A weapons expert explained what an anti-fragmentation suit is

A weapons expert explained what an anti-fragmentation suit is

The most common cause of injury and even death of military personnel in high-intensity armed conflicts is fragments from explosions of grenades, mines and shells. At the same time, not only body armor can protect against such damaging elements.

Gunsmith expert Konstantin Lazarev explained what an anti-fragmentation suit is and how it saves a soldier from injury.

According to the expert, the main material for making such suits is aramid fiber. In simple words, this is a special thread from which a multi-layer fabric is woven that traps damaging elements.

When a fragment gets into this tissue, it gets entangled. She delays him with her threads, and, accordingly, he does not penetrate the body

- Lazarev explained.

The expert spoke about the capabilities of such overalls using the example of the middle-class Cobalt-S product from a domestic manufacturer. According to him, such a suit is capable of protecting against fragments weighing up to 103 grams, fired at a speed of 430 m/s.

In addition, this anti-fragmentation overalls are resistant to thermal effects - protects against fire for 10 seconds.

The weight of this protective equipment is only 5 kg. At the same time, as Lazarev put it, it does not impede the fighter’s mobility.

The suit presented by the expert has the ability to initially attach tourniquets to the arms and legs, which allows them to be tightened as quickly as possible in case of injury, reinforcements on the elbows and knees, as well as 3D mesh areas on the back and chest, providing additional ventilation if added to body armor overalls.

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  1. -4
    28 June 2024 09: 17
    Who looked, does it say about the components from which this very fiber is made? Is it produced here in some Zazhopinsk or is it imported from China? Well, just understand the future reasons why the price of the product will change.
    1. 0
      28 June 2024 09: 49
      By the way, Chinese aramid is very high quality. And it is presented on our market in a wide variety of densities (you can always choose the one you need for a specific piece of equipment). But I have never seen domestic armida on sale (in rolls, in sections).
      1. 0
        28 June 2024 09: 50
        I don’t argue that the Chinese are improving quality. The only problem is that the price is not raised or there are no problems with payment.
        1. +1
          28 June 2024 09: 56
          Unfortunately, the price is not for narrow-eyed friends, but for our hucksters. Before SVO, a linear meter of aramid with a density of 400 g/m2 cost no more than 2K rubles. Now they are asking about 3K for a square one.
          1. 0
            28 June 2024 11: 02
            Has the dollar become cheaper?
            1. -1
              28 June 2024 12: 23
              The rate is the same as in 2022, but the prices are 3!!! have grown times.
    2. KCA
      28 June 2024 09: 51
      If you're interested, you could see for yourself, aramid is what they call a thread, which is better known in our country as Kevlar, and they make tons of it in Russia
      1. 0
        28 June 2024 10: 00
        They can make it in tons, but it can’t be obtained either privately or commercially. Those. or in general everything goes to the needs of the SVO or, excuse the frankness, it’s not enough in reports. I hope the first.
        1. KCA
          28 June 2024 10: 17
          Are you kidding me? Type “kevlar sale” and thousands of offers will pop up, both from our manufacturers and imports
          1. -1
            28 June 2024 12: 26
            From Russian manufacturers, send a link.
            1. KCA
              28 June 2024 12: 29
              easy, ya.ru and “Kevlar manufacturers Russia”, if you can’t handle this, then my direct links won’t help
              1. -1
                28 June 2024 15: 53
                Well, you had the strength to write this, so maybe you’ll make a little more effort and provide a link here.
                1. KCA
                  28 June 2024 16: 06
                  Your hands are too tired to type ya.ru, I understand it’s hard to type letters, I didn’t even write yandex.ru, but are you too lazy for that too? Or just a troll under the bridge?
                  1. -1
                    1 July 2024 10: 40
                    Hahaha, that's what I thought. You can’t find shit, but you’re trying to get away with something rotten.
                    1. KCA
                      1 July 2024 10: 43
                      Are you really a dumbass? The first link: https://gpd-corp.ru/
  2. -2
    28 June 2024 09: 53
    According to him, such a suit is capable of protecting against fragments weighing up to 103 grams, fired at a speed of 430 m/s.

    Why such numbers - 103 grams? laughing Usually they write 100 -+ 10.

    and 3D mesh areas on the back and chest to provide additional ventilation when adding body armor to the suit.

    Well, without armor, such suits are basically not used.