“We hope that this event will cool down the “hot heads” in Western capitals”

“We hope that this event will cool down the “hot heads” in Western capitals”
OTRK "Iskander" participating in strategic nuclear forces maneuvers

A few days ago, exercises of non-strategic nuclear forces began in our country. As part of these events, units and formations of different types of troops will show their skills in working with special ammunition and their delivery vehicles. The exercises are divided into several stages and will be held at a number of training grounds, incl. in neighboring countries. The purpose of such maneuvers is to maintain the required level of readiness of non-strategic nuclear forces.

Practical practice of questions

The Ministry of Defense announced the imminent holding of exercises of non-strategic nuclear forces (NSF) on May 6. On instructions from the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the General Staff began preparations for such events. The start of the exercises was planned for the near future, but the exact date was not specified.

The exercises were to involve formations of several military branches involved in the strategic nuclear forces. This list includes missile units from the Southern Military District, combat aviation and naval ships fleet. The exact composition of forces and assets that were supposed to take part in the exercises, for obvious reasons, was not reported.

Loading missiles onto launchers

During the planned exercises, the involved units and formations were to carry out a set of activities to practice the preparation and use of nuclear weapons. weapons non-strategic class. The main goals of such exercises were to maintain and increase the readiness of nuclear forces. In addition, they noted the role of such weapons in the processes of protecting national interests and the territorial integrity of the state in the face of unfriendly and provocative statements and actions of third countries.

Soon new details began to emerge. Thus, already on May 9, the President of the country, Vladimir Putin, personally commented on the preparation of the NNF exercises. He noted that there is nothing unusual in such events, and this is a planned work of the troops.

The head of state also revealed interesting information about the geography of the exercises. He recalled that Russian strategic nuclear forces were recently deployed on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In this regard, the Belarusian army was invited to take part in the maneuvers, and President Alexander Lukashenko took a similar initiative. The two countries easily agreed, and the Belarusian military will also take part in our maneuvers.

The first stage

Preparation for the exercise took about two weeks. During this time, the relevant structures of the armed forces held a number of different events behind closed doors. Apparently, during this time the General Staff worked out precise plans for the exercises, and other organizations prepared the required products and ammunition for further practical activities.

Iskanders are deploying to the position. Head parts retouched for privacy reasons

The first stage of the NNF exercises started on May 21. In accordance with previous the news and plans, the activities involve units and formations of the Southern Military District and the Aerospace Forces. The exercises are managed by the General Staff. Following the results of the first day of the exercises, the Ministry of Defense published a brief message about past events, and also published a video from combat units.

During the first stage of the exercises, the missile units of the Southern Military District, equipped with Iskander complexes, received special warheads for existing missiles. They were installed on delivery vehicles, after which the complexes with such missiles were sent to the position area for training launches.

The official video from the exercise from the Ministry of Defense shows the advance of the Iskander OTRK column to the reloading site, the process of loading ammunition and the subsequent deployment to the launch position. It is curious that during the exercises the use of both ballistic and cruise missiles is being tested - both weapon options have the ability to carry a special warhead.

Cruise missiles are also used as part of OTRK exercises

In parallel, training non-strategic nuclear warheads were received by the Aerospace Forces units, whose personnel worked out the issues of installing them on missiles. Ammunition of the Kh-22 and Kinzhal types was then suspended on standard carriers in the form of Tu-22M3 and MiG-31 aircraft, respectively. At the same time, the missile carriers underwent the necessary training for a combat training mission.

There have not yet been any new reports on the progress of the NNF exercises. The Ministry of Defense does not specify how the activities are taking place, when the first stage will end and the next one will begin, etc. However, information of this kind can be expected in the very near future - as various episodes and stages of the exercises take place.

Forces and means

The current exercises of non-strategic nuclear forces, according to the head of state, are a planned work of the troops and are not something unusual. However, the very fact of their holding attracts attention. In addition, the forces and means involved in the maneuvers, as well as their capabilities, are of interest. At the same time, the latest news did not mention all of the non-strategic nuclear potential of the Russian armed forces.

Tu-22M3 bomber involved in the exercises

The official materials of the Ministry of Defense about the current exercises include the Iskander tactical missile system with missiles of different classes. According to known data, the ballistic missile of the 9M723 complex, as well as the cruise missiles 9M728 and 9M729, carry a payload weighing 480 kg. The use of different warheads is envisaged, incl. tactical nuclear. According to various estimates, such ammunition has a power of no more than 50-100 kt. Both weapon options ensure hitting targets at ranges of up to 500 km.

The Tu-22M3 bombers involved in the exercises are capable of carrying Kh-22 or Kh-32 cruise missiles. These products are equipped with warheads weighing about 1 ton. In the case of the older X-22, the possibility of using a nuclear charge with a power of 350 kt was provided. The nuclear potential of the newer X-32 is unknown. It can be assumed that in this respect a modern rocket is at least as good as its predecessor. The launch range of the X-22 missile reached 600 km; for the X-32 this parameter could increase to 1 thousand km.

The NNF also uses Kinzhal aircraft ballistic missiles. It is assumed that such a product carries a warhead weighing 500 kt, and existing non-strategic nuclear warheads fit into these limits. The power of such warheads can be estimated at 50-100 kt. The launch range is at least 1,5-2 thousand km, excluding the combat radius of the carrier aircraft.

Previously, the Ministry of Defense reported that the Navy would participate in the NNF exercises. Apparently, the maneuvers involve ships equipped with missiles with special training warheads. Low-power nuclear charges can be used by several fleet missile systems installed on surface ships and submarines at once.

MiG-31 with the Kinzhal missile

First of all, these are cruise missiles of the Caliber family, designed to strike ground targets. They are capable of carrying a warhead with a capacity of at least 50 kt and delivering it to a distance of 1,5-2 thousand km. Some domestic anti-ship missiles have nuclear potential. Thus, the P-700 “Granit” missile has the ability to install a special warhead with a capacity of 50 kt, and for the P-1000 “Vulcan” products up to 1 Mt are intended.

The full list of missile systems capable of carrying a nuclear warhead used in current exercises remains unknown. The Ministry of Defense has already shown the preparation of several strike systems of this kind, and in the near future it may demonstrate the work of others.

Scheduled event

Thus, in accordance with the approved combat training plans, the Russian army is working on the operation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons and their carriers. The current exercises are divided into several stages, during which various tasks will be solved and events of various kinds will be carried out. All this will show the level of training of personnel and the state of the relevant systems and facilities.

It should be taken into account that the exercises are taking place against the backdrop of another deterioration in the international situation, as well as after a number of aggressive statements by foreign politicians. As a result, ongoing activities provide a highly transparent signal to foreign governments and thus contribute further to deterrence processes.

We hope that this event will cool down the “hot heads” in Western capitals, will help them realize the possible catastrophic consequences of the strategic risks they generate and will keep them from both assisting the Kyiv regime in its terrorist actions and from being drawn into direct armed confrontation with Russia.
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  1. +3
    24 May 2024 04: 35
    At the same time, it must be clearly understood that these exercises should not be just shaking the air and drawing another theoretical red line. And then LADIES threaten and threaten, and his opuses are no longer taken seriously.
    1. 0
      24 May 2024 06: 11
      DAM says what VVP cannot say: he does not give orders for the use of nuclear weapons, this is the prerogative of VVP. When GDP says, then we will look out the window; Isn’t it possible to see the Sun of Bhagavad Gita there?
    2. +8
      24 May 2024 13: 14
      Quote: Dormidont Syropupkin
      At the same time, it must be clearly understood that these exercises should not be just shaking the air and drawing another theoretical red line.

      The West will believe only when the gang of thieves rushes to transport children and relatives to states far away from NATO countries, to sell off real estate, and the embassies respond “for consultations,” in full force, even without “furrowed eyebrows and wrinkled lips.”

      Before this, “red lines, saber rattling” - show-off and talking shop.
  2. dFG
    24 May 2024 04: 39
    Everyone clearly understands that nothing will come of these exercises, if for the umpteenth time we cannot drop an airplane that highlights targets in Crimea, then this is a waste of money
    1. -3
      24 May 2024 04: 51
      Quote: dfg
      for the umpteenth time we can’t drop an airplane that illuminates targets in Crimea

      It looks like steam has been released into the whistle....Where are the specifics?
    2. 0
      24 May 2024 05: 29
      Yes? Well, drop it? Then one of our TU-95MRs, of which we have one and a half cripples, will fall in the neutral waters of the Pacific Ocean..
      1. +3
        24 May 2024 05: 53
        And when did the Tu-95 become a drone?! It seems that technology is more important to you than people...

        Drones have nothing to do in the sky! This should be the motto for all doctrines. And those who use drones must be prepared for their loss.
      2. +3
        24 May 2024 14: 43
        When this Tu-95MR falls without shooting down the drone, you will probably say that it’s impossible anyway, otherwise the last one will be shot down
    3. +3
      24 May 2024 07: 30
      I once suggested dropping it, when cowardly experts began to make sinus comments, like naughty, not according to the rules and all that, and you’re talking about something more. We are not capable of this
      1. +1
        24 May 2024 12: 55
        Okay, so be it, I’ll squint.
  3. -2
    24 May 2024 04: 45
    So the NATO scum have already moderated their rhetoric, because exercises are exercises, but special warheads have been issued from warehouses to the troops...
    During the first stage of the exercises, the missile units of the Southern Military District, equipped with Iskander complexes, received special warheads for existing missiles.
    1. +3
      24 May 2024 13: 25
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      but special warheads were delivered from warehouses to the troops...

      Greetings from the children of government bureaucrats living in Paris and London. Who will allow vigorous loaves to be thrown around their villas and yachts???
      1. -2
        24 May 2024 13: 39
        What does London and Paris have to do with it? Tactical weapons are not intended for them.
      2. 0
        25 May 2024 01: 09
        Greetings from the children of government bureaucrats living in Paris and London. Who will allow vigorous loaves to be thrown around their villas and yachts???

        Those who actually make the decision do not have children in Paris and London. And there is no money there. These people have been under sanctions for a long time.
      3. 0
        28 May 2024 20: 49
        You are using some outdated arguments. They wrote the same thing before they were 14 and until they were 22. Like, they won’t quarrel with the West, there are kids there... Now they’ve even quarreled, they’ve got sanctions, blocked accounts, and so on. Despite the "kids" It remains to repeat about the "cartoons".
        And yes, we are talking about tactical things for now. Paris has nothing to do with it.
    2. 0
      24 May 2024 13: 33
      Maybe they are loading imitation warheads after all. But the exact hour... One of them will sparkle somewhere in the west, and not at the training ground... Or at the training ground, but in the west. Or maybe not alone. The air defense will also train, which means there will be launches what
  4. +7
    24 May 2024 05: 11
    We hope that this event will cool down the “hot heads” in Western capitals

    It won’t cool down...the Americans have published a map of the areas of our country on which they will strike with their ATAMS missiles...so there is a serious escalation of the conflict ahead with the use of more serious ammunition.
    I would advise Zakharova to rant less and
    appease NATO and behave as Gromyko behaved...a wonderful diplomat.
    1. -1
      24 May 2024 05: 30
      Maybe you confused him with Mr. No, with Primakov?
      1. +2
        24 May 2024 06: 10
        With all due respect to Primakov... Gromyko is head and shoulders above Primakov.
        1. +3
          24 May 2024 12: 59
          So yes, only the states are different.
  5. +5
    24 May 2024 05: 24
    According to the results of the “battle for Ukraine,” the West of the Russian Federation is not afraid... And here, at least wave a nuclear club, at least not wave it... And in light of the latest events in the Moscow Region, I think they will generally relax...
    1. +4
      24 May 2024 06: 02
      I still don’t understand whether the troops received real ammunition, or an imitation of it, although just like the real thing. If it’s an imitation, then I’m sure it won’t cool down the hotheads; they’ll simply laugh at this idea. In addition, Putin himself said that such exercises are held regularly. And if so, it’s the same as showing a leash to a naughty dog. The dog knows that the owner will not use it if the owner is kind. In addition, in his old age he became overly talkative. Otherwise, they say, wait! Sanitary zone! And where is she? The enemy ignores and bombs Belgorod. You shut up and do it. And so!
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. +6
    24 May 2024 05: 43
    Alas, an attempt, instead of pursuing a minimally sane policy (and not attacking the enemy’s strictly limited targets while trying to come to an agreement with him), to shake a nuclear sword, and even in the form of tactical nuclear weapons, will lead to the exact opposite effect. For a simple reason - if you are afraid to touch the hair of at least one Ukrainian “Nazi” official and speak in the third year of the Northern Military District about returning to the ideas of the Istanbul negotiations, then no one will believe your “threats”.
    Moreover, tactical nuclear weapons operating on the ground are an instrument of a major military operation. Outside of it, it has little meaning. If such exercises are to be carried out, then it will involve practicing the breakthrough of a large group of troops following the use of tactical nuclear weapons. and so, well, they simulated the launch of a missile with tactical nuclear weapons, so what? What is this supposed to show? Willingness to strike special warheads against NATO? Well, it is not going to directly attack the Russian Federation, and even with nuclear weapons. The meaning of their actions is different - keeping the Russian Federation in an endless and senseless sluggish war in Ukraine
  8. +2
    24 May 2024 06: 12
    . We hope that this event will cool down the “hot heads” in Western capitals,

    TNW strike on Ruin? Just to cheer you up! No one feels sorry for her these days.

    The Europeans, of course, will not be very happy. Especially if some troops are brought in. But the Americans will be delighted. I have a feeling that this is where we are being led.
  9. +1
    24 May 2024 07: 13
    In Western capitals, all Russian bureaucrats, deputies, admiral generals have families, lovers, real estate, money. How can the Russian Federation scare them?
  10. -2
    24 May 2024 07: 36
    We need to burn on Novaya Zemlya...hydrogen ammunition.
  11. +3
    24 May 2024 07: 50
    I think this event is intended more for internal use as a morale booster for some armchair and television patriots.
  12. +2
    24 May 2024 08: 01
    The teachings have never frightened anyone; you shouldn’t delude yourself about this.
  13. +1
    24 May 2024 08: 23
    “We hope that this event will cool down the “hot heads” in Western capitals”

    It’s hard to believe that this will make an impression on anyone now. The West feared a possible nuclear attack only at the beginning of the war with Ukraine; now the West no longer believes in the possibility of using nuclear weapons under current conditions. Yes, even if tests are carried out, it will not give much effect. The time has gone. :((
  14. +1
    24 May 2024 10: 44
    “We hope that this event will cool down the “hot heads” in Western capitals”

    Somehow, our calculations and assumptions too often do not line up with reality... So in this case, these calculations may well turn out to be dead. More likely...
  15. 0
    24 May 2024 10: 52
    As a scarecrow, it’s doubtful, but training never hurts. True, there is also a nuance here - the enemy will better study the cycles and activities characteristic of such perturbations and will operate with this in the future.
  16. +2
    24 May 2024 10: 54
    Nata responded to our ultimatum to return Nata to the 1979 borders by welcoming Sweden and Finland, building the largest base in Romania, increasing military spending, building factories and rearming, and quietly developing the Transcaucasian region.
    Nata demonstratively did not give a damn about our warnings about the non-participation of Nata’s military units in the war in Ukraine, the non-use of prohibited types of cluster, depleted uranium, chemical and biological weapons, supplies of F-16 nuclear weapons carriers, long-range missiles and plans to shoot down our aircraft.
    In response to our exercises of non-strategic nuclear forces, Nata is increasing the grouping of Eastern Europe, conducting major military exercises, and France is exercising its strategic forces, including the launch of hypersonic missiles, and the US is constantly practicing imitation nuclear strikes and does not hide it. Against this background and the lack of strategic success at the front during more than two years of war with the second most powerful army in the world, the exercises of the non-strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation look somehow pale
  17. +1
    24 May 2024 12: 23
    Damn, who has a bigger measuring stick....
    Here and around - they write that the Amers and NATO were not, are not and will not be ready, then they provoke them, then ours “cool them down” - then the unprepared ones enter, or something else...
    in real life - a planned BP event, as they reluctantly admitted at the end of the article...

    Just remember that China, as a guarantor of the non-use of nuclear weapons, has already cooled the heads of our untouchable propagandists on awesome salaries a couple of times...
  18. +2
    24 May 2024 15: 13
    “We hope that this event will cool down the “hot heads” in Western capitals, will help to realize the possible catastrophic consequences of the strategic risks they generate and will keep them from both assisting the Kyiv regime in its terrorist actions and from being drawn into direct armed confrontation with Russia.
    From a statement by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs"

    Europe is shaking, once again... with laughter. As long as we respond to everything with statements and window dressing, it will be so. It would be better to put additional strategic and multi-purpose nuclear submarines on combat duty at sea and deploy them in the right places. That's when the laughter perhaps gave way to hiccups.
  19. 0
    24 May 2024 16: 03
    The use of nuclear weapons is tantamount to political suicide. And China has made it clear that it will not tolerate this. Therefore, it is not surprising that no one in the West believes in this. And they won’t believe it even after hundreds of teachings.
  20. +1
    24 May 2024 17: 29
    “We hope that this event will cool down the “hot heads” in Western capitals.” You shouldn’t count on it! negative "Hot heads" will cool down with a "hot blow" on these heads! fool hi Otherwise, they are unlikely to calm down until they get hit in the head properly! fool
  21. +2
    24 May 2024 19: 54
    The result of these “exercises” will undoubtedly be US permission to use long-range weapons against the ancestral territories of the Russian Federation, the supply of German TAURUS missiles for the same. Then more exercises will be held, and their result will be strikes with Tomahawk and JASSM-XR missiles on the deepest regions of the Russian Federation .That’s how they are “afraid” of us. But in reality they are afraid of the Terrible Houthis, who simply knock down their drones in batches, damage ships and vessels, and the United States cannot do anything with them, they only constantly try to conduct secret negotiations. So how are the Scary Houthis different from the meek Russians?
  22. 0
    28 May 2024 20: 58
    The danger of using tactical weapons in reality, and not as a “weapon of deterrence,” is that then the already diminished taboo on nuclear weapons, which appeared after the creation of nuclear weapons in the USSR and the creation of its stockpiles, which are critically dangerous for the United States, could collapse. Taking into account Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when everyone was impressed.
    Now it's all blurry. And if there are nuclear strikes, the spiral of escalation will quickly unwind. Either nuclear weapons are taboo, or where there is 1 kt, there are 2, 10, 20, 50... And then there is strategic... And there will be no winners.
  23. 0
    29 May 2024 17: 21
    I propose, as a training goal, to gouge the islands of New Zealand lengthwise and in half, because... they are not part of NATO. Use tactical ammunition on the Su-70 Okhotnik platform as a delivery vehicle. Otherwise they are all building buried bunkers at an accelerated pace. They hope to sit it out. They are not afraid of nuclear war in Europe and the states.
  24. 0
    30 May 2024 17: 52
    I wonder what level of concern and how our wisest will frighten the West when, for example, the junta is given ground-based launch platforms for Long Range Fires Launcher, designed to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles along with missiles. But everything is moving in this direction