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Celebration of the 70 anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad in TsNIITOCHMASH

On Saturday, February 2 in Klimovsk near Moscow, on the territory of FSUE "TSNIITOCHMASH", celebrations took place dedicated to the 70 anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. Employees of the company and their family members marked this significant event. Shooting was organized at the test site, and anyone who wanted could test not only the development of the institute itself, but also some samples. weapons since the Great Patriotic War.


7,62-mm machine gun Goryunova SGM

ORSIS T-5000 .308Win

9-mm pistol Yarygin PYA

9-mm pistol GSH-18

7,62 mm PSS silent pistol

4,5-mm underwater gun SPP-1M

View of the gun in the loading position

9 mm submachine gun SR2MP

9-mm compact machine CP-3

Rifle sniper special VSS "Vintorez", small CP-3M "Whirlwind" submachine gun and silent automatic machine "Val"


5,45-mm machine Nikonov AN-94

Knife scout NPC-2

7,62-mm sniper rifle Dragunov SVD

7,62 mm sniper rifle CB-98

12,7-mm large-caliber sniper rifle 6В7 КСВК / АВВК


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  1. avt
    avt 9 February 2013 10: 07
    good Grandfathers in the first photo generally inserted !!!! good Could not look further laughing
    1. Yoshkin Kot
      Yoshkin Kot 10 February 2013 19: 41
      oh, the normal law on weapons would be, how many men would rush to the training ground instead of Friday beer
      1. HAIFISCH
        HAIFISCH 17 February 2013 11: 43
        And don’t say that what is unfortunately a sore subject
  2. Dimka off
    Dimka off 9 February 2013 12: 54
    good selection of photos)
    Eternal memory to the defenders of the motherland! Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten!
  3. washi
    washi 9 February 2013 14: 49
    Well done, which, judging by the photos, attract young people. It is necessary to distract the younger generation from TV and explain that our weapons are better than any terminators and robots from other planets. And Rimbaud is a sucker, in comparison with the Soviet construction battalion, which even weapons were afraid to trust. And to show how ordinary sapper shovels calmed the crowd in Alma-Ata, Tbilisi and Baku. And to tell that politicians are the main thing is the people. And explain how people differ from the population
  4. bazilio
    bazilio 9 February 2013 15: 28
    Here are more events to be carried out. Grandfathers will have something to remember, shake antiquity, and young people will be interested. In addition, at such meetings, the grandfathers will tell young people how it feels to fight and defend their homeland.
    1. werewolf
      werewolf 10 February 2013 23: 06
      not about a hundred grams! I have seen in my life when a "fighter" who has served 2 years (better than 1 year - not so embarrassing ") catches" courage "for the first time hitting the target from the PM from 25 meters. Believe me, this is something. I had such happiness to see it. I’m not a pro, I’m self-taught and taught a warrior according to my own system. I won’t forget the girl from the Penitentiary System (she saw the PM for the first time and came from a dense forest to take her to the class) after 15 minutes, she gave a zeroing out of 3 cartridges of 17 eyes. When did I pull it off? UGU - says. On the test - 27 !!!! Honestly, I don't! THIS IS HAPPINESS (as VS Vysotsky said: "I have time to smile, I saw who will follow me ... We did not have time look back ... and the sons ... go into battle !!
  5. biglow
    biglow 9 February 2013 16: 01
    They gave the veterans a jolt of antiquity, the old people will have something to remember under the fighting 100 grams
  6. saf34tewsdg
    saf34tewsdg 10 February 2013 12: 19
    Imagine, it turns out that our authorities have complete information about each of us. And now she has appeared on the Internet Very surprised and scared,
    my correspondence, addresses, phone numbers, even found my nude photo, I can’t even imagine from where. The good news is that the data can be deleted from the site, of course, I used it and I advise everyone not to hesitate
  7. tupolev-95
    tupolev-95 10 February 2013 12: 46
    Grandfathers are waiting for the start of the game parade.