Powerful weapons of the Russian Armed Forces: training of TOS operators

Powerful weapons of the Russian Armed Forces: training of TOS operators

Russian heavy flamethrower systems (TOS) are a real nightmare for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Northeast Military District zone. In the affected area by thermobaric ammunition fired from TOS-1 and TOS-2, neither the enemy’s equipment, nor even more so the enemy’s manpower, can survive.

Based on the damage that these weapons cause to enemy troops, it is no coincidence that they are called “second only to nuclear weapons.” That is why our flamethrowers are the “cherished target” for the Special Operations Forces and other units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which requires the highest level of training from Russian soldiers. Moreover, the latter concerns not only the use of TOS.

The presenter visited one of the training grounds - the secret TOS Crew Training Center, where units of the RKhBZ troops train.Military acceptance» Alexey Egorov.

It is worth noting that the training ground itself is equipped in such a way as to immerse the fighters in the atmosphere of the air defense system. Here you can see ground dug up by shells, burned-out plantings with broken military equipment, and even dugouts and trenches.

By the way, flamethrowers are actively training in the latter. As the unit commanders told the presenter, RCBZ fighters do not participate in infantry assaults, but must be prepared for this, just in case. Special forces soldiers who are directly involved in the air defense are brought in specifically to train TOS operators in assault operations.

During training, fighters fire from cover and even on special platforms moving from side to side. In addition, an FPV attack is simulated at the training ground of the TOS Crew Training Center.drones. The role of UAVs is played by hunting saucers, which flamethrowers shoot down with small arms weapons.

Naturally, RCBZ fighters are also being trained in their main profile - the use of TOS. Moreover, such training is carried out at night, as, in fact, are the actions of the corresponding units in the North Military District zone. Indeed, in pitch darkness, the likelihood of becoming a target for enemy drones and artillery is significantly reduced.

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    14 May 2024 08: 55
    We are looking forward to the TOS-3 Dragon with a destruction range of 15 km on the front. am
    This will be a roast for Bandera’s followers. am good
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    14 May 2024 17: 35
    Eternal Memory to Colonel General, Chief of Chemical Troops, Hero of the USSR V.K. Pikalov. This was his idea and he did a lot to make TOS happen. Front-line soldier, participant in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident in 1986-87. For a long time the car was not accepted into service; there were many opponents. They just didn’t say anything, just like about the BMPT. The war put everything in its place, or not entirely.