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Albert Pirmanov. Help, save! ...

Albert Pirmanov. Help, save! ...Oh, and what are the cries? So what happened?! Is someone dying? Is someone bad? Or hit someone?

Take it easy. It's okay - this is the middle class of the “golden billion” saying goodbye to life. Pip your tongue, none of them died. Anyway, bye. Alive, smoking room. Simply, they are moving into a new reality, or rather moving to a new level. SC says goodbye to heavenly life, she was almost like in Hollywood, and ahead of frightening uncertainty. It is terrible to them, poor fellows. SK is sent on a journey. What journey? No, no, not in erotic! They were already there, Hollywood by the side, and was always at their service. And who sends them on this journey? They. Who! High priests of supernova liberalism! Supernovae liberalism is well forgotten old. What is old? Find out later.

Celestials are not interested in the middle class as such. No, of course, the middle class should stay somewhere, but only at a new level. The middle class has outlived itself in the new conditions, but it will still be preserved. How? It is very simple, the IC will walk briskly in unison with time. Please love and favor, here it is, the new middle class! Do not you see? No, I'm not joking. Just now SK is a nano middle class. And how to see it, ask? It's very simple, you need a telescope, or binoculars. With the help of these devices you will perfectly see even the nano IC. And in general, why is it needed - this middle class? That's it, no need. The high priests of liberalism, too, think so, the world will completely cost patricians and plebeians, what is there to be cunning. High priests want to turn the wheel stories their ideal is the Roman Empire. Here it is, well forgotten old.

Will it work out? As we know from history, the patricians were not at all gods, and their blood was not blue. The patrician was weak, and mortal, like the common plebeian!

Why suddenly he did not need - this middle class? What happened?

It’s just that someone has no more urine, Uncle Sam burst out. For the United States just need a break from a dozen years. Evil empires need to isolate themselves — pupate at this time to try to restart their financial system at the expense of the rest of the world. Well, how are they going to make this feint ears? Yes, very simple. To start provoke currency wars. What did you ask? Are there currency wars? Why, just now you are watching the beginning of the currency war. Japan decided to sharply weaken the yen.

I already wrote, with such a strong yen rate, that I was in Japan, they are waiting for the collapse in industrial production. Last year, Japan looked into the dragon’s mouth with a corner of its eye. Like this? Like this. Japan wanted a thrill and stuck her head in the mouth of the dragon. He's kind. Who! Yes dragon, Chinese!

Someone likes extreme with tigers, but Japanamama decided to take the original, bang, and into the mouth of the dragon. I can't get drunk anything. I wonder what she wanted to see there? What? I wanted to see my export. What for? And for Japan, exports are synonymous with life. Dick she saw what Che! Bottomless dragon appeared.

After such an attraction, Japanamama sobered up right away. And maybe the sake was burned. And what is she let go of all serious things? So, spree, her uncle Sam danced, spun on dollars. The accursed thug pounced, take it, take it, yaponomama, but not that I you! .. Intimidated, okhalnik. I had to buy good, while cheap. I bought Japanamama greens, as much as the container is not enough. Japanam is thrifty, rolled up all her free cans with fresh greens from Uncle Sam's garden.

But you will not be full with canned food with herbs. Risk of hunting. Japan needs export, and it is anabolic fed. From them yen began to swell, but then export began to dry up. Japanmama never saw its last year’s export. Mole ate it, a couple of “heavy” yen. Without exports, there is no vital import to it, the country cannot provide itself with natural resources and food. In both! The land of the rising sun, almost like Egypt, cannot feed itself. And where is food security?

What is it that turns out, is Japan sitting on a needle? And then. Not that word. Japan is sitting on hard drugs, just that - and immediately breaking. Heavy addiction. From Uncle Sam. This very dependence of hers is treated by only one method, the weak yen rate. And Uncle Sam needs to export greens, he has an even heavier dependence on exports and on imports. Yaponomama long tolerated the antics of Uncle Sam, she also worked with him in his brothel.

What a yaponomama patient, but also her patience came to an end. She had a vision. Which one First meeting with white fox. This meeting, in a vision, even spoiled the damage from the Japanese. Her eyes opened like steel lights. Living with Uncle Sam is good, but living well with Russia is much better. Russia is not forcing how much in vain its neighbors, everything is just for great love. She does not force to work out the assault of subbotniks, like Uncle Sam at the Washington chaps. Burst terpalka yaponomama. Live the hunt. And there is no export. The export of goods coming from Japan can easily be replaced by a predatory pack of sufferers to tear to pieces its competitor friends.

A flock of old and young tigers long ago won back most of the consumer electronics pie from Japan, and now it is the turn of high-tech industries. The automotive industry for Japan is no longer a magic wand. More recently, a poor neighbor, China, just poked Japan with his nose in a pile of dragon's crap, having stopped buying Japanese cars. And all because of what, because of some tiny islands, but on which, probably, there are decent reserves of oil and gas.

What do you want Japanese business to do? Local manufacturers in Japan were tired of waiting for the weakening of the national currency and sustaining continuous losses from the "heavy" yen, and therefore began to race to bring production to their neighbors in Southeast Asia. In the same China. It got to the point that Japanese business intends to move to Russia. There is no shortage of production capacity in the world. The situation is exactly the opposite, there are too many manufacturers in the world, and there are no more buyers. If they buy a little, and a lot of goods, it means they will fight.

Fight? Will they bomb? Will be! Than? Commodity. A ghost of trade wars appeared on the horizon. If you need to sell a product somewhere, it must be cheap, relative to other manufacturers. And how to make it cheap? Different ways, they are no less than that of Ostap Bender. In short, a lot. And the surest thing is to make your currency cheaper than from neighbors and competitors. The race has begun. Which one Currency depreciation. And behind the currency wars trade wars go hand in hand. So what happened? What happened, happened!

The world overtook a boomerang. Which one Ordinary, boomerang of enraged liberalism! This boomerang United States deliberately thrown into the USSR. Then the United States, in the 70-80 years of the 20 century, were in an economic dead end. The question was literally: will the USA and their satellites survive? Capitalism could not compete with the planned economy of socialism. Capitalism is at an impasse. Exactly. Do not believe? Believe it soon. Not yet evening! So in the leadership of the late USSR, not everyone believed it. After Stalin, the leadership of the USSR lacked prominent personalities. Stalin was not an angel, but then it was time. The whole world was cruel. Socialism or fascism has nothing to do with it, they are only artificially conceived embryos, planted in the womb of earthlings, such in-vitro fertilization. Breed them capitalism itself, to experiment and solve their problems. With the direct opposition of fascism and socialism, the latter (albeit with the over-exertion of all its forces) broke the neck of fascism. Most importantly, the forces of the opposing sides were unequal, the force was on Hitler's side, but the USSR still defeated fascism.

On the side of fascism, the entire capitalist system was led by the United States, and not just Europe that was conquered and ally to Hitler. Even with such colossal inequalities, the USSR broke the united Europe and capitalism. Then the USSR won, and Stalin led the country! What? Is he a mixed personality? Tyrant! But who can argue, really, Stalin is a tyrant! Then call a humanist and a democrat to the roots of the hair, who could resist Hitler. Old bulldog churchill? So Stalin wasn’t suited to him for deceptions, Churchill was still the dock in this matter.

Cute Churchill was saved by his overseas “bosom” friends. The owner said to his dog, Hitler: FU !!! After which Hitler decided to turn east, towards the USSR. But Hitler could defeat the British utterly. He knew very well that Britain did not have the strength to resist it. Hitler even “pitied” the British (not of his own free will) and released them from the total encirclement near Dunkirk in 1940. There, the thing smelled for England a total disaster. Hitler could simply crush the British and their allies, in the literal sense of the word, with their tank armadas. But for some reason he didn’t. Hitler turned out to be a humanist and gave the British a lot of time to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people from the environment.

I doubt Hitler was guided by otherworldly voices. But there was a voice, and you know what he said to Hitler. Hitler pointed to the east, he went there, hoping for victory, which was already in his pocket. He was given a guarantee! Hitler was supposed to win, crush the USSR, but God was not with him. By the will of overseas directors, systems of different orders collided. Hitler was able to seize the initiative in the first year and a half of the war with the USSR, winning many battles. But chickens in the fall count. The system, adjusted by Stalin to the needs of the socialist state, worked more efficiently, and it won general battles and the whole war. Neither perfect tank armada, nor technological superiority at the first stage of the war helped Hitler. Unbreakable spirit and will to win came out against iron scrap in a single bundle, so they won! And it is natural. So in the history of Russia it was not just once, the systems changed many times, and Russia still won. For those times and in those conditions of the world political and economic structure, the system rebuilt by Stalin worked perfectly.

And after Stalin, the system began to degenerate, it fettered the gray and stuck. The system did not develop, and began to mark time. Gradually, the fuse to move forward in the country dried up. By the 80 years of the USSR stood at a crossroads: either to sacrifice far-fetched principles, not a drop of private initiative, or go on the path of verbiage. At the same time, China made a choice in favor of private initiative, while maintaining a rigid ideological framework. And the USSR chose populism and verbiage. The result is known to all. In both cases, the personality played the main role. Only Deng Xiaoping is a Person! But Gorbachev is an empty place instead of a person.

Oh! Again went into the wilds of history. Let us return to the dead end of capitalism. A way out of the impasse of capitalism was found under Reagan: to open lending gateways and to nurture a consumer class through them. Golden Billion was offered to live here and now, and not sometime in the future. And who will refuse freebies? The boring life within its means bothered the middle class, he decided to dive headlong into a year-round carnival and a perpetual high. Moreover, he was told: the money will be! But on credit. The middle class and liberalism came to a mutual agreement and shook hands. The contract was signed. All honor in honor. Ink just was not at hand, I had to make the bloodletting to the client and subscribe with the blood of the client. The loan is long-term, but never, and it will be necessary to give it away.

People are not small children, should have guessed that in ordinary life it does not happen. Not in the Hollywood tale because they live. People just wanted to live like in Hollywood. Coincidentally, one bad artist became president of the United States, and promised all Americans to go to heaven. The artist said the artist did! In fact, an artist, 30 has not passed years, as with the light hand of Reagan “golden billion”, he entered the same ... In paradise? In a fairy tale? Not really. The United States and the entire West successfully entered into a tailspin. The middle class flies like a stone, from fabulous dreams to a sinful land. Time does not stand still. The time has come to give the main body of the “mortgage” loan, and not a pitiful interest. Remember the boomerang? Yes Yes. The one who was thrown into the USSR. I must say frankly, then they got into the Soviet Union, but tangentially. The USSR did not survive, but most of it remained, sound Russia, the bones remained intact.

Russia survived the crisis period, and now the case is left for small, to increase the meat. Russia has experience in this matter, and considerable. Throwing a boomerang in the USSR, Uncle Sam considered successful with all 100%. With the wounded Russia, the US wanted to sort it out with its own hands, to kill it with liberalism. Russia coped with the crazy liberal virus itself, or rather, with God's help. Now the fragile organism of Russia has developed a strong immunity to liberalism. Russia will also get sick with other children's diseases, not all at once. Uncle Sam long ago forgot about his machinations of Russia, throwing a boomerang. Senile sclerosis, probably. But I had to remember, after he returned. Who! Pra-a-avilno. Boomerang! Yes, yes, he is back! Boomerang drove with all the dope on the skull of Uncle Sam, he already fell myriad sparks from the eye on the dollar. After the boomerang returned, Uncle Sam went to the roof! Wonder old man.

This is an infectious thing, arrogance. The Reagan case lives and wins. Uncle Sam decided to recall the lessons from Ronnie and wrote the script. By which now puts the play and plays a major role. Between you and me, the play is rubbish! But the director is delighted with him and hopes to get a good fee from the production.

So what is it about?

We all attend a cheap performance for one actor. In the United States, they are well aware that if they do not provoke a world scandal with the smashing of dishes and massacre, then they have Khan. Uncle Sam has more debt than sand in the Sahara and Kalahari combined. I repeat for those who are especially in love with Uncle Sam, as if they were unconventional, the debts of the Pindos are so great that it is impossible in principle to repay them. And if someone tells you that these are mere pennies, you can safely spit in his face, he is no longer worth it. The US national debt is literally astronomical. Clever men, fans of Uncle Sam, immediately put their five kopecks in defense of their debt: it is only 100% of GDP. Clever men, and the debt is already a long time ago more than the entire official GDP of the Pindos. And if you still take into account the virtual money that operates the financial international? Here there are sums, and they are mortgaged and re-mortgaged more than a dozen times. In the banks? Yes you. Then where or what? In the pyramids! Not. You heard right, it was in the pyramids. In Egypt? Well, there, too, there is fry, in favor of 400 billions. No, they do not lie in the pyramid of Cheops. A pyramid is a household word. I hope you understand? And now it is right. Absolutely correct! In the very financial pyramids where citizens of Mavrodi successfully conducted an educational program for citizens of Russia. But how can one compare the well-worn Shuru Balaganova-Mavrodi and the tycoons of capital and gold, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Baruchs, the Saxons, Schiffs and many others - they are all as one Ostap Benders in the soul. Compared, pathetic dung-worm and hardened vampires.

But let's not talk about the sad, back to the eternal. To money and debt. So, the money is virtual, and the debts are real. Who should? The whole world. Rather, a smaller part of the population of planet Earth, the so-called “golden billion”. And the main debtors in the “golden billion” are the so-called middle class. This middle class was the main consumer in the western world. The middle peasants were desperately needed by the liberal system while the USSR was alive.

The Soviet Union was an alternative to the West in economic and political development. That is why in the West, the SC 30 has been intensively fattening the years. You want to live, and not so you will feed that pigs that sheep. Especially in debt. Fattening of the UK began just after the end of the Second World War. While the USSR was alive, a “red carpet” was laid out for the middle class of the West. This path, ideologically inconsistent, led the middle class straight to the bank. That's how the middle class and grown. Feeding as if for slaughter! The middle class literally almost fed them with a spoon, taught them “babies” to a comfortable life. And you get used to good things very quickly. Indeed, why save money and figure out your possibilities when you can borrow from a bank and live like a worthy person. Or whack, as unworthy of man, but what to face banderlog. To each his own. But this was not enough. The middle class had to be made fashionable, now they are called creative. Only a fashionable and freedom-loving person could reject the experience of centuries and rush into unbridled prodigality. What is agility is from the word of the ILO? Yes.

Only the ILO is the “International Labor Organization”. A mot is one who easily eats the fruits of his labor. Labor is different for everyone, for some labor is hard, and for others it is easy. For whom the money goes very easily, that part with them as with toilet paper. If it is simpler to say, then in the West they set a goal to grow consumers, ugh - consumers, so that they are engaged in consumerism. Painstaking selection and selective herbicides gave excellent results. The middle class was successfully grown and hooked up on heavy loans. Housing, education, cars, health - all this could be taken on credit. And the loan, he is not a wolf, he will not run away to the forest (s). Moreover, the loan itself will run after you for the rest of your life and demand: Give me a million, give a million, give a million! (c) From him, credit, no matter how hard you try, you will not run away, if only to the other world. But he, the loan, and then do not be a fool, immediately begin to stick to the heirs: His duty, now your debt! Give me a million, give me a million, give me a million! Oh, you do not have a million? Then give home! Wait a minute, I’ll calculate the percentages, there they drop them on the whole right kidney and the left eye in addition.

So what we found out, 50 had not passed years, as the credit pumping went into a quagmire. Banks coped brilliantly with the task, the middle class was credited, I can’t. The moment came when, in the ninth shaft, from the green candy wrappers that flew out of the Fed's printing press, the middle class of the West untimely choked. The middle class, first of all in the USA, was stocked with loans for the future, to the grave, and he could never repay debts. SC Uncle Sam is not able to eat the holy spirit, he is accustomed to hamburgers. The middle class began to languish from some interest on loans, what can we say about the main body of debt.

This supernovae credit middle class disappointed the Fed and its owners with their selfish behavior. The middle peasants suddenly realized that interest on loans growing like a snowball and the loans themselves became much more than their salaries. Simply put, loans are guzzling with loud champing the middle-class blood salary, and they can do nothing about it. The middle class, in the West, overran on mortgage and consumption. For example, average households in the United States have borrowed money much more than their personal GDP-income per year, and many over a decade.

Immediately the question arises, how does it happen? As you can see, everything happens in the USA. The most important thing for the bank is to get a loan, and in the USA, without further ado, they decided to close their eyes to checking the creditworthiness of new customers. And new customers were not long in coming, they came to banks on 40-year-old Buicks. Banks revived, loans spread throughout the Mississippi region, but for the United States it did not become a panacea. The client did not go. And most importantly, the world has changed, it does not burn with the desire to feed the bottomless break through the SC of the “golden billion” headed by Uncle Sam. The world itself wants to eat, albeit modestly, but on its own.

The debt of the average American is a time bomb under the government of the United States. Why? Because the middle class resolutely said to itself and the whole country: you can't live like this! A person in a hopeless situation is not up to debt, and he will not give them back. And why did this middle class suddenly suddenly see the light and decided that it was enough? Just at one point, the middle class of the West became clearly aware that it is no longer needed by the liberal system. The liberal system needs ordinary slaves of credit debt. Before a credit debt, everyone is equal, that a “white” office slave in New York, that a “yellow” slave to a call-center in Bangalore or in the Philippines, that a “black” slave on cocoa bean plantations in Côte d'Ivoire.

The middle class in the US does not want to live in slavery. But he is in slavery for a loan. Maybe someone would like to reduce the debts of the UK in the US, but late. The Fed has clicked a convenient moment, now they will cut it alive. There is no money for anesthesia. High priests in the United States are at a crossroads in front of a stone with three motion vectors.

Left, go - you will get to socialism! That's when you definitely do not demolish the priests of the head.

To the right, you will go - you will get to fascism! No one knows what it will be, this fascism, and how it will end for the goyim.

You go right, (through) - you will go to hell! Anyone will break Uncle Sam's paralysis, and who needs him then, cripple?

Dumas think priests, in the dollar pyramid. Where to go? And how is it going to end? But then they are the priests of mammon to find a way to dodge. They have one option, reinforced concrete! Burn up your debts, so well so that their debt becomes your problem. But for this option it was necessary to overthrow Russia, by all means. Well, not a shmogla flock of hamsters taking Vovochka with a magic pipe, they drowned in their own shit. And now Uncle Sam can get into the tambourine from Vovochka. Vova words to the wind does not throw.

Many have not realized or do not want to realize a simple thing: the United States has already morally broken. The country has long been accustomed to a lot of blood and is actually ready for a civil war. Almost as in the middle of the 19 century, the struggle of the North and the South. And now who will fight with whom? All against all. Whites hate blacks for benefits, whites hate whites for taming them. Latins, like pioneers, are always ready! For carnival and carnival. Asians will be outcasts for all others.

I think many people remember the tragedy that befell the US in 2005, the flood in New Orleans. It was at the time of the flooding, and the complete pofigism of the authorities of the state of Louisiana and the federal authorities of the United States to his population, showed the whole world: the world police hegemon, the sheriff Uncle Sam, cannot ensure the establishment of order even at home. What then is the world order that the US wants to bring to the rest of the world?

I now assume that soon a wave of revelations will sweep across the empire of rogues. Who will expose? Rather - what! Fraud. The United States is mired in fraud and registry. They will have their own “cotton” business, and even a banana one, the main thing is to connect the public to Hollywood. And there it will go, with the filing of Hollywood, things deepen and accelerate. They lie in the US, from the smallest clerk to the most important, the president of the United States. Their GDP is inflated with crafty statistics. How it's done? Easy! Statistics in playful hands and not so can. Simple manipulations, and real GDP turns, real GDP turns into elegant GDP, in lace and with a bow. The world is saved. And financial analysts all over the world and well-deserved economic ones (n) Obel, are ready to continue to brainwash the gullible shareholders: You are not freeloaders, you are partners! The main thing is what? Right! Dilute the sucker, and then at least smoke the grass! Another whole year.

But this thimble game cannot last forever.

The economy in the US is growing by leaps and bounds, virtual, but the actual production is blown away. Who is doing such a non-kosher “circumcision” of Uncle Sam? The most kosher capital. These gentlemen, kosher, stripped naked not one hundred countries on our land, over the long millennia. Financial International is ready to draw anything. You want, here's a virtual GDP growth. Do you want new candy wrappers - which ones you like: blue or pink, no problem. The main thing is any offer you will do with a smile from ear to ear. In a country of strained cosmetic smiles, it will soon be no time for smiles. Should appear the one who appointed scapegoat, or allocate a separate caste of goats. Someone will have to answer for the collapse of the dreams of the middle class. Who? It is too early to say out loud who it will be. But after three years, they will find such a ram, from the last presidents. On the sheep of the Frames, they will write down everything and everyone! He will also be a sacrificial ram. Uncle Sam is not eager to repay debts, and sooner or later they will be asked to return them. Time “H” is not far off.

In the US, no fools are at the shadow wheel of the country, they are well aware that they will soon cease to lend.

Rather, do not give. So he is already coming. So far slowly, but surely. Who! White fox! You remember, I was first noticed by the Japanamam, and therefore I went into the dressing, I refused to Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam has no more loyal vassals, only small jackals remain in the tuple. And there is no hope for the jackal, therefore he is a jackal. Even the sons of Israel and they understood it was a completely tobacco matter. However, they are always the first to run!

The funeral procession for the burial of Uncle Sam was personally led by Barack Obama. True, he himself does not know about it. When Obama understands this, it will be too late for him. He is not the only one. Many still do not see this, and some do not want to believe in it, but this is true. History has already prepared shovels shovel. Just do not ask, why does she need these shovels? Shovels or dig, or bury!

PS A shovel, sometimes, can be used and for other purposes. But then it will still need to be used for its intended purpose.

Quoted by Albert Pyrmanov
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  1. smel
    smel 18 February 2013 08: 15
    The faster they make themselves hara-kiri, the calmer the other will live. It’s good that sensible politicians distance themselves from this United Shobla
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 18 February 2013 08: 35
      The author, about the shovel, is to Sparrow, his prerogative is to bury the USA. And we will help wink
      Over the past 10 years, the United States has turned from an economic amballa into a drying up drug addict who constantly needs a dose (loan), otherwise breaking (default). But no matter how much you stab, not one drug addict does not live long, is exhausted from the inside and dies in agony.
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 18 February 2013 10: 55
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        But no matter how much you stab, not one drug addict does not live long, is exhausted from the inside and dies in agony

        And this addict wants to involve others so that they pay him part of the dose.
        "On February 12, 2013, US President Barack Obama issued a traditional message to the nation, in which he announced that the US is ready to begin negotiations with the EU on the creation of a common free trade area. Obama literally said then:" And today I announce that we will begin negotiations on a comprehensive Transatlantic trade and investment partnership with the European Union. "Thus, the American president gave the approximate name of the future agreement - Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Obama, of course, touched upon the benefits of this kind of agreement: "Because trade that is fair and free across the Atlantic supports millions of well-paid American jobs.". The purpose of the agreement is not only the elimination of import duties, but also the harmonization of rules governing the sale of goods such as cars, medicines, medical equipment, etc. It is the harmonization of these rules that should take a lot of time from the negotiating parties. In this direction, the US and Europe would like to establish "rules of the road" for trade in the era of the formation of the global trading system The United States and Europe account for about half of world production and one-third of world trade. Many experts believe that in the case of the proposed free trade agreement between the US and the EU, it is, in fact, about creating a closed economic space. They are concerned that the collapse of the world into economic blocs, in fact, could end up creating new obstacles to world trade. That is, in fact, in this particular case of the creation of a free trade zone between the EU and the US, it is not about "freedom of trade", but about new protectionism.
        1. Botanologist
          Botanologist 18 February 2013 13: 31
          An article in the spirit of "boo-ha-ga I'll die." Fighting the nausea, he read to the end. I thought for a long time for which contingent the afftor was annealing. I didn't get it.
          1. cdrt
            cdrt 18 February 2013 14: 06
            The contingent is understandable - 40 percent of actively writing visitors. The second such firing for today, apparently the one who controlled the quality of the materials posted on vacation went. Well, it began - a cat from home, a mouse to dance laughing
            1. Botanologist
              Botanologist 18 February 2013 17: 24
              percent 40 of actively writing visitors

              Well, I don't think that so many people on the site are choking on snot when they see an ass in the window with the inscription "America, it's you!". The brain must work.
          2. krisostomus
            krisostomus 18 February 2013 15: 27
            For politicians no higher than the company level and very distant garrisons.
      2. Denzel13
        Denzel13 18 February 2013 12: 23
        How it went about the shovel (I haven’t seen the author yet), I immediately wondered if Sparrow had a hand laughing rather a shovel laughing

        PS Quickly see how a white fluffy animal settles on the North American continent.
    2. _Igor_
      _Igor_ 18 February 2013 09: 23
      Harakiri were made by samurai, and there the concept of honor didn’t even sleep
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 18 February 2013 09: 29
        Quote: _Igor_
        Harakiri were made by samurai,

        Samurai is also in the past.
        1. Goga
          Goga 18 February 2013 11: 28
          Alexander Romanov - Greetings, Alexander, the article was written in an overly pretentious language, but essentially correct (put a "+"). With all this, only one question worries - well, the economic liberals will eat themselves, well, the paper chimera of the dollar will crumble, and our financial system (like the Chinese one) is tied to what? Besides, an empty dollar, so this "boomerang" has every chance of hitting us again. Another thing is that even in the absence of a financial system, we will survive on one natural exchange - but THEY will not ...
          1. KuigoroZHIK
            KuigoroZHIK 18 February 2013 12: 14
            Greetings Igor!
            I have long been following all the comments of Albert Pirmanov, his pretentiousness and sarcasm appeared after the man was tired. For the first half year, everything was cultural in his posts. Then, apparently, he was tired of fighting the hamster and he began to ulcerate ... But the comrade thinks in the right direction.
            1. Goga
              Goga 18 February 2013 12: 28
              KuygoroZhyk - Greetings, Alexander! And I don't pay special attention to the form (my article "+") just, in some places, because of the desire to say "more fun", the essence of what was said fades into the background - but all the same, I read with pleasure good
            2. Ross
              Ross 18 February 2013 13: 42
              A good and deep article, and a style that awakens those who still naively believe in the United States, IMF, ICBMs, etc.
          2. Ustas
            Ustas 18 February 2013 14: 32
            Quote: Gogh
            Well, the economic liberals will eat themselves, well, the paper chimera of the dollar will crumble, and our financial system (like the Chinese one) is tied to what? In addition, an empty dollar, so this "boomerang" has every chance of hitting us again

            Russia is not yet so deeply bogged down in derivatives (a derivative is "paper on paper, not on a specific product). So, Igor, you are right
            Quote: Gogh
            we, in the complete absence of a financial system, will survive on one exchange in kind

            We still have a change for now. If only our liberal government did not hand over these remnants to the West as collateral for empty papers.
    3. Magadan
      Magadan 18 February 2013 10: 58
      United Shobla American laughing said so said hi
      1. alexng
        alexng 18 February 2013 13: 52
        Quote: Magadan
        United Shobla American

        Allow a little remark. hi
        Naughty Shobla America. lol
  2. andrei332809
    andrei332809 18 February 2013 08: 39
    messy but interesting. and healthy irony is present
  3. alkach555
    alkach555 18 February 2013 08: 42
    About the shovel is very artistically written. Universal tool.
  4. donchepano
    donchepano 18 February 2013 08: 43
    This one in the photo with an asterisk in a hat that threatens with a finger
    it seems pid .... r finished overseas like all their overwhelming majority.
    Please forgive me for being rude .. Burst)))
  5. CCA
    CCA 18 February 2013 08: 45
    Liberalism and Westernism - the main enemies of Russian civilization - such is the conclusion of the German philosopher W. Schubart ... And this was written by him in 1938.
    And this liberalism mutates like the flu ... But people are weak and controlled, hungry for freebies ... And therefore
    The world overtook a boomerang. Which one? An ordinary, boomerang of frenzied liberalism!
    Russia coped with the crazy liberal virus itself, or rather, with God's help. Now Russia's fragile body has developed a strong immunity to liberalism.
    That’s why Western liberal strategists are raging, they don’t have another virus against Russia
    1. Pit
      Pit 18 February 2013 09: 24
      Quote: KKA
      And therefore, Western liberal strategists are raging

      Liberals are just trained monkeys.
      The "kosher gentlemen" are to blame for everything
      These gentlemen, kosher, stripped naked more than one hundred countries on our earth for many millennia.

      This is the root of evil
  6. max-02215
    max-02215 18 February 2013 08: 52
    Here, only when we understand that not all candy wrappers are money. And, how many do not grab loans, but you need to give ...
  7. KamikadZzzE1959
    KamikadZzzE1959 18 February 2013 08: 54
    Nothing is eternal under the Moon...
  8. djon3volta
    djon3volta 18 February 2013 08: 59
    I’m also wondering why, if in the West and the USA they say everyone has high salaries, and they take housing, cars, and much more on credit? wassat I’ve never taken a loan in my life and didn’t buy anything on credit! Well, the question is, will I borrow a phone that costs 10-15 thousand or a TV, or a washing machine, they cost a salary, but in the West and you can buy several telephones or televisions for one salary! After all, these are the main loans in the amount of 10-30 thousand. Can't you buy a phone without a loan ??? fool
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 18 February 2013 09: 04
      This is the whole joke! According to my observations, the middle (creative) class differs from the proletariat in its desire to live beyond its means. laughing
      1. djon3volta
        djon3volta 18 February 2013 09: 36
        Quote: engineer74
        That's the whole joke

        the joke is that, for example, in the USSR, cars weren’t cheap, you had to save money, and you weren’t afraid that inflation would eat in 2-5 years, in general, you don’t need a loan to buy a car, right? like inflation is also low, which means you can also accumulate calmly, suffer 2-5 years. So no, they take a loan fellow at the same time they overpay. And in Russia it’s overpaid specifically, but we have at least more inflation, you can blame inflation. But why do western consumers need credit then ??? where is the logic ???
        1. engineer74
          engineer74 18 February 2013 12: 27
          The logic of a consumer society, however: consume everything that is possible immediately. Wishlist have come off opportunities.
          The iPhone 6 has come out, save six months for it, and you need to show off TOMORROW. That's all the "logic". IMHO.
          1. baltika-18
            baltika-18 18 February 2013 13: 13
            Quote: engineer74
            The iPhone 6 has come out, save six months for it, and you need to show off TOMORROW. That's all the "logic". IMHO.

            And by the way, you correctly noticed the psychological component of this issue.
            1. engineer74
              engineer74 18 February 2013 13: 20
              It was hard not to notice if the main slogan of mass media took everything from life! hi
    2. baltika-18
      baltika-18 18 February 2013 09: 35
      Quote: djon3volta
      I've never taken a loan in my life and haven’t bought anything on credit

      You personally did not take, but people take and take a lot. In 2012, people took out loans for 7,39 trillion rubles. Overdue debt is 325 billion rubles. The volume of "bad" debt increased from 3,1% to 12,4% .There is not so much left to the critical limit. So in this issue we are repeating the path of the United States one to one. Credit pumping is in progress. In case of a fall in consumption, suppose the "domino principle" will work in Europe, it causes a decrease in prices for raw materials, a decrease in production , falling wages, non-payment of loans and again "hello, crisis." You shouldn't be surprised, our systems are the same, what they have in the West, what we have, are built on the same principles of "loan interest".
    3. Denzel13
      Denzel13 18 February 2013 12: 36
      Quote: djon3volta
      I’m also wondering why, if in the West and the USA they say everyone has high salaries, and they take housing, cars, and much more on credit?

      Yes, because loan rates are very funny (compared to ours, respectively). In 2008-2009, their mortgage rate ranged between 0,5 - 2,5% per year. So they grabbed, another question is what Engineer74 writes correctly - they try to live beyond their means. If you take housing, then a considerable area. Very rarely met new buildings of less than 200-300 sq.m.
      1. krisostomus
        krisostomus 18 February 2013 15: 46
        Well, what's wrong with that? Why don't young families take out loans for housing and raise children in their own homes? It turns out to be more expensive to rent or rent, but at least you pay for your own, and not for someone else's "uncle" and not for yours. Well, didn't they take "loans" in Soviet times? We took them "before salary" from neighbors with friends.
  9. engineer74
    engineer74 18 February 2013 09: 00
    The middle class was a showcase of the Western way of life, the client passed by, the showcase can be disassembled. hi
  10. Averias
    Averias 18 February 2013 09: 08
    Class !!! In the spirit of Zoshchenko article. It has long been obvious that the United States is in agony, the author forgot to point out the fact that the US government owes money (for military companies, and this is taxpayers' money) an astronomical amount. And they are not going to give it away. Uncle Sam and all these senile Rothschilds and Rockefellers played too. It's like a "black hole" - they pull everything into themselves without giving anything in return, this is a direct violation of the law on conservation of energy (if something has disappeared somewhere, it means that something has arrived somewhere). And if so, sooner or later there will be a collapse (collapse, collapse), only this will be accompanied by a release of energy (in the case of the USA, negative energy).
    This is what we need to prepare for, strengthen our currencies, increase the stabilization fund, and so on. In principle, we are doing this, and not only we.
    I traveled to Europe, where the ordinary people also look askance and speak about the Americans. The French generally say, what for is NATO to us, what for we participate in military operations, if we have more and more poor on the streets every day, more and more French are queuing in social shops.
    I saw it myself, or rather was at a dinner with a French family that I ate that I breathed in air. And most importantly, the awkwardness experienced by the hosts was felt at the table. Everyone was groaning and gasping, they said they could afford a lot before (eating in cafes, restaurants, food from the market, delicacies), and now here it is. The main part of the family budget is consumed by payment for housing, electricity, water, plus loans.
    I already wrote that the USA expects the same thing that happened with the USSR. We look: the economy is far-fetched, militarization (all these fabulously expensive projects like F-35, lasers, railguns, deep-sea storage facilities), Afghanistan and the Middle East in general, police arbitrariness, that is, totalitarianism and repression of dissidents and others). A lot of other things, all this leads to the collapse of the system.
    Yes, and that money was spent to destroy the Soviet Union, played an important role.
    As the saying goes, "good luck" to you, gentlemen Americans.
    1. krisostomus
      krisostomus 18 February 2013 16: 06
      Well, I have heard about the "deepening crisis of capitalism" and "the worldwide progressive movement of socialism" from school or for more than 50 years. But capitalism does not want to "deepen" in any way and for some reason emerges stronger and stronger from each crisis. Well, only North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam remained "progressively" to stomp towards socialism, and I must say that they did not "drown" far. Even China has followed the path of "communist capitalism" and it is not clear what it is building, but there are already signs of the "bourgeoisization" of the higher party apparatus, so far in the person of relatives, wives and children. For some reason it seems that it will end as in the USSR, but wait and see.
      So the rumors about the "untimely death" of capitalism may be, to put it mildly, greatly exaggerated.
    2. Botanologist
      Botanologist 18 February 2013 17: 21
      Class !!! In the spirit of Zoshchenko article

      I would ask you not to offend the great Russian writer. Speaking, by the way, of the Russian language in all its subtleties.

      Today I was packing a man, schizophrenia is in the acute stage (spring, time). So his speech is practically no different from the author of this article - a set of cliches from "I will go to the prosecutor" to "black realtors on your roof."
      Although someone may like it. Napoleon, King Solomon and Peter the Great (who is not a king, but a cruiser). lol
      1. Averias
        Averias 18 February 2013 19: 13
        I’m generally talking about style and humor, and not about style.
  11. Lavrik
    Lavrik 18 February 2013 09: 08
    The problem of the US national debt will be solved by them very simply: we owe you - FORGIVING !!! Accordingly, they will "forgive" us (RF) too - offhand - 600 - 800 billion dollars invested in US securities. And what are we going to do with these pieces of paper?
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 18 February 2013 09: 15
      After this, clothes in China and oil from the Arabs for what currency will they buy? wink
      1. Lavrik
        Lavrik 18 February 2013 09: 54
        Quote: engineer74
        After this, clothes in China and oil from the Arabs for what currency will they buy?
        They print papers of a different color and with a different name.
        1. engineer74
          engineer74 18 February 2013 10: 14
          Some have already printed, they called the euro, it does not help much.
  12. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 18 February 2013 09: 20
    NOTHING! We went through a hunger strike and survive the abundance i.e. collapse of the USSR, Warsaw Pact, social. camps, etc.

    The whole PROBLEM is that = we WILL help them (bastards)! Save!
    This is the challenge!

    (in this regard, GDP, they say, does not forgive offenders! that would be on his board
    state convulsions occurred)
  13. Lavrik
    Lavrik 18 February 2013 10: 20
    Quote: engineer74
    Some have already printed, they called the euro, it does not help much.
    Euro is the currency of the European Union. The USA is a completely different state and has no relation to the EEC.
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 18 February 2013 11: 40
      The reasons are the same, they felt the "uncomfortableness" of national currencies, they created the euro.
    2. Alexfu
      Alexfu 18 February 2013 12: 57
      Quote: Lavrik
      The USA is a completely different state and has no relation to the EEC.

      As is not relevant, and the dollar to the United States. I quote: Federal Reserve Note - a ticket of the Federal Reserve Fund, there is no inscription that it is American. It is interesting where these reserve funds are hidden, probably throughout the galaxy, it is not for nothing that the United States sent a lunar rover to Mars - they are looking for a reserve fund, they think their ancestors left something there. So with the galaxy on a thread - the states have a green shirt, otherwise there is nothing to pay off the borrowers on the ground.
  14. dmb
    dmb 18 February 2013 11: 37
    Sho tse bulo ?. If a propaganda poster on which a worker beats a bourgeois on the cylinder with a hammer, then why bother with analytics? And the times of GROWTH have already passed. And if the introduced education system allows us to foresee their return (in view of the impending illiteracy and, as a consequence of its naivety), then, Thank God, it is just being introduced, and most citizens have brains. In fact, many on the site consider themselves Orthodox and start yelling angrily at the slightest attempt to disagree with them in their assessments of faith and even the church as an institution. Yet contrary to the commandments, they are overjoyed at the fact that the American middle class has become worse off. Well, let's start with the fact that the issues of debt on loans for our country are no less, but even more relevant, and most importantly, we have this trouble not so much of the middle (in our understanding) class, but of the bulk of the population having difficulty making ends meet. ends. Regarding how much money is spent by the bourgeoisie for communal services and loans. We still seem to have less. But firstly, the purchasing power of our ruble and "their smelly green paper" is "somewhat" different. And secondly, the latest initiatives of our party and government give full reason to assert that in the near future, at least in this matter, we will catch up and overtake America. Well, and the last thing that somewhat spoils the blissful picture of the imminent collapse of these goats. And that Russian television has already announced the date from which the US decided to repay its debts? No, all the same, propaganda should be carried out by professionals, to whom Mr. Pirmanov can hardly be attributed.
    1. Alexfu
      Alexfu 18 February 2013 14: 01
      Quote: dmb
      In fact, many people on the site consider themselves Orthodox and begin to yell angrily at the slightest attempt to disagree with them in assessing the faith and even the church as an institution. However, contrary to the commandments, they are overjoyed at the fact that the American middle class began to live worse.

      There is an information war, and the enemy does not disdain by any means, and the defense of the Fatherland is a holy thing, satire has always been an effective weapon.
  15. fishermanfrend
    fishermanfrend 18 February 2013 13: 19
    dmb --- quite right, many here rejoice in such agitation. Articles forgetting that they themselves are there, or even worse. Dumb Americans say, wait a little more ourselves become the same.
    NOBODY EXCEPT US 18 February 2013 13: 59
    A lot of things were fenced, but about the tank armada that would roll Britain, it was a problem to get across the strait and the Germans understood that the British fleet and the underwater and surface were not weaker than the German one, and then there were no tunnels under the Lamans ..... ..the author clearly turned down, too much.
  17. pa_nik
    pa_nik 18 February 2013 16: 50
    ABOUT!!! How things turned out ... Capitalism - the "lame duck" - is rotting in all its hypocritical glory! lol
  18. DeerIvanovich
    DeerIvanovich 18 February 2013 19: 24
    the article is pretty good and would give a plus, but the author too abuses not the literary language, too - for this article is a minus.
  19. alex shnajder
    alex shnajder 18 February 2013 20: 09
    The idea is clear to everyone for a long time, I haven’t seen anything new in the article, the author lacks the skill and tact in using our great and powerful language, SENSE IS UNDERSTANDED AND WAITING WHEN CAPITALISTS WILL BE BOUND AND come to us such a middle class for potatoes, only you need to understand that they will come they don’t ask us, but with a demand to share it. And if you read such articles and just rejoice at what kind of mugs they are ... nothing good will come of it.
  20. free
    free 23 August 2017 12: 42
    almost guessed the trump made the trump look! outside the window on 23.08.17/XNUMX/XNUMX.
  21. free
    free 23 August 2017 12: 47
    Capitalism could not compete with the planned economy of socialism. Capitalism is at an impasse. Exactly. Do not believe?
    I believe and therefore we need socialism, again.