Finding himself alone, B. Netanyahu began to remember Moscow

Finding himself alone, B. Netanyahu began to remember Moscow

Having received news that Congress had agreed on an aid package that included both financial tranches and weapons and military equipment, Israel nevertheless decided to conduct an operation in the Palestinian city of Rafah on the border with Egypt. Of the three directions of possible escalation (the border with Lebanon, the West Bank, the city of Rafah), the choice fell on the Egyptian border.

The preparations were accompanied by an active PR campaign, and therefore quite a few media outlets, seeing the Israeli flag at the Palestinian-Egyptian checkpoint, printed versions of what B. Netanyahu’s cabinet could do in the cramped urban agglomeration, where up to 1,1 million refugees had gathered. However, nothing similar in scale to the operations against Hamas has been observed in the period from October-January.

Despite the fact that Israel is indeed moving military units along the border of the Palestinian enclave, has occupied the checkpoint and periodically carries out bombing attacks, the scale of what is happening can be called a continuing lull. Of course, such activity is very costly for the Palestinians who fall under these attacks, but all this is too far from the military-political goals and objectives declared by Israel, which its speakers voice over and over again.

Let's try to analyze the situation in the broad context of events and steps of other players. From this it will be possible to understand not only the state of the “Palestinian issue” itself, but also to see how this will affect other areas, in particular the Ukrainian direction. These issues have been interconnected since October last year.

The fact is that already in January it became clear that Israel would not achieve the initially stated goals of “the final elimination of Hamas in Gaza.” B. Netanyahu needed some kind of decision or series of decisions that would allow him to get the hostages back and get out of the military campaign in such a way as to justify his actions in domestic politics in the style of “yes, this is black, but in fact it is white.” And one of the options, and a realistic one at that, was to transfer the conflict to a level or two levels higher.

B. Netanyahu could not decide on a real transfer like another Lebanese war and a large-scale operation in the same Rafah in the October-December style, but he succeeded in creating a simulacrum like an escalation with Iran.

In April, the world was almost preparing for a new all-out war in the Middle East. Everything looked very serious, a lot of public nerves were wasted, but despite all the tension, everyone saw the real effect.

But it turned out differently.

Against the backdrop of the hypothetical horror of a new all-out war in the region between Israel and Iran, Washington managed to solve the problem with a large-scale package of military assistance, and essentially free its hands in terms of additional budget expenditures in several directions at once.

Influenced by an information picture with hundreds drones, missiles and anti-missile missiles, there was increased pressure on Israel to curtail the operation, and this at the same time played into the hands of B. Netanyahu, since it made it possible to show that we can, they say, do anything and will stop at nothing, but the wrong liberal world does not allow turn around.

But the real peak of the military confrontation had already been passed at the end of February; all this needed to be somehow “packaged” for the public.

They say that the United States is an ally, but they even built a humanitarian pier on the Gaza coast and have already delivered humanitarian aid. For society in Israel, this is a justification for the impossibility of bombing and crushing as before, and one justification among many.

All the time from January to early May, the Americans negotiated the conclusion of an agreement between Hamas and Israel in order to designate the reduction in military activity as a formal “truce” and achieve the return of hostages and prisoners for both sides.

The problem for the United States was that both Hamas and Israel tried by any means to delay the conclusion of such an agreement. Hamas in order to bargain for the absolute maximum for supporters in the Israeli penitentiary system, and B. Netanyahu - so as not to be accused of “leaking the campaign.”

If until recently it was possible to talk about this situation purely analytically, assessing it by indirect signs, then in May the Arab press already published the terms and text of the agreement itself. Each time there was “a little more, a little more” before signing, and in the end they decided to throw the text into the media.

A careful look at this project (a link to it is provided at the end of the material in a footnote) will immediately see a common feature in its provisions - colossal detail of any action.

Everything there is laid out almost minute by minute, not just by people or by territory - by meter. If your agreement deliberately stipulates such a super-detailed phasing of actions that are completely interdependent, then this means that the agreement has the risk of being broken under the influence of too many circumstances.

In the second half of April, Washington began to understand that such a game between the parties, who each time complement the details, cannot continue indefinitely, especially since B. Netanyahu, in addition to military assistance, was constantly begging for “the go-ahead” for the operation in Rafah in at least some form .

As a limiter, Washington is launching a large-scale wave of student protests “For Palestine,” which allows the White House to react very flexibly to the situation. On the one hand, the Biden administration does not seem to be against the operation, on the other hand, at any moment one can refer to the situation with the students.

In the end, this is what happens when, on the one hand, military assistance is unblocked and at the same time, when B. Netanyahu takes the checkpoint in Rafah and begins dropping more bombs on the roofs, Washington freezes this assistance, citing pressure from protests that are shaking the internal political situation.

But Hamas, which played the game in much the same way as its opponents, was forced to sign an agreement by the fact that Washington allowed B. Netanyahu to begin military operations.

That is, by controlling the restrictions for each side, the United States is persistently leading them to sign a conciliation document and begin procedures for the exchange of hostages, prisoners and prisoners, which, in essence, means the end of the military campaign in Gaza. It really is control.

After the Pentagon officially confirmed that the shipment of ammunition to the Israeli Air Force had been suspended, B. Netanyahu was forced to announce that

"if Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone."

Everything is clear, only the operation suddenly became official.”limited operation in Rafah».

It is possible to understand B. Netanyahu in some ways - his situation is politically more complicated than that of his opponents, although few doubt that this is a good face against a bad game. B. Netanyahu's cards are weak. Another thing is the same for Hamas story With the bidding in the negotiations, the negotiations have reached the final stage.

On May 9, Moscow received a congratulatory message on Victory Day from B. Netanyahu. But the point is not in the letter itself - after all, despite the abundance of relocants and persons with a pronounced pro-Ukrainian position, in Israel May 9 is a truly revered holiday among the people, enshrined and celebrated officially.

It’s just that at the same time the Israeli Ambassador to Russia S. Galperin said that

“Relations with Russia are really important for Israel; the parties can engage in dialogue even on topics where they absolutely disagree.”

And it is quite possible that in the current situation in Israel they are ready to conduct such a dialogue; after all, strategic loneliness is not the most comfortable state.

On May 10, the UN General Assembly voted with an overwhelming majority (143 votes for and 9 against) to grant Palestine the status of a permanent member of the Organization, and the representative of Israel publicly sent the UN charter to the shredder right on the podium.

Link to “The text of the ceasefire in the gas that was approved by Hamas”: خاص------ bow-- إطلاق- الل ف ا ال Yughter ticket -عليه-حماس
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  1. +11
    12 May 2024 05: 59
    Personally, in this whole story, the only people who regret it are the refugees, ordinary residents of this territory, who found themselves in serious trouble and lost their home, and sometimes their lives. I simply don’t care about everyone else, the IDF and Hamas.
    1. +11
      12 May 2024 06: 07
      Well, in the region, many people argue in much the same way in the style of “a plague on both your houses.”
  2. +4
    12 May 2024 06: 05
    I started to remember - well done.
    The question is - why does Moscow need this spit on the map?
    1. +6
      12 May 2024 06: 08
      There are different pieces in chess. There are different cards in the cards.
      1. -21
        12 May 2024 07: 19
        this is not a slap, but a state that is very close to us historically and mentally))) 40 percent of them speak Russian and by the way no one yells that they are occupiers and drank all the water and the Jewish Autonomous Region also obliges))
        1. +30
          12 May 2024 08: 21
          a state close to us historically and mentally

          This is wrong. More precisely, yes, but not so. I declare as a person who has many friends and acquaintances in Israel.
          Despite the friendship, I can say that Jews are... different. Watch films that show Jewish life, for example, “The Bandit and the King,” “Liquidation,” etc., and you will understand what I mean. And all (!) of my Russian-speaking friends and acquaintances in Israel support country 404.
          Don’t mention the Jewish Autonomous Region. There are no Jews there - I didn’t like the climate. The Jews who came there did not stay there long. Their descendants are now in Israel.
          And, sorry, don't be naive. Just because people speak Russian does not mean that they have the same mentality as us.
          I was in Kyiv in 2008. In language, I only heard announcements in the subway.
          In the summer of 2023 I was in Samarkand. They speak Russian better than some Muscovites))
          So don't talk about mentality
          1. 0
            12 May 2024 09: 55
            In Samarkand, of course, people are mentally closer to Russians than Jews))) the other day, a driver from Central Asia took a few people in St. Petersburg for a ride to the river, and before that, sometimes it happens that people who are close in spirit are slaughtered, sometimes in quite large quantities, but this is not out of malice and the criminals act on everyday grounds and In general, they have no nationality, but everything is normal; these are cultural customs, like meeting a plane from Israel at the airport in Dagestan
            1. +27
              12 May 2024 10: 46
              And can you explain to me, for my understanding, why the overwhelming majority of emigrants who hate Russia on some animal level, they all left for Israel. I can name the names, but you know them yourself. Why would a person who hates Russia and speaks Russian necessarily have Israeli citizenship? How did it happen that Sobchak, Chubais, Galkin and many other molds have Israeli citizenship?
              1. +13
                12 May 2024 10: 48
                can you explain to me how they managed to occupy such positions)))? and comrade Narusova is still a senator, despite all your disrespect for them?
                1. +17
                  12 May 2024 11: 10
                  So your question contains the answer. Many have left, but many more remain. And they have no plans to leave yet. It's warm here. and most importantly, you can steal billions.
                  1. +2
                    12 May 2024 11: 12
                    and I mean the same thing in principle) this is the policy of the state and you know this as well as I do
            2. +1
              12 May 2024 11: 05
              Quote from Mazunga
              criminals act on everyday grounds and generally have no nationality
              Is it true, or what? So do they work on everyday basis?
              Article 207.3. Public dissemination of deliberately false information about the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the exercise by state bodies of the Russian Federation of their powers, the provision of assistance by volunteer formations, organizations or individuals in the performance of tasks assigned to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation or the National Guard troops of the Russian Federation
              Article 208. Organization of an illegal armed formation or participation in it, as well as participation in an armed conflict or military actions for purposes contrary to the interests of the Russian Federation
              Article 280. Public calls for extremist activity
              Criminal Code Article 282. Arousal of hatred or enmity, as well as the humiliation of human dignity
              1. Actions aimed at inciting hatred or enmity, as well as humiliating the dignity of a person or group of persons on the basis of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude to religion, as well as membership in any social group
              Article 282.4. Repeated propaganda or public display of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols, or paraphernalia or symbols of extremist organizations, or other paraphernalia or symbols, the propaganda or public display of which is prohibited by federal laws.
              Article 354.1. Nazism Rehabilitation
              Look, it's just a complete household thing. And in these crimes, nationality, of course, does not matter. What do you think of Ehrenburg’s article in Krasnaya Zvezda? An excerpt from it: “From now on the word "German" the most terrible curse for us. From now on the word "German" unloads the gun. Let's not talk. Let's not be indignant. We will kill. If you haven't killed at least one person in a day German, your day is gone. Don't count the days. Don't count the miles. Count one thing: those killed by you Germans. Kill the german! - this is what the old mother asks. Kill the german! - this is the child’s prayer to you. Kill the german! - this is the cry of the native land. Don't miss. Do not miss. Kill!” And in his article he writes precisely: "Kill the German", and not an SS man, a Nazi, a fascist, a Gestapo man, or a Wehrmacht man. Or is it something else?
              1. The comment was deleted.
              2. +3
                12 May 2024 11: 24
                You can also pull me up for the red-haired Chewbacca))) did I set them up for the kingdom or a guarantor)) Galkin is a petty idiot and a comedian, and by the way, Zhvanetsky is a bastard, a monument to Nadys in Moscow, the Boshes are busy, I hate it just as much as you do
                1. +6
                  12 May 2024 11: 27
                  Quote from Mazunga
                  Zhvanetsky that she is still a bastard, the monument to Nadys in Moscow was played

                  I absolutely agree with you. And the Germans and not only them, as John Silver said: I vote. Kill.
                2. +3
                  12 May 2024 11: 32
                  On the wall of house number 4 on Lesnaya Street, where Mikhail Zhvanetsky (1934–2020) lived and worked for 30 years, a commemorative bas-relief by sculptor Vladimir Soskiev was unveiled to the sounds of the Russian anthem. The ceremony dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of the famous writer and People's Artist of the Russian Federation was attended by Assistant to the President of Russia Igor Levitin, Zhvanetsky's widow and son, friends and admirers of his work - musician Evgeny Margulis, writer Mikhail Mishin, artist Leonid Barats.
                  This is beyond the realm of possibility. And Lenya Barats actively spoke out against the SVO. Born on July 18, 1971 in Odessa (Ukrainian SSR) in a Jewish family. Father - Grigory Isaakovich Barats (born 1948), journalist, director of the World Club of Odessa residents; mother - Zoya Izrailevna Barats (née Shlain; born 1949), methodologist in kindergarten. Barats received the name Leonid in honor of his great-grandfather.
                3. +5
                  12 May 2024 11: 41
                  Although: On the eve of the Day of Catastrophe and Heroism of European Jews, calling himself Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Azman recorded a video message addressed to the Azov military personnel, in which he called them heroes, congratulated them on the tenth anniversary of the founding of the organization and blessed the release of prisoners of war. But Berl Lazar could not stand it: Moshe Azman, who congratulated the Azov brigade (listed as a terrorist organization and banned in Russia) and calls himself the chief rabbi of Ukraine, is an impostor. This was stated by the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar.
                  President of the European Rabbinical Conference and former chief rabbi of Moscow Pinchas Goldschmidt, who previously criticized the special military operation (SVO) Russia in Ukraine, will receive the Charlemagne Prize in Germany in 2024.
                  What is happening to the children of Israel, my God!
              3. +3
                13 May 2024 18: 25
                Everything is true for the Germans, just like the Ukrainians now. When the Wehrmacht drew blitzkriegs, all of Germany applauded the Fuhrer in ecstasy, and when the Russians arrived, you see, they are peaceful and not to blame. Just like during the ATO, 99% of the Kakels told them this to the separatists... Therefore, the nation must be slaughtered until it can resist for hundreds of years to come. The law of victory in the war! Yes, I call for genocide of the enemies who attacked us! Otherwise, we and our virtue will soon perish!
            3. +5
              12 May 2024 12: 52
              Is it the migrant driver?
              Maybe it’s all about those who organize such a labor process that bus drivers have to sit behind the wheel for almost 24 hours. Why is labor organized this way, why don’t they hire additional people so that people can rest? Why does the head of the park, after a day-evening shift, force tired and sleep-deprived driver to go back to work in the morning?
              There are no more questions for the migrant, but for the vehicle fleet, the transport committee, the labor inspectorate. And considering that this is one tangle, no one will figure it out...
              1. 0
                13 May 2024 20: 28
                drove there for a very difficult two years as a citizen of the Russian Federation rega in a deep province and at the same time managed to be a host for his fellow tribesmen for the second dozen years went those whom he accepted at the trial, so to speak, he by the way filed a petition for the provision of an interpreter for him (let me remind you, a citizen of the Russian Federation for 2 years and a driver public transport) that is, he spoke about the stop in St. Petersburg something like this? Iltimos suyanmangiz kiingi station pakhtakor chilonzor yiuliga otish))) So it turns out that it’s not him?))
                1. -1
                  13 May 2024 21: 14
                  You wrote nonsense.
                  Firstly, what is the connection between the Tajik driver and the Uzbek Pakhtakor?
                  Secondly, if you rode buses, you would know that the stops are announced by the informant.
                  Thirdly, the fish rots from the head. Nobody absolves the driver of blame. But the guilt is not absolved of those who hire migrants instead of native residents, violating the law.
                  1. -1
                    14 May 2024 04: 48
                    Well, since you understand Uzbek, I understand your position)))
                    1. -1
                      14 May 2024 19: 27
                      My position has not changed. Those who hire migrants need to be punished.
            4. +1
              12 May 2024 23: 37
              In Samarkand, of course, people are mentally closer to Russians than Jews
              You said it, I didn't say it.

              I meant that the fact that people speak Russian well does not mean that they have the same mentality as Russians. And the “cultured” Jews, quite culturally and with high technology, cut up quite a few people.

              It’s not the Dagestanis in general who are to blame for the “Dagestan meeting”, but the scumbags who organized it and their masters
          2. 0
            16 May 2024 17: 51
            I support. Distant relatives in Israel also support the outskirts. We almost got into a fight over this on the phone. In general, I don’t communicate with them anymore. And yes, the bulk of the people of Uzbekistan support Russia. This is exactly the case.
            1. +1
              16 May 2024 20: 57
              You will be surprised, but so is the main part of Egypt! They told me about it themselves))
        2. +14
          12 May 2024 11: 27
          YOU are very mistaken on both counts.
          Firstly, the population of Israel as a whole is not friendly to us, rather neutral, and the bulk of Russian speakers come from Ukraine, with all their inherent quirks.
          Secondly, the attitude towards “Russians” there is approximately the same as in Russia towards Uzbeks.
          It is enough to look at the Russian-speaking segment of the Israeli Internet, like ITON-TV, to be convinced of this.
          1. +1
            13 May 2024 00: 12
            All my friends in Israel are from Moscow. And everyone supports 404. And they don’t like Yakov Kedmi, although this is still the same type.

            the attitude towards “Russians” there is about the same as in Russia towards Uzbeks
            According to my Israeli friends, this is not so. There, both in government and elsewhere, there are enough Russian speakers and their descendants.
            The Israelis have their own "Uzbeks" - these are Moroccans
            1. 0
              14 May 2024 19: 44
              Pay attention to actions, not words. Who are your friends, they are these “Uzbeks” of the 2nd grade. Who will admit this out loud? And “Moroccans” are already the third grade, followed by Arabs and blacks.
              Israel is an eastern country, with a high level of corruption and clannishness.
              Plus, in the last 30 years, a stream of Soviet Jews has poured there, who have long turned into a separate society, having a distant relationship with Jewry, it is not for nothing that among them there is such high support for Ukrainians and a disregard for Jewish history, with the Holocaust and Bandera’s genocide.
              1. 0
                14 May 2024 21: 23
                I don’t know, of course, but none of my friends complained. As for the blacks, there are Ethiopians who are also Jews. Well, Christian Arabs are not in last place, because they are very loyal to the Jewish authorities. But Muslim Arabs (the same Palestinians) and other Thais are, yes, at the bottom of the social ladder.
                About the “distant attitude towards Jewry”. Except for the orthodox (Danish), they are all distantly related. Ashkenazim are liberal-Europeanized. Sephardim are Eastern. As for “supporting the Ukrainians” - it’s not surprising, they are pro-Western there. And in the USSR/Russia there were pro-Western ones. I was looking for information about which Russian Jews supported the SVO, but somehow I couldn’t find it. All sorts of “chief rabbis of all Rus'” don’t count - they only verbally support so that they don’t get kicked out of Russia
                1. 0
                  15 May 2024 11: 41
                  I had a chance to watch the Jewish ITON-TV before the North Military District, and the topic of discrimination often came up there. Coming from the USSR, believing Jews are not considered Jews. Moreover, Ashkenazis often have no Jewish (Semitic) blood at all. It is not uncommon to confuse Jews (descendants of Moses) and Jews, representatives of other nations who accepted the faith.
                  As for the rabbis, the chief rabbi of Russia fled after the start of the SVO, since he was a newcomer and this is not uncommon. But the rabbi of Ukraine blessed Azov to fight for “freedom”.
                  1. 0
                    15 May 2024 11: 49
                    Maybe... I'll ask my friends. They complained about the terrible bureaucracy and dictates of the state. However, I repeat, they all take an anti-Russian and pro-Ukrainian position (although they didn’t like 404 before), oppose the Arabs and love their Israel. Even those who came there a year or two ago from Russia. When there was an attack by Hamas, they sent me a message announcing a concert in support of Israel, asking me to send it to everyone. The list of artists includes Makarevich, Grebenshchikov and other leavers “against the war.” Naturally, I replied that for me, they are enemies of Russia, and let them no longer ask me for anything like that. My request was treated with understanding
      2. +1
        12 May 2024 16: 13
        However, chess is played according to established rules and each piece must move as prescribed. There are also only four suits in the cards and the fifth suit in the deck, which is the fifth wheel in a cart.
        For Netanyahu, there are neither UN Security Council resolutions nor rules of engagement against civilians... So let him play dominoes...
      3. +1
        12 May 2024 18: 58
        The main thing in cards is to collect according to the suit, of course the trump suit, then everything will be fine. We have a small choice of Belarus, China, Iran and North Korea, if we are all together it will be a very serious or formidable coalition.
    2. -1
      12 May 2024 14: 46
      Quote: antiaircrafter
      The question is - why does Moscow need this spit on the map?

      The answer is so as not to lose authority in the Middle East region. If Israel hypothetically ceases to exist, Russia will have no one to play the role of a kind of referee, like “the master will come, the master will judge us,” whom he will scold and who he will shout at.

      PS. Why does China need this spit on the map?
      1. +2
        13 May 2024 00: 21
        Why does Moscow need this spit on the map?
        so as not to lose authority in the Middle East region. If Israel ceases to exist, Russia will have no one to play the role of referee in front of, “the master will come, the master will judge us.”

        Absolutely wrong.
        Russia is violet whether Israel will exist or not. If he disappears, Russia will not even notice.

        About the referee. Now, yes, our authority is growing. But it is only thanks to military force that we are more and more taken into account.
        The USSR/Russia has always been the intercessor of some Arabs, but the refree has never been there, and no one there perceives us in this capacity.
        Israel generally doesn’t give a damn about Russia’s opinion; it respects only our military strength and understands that Russia, even without a nuclear weapon, will easily erase Israel from the globe

        Invalid judgment
        1. +1
          13 May 2024 16: 53
          Quote: futurohunter
          Invalid judgment

          I didn’t judge at all, I just answered with my fingers. Regarding the intercession of some Arabs: as history shows, for the vast majority of our allies we are just situational partners with whom today (or yesterday and today) it is beneficial to be friends. At any moment, our smiling partners can unfurl the banners of Sharia (USA, EU) and then history will turn back.
          We have wonderful abbreviations EAEU, CSTO, warming the souls of you know who. The other day they even stood on Red Square. We left the room because it was paid for. But for how long?
          1. +1
            13 May 2024 17: 08
            Regarding the intercession of some Arabs: as history shows, for the vast majority of our allies we are just situational partners
            Yes, but not so. If the Saudis are situational, then Bashar al-Assad is not even situational. He won't survive without us. Let's put it this way: it is now more profitable for the Arabs to sit on two chairs than to bend to the West, as before. They now make a profit from everyone. In addition to everything else, the “hot sheikhs in white” also amuse their pride by the fact that they supposedly “decide the fate of the world.” But I don’t exclude the possibility that in about eleven years some kind of Arab “superpower” will appear. There is ambition and money. And both may be enough for success in the modern world))

            abbreviations EAEU, CSTO, BRICS, SCO, warming souls you know who
            I don't think they keep anyone warm. These are simply regular attempts to redraw the economic map of the world. Somewhere they were forced, somewhere to troll “non-partners”, and somewhere quite intentional. You can be pessimistic as much as you like, but the world is changing.

            We left the room, because it was polite and paid

            I don't agree. Definitely no one will pay for this except the budgets of the respective countries. Everyone who visited “the other day” has vested political and economic interests in relation to us. Otherwise, in our unsafe times, no one will go to the capital of the sanctioned country
            1. 0
              13 May 2024 17: 15
              Time will judge us. Regarding a certain state - an economic union, yes, is more than likely, as well as a religious (Sunni) one, but nothing more. There, everyone is the first to see and imagine himself as an emir. East...
              1. +1
                13 May 2024 17: 22
                The fact of the matter is that the claims to superpower were there and have not gone away
                Libya and Iraq gravitated towards this role until they were defeated by the Americans and NATO.
                The Saudis are gaining strength and have every chance. Egypt did not give up its ambitions (add its antiquity). Iran, although not Arab, is not averse to becoming a dominant force in the region (and is no less ancient than Egypt).
                Time - of course, everything will fall into place
        2. 0
          13 May 2024 18: 31
          Will Israel be erased from the globe? Have you taken a swing? Why didn’t the Amers immediately? We still need to punch our neighbors in the face. There’s no point in going into someone else’s area just yet. There are a lot of you like "ladies and left"
          1. 0
            13 May 2024 21: 11
            Will Israel be erased from the globe?

            I said that it is not difficult for our country to carry out Operation Holocaust 2, and there have already been such threats before.
            And from a pragmatic point of view, if the weapons go to Israel, and not to 404, it’s even beneficial for us
  3. +3
    12 May 2024 06: 16
    but the wrong liberal world does not allow us to turn around
    And being an ally of the United States and supported by Old Europe, isn’t Israel part of this world, and its aggressive part in the Middle East?
    “Relations with Russia are really important for Israel; the parties can engage in dialogue even on topics where they absolutely disagree.”
    After a series of harsh statements by Israeli politicians towards Moscow, this statement certainly sounds “interesting.” And this was most likely prompted by the Jewish mentality based on chosenness and innate cunning (according to Jews) - it never hurts to lay out straws in case of emergency. But the UN vote on Palestine (143 votes for and 9 against) probably really shocked Israel and this was clearly visible from the aggressive speech of the representative of this country. It’s really “it’s not all Maslenitsa for the cat.”
    1. +4
      12 May 2024 11: 14
      And Madame Halperin, what an ambassador she is, completely forgot the previous rhetoric.
      Oh vei, so windy, so windy.
      In fact, Israel is a US proxy in the Middle East. And relationships with him should be built on this basis.
      1. +2
        12 May 2024 17: 16
        It is advisable for you to get a rough idea of ​​the Jewish lobby in the USA before writing nonsense about proxies
        1. 0
          12 May 2024 21: 58
          My young friend. The Jewish lobby in the United States does not at all mean that Israel is wagging the Amers. But on the contrary, there is.
          1. 0
            12 May 2024 22: 37
            Re-read, of course, with understanding, the previous text, elder...
          2. 0
            13 May 2024 17: 23
            Not Israel, but Jews. Both Israel and the USA are being bullied. Don't be confused
            1. 0
              13 May 2024 21: 08
              But we can agree with this.
      2. 0
        13 May 2024 17: 12
        so windy
        They are not windy. They simply do not forget about their benefits.

        Israel is a US proxy
        The big question is who is whose proxy. Especially considering that there are at least 2 times more Jews in the United States than in Israel, and another half of the American diplomatic and not only states are Jews...
        Israel is simply a US state in the Middle East. And relationships with him should be built on this basis.
  4. +1
    12 May 2024 06: 22
    ] with Russia are really important for Israel, the parties can conduct dialogue even on those

    -Admiral Kuznetsov will rest in Haifa?
  5. +5
    12 May 2024 07: 08
    On May 9, Moscow received a congratulatory message on Victory Day from B. Netanyahu.
    And who would doubt it, if there were no congratulations to Moscow from Israel, then one might think that Auschwitz and Dachau were sanatoriums for Jews.
  6. +8
    12 May 2024 07: 27
    Israel needs significant political support in the person of Russia, as if later, “we were deceived”, once again.
    1. -3
      12 May 2024 11: 10
      Is it really required? And what can Russia offer them in this support? Will the barmaleys, about whom everyone is crying here on the pages as oppressed, stop climbing over the fence to them, organizing terrorist attacks and taking hostages because Russia supports them? I’m just afraid that the Russian Federation itself won’t need support after that, since the barmalei have “interesting things” and they will happily start climbing over the fence to us again.
      1. -1
        12 May 2024 11: 19
        "interesting" worldview*
      2. +5
        12 May 2024 12: 03
        Quote from AdAstra
        Will the barmaleys, about whom everyone is crying here on the pages as oppressed, stop climbing over the fence to them, organizing terrorist attacks and taking hostages because Russia supports them?

        Jews, alas, cannot let a simple thought into their brains - “Their “walks through the fence” are just a consequence of Israel’s actions.”
        I never support the “barmalei”, but my conscience will not allow me to support Israel either.
        "A Plague on Both Your Houses" am
        There is only one way out - the creation of a Palestinian state, Israel is rebuilding everything that it destroyed in Gaza and other places, a Palestinian state is rebuilding what the Palestinians destroyed in Israel.
      3. +6
        12 May 2024 12: 52
        Is it really required?
        Yes, just not much, not much support, we are good Israel, and Hamas, the bad guys (Israeli fosterlings), help us put the genie into the bottle, with your authority in the Islamic world.. talk to them, and then we ourselves.. And then scammers. ..
      4. -1
        13 May 2024 00: 06
        Quote from AdAstra
        And what can Russia offer them in this support?

        for example, under any pretext, veto in the UN Security Council the granting of membership to Palestine...
      5. 0
        13 May 2024 17: 16
        The barmalei that climb over the Israeli fence are not at all the same as the ones that climb through our fence...
        "Israeli barmalei" don't need our fence at all
    2. -1
      13 May 2024 17: 14
      Israel needs significant political support from Russia
      Somehow they never sought this support...
  7. AVP
    12 May 2024 07: 39
    Izrailovka is an absolutely hostile state to us in its actions. Israelis and Hamas stand against each other, both fight with civilians by shooting according to the principle - where the enemy ended up (like the Ukrainians). Bibi, like Zelibobik, is still in power with hostilities, as soon as they end - there’s a kick in the ass with no chance of coming back, that’s why they’re dragging their feet. Jews can now forget about the Holocaust; by their actions they have placed themselves on the level of the Nazis. A plague on both their houses, let them eat each other.
  8. 0
    12 May 2024 08: 25
    Israel is playing its own political games. But try to find this Israel on the map. Any politician there understands that it is better not to be at enmity with Russia...
    The USSR already threatened Israel with nuclear weapons once, and was ready to actually use them against Israel... Then they backed down
  9. +3
    12 May 2024 08: 42
    It looks like the “signs” are all being sucked out of thin air.
    But USA and others can be understood. Only removing the point of tension with someone else's hands is to everyone's advantage...
  10. +3
    12 May 2024 10: 00
    En 2024, Russia is marching towards the path of glory and power. The liquidation of NATO is possible, when Trump enters the whitehouse. A weak Israel means a weak US influence in Middle East. Russia is getting good news from Africa and Latin America.

    To increase the Russian and Chinese influence in Asia, 4 countries must be tamed - South Korea, Japan, Phillipines & India. A China - Taiwan reunion will diminish the US influence in Asia.

    For Russia, a strong Iran, a strong Syria, a strong Iraq, a strong lebanon, a strong Yemen etc will be more beneficial. If Israel is weakened the GCC countries and OIC nations will get the confidence to confront US imperial forces. Turkey can also be tamed along with morocco and Bahrain (Pro-Israel arab nations). In Middle East, the opinion of 2 spineless countries are unpredictable - Egypt and Jordan.

    If US influence in Europe and GCC countries diminishes, Post-Soviet nations can also be tamed. In conclusion, a weak Israel is beneficial to Russia to overthrow US influence in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

    Remember the march of Titus towards Jerusalem (AD 70), after the triumph in Jerusalem, he got all the wealth and glory in this world, he became the emperor of Rome. Be like Titus.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. ada
    12 May 2024 20: 57
    That's how it is. Well, since the berths have appeared and there will be disembarkation ones, it is quite obvious that everything is going according to plan, a bit crookedly, but it is going.
    Control is, of course, a very correct remark and precise definition, you are absolutely right. A number of government entities in the United States constantly issue control decisions to their likenesses in the “little monster.” Not the best, but not the worst way for a disgusting misanthropic symbiosis to exist.
    It’s too early to bury the Middle East war, the guys are just getting ready. In this regard, I would like to remind you that both are enemies for us in view of joint activities in planning, organizing preparations and carrying out activities for the comprehensive nuclear destruction of our facilities, and not only nuclear ones.
    I liked it.
    1. +1
      13 May 2024 00: 57
      I also believe that it is categorically not profitable for the United States to create a Big Bedlam in the Middle East now. They quite logically want to make the Third Pole in the form of a union of Arabs and India and have already invested too much in this. When the soldering and bonding happen, it will be time to squeeze Iran.
      1. ada
        15 May 2024 13: 27
        Quote: nikolaevskiy78
        ... They quite logically want to make the Third Pole ...
        This (all of the above), for us, from a historical perspective, is not of significant interest, since in the interests of preparation, or rather even the creation of the necessary initial conditions for the planned start of a geostrategic offensive operation in the main Eastern geostrategic direction, for the United States, this position parties is not obligatory or securing. Here they are only interested in the extreme potential of the enemy’s WMD arsenal, or more precisely, whether this level has been reached or not. In this vision, for them, the most important definition is the role (side of the conflict) of China and its exact dating in the periods of pre-war and war, nuclear - of course, since another type was never planned and there the role (fate) of those you indicated is sad and unenviable,’s like you look at it, but “a hero won’t die there” laughing
  13. +1
    12 May 2024 23: 45
    The remarkable publicist Israel Shamir, who became disillusioned with the ideas of Zionism back in the 1970s, wrote: “In essence, Israel is Ukraine: countries obsessed with chauvinism. Palestine is like Donbass, there is no nationalism there. The difference is in the goal: Russia gives equal rights to everyone, Israel gives equal rights only to Jews... Therefore, the United States, the main gendarme of the planet, approved the Israeli attack on Gaza, as well as the Ukrainian shelling of Donbass. It’s very good that Russia condemned Israeli aggression.”
    1. +1
      12 May 2024 23: 50
      Shamir is close to us, but you yourself understand that his position in Israel itself is considered marginal. Although it cannot be said that he is completely alone there. Not alone.
  14. -1
    13 May 2024 00: 04
    and see how this will affect other directions, in particular the Ukrainian direction

    iii...? the author said “A”, but “B”, apparently, was left for next time? )
    1. +1
      13 May 2024 00: 44
      That's right)) It's better in order so that the porridge doesn't turn out to be a mess.
  15. +3
    13 May 2024 05: 05
    Come on, America is in the midst of an election show, and there are pro-Palestinian protests among voters, so they backtracked a little in words so that the voter does not run away into the camp of the enemies of the Democratic Party. In fact, they are quietly helping and continuing to help Israel.
  16. +2
    13 May 2024 09: 45
    Jews are the Adam and Eve of Nazism. Even today they continue to nurture and sponsor Nazism in the Ukrainian Reich against those whose ancestors extinguished the furnaces of concentration camps. In order to “understand and forgive” them, one must be either a u/o or a traitor to the Motherland.
  17. 0
    13 May 2024 21: 23
    Quote: Alex 22 22
    I can name the names

    For you, they were already named by a comrade from your favorite VO:

    "Former Russian deputy prime ministers live: Ilya Klebanov - Israel, Alfred Koch - Germany, Arkady Dvorkovich - USA, Alexander Khloponin - Israel, Alexey Kudrin – Israel, Yakov Urinson – Israel, Maxim Akimov - Israel, Sagal Moshe Izrailevich, nee Chubais - Israel, Igor Shuvalov - Austria, Victor Khristenko - Spain, Olga Golodets - Spain. What information about the Russian Federation did they share for the right to live and save capital in the country where they moved? All of them, in one way or another, possess information related to state secrets. Have they already been declared foreign agents or at least traitors to the Motherland? Add here the ex-heads of the Presidential Administration (!) - Yumashev, Voloshin and Chubais, as well as all the escaped ministers and their deputies (like Kozyrev, Skrynnik, Vavilov, Chuyan, Reimer, etc.), then this will be another 50 people Not to mention dozens of ex-governors and vice-governors and hundreds of officials of the federal government alone.”

    Look who robbed our Leader of the nation, all the holders of Israeli teudat-zehuts (propiska)!
    And if you scratch the surface, now, do you think, whose grandchildren, whose wives, mothers, lovers are registered in Israel?

    Scary to imagine!

    Why is the genocide committed by Zionist Israel in Palestine condemned all over the world?
    Türkiye brutally boycotts trade worth many billions of dollars (not comparable to our trade turnover with Israel).

    There are too many adherents of the scumbag sect and the executioner Netanhu here, they are too close to our overly trusting Leader of the nation!

    Who will help identify Israeli residents in the environment, not us!
    1. 0
      13 May 2024 22: 50
      Shuvalov and Khristenko definitely live and work in Russia.