Ukrainian result: a pit and two cans of gasoline

Ukrainian result: a pit and two cans of gasoline

In the States they no longer hide the fact that Kyiv’s victory looks... well, the way it looked from the bunker of one historical personality in April 1945.

In general, the overall situation is similar: leaving the country is prohibited for anything that looks like cannon fodder, even for those who have citizenship or residence permit in another country.

How familiar it is: “You must die for Fatherland!” So that those who send you to death live a little longer in goodness or have time to escape to places calmer than the burning Motherland. The jackals from the Gestapo (oh, excuse me, from the TCC, but what's the difference?) will drag in everyone they can, shaking with fear. Otherwise they will send them away. Although... They will also be sent away, the millstones of war are like that. The year 1945 will be remembered more than once in that Ukraine, more than once.

Soon they will be going home and looking for caches. And informers should be paid for a tip on each evader. Fortunately, Hitler’s lieutenants like Bandera and Shukhevych left detailed instructions. True, they were looking for partisans and Jews in the huts, but here they would have to prank their own people, but that’s okay.

But in reality, Mr. Almost Ukrainian Zelensky, in his desire to exterminate as many Ukrainians as possible, is very similar to the crazy Austrian Hitler. It’s not hysterical yet, but May is coming anyway, and I’m sure it will come, and the remains of Mr. non-President Zelensky will be smoking in some pit.

In general, each such character should have his own pit. And two cans of gasoline.

By the way, why are there no bravura marches and information banners on the theme of the first anniversary of the Great Counter-Offensive? Well, it just started on June 5th last year! It ended, however, not as planned and was trumpeted at all corners, but...

Of course, if the PR people had decided, then victory would definitely have gone to Ukraine. The fact that they were a level higher, louder and more unprincipled is a fact. But alas, everything is decided by troops and equipment, and therefore, despite generous injections from the West, somehow everything won as a result of the counter-offensive was gradually lost. Not everything, but the process as a whole is not completed.

Let me emphasize so boldly - won, not abandoned. We need to understand the difference.

Now there’s a new topic there: about the next “miracle”weapon", which will allow the Russians to be thrown out of Volchansk. Here, of course, the question is, why were they allowed in? 74 km to Kharkov, after all... And if in order to bring back the town in which 18 thousand people lived, then what will you have to do if things don’t work out with Kharkov? Call the Death Star with Darth Vader? Biden clearly won’t pull it off, and neither will Macron. I’m generally silent about Zelensky, although...

Although no. I'll speak out. Moreover, I’m not even expressing my thoughts, but my Ukrainian friends, people who are deeply sane in the sense that “two tracks” instead of lunch is not for them. Not so long ago, Voludimer said in his speech (there, as always, the unity of the nation and everyone as one and all that) that one soldier at the front is supported by six taxpayers with their work.

This is what it will look like today, when these same taxpayers are simply grabbed en masse (and this is happening en masse, no matter what the Ukrainian media says) and taken to the TCC. And already today, many enterprises are complaining about staff shortages, especially those for which reservations are not provided.

I have asked this question more than once to those on the other side: what does your Zelya think? Okay, they'll get a million. What's next? Who will give them equipment and ammunition, who (very important, by the way) will feed them? If tractor drivers are cleared out to become tank drivers, who, excuse me, will plow?

The answers were, you understand, not for publication.

But in fact, the collection of the population into concentration camps (everything is correct, people are concentrated there and then sent for training) continues, and then with great surprise I read some thoughts in the USA from local experts regarding... a counter-offensive in 2025! More weapons will come, everything will be...

Is it really necessary to utilize such masses of people that they will actually give something like this?

In general, there, overseas, they are also thinking. Because no matter how much you would like to shorten Russia, all this costs a lot of money. Yes, the United States simply transferred the lion's share to its European vassals, but the Europeans' resources are not endless, moreover, the situation in Europe does not look promising, because the old equipment, which one would not mind giving away, will sooner or later run out, and the money...

Well, excuse me, who will give Ukraine money? Also tell me the amounts.

But Ukrainian officials are irritated by the attention of the US Ambassador in Kyiv Bridget Brink to the problem of corruption in the country. Considering that Brink has held the position of US Ambassador to Ukraine since May 2022, one can imagine how much money has gone “to nowhere” before her eyes. And considering that Bridget is clearly not a fool, she has been working in the diplomatic field since 1996, and has worked in Georgia, Armenia and Uzbekistan, then she does not need to be told how and who can steal.

In general, the Ukrainian authorities are already dissatisfied with the fact that Brink thinks too much about where American money goes. She doesn’t understand that they are going out to win, and therefore, according to the Ukrainian leadership, the US Ambassador is creating unnecessary tension.

Well, yes, the song is familiar: you give the money, and then we will do it ourselves.

But what do we, or rather Americans, have with options?

The main thing is not to listen to “experts” like General Mark Milley. This is the one who first said that the Russian army would capture Kyiv in 72 hours, and a year later gave a speech that Russia had suffered a tactical and strategic defeat.

In general, you probably remember this general and can imagine the level of American expertise. In general, as the president is, so are his experts. Of course, this can be attributed to many things, but in this case we are talking about Biden.

Yes, the Russian government has done a lot to create the situation that exists today, but the slow and steady advance of Russian troops towards Kharkov makes many people think. Yes, this is not the dashing rush that was in February 2022, this is a calmer progression. The difference is noticeable, it’s like between an asphalt skating rink and a racing car. Everyone performs their tasks to achieve certain results, simply using their own methods.

The West is frankly tired of the war, which they have to pay for. This, of course, is not about Biden, who is in his own dimension, but about European leaders who are forced to pursue macron-like policies at their own expense. They will give money and weapons, the question is how much.

Putin will not negotiate. He's been there once before, and he's still hiccupping. Therefore, the only option that will suit the Russian president is Kyiv’s capitulation. Ideally, unconditional. Yes, out of the kindness of one’s heart, it may be capitulation with reservations, but capitulation.

In the world today there are already quite a few who are ready to take on the role of mediators like Erdogan, new ones who want to make peace arise from time to time, but this is really a very difficult question, and not every mediator will suit Russia. Comrade Xi is one of the real options, but the entire West will howl against such a candidate.

In addition, the last tranche of aid to Ukraine from the United States, which, let me remind you, is $61 billion for military, economic and humanitarian purposes, is a very decent amount. But this assistance cannot continue indefinitely, as Zelensky would like. And, if Donald Trump comes to power again in the next political cycle, it is quite possible that there may be no money for Ukraine at all.

The United States believes that this tranche, plus assistance from European vassals, should be enough for Kyiv for a year. American experts think so, but let's look at what is happening realistically. But in reality, dollars are dollars, and the Russian army is the Russian army. And here there may be some inconsistencies. Let them think whatever they want in the USA, let them steal whatever they want in Ukraine, but the fact that Volchansk is 70 kilometers from Kharkov is a reality.

But what three options can be realistic for Ukraine, as seen from overseas?

Option 1. Neutral

The war is reaching a positional stalemate. By some miracle, with the help of those mobilized and received weapons, Kyiv stops the Russian troops. The negotiation process begins instead of simple mutual destruction of the parties through the mediation of European powers.

Moscow puts forward the same demands at the 2021 level. Kyiv, with the support of Europe, is putting forward its own conditions to remain outside Moscow’s sphere of influence. That is, neutrality, but such... Which does not prohibit training your army from NATO instructors and arming it with Western weapons.

In this case, Ukraine completely escapes Russia’s control, but acts with an eye on its neighbor. What the resulting territorial losses will be is not entirely clear, because this is based on the results of the negotiations.

Option 2. Almost positive, almost fantastic

In 2025, Ukraine, with superhuman efforts, pushes back Russian troops, Russia begins to control a significantly smaller part of Ukraine than before the start of “counter-offensive-2”.

Therefore, during the negotiations, Kyiv receives significantly more concessions from Moscow: Ukraine joins the EU and NATO, but in a reduced state, without some territories, completely abandoning them and with the proviso that there will be no NATO bases on Ukrainian territory.

It is somewhat reminiscent of a Turkish action, and therefore the fact that this option is seen in the United States is, of course, good, but the fact that it is not seen in Russia is bad. For Ukraine.

Option 3. Negative, but the most realistic

The Russian offensive, unlike the Ukrainian counter-offensive, ends with an even greater seizure of Ukrainian lands, Europe and the United States (especially if Trump wins the election) are disappointed in Zelensky, negotiations begin, but according to Moscow’s scenario, which means that Ukraine continues to exist without part of the territories, but not as an independent country, but as a protectorate of Russia.

These scenarios have already been published in more than one American media, slightly in different interpretations, from different authors. But what do they have in common? Surprisingly, in none of these scenarios there is even a hint of victory for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. That is, in the USA they do not believe that their money will play out in the best way? It turns out that way.

But the rules of the game must be followed. Especially those rules that are characteristic of American society.

Of course, there will be no such sane “counter-offensive-2”. Closer to the elections in the United States there will be some desperate rush, crazy and merciless (in relation to the Ukrainians), the goal of which will be to take several farms. And then a PR campaign to give the Biden team not so much trump cards, but rather checks confirming that American billions were well spent.

Well, those are the rules there. What does it matter - senators and congressmen will explain to the electorate through the media, the main thing is that debit and credit converge and there are no “Iranheits”.

Therefore, there must be something like this. For example, Anatoly Shariy in one of his speeches gave out the idea of ​​​​an amphibious operation in Crimea. And with all her seemingly madness, this option may well exist. They will really drop troops, capture some tiny settlement and hold it for some time. And then either they will surrender, or...

For what? And then, so that in the USA, responsible gentlemen in expensive suits can present to the electorate:
- Zelensky promised to recapture Crimea - so, if you please, he is recapturing it;
- The Ukrainian army uses everything supplied to it for its intended purpose;
- Containment of Russia continues and so on down the list.

As the late Mikhail Zadornov said, the main thing is that the files match. And that’s how it really is! The main thing is that the purposes for which the money was allocated are more or less visible and understandable.

Of course, it is not entirely clear how an attack on the same Russian refineries in the Rostov region with now “authorized” ammunition of American and European production can affect the situation in Volchansk; not everyone will understand. Yes, everything seems simple, any refinery produces gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel, which can be used for military purposes. But the key word here is ANY. And the fuel will still be delivered, not from one plant, but from another.

Everything is simple here: a refinery, if you get into it, is a very beautiful picture, a goal. You can sell it beautifully, yes, just sell it, and not serve it, putting another “tick” in the list of “achievements” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They say, we work, we beat the enemy. Give me more of everything and more.

That’s why Biden needs just such examples. For the report. And the report is needed to justify the negotiations, because the United States needs negotiations more than Ukraine. Ukraine really has nothing to lose, but everyone else has it.

The United States now really fears that Russia will decide to demonstrate a tactical nuclear strike. More and more media outlets are beginning to speculate on the topic of whether Putin will “suffer or not” in Ukraine. Smart people say that there are no prerequisites yet, but smart people in the USA are a small percentage of the total mass. And for those who are used to being afraid, and there are many of them still left from the Cold War, they don’t seem to need such a dashing confrontation.

And yes, the electorate in the United States knows how to influence the leadership. Especially if the electorate is scared or wants a strange type of BLM. But raging blacks are one thing, but Putin with a nuclear charge is another. And blacks mean pogroms, riots, of course, but Putin... This is a maximum of two times, one will be in Ukraine as a rehearsal, the second - you understand.

And the American man in the street believes it! He believes that Russia will hit Ukraine with something heavy, he believes that then Europe’s turn will come, and then Russia and China will take on the United States together.

This is not nonsense; this is being talked about in many media today. It's not even social networks. You can read this with your own eyes if you wish.

And here the faith in Zelensky, this showman, who claims that “a little more, a little more” and there will be victory, and Russia will not “limp”, is less and less. Already today, many authors are saying that they don’t really believe the Ukrainian non-president, because it turns out that he knew very well (in his own words) about the impending attack, but pretended to be a pink bunny who was not aware of what was happening.

Negotiations are needed primarily not by the Ukrainian side, but by the American side. It is when the degree of aggravation of the situation reaches its limit that the United States will simply kick Zelensky to talk to Putin. Yes, this will not happen in the Biden era; grandfather still exists in his own world. But the end of his reign is not very long, and all Zelensky’s clowning that he can do will be lost if there is a change of president. And it will happen, the old man will not only not survive another term, but will not live.

If all three options for the development of the situation in Ukraine go in such a way that the Americans themselves do not believe in Zelensky’s victory, but they are beginning to see the light, so there will be negotiations. The whole question is solely on whose terms they will take place.

And here, too, there is room for thought, because negotiations, as historical practice shows, do not always lead to decent results. Here you can remember both 1905 and 1918. Portsmouth, Brest...

Somehow, the capitulation signed in Kyiv looks more durable. And a pit, a pit and two cans of gasoline, as a mandatory attribute.

Review based on materials from The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Politico, Newsday
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  1. -13
    10 June 2024 04: 38
    The gallows, just the gallows, it was so with Ceausescu, let it be so now.
    1. +9
      10 June 2024 04: 48
      Quote: Ezekiel 25-17
      The gallows, just the gallows, it was so with Ceausescu, let it be so now.

      It was more spectacular with Mussolini, the West is still afraid to remember this. And the main thing is that his Italians hanged him.
      1. +1
        12 June 2024 11: 38
        Shot. And then they hanged him.
    2. +29
      10 June 2024 05: 22
      Nicolae Ceausescu was shot, actually. Together with Elena.
      1. +14
        10 June 2024 07: 04
        Neutral Ukraine? Bullshit. Ukraine cannot be neutral.
        We have already seen enough of neutral Sweden, Finland, and Switzerland.
        There is only one option: the unconditional surrender of Nazi Ukraine, the inclusion of the Little Russian Federal District into Russia without any autonomy.
      2. +9
        10 June 2024 15: 27
        Those who executed the Ceausescu couple were themselves criminals. Ordinary killers.
        1. +3
          10 June 2024 17: 03
          Right. Western puppets. Ceausescu got rid of debts to the IMF and freed the country from the Western stranglehold.
          1. +1
            12 June 2024 11: 26
            Who borrowed from the IMF? Isn't it Ceausescu himself?
            1. +3
              12 June 2024 18: 20
              Well? I took it, but paid in full. Are there many such countries?
            2. -1
              13 June 2024 00: 09
              Quote: Milo
              Who borrowed from the IMF? Isn't it Ceausescu himself?

              Yes, one of the first fans of multi-vectorism and graduated accordingly.
      3. 0
        11 June 2024 21: 19
        Mussolini was also shot. And then they scolded the body. Together with his mistress.
    3. +32
      10 June 2024 06: 27
      The gallows, just the gallows, it was so with Ceausescu, let it be so now.

      Your joke is funny.

      Did I miss something?

      Have Russian troops already taken Kyiv?
      Is there an assault on the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine?
      Are Russian special forces looking for Zelensky's secret bunkers in order to find him?

      P.S. “Don’t boast when you go to the fair, but boast when you leave the fair.” (proverb)
  2. +2
    10 June 2024 04: 38
    And a pit, a pit and two cans of gasoline, as a mandatory attribute.
    The logical end ....
    1. -1
      10 June 2024 08: 29
      In the second photo 4 (!!)canisters, in the memoirs - that “They drained the remaining gasoline from all the cars into some canisters".
      2 cans is not enough.
    2. +3
      12 June 2024 08: 27
      I feel sorry for the gasoline. But a couple of buckets of crap will be just right.
  3. +9
    10 June 2024 04: 46
    Here you can remember both 1905 and 1918. Portsmouth, Brest...

    You can continue further - Minsk, Istanbul. God forbid that third ones with the same level pass.
    1. +18
      10 June 2024 05: 59
      To be honest, I’m surprised by the authorship of the article.. I was thinking about Staver, but this is Roman. The most correct option is the first one. It won’t be possible to get out of the positional deadlock. And accordingly, then only some kind of concessions. Regarding the liberation of new lands in the outside.. And this will already be a Pyrrhic victory. Due to human casualties on our, Russian side.
      1. +5
        10 June 2024 09: 03
        I thought it was Staver, but this is Roman
        - uh... What's the difference, actually? laughing
        1. +8
          10 June 2024 09: 07
          Actually, it was big. Apparently they made an offer to Roman... Which he couldn’t refuse.... what
          1. +2
            10 June 2024 09: 08
            Ahhh, well, unless that’s the case, then yes, there is a difference...
    2. +6
      10 June 2024 13: 36
      The Treaty of Brest saved the Russian state. Which then turned out so bad that it won it all back with a huge profit. Incl. about Brest passing by.
      In general, a powerful article, well, Ilya Erenburg. Only there will be no pits or canisters, utopia Roman.
    3. +1
      13 June 2024 00: 11
      Quote: carpenter
      You can continue further - Minsk, Istanbul.

  4. +9
    10 June 2024 04: 59
    “Ukraine has $10-12 trillion worth of critical mineral resources” - an American senator revealed the reason for supporting Ukraine

    "If we help Ukraine now, it could be an ideal business partner, I don't want to give that money to Putin and China," Lindsey Graham said.
  5. 0
    10 June 2024 05: 00
    Until the elections in the United States, the situation will be in limbo...this is obvious.
    There is no point in guessing now.
    1. Eug
      10 June 2024 06: 39
      It seems that the Kremlin is betting on the controversial results of the US elections and a serious escalation on the threshold of civil war. In my opinion, this will not happen.
      1. +18
        10 June 2024 07: 19
        If this is so, then such leadership is worthless. Strategic plans are put on the card table. No, I understand your point. But these hopes for a civil war in the United States are simply ridiculous.
        1. +7
          10 June 2024 14: 06
          Quote from: dmi.pris1
          Leadership like this is worthless.

          Haven’t you realized yet that this is our reality? At the head of all this leadership sits a naive man, constantly deceived by his partners. a slave on someone's galleys. And this whole crisis, the way it is unfolding for our country, is entirely his merit, and that of his subordinates. So, it’s strange to expect something different from them.
        2. +1
          10 June 2024 16: 15
          Well, everyone says that Trump will come and restore order (even Tpump himself). He will leave NATO, abandon Ukraine and Europe, make peace with Russia... Don’t you believe them?
          1. 0
            10 June 2024 16: 19
            Actually .. "I believe in every animal .. And you, I guess" laughing
        3. 0
          13 June 2024 00: 14
          Quote from: dmi.pris1
          But these hopes for a civil war in the United States are simply ridiculous.

          Well, maybe aliens will come. laughing For all the downvotes, this is sarcasm.
      2. +1
        10 June 2024 07: 23
        The Kremlin is betting on America's subsequent large expenses and losses and is waiting for them to reach a critical size and, as a result, the United States will shamefully dump Ukraine
        1. +9
          10 June 2024 07: 51
          Quote: AlekMikh
          The Kremlin is betting on America's subsequent large expenses and losses and is waiting for them to reach a critical size and, as a result, the United States will shamefully dump Ukraine

          So they haven’t entered yet. They are just throwing arms contracts at their industry. Nothing new, nothing too expendable.
          1. +3
            10 June 2024 13: 04
            So they haven’t entered yet. They are just throwing arms contracts at their industry. Nothing new, nothing too expendable.
            And they “will still draw money”, like Popandopulo. It's not critical for them.
            1. 0
              11 June 2024 02: 26
              Why then are the Yankees trying so hard for these 12 trillion worth of Ukrainian minerals that the senator is talking about, risking even World War 3?
              It’s easier for them to turn on the machine and print these dollars
              1. 0
                11 June 2024 08: 51
                As soon as they receive real resources for these printed pieces of paper, these printed pieces of paper acquire real content. Because if you simply shower the world with dollars, relying only on military force, the world will rebel, so they catch this line. And the world is not revolting at the same time, and individual upstarts can be taken down by military force. The most recent example is Libya.
        2. +12
          10 June 2024 08: 04
          And what kind of losses could they have? The Amerz military-industrial complex is raking in the loot with a shovel, the allies are driven to the bone, we, as their enemies, are suffering losses, both human and technical. They applaud while standing, looking at how they managed to set everything on fire
          1. -5
            10 June 2024 08: 43
            America certainly shouldn't risk nuclear war.
            The US and its allies have already sent about $200 billion worth of weapons? These weapons were mostly in storage. Therefore, this is their amortized price.
            To replace them, the US and its allies will spend $1 trillion or more. After all, the world has become so cruel and dangerous. Plus taxes and subsequent possible reconstruction costs. How many trillions is this? Even the 12 trillion that Senator Graham says will not justify the costs.
            I understand your anti-Kremlin sentiments, but if the war lasts two more years, the United States and allies will go into negative profits even after victory.
            1. +1
              10 June 2024 14: 17
              Quote: AlekMikh
              I understand your anti-Kremlin sentiments, but if the war lasts two more years, the United States and allies will go into negative profits even after victory.

              Remember, in the 90s there was such a scam on the streets when you were offered to pull out a card, and there you won a valuable prize, well, there was a TV, or a music center... But the trouble is, the second contender also won it. And the one who gives the most cash for it will take it, right here. Moreover, he will take the prize, his own money, and his opponent’s money. And now the bidding begins. The money is laid out on the table, the scammer takes it, making a note in a notebook of who invested how much. And during bidding, your money is transferred behind your back to your opponent)))
              So it’s the same with US dollars. While we use dollars and euros, we are turning their economy around. And hundreds more countries besides us. It’s stupid to expect that scammers will run out of money before you do.
              1. +2
                10 June 2024 17: 17
                Your Americans are wizards, and the Kremlin’s are unfortunate suckers. That's what I understand
                1. -1
                  10 June 2024 20: 43

                  Your Americans are wizards, and the Kremlin’s are unfortunate suckers. That's what I understand.

                  Got it right. My neighbors and I, who were our compatriots the day before yesterday, have been fighting for three years, and they are just making money.
                  Well, who is the collective farmer here?
        3. +2
          10 June 2024 14: 08
          Quote: AlekMikh
          The Kremlin is betting on America's subsequent large expenses and losses and is waiting for them to reach a critical size and, as a result, the United States will shamefully dump Ukraine

          Do you think in the USA we will run out of paper and paint faster than we have oil and/or the male population? No, in 404 the population will of course end sooner, but the Westerners are ready to fully compensate with their vacationers.
          1. 0
            10 June 2024 17: 00
            You are all obsessed with the fact that Americans are like wizards with an airplane carpet, with an Aladdin lamp, with a magic wand, with a pike and a goldfish in their hands in the form of a dollar, and are like unfortunate suckers. This is the impression I get reading all your comments.
            1. 0
              10 June 2024 20: 40
              Quote: AlekMikh
              You are all obsessed with the fact that Americans are like wizards with an airplane carpet, with an Aladdin lamp, with a magic wand, with a pike and a goldfish in their hands in the form of a dollar, and are like unfortunate suckers.

              So this is not crazy, but simply a statement of fact. No one has yet figured out how to interrupt the printing press.
              1. 0
                11 June 2024 01: 00
                It's simple. Printed a lot of money - get inflation and discontent in the country, get defeated in the elections, get a huge debt, because the future is unpredictable.
                He made a lot of weapons in the military-industrial complex, there should be victories on the battlefield, and if in all the latest military conflicts you are haunted by failures, then these weapons are an excessive burden for the country.
                Intervened in a conflict against a strong country and risked nuclear war
                1. +1
                  11 June 2024 09: 16
                  Quote: AlekMikh
                  It's simple. Printed a lot of money - get inflation and discontent in the country

                  laughing You are very “savvy” in this matter.
                  There will be inflation all over the world, but not in the USA. This trick has been working since the times of empires and colonies. The colonies were prohibited from having their own currency. By printing the money supply, the metropolis created inflation in the colonies, but not in its own country. This was the mechanism for robbing the colonies; people worked for candy wrappers, supplying their resources to the mother country for the same candy wrappers. Exactly the same thing is now happening with the dollar, only on a global scale.
                  Quote: AlekMikh
                  He made a lot of weapons in the military-industrial complex, there should be victories on the battlefield, and if in all the latest military conflicts you are haunted by failures, then these weapons are an excessive burden for the country.

                  Who told you about their failures? VP, Shoigu and Lavrov? Ahh, well, well... How long did it take for the United States to capture Iraq and Afghanistan and set up its own government? How long did they sit there? Military goals were fulfilled there entirely. You, like me, have no idea about the true political goals. But I am confident that they have been achieved. Maybe not completely and completely, but nonetheless.
                  Quote: AlekMikh
                  Intervened in a conflict against a strong country and risked nuclear war

                  They didn't interfere, they CREATED it. And with our rag government they don’t see any risks. They are not afraid of red markers at all. Of course, they won’t go to war openly, but they will sponsor the saloreichs until the last hinzir, and they will provide quite enough of their vacationers. Open your eyes already...
      3. man
        10 June 2024 09: 41
        Quote: Eug
        It seems that the Kremlin is betting on the controversial results of the US elections and a serious escalation on the threshold of civil war. In my opinion, this will not happen.

        It seems to me that you underestimate the Kremlin. Wise statesmen are sitting there and are clearly betting on something else, much more realistic. For example, that aliens will arrive and write in for us.
        1. +5
          10 June 2024 11: 46
          But you are so subtle, especially about the “wise”. laughing hi
          1. man
            10 June 2024 16: 00
            Quote from AdAstra
            But you are so subtle, especially about the “wise”. laughing hi

            At first I wrote “the most honest”, but after thinking about it, I decided not to turn VO into a collection of jokes hi
      4. +6
        10 June 2024 11: 45
        I wrote it in another article and will write it here. Even if Trump, who advocates moving industry back, wins, do you really think that he will step on the throat of his military industrialists? No, otherwise they will eat him with guano.
    2. +4
      10 June 2024 12: 45
      That is, we are a sovereign country (I didn’t put quotation marks), Russia.. Are we forced to live and fight while keeping an eye on the elections in the USA? Or are quotation marks still needed?
      1. +1
        10 June 2024 13: 56
        It seems to me, gentlemen, quotation marks are not needed. hi
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    1. The comment was deleted.
  9. +11
    10 June 2024 05: 43
    Our press gushes with optimism when things don’t matter..
    1. -9
      10 June 2024 06: 05
      Let’s assume that everywhere, with the press, it’s about the same...
      By the way, where exactly is it NOT IMPORTANT? Is there something we don’t know, something we don’t see?
      1. +17
        10 June 2024 08: 18
        Quote: rocket757
        By the way, where exactly is it NOT IMPORTANT?

        At the front. Which stands, and we can’t do anything about it. In the rear, where the key rate of 16% is gradually killing industry.
        Quote: rocket757
        Is there something we don’t know, something we don’t see?

        The losses we bear. And they are great. Even the voiced one in five is a lot, this means about 100 people of irretrievable losses, if the Ukrainian almost 000 obituaries are correct. But in reality our losses are significantly higher - I remind you that the dead of Donetsk and Lugansk were not taken into account for a long time (because they were not part of the RF Armed Forces), and that even Wagner during offensive battles in the city showed, according to Prigozhin, approximately 500:000 .
        You can imagine the number of living, but maimed, with such losses.
        1. 0
          10 June 2024 09: 00
          Let's assume that this is not something we don't know... although we can hide in our "shell" and not know, not accept anything at all.
          I won’t call all this normal, but this is the reality of the situation in which almost all of us find ourselves...
          The war, however, whatever you call it, and we have a serious enemy... this is due to the external situation, but inside we have cursed capitalism and it does not bring anything good to our people, our country.
          But this is already known...
          Then what?
          A disaster tomorrow? Why, what are the prerequisites for this?
          I repeat... I, Soviet and capitalism, are in my throat, but despite everything, I don’t see any prerequisites that it will fall apart tomorrow and... this may continue for a long time, alas.
          1. +12
            10 June 2024 09: 28
            Quote: rocket757
            Then what?

            So this is the most interesting question. War is the continuation of politics by other means; any war must have a goal. Moreover, there are political goals that we want to achieve, and there are military goals, upon achieving which the enemy will consider himself defeated, having agreed with our political goals.
            So our political goals are somehow defined, but the military is not visible. Maybe they have been outlined at headquarters, but they are obviously not being achieved. Constant and unsuccessful attacks on the defense clearly cannot be a winning strategy.
            One gets the feeling that we simply decided to “endure” the Ukrainians. But the whole problem is that such dominance may not last another year or two, as long as the West is ready to invest money in Ukraine, they will hold on until human reserves are exhausted. But this is still a long way off; after all, every year a certain number of young Ukrainians reach conscription age for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
            1. +2
              10 June 2024 09: 44
              The capitalist state, the ruling class, the rich.... have they ever had other goals other than enrichment?
              Oh yes, sometimes they stirred up various things in order to preserve themselves, to remain in power, that is, to further enrich themselves... usually when the internal situation was overheating and the people’s discontent could be directed specifically at them, then they try to turn this discontent outward !!!
              The method is standard and they often succeeded.
              In general.... DIVIDE AND CONTROL!!!
              Our ruling class or their advisors know this and use it!
            2. +3
              10 June 2024 15: 15
              It will not be possible to “tolerate” the Ukrainians. For the US and NATO, victory lies in escalating the conflict to Belarus and the Baltic. And then - from the Black Sea to the White Sea.
              With such tactics (they don’t know about operational art in our General Staff, and they haven’t heard about strategic strategy in the Kremlin) we won’t be able to take out such a front. They simply shackled our forces in the Ukrainian direction and are calmly preparing the Romanians, Poles, Balts, Finns and their former masters, the Swedes, for war with us.
              The solutions that were good for us ended in 2022, the acceptable ones in 2023. Now the possible ones are running out.
          2. +5
            10 June 2024 13: 12
            Then what?
            A disaster tomorrow? Why, what are the prerequisites for this?
            I assure you, everything will happen quietly and peacefully. As soon as the Anglo-Saxons gain control of the nuclear suitcase, and they have been working on this for a very long time (they will most likely buy it). First, they will confiscate all the funds of the oligarchs abroad, and then present an ultimatum, to which the Russian Federation will not respond. The power will change, the country will be divided into a couple of dozen “bandustans”. And that’s it, then genocide, war of all against all. Migrants slaughter and rob Russians with impunity, just as they did in their own country. Another option is to take children and money hostage, which will have the same result. Honestly, I don’t see any other ending options. Industry is not being improved, education has been neglected, Russians in the Russian Federation are second class.
            1. 0
              10 June 2024 13: 57
              You can dream anyway... here’s just advice: you shouldn’t overdo it with different substances, it’s not useful, and most often it’s dangerous.
              1. +2
                10 June 2024 15: 29
                Well, you shouldn’t be like that. Whoever told me in mid-1991 that the USSR would collapse at the end of the year would have advised me to see a psychiatrist. And about the wars on the territory of the USSR, I would have sent it even further. But the experience of past years says that the worst option is the most realistic. And unfortunately we will not be asked or asked to prevent it.
                1. 0
                  10 June 2024 15: 55
                  From the point of view... yes, from any point of view, we have capitalism, the power of the rich.
                  So nothing unusual or unpredictable happens.
                  What will happen to the country? But here there is no complete clarity, although there are more than a lot of versions.
                  And only time will tell what and how much he guessed right.
                  1. 0
                    10 June 2024 16: 55
                    For the ruling class, of course, everything is predictable; for us, everything is sudden and very painful.
                    1. 0
                      10 June 2024 18: 14
                      For those who think they have their finger on the pulse, we can advise one thing: LEARN HISTORY! There are more than a lot of different, instructive examples!
  10. -5
    10 June 2024 05: 49
    Whatever experts and politicians from different sides say, we have one way out - this is access to the borders of the USSR in 1991. Everything else is half measures or a time bomb. As soon as someone from our top leadership began to speculate about what to leave for Ukraine, it started to look like which territories to take and which ones to leave. There is an example with Germany, only unconditional surrender and trials of the Nazis and Banderaites. The entire top leadership of the country, both civilian and military, will be hanged as in Nuremberg soldier
    1. +1
      10 June 2024 06: 12
      Obviously, there are plenty of talkative people at the top... although you have to accept and follow a certain rule, you should only listen to the one at the top...
      As for what needs to be done, it’s obvious, no half measures!!! Return/liberate our land completely!
    2. +13
      10 June 2024 08: 21
      Quote: V.
      We have one way out - this is access to the borders of the USSR in 1991

      One question - how? Ours are seriously trying to capture Chasov Yar and Volchansk, cities in which 12 and 17 thousand people once lived. Weeks go by, you see the result for yourself.
      1. -4
        10 June 2024 13: 00
        Andrey, I regard you as the most competent and independent commentator. Yes, they don’t like us and want to divide us in every possible way. But we somehow turn out and live. Seven years in the barracks, in the navy and the Strategic Missile Forces is my experience. You need will and love for the Motherland, and then tank wedges and missile strikes will appear, at least 30 thousand per month. One thousand by five hundred kilometers of Ukraine is nothing to talk about with our weapons, even fifty years ago when I served. The soldiers are ready to break Bandera’s followers in a week, but some people think that you need to fight a teaspoon a day. What ranks were not for three days to a military tribunal and execution. I'm talking about the Timur Ivanov type. Yes, it’s cruel, but there’s no other way.
        Best regards soldier
      2. +1
        10 June 2024 15: 27
        Andrey, remember I wrote that a land war is a war of great bloodshed on one’s own land. What is happening is clearly demonstrated.
        War follows simple rules:
        1. You can’t attack everywhere at once. The enemy must be beaten piece by piece.
        2. It is necessary to use enough forces to achieve the shortest result.
        3. In any confrontation, it is necessary to seize the initiative in order to be able to carry out operations to achieve victory with the least losses.
        4. It is necessary to use the weaknesses of the enemy and not allow the use of your own weaknesses.
        5. A strong rear ensures the stability of the defense and the power of the offensive.
        Since our leadership neglects all these truths that Prussian generals still possessed, the result is consistent.
        Only an all-out offensive in Ukraine using the entire available arsenal can prevent a major European, and possibly World War.
    3. 0
      10 June 2024 08: 35
      access to the borders of the USSR in 1991.
      And then?
      How to hold and control this territory?
      There is an abyss of abandoned weapons in Ukraine. What should I do with it?
      What to do with implicit Banderaites?
      Who will feed their pensioners and disabled people?
      1. +1
        10 June 2024 09: 00
        Here I agree with you. Before you can hold her, you need to free her. All that remains is to decide the smallest thing, with what forces and sacrifices to free all this?
  11. +13
    10 June 2024 05: 49
    Comparing Zelensky with Hitler (one of the significant political figures of the 20th century)... It’s like that... Unworthy. It's like comparing GDP and Stalin... smile
    1. 0
      10 June 2024 06: 18
      Someone can look through a microscope, but... it’s an imitator, there’s nothing particularly new in that...
    2. +3
      10 June 2024 08: 40
      Compare Zelensky with Hitler (one of the significant political figures of the 20th century)..

      Hitler - vain compared to Zelensky.
      Zelensky manages to - without actual occupation!!! - collect tribute from all over Europe and even the USA.
      Ze - unlike Hitler - managed to create a coalition against the Russian Federation from almost everyone most powerful states in the world.
      The exception is China (India, well, that’s it)
      1. +1
        10 June 2024 09: 18
        Hitler is a Personality, Zelensky is an externally controlled “parsley” from a fair booth, just a media character... However, like most of the so-called leaders of states...
        1. 0
          10 June 2024 09: 26
          Hitler is a Personality, Zelensky is an externally controlled “parsley” from a fair booth, just a media character... However, like most of the so-called leaders of states... - Hitler (and the Third Reich) lasted 12 years until they took him to the trash in a rug.
          Ze and SaloReich are already 10 years old and there are no guarantees that they will not last another 2 years. Even if we take Kyiv
          - he will bark from Lvov...
      2. +4
        10 June 2024 10: 10
        Their goals are different. Hitler needed the world, preferably all of it. Zelensky has enough money, a sort of business for Basilio the cat.
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. 0
    10 June 2024 06: 19
    But in reality, dollars are dollars, and the Russian army is the Russian army.

    Dollars can (and even need to) be stolen, which is what is being done, but the Russian army cannot!
  15. +3
    10 June 2024 06: 24
    Well, this is nonsense: the “victory” of Ukraine by military means and the use of nuclear weapons on the territories of Ukraine. Why is the fourth option, which smoothly follows from the first, not being considered - it will “explode” within Russia itself... And it seems that this is exactly what the West is betting on. The main threat to the Russian State is not NATO with all its weapons. Russia can only be “defeated” from within.
  16. Eug
    10 June 2024 06: 35
    In any case, no more than 4 regions will go to Russia; perhaps there will be a buffer territory in which anti-Russian sentiments will go off scale.
  17. Des
    10 June 2024 06: 44
    I gave + (deserved) to the article out of surprise))), I thought - Staver)) author. But no. But still +.
    A normal analysis of bourgeois sources with the author's colorful approach. Doesn't give the impression of being custom) (a joke of humor).
    Nevertheless. Against the backdrop of this smooth analysis, strategic assumptions and reasoning, a colleague’s son is a tanker in the Northern Military District, shell-shocked, and awarded. Changed three tanks and three crews. At the last call he said: “We are burning.” Hands, face.
    To that. Ordinary people are fighting next to us. For the Russian Federation. But in the Russian Federation there is a great “party” that already doesn’t give a damn about everything, hucksters (a collective term that does not renounce national specifics)). They win. In the end, always. They don’t fight, they don’t touch the war - their world here is separate from ours.
    1. +9
      10 June 2024 07: 00
      ...Ordinary people are fighting...

      I would like to see statistics of Russian soldiers by party affiliation.
      I am sure there are now non-party members in the military action zone of the Northern Military District.

      Is the United Russia party present at the North Military District or are their representatives engaged in more important matters: sitting at SPIEF sessions?
      1. +8
        10 June 2024 10: 13
        You say they are also sitting. Every member of the United Russia party works, so there are not enough escort girls.
        1. +2
          10 June 2024 11: 49
          And here some write that “thank God, there are no prerequisites for 1917.” And their carriage and small cart.
    2. 0
      10 June 2024 22: 39
      At the last call he said: “We are burning.” Hands, face
      Is it on and ringing? Unclear...
  18. +2
    10 June 2024 07: 15
    Unlike the completely independent Hitler, Ze is absolutely not independent and simply does what he is told. There will be no canisters - he will go to some Bahamas and give interviews for Western media. As the last year has shown, most likely there will be no global changes, Putin will not use Yao and Ukraine will not be given any large amount of modern weapons. How peace negotiations will proceed depends on the internal situation in the United States; no one else in the world influences these negotiations to the same extent (despite the fact that for the average person in the United States, Ukraine is some kind of point on the map where something is happening there).
  19. +4
    10 June 2024 07: 46
    The first time I made a mistake with the author) I thought it was Staver, but no, it was Skomorokhov. I especially liked about Putin and the negotiations, in my opinion, on the contrary, at the first opportunity he will go to negotiations. And the importance of Volchansk, which, by the way, is right next to the border and has not yet been taken, Roman greatly exaggerates
  20. +4
    10 June 2024 07: 48
    Judging by the fact that the Kremlin has not outlined military goals in Ukraine, but only political “demilitarization and denazification,” the result can be anything and making predictions is a thankless task.
  21. +4
    10 June 2024 08: 00
    The problem is that the United States has already in fact won, they have started a conflict near our borders, with our participation, as they say, just throw firewood, which is what they are doing. And it doesn’t matter at all who is in power, Biden or Trump, we don’t need to wait for someone to lend us a helping hand, rescuing drowning people through the efforts of the drowning people themselves is a more realistic meaning. I don’t think that they are also afraid of tactical nuclear weapons, because in the most extreme case they will again fly not to Washington, but to Ukraine, to this unfortunate pillow, which in fact we are kicking on the one hand, and the West on the other. We’ll just throw this pillow out, put on a new pillowcase, and take it into the house, and the USA will throw it into the fire, unfortunately, this doesn’t reach Ukraine, more than 30 years of propaganda have done their job....
    1. +3
      13 June 2024 14: 03
      For me personally, it is a tragedy that we are, in fact, two fraternal peoples (and if we dig even deeper, we are one!) - we are at war with each other. With the tenacity of purely Russians, with the words “Russians do not give up,” either on our side or on theirs.
      any other nation would have fled long ago from the number of losses and trench life. Only the Germans and Russians can fight like that. And when we win, it turns out that we have weakened ourselves. They killed the gene pool of the Slavs.
      And to replace the Slavs and patriots, a certain Putin brought us Muslim Tajiks, who ALREADY become impudent and introduce their own village laws and orders here in Russia.
      The question is - when their children grow into all verticals of power from cops to prosecutors - will we, ordinary Russians, be able to fight this mafia on a national basis?
      I'm a pessimist, I think not.
      The article for “nationalism” in our country only works against Russians, and “foreign specialists” always evade justice or receive minimum sentences for SERIOUS crimes both against women and murders with a knife of ordinary Russian people.
      and there is no need to look for who is to blame. Putin is to blame - he brings them here, he signs quotas, he signs pardons for Tajiks who have already committed crimes. Why is he doing this? I don't know, but I really don't like it.
  22. +2
    10 June 2024 08: 24
    How, again? How long can you whine about negotiations? It’s not us who should talk about them, but Washington, Brussels and Kyiv.

    Such constant whining on our part simply strengthens the enemy’s confidence that we need negotiations more than they do.

    Such a misunderstanding of obvious truth raises serious doubts about the competence of those proclaiming this postulate.
    1. +4
      10 June 2024 09: 58
      Quote: avia12005
      raises serious doubts about the competence of those proclaiming this postulate.

      "We are open to negotiations"
  23. +1
    10 June 2024 08: 34
    I am not at all worried about the fate of Zelensky, or indeed all politicians on both sides of the LBS. I would exchange them all for a decent world.
  24. +5
    10 June 2024 09: 16
    Let's go write explanations again.
    In every possible way sticking out the switchman Zelensky, and in every possible way keeping silent - that he is just a spokesman for the interests of the ruling class..
    Those. Oligarchs and "elites." Who have property, money, influence and connections. But nothing about them. If they wrote, it was by accident, during the Maidan (when they organized everything) and later, “why some property is not bombed”
  25. +5
    10 June 2024 10: 51
    I deeply respect the author, but here it seems to me that he draws too bravura pictures. In order to dictate your will, you must have success on the battlefield. The results achieved by the RF Armed Forces, to put it mildly, are unconvincing to bring Ukraine to the negotiating table. There is no talk of taking large regional centers. The capture of smaller cities is questionable. Uglegorsk, Volchansk, Chasov Yar, the battles for these small regional centers last for months. Yes, Ukraine is wearing down its potential, but the same thing is happening in Russia. So don't be so optimistic.
  26. +4
    10 June 2024 11: 42
    I think I read two articles from Staver at once, but it turned out to be Skomorokhov. request However, they had a good “preventative conversation” with him. Yes
  27. +1
    10 June 2024 11: 57
    Putin set a course: we don’t give in to provocations, we tolerate and grow stronger, and then it’s either a donkey or a padishah. The Long War, this is 1917 in Russia, only without Aurora.
  28. -1
    10 June 2024 12: 50
    Quote: Alaburga
    The Long War, this is 1917 in Russia, only without Aurora

    If we lose this war, then an Aurora may be found, and some Lenin may show up from over the hill.
  29. +3
    10 June 2024 12: 52
    When talking about the Trump factor, phrases like “Trump didn’t start a single war” are often mentioned. But they have a second part, which is mentioned much less often: “However, Trump did not end a single war.” This should not be forgotten.
  30. +2
    10 June 2024 13: 42
    Smoother progress? Why is it calm? The fact that behind every 100 m there are deaths of our soldiers. And what year is 1945? More likely, 1915 - no change on the Western Front. The under-reich is not running out of people and shells and will not run out in the next 5 years.
  31. 0
    10 June 2024 14: 01
    The flight of imagination of some authors is limitless. Well, what kind of negotiations? About what? The United States will not agree with the forceful change of the borders of Ukraine. And Russia does not need a ceasefire according to the Korean version. And what to talk about?
  32. BAI
    10 June 2024 14: 41
    This is the one who first said that the Russian army would capture Kyiv in 72 hours, and a year later gave a speech that Russia had suffered a tactical and strategic defeat.

    And he is right everywhere.
    If we had fought, and not carried out the SVO, where until now we had not even “started to fight,” we would have taken it. Who knew there were pathological cowards among us at the top?
    And everything is true about the defeat. Not a single declared goal has been achieved.
  33. -2
    10 June 2024 14: 43
    There is no better cage in the zoo for all the scum, led by Zelya!!!
  34. +1
    10 June 2024 16: 11
    Not at all. If you read the comments of European and American ordinary people (and even experts) on the Internet, they are not only not afraid - they are making fun of our nuclear threats. They fundamentally do not believe that the Russian Federation would dare to use nuclear weapons, because it would be suicide (at least in their opinion): all countries of the world are joining the blockade of the “nuclear terrorist”, there will be no food or medicine, the tanker fleet will be sunk, etc., etc. etc.

    As for the Ukrainians... Even if they run out (which is far from a fact), they will be replaced by the Baltic states, Poles, Finns, Germans and others. Wars are not won by grinding, Germany in WWII is a clear example. And the West will not abandon Ukraine for the same reasons that it did not abandon Afghanistan when it fought with the Russians.
    1. -3
      10 June 2024 16: 21
      I would like to see that wit who would propose to sink the tanker fleet of the victorious country, which defeated the enemy with the use of nuclear weapons. And especially how proudly they turn away. As it is said in the film "Red Square": he is not only an honor for us, he bows to us at our feet!
      Everyone is friends with the winner (you never know what they think about him), but no one is with the loser; on the contrary, everyone wants to profit at his expense.
      1. +2
        10 June 2024 16: 24
        Only a nuclear strike in the modern world is not a victory but political suicide. Why do you think the United States did not use nuclear weapons in Korea and Vietnam, although some generals insisted?
        1. -2
          10 June 2024 16: 33
          They did not apply it because the change of eras of power in the United States interfered. The military was for it. And nothing would happen to the Americans for this. Two B-52s + 40 SRAM missiles (AGM-69) and the results of Operation Linebacker-2 (741 sorties, 15 aircraft losses) would have been achieved.
          Just a warrior D. Eisenhower, D. Kennedy were replaced by politicians R. Nixon and D. Carter.
          1. +1
            10 June 2024 16: 56
            There were only a couple of generals. Who were immediately kicked out of office and no one spoke about it again. Because politicians, unlike the military, perfectly understood the geopolitical consequences of this. Namely, colossal damage to reputation, alienation of allies and third countries, demonization of Americans and the likely victory of the USSR in the Cold War.

            Just don’t remember Japan, the circumstances there are completely different.
            1. -3
              10 June 2024 18: 28
              The same, just don’t babble about “reputational damage”, “the international community”, “people of good will” and other journalistic cliches. If the victors had driven their dissidents under the bunk, they would not have squeaked. And the allies would have stood up in front - they wouldn’t have gone anywhere. In general, public opinion is a myth. There is a certain image created by the media at the request of the authorities or the opposition. So if they bomb, we will wipe out. We bomb - they will take it overseas and remember “détente” (and galvanize our traitors in power).
              1. +1
                10 June 2024 18: 46
                Politicians throughout the Cold War (and modern times too) disagree with you. Or are they all cowards and fools?.. Nuclear weapons were never used after 1945 for a reason.
                1. 0
                  13 June 2024 13: 51
                  Quote: Kmon
                  It was not without reason that nuclear weapons were never used once after 1945.

                  it's bad to be soy... bad...
                  I wish I could turn on Yandex and learn how to ask questions there.

                  I’ll immediately reject your thought “I meant about living people” - watch the video carefully, without rewinding. There are testing strikes on continents and on water islands. NOW there is a radioactive background that has polluted the water, sand, air and is carried by the wind for many kilometers. But because no one with Geiger counters lives under their arms, then all these tests passed as if “painlessly” for people. oha? No.

                  PS: I will add to improve your intelligence.
                  During the bombing of Yugoslavia and then its capture by NATO tank units, shells with depleted uranium were used. After this mini-war, the Italian soldiers themselves, tank crews and artillerymen, began to complain of cancer. And Serbs-Bosniaks-Albanians generally became one of the nations with a large increase in oncology. The sites of the 1998 battles are still emitting radiation in 2024.
                  Those. They no longer fight directly with bombs, but use them in shells.
                  In Ukraine, Abrams, by the way, are also loaded with uranium shells. If you search in Yandex, you will find both the texture and specifics.
      2. 0
        10 June 2024 19: 30
        Everyone is friends with the winner
        In a nuclear war, Russia will inevitably lose.
        1. -2
          10 June 2024 20: 09
          In a nuclear war, Russia will inevitably lose.

          Never for you!
          1. 0
            10 June 2024 20: 14
            You see, in the event of a nuclear strike, nuclear batons from the USA and France, among others, will fly in response - otherwise everyone understands that sooner or later they will be next. Russia, contrary to popular belief, is very vulnerable - the population is crowded in large cities, the destruction of which will turn the Federation into an archipelago - there will be no transport. As a result, those less affected will want to live without sharing power and resources with those more affected and will separate, creating their own government. Civil War is attached.
    2. +1
      10 June 2024 19: 29
      instead of them the Balts, Poles, Finns, Germans and others will go.
      They won’t go - the collapse of the Russian Federation they promised did not happen, which makes it clear that winning is not so easy. And sending your soldiers to war on the outskirts of Europe (from the point of view of the Western average, Ukraine is sex tourism and Chernobyl) would be suicide for any politician.
      1. 0
        10 June 2024 20: 11
        The Anglo-Saxons do not ask whether they will go, but send them.
        And all these Balts, Poles, Finns, Germans and others will march in formation. In 1941, they also chatted that the Germans would not fight against the world’s first state of workers and peasants.
        1. 0
          10 June 2024 20: 15
          they will go in formation.
          It works a little differently here Yes .
          1. -1
            10 June 2024 20: 32
            Hell, you runaway runner knows how things work for you!
            When your descendant becomes a lord, he will know. Media and PR work for you. And for the fools of ordinary people (including MP roosters), even a test tube with washing powder will do.
            1. +1
              10 June 2024 20: 35
              Hell, you runaway runner knows how things work for you!
              And you, of course, know everything better than anyone laughing Russian TV cannot lie.
              Media and PR work for you
              The Western European man in the street is quite resistant to brainwashing; immunity to this has developed over the centuries.
              1. -1
                10 June 2024 20: 43
                Come on, I’ve known you since I was 19, it just happened.
                Life didn’t hit me according to my guts - hutskrayniks with an extremely limited outlook. But your specialists in the 70s and 80s were real people, although they also had their own limits.
                Now you are trying to preserve the picture of a kind of conflict-free society (well, the CPSU has been doing this since Khrushchev’s times - and in Gorbachev’s times everything came to an end). But this policy doesn’t work either. You have nowhere and nothing to grow - the kingdom is not enough. So the artist was right - you have no other way and you will follow it without even realizing why you need it.
                1. +1
                  10 June 2024 20: 45
                  Come on, I’ve known you since I was 19, it just happened.
                  According to the magazine "Around the World" and films with Statham?
                2. 0
                  11 June 2024 22: 27
                  Life actually treats both smart and stupid people the same. For some reason only stupid people are proud of the fact that “life beat them down.” ...., and the smart ones learn from their experience and therefore do not have such beatings from life...
  35. +1
    10 June 2024 16: 43
    Quote: Kmon
    Only a nuclear strike in the modern world is not a victory but political suicide.

    If this suicide were only political, then there would not be a big disaster.
  36. 0
    11 June 2024 13: 54
    Quote: Bolt Cutter
    And sending your soldiers to war on the outskirts of Europe (from the point of view of the Western average, Ukraine is sex tourism and Chernobyl) would be suicide for any politician.

    If it were so, Western politicians would not be so belligerent towards Russia.
    First, try to convince the militant Ursula von der Leyen and the politicians of the Trans-Baltic region of this. They still have a different point of view, everyone is rushing to attack.
  37. 0
    11 June 2024 13: 57
    Quote: Bolt Cutter
    In a nuclear war, Russia will inevitably lose.

    If there are winners in a nuclear war, they will quickly become jealous of the losers.

    I advise you to watch or re-watch the good English film "Threads"... it clearly and quite convincingly shows the fate of post-nuclear England.
  38. +2
    11 June 2024 18: 02
    The author is friends with something, at least you need to do it head first and then write your opuses
  39. The comment was deleted.
    1. 0
      15 June 2024 01: 23
      It’s just that everyone hoped that we would force Ukraine to peace and that the West would not go to war with us. And he went! This is the mistake of Putin and his circle. That’s how it all worked out and Ukraine signed a peace treaty with us. Everything would have stopped there, but no, the West escalated...
      Regarding the lease of Crimea, this is an invention!!!