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Separate guards of the orders of Suvorov and Alexander Nevsky, the Bialystok brigade of the Baltic Marine Corps, are considered to be the leading formations among the coastal units of the Russian Navy fleetwho celebrated her 68th birthday this year. Today this illustrious compound sums up the results of the next academic year, during which the team successfully completed all the tasks assigned to it.

This year for the brigade was particularly fruitful. Firstly, combat training was carried out according to an improved, more intensive program, and the number of practical exercises significantly increased. Secondly, the units of the marines took part in almost all significant activities of the Baltic Fleet, including international ones, clearly worked out the planned and demonstrative exercises, and stepped into combat service. By the way, the personnel of the reconnaissance company still today is engaged in military service in one of the regions of the World Ocean, another group is preparing for the next voyage to the Atlantic aboard the Baltic Fleet patrol ship to counter sea pirates.

Baltic Guard The professional actions of the Baltic marines were also highly appreciated during the large-scale exercise "Vostok-2010", in which the air assault company of the brigade participated.

In addition to the planned battalion tactical exercises this year, the brigade became the basis for several ostentatious tactical exercises. So, in May, at the Baltic Fleet Khmelevka proving ground, the participants of the 1 International Congress on Military Medicine demonstrated the organization of work in the event of a massive influx of wounded, sick, and affected. Having landed troops on a section of the coast captured by a conditional enemy and having cleared it from the enemy, the marines quickly deployed a mobile medical hospital, where specialists from the medical company proceeded to provide first aid to the injured. The participants of the congress, military medical practitioners, praised the actions of the brigade units.

And in August, on the basis of the compound, a comprehensive study of journalists of the north-west took place in preparation for work in crisis situations. An effective training base and decent living conditions were created for the participants of the Bastion on the brigade's territory, and a realistic background of practical exercises was held at the Khmelevka training ground, during which media representatives managed to play the role of hostages of bandit formation, see how the operational groups for their release work. The role of the "bandits" and the liberators was performed by the soldiers of the airborne assault battalion, they also demonstrated combat skills in other types of armed conflicts.

Of course, it was no coincidence that a bet was made on the brigade of the marines in the preparation of these demonstration classes. Marines have always been distinguished by high proficiency, professionalism and courage, and the Baltic Brigade confidently defended the title of the best in this kind of troops.

Last year, this connection was one of the first in the Baltic Fleet to become a part of constant combat readiness. In 2010, 100% complete equipment was completed for officers and personnel of the main subdivisions of the brigade: the air assault battalion and marine battalion, reconnaissance company, communications company, battalion of material support and other units on which the brigade’s operations and livelihoods of the brigade depend.

According to Major Vladimir Pikalov, a specialist in the combat training department of the brigade, most of the year, the marines' combat units conducted landfills, honing their martial skills there, simultaneously working on the basics of counter-terrorism with the basics of general combat. Classes at the tankodrome, waterdrome, circuit, airborne training and practicing the exercises of firing squads, platoons, company tactical exercises - marines landfill Chmelevka daily loaded from morning to night. At night, that is, in difficult terrain conditions, at least one third of all classes are conducted. The personnel work out the same test shooting and driving exercises at night as during the daytime, only the safety requirements are increased by several times. Landfill readiness and night classes are under the personal strict control of the acting brigade commander lieutenant colonel Yuri Boychenko.

Simultaneously with the field exits, tactical, engineering, and fire training sessions are held on the territory of the brigade, where a modern training and material base is created, it is possible to master the main equipment of the marines - armored personnel carriers. Here the airborne complex is deployed, on which practical actions for the VDP and ground elements of a parachute jump are practiced. And from February, ground training camps on airborne training will begin and each of the servicemen on call will learn how to correctly and safely make a parachute jump with full ammunition, to act correctly after landing as part of his unit. These classes are conducted by specialists of the airborne regiment, and these three officers these days, in preparation for the training, improve their skills at the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School.

Each of the brigade subdivisions, whether it is a company of airborne assault vehicles, reconnaissance or communications personnel, conducts similar field training with the working out and delivery of standards for practical exercises twice a year. All these activities in the 2010 year were carried out effectively and received positive reviews.

In the September tactical exercises of the Baltic Fleet, the marine brigade again demonstrated high proficiency, skill and professionalism during the landing of the airborne and airborne assault forces on the unequipped coast and its release from the conditional enemy. The personnel of the brigade once again confirmed the motto of the Baltic marines: “Where we are, there is victory!” And the final stage of the combat training of the air assault battalion was the recent battalion tactical exercise for the prize of the commander in chief. The result speaks for itself: a positive assessment of the exercises and the title of the winner in the competitions of the highest status. By the way, the staff of the CSB becomes the winner of the prize of the commander in chief for the third year in a row.

Today the last control classes in all subjects of study have been completed, standards and tests have been passed. The school year is over. Brigade units confirm readiness for the start of the next training period. The objects of the rear, material, technical and educational base were checked and restored, because the results of the next school year also depend to a large extent on their condition. According to the acting commander of the brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Yuriy Boychenko, this year serious funds were allocated to re-equip the brigade with new equipment and weapons, which made it possible to completely renew the vehicle fleet, replacing the “Urals” that had expired with new KamAZ vehicles. These vehicles have already proved themselves in action during the 100-kilometer march to the area of ​​the tactical exercises of the airborne assault battalion. By the way, the combat training of the personnel of the DSB is held using new weapons. For example, in the arsenal of each fighter, a modified AK-74 machine gun with a night sight.

A number of special equipment was replaced, in particular, the communications platoon received a new command and staff vehicle. The armored personnel carriers in service have undergone quality routine maintenance and are fully prepared for the next exercises and tactical exercises. Plans to upgrade repair shops and field kitchens.

A few days later, the new school year starts. According to the developed plans of combat, special, drill, physical training, he will be even more intense than the previous one. For the soldiers of the current draft who arrive in the marine brigade, two training units have been created, where general military training is being completed on these days. And then work and study days begin - mastering the military specialty, working out the algorithm of actions for the alarm of each serviceman - from the sailor to the brigade commander, daily drill and sports activities. The next stage - the coordination of offices, platoons and mouths, so that in the winter on Khmelevka it will again be lively and hot. And in February - March, at the time of entering the combat shooting, the young recruitment will have to show what they learned in the winter period of training, the result of which will be the battalion tactical exercises of the marines brigade. For young men, now proudly calling themselves marines, all this is a serious incentive. In the dynamics of the service guys become real men.

Officers of the brigade will have to raise their professional level, almost half of which are also novices, recent graduates of military universities. It is clearly understood here that only a thoroughly prepared officer is able to competently work with personnel, to set and carry out any task clearly. In this study there are no holidays, all year long with officers are conducted methodological classes, fees. Just on the basis of the coastal forces of the Baltic Fleet, the next such gatherings were completed, at which the company commanders confirmed the professional level. Similar vocational and methodical studies will be conducted with the commanders of formations and units.

Service in the renowned brigade of marines requires full dedication from officers. It is important for a short time to prepare a well-trained warrior, strong in spirit, capable of competently acting in any setting. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to serve in the Baltic Fleet Marine Brigade. Both recruits and graduates of military universities pass a serious qualitative selection. Both will have to prove their right to be called the fleet elite every day. The command of the brigade notes that lately an adversary spirit has noticeably strengthened in the unit: the commanders and personnel of the platoons, companies and battalions have actively joined the competition to prove that their unit is the best in combat, combat and physical training, in disciplinary terms, in carrying services in outfits and sentries.

In short, the Baltic marines continue to improve their combat skills, coordination and tactical training during operational training, integrated tactical exercises and campaigns of the forces and forces of the Baltic Fleet, remaining its professionally trained avant-garde.

The brigade is actively preparing for the Day of Marines. All-brigade formation, honoring veterans and the most distinguished officers, parade ground, demonstration performances with the demonstration of hand-to-hand combat, elements of the driving of combat vehicles (here called “waltz of armored personnel carriers”) - everything will be solemn, powerful, beautiful! And this is already one of the traditions of the brigade, the traditions that are honored and multiplied here.


The separate Guards orders of Suvorov and Alexander Nevsky of the Belostok brigade of the marine corps of the Baltic Fleet is the only one in the Russian Navy that has been awarded the Guards name. Formed 21 March 1942 of the year as an infantry infantry regiment, it passed the glorious combat path from Stalingrad to Elba. For courage and heroism shown during the liberation of the Eagle, 25.09.1943, by the order of the People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR, the regiment was renamed 336-th Guards. For the courage and heroism of the personnel during the war, the regiment was awarded the Order of Suvorov, III degree and Alexander Nevsky. Marines ended the war near Berlin. Then the regiment was transferred to Minsk. In June 1963, the guards motorized rifle unit was reorganized into a separate regiment of marines. A new military unit was transferred from the Belarusian Military District to the Baltic Fleet. From 1967, the units of the Marine Regiment began their combat service on the ships of the Baltic Fleet.

On the basis of the units of this regiment, the formation of marine units of other fleets was under way. The basis of the Marine Corps Brigade of the Caspian Flotilla was also the Baltic, who sent the first battalion there.
On November 20, the separate Guards Belostok Order of Alexander Suvorov and Alexander Nevsky was reorganized into a separate Guards Marine Brigade.

In the postwar period, the brigade participated in many exercises and maneuvers, carried out military service in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. In 1973, the team was awarded Vimpel Minister of Defense "For courage and military valor." AT history Part of the special line includes the performance of special tasks on the territory of the Chechen Republic in January - July, 1995. About 1,500 marines fought illegal armed groups. More than eight hundred are awarded state awards. For courage and heroism shown during these hostilities, the five Balticists were awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, it was not without a loss: the 46 marines died, 125 were injured. A memorial has been erected on the territory of the brigade to the guards who died while fulfilling their military duty in the North Caucasus. The names of the heroes of the museum stores.
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