The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to disband the 67th Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine DUK, which surrendered its position near Chasovy Yar

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to disband the 67th Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine DUK, which surrendered its position near Chasovy Yar

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces began disbanding the 67th separate mechanized brigade "Ukrainian Volunteer Corps". The reason was the loss of several positions in the direction of Chasov Yar. The Ukrainian press reports this with reference to the brigade’s website.

The 67th DUK OMBR, created on the basis of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps of the Right Sector* (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) in April 2022, came under scrutiny after losing several positions near Chasovy Yar. Simply put, the nationalists fled from their positions, after which the Russian paratroopers managed to take the fortified area and advance. As the Ukrainian press writes, checks are being carried out in the brigade, the main core of nationalists are being scattered among other units, regardless of whether you are a commander or a private.

(...) the high command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began the process of transferring to other military units all the commanders and fighters of the DUK PS who formed the brigade and are its combat backbone. We do not know the motives for such actions.

- they say in the brigade.

Now nationalists are accusing the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that by scattering them among different units, the command is allegedly “weakening” one of the “best brigades” that have been fighting since the very beginning of the “Russian invasion.”

As some Ukrainian resources report, the problem there was that the Nazis really did not want to go to the front line, so they sent there unfired reinforcements that regularly came to the brigade or were transferred from other units. They were called “pixelated” and were driven into the trenches. In addition, the reluctance of the nationalists to carry out the orders of the command also played a role; Zelensky is very afraid of a revolt of the nationalists.

It is possible that inspections will begin in the near future in the 3rd separate assault brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which previously fled from Avdeevka and did not want to fight at Chasovy Yar. Let us remind you that the backbone of this brigade consists of veterans of Azov* (a terrorist organization banned in Russia).
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  1. +7
    April 14 2024 16: 23
    April 2022? Something is wrong here.
    1. +2
      April 14 2024 16: 25
      pidrozdil formed in 2022
    2. +7
      April 14 2024 22: 02
      Since the war is lost, it is necessary to hide ideological personnel and save them for partisanship and sabotage. If these fighters in other units disappear or are transferred somewhere, this fact will not be obscured from the general background. Let's look at the root.
    3. +4
      April 15 2024 01: 24
      This is the wrong way to pose the question! They are being disbanded not because they fight poorly, but because it is they and Azov who will soon march on Kyiv! In Azov, many believe that they are deliberately placed in slaughter areas in order to be removed from the political map of Ukraine...
    4. 0
      April 15 2024 10: 23
      Misprint, most likely April 2024..
  2. +1
    April 14 2024 16: 23
    How so? Where are the nationalist barrier detachments?
    1. +14
      April 14 2024 16: 26
      barrier detachments will not be shot if they themselves are a barrier detachment
      1. +15
        April 14 2024 16: 29
        the meat ran out and the detachments fled
      2. +5
        April 14 2024 17: 09
        These “barrier detachments” roam around large cities and don’t go to the front line...
  3. +17
    April 14 2024 16: 28
    The patient was cut into pieces and these pieces, infected with nationalism and cowardice, were scattered among other units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which were not yet relatively sick with this disease. Let the army of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fall apart...
    1. +10
      April 14 2024 16: 32
      pieces infected with nationalism and cowardice are scattered among others,
      Well, the usual practice is that they are busy in a crowd, and then one by one they will be put in their place...
  4. +8
    April 14 2024 16: 30
    “Zelensky is very afraid of a nationalist revolt” -

    — Out of fright, I started “counter denazification”...
  5. +42
    April 14 2024 16: 36
    Well, why should these Banderaites be more persistent than their ancestors from the SS division "Galicia"? Everyone and everything changes in the world and only the Banderaites remain a petty, cowardly creature capable of killing only the defenseless.
  6. +5
    April 14 2024 16: 39
    A jar of spiders... not interesting..
    1. +2
      April 14 2024 18: 48
      Quote: rocket757
      A jar of spiders... not interesting..

      This trend cannot but rejoice.
      The more they squabble, the better off we are. Yes
      1. +3
        April 14 2024 20: 19
        Over all the bedlam there, there are supervisors/leaders. All small-town uprisings will end in nothing...
        However, that's it for now. If the greengrocers have something to lose, over the hill, then the small-town atamans/fuhrers have something to lose mainly in dill, and as soon as the loot from the owners runs out, they will begin to chatter...
        1. +2
          April 14 2024 21: 52
          Quote: rocket757
          to the small-town chieftains/fuhrer, to lose mainly in dill and as soon as the loot from the owners runs out, they will begin to talk...

          When the money runs out, the boys traditionally run away.
          I am glad that the Nazis are ready to scatter. Yes
          1. +3
            April 14 2024 23: 44
            They will run, that’s understandable... along the way they will be robbed, that’s also guaranteed...
            Where should they run, after all, is the question?
            1. +3
              April 15 2024 14: 42
              Where did the Georgian army flee on 08.08.08/XNUMX/XNUMX?
              They threw away the weapons, changed clothes, and went to their huts.
              1. +2
                April 15 2024 15: 06
                The situation, the options are different...
                How exactly it will be, we don’t have to guess, we’ll see.
                1. +2
                  April 15 2024 16: 45
                  Quote: rocket757
                  How exactly it will be, we don’t have to guess, we’ll see.

                  The most interesting thing is not how, but when. hi
  7. +4
    April 14 2024 16: 49
    It’s a pity, there’s so much urine, but now we’ll have to fish it out
  8. +11
    April 14 2024 16: 57
    Well, actually, here is a confirmation of my guesses about the tactics and strategy of the whole and 404 in general. There is a backbone (a minority in the country, but armed, active and angry, and there are all the rest whom they drive ahead of themselves to the slaughter, then move on to the next populated area and completely scoop everyone out of it into the trenches, while they themselves are again behind in barrage detachments and management. With such In tactics, you can actually fight until Lvov and the last Sumerian. Or, look out for these barrier detachments and knock them out first; there will be no one to rake out the next populated area.
  9. +8
    April 14 2024 17: 03
    the command is allegedly “weakening” one of the “best brigades”,

    I can’t even imagine the worst.
  10. +6
    April 14 2024 17: 07
    I can recommend decimation: ten times in a row.
    1. -1
      April 14 2024 17: 10
      They're fucking idiots. Simultaneously and mercilessly.
  11. +2
    April 14 2024 17: 10
    In the Ukrovsky brothel, the beds are swapped, not the staff.
  12. +2
    April 14 2024 17: 15
    Will there be decimation? Or will they forgive the pigs?
  13. +15
    April 14 2024 17: 18
    The Nazis are “strong” only in punitive operations. At the front, they do not particularly show themselves due to the fact that they value their skin very much. This was also noted by the leaders of Nazi Germany during the Patriotic War. Nothing in their essence has changed since then - cruelty as a way to hide their cowardice and greed.
    1. 0
      April 14 2024 18: 52
      Quote: Alexey Severyanin
      This was also noted by the leaders of Nazi Germany during the Patriotic War.

      Yes, and Bogdan Khmelnitsky, the Polish king Vladislav IV, awarded a golden saber for the capture of Smolensk, not for his beautiful eyes.
      1. +1
        April 14 2024 21: 12
        Bogdan Zinovy ​​Khmelnitsky prayed to the Russian God, and not to Satan, like the Azovites.
  14. +6
    April 14 2024 17: 18
    Well, now we can settle old scores with everyone. Fortunately, the situation allows - almost everyone can be accused of cowardice, desertion and other sins)))
  15. +3
    April 14 2024 18: 30
    Well, it’s clear that their ardor waned when they had to fight a real enemy. It is not for them to walk like greyhounds in the occupied territories and threaten peaceful people, and sometimes openly mock them. Apparently Mariupol brought them to their senses.
    1. 0
      April 14 2024 18: 41
      It seemed to me that after Mariupol, on the contrary, they perked up. They surrendered - they flew to Turkey, received gifts. Why not fight like that...
  16. 0
    April 14 2024 18: 53
    Decimation must be carried out. And better than every second one to the wall. Thin out the remaining ones again.))
  17. +1
    April 14 2024 19: 52
    the right sector can’t do anything except be afraid. now they will be sent to collect more meat in the cities
  18. +1
    April 14 2024 21: 39
    Good deal. Or they could disband all their military units at once, it would be easier and faster in bulk ;). As it was said in one of the episodes of KVN (Burnt by the Sun): “Why wait?..” ;)
  19. 0
    April 14 2024 22: 27
    These are the very hyped “da Vinci wolves”. Initially, the brigade was created as part of the MTR. In general, its original purpose is clear - to give nightmares to the civilian population, and as soon as it smelled like something fried, it started to shit itself. Now they are fanning a howl that the “combat-ready unit” is being disbanded. In general, attack is the best way to defend. By the way, T-55 tanks were taken from this brigade in March 2024. Significant.
  20. 0
    April 15 2024 02: 40
    Hehe. “The color of the nation”, they are not there to die. Barrier detachments there, etc., that’s a thing. And to rot in the trenches - nooo. Let the swindlers and half-Ukrainians die.
  21. 0
    April 15 2024 19: 49
    "The revolution is devouring its children"
    Classic, damn it :)

    First they tried to unwind Azov, now DUK.
    100% will return to Azov.
    1. 0
      April 16 2024 00: 16
      Aziv is already 2 whole brigades: 3rd Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and 12th Brigade of the NGU. It will be difficult to disband. Moreover, the pravosek Yarosh has already been pushed aside, and the Aziv ideologues Biletsky, Prokopenko, Zhorin, etc. are still at the feeding trough.