Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory: to come - not to come

Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory: to come - not to come

Where is Crimea and where is the Caucasus?

Summer has come, and it's time to think - where to go?

Many people are now simply scared to vacation in Crimea because of the Ukrainian attacks, but for some reason not everyone is drawn to the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory. And this happens largely due to the apathy and even negligence of local authorities.

Yes, it’s dangerous in Crimea today, and there are still a lot of problems with the infrastructure there, primarily due to sanctions. Well, in Turkey and Egypt it has become very expensive due to the depreciation of the ruble. Therefore, the attention of holidaymakers turned to the coast of the Krasnodar Territory.

Is this good or bad?

For the Black Sea health resorts - of course, it’s good. But the local infrastructure was not ready for such an influx of vacationers, plus the environment suffered. And local authorities, as practice shows, begin to fuss only just before the start of the holiday season.

But Sochi is generally a year-round resort, and the most active stage of the holiday season will begin in a month, in more northern resorts - a little later. And, judging by the incoming messages, many have already begun to move, but so far only at the level of rosy promises.

They say and write that they will take action regarding the environment, traffic jams, and crime. But the reality does not cause much joy yet. Let's first try to find out whether the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory are so safe.

And let's start with the main thing: the threat of Ukrainian attacks. Sochi is unlikely to be of interest to Budanov’s department, because it is still calm there in this sense, and, apparently, it will continue to be calm. But already along the route of tourists to resorts through Krasnodar, as practice has shown, anything can happen.

There is an oil refinery in Slavyansk-on-Kuban, which was recently attacked drones. Given this precedent, there is no guarantee that one fine day UAVs will not fly to Novorossiysk or Tuapse, where important oil infrastructure facilities are also located.

But as far as crime is concerned, the situation has really improved. We are mainly talking about Sochi, where, before the Olympics, they began to take simply draconian measures against crime, homelessness and other manifestations of antisocial behavior. But in other resort towns of the region the situation has also improved, although not as much.

Most tourists in Sochi become victims of crime during excursions, especially unorganized ones, to neighboring Abkhazia, where the situation is much worse, mainly due to nepotism and the connivance of the authorities. But the main reason for tragic incidents with tourists, however, is rooted in banal stupidity, carelessness and excessive self-confidence.

For a selfie on the ground

If previously the main non-criminal accidents were reduced mainly to drowning and bodily injuries as a result of road accidents, then new-fangled trends have made adjustments to the statistics of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the disaster medicine service. In recent years, even if we take only the relatively prosperous Sochi, a significant, if not the largest, part of this kind of incidents consists of falls from cliffs or observation platforms while trying to take a selfie.

As you might guess, the majority of victims and victims in such incidents are relatively young women. But what worries us is not so much that those who like to post extreme photos on social networks end up falling from a height, but rather the fact that the lion’s share of such cases occur on organized excursions.

Yes, in mountainous terrain, during which, in theory, the safety of the participants should be ensured. It is unnecessary to blame the Ministry of Emergency Situations for not rescuing someone in time, since the organizers themselves must resort to the services of security services, even if it’s the same ones from the Emergency Situations Ministry.

They are on duty on the beaches, but in the mountains it is physically impossible to place a patrol near every cliff. As a result, by the time they reach the victim in mountainous conditions, it is often too late.

A blatant case of negligence by public utilities occurred last year in the area of ​​Sochi's Riviera Park, where two women fell from a cliff, not noticing its edge due to uncut bushes (one of them eventually died). But the main problem, which significantly worsens the picture of holiday safety, is still environmental.

Sea, sea - bottomless world

In Sochi, the sea has long ceased to impress with its cleanliness and transparency; locals, especially those who dive or simply dive in set number 1, prefer, if possible, to go to Abkhazia, where the sea, as it seems to us, is cleaner.

And the preparation for the Olympics brought, oddly enough, in our opinion, even more negativity, although it was assumed that the effect would be the opposite. The reason for this is the desire of local bosses to curry favor with their superiors in order to get more money even at the cost of damage to the territory entrusted to them.

During the construction of Olympic facilities, 23 hectares of relict boxwood groves were cut down in violation of the law. The fact that they were environmental protection zones did not bother anyone. In return, in order not to enter into confrontation with the law, officials purchased boxwood seedlings for planting, but not the endemic Colchis, but the Italian evergreen.

Caterpillars of the boxwood moth butterfly were found on the seedlings during temporary maintenance after delivery from Italy. Despite the fact that the seedlings were ordered to be burned from above, they were treated with insecticides and planted. As a result, by 2012 the moth had affected most of the boxwood populations in Russia and Abkhazia.

In 2014, boxwood disappeared from the Khosta yew-boxwood grove. The natural population of boxwood remains only high in the mountains on the border of Greater Sochi and Adygea. But this year, before the current holiday season, as always, the Sochi authorities bravuraly reported on plans for the further reintroduction of boxwood.

But this is unlikely to please holidaymakers who hope to see the yew-boxwood grove in all its glory during their lifetime. Boxwood reaches a height of 2–3 meters in about 70 years, while the author of these lines, while in Sochi on a business trip in 2006, saw trees there that were at least 10 meters high.

For the original appearance of the yew-boxwood grove to be completely restored, it will take, according to ecologists, five centuries.

But maybe admiring the boxwood is not the most important thing for holidaymakers? And what immediate dangers does the disappearance of boxwood thickets pose to them?

No matter how alarmist this may sound, it poses an immediate threat to health and even life, since boxwood prevents landslides and rockfalls with its root system.

The hour of the raccoon and the minute of the jackal

In addition to the moth that destroyed the boxwood, invasive species of fauna that can cause great trouble for vacationers are raccoons and jackals. As for the first, cute at first glance animals are found today along the entire resort coast of the Krasnodar Territory, where there are forests.

It’s easier to say where they are not: in Anapa, where there is steppe, in Novorossiysk and Gelendzhik, which are surrounded by limestone spurs of Markotkha. It is unlikely that a vacationer will encounter them directly near the sea, but if a savage rents accommodation away from the sea and closer to the forest in order to save money, then everything is much more interesting. For example, in Greater Sochi, directly adjacent to the Western Caucasus Nature Reserve, a meeting is inevitable.

The furry creatures make a living mainly from waste, but when they penetrate residential buildings, they can also steal food that is usable, not only in the yard, but also in the room, where they can crawl through in any possible way, leaving behind complete destruction. They are absolutely not afraid of people, although they are not easy to handle and can bite or scratch.

As for jackals, it is impossible to call them a completely invasive species, since they have always been found in the Caucasus. But on the outskirts of the Western Caucasus Nature Reserve they appeared only in the Soviet era in connection with the massive development of budget housing in the upper part of Sochi. Like raccoons, they feed from garbage dumps, turning them over and scattering the contents across the roadway, causing traffic problems.

Both the first and second representatives of the animal world are frequent carriers of rabies. The main inconvenience for residents of upper Sochi is the constant howling at night, which interferes with sleep. It’s good if there is an air conditioner that allows you not to open the double-glazed windows, but lovers of budget holidays in the private sector will receive hard labor instead of rest.

Is this the sea?

Well, in conclusion - about whether it is even possible to swim in the sea at the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and where. About two weeks ago, epidemiologist Gennady Onishchenko publicly stated that the sea in Sochi is polluted by sewage and sewage discharge, and the air is full of viruses.

Despite the fact that at the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory there is a program for the construction of collectors for the discharge of feces, G. Onishchenko hinted that it is working slowly, and wastewater is being discharged into the sea everywhere along the entire coast, although to a lesser extent.

A particularly dangerous situation has developed in Gelendzhik, where, due to a sewage drain in the city center, right next to the embankment, swimming is not possible at all, and rescuers are forced to chase away vacationers who are trying to plunge into the sea outside the specially designated “paddling pools.”

In some places, in order to avoid contracting an intestinal infection, it is forbidden to even go into shallow water with bare feet. In Vardan, sewage is dumped into the river, which then flows into the sea.

Therefore, the question of where vacation is safer - in Crimea or in the Krasnodar Territory - remains open. It is clear that in Crimea the situation is close to military, therefore, of course, there, and especially in Sevastopol, for many people it will not be entirely comfortable to rest.

But in order to create normal safe conditions for recreation on the Russian Riviera, at least for the duration of the Northern Military District, local authorities do not need to do much. And to begin with, invest money not only and not so much in gigantic infrastructure projects, but at least to begin with, stop dumping sewage into the sea.

Well, besides this, create at least some obstacles for tourists to leave the established routes in the mountains without authorization (at least fine them, after all, since warnings and recommendations do not help). Do not allow flocks of garbage birds and animals from the reserve into the city territory, and finally, just thoroughly clean and improve the beaches. Moreover, the last concern can be transferred to local small businesses.
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  1. +7
    8 June 2024 05: 39
    Hmmm... the main enemy of nature is still man... he himself saws the branch on which he sits... and the capitalist economic system does not get along well with the purity of nature... all this is bad... they will pollute the whole Crimea and the Caucasus.
    1. -5
      8 June 2024 06: 16
      Is everything fine in Norway and other countries? Feeding in nature for the continuation of the human race.
    2. +11
      8 June 2024 06: 29
      I won’t go to the Black Sea...The beaches are not equipped or poorly equipped. Everything is expensive. There are a lot of people. Dirt all around.

      I'll the Russian North!
      1. +10
        8 June 2024 07: 26
        Quote: Ilya-spb
        I'll go..

        I'm having a great time relaxing at my dacha in the village. A river, a forest, the cleanest air, such silence in the morning that it rings, fishing, mushrooms, berries, a small vegetable garden with a garden. And why do I need the Turkish coast, the Russian village is our everything. hi
    3. 0
      12 June 2024 12: 03
      they will pollute the whole Crimea and the Caucasus like this.

      And not only, it’s like this everywhere. Today I took a walk in the forest around the city, our city is not big, in the west. Siberia, there’s garbage everywhere, they crap as if it’s not their own city, not their own forest, not their own country...
  2. +7
    8 June 2024 06: 15
    And what kind of infrastructure problems are there in Crimea, as the author writes, precisely because of the sanctions? And why, speaking about holidays in Crimea, does the article say nothing about holidays in today’s Yalta? The author always strives to send readers on vacation to Sevastopol, which has always been considered primarily as a military city and a historical and educational citadel, and only then
    only conditionally resort.
    As for holidays in Sochi and also comparing holidays in Sochi and at resorts in Turkey, we must take into account that both in Sochi and in Turkey there is a luxurious holiday where hotels have their own private beaches. Russians don’t go to Turkey to relax as savages and don’t rent apartments there on the coast for vacation. If you were going, then go straight to hotels with their own beaches, where everything is included. There are plenty of similar hotels in Sochi. Speaking of Greater Sochi, which is now Lazarevsky to Adler, such a long pebble coast on the open sea will not be turned into a resort in any state. So there is a choice - either we are actually a savage from Tuapse to Adler, or forward to decent hotels in Sochi. By the way, many sanatoriums in Sochi also have their own private beaches.
    And more about the Caucasus. Previously, after the Olympics, we spent several years vacationing in hotels and sanatoriums in Sochi. Now we have “discovered” Kislovodsk. We've been vacationing there for five years now and have seen absolutely no crime there! Just like drunkards and homeless people - they didn’t see them in Sochi or in the KMV! And why the author also offers summer holidays to Russians in Novorossiysk and Tuapse, I still don’t understand this article what they wanted to say. That in Russia everything is bad and everything is unsafe, but in Turkey everything is good and safe? So I suspect that the author has never been to Turkey or Sochi...
    1. +6
      8 June 2024 08: 37
      About Novorossiysk... I saw a video of repelling drone attacks on ships, a port and an oil depot. So, in the video, everything was ricocheting, and shells and bullets that didn’t hit from the side where the objects attacked by drones were located flew to the other side of the bay, where the beaches and residential areas are located. It’s such a “pleasure” to fall under this....
      1. +2
        9 June 2024 13: 02
        Novorossiysk is not a resort town at all, and swimming in the bay is complete nonsense.
    2. +4
      8 June 2024 14: 22
      There are plenty of places in Crimea where you can relax without fear. It’s just the road, yes, it inspires fear. The Crimean Bridge, etc.... Until 2022, I went there across the bridge, without checks or problems.
      1. +1
        8 June 2024 20: 42
        Friends are currently vacationing in Crimea in a private boarding house near ZUDAK. They say it’s great: there are few people, it’s quiet, there’s nothing booming or shooting, it’s hot during the day, but the water is cool, clean, you can swim. The boarding house does not have meals, but you can cook, and there are canteens. They've gone there several times already.
      2. +1
        9 June 2024 18: 11
        I was in Crimea for the May holidays. The check on the bridge took 10 minutes. The only inconvenience is that the highway in Kuban near Slavyansk has not yet been completed. Driving at night is very uncomfortable. But the progress since last year has been significant, there is hope that construction will be completed soon.
        1. +2
          9 June 2024 18: 36
          Yes, there is a problem area from Anastasievka... We have a problem with road workers. In the Novopokrovsky district, from Belaya Glina to Novopokrovka (more precisely in the Novopokrovsky district itself), ten months will not master a piece of three kilometers. And this is the road from Volgograd to to us on the coast.
  3. +5
    8 June 2024 06: 21
    The author forgot about public catering, its quality, often. And the locals really don’t go into the sea. Into a mountain river. Well, or at the very end of the season, when the people disperse. For raccoons and sewage, welcome to Sukko. There is a lot of this stuff there. Personally, we prefer Vityazevo at the end of the season, there are dunes there and are more or less adequate. About traffic jams and oil refineries. And this is not only Slavyansk. Traffic jams are a current reality in the Krasnodar Territory, and dangerous industries include Abinsk, Ilskoye and Afipsky, etc.. We are generally silent about Tuapse - it is an industrial city, not a resort
    1. ANB
      8 June 2024 23: 45
      . We are generally silent about Tuapse - it is an industrial city, not a resort

      Ooooh. Yes. Last year we stopped for the night on the way to Sukhum. We walked around the city and to the beach. The water was warm, but we definitely won’t go on vacation in Tuapse.
  4. +7
    8 June 2024 07: 09
    Okay, I’ll take my boots off, it’s on these two objects that I work, the “blue” one and the “gray” one on the right. People have already made their choice. The marker is the bus on which I return at 8-20 from work in Sochi. The fleet of buses has been completely replaced in winter, everything is new - they work air conditioning (required). If I used to ride on an empty bus, then after three stops the formula, - dawn - cheerful - park of southern cultures, there are no seats, but I always ride in the “stern” on the left with a view of the sea. Old photo. Formula fence 1 has been dismantled, 1,5 km remains for “street racers”. The bridges have been removed across the formula, passage to Flag Square is now free from all sides.. Security is at the highest level, there are more cameras than visitors (just kidding), but there are simply countless of them. All Olympic venues operate in sports mode and are busy until the evening. I’m surprised that there are always a lot of people at the evening performance at the Olympic Fountain, 7 musical programs. The gorgeous embankment was restored after the “storm of the century.” After reading the article, you don’t have to go, others who haven’t read the article will come .Sochi has truly become a year-round resort. At resorts everywhere you need to be careful with food, for this the Internet can help.
    1. +6
      8 June 2024 08: 05
      You know.. to each his own.. for me, Sochi is just fashionable and to walk around the beautiful city, and only then nature and the sea/beach.. that’s the difference, for whom is a seaside holiday in the order that I wrote - to you in Sochi.. and if first of all - nature and the sea/beach, and only then the rest - there is nothing to do in Sochi.. here everyone chooses for themselves - I choose Crimea.. and.. well, Crimea, with everything described, also stupidly cheaper than the coast of the Krasnodar Territory, and Sochi even more so.. so to each his own.. it’s fashionable to “chill” or get high from the sea first of all..
      1. +2
        8 June 2024 08: 12
        Another place has been added to Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana - previously it was a hole, but now there is where to spend money. But I don’t like crowds. I didn’t like it before, and even more so as I get older.
        1. +1
          18 June 2024 18: 53
          I was in Sochi in the early 90s, catching gobies and red mullet from the pier, Riviera Park, Ritsa, Pitsunda, Stalin’s dacha, it was interesting... but now for me it’s prohibitively expensive, although very beautiful. I prefer sand to a pebble beach. Evpatoria, Popovka, where the former kazantip is. hi
      2. +1
        8 June 2024 12: 28
        Personally, as a resident of Kuban, it’s not that I don’t want to go to the sea. But I want to go to Baikal. Well, or at worst, Issyk Kul, but this is a different country, and different people
  5. 0
    8 June 2024 07: 35
    First, stop dumping sewage into the sea

    I have seen storm drains in Sochi, they drain into the sea, but never a sewer. I saw in the private sector, everyone has septic tanks, or something like that.
    1. +1
      8 June 2024 13: 53
      In Sochi, the pipe goes far into the sea. You simply don’t see it. By the way, this is also the case in Turkey (although this is from the words of other people). The sea itself recycles this, the main thing is that the wastewater is away from the beaches
      1. 0
        8 June 2024 20: 48
        I don’t know how they built it before, but now every new building has its own septic tank. In Krasnodar they say they do it right under houses. The smells are still the same in the heat.
  6. 0
    8 June 2024 07: 46
    Friends from the Krasnodar region complained that it was 400 km to go to a doctor for examination and treatment. They go to Moscow, because by train there is not much difference, 400 or 1000.
    1. 0
      8 June 2024 07: 53
      If they go to Moscow, then they can afford it.
    2. +1
      8 June 2024 12: 33
      There is such a thing. Well, not 400, but 230 from us to Krasnodar. There are no specialists in the Central District Hospital (optimized up to a cardiologist). It’s not just distance. When you need it quickly, and not in 2-3 months by appointment. Then, of course, Moscow. For your health Huge sums of money are often spent, taking out loans
  7. +7
    8 June 2024 09: 05
    1.UAV drones have already tried to attack Novorossiysk...they even flew to the suburbs of Tuapse!
    2. According to statements from local residents living in the suburbs of Gelendzhik, there are raccoons and jackals there!
    3. Gelendzhik is located around a bay...and “garbage” is well retained in it! And yes...local residents consider the water area in the bay to be polluted and do not swim there themselves, preferring to go to places where the open sea is less known to “common holidaymakers!” Gelendzhik is “famous for” illegally built “guest houses”, which are equipped with illegal sewerage systems waste into the Gelendzhik Bay! Dealing with this is not easy, “thanks” to the primordial corruption of the authorities of Gelendzhik ... (and the entire Krasnodar Territory, for that matter!) The “official” sewerage system of the city is not in the best condition, with the removal of pipes. .. “far out to sea” (as the authorities say!)... Not so long ago, the sewerage system “broke” and the beaches were covered with shit! In Gelendzhik there is a neglected infrastructure that no one (until recently...) paid attention to! An unpleasant period of living in Gelendzhik is the “resort season”! Due to the “in large numbers”, the quality of life of local residents (not related to the resort “business”!) is deteriorating (Crowded buses, queues in shops and cafes, at the only clinic in the city, increase in prices for fruits and vegetables in markets; boorish, uncultured behavior of many “guests” in the city and on the beaches... The “bzdyns” alone (that’s in Sochi!) are worth it! These are “guests” with bare torsos in shorts or even panties, women in beach swimsuits, scurrying through the streets of the city, entering shops and cafes, climbing into filled buses in this form! And what about the “resort-goers” “walking” along the streets at night and screaming drunkenly at the top of their lungs?) In general, to the remark: You don’t like the “proletariat”! ​​- I’ll answer: I don’t! PS I believe that the economy of the Krasnodar region should develop through industrial and agricultural production, and not through “resort tourism”! There are all conditions for this; incl. and special ones that are not found in other regions of Russia!
    1. +4
      8 June 2024 12: 39
      I’ll answer this: the economy of the region must develop in all directions. For vacationers. There is such a thing.. It’s difficult to change a person, they often have a blast here. I’ll also say this. A huge request to people. Rest on the road! Well, it’s not worth one extra day in road of life! It’s just that I, as a driver, see a huge number of accidents here in the summer.
  8. +1
    8 June 2024 10: 24
    Article on the topic: go to Crimea?
    Not guys, believe me, I’ve been skating on our seas in the summer for 30 years - there’s no better place than Anapa!
    Abkhazia is also normal, for fans of subtopics, there are no bandits there.
    Sochi used to be a half-cesspool, but now it has completely turned into one.
    Krasnaya Polyana is our analogue of Courchevel; there is nothing for a mere mortal to do there, unless he is a broken skier.

    Crimea is very much an amateur in terms of service and other things, even without ATACMS.

    PS I was amused about gophers and others, I’ve never seen one. laughing
    1. +4
      8 June 2024 11: 44
      Quote: Arzt
      Not guys, believe me, I’ve been skating on our seas in the summer for 30 years - there’s no better place than Anapa!

      Well, the taste and color - all markers are different... for me - Feodosia is in the same category with Anapa, but in all respects I like it much better and there is never a “green” sea there. but for the rest I agree with you, except for Abkhazia - it has already deteriorated - prices will soon catch up with Sochi, and there is nothing at all to offer except nature hi
    2. 0
      8 June 2024 14: 01
      I wrote about Sukko. Well, this is a suburb of Anapa. We went there at one time, there is something to see there. Water cypresses, Utrish. So these raccoons there in the guest house make a noise every night. Yes, people are completely ignored, they show aggression when trying kick us out of the room. When we checked in at the reception, we were warned that they were literally “ours,” but don’t touch them, they’ll scratch you, and then you’ll have to inject yourself with rage.
    3. +1
      8 June 2024 14: 33
      There are two different beaches in Anapa - rocky and sandy. On the sandy beach there is beach volleyball. All year round. There are very few insects. And what a city. And the same Gagra is a village. At least the climate is better.
      So now I’m there for 9 months, and in St. Petersburg for the summer. Summer in Anapa is quite hot.
  9. +6
    8 June 2024 15: 49
    If you are going to go to Sochi as a savage with a skinny wallet, then don’t. You will be completely disappointed. The free beaches are overcrowded. Public transport is overloaded. Chain stores are half empty after lunch. Traffic jams. Cheap catering sucks.
    If you have money, then everything will be fine with you! Welcome!))))
    1. +3
      8 June 2024 18: 05
      Quote: vladimirvn
      If you are going to go to Sochi as a savage with a skinny wallet, then don’t. You will be completely disappointed. The free beaches are overcrowded. Public transport is overloaded. Chain stores are half empty after lunch. Traffic jams. Cheap catering sucks.
      If you have money, then everything will be fine with you! Welcome!))))

      absolutely correct description.. for the average vacationer there is nothing special to do there.. example. absolutely ordinary beer 0.5 in a plastic glass 500 rubles (this is for takeaway, in a cafe more often it’s more expensive).. in a magnet - yes, cheaper..
    2. +4
      8 June 2024 20: 34
      Sochi is a problem for me with money. laughing
  10. +1
    8 June 2024 22: 57
    No matter what the authorities say, Novorossiysk is not a resort.
    1. +1
      9 June 2024 10: 23
      From the word at all. hi "" ""
  11. +1
    8 June 2024 23: 13
    First, our own, and then all these vacations and the creation of resort places.
  12. +4
    8 June 2024 23: 58
    The problem of the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory did not appear yesterday and is not associated with raccoons and jackals. Example: our family’s favorite village, where we traveled in different trains for 36 years, is Dzhanhot. In the mid-70s - late 80s - just a piece of paradise. Clean Sea, Pitsunda Pine Sanctuary, V.G.’s dacha Korolenko, a tower on Mount St. Nina, for those who want to walk along the coast - the famous Parus rock is 6 km away. The beach, although pebbly, is also quite okay. And - most importantly - clean air. Already in the late 90s, some lazy boss became too lazy to take his overweight aphedrone out of his personal car, and a parking lot was built right on the beach, “eating” about a third of the beach area. At the same time, at the entrance to Dzhanhot, for many decades now, an absolutely useless stadium, overgrown with everything possible, has been empty, and no one has ever run through it. Around this time, the access to the sea through the Dzhanhot boarding house was fenced off (it became a private tourist center), and all vacationers are forced to go to the sea along a narrow path next to the cars (remember about the parking lot, right?))) Well, the owners, of course, have a blast as soon as possible. Once upon a time, their parents (or even they themselves), working in the pioneer camps of the village, got a good deal of armored beds, mattresses, and bed linen (with government seals). All this has been faithfully serving vacationers for half a century. And sagging beds, and prescribed smelly mattresses, and gray terrible bed linen riddled with bandit bullets. Visitors do their laundry in basins and eat wherever God willing. At the same time, we should also be very grateful to the owners for sheltering the poor for 20 dollars per person per day (initial price). In the entire village there is the only market with three sellers, whom I remember from childhood, and a wretched little shop with stale buns. Rest - I don’t want to! And you're talking about raccoons and jackals.
  13. -3
    9 June 2024 01: 46
    People will figure out where to go on their own without provocative writing!
  14. 0
    9 June 2024 14: 39
    In the summer I won’t go to Sochi and its surroundings, or to Crimea! In the summer it is hot there, crowds of people and the prices are to die for. I usually go in October. Last year I was in Yalta. In November from 5 to 19. I rested in a boarding house. Parking, breakfast, fresh water swimming pool. The first week I even swam in the sea. Purely. Water 18-19. The air is about 23. There are not many people, but it is not empty either. The prices are reasonable. The second week it was rainy and stormy. But... Crimea is beautiful in any weather. I wasn’t in Sevastopol, but went to Balaklava. The road is quite normal. The bridge passed - it took less than an hour to enter, and half an hour to leave. Gas stations in Crimea are very civilized. There is even a shower. I don’t remember what brand, the color is yellow-green. True, it was already cold and it was raining. If everything works out I will definitely repeat it. Regarding security: in Yalta there are armed patrols with full equipment and wearing body armor. I haven’t seen it in Balaklava. I saw pairs of fighter jets over the sea and helicopters along the coast. November is a little late, of course, and October is the most haymaking time)))
    1. 0
      9 June 2024 18: 21
      I don’t remember what brand, the color is yellow-green.
      These are ATAN gas stations. I can’t say anything bad, regular gas stations. In Crimea, the cost of 95 is slightly more expensive everywhere than on the continent.
      1. +1
        9 June 2024 19: 15
        Thank you for reminding me. Yes, gasoline is somewhat more expensive, but there are not many trips there. So it's quite acceptable.
  15. +1
    10 June 2024 08: 25
    We decided to postpone our trip to the south - due to some events we might be late for work, the roads might be blocked, and the vacation is not so long that we need to leave early with reserve.

    Let's go the other way, Russia is great. When the Northern Military District ends, then you can go to sea.