FAB range: at what distance from the explosion is it impossible to escape

FAB range: at what distance from the explosion is it impossible to escape

One of the effective means of destruction used by the Russian Armed Forces during the Northern Military District in Ukraine were high-explosive aerial bombs (FAB). The latter are used with a controlled planning and correction module, which increases their range and accuracy.

In turn, the main destructive force of a high-explosive bomb is the shock wave, from which at a certain distance it is almost impossible to escape.

We have previously wrote about the impact of a shock wave on manpower. However, we were talking about relatively “small” ammunition.

This time it is the turn to consider the “killer” characteristics of FAB in different forms of execution.

Let's start with the FAB-100, the blast wave of which is guaranteed to kill all living things within a radius of 7,75 meters. Moreover, the explosion of this ammunition will most likely kill at a distance of 22 meters and certainly will not kill at a distance of 31 meters. In this case, concussion can be obtained within a radius of 54 meters.

It is worth emphasizing that we are talking specifically about the destructive power of the shock wave. Damage caused by hull fragments and fragments of destroyed structures is not taken into account.

The FAB-250 is guaranteed to kill with a blast wave at a distance of 10,12 meters. You can survive such an explosion at a distance of 40 meters.

In turn, FAB-500 and FAB-1500 guarantee death from a blast wave at a distance of 12,75 and 18,78 meters, respectively. You can escape at a distance of 51 and 75 meters.

Finally, the “monsters” FAB-3000 and FAB-9000 will definitely destroy all living things within a radius of 24 and 35 meters. At the same time, it is possible to avoid concussion from such an explosion at a distance of 167 and 245 meters, respectively.

Let us remind you that the number of high explosive aviation bomb corresponds to its weight. Moreover, the mass of explosive in it is approximately half of the total.

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  1. +3
    22 May 2024 16: 35
    Yes, these FABs are a terrible force....
    1. 0
      22 May 2024 16: 46
      Quote: Igor Borisov_2
      Yes, these FABs are a terrible force....

      When cockroaches are concentrated, it is wasteful to sprinkle thickly.
    2. +2
      23 May 2024 10: 43
      For the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the best option is ODAB1500, which guarantees the death of any living creature on the battlefield
  2. +10
    22 May 2024 16: 46
    The attenuation is proportional to the cube of the distance. Therefore, heavy bombs only make sense to destroy well-fortified points. For everything else: volumetric detonating ammunition and cluster ammunition, and clusters can be 100 kg bombs.
    The same is true for atomic bombs. They are overly destructive at the center of the explosion, but the effect quickly wears off. Conventionally, the Fat Man, which was dropped on Japan, is a thousand times more powerful in power than the ODAB-9000, but in terms of damage radius it is only 10 times more powerful.
    Suddenly it turns out that for nuclear explosions properly arranged at sea, the attenuation of the shock wave occurs rather in proportion to the square of the distance, so their radius of destruction is much higher.
    1. 0
      22 May 2024 16: 58
      It probably depends on the density of the medium. Water is denser than air.
      1. +3
        22 May 2024 17: 11
        Yes and no. At certain depths, water acts as a 2-dimensional medium (the wave does not go into the ground and air).
    2. 0
      23 May 2024 10: 52
      I agree, the Ukrainian Armed Forces no longer have such fortifications like around Mariupol or in the suburbs of Donetsk, so there is no point in using such means of any meaning or argument. But the ODAB 1500 is ideal for disposing of the Ukrainian Armed Forces infantry, which only has small arms against our troops, and which is useless against aircraft.
      1. 0
        23 May 2024 12: 22
        ...there is a point in using them when storming populated areas...damage is guaranteed by destroyed structures and their parts...
  3. -14
    22 May 2024 16: 49
    Who is the author and where does this data come from? But I believe that FAB 100 kills all living things within a radius of 1 km. That is, the author hit his finger in the sky. And why such articles? This is a question for you from the VO editors.
  4. +8
    22 May 2024 16: 53
    All the numbers from the reference book are written by an amateur. The FAB "number" is the caliber - used incl. to select a suspension - beam holder. And “weight” is correctly mass within +- up to 15% of the caliber. For new generation ABs, the indicated damage distances are increased to 1,25 times or more due to the use of TBS and other additives in the VM.
    1. +2
      22 May 2024 17: 43
      All the numbers from the reference book are written by an amateur.
      Yes, as if it were a reference book for related calculations. Judging only by its kill/fail numbers, this is a spherical horse in a vacuum. So the author is an amateur squared away.
      1. 0
        24 May 2024 01: 11
        Quote: Electrical
        Judging only by its kill/fail numbers, this is a spherical horse in a vacuum. So the author is an amateur squared away.

        Normal probability numbers. Similarly, for all toxic substances they write LD50 - such and such a dose per kilo kills half of the rats. Such estimates are necessary in order to throw bombs evenly, not too far and not too close, and your amateurish approach most likely does not exist.
  5. +2
    22 May 2024 17: 16
    Finally, the "monsters" FAB-3000 and FAB-9000 exactly destroy all life within a radius of 24 and 35 meters.
    Hell knows:
    1. 0
      22 May 2024 22: 56
      Well, the tractor is standing almost completely, almost on the edge of the crater. Just about 35 meters and there are chances of survival, albeit very beaten.
  6. +3
    22 May 2024 17: 26
    It is clear that when I wrote the comment I meant that the assessment is very subjective and you can assume anything. There are many factors in each specific situation. Is the area open or not, buildings, etc. So all these calculations are in the firebox,
  7. +3
    22 May 2024 17: 29
    Finally, the “monsters” FAB-3000
    Today there was a rumor, still only very cautious, that a FAB-3000 dropped on a Skaklov from a Tu-22M3 was tested near Kharkov
    1. +3
      22 May 2024 21: 46
      According to my information, they are still “finishing” the UMPC under 3000. Field tests are underway. Yes, and they will use it, not with the Tu-22M3... Pulling up the “long-range fighters” 70 km from the LBS is a big stupidity. And they won't do this.
  8. +1
    22 May 2024 21: 47
    Somehow modest, especially for the FAB-9000. I thought her radius, if not death, then of severe concussion with loss of combat capability forever, was measured in hundreds of meters.
    1. 0
      22 May 2024 22: 57
      Such bombs are used to build, for example, dams or fortifications in rocks.
  9. +1
    22 May 2024 23: 42
    Up to 250 kg inclusive, OFAB is used.
  10. +1
    23 May 2024 09: 10
    The picture from the MiG25 is good.....If you make a corresponding bomb with wings and drop it from the MiG25 at speeds of 2,5M...it will probably reach 300km
  11. 0
    23 May 2024 13: 34
    Damn, author, you're a sucker, when I shoot with a 7.62 rifle, I get a small cantus from a 10-15 gram load of gunpowder, and then there are kilograms of explosives, and in a shell, look, the howl of a fab 100 is guaranteed to demolish a 12x12 meter house, a 1000 high-rise building, and a 9000 quarter...
  12. 0
    23 May 2024 15: 39
    "Let's start with the FAB-100, the blast wave of which is guaranteed to kill all living things within a radius of 7,75 meters"

    i.e. ~50kg of explosives can NOT kill someone at a distance of 8m? it's hard to believe
    1. 0
      24 May 2024 01: 15
      There the probability drops further down to 50%. Does the 0,5% chance of not dying suit you? For example, the fighter is incredibly tenacious
      1. 0
        1 June 2024 16: 09
        I very much doubt that 8m from the explosion 50kg can be survived even with a 0.5% probability. except behind a concrete wall
        1. 0
          1 June 2024 16: 20
          Surviving an explosion with a 0.5% probability does not mean living to old age in good health, it means having time to get to the hospital in the form of a piece of meat that can still moan
  13. +1
    23 May 2024 17: 35
    Mig25, indicated in the picture, was withdrawn from service 25-30 years ago. And it was never used in the USSR/Russia as a carrier of Fabs. Been to the Middle East a couple of times
    1. 0
      26 May 2024 18: 47
      Mig25rb (reconnaissance bomber) which is in the picture from 47 OGRAP, the aircraft were operated until 2009. Under the USSR, FAB 500 bombing was carried out every year from the stratosphere at a target with an accuracy of 500m https://vk.com/video189555786_166522638
  14. 0
    23 May 2024 18: 45
    In terms of distance, it is proportional to the square of the bomb's power. Therefore, it is more profitable to increase the accuracy of ammunition rather than the power of single charges. Therefore, it is wasteful and stupid to admire the radius of destruction or the hectares of areas flooded with fire.
    For protected objects there is an "entry threshold": bombs of insufficient power are useless. Sufficiently powerful bombs are characterized not by the radius of destruction, but by the category of protection of the shelter being destroyed. Accuracy is also needed, but power is more important so as not to fruitlessly throw peas at the wall. The shock wave's range is useless here: the shelter is either hit or not.
    Well, the last thing. My calculations show that the nine-ton warhead that the MIG-31 can carry when equipped with volumetric explosion ammunition will provide a lethal shock wave effect against unprotected personnel at a distance of 800 meters from the epicenter. An ideal weapon against moving motherfuckers between populated areas.
  15. -1
    24 May 2024 14: 11
    J'aimerais bien voir comment les otano-nazis bougent avec leurs commotions cerebrales laughing
  16. 0
    31 May 2024 11: 41
    It is interesting to know how far a glide bomb can be dropped from an altitude of 20 km. at cruising speed.