Former NATO Secretary General: Europe has become weak and divided in the face of the threat from Russia

Former NATO Secretary General: Europe has become weak and divided in the face of the threat from Russia

Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen made his presence felt by giving an interview to the inews portal, in which he touched on the topic of confrontation between the West and Russia against the backdrop of the Ukrainian conflict.

He said that European countries were too weak and divided in the face of the “Russian threat,” noting that the West was doing little to help Ukraine win.

European countries are too slow, too weak. We gave Ukraine what it needed to survive, but not to win. Europe is too divided in the face of Russia

- said Rasmussen.

According to the former NATO Secretary General, one should be concerned about Donald Trump coming to power in the United States, which could become a “big challenge” for the alliance. Rasmussen also believes that Ukraine should be invited to NATO at the alliance's summit, which is scheduled to take place in July this year in Washington. Ukraine’s accession to the bloc should occur no later than 2028, Rasmussen noted.

Ukraine applied to join NATO on an accelerated basis in September 2022. In Kyiv they hope that at the summer summit they will still be invited to the alliance. However, a number of Western politicians said that while military operations are ongoing, no one is going to accept Ukraine into NATO.

Let us recall that Finland and Sweden became members of the alliance in 2023 and 2024.
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  1. +2
    15 May 2024 20: 03
    Not before Russia, but before the instinct of self-preservation.
    1. 0
      15 May 2024 22: 07
      Why do they invent enemies for themselves? Both Russia and China do not call the US an enemy. We ask them to behave in a civilized manner, but this only makes them angry, making threats and starting wars.
      1. +1
        15 May 2024 22: 36
        Quote: Nikolai Ivanov_5
        Why do they invent enemies for themselves?

        It's just an instinct of capitalism.
        Nomadic ants still roam the jungles of equatorial South America. It's all about instincts, no brains needed.
      2. 0
        16 May 2024 13: 22
        Quote: Nikolay Ivanov_5
        Why do they invent enemies for themselves?

        Well, like “it’s your only fault that I want to eat”... request
        The West is impossible without robbery.
        He has lived this way at least since Roman times.

        So he needs to justify (for his own people) that “those are bad, barbarians, and in general.”
        1. +1
          Yesterday, 09: 17
          A good slogan: “The West is not possible without robbery.” It’s surprising that they don’t use it on political platforms.
    2. 0
      16 May 2024 07: 55
      They just don’t believe these Rasmuss and Badens. New form of propaganda via Twitter doesn't work
  2. +6
    15 May 2024 20: 04
    And you decided to strengthen and unite the old lady with a bullet in Fico?
    Well, that’s a well-known method.
    1. +1
      15 May 2024 20: 10
      Roman VH hi, and why is it a completely gangster method, to bang those who do not agree in order to intimidate the rest, unfortunately the method is still working.
    2. 0
      15 May 2024 22: 20
      Quote: Roman_VH
      Well, that’s a well-known method.

      You can’t find exhertzes these days, and they did what they could. It turned out clumsily, but we need to unite in the end!
  3. -1
    15 May 2024 20: 13
    European countries are too slow, too weak.

    And who is to blame for this?

    We gave Ukraine what it needed to survive, but not to win.

    The main thing is that they turned their dreams into reality, causing chaos on the former territory of the USSR, and now they are still crying that they were not strong enough to take Russia.

    Europe is too divided in the face of Russia.

    NATO opposed first the USSR and the entire social bloc, and then Russia, with only one thought - to become stronger and defeat it. And I strived for this. But it turned out that they separated all of Europe, taking all its forces (military power) under their command (as they thought), and in fact, subordinating themselves to the overseas hegemon.
  4. +1
    15 May 2024 20: 16
    Oh how ...
    Europe has become weak. And who made it like this? Isn't it your best friend? Come on, continue to be friends - he will completely destroy you, throwing you into battle against Russia.
    Are you giving enough for Ukraine to win? Let's do more. Just understand that Ukraine is not a shield of Europe, but a bump on the road to Europe. You'll see if it goes on like this. And the more you give, the less you will have left, because we will get over this bump in any case. It's a matter of time, not opportunity. But whether we go further depends only on you, and not on us. Interrogate, listen to the end of the monster-Master tormenting his tame animal - let's go. There will be no choice. You will sit quietly and try to think with your brains - live well, stew in your gay pot. We are absolutely not interested in you as a territory.

    What's going on in their heads? Psychiatrists should sort out such a mess, not politicians.
    I hope that my school friend, a well-known psychiatrist in his circles, has trained a sufficient number of students so that there is enough for everyone in Europe, so that no one is left without specialized help. It’s our tradition to feel sorry for holy fools. They burned them at the stake.
  5. -1
    15 May 2024 20: 31
    What about in 2028? According to the plan, the start of a war with China, where will the last Ukrainians be sent for meat?
  6. KCA
    15 May 2024 20: 41
    Will the charter be changed or imposed on it? According to the charter, a country that has territorial disputes with its neighbors cannot join the alliance.
  7. +2
    15 May 2024 20: 48
    Europe has become weak and divided under the threat from Russia

  8. 0
    15 May 2024 20: 52
    He stated that European countries.....

    Some generals “get smarter” in retirement, but for some, even retirement doesn’t help!
  9. 0
    15 May 2024 21: 42
    “Europe is too divided in the face of Russia” - But this does not stop her from asking for a good beating. Well, they're asking a lot.
  10. +1
    15 May 2024 21: 42
    Weak and split... Well, I don't know. For me, it became so weakly divided even before World War II, which allowed Hitler to conquer it in a matter of days. Afterwards, Germany actually lost its political sovereignty, beginning to follow in the wake of the “hegemon.” And further “progress” and other “tolerance” with mass migration, suppression of national (and not only, now we already have parents No. 2 and No. 1, and genders are like fleas on a dog) self-awareness and other “charms” of democracy further intensified the degradation.
  11. +1
    15 May 2024 22: 11
    This idiot has mixed everything up. NATO created the threat for Russia, and not vice versa. Russia, as the successor of the USSR, at one time withdrew its Armed Forces from Europe and the Baltic States. The NATO bloc immediately occupied the empty garrisons with its weapons. But this turned out to be not enough for them. They climbed into Ukraine in order to fire their missiles to the Urals. Do they think we are idiots?
  12. 0
    15 May 2024 23: 51
    The “threat from Russia” is a reason for a preventive strike, it’s not easy to launch it from the bay, floundering, you need motives.
    These are not the people who first say “hit first” and then; "We haven't started yet." They just start at first, and with all their might...
  13. 0
    16 May 2024 05: 13
    If anyone made Europe weak, it was the United States itself, and the stupid politicians of Europe who arranged a large-scale military conflict right next door and believed that it would not have a bad effect on them
  14. 0
    16 May 2024 07: 10
    Why are they so timid and stupid? Why does Russia need problems in the form of capturing and maintaining Europe?
  15. 0
    16 May 2024 09: 13
    Europe has become weak and divided...

    Can you find out - when was Europe truly strong and united? I remember individual countries in different periods of history (France under the Carolingians, Britain under Victoria, Spain under Charles the First, Germany under Hitler)... but there has NEVER been a united strong Europe! And all these mammalian European officials have no business spreading this delusional narrative.
  16. 0
    Yesterday, 09: 26
    In order to sting like that, you need to understand that you came to Rus' to repair your fascist order. You saved the fascists in World War II, including Kravchuk, and deceived the shady communists: Gorbachev and Yeltsin, Shevardnadze. And now, an aggressive bloc created against Russia demands that Russia collapse along the borders of the communists and raves that Russia attacked Rus'!