About those who are lucky to become a stormtrooper, and not only

About those who are lucky to become a stormtrooper, and not only

I often get asked a question about stormtroopers. Who can be a stormtrooper? Were there assault units in the Red Army and then in the Soviet Army, etc.? For some reason, in most questions, the subtext is the idea that modern attack aircraft are the grandchildren or great-grandsons of those units that stormed Koenigsberg, Berlin and other cities during the Great Patriotic War.

After that war, such units did not exist in the Soviet Army. It’s strange, especially considering that the airborne assault forces still exist and are successfully fighting in the Northern Military District zone... In the modern Army, airborne assault brigades are indeed part of the Airborne Forces, but they were originally created precisely as assault infantry, specially trained motorized riflemen. Those who served in the Airborne Forces in the USSR remember this very well.

It’s just that over time we “shortened” the first word in the name of the unit. Initially everything was clear and understandable. Airborne assault, amphibious assault, air assault units. The fighters of these units jumped with a parachute, but the main type of landing could be understood by its name. Other names appeared - air infantry, marines, but... airborne assault units.

The most important difference, besides the method of landing, was that the paratroopers operated behind enemy lines, far from the LBS, and carried out tasks to capture or destroy objects. Often without the possibility of assistance from the main forces of the army. This applies to both the Airborne Forces and the Marine Corps.

DSBs operate in much the same way as attack aircraft today. Units are transferred by helicopter through the LBS to a shallow depth of up to 150 km and “stab in the back” of the enemy. That is, the airborne assault forces directly interact with the advancing troops. That is why they obey the commanders of these troops.

Modern assault units existing today in the Northern Military District zone operate in exactly the same way. Only the depth of work is slightly less than the planned depth for the DShB of the USSR Armed Forces. Well, and the means of delivery. It can be anything. From your own legs, to ATVs, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, tanks and other vehicles, including civilian ones.

With the active support of units and subunits that organize a diversionary attack on the LBS, the group penetrates behind enemy lines, captures a fortification and holds it until the main forces arrive. Expanding your area of ​​control whenever possible. On paper it looks pretty simple.

Well, about the effectiveness of attack aircraft

Let's discard the theory. Just the facts. In most cases, operations to capture props are successful. Judging by the fact that the offensive is underway. The disadvantage, or advantage, taking into account the tasks of the Northern Military District, is the rather slow offensive. Still, armored vehicles, not to mention the “foot-over-machine” version, are inferior in the speed of delivering fighters to helicopters.

Well, right away, taking into account the above, I will answer those who consider the ancestors of attack aircraft to be those who stormed Koenigsberg. Try “change delivery medium.” For example, on a tank. And we will get an answer about the “grandfathers” of modern attack aircraft.

These are the same tank breakthroughs, tank wedges that drove into the Wehrmacht’s defenses, and into ours too, thanks to which many operations began in World War II... These are the assault units of that war. The same guardsmen who were the most trained and motivated at that time.

I think readers have already concluded that assault units are “the child of two parents.” Firstly, this is the emergence of new weapons or equipment, which makes it possible to carry out assault operations and, secondly, positional deadlocks that arise when opponents “stand still” for a long time, equip positions in engineering terms, which leads to that it is almost impossible to break through such a defense with head-on attacks...

This conclusion makes us remember the First World War. It was then that much of what became decisive 20 years later in the new war appeared. The same tanks and so on. It was then, in the spring of 1918, that the German army first used stormtrooper tactics. In fact, the Germans became the founders of the assault units. Anyone interested can look at materials about the “Battle of the Kaiser.”

Stormtrooper highlights that break enemies' teeth

I think it's time to reveal some of the features of attack aircraft in modern warfare.

This applies not only to the Northern Military District, but also to other regions where hostilities are currently taking place. I believe there is no need to explain the fact that the effectiveness of the actions of assault groups forces the headquarters of other armies of the world to carefully study their experience.

I’ll start with the main thing, with what fundamentally distinguishes modern combat from the way armies fought just recently. In one of the materials I wrote about the effectiveness of intelligence. Modern reconnaissance means make it possible to monitor enemy actions not only on the battlefield, but also in the deep rear. Moreover, to track not only the movement of large units or formations, but also of almost every fighter.

Those who more or less closely monitor the situation can cite dozens, or even hundreds of video exploits of soldiers and officers, battles to capture or defend oporniks, and so on. Alas, today it is a stretch to talk about the secrecy of the location of units and the possibility of concentrating troops in a certain area. Thus, the first place today is... speed.

Speed ​​in all its manifestations. Starting from the speed of movement of personnel and equipment to the reaction speed of commanders and staffs at the highest level. The key to success was how quickly the attack aircraft and their supporting units would act.

So, the first highlight of assault units is the presence of high-speed vehicles capable of quickly moving over rough terrain. Today, no one is surprised by the presence of motorcycles or other civilian vehicles on LBS. It is simply stupid to list everything that attack aircraft use: everything that travels quickly and is capable of moving across the intersection is used.

There have been so many publications about the next highlight recently that even a deaf person couldn’t help but hear about it. Namely: about “Tsar-Grill”. Not about a specific tank, but about a trend. Personal courage of fighters is good, but it is better if this courage is also supported by powerful weapons and other means of support. Again, inventions such as the “Tsar-Grill” are found in many assault units. In this regard, fighters are talented people.

This leads to the appearance of another highlight. These are various robotic systems. Again, today there are quite a lot of slot machines that are used in the most exotic way. From transporting ammunition and evacuating the wounded to installing small arms, PTS or sapper equipment on them.

For example, I was surprised by the automatic machine platform. A simple machine gun, not an ATGM or something similar, but a machine gun. One can criticize the commander for his “wastefulness,” but... If this platform saves personnel and helps carry out a combat mission, then this is the right decision! We need a mini-tank like the “Courier” complex shown to the Supreme Commander, but a “simple machine gunner” is also needed.


All that I have listed above instinctively sets the goal of monitoring work and setting tasks depending on changes in the situation in a particular place or in a real situation. Hence another feature of assault units - a high concentration of reconnaissance drones.

The commander practically sees the entire battlefield, the weak and strong points of the enemy’s defense and can quickly redirect the unit to solve the assigned tasks. Not so often, but in the materials of our military correspondents one can see such work when “a whole brigade commander” directs the actions of an assault unit or pulls a wounded soldier out of the battlefield.

The brigade commander does not duplicate the actions of the group commander. Doesn't control his decisions. Direct communication with a commander of this level allows the group commander to almost instantly order support for his actions with artillery, attack drones, and even aerospace forces, if pressed hard.

That is, the highlight that I mentioned above surfaced again. Stormtroopers never operate autonomously. They are always at the forefront of the attack, but behind them are all the forces and means of the unit or formation that are ready at any moment to help the assault group: either continue the task, or leave the battle with minimal losses.

And now from here comes the main highlight, with which I probably needed to start the material.

This is training for assault units! Not only the training of each fighter, but the training of the unit. Moreover, preparations are carried out in parallel. Not only does a fighter become a specialist in the main military specialty, he also studies medicine, engineering training, and other military specialties quite deeply.

And then work in a group, “as a single organism.” The daily activity of a unit, brought to the point of automation, when in order for a soldier to understand the commander’s order, no words are even needed. A glance or a gesture is enough.

Thus, it is not a well-trained fighter who comes to the LBS, that goes without saying, but a well-trained unit.

Instead of a conclusion

I have heard many times from young people the phrase that a soldier was lucky to get into an assault unit. Especially on holidays, when DB veterans come with awards.

Last year, on August 2, a young paratrooper appeared in the cafe. On the chest there is a medal “For Courage”, “Black Cross” of “Wagner” and a couple of awards “for taking” from the musicians. “Lucky...” I couldn’t stand it then. “And just ask him how many of his brothers were unlucky.”

Being a stormtrooper is a job for a certain type of person. Just like any other military work. Probably a little more risky than others. Although, who can say who risks more in war. An attack aircraft or a pontoon boat, for example. Pilot or tanker. A nurse or a sapper... War does not divide soldiers into specialties.

Like any member of the SVO, attack aircraft are worthy of respect and honor. And the fact that medals and orders now shine on the chests of many of them is not the difference of the attack aircraft, it is the merit of the fighter. A reward for performing difficult and dangerous military work. Award for perseverance, courage, dedication.
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  1. +5
    23 May 2024 05: 20
    I constantly monitor videos of assaults...impressive.
    The use of robotic platforms is still at the amateur level... more serious commanders need to be involved in this matter... a promising direction in military affairs.
    The author is right... modern warfare has changed a lot compared to the Second World War... army regulations will probably have to be supplemented and rewritten in some places.
  2. +5
    23 May 2024 05: 24
    Military Review
    "Assault Brigades of the Red Army"
    Article on VO dated February 7, 2013 about attack aircraft in the Patriotic War ... The new is the well-forgotten old. hi
  3. +21
    23 May 2024 05: 30
    Well, right away, taking into account the above, I will answer those who consider the ancestors of attack aircraft to be those who stormed Koenigsberg. Try “change delivery medium.” For example, on a tank. And we will get an answer about the “grandfathers” of modern attack aircraft.

    It seems that the author is not at all aware of the ShISBr (Assault Engineering Sapper Brigades) and their role in the assault on cities.
  4. +9
    23 May 2024 06: 00
    As for being lucky... the question is, of course... Lucky if he survived... And the airborne assault forces in the USSR were also part of the Ground Forces; however, they did not pass the RAP and wore the uniform of motorized riflemen, but then they “resolved it” and returned the uniform of the Airborne Forces.
    1. +11
      23 May 2024 08: 11
      Quote: curvimeter
      About luck... the question is, of course... Lucky if you survive...

      A friend’s classmate joined Wagner when mobilization began, worked out a contract for six months, passed Soledar and Bakhmut, has awards... only now he can’t sleep without beer, he almost stabbed his wife to death in her sleep at night... shell shock and all that. So medals and crosses are of course good, but there is a downside
    2. +3
      23 May 2024 11: 03
      Quote: curvimeter
      About luck... question, of course...

      But what is the question, it’s not sugar and not everyone is eager to go there. Many refuse, very many, although at first it was only at will, then as an order, nothing can be done. Moreover, if at first they tried to take contract soldiers, then recently, everyone. And yes, if that’s what Storm now calls it, instead of the previous DSB. Let's say the Storm of such and such a regiment
    3. Eug
      1 June 2024 08: 23
      The motorized rifle uniform, shoulder straps and buttonholes are red, but the emblems in the buttonholes are airborne. I saw it at two people's houses - my next-door neighbor and my classmate.
  5. +13
    23 May 2024 06: 04
    The respected author is mistaken when he tries to pass off tactical techniques in the absence of proper resources as the newest word in tactics. Like “stupid bullet, good bayonet” at the end of the 19th century. – beginning of the 20th century: we don’t need machine guns either, they shoot anywhere.
    It was the deepest miscalculations in military development since the beginning of this century that led to such tactics. And the fighting itself once again emphasizes in blood what has been the case since the days of the Assyrian chariots, the concentration of forces in the direction of the attack leads to victory.
    This is for those who cannot see the planes behind the drones.
    1. 0
      23 May 2024 09: 36
      Quote: Eduard Vaschenko
      as has been the case since the days of the Assyrian chariots, the concentration of forces in the direction of the strike leads to victory.

      With modern reconnaissance equipment and high-precision weapons, this definitely leads to large losses.
      There will be victory, but not at any cost.
      1. +3
        23 May 2024 10: 23
        With modern reconnaissance equipment and high-precision weapons, this definitely leads to large losses.

        This is a propaganda justification for critical problems in military development.
    2. +2
      23 May 2024 10: 51
      Well, we started well and immediately went off topic.
      Firstly, what does the author of the article have to do with it? He sets out the views, instructions and tactics of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. These geniuses of military science are now offering us to fight in exactly this way. And Alexander Staver in his article simply popularizes such views as a political scientist, political informant, blogger...
      Yes, stormtroopers are brave fighters, honor and praise to them!
      Contact combat in modern warfare is not a calculated type of combat. Yes, it will have to be used for a long time in crisis situations, and you need to be prepared for it. The tactical pattern of combat operations in the Northern Military District bears the features of the past and corresponds to the views of the 2nd World War. Meeting battles, tank duels, head-on attacks, storming cities with their complete destruction, shooting across squares and huge losses - these are the tactics of the past... Moreover, drones increase losses on the line of combat contact during contact combat, which modern tactical science strives to eliminate leave. In a modern war, where there is no front line and contact combat, this direction of development of drones is USELESS. And they present this mess to us and you as something new and advanced, and they are already talking about the “UAV Swarm”...
      The respected author is mistaken when he tries to pass off tactical techniques in the absence of proper resources as the newest word in tactics.

      We have everything except the brains in some heads....
      1. 0
        23 May 2024 12: 40
        And Alexander Staver in his article simply popularizes such views as a political scientist, political informant, blogger...

        Question: why?
        Kuropatkin at one time published a number of articles against the machine gun and he was massively supported by the reading military public; the collective unconscious influenced the attitude towards this type of weapon, and partly, the results in the Russo-Japanese war.

        As you wrote below, and with which you completely agree, about how it is better not to write in the press, but about the opposite?
    3. +3
      23 May 2024 10: 57
      Quote: Eduard Vaschenko
      blood emphasizes what has been the case since the days of the Assyrian chariots, the concentration of forces in the direction of the blow leads to victory.

      Completely inconsistent with reality. Moreover, this outrages me, just like how many pluses are instructed to talk about the competence of the local public. But okay, maybe it was just like that in my regiment, but the biggest, heaviest losses were precisely at the moment of large concentration of l/s. The last time this happened again, we came to the conclusion that the regiment commander was a traitor. Many of my friends died, which is why I say with such indignation that concentrating large forces is like a crime. I’m not a career military man, maybe a lot depends on the terrain and other factors. But I talked with the same guys, similar conclusions from experience, when a well-hidden small group of the enemy pinned down our much larger units, taking into account the experience of the enemy, they began to change tactics in the first year of the Northern Military District.
      Quote: Eduard Vaschenko
      This is for those who can’t see the planes behind the drones

      And yes, laugh out loud, this is largely due to drones and their widespread use. Both in the form of scouts and in the form of a damaging factor. If you answer in your key,
      I don’t understand what miscalculations you are talking about, but we haven’t yet figured out how to effectively deal with such a mass of drones. Maybe due to my lack of military education I’m wrong; I didn’t graduate from military institutions.
      1. +4
        23 May 2024 11: 21
        You are absolutely right. The reality that has developed in the Northern Military District does not imply the accumulation of soldiers and equipment near the front line. Yes, an enemy group with communications, adjustment, and reconnaissance means, supported by artillery and MLRS, and other weapons, can restrain huge concentrated forces and inflict enormous damage. Unfortunately, I cannot outline the correct techniques and methods of conducting modern warfare in the open press, especially since even the United States has huge miscalculations and mistakes in the development of such techniques...
        1. +3
          23 May 2024 11: 45
          Quote: Vitov
          even the USA has huge miscalculations and mistakes in the development of such techniques

          I have to admit, but in this matter they were ahead of us, as I already mentioned, it was from them that the Armed Forces of Ukraine learned a lot, which we then had to learn. There are especially gifted people here, they like to giggle at how stupid everyone there is, but unfortunately, everything is not like that at all.
          We learned our lesson at the Northern Military District, while we, thanks to Shoigu and others, liked to take all sorts of photo reports (this is generally idiocy, a week before being sent to the front line they do not check the condition of the equipment and weapons, but demand a photo report from the tent), the enemy was developing, everything was In the end it was corrected at a very high cost. What can we say about methods and techniques. There is still so much that needs to be taken into account and dealt with, this is the very principle of constructing the Armed Forces, the very organization of service starting from the private. Russia, as always in all wars, enters unprepared and only learn along the way, correct mistakes and defeat the enemy.
        2. +1
          23 May 2024 12: 57
          That's for sure. It is not uncommon for well-placed 3-4 strong points, each of which has up to 6-8 people (that is, up to a platoon in general), a machine gun and an anti-tank missile system, to hold the line for more than a month. And if we add to this a system of observation, support, communications and fire destruction (from artillery to fpv), then this is an almost insurmountable defense on a single section of terrain. With periodic replacement of personnel. And this concerns not only the enemy. We also successfully held the defense for weeks while our neighbors advanced the front along the flanks. And they held back several attacks a day
      2. 0
        23 May 2024 12: 32
        Unfortunately, I cannot outline the correct techniques and methods of conducting modern warfare in the open press, especially since even the United States has huge miscalculations and mistakes in the development of such techniques...

        I will repeat the answer of the author who wrote below hi
  6. +5
    23 May 2024 06: 16
    I'm afraid that in war, anyone who is on the front line at least once becomes a stormtrooper
  7. +2
    23 May 2024 06: 36
    Apparently he was lucky in “”, although if a person likes to risk his life, then this is his job, the most dangerous on earth. Everything else depends on the performers, only they choose what, how and with whom they will perform the task. Everything narrowed down to artillery/assault, artillery/assault, and so on ad infinitum. The question is that there are a rather limited number of natural-born stormtrooper soldiers.
  8. 0
    23 May 2024 06: 37
    Great and powerful is Aesop's language! laughing
  9. +1
    23 May 2024 06: 48
    Well, superficially a little... In 43 there was a military experience, only the soldiers of engineering sapper units in steel breastplates were at the head, the assault on Koenigsberg was of course one of the aershins, but the city was taken quickly and with such small losses, not only thanks to the assault troops, but first This consisted of months of daily training on terrain replicating the city; the same thing happened during the liberation of Crimea in 44.
  10. +3
    23 May 2024 07: 53
    Assault units during the First World War (and they did not appear in 1918). Development of the concept in the interwar period. Wehrmacht stormtroopers, engineer brigades of the Red Army. In what cases and how were they used? Development (or oblivion) ​​of the idea in the post-war period.
    Modern assault units. Subordination, organizational structure, weapons, selection criteria, training methods, tactics of use.
    Unless the information is secret, of course.
    The topic is very rich. I expected more.
    1. +2
      23 May 2024 12: 01
      Quote: dumkopff
      Modern assault units. Subordination, organizational structure, weapons, selection criteria, training methods, tactics of use.

      Do you think this is applied somewhere uniformly and in a structured way?
      I can tell you how it was a year ago. but it’s hardly worth writing about this here in the open, I can PM you
  11. +1
    23 May 2024 08: 15
    “In fact, the Germans became the founders of the assault units. Anyone interested can look at the materials about the “Battle of the Kaiser”"

    The author is right when speaking about modern wars, but in general, attack aircraft appeared much earlier, for example, the same grenadiers with their hand grenades. A striking example from Russian history is the storming of Izmail. Assault columns were created in advance and trained on mock-ups in throwing fascines and grenades and installing ladders - in fact, the modern training system is basically no different from this, taking into account the changed weapons.

    Assault operations, as a rule, lead to large losses of manpower on both sides, which is why attack aircraft. Of course, they are worthy of respect.
  12. +2
    23 May 2024 10: 58
    I am depressed by the constant mentions of the Red Army in the comments, because this is not at all what the commentators imagine. Shisbr is ok. 2000 personnel, 5 battalions of 400 people + reconnaissance companies of 100. That's it! There is no artillery, machine guns - Degtyarev, no heavy weapons, at first there was not even a medical platoon. An extremely crazy idea and corresponding execution (complaints from stormtroopers that they are being used “incorrectly” and infantry responses in the style of “it’s not right and it’s not your way, what should we do with you”, in principle, you can read, scans were posted on LiveJournal, for example) .

    Theoretically, they probably wanted to get something like German stormtroopers, or Italian Arditi and Russian shock troops (I guess I didn’t learn to read Stalin’s thoughts, the French, by the way, weren’t interested in stormtroopers, they simply threw forward the foreign legion or the Senegalese riflemen or the 19th African Corps and that’s all. The British used provincials like the Australians or the Nepalese Gurkhas, not forgetting to blow in their butts, about what born warriors they are, the Americans had 1 infantry division, consisting mostly of career Marines). There were problems, IMHO, 3. The WWII attack aircraft (which the Germans organized following the example of the hunter teams of the Russian army, if anything) were primarily training units, this can be seen from their losses, they are very moderate. Secondly, these guys had everything except tanks (most likely simply because German industry was not up to WWII). And 3 - after the war, the Germans themselves looked closely at their experience and decided that the creation of special units, and even in huge quantities (in 1918 they had entire assault divisions) was an organizational mistake. By taking the best fighters into separate units, the Germans ensured that the average level of the army as a whole fell. And the best of the individual units could not do everything and manage everywhere, because they were not so numerous. And as for me, the post-war Germans were absolutely right.

    About the Russian experience - RIA shock workers, emnip Alekseev or Denikin (not the point, one of the white chiefs) wrote that they should not have been thrown into battle, but they should have been placed in the rear and “forced those who had forgotten about military duty to fulfill their duties ". Oh how. In general, about attack aircraft, special forces, etc., there are works by O. Valetsky on the Internet. The author is a practitioner, a veteran of the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, it seems that he is a Russian nationalist and a big supporter of various kinds of special assault units. The value of his books is that he not only promotes his thoughts, but also describes on the basis of what these thoughts came to his mind. After the chapter in his book on the state of affairs in the Yugoslav army and the armies of the RSK, there is something to think about, even 30 years after the events described.
    1. +1
      24 June 2024 18: 08
      Is this why the triarii stood in the third line and the saying about “it came to the triarii” took place
  13. 0
    23 May 2024 12: 08
    These are the same tank breakthroughs, tank wedges that drove into the Wehrmacht’s defenses, and into ours too, thanks to which many operations began in World War II..
    It was precisely the tank wedges that were not engaged in assaults, the defense units were bypassed, the tanks went to destroy the rear, and the defense units found themselves surrounded.
  14. +2
    23 May 2024 13: 09
    The question is whether it would be needed where the concepts of gaining superiority and influence with an array of high-tech weapons with the support of intelligence would be properly implemented.
    The Japanese in BB2 considered banzai attacks as valor and, sometimes, these were successful attacks. However, the Americans did not need this type of attack at all - for them it was archaic, they solved problems through technical and quantitative superiority.

    Of course, like the Japanese, we can sing the praises of banzai tactics, but it’s worth thinking: is it possible to solve problems somehow differently? Perhaps it would be much more effective and more gentle on our manpower.
    1. -1
      23 May 2024 19: 13
      It is possible to solve problems in some other way, but do we have the opportunity to knock out and destroy the enemy without assault? The Americans bombed so much that as a result of the bombing, the German division lost 70% of its personnel killed and wounded. The survivor may not be stormed; I think there will be complete demoralization.
  15. +4
    23 May 2024 15: 10
    Let's discard the theory.

    It is impossible to discard what is not there! One of the laws of logic, the law of sufficient reason, has been violated. Where in the article is the theory of the use of assault units in combat operations in general and in the Northern Military District in particular? She's gone! There is a pound of raisins for sale on the Internet.
    Stormtrooper Highlights

    So, the first highlight

    About the next highlight

    the appearance of another highlight

    That is the highlight

    the main highlight appears,

    The impression is that the issue needs an article, but with such competence you can’t even sell raisins. Here is a salad from the DSB, the Marine Corps and Königsberg, nothing is linked, no concepts, no proportions, but “a guy with medals walked into the cafe.” The meaning is on the level of a street song, there is a text with a claim to create emotion, but it is very primitive, designed for an undemanding audience under the bar, sorry. It turns out that the battles in urban agglomerations have now canceled encirclement operations or counter battles?
    1. +1
      23 May 2024 17: 23
      Don't shoot at the pianist - he plays as best he can. laughing
  16. 0
    23 May 2024 16: 23
    Robots should storm, humans should help them as a quick decision-maker. While the industry is rocking, the army is losing people. And stop saving on hardware. We should long ago forget the tsar’s “women are still giving birth to many more.” They don’t! Soldiers must be valued and taken care of. The article is...to put it mildly...stupid. Remotely controlled cars are not expensive.
    1. 0
      23 May 2024 16: 32
      If you don’t make kickbacks from them.
  17. +2
    23 May 2024 18: 56
    I read the article.
    The feeling that the article was written not by an expert, but by an amateur. During the Second World War, successful assaults were ALWAYS supported by powerful artillery support. The number of shells, mines and bombs decided whether defensive positions would be broken through. And the defense was based on artillery. Whoever shoots will win. If the attackers have 2 times fewer shells, then the result will be a failed “Mars” near Rzhev. The artillery barrage will be more powerful, if the self-propelled guns support it, then the assault infantry will take the fortifications, as in the Koenigsberg operation.
    Good interaction between all types of troops - there will be a successful assault with minimal losses. If the artillery strikes in the wrong direction, if the electronic warfare does not crush the enemy’s drones, there will be videos for the joy of Ukrainian propaganda with our guys dying under artillery fire and drones.
  18. +3
    23 May 2024 19: 08
    And judging by the reviews, modern attack aircraft are more like “penalty officers.” And the most difficult thing is not to get to the trenches of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And survive after that. Because the enemy bombards lost positions with shells, drives ours into dugouts with drones, and attack aircraft from the Ukrainian Armed Forces arrive, switching roles.
    The fact that attack aircraft are essentially suicide bombers was said by a guy who came from Wagner back in the summer of 2022. There were only three left from the platoon of attack aircraft by the end of the contract. There was no information about the Bakhmut meat grinder in the media and social networks; the battle had not yet begun. And those who came talked about the losses in the infantry. The guys from the artillery were transferred to attack aircraft, they all became 500s. Therefore, Prigozhin, and then the Ministry of Defense, began en masse to recruit prisoners into stormtroopers, “Storm Z”.
    Anyone who voluntarily joined the stormtroopers is already worthy of a reward. It’s not for nothing that in one video the commander of “BARS-10” expressed gratitude to those who joined the attack aircraft, who went first in the attack.
  19. +2
    25 May 2024 07: 40
    “Lucky to get into an assault unit” is a bit of a misnomer; lucky to survive there. With the current tendency to grind Storm companies down to almost nothing and the huge cost of a mistake, in six months not only everyone will survive there. As a rule, even in a successful assault, most of the assault group is wounded, and in an unsuccessful one, often all of them fall down.
    What unified organisms, now the contract soldier spends 2 weeks preparing at the training ground, it’s good if another couple of weeks pass before the first assault at the unit.
    1. +2
      28 May 2024 16: 39
      As a direct participant in the assault unit, I can say that this is indeed the case. The losses of attack aircraft are very high. On average, from a company of 100 people, after an assault, only 5-10 people remain combat-ready. After which these lucky ones from all companies of the battalion are brought into one detachment and again attack. Then replenishment and again into battle. Often attack aircraft cannot even reach the opornik; they are unwound with artillery and drones.
  20. 0
    31 May 2024 16: 05
    question about the average % of losses of attack aircraft...
    and about the cumulative chance of remaining alive and not disabled for 1-2 years in such units...
    from the outside it looks like suicide squads (if not today, tomorrow)... ((
    1. 0
      13 June 2024 20: 24
      Assault-wound-form 100. Assault-wound-form 100. Romance!
  21. 0
    1 June 2024 14: 00
    For me, the heirs simply changed the operating conditions and equipment/technology.