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US offers Russia to exchange Assad for a truce


Moscow offers Americans to negotiate their resignation directly with the Syrian leader

The newly appeared US Secretary of State John Kerry "matured ideas" for a peaceful settlement of the situation in Syria. But everything depends on the position of Russia, which stubbornly does not want to surrender Assad. Apparently, because Kerry and admitted that he does not dare to guarantee the success of his initiative.

At yesterday’s press conference following a meeting with Jordan’s Foreign Minister Nasser Jodha, Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports, Kerry did not explain what the novelty of his plan was. He only noted that he understands the calculations of Assad, whom he met several times when he headed the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and leaves no hopes to influence the Syrian President.

“The US administration prefers a political solution to the situation, if it is possible. This is a desirable outcome - a political decision that will lead to the resignation of President Assad, ”said Kerry. According to the US Secretary of State, Assad’s days in power are numbered. Kerry sees his task in persuading the Syrian President to voluntarily give it up. “It seems to me that something can be done to change his current position,” he said. “But you need to consult with a huge number of players before we start making public statements.”

Among these "players" for once, Russia was in the foreground. But she, you see, stands up. Not only did Kerry unsuccessfully try to contact Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov over the past two days by phone (the Russian minister was in Africa at the time) about the nuclear explosion produced by Pyongyang, Moscow also categorically refuses to convince Assad to leave "voluntarily."

Sergei Lavrov, meanwhile, suggested that all those who insist on the “voluntary” care of Assad or want to make a deal with him regarding his future fate, negotiate directly with the Syrian President. "Some say:" Let's offer President Assad a deal, "Lavrov said in a documentary on the situation in Syria, filmed by the German television channel ARD. - Okay, if someone is willing to offer a deal, do it directly with President Assad. If people say that without the resignation of the Syrian President, it is impossible to establish a dialogue, they should understand that he is not going to leave, not because we discourage him, but because he made such a decision. ”

“He (Assad) has stated this publicly, and he will not listen to us, the Chinese, or the Iranians, or anyone else. He said: “I am a Syrian, I was born here, I protect my people, and I will die in Syria,” said Lavrov. “Everyone who met with him, including Lakhdar Brahimi and Kofi Annan, confirms the impression that he is not going to leave. Therefore, those who say that he must leave before something happens should take responsibility for the greater number of Syrian lives, because the war will continue, ”Interfax quoted Lavrov as saying.

At the same time, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated that Russia does not protect Assad: “Not at all. We frankly do not care about individuals. What we care about is the fate of the Syrian people. ”

But the US continues to put forward Assad as an indispensable precondition for a Syrian settlement. Although it would seem that does not matter with whom to negotiate - with Assad or with people from his inner circle who are no less responsible than he for what is happening in Syria? But no, Assad for Kerry is an “outcast”, with him - no contacts. Kerry is ready to meet only with the "impersonal" Syrian authorities. Although it is official Damascus still, despite the massive support of the opposition from the outside, continues, in fact, to control the situation in the country. And the calculation of Americans, in essence, is very simple: “depersonalization” of the current Syrian regime almost automatically leads to its devaluation, degradation.

“A timid chance for a political settlement of the Syrian crisis has been outlined, but on Thursday, apparently, it has disappeared,” writes the most influential The Washington Post in connection with this. "The government of Bashar al-Assad refused to participate in the meeting with the head of the opposition coalition appointed in Moscow," explains the publication. And the Syrian Foreign Ministry, in turn, said that he agreed to negotiate only in Syria. In response, "the rebel coalition of the Syrian opposition, rejecting any negotiations before Assad leaves, also said that there would be no meetings in Moscow," the newspaper writes. But the Russian Foreign Ministry sent an invitation to each of the parties to visit Moscow, saying that it was ready to help them overcome antipathy towards negotiations.

The chain of events due to which the meeting became possible, reminds the publication, began in January: the leader of one of the Syrian opposition organizations, Moaz al-Khatib, said he was ready to meet with representatives of the Syrian government in exchange for the release of prisoners. But the demand to release 1,500 prisoners (!) Of prisoners was, naturally, rejected by Damascus: Assad has enough 40-50 thousands of militants fighting against his regular army.

After that, the platform for negotiations proposed by Russia, Moscow, also collapsed. Damascus said that the opposition should come to decide the fate of their homeland in Syria, and Khatib actually disavowed his prior consent to meet with representatives of Assad in Moscow.

Against this background, battles by government forces continue in Syria, and not so much with the so-called “opposition”, as with foreign mercenaries. The Arab media, in particular, report that about 12 000 Tunisian militants fighting in Syria are now intending to return to Tunisia.

Three circumstances draw attention to themselves, the blogger El Murid, a well-known Russian expert on the Middle East, notes in this connection. First, the number. Given that not only Tunisia supplies militants to the war, the question arises about the total number of foreigners in Syria, and how correctly it is to continue to talk about “civil war” after that.

The second circumstance is the synchronization of events in Tunisia and this message, the expert notes. Apparently, the positions of the current leader of Tunisia, An-Nahda, look too shaky, since his opposition is forced to tilt sharply in the direction of the radical Salafis, pulling up the power resource. And isn't that the controversy among the leadership of the Islamists of Tunisia, some of whom fear such an alliance?

Third, the most alarming circumstance: the region is pumped by the armed forces. Libya and Algeria are the most likely targets of a new jihad, especially since they suddenly stopped paying for Syrian jihad.
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  1. lechatormosis
    lechatormosis 18 February 2013 16: 52
    The best way to help Assad is to carry out the ARAB REVOLUTION IN SAUDI ARABIA to send mercenaries there - fanatics with a full ammunition for the year ahead.
      FATEMOGAN 18 February 2013 17: 05
      Quote: lehatormoz
      The best way to help Assad is to carry out the ARAB REVOLUTION IN SAUDI ARABIA to send mercenaries there - fanatics with a full ammunition for the year ahead

      then back to Qatar, Turkey, and along the way let them even call on to visit the Amerikosov and Melkobritov yes
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 18 February 2013 18: 42
        Emergencies Ministry aircraft deliver humanitarian aid to Syria and take away Russians wishing to leave the country

        MOSCOW, February 18. / ITAR-TASS /. EMERCOM of Russia is preparing humanitarian planes for a flight to Syria. The same sides will be able to fly away Russians who wish to leave Syria, spokeswoman for the Russian Emergencies Ministry Irina Rossius told ITAR-TASS.

        "Approximately two aircraft of the Ministry of Emergency Situations - Il-76 and Il-62 will fly to Latakia on Tuesday, now humanitarian aid is being prepared for Syria," she said. In total, it is planned to send over 46 tons of humanitarian cargo to Syria. "One board will deliver tents, power generators, dishes, folding furniture with a total weight of 35 tons, the other - over 11 tons of food," Rossius said.
        According to her, then "these planes will be able to leave Syria both the citizens of Russia and the CIS countries who wish to fly from this country."
        In January, 77 people, mainly women and children who wanted to leave Syria, were transported from Beirut to Moscow with two EMERCOM planes.

        Syria received 100 thousand tons of flour from Iran

        Syria received 100 thousand tons of flour from Iran, reports IA Reuters. In most of the country, there is now a shortage of flour, the cause of which is the ongoing armed conflict.

        At least 20 state-owned flour mills, which previously provided at least 60% of the domestic consumption of flour, are located in the territory captured by the rebels. The Syrian government is forced to compensate for the deficit by increasing the import of flour.

        According to reports from Syria, the army is launching an offensive in the north on the outskirts of Aleppo. Most likely, this is a consequence of a turn of events in the last two months in the Damascus area. The main hostilities there are gradually being transferred from the south-west from the Daraya region to the Duma, which is almost surrounded. Army units are being released, and the number of militants has fallen markedly.

        All this makes it possible to switch attention to other provinces of the country. Near Aleppo, there are battles for airfields - the army will release surrounded objects and strike at groups of militants located near them. An offensive is underway to liberate Sefira, a small industrial city in the southeast of Aleppo.

        Having abandoned the defense of everything and everyone, the army switched to a fundamentally different strategy - it tries to control and beat back key points and objects, not paying attention to the territory and communications. A slightly unusual and seemingly illogical strategy - but if you think about it, it is quite justified - an attempt to control vast Syrian territories has already led to the fact that the army was "smeared" over the territory and was deprived of the opportunity to concentrate its efforts on certain areas - which, in fact, they perfectly used fighters all 12 year.

        A developed road network, the vast deterministic expanses of a significant part of the country, to some extent, make the war in Syria similar to a naval war - in which battles are fought precisely for the main islands and archipelagos. Using this analogy, we can say that the Syrian strategy looks very convincing in terms of prospects. It creates problems associated with the inability to control the supply of militants - but, apparently, the Syrian generals only reconciled to this feature and simply take it into account as one of the negative factors.

        One way or another, but the emphasis is gradually beginning to shift to the northern provinces - which to some extent confirms the forecast of the Syrian military - they expect by the end of the year to complete the military rout of the militants and transfer the war to a series of coordinated counter-terrorism operations for which special troops are now being prepared - analogue of internal troops.
        1. Sandov
          Sandov 18 February 2013 21: 10
          Sith Lord,
          +++ Experience recruited troops, hammering specifically rats. I dream about the day when representatives of Syria announce the elimination of gangs. Oh, if they had more modern weapons.
          1. Lord of the Sith
            Lord of the Sith 18 February 2013 21: 28
            I answered you in another comment with two videos, two days ago.

    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 18 February 2013 18: 36
      If the Americans began to talk like that, then it’s tight at all in Syria with their wards - militants of all kinds. Confident of victory would not have started talking like that.
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 18 February 2013 20: 36
        Quote: Sith Lord
        tight at all in Syria with their wards - fighters of all possible stripes.

        How tight !!!! The Alqaidites, Tunisians and others hired by the State Department faced Hezbollah directly! State Department saddened crying Israel is surprised belay Quote "The leaders of the Free Syrian Army (ACC) announced in the morning of February 18 that hundreds of Hezbollah fighters had invaded Syria and were fighting rebel armed groups in the vicinity of the city of Homs." The leaders of Hezbollah declared open war on us and we accept this challenge, "one ACC field commander said in an interview with the Arab edition of Skynews. In turn, the Hezbollah press service announced that the militants of this group" took under protection "the population of Shiite villages in the vicinity of Homs. where mostly Lebanese citizens live. Hezbollah's propagandists admitted the death of three and the injury of 14 "shahids" in battles with "Zionist agents" in the Syrian regions bordering Lebanon. Meanwhile, representatives of the ACC say that during yesterday's battles they destroyed and took captured dozens of Hezbollah militants and threw the "Shiite invaders" back to the border of the neighboring state.
        It turns out interesting, let's see which fighters are cooler, pro-Iranian or pro-American angry
      2. Dilshat
        Dilshat 18 February 2013 22: 09
        "tempting" offer! With regard to the United States, I would have corrected dem (instead of a wolf, a jackal).
      3. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 19 February 2013 16: 35
        They initially needed a short war game. Just to let Assad down. Waging a long war on all kakons is not economically profitable for them. So it’s not tight with the wards but with the grandmothers. Apparently, the main sponsors do not see any more prospects in the joint venture and are gradually curtailing funding ... there are still so many Arab countries, Israel has not been destroyed yet ... well, etc. Money is shorter. It all comes down to money.
    3. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 19 February 2013 16: 25
      To the root of sight. Jihad must begin in the USA.
  2. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 18 February 2013 16: 53
    Keri and generally American diplomacy in Syria rave about what kind of power except Assad’s power can be talked about as soon as Assad withdraws from power. In order to build a normal society and normal life. need unity, while in Syria the confrontation is so significant. that only a complete fool can talk about some kind of calm and peace. The fight for power will continue with renewed vigor, and Egypt is an example of this, although, unlike Syria, there was no war.
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 18 February 2013 20: 27
      Quote: vladsolo56
      In order to build a normal society and normal life. need unity

      "Damascus for the militants is the field of the last decisive battle, so they concentrated unprecedented forces under the city, and in recent months they tried to break into the capital many times. But to no avail. And the militants are unlikely to be able to take the city without bloody battles. The concentration of troops in the capital is colossal, superiority in weapons - Absolute. The militants have a variant of storming the city - "the fifth column", but the authorities foresaw it at the initial stage of the conflict. The patrols have no orientation towards criminals. Simply, the militants are made to understand that they will not be able to roam freely around the city. The army worked flexibly - they issued leaflets for those in traffic jams: "Brother! Let's take care of our safety together! This checkpoint protects you!" The people do not grumble, do not sound the horn - they endure and endure a lot. , speculators with gas cylinders, three dollar rates - official, bank and “black.” People are used to living in a state of constant tress. Nobody pays attention to the chorus of artillery pieces. As well as smoking suburbs from time to time. As one of the high-ranking security officials told us, it is impossible to talk about the siege of the capital (and this is the picture that emerges from the news reports): “The militants have pulled their main forces here. They accumulate in certain areas, and we often allow them to do this. After which the area is blocked and a systematic cleanup takes place. And all reports of an attack on Damascus are nothing more than elements of an information war. As well as the news about Aleppo. The international airfield is now controlled by the army. As for the air force military base, which was captured by the militants, this is not a base at all. In the areas around Aleppo, there are many small training and training airfields, which have no arsenals or aircraft. Unless decommissioned equipment. They went to one of these by taking pictures on their phones and putting them on the Internet. The security of this airdrome withdrew in advance, after which a blow was struck against the forces of the terrorists. They suffered heavy losses. ” The most bloody version of the civil war has ripened in Syria, when the opposing forces are approximately equal and simply grind each other. Day after day, every hour, day and night, heavy artillery hits the outskirts of Damascus. Logically, the suburbs of the capital should have turned into dead moon craters. But, on the “other” side, the supply of fighters does not seem to be exhausted. And the Syrian army is not going to give up. She is about to advance. Found a scythe on a stone...
    2. Khamsin
      Khamsin 20 February 2013 11: 24
      They are not raving. US needs chaos in Syria. Assad's departure will create chaos
  3. ziqzaq
    ziqzaq 18 February 2013 16: 57
    The Americans are exchanging partners for you, handing them over, and therefore you don’t have any friends or normal relations with you, you are buying everything ....
    Just to cheat, cheat, breed ........
    Well, nothing the time will come, you will be a union republic ....... teach the mind to the mind ..... your mother to sound ...
    1. TRex
      TRex 19 February 2013 06: 47
      Rumors about the imminent fall of Assad are "greatly exaggerated" ... He will still fight ... and we will help him.
  4. vorobey
    vorobey 18 February 2013 16: 57
    Damn well, not by washing, so by skating.

    I also have plans to bomb the jewelry store, but the security guard at the entrance and the alarm button interfere with this.

    Well, nothing in the politics of amers does not change.
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 18 February 2013 18: 35
      In American language: - Call the jewelry director and say that if they don’t give a ring for your girlfriend, then you will beat them a chicken.
  5. avt
    avt 18 February 2013 17: 03
    In relation to Syria, Russia has a situation similar to South Ossetia - to abandon its statements and actions and losses, both image-building and material, are not commensurate with the costs. And even more.
  6. Apollo
    Apollo 18 February 2013 17: 05
    1 quotation. Not only the previous two days, Kerry tried unsuccessfully to contact Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov by telephone (the Russian minister was in Africa at that time) about the nuclear explosion carried out by Pyongyang. Moscow categorically refuses to convince Assad to leave "voluntarily."

    The head of the State Department, John Kerry, has clearly lost his sense of reality, not only have they crushed for themselves and blow their nose into international law, they also have the audacity to push Russia onto the non-legal (beyond international norms) way of resolving the Syrian conflict. repeatedly through the mouth of its Foreign Ministry, it offered a civilized way of resolving the Syrian issue, but the United States balked by adopting a defensive defense not wanting to listen to Russia. Now, having suffered a fiasco in terms of overthrowing B. Assad, the United States does not know how to get out of the deadlock that they themselves have driven. here they accuse Russia of all conceivable and inconceivable sins. They say they do not allow the conflict to be resolved and do not persuade Assad to leave. The question arises, why should Russia persuade Assad to leave ?! Is he a "guilty boy" for whipping ?!


    2. Quote is the most disturbing circumstance: the region is being pumped up by the armed forces. Libya and Algeria are the most probable goals of the new jihad, especially since all of a sudden Syrian jihad suddenly stopped paying.

    Well, now the United States, as a naughty schoolboy who was unable to solve the task of quickly eliminating Assad, decided to undermine the situation in another region in order to divert attention from himself in the shameful military and diplomatic defeat that Syria inflicted on him.
    1. silver_roman
      silver_roman 18 February 2013 19: 19
      In principle, it can be called a victory of Syria over the United States if they can not remove the current government, led by Assad. But most likely the victory is moral, psychological - without a doubt, but the country lies in ruins. destroyed ancient architectural monuments, unique in their kind, factories, roads, factories, schools, how many intellectual resources were killed.

      But in any case, Syria has no choice. you have to stand to the end. The phrase: "There is nowhere to retreat, Moscow is behind!" very typical of this situation. or rather, it will be Tehran first, and then Moscow. so that strength, courage and early victory to the Syrian friends.
  7. wasjasibirjac
    wasjasibirjac 18 February 2013 17: 11
    well, the only way to "invite Assad to leave" is to send a sniper and pass that request in the form of a bullet. until they decide. and so - a complete madhouse.
    1. wax
      wax 18 February 2013 22: 37
      convey this request in the form of a bullet. until they decide

      Decide on such a thing for them a trifle. The commandos and the amers and the British were preparing (messages slipped at the end of last year). Scoundrel - all to face. It doesn’t work out, probably.
  8. skrgar
    skrgar 18 February 2013 17: 20
    Provocation. They are trying to drag us into the topic of "change - not change" of the leader of a "third" country .. I would go nuts if some leaders of other countries would suddenly start at the official level to decide "change or not change" the president of my Motherland ... YES THIS AMERICAN STUNNED AT ALL !! ... Nah ... they are sick for sure ..
    1. NSG42
      NSG42 18 February 2013 17: 34
      So after all, they all smell and smoke there.
    2. alkach555
      alkach555 18 February 2013 20: 02
      skrgar Nooo..they are sick for sure .. And who doubts? How will we treat?
      1. skrgar
        skrgar 18 February 2013 23: 00
        Yes, damn it .. The most I know about the acting, frightening of everyone, is the bonfire, so ... they’re all blue there .. they don’t care .. Hillory again with Kandaliza .. Trouble !! And they can’t come up with a penalty !! Here are the tricky ones !! .. smile
        1. kostyan77708
          kostyan77708 19 February 2013 07: 08
          why not come up with? Quarter or count, that's it!
    3. wax
      wax 18 February 2013 22: 47
      Milosevic was persuaded, and where is he now? Gaddafi gave guarantees for the refusal to develop nuclear weapons, and where is he now? Honor is not an American concept, law is not. The American concept is Colt.
      “God made man equal. But, Colonel Colt made some more equal than others ”- God made people equal, and Colonel Colt made some more equal than others
  9. anchonsha
    anchonsha 18 February 2013 17: 21
    Silk weaves his silk thread Mr. Kerry on a ceasefire in Syria in return for Assad's departure. Based on what is happening in Syria, what kind of truce is this American talking about? And who will listen to this Kerry, even if Assad leaves? So many knots have already been imposed there that it’s just right to help Assad with the whole world, so as not to happen what happened with Libya, which was brewed with the help of the USA in Egypt itself.
  10. albert
    albert 18 February 2013 17: 30
    12000 fighters from Tunisia want to return home. Probably, their Syrians pressed well. Interesting, though, what will this bunch of cutthroats do in Tunisia itself? They will hardly be sitting quietly at home.
  11. OlegYugan
    OlegYugan 18 February 2013 17: 47
    The crisis in the bandits on the face. The mercenaries are less and less educated, Savages from Africa more. (I’m here about the qualitative composition of the gangs of formations.) But savages also want to live, I ask you to notice Amer already about Iran and don’t think about it because it seems that the militants trained in Gantanam were killed in Syria. So they already agree to negotiations.
  12. Renat
    Renat 18 February 2013 18: 03
    How many times have the Yankees been burned on promises. Well, they’ll be deceived.
    1. alkach555
      alkach555 18 February 2013 19: 56
      You know everything, but ask. Of course tricked.
  13. Rashid
    Rashid 18 February 2013 18: 59
    Kerry apparently forgot that they declared Assad illegitimate, and they recognized the council with a long name as the only representative of the Syrian people. Well, let them negotiate with this advice until they turn blue, what does Russia and Assad have to do with it.
  14. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 18 February 2013 19: 00
    to see absolutely worthless things are going on in Syria, since they almost plead with Russia. Syria needs even more help, and better with air defense systems and coastal complexes.
  15. polly
    polly 18 February 2013 19: 19
    Locking in someone else’s house and setting their own rules there is in the order of things for the United States. But it’s ridiculous to drag Russia into it: who will subscribe to vile affairs with you. Clintonsha's substitute seems to be on the old course, spitting on him for international law!

    International laws are not written for them.
  16. mig29mks
    mig29mks 18 February 2013 19: 57
    Assad's departure will be a betrayal of Syrian citizens
  17. Alikovo
    Alikovo 18 February 2013 20: 24
    x ... th they are completely fucked up in their mouths, in Afghanistan they support an officer. power, and in Syria support the militants.
  18. 4fedor1
    4fedor1 18 February 2013 21: 53
    oh such a war and yes to Europe, and better to look mattresses and people would become.
  19. Bashkaus
    Bashkaus 18 February 2013 22: 39
    even read nestal beyond the title.
    What the fuck is a truce? only after I write at the capitol "Serzhik was here." We know this truce, you stretch out your hand, ateba knife in the back and from the leg to the jaw. Let's just let the United States sit on its island and we will not touch them. but let them not go into Euro-Asia either, we'll figure it out ourselves somehow
  20. nnkfrschk
    nnkfrschk 18 February 2013 23: 15
    Among the many other inaccuracies in the article, there is one major:
    notes in this connection blogger El Murid, a well-known Russian specialist in the Middle East
    - actually, El-Murid is a well-known Provocateur in the Middle East, quietly playing on the side of rats, pushing a defeatist mood, justifying the actions of the invaders. I am ready to answer for my words, using the arguments of the writer and publicist Lev Removich Vershinin aka putnik1.
    Dear author! You shouldn't in your articles refer to a person who, together with a bitch wife, rejoices in the abduction of a journalist covering the war in Syria, throwing mud at the ruler of Libya, Colonel Gaddafi, neutralizing NATO's actions, calling what is happening in Libya a "civil war" in the spread of the West's stuffing "about the urgent need to evacuate the Russians from Damascus to the patamu that it is surrounded and Salafi thugs are about to burst in there", in a word, the "specialist" in the Middle East, the El Murid project managed to do a lot. If you or anyone are interested - here there is enough material.
  21. baku1999
    baku1999 18 February 2013 23: 39
    LORD, he sent the test of Syria, the Orthodox Church of Antioch existing there, will not succeed in crushing, but at what cost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????
  22. Cpa
    Cpa 18 February 2013 23: 57
    If the United States started talking about a truce, then control over the thugs has been lost. The Americans now urgently need to support the Syrian people, and at the same time clean up their tails and prevent Hezboll from entering Syria.
    These wretched people do not understand that Damascus is the capital of ancient Arabia, the most sacred land for Muslims after Al-Aqsa and Mecca and each sect there is playing its own card, a long-developed plan to capture the capital of the Islamic world. A plan that has been hatched for decades. If they do not interfere with the Middle East explode like a barrel of gunpowder.
    The population does not help Assad because these events are predicted in the Qur'an, people have an internal conflict (either smart, or beautiful). No matter how ridiculous it sounds, the outcome depends on whether people stand on Assad’s side or quietly waits fulfillment of the prophecy.
    ps Unless, of course, one of the countries officially intervenes.
  23. 120352
    120352 19 February 2013 00: 13
    Saudi Arabia - a hotbed of Wahhabism and other forms of Islamic extremism - must be destroyed at all costs, otherwise the world will be swallowed up by the most terrible man-hating forms of Islam, before which Hitler's National Socialism, as well as Spanish and Italian fascism, are childish pranks! What means will be used for this is not so important. It’s better to do everything quietly. 1. Specialists are introduced into the environment of the Saudi leadership and destroy them all and the immediate environment, in the first place, the official successors with their own funds at the same time.
    If it doesn’t succeed quietly, 2. A nuclear strike, better from the territory of North Korea, and even better - the USA. To do this, you have to work hard for hackers to organize this strike. After it, the territory of Saudi Arabia should be divided between other states so that a relapse in the restoration of this state was impossible! The ideology of Wahhabism should be banned even more severely than the fascist one. For her confession - the death penalty. Suppression in the bud is a life sentence.
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 19 February 2013 16: 39
      malad ...
  24. calculator
    calculator 19 February 2013 04: 10
    about 12 Tunisian militants fighting in Syria intend to return to Tunisia now.
    The region’s pumping with weapons is really slow. Everyone tries, racing .... I think by May 1 we get the result
  25. razved
    razved 19 February 2013 22: 54
    Zren am all over the face, not Assad !!!!
  26. krot
    krot 21 February 2013 00: 52
    Usa love to bargain and then shy away from its obligations) will deceive us as always) and not only us ..