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The US has no money for the army and navy, the Pentagon can fire 450 thousand military

The US has no money for the army and navy, the Pentagon can fire 450 thousand military

Land Forces will be reduced by $ 15 billion. 300 Thousands of US military and civilian workers will be dismissed or will receive a reduced salary. Some of them can be sent to unpaid leave, states USA Today.

The fleet costs will be reduced by $ 11 billion. The Obama administration will save $ 7 billion on shipbuilding. Another $ 4 billion will be saved by cutting costs. The American admirals were able to protect the sailors from dismissal, but the salary of US Navy civil servants could be reduced immediately by 1% from March 20.

The Pentagon keeps secret the exact scale of the cuts. Journalists of USA Today were able to find out that the brunt will have to military bases in Alabama, Virginia, Florida and California.

Opponents of arms reduction in the US Congress can do nothing against long-planned reductions.

“We can only say once again that this cost reduction will have a serious effect on the state of our national defense and on the economic well-being of the country,” said Republican Mike Amato, the representative of the Armaments Commission of the Congress.

In the next ten years, the Pentagon plans to reduce its costs by $ 500 billion. In 2013, the total spending cut will be $ 46 billion, the newspaper notes.

US military spending is a longstanding dispute between Republicans and Democrats. In the fall of 2012, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney insisted on increasing military spending.

During the debate with Barack Obama, he drew his attention to the fact that in the American navy not enough powerful ships. “The number of battleships has reached a minimum since 1917,” Romney said indignantly. “We also lack bayonets and horses,” Barack Hussein Obama answered him.

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  1. Recon
    Recon 21 February 2013 08: 30
    They will not be missed even more when the United States has to live within its means, and this will be soon.
  2. Download Do Re Mi
    Download Do Re Mi 21 February 2013 09: 34
    I’m glad, honest words! Today you can even drink a hundred for such news! drinks
  3. Assistant professor
    Assistant professor 21 February 2013 13: 33
    The news, of course, cannot but rejoice. But if you think about long-term prospects, is Russia benefiting from a significant weakening of the United States?
    1. Download Do Re Mi
      Download Do Re Mi 21 February 2013 17: 44
      And what is not profitable then?
      1. Dinver
        21 February 2013 18: 23
        In any case, the leading countries will need the so-called leader, which Russia may be, so for us this is only a plus.
        1. Download Do Re Mi
          Download Do Re Mi 21 February 2013 23: 32
          So I think so
  4. Assistant professor
    Assistant professor 21 February 2013 21: 13
    I think there are pros and cons here. If America is so weak that it can no longer interfere in the affairs of Europe (which is unlikely), this will lead to the strengthening of Germany. In this case, some secret agreement may even appear on the delimitation of spheres of influence in Europe, such as the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. The sphere of influence of Russia, and perhaps its composition will probably include Ukraine, Belarus, and possibly the Baltic states. But in Europe as a whole, a real arms race will begin. At a minimum, Germany will decide to level its military potential with Russia. In the east, there will be no one to restrain China's ambitions. America will fail. And Russia will have to fight for its territorial integrity. For this, perhaps Russia will join Central Asia. To increase your military, economic, human potential. And improve your geographical position. It is also possible in connection with the common threat that Russia and Japan will find a compromise solution to the problem of the Kuril Islands. And join forces to contain China. Rapprochement with India will continue. Since India is also not interested in strengthening China. And China is likely to get closer to Pakistan to restrain India. Rapprochement between China and Germany against Russia is also possible. And Russia is also possible to draw closer to France and Britain. Well, well, that's the forecast I made. If the United States ceases to exist as a great deorzhava. The big tasks that Russia would then face would accelerate its development and integration in the CIS.
    Without America, Russia will act more actively. Carelessly. All the same, it's all Plus. Great advantage. The USA is really seriously hampering the geopolitical development of our country.
    1. Download Do Re Mi
      Download Do Re Mi 21 February 2013 23: 42
      It may be so, different versions can be put forward, but the fact that the USA is cutting something does not mean America kirdyk, it has a military budget, exceeds all the budgets of developed countries!
  5. Assistant professor
    Assistant professor 22 February 2013 10: 34
    Yes, I agree with you!