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Underground boats: secret development

Practically from the very beginning of his existence, man wanted to go up to heaven, then go down into the earth, and even reach the center of the planet. However, all these dreams were embodied only in science fiction novels and fairy tales: “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne, “Underground Fire” by Shuzi, “The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin” by A.Tolstoy. and only in 1937, G. Adamov, in his work “Winners of the Earth”, described the construction of an underground boat as the achievements of Soviet power. There was even the impression that the description was based on real drawings. Despite the fact that at the present time it is impossible to determine what was the basis of so bold conjectures and descriptions of Adam, it is still clear that there were grounds for that.

There are many myths about who first in the world began to develop underground boats and whether they were developed at all, because there are practically no documentaries on this topic.

Thus, according to one of these myths, in 1918, the Russian engineer Peter Rasskazov made the drawings of such a device. But in the same year, he died at the hands of a German agent, who, moreover, also stole all the developments. According to the Americans, the first in the world in the development of the industry began to engage in Thomas Alva Edison. However, according to more reliable information, at the turn of the 20-30 of the last century in the Soviet Union the design of the first underground boat was developed. Its authors were engineers A. Treblev, A. Baskin and A. Kirilov. However, it was assumed that the main purpose of the apparatus will be reduced to the oil industry.

Underground boats: secret development

What was taken as the basis for the development of the boat - at the moment it is difficult to say: whether it was a real mole, or the previous achievements of scientists. As a result, a small model was created, equipped with an electric motor, which actuated special devices for its movement and cutting devices. However, the first prototypes were tested in the Ural mines. Of course, it was just a prototype, a smaller copy of the device, and not a full-fledged underground boat. The tests were not successful, and because of the numerous flaws, the very low speed of the vehicle and the unreliability of the engine, all the work on the underground was stopped. And then began the era of repression, and most of those who participated in the development, were shot.

Nevertheless, a few years later, on the eve of the Second World War, the Soviet leadership still remembered this fantastic project. At the beginning of 1940, D. Ustinov, who soon became the People's Commissar of Arms of the Soviet Union, summoned P. Strakhov, a doctor of technical sciences, who was involved in the design of underground tunneling machines. The conversation that took place between them is of interest. Ustinov wondered if the designer had heard about the development of the autonomous underground self-propelled 30-s apparatus conducted by Treblev. Strakhov answered in the affirmative. Then the People's Commissar said that for the designer there is much more important and urgent work related to the creation of self-propelled underground apparatus for the needs of the Soviet army. Strakhov agreed to take part in the project. Unlimited human resources and material resources were allocated to him, and allegedly a year and a half later the prototype was tested. The underground boat created by the designer could work autonomously for about a week, it was during this period that oxygen, water and food were calculated.

Nevertheless, when the war broke out, Strakhov was forced to switch to erecting bunkers, so the designer was not aware of the fate of the underground apparatus he had created. But it can be assumed that the prototype was not accepted by the state commission, and the apparatus itself was sawn into metal, because at that time the army needed aircraft much more, Tanks and submarines.

It is worth noting that similar research and development was done in Nazi Germany. The leadership of the Third Reich needed any super-weapon that would help achieve world domination. According to information that was made public after the end of the war, underground military vehicles were developed in Germany, which were given the names "Subterrine" and "Midgardschlange". The last of these projects was intended as a super-amphibian, which could carry out movement not only on the ground and under the ground, but also under water at a depth of about a hundred meters. Thus, the device was created as a universal combat vehicle, consisting of a large number of interconnected compartments-modules. The module had a length of six meters, a width of about seven meters, and a height of about three and a half meters. The total length of the device was approximately 400-525 meters, depending on what tasks were assigned to this vehicle. Underground cruiser had a displacement of 60 thousand tons. According to some data, the tests of the underground cruiser were conducted in 1939 year. On board it was placed a large number of small shells and mines, underground battle torpedoes “Fafnir”, twin machine guns, reconnaissance shells “Alberich”, transport shuttle “Laurin” for communication with the surface. The crew of the vehicle was left by a 30 man, and inside it was very much like a submarine device. The device could reach ground speed up to 30 kilometers per hour, under water - three kilometers, and in stony ground - up to two kilometers per hour.

The underground boat was an apparatus, in front of which was placed a drilling head with four drills (each was a meter and a half in diameter). The head was set in motion by nine electric motors, the total power of which was about 9 thousands of horsepower. The chassis was made on the tracks, and serviced by 14 electric motors, which had a total power of about 20 thousands of horsepower.

Under the water, the boat moved with the help of 12 pairs of rudders, as well as 12 additional engines, the total power of which was 3 thousands of horsepower.

The explanatory note to the project provided for the construction of 20 of such underground cruisers (each costing about 30 millions of Reichsmarks), which were planned to be used for attacks on strategically important French and Belgian sites, and for mining ports in England.

After the Second World War was over, the Soviet counterintelligence near Koenigsberg discovered galleries of unknown origin and destination, and not far from them - remnants of the structure, presumably - “Midgardschlange”.

In addition, some sources mention another German project, less ambitious, but no less interesting, which was started much earlier - Subterrine or Sea Lion. A patent for its creation was obtained in the 1933 year, and it was issued in the name of the German inventor Horner von Werner. According to the plan of the inventor, his device was supposed to have a speed of about seven kilometers per hour, the crew - 5 people, carry a warhead equal to 300 kilograms. It was assumed that he would be able to move not only underground, but also under water. The invention was immediately classified and transferred to the archive. And if the war had not started, hardly anyone would have thought of this project. However, Count von Stauffenberg, who oversaw some military projects, accidentally stumbled upon him. In addition, in those years, Germany had just developed a military operation called “Sea Lion”, the purpose of which was to invade the British Isles. Therefore, the existence of an underground boat with the same name could be very useful. The idea was as follows: the underground apparatus, on board of which the saboteurs should be, had to cross the English Channel, and then get to the right place underground. However, as evidenced историяThese plans were not destined to be realized, because Hermann Goering was able to convince the Fuhrer that there would be enough bombing for England to surrender, especially since Fau was needed to achieve this goal, and, accordingly, huge material resources. As a result, the Sea Lion operation was canceled, and the project itself was closed, despite the fact that Goering was not able to fulfill its promises.

In the 1945 year, after the victory over Nazi Germany, a confrontation broke out between the former allies for the right to own military secret projects. It so happened that the project "Sea Lion" was in the hands of the Soviet SMERSH. General Abakumov sent it for revision. A group of scientists led by professors G. Babat and G. Pokrovsky studied the possibilities of the project of an underground combat boat. After research, they concluded that the device can be used for military purposes. At about the same time, Soviet engineer M. Tsiferov received a patent for the creation of an underground torpedo - an apparatus that could move underground at a speed of one meter per second. Ideas Tsiferova continued his son, but to solve the problem of maintaining the course of the rocket and failed. In 1950, a patent for the creation of a thermal drill, which was very similar to a rocket, was obtained by A. Kachan and A. Brichkin.

Meanwhile, similar in function machines were developed in England. They are usually denoted by the abbreviation NLE (i.e., naval and land equipment). Their main purpose was to dig aisles through enemy positions. The technicians and infantrymen were supposed to penetrate the enemy’s territory along these aisles and organize unexpected attacks. English development had four names: "Nelly", "Excavator without human intervention", "Cultivator 6" and "White Rabbit". The final version of the English project was a machine with a length of about 23,5 meters, a width of about 2 meters, a height of about 2,5 meters and consisted of two sections. The main compartment was placed on tracked, and very much like a tank. Its weight was one hundred tons. The second compartment, which had a weight of about 30 tons, was intended for digging trenches to a depth of 1,5 meters and a width of up to 2,3 meters. In the English design there were two engines: one set in motion the conveyors and cutters in the front compartment, and the other set in motion the machine itself. The device could reach speeds up to 8 kilometers per hour. After reaching the extreme point of the movement, “Nelly” was supposed to stop, turning into a platform for the exit of equipment.

However, the project was closed after the fall of France. Until that period, was released only five cars. By the end of the Second World War, four of them were dismantled. The fifth car suffered the same fate at the beginning of the 50s.

Meanwhile, N. Khrushchev came to power in the USSR, who had his own political and military trumps during the Cold War. And once again began the development of underground vehicles. Engineers and scientists who were involved in solving this problem proposed a project to build an atomic submarine. Especially for the first pilot production, a secret plant was built as soon as possible (it was ready for 1962 and was located in Ukraine, not far from the village of Hromovka). In 1964, the plant allegedly launched the first Soviet underground nuclear submarine, which was called the “Battle Mole”. It had a diameter of about 4 meters, a length of 35 meters, and a titanium case. The crew of the vehicle consisted of a 5 man, in addition to him on board could also be placed 15 man landing and a ton of explosives. The main task, which was set in front of the boat, was to destroy the underground rocket mines and bunkers of the enemy. There were even plans to deliver these boats to the shores of American California, where earthquakes often occur. The boat could leave a nuclear charge and undermine it, thereby causing an artificial earthquake, and all the consequences attributed to the element.

Tests of the atomic underground boat, according to some sources, began in 1964, during which amazing results were obtained. Further tests were carried out already in the Urals, but during one of them a tragedy occurred, as a result of which the boat exploded and the whole crew died. After the incident, the tests were discontinued. Moreover, when L. Brezhnev came to power, the project was generally closed and classified. And in 1976, with the aim of misinformation, in the press, at the initiative of the head of the Main Directorate for the Protection of State Secrets Antonov, messages began to appear not only about this project, but also about the existence in the Soviet Union of an underground nuclear fleetwhile the remnants of the Battle Mole rusted in the open.

Whether the development of such underground boats is currently underway is unknown. This topic is also a secret, and at the same time mythical, and a country that will have similar devices in its arsenal, of course, will receive a great advantage. If we talk about the scientific value of such devices, it is obvious that only with their help it will be possible to answer the fundamental questions of the structure of the planet.

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  1. AK-47
    AK-47 11 February 2013 09: 36
    The author pleased with an interesting article.
    The usefulness of such an invention in modern warfare is very, very doubtful, and the use of research in the study of the earth's crust is problematic, because in the event of a malfunction, the apparatus, and with it the crew, is practically not removable.
    1. itr
      itr 11 February 2013 10: 49
      Metro and canals dig
      1. Dinver
        Dinver 12 February 2013 02: 45
        Quote: AK-47
        The usefulness of such an invention in modern warfare is very, very doubtful

        What is doubtful here. You can dig tunnels to attack in the most unexpected places.
        Imagine if, in 2008, after the Georgian attack, our tank columns crawled out of the ground right in Tbilisi and the whole world would have crap from such a trick!
        Still as an option, the Americans declare that they will build a missile defense system in Europe, and we tell them the following: -build whatever you want, under each city there is a nuclear mine laughing .
        Qatar here somehow stood out on Churkin, but we were silent, and after a week 5 of thousands of paratroopers (MPE - underground landing troops) in Doha dug up laughing With such a technique, the entire military doctrine would change.
        They installed air defense in Turkey, and we dug up the installation and buried it back, for it ... bully
        The Americans hold Bout, they took a digging a dig to his camera and took him home hi
        1. AK-47
          AK-47 12 February 2013 09: 03
          Quote: Dinver
          ... and we tell them ... you have a nuclear mine beneath every city ...

          Dreamer, judging by the emoticons, you yourself do not believe what you are writing about. Landmines then will lie not only under their cities, but also under ours.

          What's so dubious

          On paper, it is beautiful, but in practice there are more technical questions than answers.
          1. Alex Danilov
            Alex Danilov 30 March 2014 00: 14
            Yeah, dude, you know, as they used to say, a person doesn't fly, although levitation is also not bad) and "eh, what is space?"
        2. Evrepid
          Evrepid 14 February 2013 18: 01
          Long dig ... :)
          At a maximum speed of 15 km / h, 600 km will be about 2 days ... Although in order to look at the party organizer Obamovich in the toilet, you can. :)))
      2. Dikremnij
        Dikremnij 12 February 2013 04: 15
        For underground mines and digging canals there is a cheaper, simpler and more reliable technique.
        While reading the article, another question arose: how the crew of this machine had to change the bits (for some reason in the article they are called "cutters"), because the bits wear out very quickly, especially if drilling is carried out in strong and especially hard rocks. what
    2. Alex Danilov
      Alex Danilov 30 March 2014 00: 11
      Wrong. You see, you don’t know where you will find. Any, absolutely any technology can affect the conduct of war ... And the world, the development of mankind.
  2. bootlegger
    bootlegger 11 February 2013 09: 53
    I saw this film before. And I didn’t decide then how it relates to it.
    It is not clear how to solve the problem of cooling such a machine. There will be a lot of excess heat and how to dump it. Even now, this is a huge problem in the promising designs of interplanetary spacecraft with poison.
    1. kotdavin4i
      kotdavin4i 11 February 2013 11: 29
      A peppy morning, just in space, this is not a problem, when behind a communion of -273 degrees Celsius, it is enough to place the reactor in a separate compartment with thin walls on which to let coolant flow, space will take away all the excess.
      1. Vldmr
        Vldmr 11 February 2013 20: 38
        Just problematic. Well, there is no such thing as vacuum temperature, since there is practically no matter, molecules and atoms of matter, and they practically do not collide with each other (1 atom per cubic cm in interstellar space, up to 1000 in interplanetary space, the closer to the sun the more) the concept of thermal motion of molecules cannot be applied to them. Heat transfer in a vacuum is only due to radiant emission and absorption. A body in vacuum cannot be cooled to less than about 3 K (temperature of CMB). Absolutely black body with room temperature due to radiation discharges approximately 0,045 kW per square meter. So the problem of heat loss is not small. True, the radiation power depends on the temperature in 4 degrees (Stefan-Boltzmann law), for a temperature of 1000 K, we get almost 57 kW per square meter
        1. Captain Nemo
          Captain Nemo 12 December 2013 19: 06
          He immediately resolved his problem ...
      2. Cynic
        Cynic April 4 2014 20: 17
        Quote: kotdavin4i
        space will take away all superfluous.

        Yes, he does not want to take!
        The main problem of QC is heat dissipation, not heating!
        Thermal conductivity is the transfer of energy from one body to another. In this case, the substance does not move, only energy is transferred. Thermal conductivity depends on the nature of the substance. The energy transfer rate is proportional to the temperature difference.
        Convection is the transfer of energy by fluid or gas flows. Convection is explained by the action of the force of Archimedes. A substance heated more strongly has a lower density and moves under the action of this force relative to a less heated substance.
        The third method of energy transfer is radiation. It is possible in a vacuum. All heated bodies emit energy. The higher the temperature, the stronger the thermal radiation.
  3. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 11 February 2013 10: 28
    Apparently such a device should become an unmanned research robot. You can use the device for rescue mine work.
    And apparently, as an underground torpedo, to destroy deeply buried bunkers, the permeability will be higher than that of deep-penetrating ammunition ...
  4. DeerIvanovich
    DeerIvanovich 11 February 2013 11: 44
    so that's where the proverb goes submarine in the steppes of Ukraine laughing
  5. Old skeptic
    Old skeptic 11 February 2013 12: 35
    And why in one of the photos is a manned version of the German FAU-1 cruise missile (though the wings are dismantled, but it's definitely her, the pulsar is bolted from the back)? What does it have to do with underground boats?

    Here is the FAU-1 in the image, the cabin and the pulsating engine are clearly visible.
    1. Delta
      Delta 11 February 2013 13: 53
      and so ... for greater sensationalism))))))))))))
    2. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 12 December 2013 19: 02
      And in your drawing all the inscriptions in English .... pushing bullshit.
  6. Iraclius
    Iraclius 11 February 2013 14: 22
    The article has a lot of materials claiming sensationalism, so dearly beloved by the tabloid press. lol
    Moreover, no significant evidence has been given. More and more from the realm of fiction.
    It is obvious to any person with a technical education that no technology of that time was enough to create such an extremely complex apparatus. Here are some:

    1. Powerful energy sources.
    2. Construction materials.
    3. Electronics and control systems and telecommunications.
    1. biglow
      biglow 11 February 2013 15: 13
      I agree, it’s more like a duck than a reality, or another useless technology that Americans put on, like the story with stealth aircraft
    2. AK-47
      AK-47 11 February 2013 17: 14
      Quote: Iraclius
      The article has a lot of materials claiming sensationalism

      No need to juggle. The article is exclusively informative in nature and does not claim to be sensational. The author has collected and voiced open information on the topic, while not making conclusions. And to believe not to believe is a personal affair of each site visitor, this is the meaning of an open discussion of articles.
    3. El13
      El13 11 February 2013 18: 32
      0 (Строители омского метро закончили проходку тоннеля "Кристалл-Заречная")
      SMU-44 NPO "Mostovika" covered more than 200 meters at an average speed 8-10 meters per day

      Next, think for yourself how many years it takes to ...
      1. Captain Nemo
        Captain Nemo 12 December 2013 17: 42
        do not confuse military technology and civilian. The bullet can be carried in your pocket with an average pedestrian speed of 5 km / h. Reliable, cheap and safe for the carrier and others. And the speed of a bullet from a modern, possibly still classified, small arms is at least 1000m / s. And the rifle to Tomuzh is not cheap.
    4. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 12 December 2013 17: 59
      Korolev (not one) brought a man into space with a slide rule and even then he calculated the program of a man’s flight to Mars and vice versa.
      I have a simple compass of the 60s, now they don’t do such things. THING!
      And point 3 can be deleted "as unnecessary."
      1. Aleksey_K
        Aleksey_K 31 December 2013 18: 41
        Well, with a slide rule, you say too. At that time, we were ahead of America in the production of digital and analog computers, although they were the first to create them. But the trajectory of the orbital or ballistic object on the line does not count. It’s easier to draw by hand and poke a finger approximately - here is the landing.
  7. Black
    Black 11 February 2013 17: 18
    yes, apparently, a publication for the magazine "Young Technician". In the photo - a miner, in the drawings - illustrations for the lost manuscript of G. Wales.
  8. MG42
    MG42 11 February 2013 17: 37
    Since ancient times, underground space has been considered for military operations = for example, digging under the fortress walls to penetrate later in history even undermined the walls.
    The article is interesting +.
  9. Andriuha077
    Andriuha077 11 February 2013 17: 58
    Bredokadabra, of course, is old, but spoiled by children's drawings.
  10. Raphael_83
    Raphael_83 11 February 2013 19: 20
    Quote: Iraclius
    Moreover, no significant evidence has been given. More and more from the realm of fiction.

    I support, especially regarding energy and management systems.

    Now hold on. With a crew of 30 people (plus supplies of food, water and air), a “hose” was dragged for 1000 minutes, 250 kg each, 100 minutes less (10 kg in total) and 12 coaxial machine guns, firing probably with bullets with drill heads. Also on board were: an electric kitchen, a bedroom with twenty beds, three repair shops and a radio transmitter, working probably on secret underground radio waves. The main armaments were the underground torpedoes Fafnir (combat) and Alberich (reconnaissance).
    The chassis consisted of fourteen electric motors with a capacity of 19800 hp, powered by four diesel generators with a capacity of 10000 hp. (probably everyone). The capacity of the fuel tanks is 960 cubic meters.
    Nobody seems to have canceled physics. The coefficient of friction of rocks on smooth (even polished) steel can be estimated as 0,8. Accordingly, the sliding friction force for such a train will be about 500 million Newton. It is easy to calculate that with the declared power of the power plant, the “hose” will develop a speed of only 100 m / h (unless, of course, it breaks from the strain), but not promised 2 km / h in rocky soil and 10 km / h in soft soil. And this, mind you, subject to movement along a smooth tunnel. But you still have to dig it.
    Fuel reserves, if we consider the diesel efficiency of 40%, is enough for 160 hours of operation. During this time, a subway at this speed creeps a maximum of 16 km. And then you have to crawl to the surface and look for a gas station. Or send people with cans by the same shuttle. And who, tell me, need such a circus?
    1. El13
      El13 11 February 2013 19: 43
      Quote: Raphael_83
      Fuel reserves, if we consider the diesel efficiency of 40%, is enough for 160 hours of operation. During this time, a subway at this speed creeps a maximum of 16 km.
      1. Raphael_83
        Raphael_83 11 February 2013 20: 09
        Sorry if I made a mistake in the calculations (after work, my hands shake and my eyes do not look). By the way, your comment about the average speed of the subway is also very, very clear.
    2. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 12 December 2013 17: 26
      No need to stupid. It is necessary to look at the construction of a mining combine. Nobody forces to drag this thing by drag under the ground. tank (tractor) tracks from below and smooth wide from above. Diesel on an experimental model so that it is cheaper and not a pity to lose, and went to the combat power unit from the icebreaker Lenin and on combat duty for a year or two ... Yes, there is also a cabin with a pool and karaoke ...
      As for navigation - read mine surveying - there is such a science
  11. MG42
    MG42 11 February 2013 19: 30
    Here I remembered the association with >>> the film Matrix <revolution> the scene of the battle for Zeon, when the machines break into the underground city with the help of a giant drill.
    1. Aleksey_K
      Aleksey_K 31 December 2013 18: 56
      The primitivism of the screenwriter. Create such mechanical robots, and shoot with conventional shells. To create systems for growing human bodies with connecting human "souls" to them, control systems in virtual reality, where they fought the Smiths. And weapons at such a primitive, cave level. Well, about the Boers. And what did they do with the loosened rock? And it takes up a much larger volume than dense rock. Those. in a few seconds the destroyers could not appear at all their desire, because it was necessary to remove from the tunnel all the auxiliary equipment that removes the rock. And this is a multi-hundred-kilometer system. Remember modern mines - trolleys, trolleys or conveyors and huge waste heaps and heaps. Fiction!
  12. Aryan
    Aryan 11 February 2013 19: 34
    delirium of a drunken female baboon wassat
  13. dropout
    dropout 13 February 2013 19: 53
    The complete lack of sense of humor among individual commentators should be punished according to the laws of wartime.
    1. interest
      interest 30 October 2013 15: 26
      But what kind of humor is it when BSK (bullshit) is presented as a brilliant, but underestimated invention.
  14. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 12 December 2013 17: 10
    I’m now sitting in such a vessel under Fort Knox minus 150m and waiting for the team .... Everything is ready!
    Toka has not yet decided how to put the ingots in the holds in bulk or in stacks? AND?
    1. Aleksey_K
      Aleksey_K 31 December 2013 18: 57
      It’s better to consume pearls, forty-degree, in piles.
  15. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 12 December 2013 18: 44
    And here is another case from my recent heroic past.
    Balabama wanted to wipe the dust with a vigorous button.
    He enters his bunker, and there ... Grub, mildly-snout, secret technology on the Blu-ray discs ... the best women of two America, each creature ... in general, reserves for two ice ages.
    He inserted and turned the key, even the lid opened. Push - I do not want. But here is the sound of the Soviet drill ...
    I told him, "Hey nuka, take your black hands away."
    We took the supplies and concubines and left.
    And he was given a peace prize for this case.

    Now we are sitting under Fort Knox -150m. We are waiting for the team.
    We have not yet decided how we will put the ingots in bulk or in stacks.
    SBERROSS 15 December 2013 17: 07
    Dear visitors of the portal, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the full description of the rock destruction method in front of the frontal part of the unit's body, designed to construct a tunnel of any length in the most durable rocks without the use of nuclear installations. You can independently go to the website of Rospatent (without registration) and there in the section "Information resources" open "registers of inventions", where you need to enter the patent number - 2319836. If you have problems downloading the description of the invention, then send me an email to: [email protected]
  17. viewer
    viewer 17 December 2013 22: 59
    Sense of discussing? The author simply does not know what he is writing about ... he is not even able to write correctly, for example, in his own opus, the name of the head of state. How much further to such a historian-observer, apparently from the "Pepsi generation" or later, the USE generation. Tightened infa in one bottle.
  18. 120352
    120352 20 February 2014 20: 33
    I remember that the Strugatskys had a character in Monday Starts Saturday who could seep through the sewers anywhere. And most importantly, no equipment! Everything is almost free. Why doesn't anyone keep developing this idea? And we already have tunneling shields.
  19. Genur
    Genur 27 March 2014 16: 21
    Fresh tradition, but hard to believe.
  20. Indifferent
    Indifferent April 4 2014 20: 00
    I apologize, but the article is complete ignorance. Especially about the underground nuclear cruiser. A nuclear reactor has a very nasty feature! He needs a very serious cooling system. The nuclear powered boats are equipped with powerful circulation pumps that cool the equipment of the reactor and the main turbine condenser. And underground than how to cool the reactor? Blow it all crew? There is nothing to cool the nuclear cruiser underground, whether we want it or not.
    Now in Syria, terrorists have purchased several tunneling machines in Germany. And they carried out several successful operations. The machine does not drill soil, but compacts the walls, moving forward and leaving a tunnel behind it. Spent some successful operations. They blew up the barracks and killed about a hundred soldiers of the Syrian army. Dug tunnels to supply the militants. Cars were very successful for the war. But the author has not a word about this. Now the Syrian army also has to bury itself in the ground, listen, direction-finding and blow up such vehicles.
    1. Cynic
      Cynic April 4 2014 20: 24
      Quote: indifferent
      Atomic boats are equipped with powerful circulation pumps that cool the equipment of the reactor and the main turbine condenser

      Outboard water?
      Or closed loop?
      I also remember about reactors with a liquid metal coolant (LMT), as it were, not in the 50s.
  21. Borisych
    Borisych April 6 2014 17: 59
    Perfect option.
    Quote: Dinver
    Quote: AK-47
    The usefulness of such an invention in modern warfare is very, very doubtful

    What is doubtful here. You can dig tunnels to attack in the most unexpected places.
    Imagine if, in 2008, after the Georgian attack, our tank columns crawled out of the ground right in Tbilisi and the whole world would have crap from such a trick!
    Still as an option, the Americans declare that they will build a missile defense system in Europe, and we tell them the following: -build whatever you want, under each city there is a nuclear mine laughing .
    Qatar here somehow stood out on Churkin, but we were silent, and after a week 5 of thousands of paratroopers (MPE - underground landing troops) in Doha dug up laughing With such a technique, the entire military doctrine would change.
    They installed air defense in Turkey, and we dug up the installation and buried it back, for it ... bully
    The Americans hold Bout, they took a digging a dig to his camera and took him home hi
  22. Sergey S.
    Sergey S. April 12 2014 19: 55
    I am sure that the idea is feasible.
    I even understand where the nuclear reactor at such an object came from.

    The question is for application purposes only.
    Civilian purposes will not recoup the cost of an autonomous underground "mole" - a tunnel shield with ground power is clearly cheaper and more compact.

    Voenoye-under their territory, such "moles" will be able to crawl. But under the enemy - I doubt it. Seismic sensors - geological equipment - wells - mines - khana krotu ...
  23. LeadMoor
    LeadMoor 17 June 2014 14: 00
    In the 60-70s of the last century, my father also had a hand in the creation of the excavation complex. The result of the work of such a combine was the creation of a finished tunnel with communications deep underground. The issues were solved, where to put the earth and rocks, without bringing them to the surface. Such a complex could pass with sufficient speed both under the ocean floor and in rocky soils. We joked that you can dig a tunnel and go right in the center of the enemy state, because in those years there was a cold war. A lot of inventions have been registered. The Scientific Council of the Ministry decided to create a prototype. Part of the shield complex was manufactured. Research was conducted at the Polytechnic Institute. It is clear that the father and his companion could not push anything themselves, because they were ordinary engineers. One of the military departments in the west of the country became interested in inventions. They invited my father, explained that they would slightly change the structure and already launch it under their authorship. What else remained for the father, only to agree. Thanked a little. That was it. Later it was said that the French were interested in such a complex, exploring the possibility of building a tunnel under the English Channel. If these developments have found further development in our country, then we could only rejoice. Especially in our time, for example, the rapid creation of an underwater tunnel under the Kerch Strait, as well as for other purposes.