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Killing machines. Children in the war in Syria.

If this had happened in some other country, an international scandal would have long erupted, but since Syria is a target of particular importance for the West, the topic is hushed up. It's about how children and teenagers are drawn into the war against the “Bashar Assad regime”, how they are turned into killing machines ... Of course, Syria is not Uganda with its “Lord’s Army of Liberation” that has been active in the jungles of Africa for many years of children. At the same time, a video is already circulating on the Internet, where you can, for example, see a teenager surrounded by militants chopping off the head of a captive soldier. Media reports of a murdered teenager from Libya who went to Syria to "fight for the faith."

Independent journalist Malcolm Garcia talks to The New York Times about his conversations with representatives of the Free Syrian Army. One of them, named Akran Ahmed, is only 16 years old, and he says that “he doesn’t know what he will do when the war ends” (1). Without fighting, many of the current rebels will have to return to school or become unemployed, and in general the war in Syria, the journalist said, is absurd, since the militants have no idea what they will do if they can overthrow Assad.

Isolated cases of involvement of children in the carnage are becoming widespread, according to the publication from the United Arab Emirates The National. The publication, titled “Syrian Insurgents Turning Children into Killing Machines,” gives an interview with 38-year-old Syrian Army ex-sergeant Abdel Razzaq, who went over to the side of the terrorists. In his training group - twenty teenagers from 14 to 18 years, whom he coached in the building of a former school in the province of Aleppo. “When they come here, they are still children, but when they leave, they become real killing machines ... There are no more adult men in the villages. So now it's time for children to do military training ... Children are the best soldiers I have ever known. They obey all commands. Adults ask questions, and they need to be answered, and children don't ask unnecessary questions, ”says Razzaq (2).

Killing machines. Children in the war in Syria.

Among adolescents, there are children of the terrorists themselves. 15-year-old Musab has already killed, and 14-year-old Sobhi says that he came to fight with his father and his exploits await him. “I chose to go to the front myself for my father and brothers to see everything with my own eyes,” he says.

In one of the videos, filmed in the province of Deir Ez Zor, you can see a boy shooting from a machine gun, who is named the youngest of the militants. He introduces himself as Danny Walid, he is 14 years old.

At the same time, in the West, the Free Syrian Army is clearly playing along. UNICEF coordinator for the protection of children, Jean-Nicolas Biez, says that "active recruitment of children in Syria does not occur, young people come spontaneously, following the older family." Nevertheless, according to the norms of international law, this is a gross violation of children's rights. However, the UN officials are apparently not going to actively intervene in what is happening. Meanwhile, according to observers' reports, about three and a half thousand children have already died in Syria.

The conflict in Syria is marked not only by the involvement of minors in the fighting. Another side of this conflict is the presence in Syria of US citizens who are fighting on the side of the rebel gangs (3). So, in YouTube you can find a video posted by 15 in February by a certain Abu Adam Hurrani, an American mujahid from the United States. The Mujahid speaks English with a strong American accent and, according to the publication, represents the Jabat al-Nusra group, which claims to be the legal structure of the Syrian political opposition, but is included in the list of terrorist organizations by the US State Department.

An American terrorist says into the camera: “Bashar Assad, your days are numbered. You will burn in hellfire. You can try to escape right now if you can. You die, no matter how. Wherever you go, we will find you and kill you. Do you understand? ”There are other videos on the Internet with this Abu Adam Hurrani. At one of them, he was captured sitting in a jeep next to an Arab driver and shouting curses about him to the Syrian President.

The newspaper The Times of Israel confirms that in Syria there are indeed many US citizens (4) in the ranks of the Free Syrian Army. Mentioned, for example, is a certain Matthew Van Dyke, who had previously fought in Libya, and then went to search for military happiness in Syria, after which he returned safely to the United States. Van Dyke is not an ordinary fighter, he is also the creator of the NGO After the Revolution, an analyst working in the Middle East, a commentator for a US radio station, a blogger at Huffington Post (5).

And there are many such examples. The dirty, bloody adventure started by the West in Syria continues, it draws new people into its mouth, manages children's lives and, like the terrible Moloch, demands new victims.

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  1. DRY
    DRY 21 February 2013 07: 26
    There are no words, these are children, they, and since the sponge soaks up everything, and what will happen to them next ???? After...
    1. Uncle Serozha
      Uncle Serozha 21 February 2013 07: 41
      Quote: DRY
      There are no words, these are children, they, and since the sponge soaks up everything, and what will happen to them next ???? After...

      And this is of little concern to those who now with the help of these children are solving their momentary problems. "After us - even a flood" - their principle.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 21 February 2013 08: 03
      Quote: DRY
      these are children, and since the sponge absorbs everything, what will happen to them next?

      Then there will be a completely broken psyche. Then for them, killing will become as familiar as lunch or dinner. children are turned into a generation of soulless killers for whom a warrior will be the only possible and easy way to earn money. Life in one day without a future.
    3. afire
      afire 21 February 2013 09: 52
      and then imminent death, since such activity cannot go for the good, but on the contrary, against someone
      1. Dinver
        Dinver 21 February 2013 10: 11
        Nothing personal is just a business ...
    4. UPStoyan
      UPStoyan 21 February 2013 10: 36
      What will be clear next to them. If they don’t kill, they will establish Sharia all over the world all their lives.
    5. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 21 February 2013 13: 14
      For some reason, many blaming the United States are somehow modestly silent about Israel. But the role of Israel in this conflict is decisive.
      Oh yes, I forgot who most of the journalists are by nationality lol
    6. 755962
      755962 21 February 2013 13: 58
      Quote: DRY
      these are children, and they absorb everything since the sponge

      In Syria, the civil war continues. And the atrocities. So, a shocking video appeared on the Internet where a boy chopped off the head of a related hostage. He does this with a happy smile.
  2. rpek32
    rpek32 21 February 2013 07: 28
    Well, what will be the reaction of Russia?
    1. igor67
      igor67 21 February 2013 07: 33
      Quote: rpek32
      Well, what will be the reaction of Russia?

      nor what children and younger ones were used both in the Iran-Iraq conflict and throughout Africa, did you hear any reaction?
    2. ultra
      ultra 21 February 2013 14: 30
      Quote: rpek32
      Well, what will be the reaction of Russia

      It is logical to judge, there should be a reaction from the "friends of Syria" from the "democratic" gayrope and the United States, they also support the militants from the SSA!
  3. Che
    Che 21 February 2013 07: 46
    At the same time, in the West, the Free Syrian Army is clearly playing along. UNICEF Child Protection Coordinator Jean-Nicolas Biez assures that “there is no active recruitment of children in Syria, young people come spontaneously

    Beasts awaken the most base instincts, that’s what the coming of Antichrist says. West to the drum - let the Arabs crumble each other. In these conditions, the duty of all sane politicians to raise their voices in defense of the legitimate authorities in Syria. Syrian army speedy victory over the rat tribe.
    1. Grishka100watt
      Grishka100watt 21 February 2013 08: 32
      The Antichrist came a long time ago, this is the financial system in its current form, and its top is the Illuminati, who, upon entering this layer, take an oath to the devil.
  4. JonnyT
    JonnyT 21 February 2013 08: 30
    The fragile souls of minors are being recruited ......... they will be caught asking as if they were an adult ... Bandiukes don’t care, they just need to get reinforcements, once the children go to move, this says a lot about the state of the bandiuk’s human resources . All these young fighters will have one sad fate - death ... or from a bullet of Asad troops or death in poverty and exile
  5. Grishka100watt
    Grishka100watt 21 February 2013 08: 31
    The Antichrist came a long time ago, this is the financial system in its current form, and its top is the Illuminati, who, upon entering this layer, take an oath to the devil.
  6. Apollo
    Apollo 21 February 2013 08: 33
    Regarding the information I will write briefly, involving children in the conflict, adults consciously or not consciously make them future fighters. Their destiny for the rest of their lives will be the war where it matters, the main thing is that they will never find another use in life, never.
  7. Nayhas
    Nayhas 21 February 2013 09: 58
    And in the USSR they were proud of young heroes, even a series of books was of the type "heroes pioneers" and somehow it did not bother anyone that children were participating in the war.
    PS: in Chechnya, a 15-year-old kid of a fighter was taken prisoner, like hell you need it, you need to learn, but he infuriates me himself, but the whole class went to fight with us, I could not refuse ... This is from the stories about 1 Chechen.
  8. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 21 February 2013 10: 01
    Such "kids" have already grown up in Afghanistan and Chechnya. It is hard to believe that anything positive can be expected from them. recourse
  9. Hey
    Hey 21 February 2013 10: 14
    Maybe I'm a cynic, but I didn’t see anything supernatural or new, I wasn’t surprised at anything, it was, is and will be. Any ideology, be it black, blue, red or white, always prepared and used children in opposition.
    Let us recall at least the story of Valentin Kataev, "The lonely sail is white," whom the Bolsheviks used against the authorities during their uprising - children. At the same time, we were sure that everything was correct, children are heroes. Then the Soviet government, through its ideology, revealed Pavlik Morozov. Is he a hero or a traitor? The pioneer organization in the USSR and the Hitler Youth in Germany - what were these organizations doing? If you ask the son of the regiment, the young partisan, the boy from the Hitler Youth on the Eastern Front - for whom they are fighting - the answer will be the same - for the Motherland.
    Whom do the current Suvorov and Nakhimov schools prepare? Uncle with gray eggs? Them, what are they taught to embroider with beads?
    In Syria, there is a fierce confrontation of dialogues, whoever attracts more people to their side, convinces them of the correctness of their dialogue, will win. The fight sometimes comes with dirty means.
    After reading the article, what should I be surprised or outraged? Just take note, and advise the soldiers of the Syrian army to be more vigilant when meeting with children in the frontline, so as not to get a bullet from a young creature.
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 21 February 2013 17: 51
      Quote: MUD
      Pioneer organization in the USSR and Hitler Youth in Germany - what are these organizations doing? If you ask the son of the regiment, the young partisan, the kid from the Hitler youth on the eastern front - who they are fighting for - the answer will be one - for their homeland.

      Well, as our "Western" friends say, it is not far from comparing the Stalinist USSR and Nazi Germany as TOTALITARY REGIMES of a dictatorial type, which, as I see it, is successfully implanted judging by similar comments. Let's compare the conversation about children once again using the example of a pioneer organization and the Hitler Youth differences between "Stalinism" (a fiend of evil in the eyes of liberals) and Nazism (no longer a fiend in some free countries Europe especially freed from the oppression of totalitarianism in 1991)

      These organizations have some similarities in that they were ideologized in contrast to the scout movement. But the similarity ends there. The pioneer movement was based on humanism, on the worldview of the Soviet system, for which there are no differences between races and skin color. The antagonism between classes that was in the pioneers of the 20s was overcome by the 30s, along with the absorption of the scout movement.
      The strength and necessity of the Pioener movement was that it organized children from 9 to 14 years old. The education process was continuous, family, elementary school (October), pioneers, Komsomol members. And for instilling ethical standards and raising children / adolescents, the achievements of this system are indisputable and extremely important for understanding Soviet power. I, too, by the way come from a pioneer childhood, and now they compared me with a young fascist .. I almost fell off a chair ..
      The Hitler Youth was an integral part of fascism. The purpose of the Hitler Youth was superman education (according to Nietzsche, by the way, of an extreme liberal). Naturally, there was no talk of any fraternity. From the very beginning, children were taught to compete with each other (capitalist competition), while extreme cruelty was instilled. Here is one of the methods of instilling cruelty. In the summer camp, the novice Hitler Youth was given to raise a puppy, after a couple of months of cleaning after him, walking. feeding, this boy was supposed to kill a puppy by stabbing him with a dagger. And then he received this dagger as a sign of belonging to the Hitler Youth.

      Was this in pioneer? We were taught to love and protect the multinational socialist homeland, and they were taught to be superhuman gentlemen. In Syria, too, children are taught to be bandits, not defenders. You catch the difference where is the homeland and where is ordinary gangsterism, racism or religious extremism?
  10. selbrat
    selbrat 21 February 2013 10: 29
    "One of the videos, filmed in the province of Deir Ez Zor, shows a boy shooting from a machine gun, who is named the youngest among the militants. He introduces himself as Danny Walid, he is 14 years old." In the next video he will be dead, most likely. Although the children are not to blame, of course, how they brought up ...
  11. fero
    fero 21 February 2013 10: 50
    Can anyone explain how the Syrian army distinguishes terrorists from volunteers who defend their area? ... they look the same, don’t wear uniforms, no insignia. belay
    1. Trailer
      Trailer 21 February 2013 11: 00
      according to which side they are shooting.
  12. Octavian avgust
    Octavian avgust 21 February 2013 11: 03
    As they say in war, all means are good. Though mean. Children used during the Iran-Iraq war 1980-88gg. for mine clearing, etc. The fact is that they are being zombified ostensibly for righteous things. War brings suffering to all. negative
    SPIRITofFREEDOM 21 February 2013 11: 18
    When they picked up arms and fired the first shot at a man, they are already the same terrorist soldiers and the outcome for them should be adequate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. vik71
    vik71 21 February 2013 12: 49
    The answer is of course parents / adults, if they are also capable, and not stupid people
    Basically, as brought up - so it will be. Remember during the Second World War how many children were without parents and "sons of the regiment." AND faith kids that a fascist is an enemy....and the desire of the kids to fight.
  15. silver_roman
    silver_roman 21 February 2013 13: 22
    The UN is a rotten structure. for the hundredth time I’m convinced of this. A bunch of fat diplomats who work to please their master and at the right time spit on their own principles and conventions.

    It seems to me that the same China has long understood this and therefore it is not so noticeable in protests in the same UN. and Moscow’s protests there are considered only in order to create the appearance of humanity and so that the UN is not fully dynamic, because one of the main levers of the west will simply disappear.
  16. faser
    faser 21 February 2013 13: 35
    Allah bless Assad

    bad when children are at war.
    1. atalef
      atalef 21 February 2013 15: 03
      Quote: faser
      Allah bless Assad

      Assad Alavit. It’s not entirely known whether Allah is suitable for his case.
      The Alawites split away from Shiism and so far removed in their views and religious practice from the dominant Islamic trends that in many ways they lost the right to be considered part of Islam in general, turning into a special religion - a mixture of Islam, Christianity and pre-Islamic Eastern beliefs (“jahiliya”).
      1. fero
        fero 21 February 2013 16: 05
        Assad Alavit. It’s not entirely known whether Allah is suitable for his case.

        atalef, not many people understand that the Alawites are essentially a sect within the framework of Islam. In fact, Wahhabism also appears to her. However, few doubt that Wahhabism is much more intolerant of religious freedoms. Therefore, the sympathy of many on the side of Assad, with him no matter what you say, but Christians lived normally.
        And the fact that Wahhabism is the official religion of Saudi Arabia, few people care about when it comes to green paper ... they sell weapons and everything they pay for. Double standards have not been canceled. Russia by the way there too. In the Caucasus, aggressive adherents are shot, and at the official level, they are smiling at the rulers, although perhaps even a hedgehog knows where the money flows from.
        1. atalef
          atalef 21 February 2013 17: 57
          Quote: fero
          atalef, not many people realize that the Alawites are essentially a sect within Islam.

          Alawites are not a sect in Islam, it is a separate religion, Wahhabis are a sect.
          1. fero
            fero 21 February 2013 20: 06
            Alavism is the name for a number of Islamic religious movements, branches or sects, according to some experts, standing on the border between extreme Shiism (Gulat) and a separate religion. Some Muslim theologians (e.g. followers of the famous fatwa (interpretation / view of the problem) Ibn Taymiyyah believe that the Alawites split off from Shiism and moved away in their views and religious practice from the dominant Islamic trends so much that largely lost the right to be considered part of Islam in general, turning into a special religion - a mixture of Islam, Christianity and pre-Islamic eastern beliefs ("jahiliya").


            Well, I would say that I didn’t lie so much winked since even theologians are not able to accurately establish the essence of the religious movement. Once split from Shiism, then it can be considered a sect in Islam.
  17. lechatormosis
    lechatormosis 21 February 2013 18: 45
    He looked and honestly didn’t feel comfortable seeing a 10-year-old boy calmly cut a man’s head.