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Separatism in Europe: is it time?

Recently in the American edition "The National Interest" an article by Gordon Bardo devoted to the “ghost of separatism” in Europe was published. Comrade Bardo is a security expert from New York. He notes that the “ghost of separatism” hovers over Europe, citing examples from Belgium, Great Britain, the Balkans, Spain and the Caucasus. Regional movements for independence or autonomy are gaining momentum throughout the world. Moreover, the more the European Union is struggling with the current crisis, not only economic, but also “existential”, the stronger and more successful these movements can become, changing the political map of Europe behind us - exactly as we have become accustomed to over the past twenty years.

The success of the independence movement and the strength of the separatist movements in general are accompanied by serious upheavals in the European geopolitical order. Such an upheaval, and after them the reshaping of borders over the past hundred and fifty years, the analyst notes, took place every two to three generations. He highlights the changes in the European balance of forces caused by the unification of Germany by Bismarck and the fall of the Ottoman Empire, which set in motion the processes that in 1878 allowed small countries, such as Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro, to gain international recognition at the Berlin Congress. In 1918, at the end of the First World War, the collapse of empires (Hapsburg, Ottoman and Romanov autocracy) led to another redrawing of lines on the map. Albania, the Baltic republics, Czechoslovakia and Poland have become full members of the international community, the author recalls.

After 1945, thanks to the end of World War II and the process of decolonization, the third wave of state-building passed around the world, touching most of the globe. European colonies in Africa and Asia gained independence.

The 1989-1992 years are the time of the fourth and last wave of European state-building. This wave was caused by the collapse of communism and the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the geographical space that in 1989 a year consisted of only three states (Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia), today one can count not only twenty-three, not twenty-four countries (depending on who keeps the score, the journalist ironically).

World история It is very well described in the corresponding numbers: in the 1914 year, on the eve of the First World War, there were 59 independent countries in the world, by the 1950 year they became 89, and by the 1995 year - 192.

And this process, according to the author, has not yet ended. Processes in the Balkans and the Caucasus are “nightmare material” for cartographers and diplomats who are trying to reconcile competing ethnic groups with territorial claims. See: Eastern Anatolia, Abkhazia, Chechnya, Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, the Kurds in eastern Turkey and northern Iraq, the Turks in North Cyprus — there are various forms of independence or autonomy everywhere.

Southeastern Europe is a parent of the term "balkanization". Kosovo, Sandzak, claims of Albanians from Macedonia ... The claims of the Hungarians in Transylvania are a constant problem for Romania, and Transnistria continues to be a problem for Moldova.

The growth of separatism in Western Europe over the past decade reflects similar problems, at the same time refuting the generally accepted view that, they say, democracy and economic prosperity mitigate tensions and nationalist aspirations. Separatism in Western Europe, the author writes, took two forms: a waiver of existing agreements (as is the case in Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom) or a refusal to participate in the European Union.

In Scotland, separatism has more power today than at any time before. In Belgium, Flemish nationalism has steadily grown stronger over the past ten years. In Spain, the separatist parties won nearly two-thirds of the seats in the regional elections in Catalonia in November.

And what about the United States? And they are not immune to separatism: more than 113.000 people signed a petition in support of Texas independence.

The growth of public discontent markedly contributed to the exacerbation of separatist sentiments and the pressure on the existing geopolitical order in Europe. In the UK in November 2012, an opinion poll showed that 56% of Britons would prefer the country's withdrawal from the EU. In Germany, in the summer of 2012, a survey was conducted, which showed that 49% of Germans surveyed believe that they would be better off without the EU.

All of the above, the expert says, reflects a delicate balance in Europe. What is at stake today is the future of the EU, and (to a large extent) the future of NATO.

By the way, in the event of the collapse of the EU under the weight of its internal problems, then a change in the geopolitical order in the European space will follow: the collapse of the Union will provide an opportunity and political space for various nationalisms in Europe.

Unfortunately, the author writes, history shows that the creation of a new state, as a rule, is extremely bloody. The “velvet divorce” of Czechoslovakia is an exception. The bloody death of Yugoslavia - the situation is much more typical.

Considering that the last changes on the map of Europe took place in 1989-1991, and that such serious changes occur every two or three generations, and at the same time bearing in mind the current difficulties of Europe, it should be noted: the question of the future reshaping of borders, which is "near at the door," is perfectly justified. Politicians and experts like to talk about the durability and stability of the world order, but all this is ephemeral. Fortunately, Hitler’s “millennial Reich” was very far from the above mentioned term, and the Soviet communists, who believed that their system “represented the final stage of social and economic development in human history,” did not survive Hitler much.

The UK stands apart in the history of modern separatism. The fact is that a referendum on the independence of Scotland (2014) will be held here not only next year, but also there is a plan for leaving and leaving the country from the EU (2017). The event was called “Brexit” or “Brixit”, abbreviated as “Britain, exit”).

Prime Minister D. Cameron said this referendum in a keynote speech on relations between Britain and the EU in front of businessmen at the London headquarters of the American business agency. News Bloomberg Of course, he specified that the referendum would take place if the party of conservatives led by him won the election in 2015.

Here you can see the connection between attracting the relevant electorate to your side: if before Cameron and his party had certain supporters (fewer and smaller), now those who wish freedom for the homeland from the EU gates are likely to join them.

Cameron is an experienced geopolitical player. He is trying to win over even those who are not against the membership of Britain in the EU. He stated that he himself was not a supporter of “Brixit”: yes, it’s from him that the proposal to hold a referendum in the 2017 year comes, but in the event of a referendum, he will to campaign for the preservation of the United Kingdom as part of the renewed European Union.

Here it is: in one fell swoop of three birds with one stone. It turns out that British “separatism” is just a game on a political golf course. Moreover, it looks like a game that the Confederation of British Industry is already warned government that in the event of a country leaving the EU, export industries may face defensive duties. Under the reduction may fall to 40% automotive power. A significant part of European banks will leave the City in Frankfurt am Main. All this will lead to a reduction in the income of the British budget.

British eurofiles indicate that millions of jobs in the country will be lost - due to the fact that international companies from the United States, Japan, India, China will transfer their enterprises to other European countries.

As for public opinion polls, there are many of them in Britain and in the EU in general. Gordon Bardo cited data from one survey, and we give data from another (more recent, January).

Poll in London "Times" showedthat if the referendum were held today, 40% would vote for leaving the EU, and 37% would express a desire to remain in the Union. Another 23% found it difficult to answer.

Another thing is that the British can bargain for themselves some additional preferences in the European Union. In this case, Cameron will be, as they say, on horseback. And preferences are his merit, and the electorate is his, and there is no need to spend money on a referendum. Ah yes well done.

In any case, the tendency towards separatism in Europe, which appears, as we can see, not only at the level of national groups or parties, but also at the level of governments, cannot but be alarming. And if you take into account how the same nationalist interests, for example, in the Balkans or in the Caucasus, are fueled by overseas guardians of democracy, for whom the re-alignment of borders is not something that is a nightmare for cartographers, then you inevitably think: the separatist movements are very beneficial for someone.

There are four versions of the sources of the new geopolitical order in Europe - one is less convincing.

According to version one, the browser explains. "But" Mikhail Tyurkin, the Anglo-Saxons are to blame. The “genie of separatism” in the Old World released two “bony hands” from the bottle: London and Washington. What for? They want to put a pig on the Europeans and weaken a competitor.

But why would Cameron fight for power like that? It is clear that in times of crisis, Britain will not so frankly oppose itself to the EU. Only a part of the establishment stands there "on guard of the American superpower." The current realists, however, that in London, in Washington, just understand that the separatist policy will turn against those who start it.

Another version is the notorious construction by Germany of the next Reich. The scattering of Europe is beneficial to Berlin. Breaking the bank at the expense of the "separatist card" Germany can only if the EU imposes its anti-crisis strategy. But while the Germans serve the European Union rather as a “cash cow”, rather than as a “rising star.”

According to version number XXUMX, the bureaucracy is torn to power in the EU. Proponents of the theory believe that the "separatist sheep" feeds the "Brussels shepherd." Rather, shepherd and podpasok graze - Barroso and Rompuy. It is likely that they, as well as the European Parliament, condone the "Left Republicans of Catalonia", the Scottish National Party, Corsican autonomists and other "fighters for independence." European Commission President Jose Barroso has already promised to turn the European Union into a "federation of nation states", marking the date - 3 year.

The very same Mr. Barroso said that in the event of changes on the political map of Europe, new states will have to go through all bureaucratic procedures from the very beginning in order to gain membership in the desired EU. But this is at least several years of painful negotiations and the observance of all sorts of rules and preliminary procedures. The big question is, will the people wish, say, Scotland (as part of Britain participating in the EU), to go through it all over again? With this approach, Barroso will not only not achieve the desired effect, but will get the opposite effect. Besides, do we really need hardened separatists to the government of the future federation? So this hypothesis is falling apart like a house of cards.

According to the latest version, Mother Europe is about to fall under the cap of “supranational elites”. According to this theory, Tyurkin writes, the most influential part of the Western establishment has long been heading for the dismantling of existing states and the introduction of global governance - according to the network principle. And the Brussels bureaucracy is only a temporary tool. When she performs her task, she will be replaced by advanced management mechanisms.

In order to remove national obstacles from the path to the “brave new world”, the “elites” are pushing countries to the “right” solution with the help of man-made economic and political crises, including separatist promises.

This version needs no refutation: it is so dark. Much more into the "chaos of the dark ages" Europe will be plunged by Arabs and Africans, than some hidden "elites" will begin to reap the fruits of their efforts.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 15 February 2013 09: 03
    The wave of separatism, which at one time was raised by the political forces of the "West" led by the insolent Saxons, has now received a reverse course, that is actually the whole answer to the question of separatism in Europe. The fact that the tsunami that originated in Yugoslavia and the USSR would hit such indestructible Western European states as Great Britain (about to become a real Small Britain consisting of only England), Spain, France, Belgium and others, in the late eighties, no one thought ... and it’s how it happened, and if we add the USA, which was swaying in an attack of separatism, then we are actually observing the biblical ... and let everyone be rewarded for his deeds.
    1. Che
      Che 15 February 2013 09: 21

      All this canoe is cooked in the kitchen of Amers, all their plans are based on the separation and management of the world and its resources.
      1. avt
        avt 15 February 2013 09: 38
        Quote: Che
        All this canoe is cooked in the kitchen of Amers, all their plans are based on the separation and management of the world and its resources.

        It is. They are such "funny pictures" and drew about the USSR, right before the collapse of the hunchback.
      2. Sasha 19871987
        Sasha 19871987 15 February 2013 10: 27
        here and let them experience what we experienced during the collapse of the USSR .... plus in vain they niggaz and Arabs to themselves .... here and let them eat poop)
        1. Simon
          Simon 15 February 2013 23: 21
          And we are stepping on the same rake, the average Asians have taken over everything from us, they are buying citizenship, they are transporting their families and relatives here, and how many illegal immigrants, over 300 Wahhabis have been arrested in St. Petersburg. How many of them have spread throughout Russia. Isn't it time to close the borders for them?
      3. 755962
        755962 15 February 2013 12: 20
        Quote: Che
        all their plans are based on the separation and management of the world and its resources.

        Controlled Chaos Theory in action, or how good it is to fish in troubled waters.
      4. NORTH
        NORTH 15 February 2013 14: 49
        Divide and rule ...
    2. older
      older 15 February 2013 09: 35
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      The wave of separatism, which at one time was raised by the political forces of the "West" led by the impudent Saxons, has now received a reverse course, that is actually the whole answer to the question of separatism in Europe.
      Logically, separatism, like other ideologies, tends to spread in the neighboring states, and then around the world. Europeans, like Americans, are so used to living at the expense of others and living well that the current protracted crisis has unsettled them.
      All the same, it seems to me that the version with the fourth Reich deserves attention ... The Germans are now creating the image of a country that can withstand any cataclysm and not only not bring the allies into the abyss, but also pull them up ...
      And from here it is very close to the proclamation on the site of the wreckage of the EU Great Germany European peoples ...
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 15 February 2013 10: 56
        Quote: older
        All the same, it seems to me that the version with the fourth Reich deserves attention.

        Globalism and Germanism
        Destroy YeSism ... laughing
        It seems to me that both versions have a right to exist. Separatism and Muslim infiltration destroys the fragile mechanism of "cementing" the EU. New formations will face the need to go under the umbrella of the United States - Britain (it is not for nothing that the Britons are blackmailing the possibility of leaving the EU) or to join the construction of the 4th Reich (for example, Germany was already going to buy Greek islands for debts). It is beneficial to everyone - the United States is increasing its influence on the continent, Germany is becoming a structure-forming component of Europe, the separatists will "rule" happily, but not for long ...
    3. smprofi
      smprofi 15 February 2013 16: 22
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      raised the political forces of the "West" led by the insolent Saxons

      yes, not without their "friendly" participation.
      only, unfortunately, the grabbing generals from the USSR Ministry of Defense (somewhat later from the Russian and Ukrainian Defense Ministry) had a hand in unleashing a civil war in the SFRY (and in some parts of the Union). they simply pushed the "released" small arms, and "earned" money. although the state security of the SFRY has repeatedly addressed both officially and in a friendly way "Brothers Slavs, stop!" they were told "Yes" and another batch of barrels was sent. and in the presence of a certain mass of weapons and "increased national consciousness" why not start shooting, which led to a massacre, to a civil war and, ultimately, to collapse.
      financed this, of course, the West. here are just some non-staff forgot about duty, the oath and everything else. the main thing is the loot and the new gelding in the stall.

      Quote: Sakhalininets
      and let every man be rewarded according to his deeds

      I would like to...
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 16 February 2013 21: 09
        This is the reason for the parade of sovereignty. People, greedy and unprincipled, see sovereignty as a simple and understandable opportunity. In a large country, their number was sixteenth. And if you manage to whip up the "independent" state - oh oh oh! How much can be stolen and sold! They are always ready, they are everywhere, bureaucratic management under capitalist ethics always and everywhere gives birth to these people.
        Sovereignty means that European states have weakened below a critical limit.
        1. smprofi
          smprofi 17 February 2013 04: 29
          Quote: Mikhail3
          mean that european states have weakened

          that neither! not states weakened, but people
          and these people need not the interests of society as a whole, but their personal well-being directly. and it is here and now.
          everything else, perspective and future ... but why?
          at whose expense? ... with whose blood it will be paid for (moreover, in reality, and not in a figurative sense) - and "who" cares about it?
  2. Xtra1l
    Xtra1l 15 February 2013 09: 11
    Chechnya is unlikely to want to secede from Russia. They scare them like that, but in fact, on the contrary. their region voted most for Putin
    1. older
      older 15 February 2013 09: 38
      Quote: Xtra1l
      Chechnya is unlikely to want to secede from Russia. They scare them like that, but in fact, on the contrary. their region voted most for Putin
      And what does Chechnya have to do with it? Chechnya has fought, buried and wept ... They already realized that a small people can survive only as part of a large state ...
      But a recent article about the Great Adyghe people is just alarming
      1. ziqzaq
        ziqzaq 15 February 2013 11: 07
        Quote: older
        And what does Chechnya have to do with it? Chechnya has fought, buried and wept ... They already realized that a small nation can survive only as part of a large state ..

        That's for sure. It can be added that as part of Russia, all the small peoples have preserved their culture, their national "spirit", and compare, for example, the Eastern (GDR) and Western (FRG) Germans. East Germans retained their potential as a people, their "Teutonic" spirit, so to speak, and amers turned the West Germans either into "citizens of the world" or even made homosexuals. I read somewhere that a T-shirt with the inscription "Give us back our wall" is very popular in Germany. The conclusion, comrades members of the forum, is obvious: As soon as the big nix begins, half of the world will again look at Russia as a savior. It is necessary to prepare, however ...
        1. wasjasibirjac
          wasjasibirjac 15 February 2013 15: 45
          and the other half through the scope. Need to prepare
    2. kot11180
      kot11180 15 February 2013 13: 11
      North Ossetia is also indicated on the map, although there is no separatism and there was in principle, I am convinced once again that in the West there is a "peculiar" logic
      1. MG42
        MG42 15 February 2013 18: 01
        On the map in the topic you can see a purely European approach to the matter = Transnistria was designated as "transdnesty" winked Is Kurdistan also in Europe or is it still in Asia? North Ossetia is clearly confused there with South.
  3. Pit
    Pit 15 February 2013 09: 24
    One gets the impression that the geyropu is deliberately torn. In order to later etch the small principalities and duchies and on their ashes, to create a single city ... oh, well, or the African-Arab caliphate.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 15 February 2013 11: 49
      "Carthage must be destroyed!" let them fall apart safely, the main thing for the new alliance of Russia - Belarus-Kazakhstan not to get involved in any conflicts (military)
  4. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 15 February 2013 09: 26
    And what is indicated on the map of North Ossetia? Is going to leave Russia?
    1. avt
      avt 15 February 2013 13: 04
      Quote: Vladimirets
      And what is indicated on the map of North Ossetia? Is going to leave Russia?

      And these are their “good” Naglosak wishes. Dreams, memories of the future in the light of the collapse of the USSR. They say there is not enough blood in the Caucasus!
    2. Simon
      Simon 15 February 2013 23: 25
      Well no! Amers and Caucasians dream about this.
  5. Director
    Director 15 February 2013 09: 29
    Bottom line: the Anglo-Saxons are to blame for love angry
    1. Pit
      Pit 15 February 2013 09: 34
      Quote: director
      Anglo-Saxons are to blame

      Over the past 500 years, they are to blame for all the problems of Europe and 300 years of the entire planet. Here do not go to the grandmother.
  6. vorobey
    vorobey 15 February 2013 09: 33
    March, are you scribbling at night? good day.

    When solitaire doesn’t add up, what they usually do is mix the deck correctly and shuffle it. And each card also has two halves, if you break, you get two half decks. True, playing with such a card will not work.

    if it doesn’t work out, then the world order that you want can be shuffled by all countries, and some can be divided and then play by your own rules. moreover, society is weakened by multiculturalism and geophiles, and for separatism such soil is fertilized. If you dig deeper, then look at any country, any society has already been split. As far as I remember, after each world war the map of the world and Europe was redrawn in a new way? The society is almost ready, the script is written, it remains to strike a match.
    1. Mart
      15 February 2013 09: 35
      Quote: vorobey
      March, are you scribbling at night? good day.

      Getting up at five in the morning. Good day to you too. And vigorous.
      1. Pit
        Pit 15 February 2013 12: 49
        Quote: Mart
        Rise at five in the morning.

        That would be all right, otherwise you’re sitting until the Internet no new articles wink
  7. na76
    na76 15 February 2013 09: 40
    Quote: Xtra1l
    Chechnya hardly wants to secede from Russia

    Chechnya wants to live whatever it wants, and do not care at all (shoot and slaughter everyone), and to give more money for free, while Putin does not interfere much in this and sponsors, they will stop remembering Putin again about sponsors from Al Qaeda
  8. volcano
    volcano 15 February 2013 10: 29
    A thought that I always supported looks very good, namely
    Separatism in Europe, to put it simply, the fragmentation of states into small "specific principalities" is an extremely necessary process for people who are going to rule Europe on the principle of TNCs ... It is absolutely clear that the reduction of the state as a result of its fragmentation also reduces its power, both economic and political and military. And as a result, it allows to reduce the resistance of nations to the corporate governance of peoples and nations from above by a handful called "world government" ...
    And to this same piggy bank we add "tolerance", and this is the process of destroying the self-identification of peoples ... and there is also the recognition of homosexuals and Co., that is, the destruction of family values.
    THESE COMMODITIES want to see Europe populated by a homogeneous cattle ... without any human values ​​and national pride, without their culture and history .... Such .... biomass controlled from the outside, which needs to be devoured and copulated ... everything ... ..That's how biomass will really be easy to manage .....
    But for us the most important thing is that they also want to draw Russia into this substance ...
    But for now we are holding on ..... unlike Europe, which is blown away ....
  9. Natalia
    Natalia 15 February 2013 11: 26
    So they need it, otherwise they are only accustomed to weaving intrigues against the Slavic peoples, ruining and destroying their states (as it was with Yugoslavia) and not realizing it. A simple example:
    December 10, 2007. Here is what Russia (in the person of Lavrov) warned about:

    - The unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo may lead to a "chain reaction" in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula and beyond. This opinion was expressed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
    According to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo and the recognition of this independence can not do without consequences and may lead to various problems around the world, reports Reuters. -

    And we told them, we warned them .....

    Only one thing will save them now: From each according to his ability, Each according to his needs.
    In general, democracy is opium for the people.
  10. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 15 February 2013 12: 38
    And it would be very funny if Scotland and Ireland leave Great Britain. I wonder what will remain in terms of industry and CX? If all this happens realistically, and not in the form of idle talk, for playing with the electorate, as is now being done ...
    1. dirty trick
      dirty trick 15 February 2013 13: 25
      Quote: Geisenberg

      And it would be very funny if Scotland and Ireland leave Great Britain. I wonder what will remain in terms of industry and CX? If all this happens realistically, and not in the form of idle talk, for playing with the electorate, as is now being done ...

      I agree, it would be very funny! but let me clarify, Ireland is a separate state. The United Kingdom only includes impudently occupied Northern Ireland!
  11. Cpa
    Cpa 15 February 2013 13: 18
    The fact that Scotland wants to secede speaks of a leak of world capital from London. Judging by everything, the British authorities were preparing for this, so all the fugitive oligarchs were taken care of at home. Abramovich even has a special tax status.
    According to the state of affairs, the USA also cannot claim to be a financial capital, because the states demand autonomy, there is no money for war, the state debt is growing, the machine is printing. A furry beast is shorter there.
    My opinion is the capital of world finance will be on the African continent, for this, they started the Arab spring, so that new orders are established.
    It becomes clear the role of the states - a world club, subject to an experienced and ruthless hand. And then at least the war, those who started all this neither in Europe nor in the states will be.
    As you correctly noted above, in order for everything to work, you need to "shuffle and tear the deck"!

    Natalya, the flag is wonderful !!! good
  12. nnz226
    nnz226 15 February 2013 13: 31
    I wonder who is the author of the above map? Some of the Western "democrats" ?! So they once again demonstrated their stupidity: North Ossetia has NEVER announced any attempts to secede, it has always been for entering Russia !!! If the moron confused it with South Ossetia (since he also showed Abkhazia - they say, these are separatists in Georgia), then do not "go with a pig's snout in a Kalashny row"! if you can not tell !!! In addition, the entire "democratic" Western world has been howling for more than 4 years at a light bulb, since Russia recognized South Ossetia and Abkhazia as INDEPENDENT STATES !!! And to talk about them as about separatist regions is not comilfo, if you don't want to look like an idiot! One can not give a damn about the non-recognition of the statehood of these countries by stupid Westernizers. Where is that geyropa and americos and where is Russia geographically to these states ?!
  13. Don
    Don 15 February 2013 14: 01
    This so-called Bardot expert is not very good, if he himself compiled this map. There is, of course, separatism in Chechnya, but it does not enjoy mass support from the population there and support it from outside. North Ossetia mixed up with South. Brittany, Galicia, Andalusia, Sardinia, Corsica, Wales, South Tyrol cannot be categorized as separatists. There, the parties for independence do not have much support. With this layout, Donbass, Crimea, Transcarpathia can also be indicated on the map. Really independent or striving for independence on the map are Catalonia, Basque Country, Scotland, Abkhazia, Flanders, Kosovo, Transnistria, Nagorno-Karabakh. And Bosnian Serbs will not be allowed to create a state of double standards of the author’s home country. You can create your own state for the Croats, Kosovo Albanians also, you can create strange countries Montenegro and Bosnia, but not the Serbs.
    1. smprofi
      smprofi 15 February 2013 14: 28
      Quote: Don
      Really independent or striving for independence on the map is Catalonia

      yeah ... the guys light up not childishly!
      then one agreed that it was necessary to help the Hunhuz as guarantors of the independence of Catalonia. along with their submarines and nuclear missiles.

      (there are captions in English. the text is quite simple)
      1. Don
        Don 15 February 2013 15: 03
        Quote: smprofi
        what is needed to help call on the Hunghuz as guarantors

        What kind of hunhuza?
        1. smprofi
          smprofi 15 February 2013 16: 04
          Quote: Don
          What kind of hunhuza?

          or is such a name not known? recourse
  14. anfreezer
    anfreezer 15 February 2013 14: 08
    Well, what a patchwork quilt it turns out ... and if you look at the wiki, it’s generally Serbian institute in Geyropeisky ... it's true that we have a chamber there, but sooooo (and thank God) .. If we are seeking autonomy in Britain Yorkshire county led by the Yorkshire Driving Community belay .. in Spain simpletons from Castile want to chop off their piece under the leadership of the "Land of Commoners" party ... in France "Nicean rebels" want to rest in splendid isolation in their fertile land ... and so on, according to the list .. Soon there every farmer will declare his independence laughing
    1. stroporez
      stroporez 16 February 2013 20: 39
      yes, and "the flag in their hands" if only the hands did not give will. and there are enough patients for the brain ..................
  15. wax
    wax 15 February 2013 15: 29
    The right of nations to self-determination and separatism are sides of different medals.
    Declaration of Principles of International Law Relating to Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations
    Adopted by resolution 2625 (XXV) of the UN General Assembly of October 24, 1970
    By virtue of the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, all peoples have the right to freely determine their political status without outside interference and to carry out their economic, social and cultural development, and each state must respect this right in accordance with the provisions of the Charter.
    The creation of a sovereign and independent state, the free accession to or association with an independent state, or the establishment of any other political status freely determined by the people, are forms of exercise by this people of the right to self-determination.

    The whole trick in the words is FREE TO DETERMINE that in our time the global influence of world powers has become practically impossible.
  16. knn54
    knn54 15 February 2013 16: 24
    The reasons, of course, are many.
    1. The consequence of European policies aimed at supporting minorities (USSR, Yugoslavia). The adoption of new small states (former republics of the above states) in the EU and NATO - what is not a reason and motive for separatism?
    2. The established regions, looking at the increase in the number of non-European migrants, rightly fear the final loss of their national, cultural and religious identity. But the instinct for self-preservation may, in this regard. play a negative role.
    3. The United States is in a hurry to accept new small states into NATO, as these countries become consumers of their weapons produced by the US military-industrial complex (NATO standard). And, consolidating and fixing the fragmentation of Europe (even within the EU), contributing to separatism, the Yankees again win in economic rivalry with Europe. The main thing is to prevent further cohesion of Europe.
    4. The crisis also spurred budget-forming regions to both political and economic independence.
    5. "Bad is that bai who does not dream of becoming a khan." Often, the interests of one or another GROUP (not all people) of persons fanning the fire of nationalism in a particular province are seen. It is appropriate to give an example: "republic" is translated as "COMMON business" ... And "Cosa Nostra" is "OUR BUSINESS". Feel the difference!.
    In this regard, Germany seems an island of stability, Maybe the whole thing is about the Germans? Even Piedmont, which was taken from Austria-Hungary and given to Italy, does not seek independence, but to become part of Austria. True, there have been some creeps in Bavaria, but these are trifles: either they believe that it takes a lot of money to develop the former GDR (a big plus for Germany), or they remembered that Austria was once part of their duchy ...
    For the Russian Federation (and not only), the Church should become a unifying force (Iran, as a multinational state, made a bet on the Iranian-Shiite community for nothing). Andropov wanted to see the Representative of the USSR Minister G. Aliyev, a Muslim, as Prime Minister of the USSR, a pretty strong move. MSG ruined everything.
    And lastly, many people suggest not getting into this mess. But I think that turning Romania into Wallachia (at least territorially) would help in solving many problems.
  17. MG42
    MG42 15 February 2013 18: 20
    This proves only once that the centrifugal processes in Europe are going on, then they are not up to the expansion and acceptance of new members in the EU. Neither Ukraine nor Turkey has a bright prospect of joining there in the foreseeable future, maximum for Ukraine = agreement on a free trade zone.
    1. Nagaibak
      Nagaibak 15 February 2013 20: 40
      "This proves only one thing, that since there are centrifugal processes in Europe, they have no time for enlargement and admission of new members to the EU."
      Quite right, they swallowed more than they were able to digest.
  18. ko88
    ko88 15 February 2013 23: 30
    if in due time tsarist Russia had not conquered the Caucasus, what would life be like now? and to whom the lands of the Caucasus would go, maybe Turkey, recourse
  19. decanter
    decanter 15 February 2013 23: 34
    I must admit that the European community has outlived itself ... and Russia, in my opinion, needs to stretch its legs from the so-called international institutions and all kinds of international obligations ... or at least reconsider them ... for example, the sensational law in France on recognition of same-sex marriage - according International Hague Convention of 61 years, Russia recognizes such marriages, along with a bunch of other countries parties to this convention, and according to our family code, marriages in another country are recognized in Russia in compliance with the laws of the country marriage .. so me can certainly remember the article 14 of the UK - the obstacles to marriage but there is no such obstacle - one floor brachuyuihsya .... here's medunarodnaya cooperation - welcome ...
  20. Alexej.Taran
    Alexej.Taran 16 February 2013 00: 30
    New world order.
  21. stroporez
    stroporez 16 February 2013 20: 36
    I don’t see yesterday’s svago comment. okay, once again --- the fact that "Western civilization" little by little begins to cough up blood - I cannot but rejoice .... however, the stable part of the brain asks the same question --- if everything crumbles with them, who will have their nuclear brush in their hands ???????????
    1. Cpa
      Cpa 18 February 2013 14: 07
      Perhaps, before sinking into oblivion, they will apply the "last argument of the kings".
  22. Pere lachaise
    Pere lachaise 18 February 2013 22: 10
    One I don’t know about separatism in South Tyrol? North Ossetia mixed up with South yet) American is the same, geography laughing