Simulated war with the Houthis

Simulated war with the Houthis

A few days ago there was a buzz in the press about the Houthi attack on the American aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower, which is located somewhere in the Red Sea. Houthi spokesman Yahya Sari claimed that they attacked and hit, and the Americans, naturally, insisted that there were no hits. The captain of the aircraft carrier, in our opinion Captain 1st Rank Christopher F. Hill, even published several videos from on board the ship that everything was fine with them.

The noise was quite big, the Western press almost foaming at the mouth denied the very possibility of a Houthi attack on an American aircraft carrier.

But then something unexpected happened.

The devil pulled the Americans by the tongue - to report on the military operations carried out, so to speak, in numbers.

Useless loitering in the air

Lt. Commander Lauren Chatmas, public affairs officer, reported June 2, 2024, that the strike force completed 12 missions totaling 100 flight hours, dropped more than 27 air-to-ground munitions, and fired more than 200 air-to-air missiles. The group's ships covered 350 thousand nautical miles and fired more than 50 missiles, anti-aircraft and cruise. A total of 55 targets were hit, both intended and detected in the air.

In these statistics, what is first striking is the phenomenal efficiency of using deck aviation – on average 0,028 units of ammunition dropped per flight. Or 34,5 sorties for every unit of ammunition dropped on the Houthis.

The naval lady, apparently, wanted to report that American sailors and naval pilots are tirelessly fighting the evil Houthis, but it turned out that the carrier-based aircraft of an entire strike aircraft-carrying group are actually uselessly burning kerosene in the air and wasting the precious resource of carrier-based fighters.

With such an intensity of flights, it would be possible to rain down bombs on the Houthis, which in itself would cause great damage. An aircraft carrier in the Red Sea also has the great advantage that it allows you to very quickly process the intelligence received.

However, there are some interesting nuances here.

On June 4, 2024, a Chinese reconnaissance satellite spied on an aircraft carrier. I didn't see any damage on it. However, the image kindly published by the Chinese shows the coordinates: 22,2 degrees north latitude and 37,7 degrees east longitude. It is 153 km northwest of Jeddah. From this point to the strait between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden is about 1 km.

Here is a photo from a Chinese reconnaissance satellite

Here is a map showing the point where a Chinese satellite imaged the aircraft carrier. As you can see, it’s a long way from it to the Houthi coast.

The combat radius of the F/A-18 carrier-based fighter is 720 km. Of course, it can be increased by drop tanks or in-flight refueling. The only interesting thing is that the strike aircraft carrier group is keeping a respectful distance from the Houthis, at the limit or even beyond the normal range of its aircraft.

Meanwhile, an aircraft carrier with more aircraft on board than, say, the Hungarian or Bulgarian Air Force could come closer. Together with destroyers, it is well protected from attacks by anti-ship missiles and unmanned vehicles. From a distance of 400–500 km, it would be possible to begin ironing the Houthi coast, delivering strikes 10–15 minutes after receiving target designation, or even faster. It would be possible to carry out massive, simultaneous strikes on all identified targets, so that the Houthis do not have time to flee, or to hit one target at certain intervals in order to achieve its guaranteed destruction.

This is everything we would expect from an American strike force - tough, assertive and aggressive air warfare.

Instead, there was useless loitering in the air and rare, sporadic strikes. As a result of this disgrace.

The Houthis have fired missiles at merchant ships and continue to do so. Since October 2023, that is, for seven months, the Houthis have not only not been defeated, but also dare to attack the aircraft carrier itself.

I think there was an attempt to attack, but, of course, it was completely unsuccessful.

War on paper

Captain Hill has so many awards that soon the block will no longer fit on his uniform. He is a former deck aviator with 2 hours of flight time, primarily in the E-700C Hawkeye, an airborne early warning aircraft. That is, he definitely understands reconnaissance and organizing air combat.

Captain Christopher F. Hill. Judging by the block, he is a hero of heroes.

Why is he fighting the Houthis so ineffectively?

This, by the way, also has a political aspect. The authoritarian part of humanity rejoices, and the liberal-democratic part of humanity is horrified, watching as the American aircraft carrier group cannot defeat the militants in flip-flops.

Puzzling questions of this type arise.

What, American aircraft carriers will also fight the Chinese fleet and aviation, how they are now fighting the Houthis, well, what if a conflict breaks out over Taiwan?

I would venture to suggest that the reason is simple, but indecent. Captain Hill wants to become a rear admiral (according to the rank system in the US Navy, the next rank after captain is junior rear admiral), and so he, putting aside all his previous knowledge and skills, is engaged in simulating military operations against the Houthis, carrying out the order of his superior command.

Formally, the crews and pilots of this aircraft carrier group are participants in combat operations. This is undoubtedly an embellishment to one’s service record and a reason for promotion in rank and service. Moreover, this applies to both the high command, which wants to distinguish itself in planning and managing combat operations, and lower-ranking officers.

Everyone has an interest in taking part in the fighting. But without the risk of getting an anti-aircraft missile into the engine or an anti-ship missile into the hangar of an aircraft carrier. Everyone, from the admiral down, is also interested in the absence of a serious risk, because they will have to account for the defeat, killed, downed planes and sunk ships with their sleeve stripes, positions, and salaries.

No, just think about it - what will an admiral demoted for defeat and expelled from the fleet do? To beat the bell in the morning, or what? Therefore, it is better not to take risks.

For them, the war with the Houthis is just that. There is minimal, almost non-existent risk, almost like during an exercise, but this is military action to save world shipping. Under these conditions, a group of interested admirals from the high command, having selected suitable performers who would not spoil everything with excessive zeal, enthusiastically began to accumulate, so to speak, achivements for their service record. Or, more simply put, an imitation of military operations.

Then it becomes obvious why the aircraft carrier does not come closer to the Houthi coast, where the chances of reaching it are somewhat increased. It's understandable why fighter jets hover over the Red Sea like wasps over jam, averaging about 50 sorties a day or more, but attack very rarely. And it is clear why the Houthis feel very at ease, despite all the circumstances.

On paper, the aircraft carrier is fighting. And the paper will tolerate it.

In my opinion, these are signs of serious decay within the American military. They still have a lot of equipment and weapons, but they have actually forgotten how to fight in practice, having perfectly mastered the more profitable and effective war on paper. This, I think, will have both military and political consequences.
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  1. +3
    8 June 2024 04: 08
    I agree, it looks like an imitation... But I think it’s not a matter of decomposition, but of political decisions. We receive information from the media and are shown only the tip of the iceberg... And we don’t know what kind of behind-the-scenes movements there are. "... Who is this victim, where did he go?.." smile
    1. +1
      8 June 2024 06: 38
      In the article, the commander of the aircraft carrier is to blame for everything. So he carries out the order. That’s all. And the possible war for Taiwan is of no consequence here.
  2. -14
    8 June 2024 04: 28
    And why send an aircraft carrier closer to America? They don’t hammer into the sea, they shell civilian ships, so they are insured for the Jews, they won’t fight, why lay down their own, it’s easier to pay with candy wrappers, and they need weapons for someone else’s war, the main thing is to show that they are for them, and then let them sort out their own war. and their whole policy is not just that we will die for our brothers, then they will stick a knife in the back in the same way and mess with Central Asia, indulge it, they called the ambassador in Tajikistan to petition him that they began to press their chebureks in Russia, so it would be necessary to call in order to fart without asking they were afraid, but not all people there are like that, but the majority who love Russia very much organize terrorist attacks, our guarantor dotes on them in Russia, they are drawn to their own people, they need to root for them, let them eat each other, no matter what, life teaches nothing
    1. +8
      8 June 2024 08: 32
      Phoenix 2. You made my day. I've never seen anything like this before. I wish my Russian teacher would read this opus. Longest sentence I've ever seen. Not a single period, not a single comma, can’t understand the meaning at all. Everyone can make a mistake, and we are not on an exam here, but we need to think at least a little. You can't shoot or hang. Everyone is familiar with this phrase. It’s not mine and I don’t give you a minus; in general, I rarely give a minus.
      1. -23
        8 June 2024 08: 36
        Let your EGE teacher fall down at school, they don’t write a dictation for her, if she needs a flag in her hands, let her place the punctuation marks herself
        1. +7
          8 June 2024 08: 39
          Not yours, but yours, learn to treat your colleagues in HE with respect. In addition to spelling rules, you also need to learn politeness. Have a good day .
          1. -13
            8 June 2024 08: 42
            Blacksmith Vakula and all the best to you
        2. +6
          8 June 2024 08: 46
          Unified state exam - Unified State Exam. Your second post is also a masterpiece, do you happen to work as a cryptographer on the side? You won't understand without a glass.)))
      2. +2
        8 June 2024 13: 03
        Perhaps he is a fan of Joyce, Mayakovsky and Byron.
        George Byron did not do punctuation at all, he only used dashes. I asked my friends to correct me: “Please sharpen this thing, for my sake.”
        Mayakovsky, as was his custom, wrote with almost no punctuation marks, completely ignoring commas. Look at the manuscript of any verse, there is not a single one. All punctuation marks in his works were placed by Osip Brik. The draft was usually given to him: “Osya, place the commas.”

        Pushkin spoke about punctuation marks. They exist to highlight a thought, bring words into the correct relationship and give the phrase ease and true sound. Like musical symbols, they firmly hold the text.”

        The story was published, and I was forever convinced of the amazing power of a period placed in the right place. Konstantin Paustovsky.
        1. -1
          10 June 2024 14: 28
          Quote from Storm1978
          Mayakovsky, as was his custom, wrote with almost no punctuation marks, completely ignoring commas. Look at the manuscript of any verse, there is not a single one. All punctuation marks in his works were placed by Osip Brik. The draft was usually given to him: “Osya, place the commas.”

          So, when meaning appeared in Mayakovsky’s poems, now we need to find out if Osya refused to place commas on the eve of the evening in Angleterre
          1. +1
            10 June 2024 14: 59
            Although, no. Yesenin was in Angleterre.
    2. +5
      8 June 2024 11: 04
      I admired the post, bro. But the spaces are clearly unnecessary. Let the Germans die of envy
      1. 0
        8 June 2024 15: 36
        laughinggood Couldn't have said it better...
  3. +1
    8 June 2024 05: 36
    The Houthis attacked the aircraft carrier. Chinese satellites have detected the presence of the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower in a Saudi Arabian port, likely for repairs. The Yemenis said the plane stopped taking off for at least two days, which indirectly contributed. They published satellite photographs. RT reported this.
    The impact damaged the plane's runway.
    Well done!
  4. -1
    8 June 2024 06: 04
    Only in the author's opinion.
    The subconscious of the military is about war.
    And the movement of the Aug and the thoughts of the US leadership are about the dollar.
    And the pound-dollar struggle. With real. Against Iran and Pakistan, India. What about Port Sudan? What is there with the Russian Federation based? Multi-machine operators in Djibouti.
    Who cares, and the pilot about kerosene.
    They do not strike, but cover themselves with them. To separate friend or foe in shipping. Where is our shadow fleet in India carrying oil? And so on.

    The heights were clear even 5 years ago
  5. +1
    8 June 2024 06: 26
    On paper, the aircraft carrier is fighting.
    At the same time, he tries to stay away from the possibility of an attack by the Houthis. It's funny. The author really gave interesting figures on the number of sorties and bombs dropped (missiles launched), which make you think. The other day, a Greek so obsequiously praised the successes of the coalition and, first of all, the merits of the United States in the Red Sea that the Western public became even more confident in the American ability to establish control over shipping in this region.
  6. +1
    8 June 2024 07: 39
    04.06.24/2/2. “Over the past 24 days, US forces have begun the process of withdrawing the US aircraft carrier from the southern Red Sea to the north. Shipping sites showed that the process of towing it was very slow as it was transported off the coast of Jeddah and then moved further towards Medina. The Yemeni military said it struck a US aircraft carrier twice in XNUMX hours, while the US military refused to admit, although it confirmed that ships accompanying the Eisenhower were attacked by missiles, in particular the USS Greifley.
    According to the Houthis: “American sources confirmed the arrival on board the Eisenhower of a group of specialists from the Al-Udeid base in Qatar, noting that the technical group was transported by an American military transport aircraft. Rumors of the arrival of a technical team aboard the aircraft carrier began as the Eisenhower docked off the coast of Medina, the carrier's first transport to a foreign port. American social networks believe that the vessel's anchorage off the coast of Saudi Arabia, approximately 1 nautical miles, indicates a problem."
    The leading Arab press of the Gulf seems to have taken a breath of water in its mouth regarding the trough. I monitor it every day. I think, flip flops, they finally got the vessel
  7. +1
    8 June 2024 07: 46
    This place is not entirely safe. Nearby, in Sudan, there are also evil beards. As soon as they detect it, they can cause problems.
  8. +3
    8 June 2024 07: 49
    The "strait between the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea" is called Bab el-Mandeb. No thanks, high school analyst!
  9. -2
    8 June 2024 08: 09
    Second strange war? Do you remember, comrades, how the first one ended?
  10. 0
    8 June 2024 08: 17
    The devil pulled the Americans by the tongue - to report on the military operations carried out, so to speak, in numbers.
    It’s like during the Korean War, where the Americans claimed to have lost a little more than 150 aircraft. But! The guys from the aviation rescue service cheerfully reported that they were sleeping and took out more than 1000 FLIGHT CREW from behind the front line during the war years... laughing Everyone was slightly surprised: 1000 crews = 1000 aircraft. fool Then came the excuses, they were misunderstood wassat, like they meant that there were more than 1000 people, and in the B-29 the crew was 11-12, and everyone remembers the losses that the B-29 suffered in the first years, but they did great, they took out all the crew members of these aircraft. good laughing laughing
  11. -3
    8 June 2024 08: 40
    There is a certain logic. It's time for Kepten, the commander of an aircraft carrier, to try on his rear admiral's stripes. In this situation, he doesn’t need even the slightest emergency. But he can make an appearance only with the knowledge and permission of the rear admiral, the commander of the AUG. And he, in turn, with the knowledge of the Pentagon. So, what is happening in the Red Sea is some kind of cunning corps de ballet and it is not clear what Washington wants to achieve?
    1. 0
      8 June 2024 19: 32
      Nikolay, an analysis of the cost of transportation says that shipowners have started raking in money out of the blue. Europe is suffering the most, and not the United States. Therefore, the United States is portraying ICD.
      1. 0
        8 June 2024 20: 01
        Well, China is not happy with this movement. Europe doesn't have ships and planes? It is clear that the United States is only pleased with the problems of Europe. However, if you take only a couple of ships each from the navies of England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and one each from Denmark, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, etc., you get a lot. What are they waiting for?
        1. +1
          8 June 2024 20: 05
          Nikolay, the Houthis shoot, they can kill you to death. If only the natives had arrows or “forty-fives.” And then the guys in slippers have unparalleled air defense. It’s better to wait until the Houthis run out of missiles. hi
          1. +1
            8 June 2024 20: 10
            I appreciated your humor))) but I wouldn’t wait until they run out of missiles and UAVs. Iran will help them)))
            1. 0
              8 June 2024 20: 14
              Seriously, everyone in the Red Sea is happy with everything except Europe, the PRC also unnecessarily raised the price of a container and we got it, but not in full, but about half. The PRC has no friends in business.
              1. +1
                8 June 2024 21: 56
                There are no eternal friends and eternal enemies - there are constant interests.
                1. 0
                  8 June 2024 22: 02
                  Now the PRC is completely at odds with the Nigerians over the shipment of oil, using the Beninese people. The pipeline to the Atlantic from Niger passes through Benin. The PRC definitely has no friends in business.
  12. +5
    8 June 2024 08: 52
    In these statistics, what is first striking is the phenomenal efficiency of the use of carrier-based aircraft - an average of 0,028 units of ammunition dropped per flight. Or 34,5 sorties for every unit of ammunition dropped on the Houthis.

    Unfortunately, the author does not understand what the US Air Force is doing in Yemen. Well, a lack of understanding of the tasks of an aircraft carrier gives rise to completely wrong conclusions.
    The Americans deployed their forces there not to seriously fight with Yemen, but to protect shipping. Therefore, the overwhelming majority of carrier-based aircraft flights are done to monitor air and sea space for the presence of Houthi missiles, UAVs and speedboats. The United States does not seriously attack by land; its attacks are aimed at reducing the Houthis’ ability to attack targets in the Red Sea.
    But the fact is that the Americans, before the Houthis intervened, did not pay much attention and did not monitor the deployment of air defense, missiles and other potential of the Houthis. And the latter are very good at hiding. Therefore, the Americans themselves believe that they were able to destroy no more than 30% of the Houthis’ missile and UAV potential (most likely even less), they simply don’t know where the rest is. That's why they don't bomb.
    1. 0
      8 June 2024 11: 29
      + the author does not take into account the current training of the air wing
    2. 0
      8 June 2024 13: 05
      Unfortunately, the author does not understand what the US Army is doing in Yemen

      Yes, he understands everything perfectly. Where he copied it is written in black and white -
      targets in its mission to defend US, coalition and merchant ships.

      Even if you use automatic translation, it is clearly clear that the goal was not a war with the Houthis, but the protection of commercial shipping and the ship group. But this is not how propaganda dazibao of the desired tone is achieved. And if you turn the reality around a little, then you get what you need for clickbait - like the Americans feigning vigorous activity.
  13. 0
    8 June 2024 10: 14
    It’s not a military operation but a show, everyone knows the more losses you have, the more valiant the victory, but if the Houthis drowned Tiqa and a couple of Berks, then we can say that it’s a serious mess, we’re at war with the entire Arab world, and without losses the neighbors will always say that it’s not really fought, it will be a shame.
  14. +1
    8 June 2024 14: 24
    Interesting numbers, good analytics too. It’s just that the author’s opinion on the tactics of using AVMA is, to put it mildly, not entirely correct.
    the aircraft carrier strike group is keeping a respectful distance from the Houthis, at the limit or even beyond the normal range of its aircraft.
    An aircraft carrier is, after all, a FLOATING airfield! Before launching a strike, it moves into a combat maneuvering area, which is selected based on safety from the enemy’s operating systems and the reach of carrier-based aircraft (taking into account the bomb load, refueling, and accidental safety). Therefore, AVMA can always approach 400 km to the edge of the coastline if there are no enemy NK with anti-ship missiles or its ballistic missile systems and aviation in the area...
    It would be possible to carry out massive, simultaneous strikes against all identified targets,
    Can. But just for this you need to collect AvUG from a couple of dozen comrades. And this takes time, kerosene, motor resources for loitering in the area of ​​waiting, gathering and building a used AvUG order... It is not rational against such an “enemy”. That's why the Yankees patrol with two pairs of... planes, scrambled in one cycle.
    what we would expect from an American strike force is tough, assertive and aggressive air war. Instead, there was useless loitering in the air and rare, sporadic strikes. As a result of this disgrace.
    Crap! Do the Houthis have COMBAT aviation capable of organizing an AIR war for the Yankees!?
    Why is he fighting the Houthis so ineffectively?
    As the task is set, so it is completed! And also, probably, because “the partisans did not show up for the war”! And “shadow boxing” is fun for a boxer who doesn’t have a sparring partner.
    What, American aircraft carriers will fight the Chinese fleet and aircraft in the same way as they are now fighting the Houthis, well, if a conflict breaks out over Taiwan?
    This is the topic of a great professional conversation. But I will say a few words on this matter.
    1. First of all, American submarines will fight the Chinese AVU, and it’s good if they are not Sea Wolfs (at least 2 units) or Virginia block-5... However, they will not ignore other NKs of the PLA Navy. I also do not rule out that the newest nuclear submarines of Japan and the Republic of Kazakhstan will also take part in this.
    2. American ABMAs will not climb beyond the first line of A2/AD. And this is 1800-2000 km from the coast. But the SBA, armed with Axes, will work on targets “like good morning!” In addition, do not forget about aviation on the Japanese islands and Guam.
    3. "You can't drink experience away!" (c) The Yankees have it, but our partners... I don’t remember something...
    ...signs of serious decay from within the US military. They still have a lot of equipment and weapons, but they have actually forgotten how to actually fight...

    This is a dangerous delusion! Anyone who thinks so is deeply mistaken. The Yankees are an extremely serious and dangerous enemy. And it should be treated with all care.
    Somehow, however. AHA. hi
  15. 0
    8 June 2024 14: 54
    Is China really good at fighting outside of exercises? When was the last time he beat someone?
    1. 0
      9 June 2024 15: 24
      Quote: Kmon
      When was the last time he beat someone?

      Who did China lose to after 1949? US armored columns were driven away from the Yalu River to Kumhua and Quezon by Chinese infantry; India, Vietnam, and the USSR lost part of their ancestral lands after battles with the PRC. The PRC special forces completed the SVO in Myanmar in six months, and PRC diplomacy returned this country to China’s zone of influence and achieved greater rights for ethnic Chinese than Russians have in the Baltic states, Central Asia, Moldova and Ukraine.
      1. 0
        9 June 2024 15: 32
        It’s a draw with the USA (victory would have been had they taken all of Korea, but they didn’t go beyond the 38th parallel, even though they tried), it’s a draw with India, the USSR lost, they lost to Vietnam, no matter what the Chinese propagandists say, Myanmar is not serious at all.
        1. 0
          9 June 2024 15: 44
          You will be able to visit the entire o. Bolshoy Ussuriysky or Damansky Island where the Chinese captured the T-62 tank? Can you visit the graves of Vietnamese construction workers on islands in the South China Sea who were stabbed and shot by Chinese marines?
          Quote: Kmon
          no matter what Chinese propagandists say,

          Chinese propagandists tell their people that it was Vietnam that attacked the PRC and the fighting took place exclusively on the territory of the PRC. A Chinese woman I knew was shocked by my grandfather’s stories about the Vietnamese-Chinese war when she asked him to refute the laoi and confirm that the Vietnamese-Chinese war took place exclusively on the territory of the People’s Republic of China.
  16. 0
    9 June 2024 19: 28
    There are rumors that from June 24 to 28, the American aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower will be in Suda /Crete/.
    The aircraft carrier is currently in the Red Sea, and according to reports, it will return to the Mediterranean Sea and dock at Souda for a 4-day crew rest. However, until now, the dates have not been “connected”.
  17. 0
    10 June 2024 18: 15
    Chouda Hill embossed a video of the Italian Navy aircraft carrier Cavour and USS Dwight D. Eisenhower
    There's just something wrong with the deck. Markings are partially missing. and 1/2 of the deck doesn’t show at all. shy?
  18. 0
    11 June 2024 14: 06
    Quote from Frettaskyrandi
    Even if you use automatic translation, it is clearly clear that the goal was not a war with the Houthis, but the protection of commercial shipping and the ship group.

    Isn’t it clear that the most effective way of defense is to destroy the military potential of the Houthis, the very technical ability of the latter to strike at ships?
    Or do they consider displaying their flag protected? Like the barmaleys would see such an invincible armada and simply hide in holes... but, alas, for the Yankees the barmaleys had strong balls, and missiles to boot.
  19. 0
    11 June 2024 16: 08
    The aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower arrived in the Southern Mediterranean, accompanied by the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Gravely. Is Souda, Crete a destination?
    they passed through the Suez Canal on Friday
  20. 0
    11 June 2024 19: 45
    Abstraction. But alas, it won't work. The “Fish” plan has already been announced, the introductory notes have begun. So if it continues it will be fun...