Sergei Ustyantsev on why the Object 140 and Object 430 tanks did not go into production

Sergei Ustyantsev on why the Object 140 and Object 430 tanks did not go into production

It is no secret that it is simply impossible to create a tank that could remain relevant for many decades - in any case, it will become obsolete and will no longer meet the military’s requirements for firepower and armor protection. Therefore, no matter how modern the tank is today, they are already looking for a more advanced replacement for tomorrow.

This process is quite natural, since technological progress does not stand still. More powerful projectiles appear that you need to defend against. The armor of enemy vehicles, which must be penetrated, also becomes more powerful.

To a certain extent, you can get out of the situation by modernizing existing equipment, but ultimately switching to new Tanks will still be necessary.

However, sometimes it happens that a new machine itself becomes obsolete even before it is put into production. This is exactly what happened with the Object 140 and Object 430 tanks, which were developed as part of the new medium tank program in the 1950s.

Both of them, if we do not take into account the technical shortcomings and miscalculations, especially of the Object 140, had some superiority over their predecessor, the T-54. However, no prospects for the future were given in the version in which they were implemented.

This was especially true for armor, which could still be suitable in the conditions of past years, when ordinary armor-piercing shells dominated the battlefield. But taking into account the spread and growth of armor penetration of cumulative weapons, there was no need to count on it.

Nevertheless, the developments on these tanks were useful in the future.

So, on the basis of the “Object 430” the well-known T-64 was created. And the 140th served as some technical groundwork during the development of the Tagil T-72.

Details about this stories said Candidate of Historical Sciences, scientific editor of the public relations department of OJSC NPK Uralvagonzavod, historian Sergei Ustyantsev.

We offer you a video with his rather informative story for viewing.

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    28 June 2024 06: 27
    " is simply impossible to create a tank that could remain relevant for many decades..."

    If only you could look at the victorious Tilivizer, uncle, there are tanks there that are 50-60 years old, and they are highly praised there.
    Aviation is also 40-50 years old. Self-propelled guns, small arms fire, artillery, vehicles, air defense, anti-tank systems, mines, Korean shells and so on, those same impossible, but still very relevant Soviet technologies.

    Have you seen a lot of weapons there really from the third decade of the 21st century? Except Chinese drones.

    Isn't this article too bold and thoughtless of sedition against our modern army? (Article 280.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) The nadys, which has recaptured its next 183 square meters from the enemy.

    It was even possible to blurt out that our very best tank in the world, the T-90, an impenetrable cold frame covered with corrugated sheets, originally from the 50s, is irrelevant!!!

    Doesn't this cast a shadow on our progressive, nanotechnological leadership, formed by a fashionable 6 technological way of life, that it has plunged the country into backwardness?
    Isn’t a shadow cast on the bright face of HIMSELF, our Unanimous One, from whom the West itself is horrified, judging by the daily headlines of our favorite media.
    1. 0
      28 June 2024 16: 44
      Well, to be honest, at the front are the “galoshes” of the USSR and their modernized samples and goods from Aliexpress, plus help from one Islamic Republic (I’m even afraid to think about what it received in return)....
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    28 June 2024 08: 58
    This video was published on YouTube a year ago.
    Since then, Ustyantsev has recorded several more videos.
    Does Eduard Perov have anything more to say?