"President" of Taiwan amid PLA exercises: I am ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with our military to ensure security

"President" of Taiwan amid PLA exercises: I am ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with our military to ensure security

The newly elected head of Taiwan, Lai Qingde, comments on the large-scale PLA exercises around the island.

As reported today "Military Review", the Chinese Navy and Air Force began major exercises virtually along the perimeter of the island. Experts linked these exercises to statements by the new “president” of Taiwan that he would continue to pursue rapprochement with foreign friends for the sake of the security of the Republic of China (Taiwan’s self-name).

After the start of the PLA exercises, Lai Qingde stated that “the people of the Republic of China have everything to defend their https://topwar.ru/242949-kitaj-nachal-voennye-uchenija-bliz-tajvanja.html.” This is despite the fact that Taiwan’s independence is not recognized (de jure) even by those very “foreign friends” that the head of the separatist regime spoke about.

Lai Qingde:

I am ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the military to ensure security. My responsibility is to protect all our citizens.

Taiwan's "President" spoke these words while visiting the base of the 66th Marine Brigade in the northern city of Taoyuan.

Marine and coast guard units are on special alert in connection with PLA exercises. It is also reported that Taiwanese troops are deploying additional anti-ship systems in several locations, including the coast of the Taiwan Strait.

Meanwhile, Chinese warships entered the waters of Kinmen, Matsu, Wuqiu and Dongyin, which Taipei considers its own.
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  1. +6
    23 May 2024 15: 25
    Let's go friends!
    And I'm behind you!
    I will proudly stand behind you!!! (C) from the Internet
  2. +2
    23 May 2024 15: 27
    I am ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with our military...

    By “our military,” Lai Qingde most likely means the American military... Despite the fact that Taiwan is being stupidly armed, the balance of forces is still painfully unequal... 24 million Taiwanese against a billion Chinese... The Chinese simply prefer economic expansion and just wait, and they know how to wait, rather than fight directly and shed blood... China, with its very long history, has no need to rush...
  3. fiv
    23 May 2024 17: 37
    All you have to do is swim across the strait and meet Comrade Xi. No, he is ready to bury half the country in the ground for the sake of his overseas “brothers”
    1. 0
      24 May 2024 08: 57
      What does this have to do with “overseas brothers”? The Taiwanese don't want to go to China. And you can understand them. The difference in the standard of living of a hard worker is visible to the naked eye. They understand that only a few will make it into the elite sitting on the hump of the Chinese proletariat. Do they need it?
      1. 0
        24 May 2024 13: 37
        Damn, I saw the difference in the standard of living and wages of a Chinese worker and ours back in 2017. Not in our favor, by the way. Converted to dollars, a worker in the market received 2k dollars for an 8-hour working day.

        So, is the standard of living really that bad in Taiwan?
        1. 0
          25 May 2024 00: 27
          In Taiwan, the level is just fine. They have an 8 hour working day. But in China the minimum and very rarely is 12 hours. It is not at all correct to compare with our salaries. But at least no one is forced to plow. Survive as you wish, we will hire a Tajik. In China, they strictly ensure that the hard worker, without straightening his back, works for the partocrats who have grown together with the hucksters. Anyone trying to escape from such slavery will face an inevitable punishment.
          1. -1
            10 June 2024 08: 39
            Awesome story. Will there be proofs?
            1. 0
              10 June 2024 08: 46
              What proofs? You are not supposed to take out dirty linen from a Chinese hut.
              1. -1
                10 June 2024 08: 49
                So how do you know then, since you can’t wash your dirty linen?)
                1. 0
                  10 June 2024 08: 52
                  You will poke your mother. negative I already told you where the info came from here. From a Chinese party-crat, in a private conversation, over a glass of tea.
                  1. -1
                    10 June 2024 09: 03
                    Your mother was already poked, after 9 months a drinking buddy of a Chinese party-crat appeared.
      2. fiv
        24 May 2024 15: 07
        Firstly, there is not a very big difference in the standard of living and it is possible to negotiate with China.
        Secondly, is it better to fight and die? Then there is no need for a standard of living.
        1. 0
          25 May 2024 00: 35
          In fact, why do people draw boundaries and want to live as they want? China itself has pushed the Taiwanese out of itself for a long time. They do not consider themselves part of China, with the government of hypocrites. The bourgeoisie say so directly that the bourgeoisie don’t dress up as communists. PDA is a bare island for the schmucks and they won’t give it away for nothing. They set their sights on producing chips. For free.
          1. fiv
            25 May 2024 08: 51
            You have expressed a very simplified version of the history of Taiwan and mainland China. And wrong. And the United States played a significant negative role in the crisis. If not for external interference, they would have agreed.
            1. 0
              26 May 2024 00: 59
              You can agree, but about what? Should all 24 million be accepted into the Chinese “elite”? Well, it’s probably possible where there are 350 million there and 24 more. But initially the mainland began to download rights and did not want to negotiate. The mattress workers were called in later, hoping to be used as a shield. Nonsense of course, but what were the Taiwanese to do? There is no other force in the world today. And they don’t trust shifters from the mainland.
  4. +1
    23 May 2024 18: 40
    I remember Senya the egg sniffer on the Maidan, he also talked about “a blow to the forehead” and where is he now? wink
  5. 0
    23 May 2024 19: 14
    Lai Qingde:

    I am ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the military to ensure security. My responsibility is to protect all our citizens.

    It looks like he is a deeply civil person and does not at all understand the usefulness of his shoulder in a developing situation.
  6. +2
    23 May 2024 19: 42
    If you're ready, go and stand up lol
  7. 0
    25 May 2024 13: 10
    It's funny that modern politicians still chew the bast that last worked a hundred years ago. Who will believe him? Who will take this anecdotal statement seriously? Who and why believes the words of modern politicians?! Are such people still left in the world?
    All this dreary nonsense only vibrates the air. But politicians still won’t talk realistically about the real state of affairs. Never. These people are moving further and further away from “their” peoples. Who is theirs besides their bank accounts? No one. People understand this very well. And the show, which no one has watched for a century, is still shown from rotten stages...