Iranian commander: The operation showed that Israel's defense against our weapons is weaker than a spider's web

Iranian commander: The operation showed that Israel's defense against our weapons is weaker than a spider's web

Iranian General K. Heydari commented on the recent Operation True Promise carried out against Israel. According to a senior Iranian military commander and commander of the country's ground forces, Iran's retaliatory strike mainly showed "how vulnerable the regime in Israel is."


We have shown that no hostile act against Iran will go unpunished.

At the same time, the commander of the Iranian ground forces stated that the operation against Israel was carried out at the request of the Iranian people, who “cannot tolerate lawlessness and endless violation of international law.”


Our operation showed that the Israeli regime's defensive measures against our weapons weaker than a web. And these spiders believed that they really had everything under control and were invulnerable. Now they know that this is not at all true.

According to the Iranian general, the “era of raids and lawlessness” is now over. He added that Iran's ground forces have received modern weapons, many of which operate using artificial intelligence.

Today Iran will host military parades dedicated to National Army Day.

Let us recall that the United States, Britain, France, Jordan and a number of other countries helped Israel repel the Iranian attack.
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  1. +5
    April 17 2024 06: 27
    Well, now there will be a lot of mutually exclusive statements on both sides: the Persians will say that they attacked the Israelis and Israel is not doing so well with air defense, Israel will respond in response by claiming that all Persian missiles and drones were shot down and the damage is insignificant.... In general, everything is as usual - each side "defeated the enemy." laughing
    1. -10
      April 17 2024 07: 28
      If Israel's defenses are so bad, what prevented Iran from realizing its main dream of destroying its enemy?
      1. +7
        April 17 2024 07: 30
        Nobody was going to destroy anyone - everyone had to “save face.”
        1. 0
          April 17 2024 10: 09
          This is a fresh idea. What does the concept of “saving face” mean for Iran?
          1. 0
            April 17 2024 10: 13
            Iran publicly promised to beat Israel for its embassy - Iran fulfilled its promise.
            It means “saving face.”
            1. -1
              April 17 2024 16: 25
              In fact, the same Iran, for many, many years, has stated that its goal is the destruction of the state of Israel. So the question, why they didn’t hit him in such a way as to grind him into powder at once, is not an idle one. But in the current realities, yes, just to save face...
    2. 0
      April 17 2024 10: 47
      This cannot be hidden at all; the footage of the entire video shows how the hit targets explode.
  2. -7
    April 17 2024 06: 28
    Interesting, did they take master classes on drawing with red felt-tip pens from our Lavrov? Or did he sell them a year's supply of these devices at a fabulous price?
    1. +5
      April 17 2024 06: 31
      So far, no one has managed to surpass our DAM in this aspect......
      He's so menacing that it's scary. He's probably afraid of himself at night. lol
  3. -6
    April 17 2024 06: 41

    Here's an alternative point of view, and it looks more realistic.
    1. +10
      April 17 2024 06: 48
      Fox New... smile.. well, a very respected source.
    2. +1
      April 17 2024 07: 16
      Quote: Nagan
      and it looks more realistic.

      Yes, just as “noisy” as the Iranian one. Each side advertises its own: some - weapons, others - determination. Israel and its allies demonstrated excellent air defense performance. You'll be jealous! What if we imagine that Iran doesn’t warn anyone three days in advance, increases the number of attacking missiles and drones, and not all allies arrive in time? I think Israel will modernize its air defense/missile defense based on just such a possible scenario. And he is unlikely to be euphoric when considering such an opportunity.
  4. +2
    April 17 2024 06: 43
    “Our operation showed that the Israeli regime’s defensive measures against our weapons are weaker than a spider’s web.”

    - “Dizziness from success”, you have to be more modest...
    1. -5
      April 17 2024 07: 00
      Apart from media self-promotion and the population reassured by the “powerful response to the aggressor,” were there any successes?
      Palestinians: We burned several tanks
      Yemenis: we turned them several ships
      Official Iran: we spent a night of fireworks...
  5. -1
    April 17 2024 06: 50
    Lavrov taught everyone to draw with a red felt-tip pen...both Persians and Jews. smile
  6. +2
    April 17 2024 06: 50
    It’s too early to brag... Yes
    1. -1
      April 17 2024 07: 08
      Depends on whether this was a one-time show event as a result of some kind of agreement with Israeli vassals/allies, or after a circus event from the officials, a real one from a proxy will follow.
      We will find out in the coming weeks: if Israel launches depth bombing at Iran’s nuclear development centers, the vassals/allies will impose a bunch more sanctions, and the “rebels” will have a sea of ​​new weapons - then there was no agreement.
  7. +2
    April 17 2024 07: 52
    Iranian commander: The operation showed that Israel's defense against our weapons is weaker than a spider's web
    . Self-praising speeches did no good to anyone.
    Israel is an outpost of Western capitalism in the Middle East and they will be forced to support it in a critical situation.
    How will it all end, who knows???
  8. -2
    April 17 2024 08: 35
    The Iranian general is clearly a bad student in biology if he believes that the web is not a durable material.
  9. +1
    April 17 2024 09: 59
    I really want to believe that Iran will also be helped to repel attacks.
    Only the unification of the forces of good against the forces of evil can change the course of history.

    Russia, China, North Korea and Iran must defend together.
    1. 0
      April 17 2024 13: 23
      For fun, I recommend reading Iranian newspapers (official) and the unpleasant things that they regularly write about Russia. Iran is a situational ally of Russia, but on a number of topics it is a direct competitor
      1. 0
        April 17 2024 19: 16
        Somehow it didn’t work out for me with Iranian languages. So I won't be able to read it.
  10. +1
    April 17 2024 14: 05
    In principle, in general, hits on Israel with the involvement of allies and warning in advance are such a wake-up call. Obviously it could be worse if it comes to a serious escalation.
  11. +1
    April 17 2024 15: 28
    The most valuable thing is that Iran’s ballistic missiles are able to overcome the air defense of the Jews.
  12. 0
    April 17 2024 21: 31
    That's exactly what we noticed laughing -no more Israel