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Psychotronic weapons: development and application


Psychotronics are commonly referred to as science, which studies the mechanisms of informational connections, the regulation and management of the psyche, physiology and energy of a person. This science is based on the statement that the basis of the development of the human body are various kinds of information processes - planetary, cosmic, cellular, bioplasmic, molecular, vacuum, quantum.

In 1921, a special committee on the effects at a distance on biological objects was created in the structure of the Cheka. And it was the development of this department that formed the basis of psychotropic and psychotronic technologies, which aroused great interest among many Russian scientists: Vernadsky, Pavlov, Dzerzhinsky, Kazhinsky. According to Candidate of Technical Sciences V. Slepukh, D. Looney and Dzerzhinsky's daughter Margarita Taurus were at the origins of the development of methods of brain influence in the USSR. The focus of these techniques was on the use of psychotropic drugs based on synthetic and natural drugs.

One of the most prominent representatives of the academic world who dealt with the problems of influencing the human brain was Bernard Bernardovich Kazhinsky. A very strange thing happened to him in his youth история. When a young scientist lived in the Caucasus, his friend, who became ill with typhoid fever, lived nearby. One night, Kazhinsky heard a ringing sound, like a silver spoon hitting the edge of a glass. At first, he did not attach any importance to this, but when the next day he went to visit a friend, it turned out that he was dead, and this happened at the very time when Kazhinsky heard a silver ring. Moreover, near the bed of the deceased he saw a glass and a silver spoon in it. And since the scientist did not believe in superstition, he decided to understand how he managed to hear this sound at a sufficiently long distance. At this time, he comes up with the idea that the human body is in fact a big radio station. The brain at the same time performs the functions of a transmitter and receiver. When a person thinks, it emits electromagnetic waves that can be received at a distance by another person. Thus, according to the scientist, this is the essence of reading thoughts at a distance. To prove the correctness of his assumptions, Kazhinsky began to study scientific works on the physiology of the nervous system of animals and humans. Kazhinsky based his reasoning on the physics and mechanics of A.Popov (the inventor of the radio), intending with the help of medicine to find in the human body (or, more precisely, in his nervous system) those elements that would perform functions identical to radio receivers and radio transmitters. So, in particular, he was able to imagine that the spiral nerve convolutions are self-induction coils, and Krause cones (nerve bodies) are antenna frames. Moreover, he also claimed that it is possible to find elements in the body that serve as detectors, amplifiers, generators and capacitors.

In the 20-ies, Kazhinsky moved to Moscow and already lectured on biological radio communications. His theory was accepted everywhere with great interest and approval, and a large number of young people always attended the lectures and reports. In 1922, Kazhinsky made a report at the All-Russian Congress of the Association of Naturalists, at the request of which the scientist received permission to work in the laboratory of A.L. Leontovich, who specialized in studying the physiology of nerve tissues.

With the active support of the chairman of the Association of Naturalists A. Modestov, Kazhinsky in the course of his research made sure that the human nervous system is indeed very similar to the radio circuit. Soon, he created a device that could pick up radio waves emitted by the brain, which was called the "electromagnetic microscope." However, the scientist failed to achieve high sensitivity of the device, because there was not enough knowledge in this area.

In the same year, he proposed a scheme for a device that was able to reproduce brain impulses, turning them into a sound signal, and transmit them over long distances. The author called his invention “Brain Radio”. The research results were published in the press. This immediately caused a great resonance in the world - several foreign universities invited Kazhinsky to give lectures. Thus, during the whole year the Soviet scientist traveled to lectures on Europe and America. And in 1924, the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR recognized the results of his research as promising, and also allowed practical experiments.

By that time, such hypotheses began to appear abroad. In European countries, from time to time, experiments were conducted aimed at studying the electromagnetic radiation of the human body. So, for example, in Germany, Schumann and Sauerbruck recorded an electromagnetic low-frequency field, which arose with the contraction of human and animal muscles. In Italy, a professor at the University of Milan, a psychiatrist Ferdinando Cazzamali, took over the possibilities and nature of transmitting thoughts at a distance, at whose disposal were expensive and complex instruments. Moreover, under his leadership many radio engineers worked. According to the scientist himself, during the time of the research (1923-1954) he was able to identify the brain waves of a person who was thinking intensely. The length of these waves reached approximately 10-100 meters, and the signal was all the more powerful the stronger the brain was loaded. The Italian spent the researches in specially equipped lead chamber. It was placed mentally ill, whose brains were hypnotized to a high degree of tension. The electromagnetic background inside the room, which gradually increased, was measured by a scientist using a special device that looked like a telephone receiver. According to the scientist, the noise in this device was constantly changing, and when the emotions became more intense, they turned into a whistle and even to a certain degree resembled the sounds of a violin. In the event that the test subjects were in a state of depression, apathy or depression, then the signals were very weak or did not appear at all.

Kazhinsky could not boast of conducting such experiments with the mentally ill, so he could neither confirm nor deny the conclusions of the Italian scientist. At the same time, it should be noted that he took part in equally interesting experiments that confirmed the hypothesis about the possibility of transmitting thoughts at a distance, that is, the theory of “brain radio”. The leader of the experiments was V. Durov, a well-known animal trainer and zoopsychologist, who stood at the head of the “reflex factory” - a zoopsychological laboratory that worked in Moscow in the early 10th century of the last century. Famous psychologists and psychiatrists, in particular V. Bekhterev, were involved in animal experiments. Durov managed to achieve certain results in the field of mental suggestion of complex tasks to animals, which often performed them correctly.

Kazhinsky, taking part in these experiments, published a small brochure in 1923, which was called "Transmission of thoughts". In it, the author claimed that mastering the theory of "brain radio" and solving the essence of telepathy could change a person's life. Later, before his death, in 1962, Kazhinsky wrote her one book, Biological Radio Communication, in which he tried to explain the nature of this phenomenon by analyzing the practice of yogis, the radio communication of insects and animals, memory as a kind of hysteresis, and "line of sight." It should be noted that the views of Kazhinsky on the "rays of sight" are of great interest. The scientist, who was convinced that "everywhere electricity," argued that electrical processes occur within the retina that can be caught by the back of the head. At the same time, a special role was assigned to the epiphysis, the pineal gland, which, according to the scientist, is the rudiment of the third eye. And studies of the structure of the eye allowed him to make the assumption that the eye not only sees, but is also able to emit electromagnetic waves into space, which at a distance can affect people, affecting their behavior, forcing certain actions, causing certain emotions, thoughts and images.

In addition, Kazhinsky described experiments on irritation of the eyes with intermittent, flickering and continuous light, the results of which were noted in the near future by the Chekists, torturing their victims with light.

It is quite obvious that the intelligence services became interested in the inventions of Kazhinsky, in particular, his “brain radio”. In 1928, he was summoned to the GPU; after visiting the scientist in the Lubyanka, no one has ever seen him again. However, research in this direction has not been discontinued. They were engaged in 30-ies by other scientists who did not have such strict moral principles, who even conducted several experiments on prisoners. Later, the invention was classified and sent to a special archive until better times.

At this time, the most significant results in the field of psychotronic technologies and people management achieved in Germany. There, in the 1933 year, one of the most unusual official organizations of the Third Reich - “Anenerbe” was created. The organization was headed by SS Colonel Wolfram von Sievers. At the beginning of 1939, the organization “Anenerbe” was incorporated into the SS along with all societies and institutions. Germany spent enormous amounts of money on research at Anenerbe. The organization had special intelligence groups that were engaged in collecting information on scientific schools around the world in the field of psychotronic technologies in order to create a fundamentally new super-weapon. At the beginning of the 40-s, Germany became the leading scientific center in the world for studying the reserve capabilities of human physiology and psyche. The country was the only in the world Institute of Psychology. In addition, the author of the concept of psychic self-regulation, hypnologist and hypnologist Johann Schulz, worked in Germany.

The basis of its system, formed in 1932 year in auto-training, the purpose of which was to open and use the reserves of the human body, Schulz put the hypothesis of the French scientist Coue. The essence of Coue's hypothesis was the unusual action of words that are repeated many times. In addition, Schulz used the discovery of the American scientist Jacobson on psychophysical specific effects, as well as the Tibetan, Indian and Chinese teachings about unusual mental and physical phenomena, obtained with the help of specially altered states of consciousness. Schultz called his system a “new autohypnosis system” or “autogenic training.” At the end of the Second World War, all the secret development of Germany fell into the hands of the winners - engineering and rocket - to the Americans, psycho-physiological - to the Soviet Union.

Both the USSR and the USA wanted to get absolute control over human consciousness in order to be able to control people regardless of their desire and will. Thus, the idea was formulated before scientists, and they began to implement it. Soviet special services saw in the psychotronic weapons new trump card in political games. A little later, the project to create such psychotronic technologies in the world was called "Non-lethal weapons."

The Americans, meanwhile, were examining archives in which they managed to find certain information about secret Gestapo and NKVD studies on the effect of ultrasound on prisoners, some medical reports and technical documentation. A group of American scientists led by Erwin Cameron, a professor of psychiatry. His career went uphill after meeting in A. Dulles. Dulles wanted to have equipment with which he could influence the human psyche, establish total control over consciousness, control the behavior and physical condition of the enemy. Soon Cameron offered him a project called “Pure Brain”.

It is noteworthy, but in the Soviet Union a similar program was developed, which was called “Radio Son”. The Soviet project was based on Kazhinsky’s “Brain Radio”. In addition to the drawings found in the special archives, the Soviet intelligence was able to recruit one of the scientists from Cameron's laboratory, promising to pay a large card debt.

The equipment developed for the RadioSon project was carried out by a specially created joint division of the Ministry of Health and the KGB.

The laboratory received a very interesting name - PION (that is, psychological research of a special purpose). Among the scientists there were two groups: Pioneers and Pioneers. Some advocated spraying hallucinogens and the spread of psychotropic substances in the rear, others insisted on the need to develop a powerful radiator. As a result, the last word turned out to be for the PIONEERS, who were in favor of the emitter - a kind of modernized version of “brain radio”, which looks very much like a radio transmitter equipped with an antenna.

Tests of new equipment were carried out near Novosibirsk, at a military training ground. During the test, a company of soldiers consisting of an 145 man fell asleep in an instant.

All documentation on the RadioSon project was in 1957 year, as a result of political intrigues, was transferred from the KGB to the archives of the Main Intelligence Agency. And since that time all information on psychotronic weapons has been recognized as secret. In addition, everything was taken to ensure that no one even stuttered about brain weapons. In July, a joint order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health issued 1958, according to which everyone who talks about brain exposure or psychotronic weapons must be isolated in special institutions with compulsory treatment.

As for the American project, it was also not successful. Initially, the experiments were carried out on alcoholics and homeless people. But for more complex experiments, healthy people were needed. This required volunteers. However, the experiment ended with terrible results: more than a dozen perfectly healthy people ended up in mental hospitals after a week of experiments. And a week later, the 8 man died. An investigation began, which resulted in the closure of the Pure Brain project.

With regard to the present period of time, it is considered that the development of psychotronic weapons in the world are not conducted. However, in reality, the situation is completely different. So, for example, a year ago a list of "non-lethal" weapons, developed by the Pentagon, appeared on the Internet. Moreover, this list contains both existing weapons and advanced developments. The list on more than one hundred pages describes in detail all the characteristics of each type of weapon, the possible consequences if it is used. Among the weapons on the list are heat rays, lasers, and sound wave emitters, which are used to control a mob, temporarily paralyze enemy activities and create disruptions in enemy equipment.

The development of a psychotronic weapon in America is carried out by a department specially created at the Pentagon - the Joint Directorate of Nonlethal Weapons, which was established in 1996. The main control task was announced to find ways to achieve victory over the enemy without explosions and firing.

It should be noted that the administration has repeatedly succumbed to sharp criticism for spending huge amounts of money on projects that were never implemented. According to the data published in 2009, none of the 50 projects developed by the management was implemented. However, the organization exists to date and is still well funded ...

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  1. Frigate
    Frigate 14 February 2013 08: 57
    If we discard the entire COMEDY about psychotronicity on the Internet, then logic will tell us that perhaps this can affect a person. After all, a person is a biological machine, his mood, mind, thinking depend on various concentrations of certain hormones.

    This knowledge is likely to be possessed by the leaders of various sects for a certain impact. Most likely, information can probably act on the brain, and the brain will open or close certain "channels"

    Nothing mystical, probably there is even a hormone of credulity, as many acquaintances observed how gypsies could hypnotize, although the person is usually adequate.
    1. psdf
      psdf 14 February 2013 12: 45
      In all sects there are specific diets, the use of various drugs / medicines ...
      And then their followers talk about their strength of mind ... (and the effect on depleted poisoned organisms).
    2. ikrut
      ikrut 14 February 2013 18: 00
      Quote: Frigate
      a person is a biological machine, his mood, mind, thinking depend on various concentrations of certain hormones.

      This is just one of many assumptions. And we still do not know how to figure out how this machine "works".
      Director of the Institute of the Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician Natalya Bekhtereva devoted her whole life to studying the brain. Before her death, she admitted that she did not know anything about the brain. And, by the way, she "believed" in "prophetic dreams" and life after death.
      So, the profane materialistic worldview (that is, "nothing mystical") does not even give the opportunity to even judge the mechanisms of the brain. We can only observe how the brain reacts to certain influences. This is about the same if a modern television were given to scientists from the 18th century who had no idea about radio waves. They would confidently assert that this device has elements that independently, within themselves, somehow form an image and sound. Well, in your opinion - "hormones". You shouldn't be like that. IMHO.
      And a few more words about psychedelics in religion. People have long noticed the effect of certain substances on the state of human consciousness. And they knew how to find those who EXPANDED this consciousness. These include, for example, the "haoma" among the Zoroaster. Read the hymns of the Avesta and you will find many interesting things about it. Zoroastrians revered Haoma no worse than Ahura Mazda himself. The secret of its manufacture is lost today. Something similar was in ancient times and among the Hindus. was called - "soma". The secrets of manufacturing and use are also lost in time. There were only speculations.
      Something similar was found in the already modern experiments with LSD by American scientists - Jung and Grof. However, experiments with LSD were banned (drug) and the same was obtained by the methods of the so-called. "holotropic breathing" - no chemistry. There are some very interesting books on this subject. And here's the fun part. These researchers DO NOT tend to think of the human brain as a "biological machine." And they do not deny at all what some call "mysticism" in everyday life. Pts. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with special literature on this subject, so as not to fall into ridiculous illusions.
    3. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 14 February 2013 19: 25
      True, chemical regulation in the body works. And just as the author rightly writes, the electric one also works. By grabbing it with external emitters and receivers, you can certainly get results. Regarding sects ... all the techniques used by their leaders are as simple as three rubles and easily accessible to anyone who can read and learn a textbook on psychiatry. There are no secrets there, because any secret in the field of managing people is much more expensive than platinum and any diamonds. They will torture, kill and not ask for a name ... sect leaders love power over weak people too much to crawl into secrets.
      1. Botanologist
        Botanologist 14 February 2013 19: 41
        hormones are chemical regulators. The article is about another - the development of physical effects such as infrasound, rhythmic irradiation, etc. Naturally, they are being developed. The main thing here is not to overdo it - the brain is a thin thing, it can burn out at the moment.
      2. lapo32
        lapo32 26 December 2013 18: 25
        The author confuses, psychotronic weapons and non-lethal, ultrasound, microwave ... this is the place to be
    4. texnar
      texnar 15 February 2013 21: 41
      What other harmonies are you, a specific expert on this topic, (most likely, you can probably) so many unspecific words. You either say exactly the substance, or do not flood in the comments.
  2. avt
    avt 14 February 2013 09: 32
    Quote: Frigate
    If we discard the entire COMEDY about psychotronicity on the Internet, then logic will tell us that perhaps this can affect a person. After all, a person is a biological machine, his mood, mind, thinking depend on various concentrations of certain hormones.

    This knowledge is likely to be possessed by the leaders of various sects for a certain impact. Most likely, information can probably act on the brain, and the brain will open or close certain "channels"

    The topic is rather slippery and of course the author couldn’t even partially reveal it. Regarding sects, I’ll say so, individual elements can be worked out independently of the whole, and anything else can be used as an instrument. For example, with buttons, batteries and screens, small and large. Everything is developing and improving.
  3. Alikovo
    Alikovo 14 February 2013 10: 06
    Russia also seems to be developing this weapon
  4. Volkhov
    Volkhov 14 February 2013 11: 43
    The most famous example is the mausoleum. A classic group of horn antennas aimed at the crowd, while the Politburo in its trench is below the beam. The imperishable lies in the resonance chamber - as a sample for projection.
    1. El13
      El13 14 February 2013 16: 04
      a joint order was issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health, according to which everyone who talks about brain effects or psychotronic weapons should be isolated in special institutions with compulsory treatment.

      And no one canceled the order together ... wait, they will come soon for you. love
      1. Uruska
        Uruska 15 February 2013 14: 50
        You can calm down - the order is canceled! Ah, there are no experiments on people! Doctors just say right away that you have hallucinosis, now we are injecting pricks ...
        1. lapo32
          lapo32 26 December 2013 18: 58
          Doctors say nothing, they just prick, and they do it right
    2. lapo32
      lapo32 26 December 2013 18: 28
      Foolish foolish nonsense belay
  5. fenix57
    fenix57 14 February 2013 11: 54
    A serious article is a serious topic, ++ all this will be in the future. For that time it will be cheap and serious. The human ear hears sounds in the range from 16 to 20 Hz, and we don’t know what is below this threshold.
    1. El13
      El13 14 February 2013 16: 02
      I will "you" (well, those who do not know), I will reveal a secret - below this threshold lies infrasound, only t-sss ... feel
      1. AlNikolaich
        AlNikolaich 15 February 2013 00: 29
        What a nightmare!!! A higher ultrasound!
        Just some kind of horror ...
    2. El13
      El13 15 February 2013 02: 17
      But if we drop the jokes, then the infrasound is well studied and even used as an experimental weapon. If infrasound coincides with the alpha rhythm of the brain (about 8 Hz), it can lead a person to indescribable horror and cause panic, and even at high intensity (about 120 dB), destroy the brain. Tanks turn over some samples of emitters.
      1. OATS
        OATS 15 February 2013 18: 39
        . I turn over some samples of the emitters. And where are the samples? and classified? and everyone knows the military secret!
    3. Uruska
      Uruska 15 February 2013 14: 51
      In this case, a person does not hear with his ear. Have you heard about the audio effect?
  6. Sunscorpion
    Sunscorpion 15 February 2013 01: 52
    ... Note that the management has repeatedly succumbed to sharp criticism for spending huge amounts of money on projects that have never been implemented. According to data published in 2009, of the 50 projects whose development was dealt with by management, not one was implemented. However, the organization exists to date and is still well funded ...
    This can be in two cases:
    1. Nekhilo sawing the budget and engaged in fraud to customers, as an option to share with whom it is necessary.
    2. They have serious results, but it’s better to have a trump card in your pocket than to measure pip ... kami to the public.
    After all, no idiots are sitting there.
  7. Rds12
    Rds12 15 February 2013 02: 30

    and you have to go in for sports
    1. international
      international 10 February 2014 14: 46
      Right! As a specialist in biology, I confirm and welcome this! But modern means of obtaining information (in the form of the Internet, for example) also cannot be avoided. Therefore, everyone, especially children, needs to "learn, learn and learn" to live in this world. And be able to stay healthy. By the way, the slogan above the train station in Simferopol "Everyone's health is everyone's wealth" sounds oh so important in modern society.
  8. Uruska
    Uruska 15 February 2013 14: 43
    In addition, everything was done so that no one would even stutter about brain weapons.

    Awesome article! True! There are witnesses that such experiments are still being conducted in Russia! This is what we need to fear. Total control over the mind!
  9. OATS
    OATS 15 February 2013 18: 34
    If you are very frightened and you make up your pants, then this is ------ psychophysiological effect on a living object. And if you turn on some tidy (unknown to science) and euthanize a company of soldiers near Novosibirsk (by the way, they WAKE THEM) then this is called --- psychotronic brain-acting weapon! But the most effective of course is the sound (NOT ultra, not AUDI EFFECT) just the sound! For instance; air bombs, mines, helicopters, (I'm silent about the city) ---- the psychological impact is much stronger than fairy tales about the antenna to damage the brain and cells of the body.
    1. Uruska
      Uruska 15 February 2013 21: 50
      I put it to you minus. After all, the soldiers are dying. And so you can endlessly bazaar. And here is ultrasound, here are other technologies. If you yourself do not fall under this. Watch the video PSITERROR called. You even have a nickname ZABAva.
  10. Tossa
    Tossa 17 December 2013 20: 07
    I am looking for like-minded people to expose and provide operators for human trial. My phone is +79610165431