The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost 30 units of light armored vehicles and 17 tanks in a week in all directions - Ministry of Defense

The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost 30 units of light armored vehicles and 17 tanks in a week in all directions - Ministry of Defense

Over the past week, the Russian Armed Forces carried out 39 group strikes with high-precision weapons air and ground based, as well as drones-kamikazes at Ukrainian energy industry facilities, military-industrial complex enterprises, air defense systems, arsenals, fuel depots, temporary deployment points of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and foreign mercenaries. The strikes were carried out in response to Kyiv’s attempts to attack facilities of the Russian fuel and energy complex. The targets of the strikes have been achieved.

On the front line, the advance of Russian troops was noted in all directions, where there was more and where there was less. The main battles were in the Avdeevsky direction and along Chasovy Yar, where our paratroopers reached the first houses of the Kanal microdistrict. In other directions the fighting was with varying degrees of success.

In the Kupyansk direction, the main battles took place in the Terna area; there is progress, but it is tactical; the Ministry of Defense does not report the entry of the Russian Armed Forces into the outskirts of this settlement. Enemy counterattacks in the Sinkovka and Terny areas. In Donetsk, advance was made in several areas at once; ours went forward in the areas of Belogorovka, Kurdyumovka, Novomikhailovka, Kleshcheevka, Spornoe, Andreevka and Chasov Yar. 15 counterattacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were repelled.

In the Avdeevsky direction, Vodyanoye was liberated within a week, advances are underway into the depths of the enemy’s defenses, and more advantageous positions are occupied. The enemy counterattacked 39 times in the areas of Semenovka, Novgorodskoye, Berdychi, Tonenkoye, Umanskoye and Pervomaiskoye.

In Yuzhno-Donetsk, the tactical position along the front line in the Urozhainoye, Ugledar and Malinovka areas has been improved over the past week. In the Kherson direction there are practically no changes, fighting on the Rabotino - Verbovoye line with an advance at Verbovoye.

Total losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for the week in all directions: in terms of personnel - 3555 people killed and wounded; for armored vehicles - 17 tanks, 30 armored vehicles, including armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, 177 vehicles; for artillery - 97 field artillery guns, including self-propelled guns. Four field ammunition depots were destroyed. Seven Ukrainian servicemen surrendered.

Missiles, artillery and drones Within a week, three Su-25 attack aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force were destroyed at their home airfield and five launchers of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system. Aviation and air defense systems destroyed two Su-27 fighters and one Mig-29, five Hammer and JDAM aircraft guided bombs, 91 HIMARS, Vampire and Hurricane MLRS rockets, as well as 1119 unmanned aerial vehicles.
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  1. +2
    April 5 2024 15: 43
    It’s not for nothing that the Gay Europeans are driven and want to push through their servicemen to provide rear functions, guardians, and so on.
    Then the Zelebobik could send his policemen, border guards and other “most needed” people to the fields for burial. And then immediately a question, and more than one, emerges?
    What kind of independence is this when not just figures from overseas, but occupiers, in full, begin to manage everything?
    1. +1
      April 5 2024 15: 46
      And then immediately a question, and more than one, emerges?

      Do they analyze the situation and make decisions based on reports from the Russian Ministry of Defense?
      1. -1
        April 5 2024 15: 55
        Reporting is such a special thing, everyone does/conducts their own, and often more than one.
        Regarding accuracy and other things... the fog of war and all that stuff... although, hide it or not, based on the results of the events, concrete conclusions will arise on their own!
    2. +4
      April 5 2024 16: 00
      It would be ideal to destroy the equipment during transportation.
      1. -1
        April 5 2024 16: 09
        Something was messed up during transportation... you won’t know everything, the fog of war, however, and censorship is rampant.
  2. +1
    April 5 2024 16: 06
    German marders are burning again on Russian lands
  3. +1
    April 5 2024 16: 40
    Two-something tanks a day? Is that enough for how many remaining decades?
  4. +2
    April 5 2024 17: 21
    If this continues, that is, minus 3555 soldiers and officers - a Separate Brigade weekly, practically a division in a month, will Ukraine have enough human resources for long? It’s clear that it doesn’t happen every day, but the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are mind-boggling.
  5. +1
    April 6 2024 10: 27
    The data is given one-sidedly.
    How many armored vehicles and soldiers have we lost in a week?
    Why do the Ukrainians film with drones and publish it online how they extinguish our tanks, and why don’t we shoot down their drones?
    Why is our aviation ineffective against their artillery?
    Why do we not have enough electronic warfare on the front line against enemy drones?
    Lots of reasons...
    So far there is no reason to rejoice at our successes.
    1. 0
      April 6 2024 18: 41
      Writing about your losses “low” will be regarded as aiding the enemy. Taking it from the military’s answers, our losses are five times less. We divide the bravura releases by this number and get what we have. And it becomes sad.