Airborne assault groups broke through the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, taking control of half of the Kanal microdistrict

Airborne assault groups broke through the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, taking control of half of the Kanal microdistrict

Russian troops broke through the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kanal microdistrict of Chasov Yar, moving towards the Novy microdistrict. Yesterday's information about the successes of the 98th Airborne Division is confirmed not only by Russian, but also by Ukrainian resources.

The day before, paratroopers broke through a 500-meter corridor through the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kanal microdistrict, hoisting the Russian flag over one of the buildings in the depths of the area. Ukrainian publics confirm that half of the microdistrict came under the control of Russian troops, the other moved into the gray zone, which reached almost to the Seversky Donets - Donbass canal, separating the Kanal microdistrict from the Novy microdistrict.

The Ivanovo 98th Airborne Division broke through the enemy’s defenses in the “Canal” microdistrict of the city of Chasov Yar, occupying most of the streets and approaching the canal itself, beyond which the “Novy” microdistrict begins.

— write Russian resources.

The Ukrainian public Deep State confirms the transfer of more than half of the microdistrict under Russian control. However, information about the retreat of Ukrainian units differs. According to some reports, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are retreating beyond the canal through which the main line of defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine runs in Chasovoy Yar. At the same time, in some areas the resistance has still not been broken, and fighting is taking place in the area of ​​high-rise buildings.

The Russian Armed Forces managed to capture the remaining garages in the north of the microdistrict and penetrate the territory of the former repair plant from both the southeast and northeast, taking up positions in the northeasternmost building

- Western resources add.

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  1. +21
    9 June 2024 08: 06
    My deepest respect to our attack aircraft... hi There are simply no words when I see their work and deeds.
    Good luck guys and minimal losses.
    1. +9
      9 June 2024 08: 29
      How smoothly and in unison this Kraken glorifies the Russian Airborne Forces. good
      I don’t really want everything to go well with the Kraken.
      I would like the Kraken to grunt as soon as possible in full force. am good
      The paratroopers were great, they tore up the Canal.
      1. +2
        9 June 2024 09: 44
        Yeah, the Kraken's place is at the bottom of the sea
    2. +2
      9 June 2024 14: 13
      Until the infantry passes, it is useless to talk about successes. Good luck to the stormtroopers. The most dangerous military specialty.
      1. +2
        9 June 2024 23: 15
        I confess - when I was a captain (air defense officer) in 1995, I blurted out to the colonel, Hero of the Soviet Union: infantry is meat... Air defense, high-precision weapons are EVERYTHING. How I wish I could tell him now how wrong I was. But history has no subjunctive mood...
  2. +5
    9 June 2024 08: 20
    Go Russia! Keep it up!
  3. +8
    9 June 2024 10: 02
    As Levitan used to say, “local battles took place in certain sectors of the front.” The war has become different. Or rather, it returned to the beginning of the 20th century, WWII. Garages and children's sandboxes have been taken... This will apparently last for a very long time. Or a deal.
    Our warriors, gnawing through the defenses, survive, win, and return home.
    1. +3
      9 June 2024 11: 14
      But in WWII, Russia’s assets included the Battle of Galicia, Przemysl, and the Brusilov breakthrough.
      1. +1
        9 June 2024 14: 40
        Today, even such strategic breakthroughs in depth cannot be expected. The "all-seeing eye" and long-range weapons systems will not allow walking around the rear.
  4. +5
    9 June 2024 10: 52
    Well done guys! Everyone live to see our victory!
  5. +2
    9 June 2024 11: 12
    An obvious success! Just don’t stop, because Chasov Yar is the key to Konstantinovka and Dzerzhinsk.
  6. +3
    9 June 2024 15: 56
    Chasov Yar... A year ago this seemed unthinkable! The rear base of the entire central group of the Ukrovermacht! And our heroes are already dismantling this base into bricks... I take my hat off to our fighters!
  7. +3
    9 June 2024 16: 01
    Fine. Kwaken Kraken and so on croaked well.