What threatens the military security of Russia

What threatens the military security of RussiaLast week I attended an interesting event. The Scientific and Practical Conference “Military Security of Russia: XX1 Century” organized by the committees of both chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for Defense and the Foundation for Assistance to Scientific Research on Security Issues Science-XX1 took place in the cultural center of the Ministry of Defense.

Skip such an event was impossible. First, because it is not so often in the open mode similar topics are discussed, and with the organizers announced very deep goals. First of all, it was supposed to analyze the challenges and threats to the country's military security at the current stage of development of its statehood, determine the sources and causes of these threats, search for possible ways to neutralize them. And secondly, because the preliminary program announced the participation in the conference of the first persons of the political and military elite of the country. Alas, it was not possible to hear their opinion on the burning issues of Russia's military security. Neither the Chairman of the Federation Council, V.I. Matvienko, nor the Minister of Defense, S.K.Shoigu, nor the Deputy Prime Minister, D.O.Rogozin, came to the conference. But still it was interesting, because for the first time, probably, in a sublimated form, it was possible to hear from the lips of military professionals an assessment of the situation around the country and its security.

This was sounded, first of all, in the report of the Chief of the General Staff and First Deputy Minister of Defense Valery Gerasimov, and later repeated in many speeches. Military analysts believe that for the period up to 2030, the level of existing and potential military dangers for Russia may significantly increase. The level itself will be determined by the struggle of the leading states for fuel and energy resources, commodity markets and living space. To ensure access to these resources, military potential will be actively used. Moreover, the nature of the war is changing, and how the methods of warfare are changing; weapon. Fighting will be conducted in all existing habitats, including space and cyberspace.

It is obvious that in order to successfully counter these kinds of threats, a radical modernization of not only existing weapons, but also approaches to waging a modern war is required. In the report of the chief of staff, this thought was quite distinct, especially in the part where he spoke about connecting military science to developing concepts of what the Russian army should be in the near future, according to what principles it should be shaped, trained and equipped. Already, according to Gerasimov, the troops are beginning to receive new, modern equipment and weapons. They will be updated to 2020 percent by 70, he assured. In its own way, an unprecedented rearmament of all the armed forces is under way, and new ones are being created. Thus, before 2020, the creation of military space defense forces should be completed, which will be equipped with modern C-500 and C-400 complexes.

Without bothering anyone with listing all the measures that the military-political leadership of the country is going to take and details of technical characteristics — how many and what types of weapons are being received or will be sent to the troops — I will note: there is a movement to upgrade the Russian army, and this is gratifying. Russia has something to protect, and it should have everything to defend. I fully agree with the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense, Vladimir Komoyedov, that external military threats to Russia are becoming more and more real and tangible.

Today, war, in all its forms, is becoming a means of pursuing politics as never before. But wars are not only traditional, from the point of view of the form of warfare, but also non-traditional, when they are conducted or, at least, kindled by proxy in the name of the interests of some third party. We all remember how the dismemberment of Yugoslavia took place and what it led to. We see what happened in Libya and other countries of North Africa and is happening now in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Next in line is Iran. Deputy Komoyedov is absolutely right, recalling that after the 1945 year, the United States used 300 more than once to use military force, including about 200 once making direct armed aggression on the territory of other countries in order to resolve problematic situations that meet American political and economic interests outside the country.

This is a very alarming statistic, in the light of the fact that Russia, as before the Soviet Union, despite all the "reset" in international relations is under the gun of the United States and its satellites, which is not at all hidden. Not so long ago I was at the so-called “Gaidar Forum”, which I shared my impressions a few weeks ago with the readers of Military Review. I had a curious meeting there and a public dialogue with the President of the American University in Cairo, Lisa Anderson. Let me remind you that this lady quite frankly told how she worked as a technologist for the action of democratic changes in the Arab spring, what is happening now in the Middle East, about authoritarianism of Kadaffi, Assad, Mubarak and how the USA opposes it, spreading democracy according to its export pattern. That is, by organizing bloody revolutions, with the imposition of human sacrifices on the democratic altar.

Ms. Anderson did not hide the secrets of technology protest actions. It turns out that Americans are more interested in young people, starting with 1980 year of birth, with whom they will be engaged around the world. According to her, such young people will not be able to make some kind of revolution on their own, they need it for an emotional wave and as a battering tool in terms of overthrowing the regime. And, as it turned out in the course of our conversation with her, Russia is no exception.

I remembered the content of that recent meeting with the American political consultant absolutely no accident. And not when he sat down to write these notes, but during the speeches of the participants of the conference on the military security of Russia. Listening to the enumeration of promising military developments, understanding that the Russian military-industrial complex, even in its current ruined state, is capable of performing any task, I thought: who will take the latest weapon in hand? The army is not only officers and generals. These are, first of all, the executors of the orders of the military leadership — ordinary soldiers. That same youth, born after 1980 year. It is also not by chance that our American "friends" are interested in, the efforts of overseas political strategists are now aimed at its ideological and psychological processing. They cannot allow the Russian youth to be brought up in the spirit of patriotism and love for the Motherland.

In fact, the information or cyber war against Russia is not just unleashed, it is already underway. And in my opinion, we are still losing this war, especially in the part of the patriotic education of young people. Over the past decades, the authorities have repeatedly addressed the topic of patriotism. From which high tribunes they didn’t talk about it, which concepts they didn’t develop, something doesn’t work in the mechanism of state regulation of the process of patriotic education of society. Young people stopped remembering that they have a homeland. I say this with full responsibility as a teacher, regularly communicating with students. Most of them are aimed at going abroad. And I increasingly come to the conclusion that we are educating cosmopolitans precisely because we are not engaged in the education of young people in principle. Under the conditions of a changed information space, young people themselves extract information of interest from public sources, not distinguishing, because of a lack of life experience, where the truth is, and where lies, which they are thrown by various political technologists.

Some events within the country reinforce the result thus achieved. What kind of love for the Motherland and its armed forces can be discussed if young people see how the scandal is developing around former Defense Minister Serdyukov. The more information about the theft in the Ministry of Defense, the less information about himself, resting from the works of the "righteous" in freedom. So who to protect the young soldier - thieving officials? What kind of patriotic education can we talk about?

The absence of this very important element of the ideological basis of public life in the country at that conference was recalled by President of the Academy of Military Sciences, Army General Makhmut Gareyev. He ended his speech with prophetic words that God forbid can become reality. "If we do not engage in patriotic education, we will not have defenders of the Fatherland," he said. The thought is very simple and very true. If you think about it, today it is perhaps the most serious internal threat to Russia's military security.
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  1. +6
    19 February 2013 12: 28
    despite all the "reboots" in international relations is
    The reboot hung like a bad computer. And the fact that the war is on is common sense for everyone ... You need to become stronger, smarter and more cunning. then victory will be ours
    1. +3
      19 February 2013 12: 47
      There are many who are threatening Russia.
      1. +2
        19 February 2013 12: 57
        one of the threats from the previous article crying ............... The Yekaterinburg conscript soldier, who led extreme groups to the mountains before the service, organized a mass mailing via the Internet of health complaints and accusations of commanders to prematurely leave the reserve, RIA said News on Monday Colonel Yaroslav Roshchupkin, head of the press service of the Central Military District (CVO)

        Earlier media reported that the sister of one of the conscripts in the Sverdlovsk region addressed an open letter to the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, trying to draw the attention of the head of the department to her brother’s problems. According to the girl, her 25-year-old young man should not have been drafted into the army due to illness.
        1. +3
          19 February 2013 17: 12
          Best of all, patriotism develops military appeal. Tear off all these hamsters from computers, give automatic machines in their hands, put on broniki - and go. Let them know that there is a completely different life, where to post the Internet is not the main virtue.
          And let them understand that the prohibition to hold public office, if not served, is not a horror story, but the harsh truth of life. Do you want to serve the country - and do not. Wait when they call on the labor exchange and employ. And then they learned to download certain rights, but they try not to remember about duties.
      2. +12
        19 February 2013 12: 58
        But most of all they threaten Russia, these are traders-sellers. angry
        1. S_mirnov
          19 February 2013 13: 16
          I think it’s obvious that the main threat to Russia is posed by traitors in power, i.e. modern government of the Russian Federation.
          And the sooner the bulk of Russian people realizes this, the less Russian blood will be shed.
          1. +1
            19 February 2013 21: 30
            Quote: S_mirnov
            And the sooner the bulk of Russian people realizes this, the less Russian blood will be shed.

            Little of it will not spill anyway! Everything has gone too far! And we ourselves are to blame! hi
          2. Oleg Rosskiyy
            20 February 2013 00: 04
            Who about what, and lousy about the bath.
        2. +7
          19 February 2013 13: 19
          This is our main problem. No one has done so much damage to the country as rats, dissidents, traitors and similar evil spirits.
          1. +8
            19 February 2013 15: 57
            In particular, swamp and sugar vermin !!!! am
      3. +6
        19 February 2013 13: 06
        Quote: Deniska999
        There are many who are threatening Russia.

        Have you ever had other times? Everything is the same as 100 and 200 and 500 years ago hi
        1. Guun
          19 February 2013 13: 18
          Well, under Peter it was different, made a powerful Empire and showed the West what a salvo of Russian soldiers is. Russia cannot be defeated from the outside, and they are hollowed out from the inside through descendants-scum who want life on TV like house 2.
  2. +1
    19 February 2013 12: 34
    The situation is heating up.
    In this environment, only a strong and united people can resist the challenges of the future.
    Therefore, we need to rally and unite. The guiding principles of db justice, honor, freedom ...
    1. NKVD
      19 February 2013 13: 17
      We must not forget that young people mainly from the provinces serve in the army, and these guys are brainwashed in the western part of my neighbor's “drum”, my neighbor's son has served an urgent service, enrolled in an institute in Pskov in absentia and is going while studying to serve on a contract basis in the 76th Pskov division. I think that You can't brainwash him. Yes, and besides him, we have a lot of wonderful youth ... There are as many examples as you want. The youth of Moscow and St. Petersburg (and not all of them) are regrettable, so you can drive anything you want into their heads with blue smarts. But I think they are serious things are also bad ..
      1. Simargl
        19 February 2013 14: 47
        Good day, dear NKVD.
        Small clarification. I noticed that all of these sinemudes came from the regions. Well, if not all, then the vast majority is for sure. This paradox turns out - Some go to the 76th Pskov Division to pay tribute to the Fatherland, while others (I’m an optimist and I want to believe that there are very few such imbeciles) come to Moscow and Peter point-to-point. And since, for obvious reasons, these nonhumans flock to these two cities from all corners of our vast Motherland, it seems that among the youth of Moscow and St. Petersburg the percentage of these wretched exceeds all imaginable limits. IMHO.
        1. NKVD
          19 February 2013 18: 51
          Quote: Simargl
          come to Moscow and Peter point to trade

          Do you think that all the homosexuals in Moscow and St. Petersburg come from the provinces? It seems to me that all this advanced abomination is just homegrown. The country guy will not have enough brains for this and the education is not right. Although I am not an expert in this matter, maybe you know better, but I'm wrong
    2. +1
      19 February 2013 13: 27
      ... and the inevitability of the answer for the deed! am
  3. +6
    19 February 2013 12: 38
    It seems that the greatest danger to the country today is the fifth column inside, and not an external aggressor. If the liberals succeed in rocking Russia from within, then there will be many helpers from outside.
    1. SSR
      19 February 2013 13: 10
      Quote: Vladimirets
      If liberals will be able to rock Russia from the inside

      You see .. You yourself have added another enemy.
      If you look, the whole structure works
      1. finances (Kudrins) corporations (Chubais) media (matzo's ear) all sorts of lawyers human rights activists "political scientists" (Yulka Latynina) "mouthpieces of justice" (Nemtsovs, Kasparovs Kasyanovs) and "siloviks" (Udaltsovs) and what is most unpleasant ... all of them are directly related to the ruling structure in one form or another, or worked in the government, or have financial support from Gazprom ...
      hmm .. in RIA Novosti in due time put the laureate of TP-2008
      I started raving about the campaign.
  4. +5
    19 February 2013 12: 42
    Yes, patriotic education is the key to stability. And a sense of consolidation is growing in society. Apparently the time has not yet come to cleanse the country of the liberals, they have bitten like ticks ... But the cleaning is already beginning, albeit not as serious as all the real patriots wanted, but more. And America has always generally threatened that of Russia, that of the USSR.
    1. +3
      19 February 2013 13: 29
    2. +2
      19 February 2013 13: 29
      What kind of love for the Motherland and its armed forces can be discussed if young people see how the scandal develops around ex-Minister of Defense Serdyukov. The more information about the thefts in the Ministry of Defense, the less information about himself, resting from the works of the "righteous" in freedom. So whom to protect the young soldier - thieving officials? What kind of patriotic education can we talk about here? Here are the golden words.
      1. +1
        19 February 2013 17: 14
        So whom to protect the young soldier - thieving officials?

        There is such a word - HOMELAND. Her and protect.
      2. NKVD
        19 February 2013 18: 57
        Quote: Sirocco
        if young people see how a scandal develops around ex-defense minister Serdyukov.

        Young people do not care about the scandal in the Moscow Region and Taburetkin to the heap. They have other interests ... Shed for dancing and feel the girls ...
  5. +2
    19 February 2013 12: 48
    the main weapon is mastery of the minds, ideologists destroyed Russia, they also decomposed the Soviet Union, everyone is afraid of a military invasion, but he won’t be there, you just need to run the virus under the skin of the state and watch how it dies ............ virus of communism-Bolshevism ....... virus of the cult of universal consumption and selfishness + national-religious intolerance
  6. s1н7т
    19 February 2013 12: 50
    "... he talked about involving military science in the development of concepts of what the Russian army should be like in the near future, according to what principles it should be formed, trained and equipped."
    How many years has the "reform" been going on, and no one knows "by what principles" yet? laughing
  7. +4
    19 February 2013 12: 57
    Corruption in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, prosecutors, courts, local and state authorities is our main ENEMY! We must burn these metastases with hot iron! We will defeat this enemy, RUSSIA has a future! good
  8. Krasnoyarsk
    19 February 2013 13: 00
    The main threat to the Russian Federation is not NATO and China, but the main threat is Islam. Murders of servicemen, terrorist attacks and other delights of "peaceful" Islam. Religion should be as tightly controlled as possible, and Islamists should be shot like mad dogs. An integral part of this threat are migrants who climb with their filthy charter into our cities.
  9. Cpa
    19 February 2013 13: 01
    When the State Department breaks off with Syria, then perhaps they will reconsider decisions on Russia. For now, it’s worth preparing to strengthen liberal and nationalist movements.
    I would like the Russian special services to hold lectures at Russian universities, reveal a little the secrets of the American political kitchen and dispel the beautiful illusions of young people about "Western partners."
    Or, although they encouraged the teachers, from among the conscious patriots of the Motherland. From my own experience I know that young people do not immediately come to analysis as a tool in life, which means they are impressive and hypnotizable. Just at this age you need to lay the foundation of sanity. "Prepare the sled in the summer. "For many people, the teacher remains an authority in life. Plus, young people begin to feel responsible for what is happening, to understand that they are appreciated as the future of the country!
    1. Guun
      19 February 2013 13: 22
      But the mass brainwashing from the West has nowhere to be done, and a man who believes in promises of a beautiful life from dubious persons and then it's too late to fix something. The main thing is to miss the moment when the creeps like the daredevils-sobchak and so on begin to creep out and stop their propaganda in such a way that the people see their true faces.
      1. Cpa
        19 February 2013 13: 33
        It's too late to do everything nicely and subtly. It's too late to bluff, which is on the horse. And it's not too late to fix it, as long as there are people and means, and we do not live under the supervision of "peacemakers".
  10. +2
    19 February 2013 13: 05
    the right question has been raised - whom, whose interests will we defend in all these pieces of hardware smart in functionality? Homeland?
    my homeland was finally sold in the 90s, having mutilated before it beyond recognition.
    and that is characteristic - the same people are still in power. and as it turned out, these very same people on a short financial leash are already with my absolutely frank enemies. which I interfere with the very fact of my existence.

    patriotism and trust in the state begins with utilities, schools and consumer goods.
    1. +1
      19 February 2013 13: 33
      Patriotism starts with family and school. There was such a magazine in the USSR "Family and School". Apparently it was not for nothing that he was called THAT.
    2. +1
      19 February 2013 15: 43
      tarks, you are fundamentally wrong! It is impossible to sell the MOTHERLAND (if not for 30 pieces of silver). Politicians, officials can part of the wealth (minerals, enterprises, land, etc.) to sell the homeland, but if you have not personally bought, then part of the homeland remained in your person. And there are many such parts!
  11. fenix57
    19 February 2013 13: 09
    "So who should a young soldier protect ..." - HOMELAND, RUSSIA, ITS LAND. What else to say. SOLDIER OF HIS HOMELAND. One hundred pounds, all the liberogeioprops will be dumped. All OURS will remain. soldier hi
  12. calculator
    19 February 2013 13: 11
    Quote: tarks

    the right question has been raised - whom, whose interests will we defend in all these pieces of hardware smart in functionality?

    Every day, coming to the service, standing in the ranks, I ask myself this question ... And after the service, plugging my ears with headphones with "Ivan Kupala", ..... to tears ...
  13. +1
    19 February 2013 13: 11
    .... Oscar Peschel (1826-1875), a professor of geography from Leipzig, ........ in July 11866 he wrote in the newspaper Zagranitsa edited by him: “... Public education plays a decisive role in the war ... when the Prussians beat the Austrians, it was the victory of the Prussian teacher over the Austrian school teacher. "
    the original is here: http://www.bibliotekar.ru/encSlov/15/250.htm
  14. +3
    19 February 2013 13: 15
    Quote: Vladimirets
    If the liberals succeed in rocking Russia from within, then there will be many helpers from outside.

    to prevent this from happening, this is suggested:
    "New Horde" - a new Eurasian Union being created around Russia ...
    Accordingly, the punitive body against embezzlement, dissent and liberalism -
    it should be the guardians of Orthodoxy from the Russian plains (most likely - Cossacks). And Sharia adherents are Muslims: Turks and Highlanders. And the ferocious Lamaists - Kalmyks, Buryats, Tuvans. Only out of people of this type can an army be formed like the Horde, capable of mercilessly punishing treason against the Motherland in the form of switching to the side of New Babylon - American globalism. And without inevitable punishment "according to their deeds" justice does not happen ...

    In full, here - http://www.peremeny.ru/books/osminog/7260#more-7260
  15. +7
    19 February 2013 13: 19
    Quote: smel
    Reboot hung like a bad comp.

    To be precise, the button was written - PEREGRUZKA (!!!!!)

    And someone will object to me that such an error in spelling was not at all due to the lack of THEM people who speak Russian perfectly, but because of the initially laid "joke" (under ** ebki) of the summit itself ...

    I don’t understand why the hell do we have such ministers of education who “cannot” - do not want (!), Scoundrels, to organize thematic classes in schools to raise patriotism on the examples of grandfathers / great-grandfathers in the Second World War and fathers / grandfathers in the USSR (Afghanistan), brothers in the new history of the Russian Federation?
    It is necessary to show x / films and doc / films about the war, precisely in large classrooms of schools, attracting premises to / theaters, etc., as it was with us in the late 70s, when students from 4th to 10th grades, several schools literally sat on each other's heads, but watched the legendary film epic Y. Ozerov "Liberation" ...
    What is the reason for doing nothing of these false ministers of Russia ????????????
    Campaign, it is necessary to self-organize and go to school with a proposal to organize such classes as extra-curricular with the involvement of current officers and military.
    And if each of us goes to a separate, nearby school, will worry (!) About the patriotic education of all OUR children and for his child - a son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, then soon we will stop discussing the topic of patriotic education of Russian children, and adults ...
    1. calculator
      19 February 2013 13: 24
      I’ve been thinking about this for a long time .... I doubted that I alone was so smart? laughing
    2. +4
      19 February 2013 13: 45
      It is necessary to show x / films and a dock / films about the war, in large classrooms of schools, attracting premises to / theaters, etc., as we had at the end of the 70's,
      1. +1
        19 February 2013 15: 22
        It is necessary to show x / films and a dock / films about the war, in large classrooms of schools, attracting premises to / theaters, etc., as we had at the end of the 70's,

        Unfortunately, today you can’t do anything by showing films and holding television interviews.
        Those who finance films and programs require in any film, even about the Second World War, more sex and blood. And the heroes of the war should be at the level of Stallone or Sigla.
        For several years, the Second World War for young people has become something of a militant, and the guards ribbons on 9 may be worn as a fashionable decoration but no more.
        And all by the fact that there is no single integrated education program for the new generation.
        So our grandchildren and children are brought up on the toys M-16, F-15, Abrams and play heroes wrapped in the American flag.
    3. +2
      19 February 2013 20: 26
      You are absolutely right, dear Tartary! Moreover, there is a whole dock system. Bazaar, according to which, taking into account 5 minutes, physical education according to a special system at each lesson, the equipment of a school desk, SEPARATE training for boys and girls gives amazing results in terms of upbringing, and in terms of health, and in terms of learning. Where this system is adopted, the military commissar is ready to pray for it, for absolutely healthy and prepared guys come. A few years ago, even a conference was held where education ministers of almost ALL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES arrived! And be sure, they appreciated and borrowed a lot. Now guess three times why such a system created in Russia is still not used everywhere! am
      1. -1
        20 February 2013 08: 44
        Quote: Ruswolf
        For a few years, the Second World War for youth has become something like a militant,

        Well, why do thematic lessons be done on the basis of neo-directors and producers?
        There are films of the Soviet period that were interesting from the age of 10, about boys and girls of their peers, for example:
        - "The bold bullet is afraid";
        - "Kingfisher";
        - "We are with Vulcan";
        - "Smoke in the forest", etc.
        By the way, films about pioneers and their school and yard life will not be superfluous at all if our children and grandchildren watch them ...
        Of course, with explanations / comments, enthusiastic memories, from adult family members ...

        Here is the link: http://childrenscinema.com/the-soviet-childrens-movies/page/14/

        I myself have already spoken to the head teacher of the school. She said that the school conducts many events on the topic of patriotism, that she is very glad that there are parents who are not indifferent to this topic, that mainly parents swear when they find out that allegedly "their children are ... brainwashed with all kinds of nonsense" - asked to give I promised about these "parents" ...
        I agreed with the class teacher on raising the issue of patriotic education at the next parent meeting ...
        I think that before the Victory Day, Tuesday and Thursday of every week, extra-curricular hours are held with themed children’s films about the Second World War and schoolchildren of the USSR, a discussion watched in the presence of parents who can answer children's questions about the USSR.

        And the author of the article, a hundred pluses for the topic raised ...
        1. 0
          20 February 2013 11: 35
          There is one catch: all the old films about the war and our heroes are saturated with Soviet heroism, are largely based on the ideology of that time, and that’s how the current young reformers and liberals felt in the ass. They shy away from the mention that in the USSR people sacredly believed in their righteousness and loved their Motherland sincerely than they like dollars. Among other things, such films will not bring income, which means there will be nothing to cut.
  16. andsavichev2012
    19 February 2013 13: 23
    Who knows: And what is military security ???
    1. calculator
      19 February 2013 13: 27
      Absolute victory ....
    2. +2
      19 February 2013 13: 29
      Quote: andsavichev2012
      And what is military security ???

      This means that you can conduct an independent domestic and foreign policy without fear that you will be given in the face!
      1. andsavichev2012
        19 February 2013 13: 51
        Well, this is the good old "state defense". They took care of her back in the days of the pyramids. Have bloggers come up with something new ???
  17. +1
    19 February 2013 13: 33
    Quote: walera4655
    When people in Russia are divided into three classes. 1 Sent, bourgeois, and officials., Slandering 2. constantly begging people. 3. Caucasus and Dagestan with hobbit idiology. What kind of patriatism.? The camp is torn by ideological and religious principles.

    The collapse begins with ignorance of the native language and history, which means that there is no real awareness of the cause and effect relationships of the development of one's Homeland. Therefore, public education is being destroyed - any ideological mess can be born in an empty head. From here questions arise, what kind of patriatism is senility into three classes.
  18. fenix57
    19 February 2013 13: 46
    Quote: Rus2012
    Accordingly, the punitive body against embezzlement, dissent and liberalism -

    Only toughening the Criminal Code, to consider and approve only the HEAD OF STATE. Full usurpation of power (one hell all these deputies, advisers: defend their own). So the dictatorship is against these
    1. Cpa
      19 February 2013 14: 00
      In my opinion, now the deputies are doing everything as the president says.
      1. nickname 1 and 2
        19 February 2013 18: 08

        Fathers! So it should be so!
        1. Cpa
          19 February 2013 19: 41
          Then there’s no reason to keep them there! It is understood that the proposals of the president and the government should be discussed, rejected or improved. At the moment, this is tusnak on 500 people who live at the expense of the country and are worthless.
          1. +1
            20 February 2013 15: 22
            if only for the benefit of a penny, no one considered what direct losses the country suffered from their "activities", not even counting their very poor content and subsequent pensions, etc. these are huge sums comparable to the budget of a small country. I can bend a couple of fingers offhand. The new edition of the Forest Code - only from the 2010 fires, the announced damage is 30-40 billion rubles. The law on personal data is still not fully effective - the budget does not have enough money for the state to implement it.
            The rest - perform. What is expressed. Well, keep documents behind the castle - okay, new furniture with locks. But every day, for every sneeze, for each client for each action, a leaflet is drawn up with the same text about the client’s consent. FOR WHAT!!!??? Is it really not clear that there is a list of actions for which consent is mandatory: banks, insurance, travel, etc. they simply cannot work without operating and transmitting personal data. Why spend thousands of tons of paper on a previously known action, without which further interaction between a person and an organization is in principle impossible? Nooo, every bank account, every application, every loan, every deposit, every contract - attach a piece of paper. For individual customers by 50-60 consent !!! And there are millions, tens of millions. Further more, these pieces of paper must be stored somewhere, someone must take them into account in the archives. How much does it cost all over Russia ??? And this is dirty tricks on a small scale.
  19. +1
    19 February 2013 14: 06
    Paradoxical as it may sound, the main military threat to Russia is its power. Rather, the notorious crooks in power. This, in turn, testifies to the absence of an "articulate" personnel policy.
    1. Nikonov
      19 February 2013 15: 00
      Still, not all power, otherwise everything is late.
      There is a constant struggle between the parties of "statesmen-siloviki" (Putin) and collaborators (Medvedev), there was no tandem.
      Medvedev is being pushed by the "fifth column" using him as a puppet.
      Now it is extremely necessary to get him out of power.
      A powerful accusation was the film "Giveaway Game", which accused the LADY of high treason in his actions in Libya.
      The "Libyan scenario" of the "revolution" can be played out in Russia as well.
      In February 2011, it was created in Libya out of nothing. "Protest marches" with demonstrators throwing "Molotov cocktails" at the police, then - were involved in the West's war against Libya, its media, lying about the shooting of "peaceful demonstrators".
      They lied so brazenly that it’s not even clear now why, because everything was ready in the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution on aggression in Libya.
      Only the Russian Federation could interfere, if it vetoed, China and India would support us. But the US asked the LADY not to veto, and he, as an "agent of the West," obediently followed the order.
      One gets the impression that the Medvedev government by 80 percent (except for the security forces) consists of people who spit on the state interests of Russia. As if specially selected so.
      If the "fifth column" is not defeated, one must wait for "revolution" and "civil war" in the Russian Federation.
      1. nickname 1 and 2
        19 February 2013 18: 10
        Quote: Nikonov
        composed of people spitting

        Well no! Just blinders for everyone! No keen
  20. +3
    19 February 2013 14: 18
    What threatens Russia's military security? First of all, idiots in leadership positions who do not what is required of them by their position, but “What do you want, sir?
    1. nickname 1 and 2
      19 February 2013 18: 16
      Quote: sso-250659
      idiots in leadership positions,

      Yes, not that ...
      It’s just - well done among the sheep, and there in the post you need to sign (and therefore read and think) so many pieces of paper of all kinds and different and for all this routine,

      not to GREAT PERFORMANCE! so just do not goof!
  21. Alikovo
    19 February 2013 15: 16
    to the west-nato, east-china and japan (territorial claims), south-wahhabis. soldier
  22. +1
    19 February 2013 15: 34
    Everyone knows everything, but, unfortunately, not everything depends on us. And to arrange a revolution - to help enemies. Let's start by putting things in order at the local level. Even Ivan the Terrible managed to go to the local self-government. If certain parts of Russia do not accept Grozny, then there were the laws of Yaroslav the Wise. For certain parts of the former empire
  23. figvamforever
    19 February 2013 15: 42
    Quote: S_mirnov
    I think it’s obvious that the main threat to Russia is posed by traitors in power, i.e. modern government of the Russian Federation.

    Yes, they did not give anyone, they initially worked not for Russia, but for their enrichment. They and Russia on the drum. both West and East, if only to fill pockets thicker.
  24. +1
    19 February 2013 16: 52
    all right: patriotism and demography of the country are huge problems. I would even say the first follows from the second, because what patriotism a person can have. who recently came down from the mountains to sell nuts and shawarma in Moscow !!! ??? For them, the Motherland is the Caucasus.

    In my opinion, it is worth building patriotism on the Second World War. At least start on this, as when I think / remember about our Great Ancestors, who have done so much for us - those who do not appreciate it, and some simply do not know it.
    Very sad indeed ....
    1. 0
      20 February 2013 00: 21
      oh yes, I also forgot one way to combat the problem of demography: the prohibition of abortion !!! full .... Gave birth, bring up kindness or think with your head in advance.

      And also prohibit the import of contraceptives.
      Will have to rag lol
      (the latter is a joke of course, although it would make sense). Tough problems require tough measures.
  25. +2
    19 February 2013 17: 51
    It's a shame for the state. Think whatever you want, but the leadership of our country did not preserve and did not implement effective methods of educating the younger generation as it was in the USSR. what There was ideological work with all categories of the population. And now? According to the media there is an unbridled propaganda of comrades and other .... Cinema and TV drive frank anti-Russian films, porn, various crap, but our deputies set the age limit on the screens. This ended the upbringing of patriotism in our country.
    Patriotism is brought up from the cradle, in a family in love and mutual respect (and in our country, almost all bomonbes slept with each other, and even throughout the central world they boast about it, swear "cooler" than a shoemaker, it is a shame to watch and listen). Where is the sensitivity, trust, respect for the elderly, for nature, and much else now? Now we have idols: MONEY, WEALTH, LUXURY. The youth motto is "Everything at once !!"
  26. 0
    19 February 2013 18: 04
    The main vaccine from the liberals is the cadet classes at school. Respect and honor to the leaders of the guys. The attitude towards the country and the army improves after each field trip, parachute jump, pentball battle under the guidance of veteran public organizations throughout the school.
  27. Sleptsoff
    19 February 2013 19: 09
    One brainwashing is proposed to be replaced by another. Give people a normal life, the laws are the same for everyone and no patriotic education is needed because everyone will love their homeland without it.
  28. Larus
    19 February 2013 19: 56
    The fifth column, which has grown to such a scale that it has entrenched itself in power, as well.
  29. +2
    19 February 2013 20: 16
    an interesting headline. and what does it threaten? yes, look around — no patriotic education, serve in the army badly, in the schools there used to be NVP (initial military training) who forgot, the 5th convoy altogether lost fear. They threw us out of the USSR if you’re life not happy here, live there. but it didn’t bring happiness to anyone, they asked for it back. They beat him up to the army. He served all his life, almost cried when his regiment was disbanded. God forbid that conversations about the revival of the army would be just talk
  30. +2
    19 February 2013 22: 01
    It is possible to consider threats to Russia in different ways, but one threat affects the stability of the state no worse than military intervention! I'm talking about the venality of an official !! In our essence, we do not need to fight - corruption will destroy us!
  31. Pravdoruba
    19 February 2013 22: 34
    That’s why I like this site because there are smart people and real patriots
  32. Russophile
    20 February 2013 01: 10
    Whatever salary is paid, there is always little. Whatever life is given - but I would like it better ... Until we have culture and morality, until the children begin to respect their parents, until the family and clan (Homeland) are in the foreground as they are.
  33. Russophile
    20 February 2013 02: 11
    "The power does not fulfill, the power does not protect ... blah blah blah" When you saw a traffic policeman who monitors road safety and looks after the interests of road users. It's even funny to imagine. They initially have different goals. Maybe there is a certain percentage of dreamers at the initial stage, but after passing a certain path, they either leave or become like everyone else. I was once sent to a hot spot, the lieutenant general called and asked: "Well, lieutenant, ready ..." "That's right, comrade lieutenant general." Then I found out that many refused. You see, they have a family ... And these are officers. And so I think to myself, a person enters a military school, becomes an officer and does not even assume his participation in hostilities. It seems ridiculous.
    1. 0
      20 February 2013 11: 47
      I’ll probably put you +, otherwise someone quietly minusanul and even explained that he personally surprises me, somehow dishonestly. And yet, the idea that you need to start with yourself is true, even though the fish rots from the head, paradise apples cannot be grown in a rotten swamp.
      1. Russophile
        20 February 2013 12: 58
        This is probably a traffic cop offended.

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