Our troops raised the Russian flag over Ocheretino

Our troops raised the Russian flag over Ocheretino

Russian troops consolidate their success to the northwest of the previously liberated Avdeevka. Having defeated the enemy in the area of ​​the Ocheretinsky transport hub and occupied the southern part of this urban settlement, today fighters of the Russian Armed Forces forced the enemy to retreat from the populated area.

To date, our guys have hoisted the flag of the Russian Federation over a building in the center of Ocheretino, which actually indicates its liberation from the Kyiv occupation. In the northern part of the village, local battles continue, and efforts are underway to clear out the remaining enemy units. In general, for the Ukrainian Armed Forces the situation is such that control over the village of Ocheretino has in fact been lost.

Success in Ocheretino made it possible to create a situation for the enemy remaining in the western part of Berdychi in which any of his actions there would be associated with defeat. Retreating to the west from Berdychi for the Ukrainian Armed Forces is fraught with coming under heavy fire from our troops both from Semyonovka and from the same Ocheretino. Advancement to the north may even lead to the encirclement of the remnants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The liberation of Ocheretino may allow the completion of the phase of the operation to liberate a number of other settlements in this direction, including Novokalinovo and Keramik.
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  1. +14
    April 22 2024 19: 45
    Well done - good progress! It’s not for nothing that they started moving, it’s okay, if necessary, we’ll dispose of them!
    1. +5
      April 22 2024 20: 13
      Well done, if only they don’t cut them off, this is a breakthrough, on the left Berdychi, which ours haven’t yet reached, on the right, Krasnogorovka, which they just took, and Ocheretino has already stretched 6 km deep into the pigs’ defense, it’s dangerous if you don’t expand the breakthrough zone at the same time further advance beyond Ocheretino, then it will be bad; supplying troops along the gut 1-1.5 km wide will not work normally, however
      1. +5
        April 22 2024 20: 43
        Well done, if only they didn't cut them off

        Apparently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have no reserves in this direction. That’s why our people are not afraid. Now they will expand the breakthrough to the south and gain a foothold.
        1. +3
          April 22 2024 20: 47
          Previously, the battered 47th brigade was abandoned near Ocheretino for sure, there are some reserves in any case, I hope we will have a breakthrough and access to operational space, surrounded by a couple of large units of pigs
    2. +3
      April 22 2024 22: 08
      Quote: vasyliy1
      No wonder NATO began to stir

      You move when an awl is stuck in your butt.
      Again Vietnam, again Afghanistan.
      A piston in the ass of the can.
  2. +9
    April 22 2024 19: 49
    Well done! Very good news! Good luck to the fighters and minimal losses.
  3. +5
    April 22 2024 19: 54
    The special forces archangels just broke the news. Well done, guys.
  4. +3
    April 22 2024 20: 01
    The Taras quickly escaped from there! Apparently, they angered our boys well))
    We must drive further until the forelocks come to their senses.
    1. +3
      April 22 2024 20: 21
      this is the 3rd line, if you count from Avdeevka, it’s too early to rejoice, show restrained optimism that everything is going according to the plan of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, but the pigs can now cut off Ocheretino with converging blows from Berdych and Novokalinovo, I hope the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces is still going according to plan
      1. +1
        April 22 2024 20: 58
        There is a feeling that there is simply nothing for them to cling to. They roll back, further and further. In these villages there is no particular place to establish a foothold. I think this retreat will continue until the Slavyansko-Kramatorsk UR. There, the taras were strengthened for many years and poured into concrete.
  5. +5
    April 22 2024 20: 19
    It is necessary to somehow liberate New York and immediately rename it in time for the elections of the American convicts. Indicative!
  6. 0
    April 23 2024 14: 29
    Beat the enemy and return safe and sound!!!
  7. 0
    April 24 2024 20: 16
    Ukrainian front line shows signs of destruction