Netanyahu's arrest warrant and British games against the United States

Netanyahu's arrest warrant and British games against the United States

On May 20, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), K. Ahmad Khan, announced the decision to request an arrest warrant for the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Israel (B. Netanyahu, J. Galanta), as well as for the arrest of the leaders of the military wing of Hamas (I . Sinwara, M. Deifa).

"Double Pitchforks"

On the one hand, this decision was quite expected, because discussions around the need to involve the ICC in the Gaza Strip problem had been going on for a long time. On the other hand, it still became loud, since it is one thing to lead discussions around this, and another to launch a legal process, which at the moment is not in the hands of the United States.

Washington is now trying to take the topic of Palestinian settlement completely under its control, and it does not need extra hands in this matter. Here the policy is based on the principle: we will limit or encourage B. Netanyahu to do something ourselves and only ourselves. Everything is moving, albeit extremely slowly, towards launching the process of division into two states, and the United States intends to moderate this process only with its own hands.

In Israel, this decision caused a shock reaction, although the shock was softened by the fact that a week and a half before, the UN GA decided to grant Palestine the right of a permanent member of the organization. There were steps no less “friendly” towards present-day Israel from other directions.

But still, “The Hague” (as the ICC is sometimes called) hits Israel’s nerves even more painfully, since it equates Hamas with the administration of B. Netanyahu. Reputationally, this is the most unpleasant thing.

The ICC can be viewed in different ways. On the one hand, the same K. Ahmad Khan recently issued an arrest warrant for the Russian leader and Commissioner for Children's Rights in Russia M. Lvova-Belova. The latter is simply a disgusting description of both the ICC and its Attorney General. However, after the trial in Yugoslavia, they are no strangers.

In this regard, after the statement of K. Ahmad Khan, the United States faces, as our people say, “double pitchforks” (a colloquial expression, but very accurate), since Washington cannot support such a decision on Israel, and on the other hand, it must support a similar decision for Russia.

The icing on the cake here was the position of France, Germany and Belgium, which announced support for issuing the warrant. It turns out that the ICC is playing against the United States here? Yes, it turns out that way. But isn’t it the United States that controls this structure, like many other international organizations of this kind?

The situation with the ICC and its prosecutor general, on the one hand, is somewhat comical, although the situation in the Gaza Strip is, to put it mildly, not a reason for humor at all. But it is interesting because here we can, as if through a slightly open window, look at the mechanisms with the help of which the long-time partner of the United States, Great Britain, puts a spoke in the political wheels of its hegemonic partner.

To do this, let’s take a closer look at some of the ICC personalities and, first of all, history Karim Ahmad Khan.

The ICC Attorney General is a fairly well-known figure in the British Isles. Born in Scotland, studied at Oxford, worked as a Crown Prosecutor in Wales, and later moved to the ICC, where he worked as a clerk (Yugoslavia, Rwanda), lawyer (Libya, Kenya, Cameroon), investigator (Iraq) and, from 2021, general prosecutor.

In general, he worked on almost all processes from Yugoslavia to the present, and from different sides.

It would seem that he is a valuable worker, comprehensively trained and recognized by everyone. All this is true, but there is a nuance.

K. Ahmad Khan may have been born in Edinburgh, but his family comes from the Pakistani Punjab. It seems not news, there are many Pakistanis living in the UK today, and not the first generation. Many of them moved there after the partition of British India.

The fact of the matter is that the family is not simple, although not well-born (doctors). However, the descendant of Pakistani doctors has other relatives, for example, his brother Imran Ahmad Khan. Like Karim, Imran turned out to be a very successful young man, graduated from King's College London, and later became a member of the Conservative Party, a member of the British Parliament until 2022. He left the place with a scandal, but if his case of harassment of a teenager had not come to light, he would still be sitting in parliament, advocating for Brexit and protecting the British market.

Ahmadiyya sect

The success of the brothers' careers is, of course, partly due to their business side, but these qualities rest on an interesting basis - the family belongs to the Ahmadiyya Islamic sect.

Ahmadiyya communities are scattered around the world, most of them are in Pakistan, there are them in India, Central and North Africa, and some in the USA and Europe. There are about 15 million Ahmadis in total.

In some ways they structurally resemble the Nizaris (Ismailis), but doctrinally they are considered a sect. The Nizaris are officially recognized as one of the branches - confessions - of “official Islam”. But the Ahmadis are not one of them. But they represent a peculiar fusion of Shiism (they are waiting for the appearance of the Mahdi) and soft forms of Sunnism, they officially reject armed forms of jihad, they recognize not only the Abrahamic books as books of revelation, but also the Vedic and Zoroastrian books.

If in Pakistan, India and in general in the Middle East they are not openly welcomed in our time, then in the USA, Europe and most importantly - in Great Britain their communities (which they collectively call the Caliphate) are blooming in full bloom.

In general, the Pakistanis, who went with their colonizers to the metropolis, today occupy many prominent places in the Kingdom (S. Aman Khan from the Muhajirs, the mayor of London, the first minister of Scotland, H. Yusaf). However, there is a kind of specialization.

Coming from Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistanis who worked and lived with the British in Africa (helped colonize, essentially) predominantly influence local British politics.

Ahmadis are well represented in such structures as the UN, ICC, IMF, and World Bank. There are many of them in various public organizations in the United States.

The Ismailis and the Aga Khan Foundation operates humanitarian programs in Central Asia, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

New sepoys

At first glance, it seems that it is no longer Great Britain that rules over the colonies, but the colonies over the metropolis. Still, there are more and more Indian and Pakistani names in government, and the Prime Minister of Great Britain is still a pure Hindu.

But this is a visible layer, and the reality is that it was not for nothing that the British elite gathered on their island not just Indians and Pakistanis, but mainly immigrants and specific ethno-religious communities of the region, diluting them with the descendants of those who faithfully served them for more than a hundred years. Although they stand like flags in prominent places, the role of these politicians remains the same - service. And the British elite could hardly have found better assistants.

They fit perfectly into the globalist discourse with its multiculturalism, tolerance, and inclusivity. At the same time, they will serve exclusively faithfully, since no one except Great Britain has given or will give such career opportunities to these communities. In fact, these are the sepoys of our time, who have also been displayed as flags in favor of globalization trends.

But does this mean that the new sepoys were given full power? Not at all.

Who literally rammed Israel on the topic of the Gaza Strip?

It seems that it was the Europeans, South Africa, Brazil, somehow they grumbled and cursed in the USA, China said something, it is clear that the Middle East. However, one of the main ideologists was precisely the tolerant and multicultural Pakistani diaspora in Great Britain. For example, the wife of Scotland's first prime minister, N. El Nakla, was a Gaza-born Palestinian. Her family hands over photos under fire, and there is no way the former first prime minister of the whole of Scotland can agree to have them taken out. Does not work. The organization of demonstrations in Great Britain was set at a high level, much higher than in Europe.

At the same time, the Ahmadi K. Ahmad Khan is the prosecutor general in the ICC, and the court includes, for example, R. Alapini-Gansu (Benin, Ahmadis, second vice-president), M. Samba (Sierra Leone, Ahmadis), D. Corner (UK).

And so, when the decision to issue a warrant is announced under pressure from pro-Palestinian protests and leftists, France, Belgium, Germany confirm the correctness. London shows that there is also a piano in the bushes - he is one of the first to disagree with the decision to issue a warrant. No, they say, this is not good. Unnecessary.

What this means is that having Pakistani names on flags in the UK means no more than having names on flags. Who is number one and who is number two is clear. But Great Britain shows both the United States and Israel that they stand in front of the gates, the keys to which are on the island.

Playing against the US line

Great Britain plays this kind of game against the US line all the time. The island elite corrects the US line over and over again, it is necessary to help, as with the allocation of ships for operations in the Red Sea, it is necessary to wait, as with the ICC warrant. Cooperation is being built in a similar way in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and the Middle East.

At the same time, London has excellent opportunities to rely on the leftist discourse in the United States itself, on the very agenda of inclusiveness, tolerance, liberality, “multi-religiousness,” etc. And this is understandable, if you look from the outside, the island is simply an inclusive paradise.

What London ultimately wants to get out of this whole game is an interesting intellectual challenge. Because his entire policy is to literally put a spoke in everyone’s wheels everywhere. Another thing is that UK shares have long gone beyond reasonable limits. However, London simply masterfully plays on the phobias and contradictions of other players, especially on the discord in the US political elites.

Where and how a limit will be put on this remains to be seen, but first of all the internal atmosphere in the United States must calm down. And when this happens, it is likely that the consolidated American elites will present London with an account that is closed from the public. This bill will not be in relation to Ukraine or Europe, this bill will be for obstructing projects in the Middle East and for Israel.
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    23 May 2024 06: 45
    The white race has plunged into hedonism and I think it will never come out of it; in 100 years it will become a small population on earth.
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    23 May 2024 06: 54
    First Minister of Scotland H. Yousaf
    His long time ago with wet rags..that..
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      23 May 2024 07: 51
      Not long ago, but just now. You’re British, like, well, enjoy it. As a new Briton, you’re supposed to be delighted and take the necessary vaccines, and inject yourself.
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        23 May 2024 08: 00
        He was pushed into the shadows almost as soon as he began lobbying the interests of his fellow believers. Now they've finally screwed up.
        Well, prick.
        Colete, excuse me, you are clearly some kind of nasty thing.
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          23 May 2024 17: 05
          Well, they inject astro with Zeneco from you, not from us. The scandals on this topic are yours, not ours. Just like AIDS infected a lot of your people, not ours. In short, life here is bad, there are no wages, the food is disgusting, and there are people screaming on the streets in the evenings. In general, the UK is disgusting. We found where to live and what to protect. laughing You also need to bring back Rita Thatcher in order to shepherd the flock properly.
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            23 May 2024 17: 35
            with you, not with us.
            In Elista, AIDS did not spread on its own belay in 1988 year?
            your life is bad
            If you don't like it, don't live.
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              23 May 2024 19: 27
              For me to live in your stinking, urine-smelling Britain, yes, live, I don’t need it. Eating slop and enjoying it, excuse me, you are a pervert.
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                23 May 2024 19: 31
                I do not need it
                No hysteria, dear Yes Your visa was refused laughing ?
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                  23 May 2024 20: 08
                  I have a third wife in your kingdom of vile food and pissing proles, she worked for 1,5 years. It is logical that I wandered into this disgusting British garbage dump quite often. Actually almost twice a month.
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                    23 May 2024 20: 10
                    disgusting food and pees on proles
                    And who did your missus work for if there was no money for either normal food or normal housing?

                    Especially for you tongue
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                      23 May 2024 20: 13
                      She worked as a marketing director for an international company that produces... potatoes all over the world. Fries included. You can google her name or take it to Link. It is unlikely that we suffered on the Island from lack of food. It's just that the island itself is a collection of sewage.
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                        23 May 2024 20: 15
                        collection of sewage.
                        In your head Yes , I went through your archive of comments.
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                        23 May 2024 20: 18
                        And in your head, as befits a migrant, it’s just British diarrhea. This is called Stockholm syndrome. Usually Latvians and Labuses especially suffer from it. I don’t know whether you are a Labus or a Latvian, but the syndrome is obvious.
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                        23 May 2024 20: 25
                        This is called Stockholm syndrome.
                        This is called adequacy. You seem to have gone wild with Marxism and the thirst for social justice. Or from the miracle vaccine satellite wassat . Or maybe from 100% dairy products with palm oil. Even your idol came to live and die in London, and you spit on his memory so much laughing .
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                        23 May 2024 20: 28
                        No, living on the Island means feeding yourself sewage, or you live in the City of London, although, from my personal feeling, there are no guarantees there either. wink Singapore cuisine. By the way, British ice cream a la smoothies is a rare disgusting thing, like everything else there in general.
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                        23 May 2024 20: 34
                        My father-in-law, a Frenchman, knows a lot about food and restaurants. So he said that in London the food is quite good. If you have money, of course. I can say from myself that English steak is no worse than Brazilian steak. And by the way, in Russia they serve you ambrosia for lunch?
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                        23 May 2024 20: 38
                        An English steak is not just worse than a Brazilian steak, it’s just a slipper. And in meaningful restaurants it’s really a slipper. There are a couple of places where you can go, but just a couple of places. It's just that Brazilians cook and eat meat there. But in my opinion. France is the best place to go to drink wine and chat with people. Provence and Dijon. here to help.
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                        23 May 2024 20: 43
                        just a slipper.
                        You just ate cheap.
                        France is the best
                        It's ok there, but I liked it better in Genoa. And so, I ate in about 40 cities in Europe - London was a solid four. And you have the usual offended grumbling. Such people like to say, “It’s good where we are not.” And you’re right - it’s really good where you’re not.
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                        23 May 2024 20: 50
                        Normally so cheap for 1050 pounds)) portion. Yes, slippers there. I have nothing to be offended at you for, I traveled to Europe without being offended by money. Genoa, I give it a plus, of course, but I like the Spanish province and the French one better. The French are, of course, Russophobic homosexuals, but on the whole they can be forgiven.
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                        23 May 2024 20: 52
                        I traveled to Europe without being offended by money
                        This is not VO, but straight Forbes laughing . Such petty grumbling betrays, let's say, the poor. If you have money, in London, one of the centers of gastrotourism, you can eat well and you won’t stink of urine.
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                        23 May 2024 20: 56
                        Yes, everything there stinks of urine. This is stinking London. To go there, you don’t need to be on the Forbes list, because in Europe, for the most part, everyone is poor. Really poor. By the way, they are also smelly, since deodorization products are expensive. It’s impossible to sit at meetings; the girls (especially British ones) smell of sweat.
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                        23 May 2024 21: 00
                        In Europe, for the most part, everyone is poor.
                        Here unemployment benefits are higher than the average Russian salary. And this doesn't include free housing.
                        means of road deodorization.
                        It’s cheaper than in Russia - everything that was in the stores went nuts here and took almost a full bag back to her native Siberia.
                      12. -3
                        23 May 2024 21: 03
                        Just don't tell me that. I saw everything - beggars, really. And Britain is still the leader in poverty. It doesn’t matter to me, you will lick my shoes with your tongue for money (+200 pounds), it will just be a Pakistani or a Latvian who will lick them. Oh, and clowns.
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                        23 May 2024 21: 06
                        Britain is still the leader in poverty.
                        What then remains to be said about Russia? And yes, it seems that you are shamelessly exaggerating both your travel experience and your financial situation - you are not familiar with the realities of life in the West, but have heard a lot from turbo-patriotic bloggers.
                      14. -3
                        23 May 2024 21: 11
                        Whether you want this or not, Russians in Europe do not suffer from lack of money at all. In general, our man has screwed your Europe around. Apparently they are completely worn out. Well, it’s good to perform clownery already.
                      15. +3
                        23 May 2024 21: 12
                        Nat the man on the bolt spit your Europe.
                        And only in my dreams laughing Only 4% of Russians receive more than 200 thousand rubles a month - and in England this is the minimum wage.
                      16. -2
                        23 May 2024 21: 17
                        My God, and other Latvians in Europe will squat for my money. Apparently capitalism is kind of vicious. You clowns have no trousers, that's all. Beggar woman on beggar woman. I would appreciate the new European Gavroche, but you brought the pack yourself. You need servants. I don’t mind, since for a measly 200f they will lick their shoes
                        There are a lot of problems in Russia, but this does not mean that British society in front of Russia is not just poor clowns.
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                        23 May 2024 21: 30
                        Before the Northern Military District, Russians went to Latvia as guest workers, if that happens.
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                        23 May 2024 21: 37
                        Is this all that your slave essence was able to extricate from its depths? Before SVO in Latvia, money was usually deposited in offshore companies. Well, really, you are a clown. Look in the mirror, the cap has slipped to one side. How clown beggars resist reality.
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                        23 May 2024 22: 02
                        What offshore vegetables did the Kursk residents sort out at the base? My friend's father owned the vegetable warehouse. Also probably undercover oligarchs laughing
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                        23 May 2024 21: 49
                        Yes, that's the moment. I see a lot of good things in the British legal system. At one time, I honestly judged the Ukrainians according to that system. Otherwise you will think that I am specifically against it on the principle of “against the Island,” but this is not so. Although the kitchen is really a dirty trick...
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                        23 May 2024 22: 04
                        Yeah, international businessman laughing The troll is patriotic.
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                        23 May 2024 22: 11
                        You are an eccentric, I was sued over chicken. You can even look at the lists, they are open. What kind of a real emigrant are you after all? I even feel sorry for you in some ways.
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                        23 May 2024 22: 17
                        You mean stoned? Something easily “blocked” you, lawyer. Lawyers have professional self-control.
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                        23 May 2024 22: 21
                        Good God, if anything happens, write me a personal message. I'm not a lawyer, but my product was. And in general, stop with this British-notphilia.
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                        24 May 2024 10: 02
                        write in PM.
                        Do I need it? You are an ordinary babble who runs around here on the forum like cockroaches under the refrigerator.
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                        24 May 2024 12: 18
                        It's strange that you don't see how lame your comment is. However, what to expect from Britishophilia, especially from immigration. Immigration is usually pathetic and miserable. You are not out of trend. If we were a serious person, we would inquire about where the trial took place, and in general about the specifics of the contract and the process. But you are precisely the bolt cutter, the hat, the emptiness of co-migration.
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    23 May 2024 07: 36
    Interesting arrangement. Plus for the author.
  4. +1
    23 May 2024 07: 43
    The entire policy of Great Britain, starting from the end of the 18th century, is that I have anti-French coalitions, raking in the heat with the wrong hands: so this is not a precedent. Inglosi love only themselves...
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    23 May 2024 07: 45
    An interesting article, I would like to have a broader discussion about the Ahmadis, as well as other nationalities that are still in England.
    1. +4
      24 May 2024 14: 37
      I'll dig into this topic some more. Really interesting vinaigrette.
      1. 0
        24 May 2024 23: 26
        There is such a writer - Panov. The first book of the Enclaves series was published somewhere around 2000, + or - a little. There he writes about Landanabad, El Paris, etc. Then it seemed fantastic, now you begin to understand that the guy has a good gift of foresight.
        1. 0
          25 May 2024 04: 21
          Panov doesn’t write about Moscowabad and Chelyabistan?
          1. 0
            25 May 2024 09: 02
            Take it and read it. And a fantastic action movie, and something to think about. The first book is called “Moscow Club”.
            1. +1
              25 May 2024 10: 28
              Take it and read it.
              I am not interested in tabloid pseudo-patriotic fiction. Let’s just compare - 4 out of 5 people who come here are thrown out, but they go to Russia without a visa and receive a passport in a year. Who will have more fun? And yes, in 1998 I think I read that in 2025 blacks will make up more than half of the population of England. It didn’t work out for the forecaster, although there is still six months left.
              1. +2
                25 May 2024 10: 45
                They throw out 4 out of 5?)))) and where do such cheerful numbers come from? Looking at how many smoked ones wander around the cities of Geyropa, including nano-Britain, one gets the impression that these are official statistics))) and the real state is much more fun. My friend was in Brussels on business and told me about this. For 7 km. from NATA headquarters, a black ghetto that the police last entered 3 years ago, with the support of armored vehicles and helicopters. True, he doesn’t know if everyone there has a passport or only everyone 5)))
                1. 0
                  25 May 2024 10: 53
                  smoked wanders through the cities of geyropa

                  So why did you run away to such a terrible place, Mr. Yevtushenko?
                  My friend, I was in Brussels on business
                  Everyone at VO has friends who have seen and heard laughing.
                  Statistics from the right party, if anything. And the second and third most used languages ​​in Britain are Polish and Romanian, and not Kiswahili and Urdu. So not as smoked and as much as you would like.
                  1. +1
                    25 May 2024 16: 17
                    I haven’t run anywhere and I don’t intend to, as I lived in Ukraine, they will live as long as the Lord gives me there))) my friends and acquaintances who have dispersed all over the world, so I am not the most humane court in the world to judge them. Regarding statistics))) there are lies, blatant lies and official statistics. How Western comrades can juggle numbers has been said more than once. Photos and videos from the streets of Europe and America are much more informative, where these statistics are visible to the naked eye)))
                2. 0
                  25 May 2024 14: 35
                  Forget about him. He's a pro-British talker. The highest degree of a former council of ministers. The whole set of stamps.
                  1. 0
                    25 May 2024 16: 18
                    Everyone has the right to their own opinion and the right to express it, but I would like this opinion to be supported by something. But the comrade’s argumentation is rather weak)))
  6. BAI
    23 May 2024 08: 29
    On May 20, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), K. Ahmad Khan, announced the decision to request an arrest warrant for the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Israel (B. Netanyahu, J. Galanta), as well as for the arrest of the leaders of the military wing of Hamas (I . Sinwara, M. Deifa).

    It was just announced. Where and will there be a warrant?
    1. 0
      24 May 2024 11: 57
      Where and will there be a warrant?

      can't wait
  7. 0
    23 May 2024 08: 37
    One should not overestimate the influence of national factors on big-time politics - these factors were previously used more for propaganda or as a tool rather than being the cause of any actions. Today they matter even less, if at all, in decision making.
  8. -1
    23 May 2024 08: 48
    we need to surrender the pawn so that Palestine and other countries, and better yet the Russian Federation, would confirm the competence of the International Court of Justice... Why didn’t the ICC arrest the leaders of NATO and the Pentagon? - have the teeth not grown or will they get to these puppets later?
    We all understand perfectly well how the courts work - they do not have reliable information and make decisions based on emotions.
    1. 0
      26 May 2024 01: 34
      Quote: Rabotyaga
      Why didn’t the ICC arrest the leaders of NATO and the Pentagon?

      Probably due to its limited capabilities. The ICC did not arrest Putin.
      1. 0
        26 May 2024 07: 14
        Do ICC workers receive their salaries in rubles, euros or dollars?
        1. 0
          26 May 2024 08: 35
          Quote: Rabotyaga
          Do ICC workers receive their salaries in rubles, euros or dollars?

          And what does it have to do with dollars or rubles? The ICC will not be able to arrest Hamas leaders either. If only Netanyahu does it for him.
          1. 0
            28 May 2024 18: 24
            Why arrest those who use the dollar?
    2. 0
      28 May 2024 21: 23
      Quote: Rabotyaga
      It would be better if the Russian Federation also confirmed the competence of the International Court of Justice

      How do you imagine this? Do you propose to extradite Putin, Kadyrov and Gerasimov to Brussels or The Hague through Ukraine? Whose vehicles will ensure recognition: from Kraken, Azov, Tornado or RDK?
  9. +2
    23 May 2024 08: 52
    On May 20, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), K. Ahmad Khan, announced the decision to request an arrest warrant for the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Israel (B. Netanyahu, J. Galanta), as well as for the arrest of the leaders of the military wing of Hamas (I . Sinwara, M. Deifa).
    So that no one would be offended and they could only fly to Russia for negotiations. smile
  10. +1
    23 May 2024 09: 55
    What does London ultimately want to get from this whole game?
    We are all witnessing a new division of the world between world players, Britain also wants to get its share from this division.
    1. +1
      23 May 2024 13: 17
      We are all witnessing a new division of the world between world players, Britain also wants to get its share from this division.
      They spoke about this directly a few years ago. They accepted the doctrine of their dominance in the world. Their interests are above the interests of the United States in this concept.
  11. +1
    23 May 2024 11: 20
    The ICC chose the unsuitable line of “imprison everyone, convict everyone,” this will ultimately destroy it because it has no real power to implement this. There is too much range in the world in how countries traditionally behave, within the framework of established interstate states. and intrastate relations. The ICC itself, as a structure, is trying to establish some kind of “reference temperature for the hospital,” but such an approach is nonsense and counterproductive, because the range is established in the world after the fact, based on the position of a certain part of the states and their “temperature.” They, like Procrustes, will try to “shorten” everyone who is much taller, well, I think many people remember how Procrustes ended.
    1. 0
      24 May 2024 08: 17
      Well, the ICC used to really be a kind of symbolic expression of the will of the hegemon. In this case, this is actually true. Since will alone is no longer enough, the instrument itself “coughs.” Well, the Britons professionally use these diseases to their advantage.
  12. 0
    1 June 2024 13: 50
    Bibi is of course a criminal, and his place is in the loop, just like the leader of Hamas, because of these two, a large number of people died who were not guilty of anything.