Rogozin: “The Tsar’s Wolves” are testing new thermal imaging equipment at the forefront

Rogozin: “The Tsar’s Wolves” are testing new thermal imaging equipment at the forefront

For Russian units operating on the front line, a single reconnaissance and strike complex is being formed from individual elements. In this regard, special requirements are imposed on the creators of the most modern domestic optical-electronic equipment.

The former head of the Roscosmos state corporation, who currently heads the Tsar’s Wolves Combat Testing Center, wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

He noted that one of the most important tasks facing the artillery units of the Russian Armed Forces is countering enemy drones and counter-battery warfare. To solve these problems, they require sensitive thermal imaging equipment and high-resolution optics. But this is not enough. Artillerymen also need to quickly receive information about the location of targets and be able to carry out additional reconnaissance using reconnaissance. After this, you can deliver precise and effective strikes against enemy targets using artillery weapons or attack drones.

This means that in order to solve combat missions it is necessary to adapt various technical means to each other and combine them into a single complex.

Now, according to Rogozin, the Tsar’s Wolves, led by him, are testing new thermal imaging equipment at the forefront. A day will be enough for the fighters to master the innovative technology, after which they will begin testing it in real combat conditions.

It is noteworthy that on the sleeve of the ex-head of Roscosmos you can see a chevron with an image that at least strongly resembles the symbols of the Wagner PMC.

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  1. 0
    25 May 2024 14: 34
    This is the second article about Dima-trampoline, what a “well done” he is.
    1. -3
      25 May 2024 14: 49
      Rogozin (call sign "Cosmos") did not find any special laurels either in Roscosmos or in the leadership of the Rodina party... I hope he will have better luck with the Tsar's Wolves... Although you shouldn't hope for it too much...
      1. +10
        25 May 2024 14: 55
        Quote: Lev_Russia
        Not at Roscosmos

        How many accidents did he have?
      2. +1
        25 May 2024 14: 57
        Gu, he’s had these “Tsarsaip wolves” since the war in Yugoslavia. They say the name didn’t stick there. Now it’s reincarnation
      3. 0
        25 May 2024 15: 23
        Akella is theirs, apparently!
      4. -4
        25 May 2024 16: 53
        (Leo) didn’t find any special laurels..
        Dart2027 - How many accidents did it have?

        Lev, you were asked the right question. and you can keep the call signs for yourself.
        Dart, upvote
    2. +4
      25 May 2024 15: 37
      Yeah.. Just show off. "royal". What he was not. We have some “wolves” already thrown onto bunks... In the Moscow Region..
      1. +1
        25 May 2024 22: 56
        ......and not alone anymore.)
  2. +2
    25 May 2024 14: 35
    Damn they scribbled...
    For a couple of days, someone said that little was heard about Rogozin and his wolves.... And now... 3rd article for today about them....
    1. 0
      25 May 2024 22: 57
      ...well, my butt has healed, so I crawled out..)
    2. 0
      26 May 2024 09: 39
      Damn, it was me. My tongue is my enemy.
      Ceterum censeo Washingtago delendam esse
  3. Ray
    25 May 2024 14: 37
    Has anyone ever seen these wolves? Or do they exist only in the subconscious, inflamed from idle talk, idleness and naked bravado?
  4. +1
    25 May 2024 14: 50
    Indeed, what luck that in Russia there are people like Rogozin... Something in his activities does not show a fundamental solution to the problem with which he appeared on the political horizon:
    1. 0
      25 May 2024 15: 00
      If only he, as in this advertisement, would apply himself to solving the problem... However, no, only pathos remains.
      1. +3
        25 May 2024 15: 09
        Dmitry, in order to get into the offices of the highest authorities, they will promise a hundred million to the sky.
        * * *
        Look, the person appointed to the post of Prime Minister said that the average salary in the country became 73 rubles. This is the total amount of all incomes of Russians divided by the number of workers.
        Here's the reasoning:

        But this is easy to check:
        I’ll tell you what: the total income of Russian oligarchs for 2023 amounted to $50. There are 012 workers in Russia. Dollar exchange rate for 000 (average value) - let it be 000...
        The average salary, if no one except the oligarchs earned anything, it will be: 50 x 012: 000 = 000. Subtract this value from the declared average salary in the country and get those same 85-91 thousand rubles.. True, there are about 630 millionaires (whose income amounts to millions of rubles)... Here is all the ins and outs!!!
        * * *
        And so it is in almost any field of activity...
        1. +1
          25 May 2024 15: 39
          In general, I agree, but it seems that business income is not taken into account when estimating average salaries. The best estimate of inequality is to take a person's wealth and divide it by the average salary in the country, such as how many people he could theoretically hire. I remember on the Internet I saw a sign like this for all of humanity throughout history, the first there was Mansa Musa, and the second was suddenly Khodorkovsky, who had 20 lard with a salary in the country of one hundred bucks in those distant times
          1. 0
            25 May 2024 17: 42
            Quote from alexoff
            Overall I agree

            You know, I am not ready to take on faith the statements of officials of any rank, especially when they start citing income figures. Look, there is not a single (non-staged) video where an official talks (argues) with real people from a real city.
            With us, it’s either: “there’s no money, but you hang in there,” or “next time we meet, you’ll get it with a stick!”

            And these are all the so-called servants of the people...
    2. +1
      25 May 2024 23: 07
      Yuri Vasilyevich, when did he decide something “dramatically”?
  5. +3
    25 May 2024 15: 00
    Doldon took and created a structure parallel to state acceptance, so that later, through the media, he could influence the decisions of the responsible state department. It doesn’t matter in which direction: positive or negative - but jump over your head and push through your own.
    Well, if you are such a caretaker, finance promising products, buy them, supply the troops with your billions, how much have you already sucked from your homeland! No, he is promoting himself on them.
  6. +4
    25 May 2024 15: 26
    And even “royal” ones?
    What kind of nonsense is this...??...
    Why not “imperial monkeys”?!
    1. 0
      26 May 2024 09: 43
      Royal skunks
      Ceterum censeo Washingtago delendam esse
  7. +3
    25 May 2024 15: 33
    What about Rogozin's previous high technologies? How is the “marker” robot doing there with all sorts of different combat modules? What about the kamikaze drone "LAOP-500"? Otherwise, we have all sorts of Rogozins sitting on state funding and showing analoguenets in a single copy, and at the front there appear drones made by volunteers in garages with the money of citizens worried about the country
  8. +2
    25 May 2024 17: 03
    These (as well as other issues of ensuring victory) should be dealt with purposefully by the Ministry of Defense (and the specialized military institutions remaining after the reductions); new, sensible ideas must be taken from homemade artisans, developed and put into practice
  9. +1
    25 May 2024 17: 37
    God, what a fool he is...
  10. 0
    26 May 2024 09: 41
    Tchotchkes on the shelf, they brought a “marker”, there is a blue one, there is a red one.
    Ceterum censeo Washingtago delendam esse