Iraqi groups claimed responsibility for missile attacks on Mossad intelligence centers in Tel Aviv and Beersheba

Iraqi groups claimed responsibility for missile attacks on Mossad intelligence centers in Tel Aviv and Beersheba

Iraqi Shiite armed forces took responsibility for striking targets in two Israeli cities at once. Facilities in Beersheba and Tel Aviv were hit. The attacks were carried out by missiles. Moreover, their specific class and degree of accuracy are not reported in Israel, but Iraqi media provides specifics about the means of destruction.

Iraqi sources say that al-Arqab missiles, which are capable of hitting targets at a distance of several hundred kilometers, were used against targets in Israeli cities. For reference: the distance from Baghdad to Tel Aviv in a straight line is about 840 km. From the western regions of Iraq - about 500 km. Accordingly, it is quite possible to say that a very serious, long-range weapon.

The Chinese Xinhua agency writes about the targets of the strikes. Citing sources, it is reported that in Tel Aviv the attack was carried out on the Mossad intelligence center Glilot. In Beersheba, the Mossad facility “Abraham” also came under attack.

There is also information that an Israeli security facility was attacked in the Dead Sea area, not far from the border with Jordan.

The extent of damage to objects and possible casualties has not yet been reported.

Iraqi sources say this is a response to Israel for its bombing of the Gaza Strip.
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  1. +11
    3 May 2024 22: 14
    Normal I would like to know about the effectiveness of these strikes.
    1. -25
      3 May 2024 22: 29
      There were no hits.
      I passed Glilot today on the way to the beach.
      1. +10
        3 May 2024 23: 27
        Quote: voyaka uh
        There were no hits.

        I propose then to post photographs proving this. laughing
        1. -7
          3 May 2024 23: 39
          Quote: guest
          I propose then to post photographs proving this.

          Right on the road to 2040? , he went shopping, "Arena Mall", during working hours or to school he was called to the director. wassat
        2. +12
          4 May 2024 08: 42
          Yesterday, 23: 27
          Quote: voyaka uh
          There were no hits.

          I propose then to post photographs proving this. laughing
          ..Can't wait. This fugitive Svidomo-Jew, as always, lies more often than he breathes.
          Regarding the article, what the pro-fascist Jews fought for was what they fought for.
        3. +5
          4 May 2024 09: 27
          Voyaka's phone battery is dead. And in general, today is Shabbat - the ruins will be dismantled tomorrow. According to the Persians, all objects have been hit, and progressive pressure is being exerted on the Mossad terrorists after the attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria.
      2. -5
        3 May 2024 23: 29
        Quote: voyaka uh
        I passed Glilot today on the way to the beach.

        Shaw, and Netanyahu has not yet been arrested by the ICC? When will you announce the creation of a Palestinian state? hi
        1. +3
          4 May 2024 09: 29
          Most importantly, brother, believe! Wrap your sidelocks, put a saucepan on your head and go outside: Benya get away)))
      3. +12
        4 May 2024 00: 16
        Not yet evening! I wish you, your family and your children an experience similar to what you did with the Palestinian children. Just don’t feel like going back to Zhmerinka! Stand to the end with your fascist brothers!
        1. -13
          4 May 2024 01: 43
          "Stand to the end" ///
          Don't doubt it. good
          Israel will defeat the Islamists, and I also wish the Russians to defeat them.
          And the Jews will live in peace with the Arabs, and the Persians, and the Turks.
          At peace with all neighbors, after radical Islamism is defeated.
          And I wish the anti-Semites, as usual, good health. drinks
          1. +11
            4 May 2024 07: 38
            Blessed is he who believes! Are you trying to deceive yourself or cheat others?
            Regarding Judeophobia, it means that the “chosen ones” are not forbidden to be Islamophobes, and others shouldn’t even look askance at these Zionist fascist creatures?
            You have already lost, regardless of the results in Gaza! The whole world hates your fascist nature! We saw you in all your glory! Your citizens are already fleeing occupied Palestine; the volume of applications for EU visas has increased 5 times. With external signs you can no longer look painful anywhere in the world!

            The army also has a “furry animal”:

            23 reservists of the airborne brigade refused to appear at the disposal of the unit after receiving summonses. We are talking about soldiers who were recently demobilized from military service and were immediately called up as reservists for the same war. It is reported that all those who refused fought in Gaza from October to February.

            The reservists who refused to appear on the summons explained their decision by personal circumstances: problems with family, children, etc. The brigade leadership considered each case individually and satisfied the requests of 23 soldiers. The command reported that the unit's readiness would not be affected; the lack of military personnel would be compensated for by additional recruitment of reservists.

            However, the commander of the company to which the refuseniks were assigned took their decision seriously. The media published excerpts from his letter ( to his subordinates.

            The officer reported that the company's battle formation was far from perfect. He said that he also faced many personal problems: “I am a father. I have many friends with whom I have not communicated for six months. My wife is on the verge. The company where I worked closed because of the war,” the commander shared his troubles companies.

            "I don't do this because I like to run around with a gun. Not because I want a break from my wife. And not because I find personal satisfaction in it. I do it because I have to, because my brothers and sisters are being kidnapped and because we are in the midst of the second war of independence. We will feel your absence when we rush to save the wounded, but it will be too late,” said the paratrooper officer.

            In general, unlike you, I am by no means politically correct and not a joke! I wish to die of Zionist scum!
          2. +10
            4 May 2024 08: 51
            Live in peace with the Arabs, the Persians, and the Turks
            you can no sooner than when you return the Jewish state to the borders of 1967 in accordance with the UN resolution; when you start handing over to Interpol Jewish criminals who committed crimes in other countries; when you admit that all non-Jews are the same people as you... - in short, never!
          3. +4
            4 May 2024 09: 32
            Israel itself nurtures radical Islam, it’s too bad they don’t teach history in school. Then you would know that it is impossible to build a happy state for people only from a position of strength. You have to be able to negotiate ;)
      4. +1
        4 May 2024 00: 45
        I passed Glilot today on the way to the beach.
        And how many Palestinians did you drown this time?
    2. -1
      4 May 2024 00: 03
      Quote: Fatalist
      I would like to know about the effectiveness of these strikes.

      And about electronic warfare, and about missile defense.
      I'll remember the tanks at the airfields.
    3. -5
      4 May 2024 04: 15
      Quote: Fatalist
      I would like to know about the effectiveness of these strikes.

      Judging by the fact that there was not a hint of this event in either the American or Israeli media, it was most likely launched by Iranian groups only in the media space. Or what they launched in reality did not reach not only the targets, but also Israel, and died somewhere in Iraq or Syria. And explosions in Iraq and Syria themselves, without impressive consequences, have been nothing new for many years.
      1. +3
        4 May 2024 09: 37
        They will blame all losses on Gaza, as in the last attack by Iran. What do you want Israel to write? All objects were hit, a lot of dead and wounded - right?
  2. +8
    3 May 2024 22: 26
    Has the Iron Dome completely rusted?!
    But the Jews will predictably declare that they shot down everything.
    1. +6
      3 May 2024 22: 31
      The trick to presenting information is that you can’t understand anything!
      If an object is attacked, it does not mean at all that the missile hit it. M.b. it was simply aimed at him, but was hit on the way. There was an attack! laughing Was it shot down on the third kilometer of the flight or on the two hundredth? laughing
      1. -1
        3 May 2024 23: 12
        Well, is it only them?
        What do you think of this formulation? “all targets were hit” - what does this mean? That's it, no goals?
        What then does the wording “targets destroyed” mean?
        A play on words, or in simple terms - verbiage
        1. +3
          4 May 2024 09: 01
          The target is hit, which means it was hit. And the target is destroyed, which means that the target no longer exists. But to hit and destroy are slightly different things))
      2. 0
        4 May 2024 00: 20
        The final result is not important, media exposure is important! The Zionists will live in constant fear, never moving far from their rat holes. Sow fear among the occupiers! Otherwise they have relaxed and are bombing defenseless populations with impunity. Let them now also feel on their own skin what it’s like to live under bombs.
  3. -4
    3 May 2024 22: 32
    They haven't started yet! stop
  4. +11
    3 May 2024 22: 37
    Let me remind you that Saddam’s army managed to hit American barracks in Saudi Arabia and Israel several times.
  5. +2
    4 May 2024 00: 14
    Well done! Kill this fascist infection!
  6. -7
    4 May 2024 00: 25
    "Attaken" is cool.
    As I remember, an airfield measuring 3x5 km was attacked by 10 missiles - and the area was hit.
    It should be based on the result, not the intention.
  7. +6
    4 May 2024 00: 32
    It seems that the time for delivering unanswered strikes is over for Israel, and now, before striking at selected targets for no apparent reason, the Jews need to think about what this will entail in the near future.
    Whatever one may say, there are only two possible options for coexistence - either a war of annihilation, or a consensus of “tolerance”, taking into account the achieved parity of capabilities. The Jews will no longer be able to fool around like before.
    1. +1
      5 May 2024 23: 16
      Why did 4 Zionists downvote? This is just a statement of fact! Objective reality!
  8. +8
    4 May 2024 07: 21
    Once they say it, it means there is a result. A miracle is nearby, the Zionist invaders are not respected and are shown where their place is. (On the parachute)
  9. +1
    4 May 2024 21: 41
    Quote: voyaka uh
    There were no hits.
    I passed Glilot today on the way to the beach.

    Have you been to Gaza?
    There, your fellow tribesmen killed more than 45 civilians, of which about 000 were children.
    But the Zionists are confident that all the dead Palestinians wanted to carry out the Holocaust, especially the children.

    The Netanyahu Zionist regime must be dismantled.
    How many of his minions die does not matter.

    "The forest is being cut down..."
  10. 0
    9 May 2024 00: 52
    No matter how much you hit Israel, nothing will come of it if the United States is behind them. The Arabs need to organize a great revolution in Latin America, all in Mexico, if they don’t let them in, then in Nicaragua or with their neighbors. Let's strike at the underbelly of US capitalism. The Palestinians are already lighting up US universities, even if they weren’t caught so they could make their own missiles. In Palestine, they made rockets from simple pipes and shit. And in the USA they will find something to make rockets from, the main thing is that they don’t overfish and they at least managed to pass on the experience of fighting to the people of the USA, they are also ideological and do not fight for money and know how to making weapons out of nothing It’s time to stop sitting on the defensive, we need to strike an information blow on the USA, as the hero Prigozhin did with his 300 Spartans via the Internet, helped Trump become president of the USA and almost started a revolution in the USA. The USA is already becoming a country of multinational slaves and adventurers who do not fit into US society and do not become active US citizens. People come to the USA not to work for the USA, but to get freebies from the USA. And the USA is raining (anarchy is the mother of order), turning black and Islamizing, displacing the white population. Islam is organizing terrorist attacks and unrest in the USA, now there is unrest in US universities Medvedev wished the USA to plunge into a civil war, but not like the one between North and South, but with all the latest technologies: tanks, missiles and airplanes. And such a war will lead to the collapse of the “evil empire,” concluded Dmitry Medvedev. There is no better way to punch the United States in the nose than through Mexico; there are millions of emigrants there on the US border. There, at least open an entertainment radio station in Spanish and brainwash them so that every car radio on the border drips onto their brains, destroy the USA, I’m not saying give them weapons for a breakthrough. Maybe Iran and the Palestinians will think of sending the Mujahideen to these emigrants who make missiles out of shit. The main thing is to work with the Mexican guerrillas, millions of refugees have accumulated on the Mexico-US border, there is such a mess there, everything can be taken out. Mexico has ports on the Pacific Ocean. In general, we need to open offices in the Caribbean region and transport electronics from there, especially where there are ports on the Pacific Ocean and ships are easier to hire there, and stuffing them with weapons is the best blow to the underbelly of the United States, like Ukraine on the US border, you don’t even need missiles, more machine guns AK. Just imagine the level of chaos they have in the subway, in the Big Apple, if they have to use the National Guard. TROOPS HAVE BEEN ENTERED INTO NEW YORK !!!! Since American law enforcement officers are no longer able to cope with the growing crime, they have to patrol In the New York subway, local National Guard troops were sent to support the police. Law enforcement officers performing their duties in the metro are no longer able to cope with the increase in serious offenses without the support of paramilitary units. The decision to send National Guardsmen subordinate to the state administration to help the police was announced at a press conference by New York Governor Kate Hochul.
    We need to supply weapons to the Mexican and Husidian partisans. We need to act faster and start at least a proxy war on the US border, none of our agitators and media want to work in Spanish, and delaying death is like death for Russia, we need to involve not only Mexico, Cuba , Nicaragua and Venezuela to establish information centers there, to do as the United States works on our borders, pitting our neighbors against each other. URGENTLY NEED A NEW CHE GUEVARA. Iran and the Palestinians need to be explained that they also need to work in Mexico