themselves on their land.
      And here we have: “... these came and are doing this, and those came and seized everything and are doing that...” - this is precisely the main thesis of the “Russian patriots”.
      1. -1
        7 July 2024 09: 18
        The main idea is not about Hitler... Hitler is like that, for example... You got it - “there is an elderberry in the garden, and there is a guy in Kyiv.”
  6. +6
    7 July 2024 06: 05
    Ever since man appeared on Earth, he needed God. This was his spiritual support. We try to pull the blanket of the past over ourselves, having learned a lot of new things about the Earth itself, Space, the Universe. But for several centuries people were told something completely different about the creation of all this splendor. As soon as religion falls under the power of political forces, it turns into sectarianism. Everyone is trying to prove their closeness to the Almighty. And even take on His functions. “The Hour of Judgment Day.” Is this a sign or a simple fiction? And this can be said endlessly.
    1. +1
      8 July 2024 09: 36
      Quote: Nikolay Malyugin
      As soon as a religion falls under the control of political forces, it turns into sectarianism.
      Faith, an urgent need of humanity, has always been there, in particular, faith in God, in general, in higher powers. It all started with shamans and priests, sacred streams and groves, idols, from small settlements to mass worship, this is how religion appeared, which initially became an instrument of influence and profit, that is, it became part of politics. As society developed, religion also changed, declaring everything previous to be paganism and heresy. How long have Christian churchmen adhered to the model of the world according to Ptolemy, where the Earth was the center of the universe, how many “heretics” the Inquisition burned at the stake, now the same Vatican recognizes the possibility of alien life.
      Faith and religion... Religion is money, influence, priests have essentially become pimps of faith, making money from it, and arrogating to themselves the monopoly right to speak on behalf of God.
      There is, without a doubt, a Creator; DNA will not write itself, just as a million monkeys will never accidentally print four volumes of “War and Peace” by simply knocking on the keys of typewriters. Computer programs cannot be written on their own. All evolution according to Darwin rests on why all the monkeys did not turn into people, and the lobe-finned fish, like the cockroach, has not changed for millions of years. Only what was initially included in the development program changes. God exists, but he does not care about priests and politicians, with their parasitism on faith in the Creator.
  7. +3
    7 July 2024 06: 49
    About Fuval/Tobolsk - very much.))
  8. +2
    7 July 2024 07: 16
    . In other words, first in the head, and then on the battlefield. The main victory is the victory of meanings.

    With Banderland it’s clear. You won't find common sense there! But what about bourgeois Russia? What is its all-conquering meaning? I think that the topic of the article is not fully covered!
    1. +2
      7 July 2024 11: 47
      Russian meaning: to live, live and make good.

      The Russian fairy tale is the best “antidote” against cult and scientific-philosophical methods of fooling. Religions - under the Jesuits. Sciences are under charlatans.

      And yes, the Russian meaning is not in the plane of worldview, but in the scope of worldview.
    2. +2
      8 July 2024 09: 49
      Quote: Stas157
      But what about bourgeois Russia?
      If there was an unconstitutional coup in Kyiv, and the Kiev government is not legal, then what happened in Moscow in 1991, and how legal was it? If all our oligarchs have selfish connections with the West, then they are agents of foreign influence. These agents of the West, after predatory privatization, became the masters of Russia, they own everything, not the people. So, think about “is there life on Mars”...
  9. 0
    7 July 2024 10: 13
    Prophet Ezekiel: “And the word of the Lord came to me: Son of man! Turn your face to Gog in the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him. And say: here I am against you, Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal.”

    By these names, based on distant consonance, Talmudists and Protestant sectarians in the West understand Russia, Moscow and Tobolsk.

    The author, if he decided to work in the field of agitprop, should know that low-quality propaganda has the opposite effect and should still read at least a little before writing.
    The version that the Slavs in general and the Russians in particular descend from the sixth son of Japheth, Mosoch, appeared in the 16th century. Moreover, neither Talmudists nor sectarians have anything to do with its emergence; the version was put forward by Polish history writers.
    In Russia, this version found full support in the first printed work on Russian history, the Synopsis, published in 1674.
    And so from Mosoh, the forefather of the Slavic Russians, according to his successor, not only Moscow is a great people, but all of Rus' or the above-named Russia came into being, even if in some countries little in words has changed, but they speak in the same Slavic language

    And all the first Russian historians, up to and including Tatishchev, did not question this version.
    And only the now reviled Miller and Schlozer questioned it and laid the foundation for its criticism.
    1. +1
      7 July 2024 15: 54
      Who is from which tribe is all speculation of religion (well, you need to somehow legitimize your existence and the right to extortion) You might think that somewhere there are chronicles of the first Neanderthals so that they can be used to calculate who came from whom and where they got to. And if not, then all these are late speculations of religious bosses (Byzantium, Islam, the Vatican, Jews, everyone needs to justify their right to power). Arguments more often come down to, well, believe me, I swear to my mother, yes! And whoever doesn’t believe it will be burned at the stake.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. 0
        9 July 2024 12: 29
        legalize the right to exactions

        In the early 1980s, we collected money for a peace fund at work. First 50 kopecks, then 1 ruble.
        (they said later: the authorities came, we need to give them something to drink and feed)
        And in the 1990s they robbed us completely. And they want to force us to pray to God.
  10. +6
    7 July 2024 10: 25
    The respected author decided to share laurels with Andrei Devyatov. drinks
    But there must be only one person left at this peak. Two is already too many.
    In the second part we will consider the question of how modern Jewish Kabbalists appropriated someone else's religious identity.

    I believe that we should leave the Kabbalists and other greedy globalists alone, it is not their fault that we have Chinese self-tapping screws in our stores. "We can move our mustache ourselves"laughing
  11. -2
    7 July 2024 15: 25
    I really liked the article! Respect to the author! Much has become clearer and I have learned something new for myself. I can't wait for part 2
  12. 0
    7 July 2024 15: 47
    Absolute mental security is guaranteed only by blind, unconditional faith in the official media, as well as control over them with the absolute eradication of other sources of information and access to them. Something like this happened somewhere, and more than once.
  13. +1
    7 July 2024 19: 04
    Once again they bring us true faith, culture, civilization, progress, freedom (even the Fuhrer, it turns out, brought us freedom), democracy, order and who knows what else. Now a bunch of people have been added inside Russia (including “precious specialists).” And they never end, it’s all rubbish.
  14. -1
    7 July 2024 19: 39
    All this, of course, is not Slavic, not Indo-Aryan. Why do I need to know all this foreign stuff? And further - Who allowed Hollywood films to be shown in our country? Let me study history that doesn’t concern me? It’s good that the Internet is free now, although a lot of my time has already been spent studying other people’s things. Not everything is visible at once, everything is according to the laws of cosmology. Even astronomy was removed from school. And you say.
  15. +3
    7 July 2024 21: 41
    A confusing article that instantly replaced the meaning of “Manipulation of Meanings” with the Jewish question.
    In real life - “Mental security in modern war” - just remember how they instantly forgot the promoted “grandmother with a red flag”, “killer of Russian pilots” and “thrice hero”

    Whoever has money and power is the one who manipulates meanings.... alas
  16. +1
    8 July 2024 09: 14
    Quite a strange article.

    If you look at the entire history of mankind, it turns out that the people occupy the territory that they managed to take and hold, no more and no less.
  17. +1
    8 July 2024 10: 56
    In addition to the article: “for some reason” there are no questions anywhere. Let's say, what is a state? How did it appear, why is it, why is it the way it is and can it be different in reality? What is this democracy, freedom, progress and so on. This is the horror: not only are there no questions, they seem to not even arise. Stalin should be revered, or something, until it is annulled.