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Confession officer

Confession officerIn the story of my friend, a paratrooper officer who passed through New Year's hell, from 1994 to 1995 year, the storming of Grozny, there are no memories of falling snow, December and January cold. “Why?” I thought. Winter in Chechnya - a test of snow, rain, hot wind. And I realized that for the intelligence officer, an intellectual, the most painful torture in those days was not winter, but what he tells about himself ...


“We served. They served as best they could: honestly, with the landing fanaticism, devotion to the blue beret and the Motherland. Since the beginning of the nineties, they have participated in almost all the ethnic conflicts that flared up in Russia (Transnistria, North and South Ossetia, Ingushetia). Received orders and medals, special titles, grew up in the ranks. Bones lay down if someone did not take on the next combat mission. There were practically no losses.

We did not know what was waiting for us Chechnya.
Although anxiety grew in my soul ... At the end of 1992, participating in the Ossetian-Ingush conflict, after the “triumphant” offensive on the territory of Checheno-Ingushetia, I stood at the airfield: either in Mozdok, or in Beslan - and considered a battered BMD-2 landing battalion (our neighbors), more precisely, what was left of it: a pile of iron, soaked in blood and shattered bones of two crew members. I was beginning to understand that everything was still ahead ...

In 1993, one of the officers asked me: “Why do you have your personnel in the classroom doing exercises on dashes, crawling and making to battle on asphalt? This is terribly painful! The soldiers will hate you. ” I did not answer. I had a premonition of Chechnya ...

Much has been written about the storming of Grozny on New Year's Eve from 1994 to 1995. But recently I read in one book about that slaughter: “The Eastern group, which did not fulfill the task set, was withdrawn from Grozny”. It became insulting and bitter for those who died in those days.

“What to do?” I reflected. Yes, the truth often incinerates, can humiliate, deprive of illusions. But it is true, the only thing that remained in my memory about the days and nights of the Eastern military group, slandered in the book, the name of which - and this is true - was not preserved in consciousness.

Our airborne unit arrived in Mozdok in early December 1994 of the year. We housed at the airfield - in its remote part, and, having secured the territory, began to prepare for the implementation of special tasks. Planned classes were held, preparations were made for the conduct of hostilities.

We received our first task in 20's December dates. We were divided into the so-called consolidated groups that were part of the military groups going to Grozny. In our consolidated group aimed at the eastern direction, there were 25 intelligence officers: officers and soldiers. I commanded a group of soldiers.

Groups like ours had intelligence and sabotage tasks on paper. In fact, we were "cut" to cover special areas, ensure the security of the command, and perform special tasks.

25 December 1994, we, as a part of the column, began the nomination on the route Mozdok - Tolstoy-Yurt - Argun. We spent the night in Tolstoy Yurt. There were about 20 "Gradov" and "Hurricanes". I still remember the eyes of one of my soldiers, who rejoiced at the volley of powerful rocket launchers: “Commander! This is a salute! ”-“ This is not a salute, Andrei, ”I said. - And the first war in your life. The real one. ” I did not know then that for Andrei this war would be the last one in his life, which ended in a few days on the rebellious Chechen-Russian land.

After receiving the task, we 26 December went to the area of ​​concentration of the Eastern grouping under Argun. This huge colossus of people and technology was an unorganized, hungry mass. New armored personnel carriers, artillery guns were side by side with crumpled and torn equipment. The soldiers, tortured, exhausted, chaotically moved through the "clean" field among a gathering of military equipment, bristling with trunks in different directions. It was a swarm of people covered in mud. They stood here for a long time: unwashed and not eaten a lot of days. Helicopters flew in from time to time: they took away the dead and wounded. And flew away. The worst came at night. None of the units had a place where the personnel would have a rest: no fortifications, dugouts and dugouts. Only trenches, freshly dug pits and craters from exploded Chechen mines and shells. The soldier was not defended and hid either in a combat vehicle or in a trench, and the war was not only automatic shooting weapons. Therefore, I forced my group to dig into the ground. All day and evening, my soldiers made a dugout in case of mortar attacks. People were tired, cursed, spat, cursed me, but earnestly dug the ground. They made an overlap, got a stove-stove ... By the night the dugout and trenches were ready.

For the whole day - rare shots. Yes, the roar of technology. At night, everything changed. From the beginning of the cannonade and automatic machine gun bursts it became as light as day. The whole group shot ... Where? Unknown.

My group, taking up positions, was involved in the general mechanism of "firing." By midnight, having spent a lot of ammunition, it became clear that the Chechens were firing at our group on all sides, and not only from small arms. Chechen artillery worked for us, and from the east of Argun, at first it was amazing, strange, even Grad. It is better not to recall any interaction, any leadership of our Eastern grouping ... It was not there at all.

I gave the command to my group of twelve soldiers to stop indiscriminate fire and work to detect enemy firing points - the benefit of night vision devices we had.

By morning everything was quiet. Helicopters arrived. The grouping again loaded the wounded and dead. The gunners spent the night an incredible amount of ammunition. They fired and shot at the enemy's likely location, and the infantry took away the shell boxes, then we too, to keep warm at the camouflaged campers.

In the evening of December 27, my group was tasked to advance to the outskirts of Argun in order to reveal the firing points and the real forces of the enemy. Having clarified the task, the battle formations of the divisions of our group, which stood opposite to Argun, I, having divided the group into two parts, began to move. At the sound of the cannonade, slowly and carefully moving, we left, as if from a fire bag, and immediately fell into the trenches of the parachute company, which covered the group from Arghun. I walk through the trench, go and rest against the corpse of the paratrooper lying on the parapet, a machine gun is lying next to it. Bringing the body down - the "corpse" stirred. Although the soldier did not look like a living person. It became clear from his incoherent muttering that he was in this trench for about four days and never ate, where the commander — he did not know what their task was — did not remember. I go through the trenches. Under shelling. Somewhere lies the corpse. Just died. Again you go - the person sleeps. You start to bother - he is not able to think anything. In the dug-out dugout, we found a commander — a young, overgrown lieutenant. “How are you?” I asked him. "No, shoot," - is responsible. I ask: "Then how to get? How can I get to Argun? ”-“ No, ”he says. “We scattered mines around us.” I ask: “Are there any minefield schemes?” - and I realized that I asked in vain. It was not them. From the story of the lieutenant it followed that on the very first day they placed all the mines and stretch marks that existed between their positions and Argun. “Do spirits have mines?” - “There are. They also sketched.

The territory between our Eastern grouping and Argun, occupied by the militants, was by no means impassable. Within its limits it was impossible to conduct reconnaissance, make ambushes. People simply responded to the fire, they themselves inflicted a fire defeat.

Going back to my group meant not fulfilling the task. And I gave the order to shell the likely positions of the Chechens indicated by the lieutenant. After a couple of minutes, Argun, like a dragon, exhaled into us in volleys of Chechen artillery pieces, tanks and small arms. Sitting in the trench, we were terrified of the number of explosions, fountains from enemy bullets.

Three of my observers, having occupied positions to the left of us in advance, calculated several firing points of the militants ...

We returned in the morning, leaving in the trenches of the parachute company all that was with us from the food. A soldier with a soldier will always share, and even more so in a war. Grouping again collected the dead, wounded, wrecked cars. Heavy helicopters flew, inflicted a fire defeat. It is not clear where.

In the afternoon, the group began to move to the Khankala region. There was a battle for this important bridgehead for the storming of Grozny. And in the rear remained Argun with an armed, about 600 militants, gang with tanks and artillery. Argun for some reason did not. Upstairs was more visible. Namely, the Argun fighters later, on January 1, 1995, shoot the first convoy of the wounded of our group, leaving Grozny. The whole column will die. But it will be later.

And then, on December 28 of 1994, the “march” to Grozny continued, led by the “great” warlords of the end of the 20 century. Warlords of a once mighty country that won many wars against external enemies, but for some reason completely forgotten the team experience of the last century, saturated with the blood of our fathers and grandfathers. Everything we did at the turn of 1994-1995 participated, it was like a planned, training march with live firing. History had to punish us, and she did it.

Leaving Argun in the rear, we went to Khankala. Tightened up the rest of the group. Took positions. Circular defense was organized. Everything went to a gradual mastery of the Terrible.

29 December 1994, the Eastern Group consisted of two defense rings and a headquarters in the center. They came tanks, other heavy machinery, artillery. And then my group is assigned the task, uncharacteristic of our unit, to designate a false, ostensibly main attack of the Eastern group on a populated area fifteen kilometers from Khankala - to the south. We ordered to get available heavy armament for the group: grenade launchers, flamethrowers, heavy machine guns, grenades. This group to strike at the locality and keep as much as we can. There was no intelligence that was there. One task was posed: strike, and when we realize that there is no longer possible to hold, having spent the ammunition, we had to go two kilometers to the southeast, where at a certain point we had to take the reconnaissance of the paratroopers.

We perfectly understood what awaits us. I still managed to get some data on this Chechen locality. There were up to eight artillery units, about four tanks, a good group, and I imagined what would have happened. For some extraordinary circumstances, the reconnaissance of paratroopers was thrown to another direction. Therefore, the order was canceled. We were saved by a miracle.

On the night of December 30, we were again assigned an unusual task — to hold the right flank. My group on one beteer was given a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun and a BMD-2 from the landing battalion. When the management sets the task, it is not customary to ask again. Get the task, and how to solve - your problems. Before the storming of Khankala with three units of equipment and personnel, I moved to the right flank and, like a gambler, castling an anti-aircraft gun, the BMD-2 and my batteer, still somehow put them out. Already on the move, I realized what an anti-aircraft gun was: how it shoots, what its radius is. Chose her place. Buried BMD-2, set Beteer. The right flank, as my deputy and I thought, we closed, providing security for possible dangerous directions.

When we exhibited, soldiers constantly walked past us like ants, carrying boxes of 5,45 mm cartridges on themselves. This was, as it turned out, the branch of infantry signalmen. They took up a position in the hollow somewhere about 30 meters northeast of us. Their position was a deep hole, where they dragged boxes of ammunition.

We, the reconnaissance paratroopers, did not have time to dig in, but only blocked the enemy’s probable approaches. The whole area in this area was dug with canals, in which the spirits approached our positions, fired at them and left without hindrance. It was impossible to get them: we had no mortars, nothing effective in such cases ... It was practically impossible to make an ambush: we considered walking the canals to be a killing. We did not sleep the third day. They used pills from sleep: most likely they were only with us.

Towards midnight, something we didn’t even dare think of happened. Those signaling soldiers who, before our eyes, moved into the hollow, staged a perimeter defense there, reloaded all the ammunition and began firing indiscriminately in a circle - in all directions, including us. There was a heavy fire. Had about an hour to lay face in the mud, eat it, smell all shit. Automatic fire from the 30 meters at close range ... Everything sparkles above you, flies ... Wherever in holes, where in shrapnel ... Shooting subsided a bit. I finally figured out where it was from. He set the task for his deputy to advance to the signalers and find out what the problem is there. He advanced only twenty meters. Shooting again. Again, all lay down. Our right flank was completely demoralized. We could not fulfill our task. Standing tall and going to the signalmen was insane. Contact them is also impossible. They did not work on any called frequency.

Crawling with half the group, we advanced to the hollow over the distance of the grenade throw. They began to scream. No shouts that we ours, the signalman did not stop. It seemed they would never run out of ammunition. And only after the threat of throwing grenades, the shooting subsided. It was not a disguise. The spectacle, when illuminated by flashlights, was surreal. People were the real embodiment of horror. Skewed mouths. Red-hot barrels of automata, of which the signalmen motorized infantry during this time have released more than one box of ammunition. They were commanded by a sergeant. To the question: “What is the matter ?!” - he answered only one thing: “We are afraid! We are just afraid! We lost the commander, another officer was wounded. I was left alone by eight people. We fear".

“Did you know that we paratroopers were there?”

- They knew. But we are afraid. How do we know: you are it or not you? Night!

I wanted to beat them with rifle butts until the morning, but at that time spirits began to work out of the ditches for us, and we, the paratroopers, had to take the positions of signalers. Fought until the morning. No loss. In this war, the young, untrained boys were ruled by horror and fear.

That night was the storming of Khankala. He was successful. Khankala was taken in bulk, mass. Therefore, lost a lot of people. Began to carry out stripping. Experience in such events was not enough. They left peaceful, innocent people in the rear with shovels, knots in their hands, which at night turned into machine guns and grenade launchers.

The assault ended in the afternoon. On December 30, our unit went around the taken part of Khankala, the airfield and, as part of the grouping, stopped in front of the military town, which closely adjoined the bridge connecting with the outskirts of Grozny.

We spent the night. At night, with 30 on December 31, the task was to storm the Terrible. Our unit was ordered to: move forward in the column, covering its command with two Beterami - in front and behind. What exactly: how we will storm, from what lines, who opposes us in Grozny, we did not know. When I approached one of the senior officers of the group and asked: "What is our task?" - then he, a colonel in years, looked away and said: "To die." - “Can you clarify what the essence of this problem is - to die?” - “You see, Starley, I really tell you that our task is to die. Because we depict the brunt of the whole group of Russian troops. We must show the enemy that it is from the east that federal troops will take on Grozny. ”

I knew: there are two more directions for strikes - from the north, north-west. The Eastern Column, according to the plan of command, was to enter Grozny, depict a blow, cover the maximum of the territory with available forces and means, move inside Grozny, and then leave the city.

... We passed the military town, and losses began. Because the column was a long snake. No combat cover — securing right and left. Occasionally helicopters flew over us. The column consisted of itself: in front of about five, six tanks, armored personnel carriers, command and staff vehicles, the rest equipment. The column consisted only of divisions of the Ministry of Defense - neither internal troops, nor the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Mostly infantry, artillerymen, tankers. We, reconnaissance paratroopers, in the middle of the column. Closing it, there was a company of paratroopers on the BMD-2.

When approaching the bridge, they began to shoot us from large-caliber machine guns, the militants-snipers clearly worked. Our gaze appeared: the first tank goes over the bridge, and it is fired from about seven or eight directions. In the crosshairs Lucky first tank. Passed Every unit passed through the bridge: whether it was a tank or an infantry fighting vehicle. Human strength is always on the armor, no one was sitting inside. The column went across the bridge, bearing losses. After all, 10-12 people on each armor, can not do without losses. The column lost two batteers, a tank and a Kosheem were blown up. We, the scouts, were more or less successful: only two were wounded. Only a separate company of paratroopers did not pass the bridge, which we learned only later. Communication practically did not work. I had audibility only between my two Beterers and the Ural, and weak, constantly interrupted contact with the column. In connection was a solid mess. For the most part, no one imagined: who speaks with whom. Some callsigns on the air, reports only on the “200th” and “300th” - how many were killed and wounded. The landing party closing the column did not pass. She was cut off and shot - all. As they were told later, Chechens and mercenaries finished off wounded paratroopers with headshots, and our column did not even know about it. Only the ensign and soldiers survived, who with incredible difficulty, with broken legs, crawled behind the military town, from where the column began to move. We crawled, badly wounded. Crawled. One then seemed to die.

We entered Grozny and immediately came under heavy fire - from almost all places, from all tall buildings, from all fortifications. Just entered the city, the column slowed down. Somewhere we were standing, dismounting, not moving. During this hour, we shot down five tanks, six Beteers. The Chechens were buried - one tower is visible - the T-72 tank, which destroyed the entire vanguard of the column. Let's move on. The column, constantly fired upon, bristling like a hedgehog, also shot back. The soldiers dismounted, fled - held positions. They sat down again on the armor, dismounted, fled again. It was impossible to carry out any actions on the buildings occupied by the enemy, as it should be, as we studied in military schools, as our grandfathers did in 1941-1945. The column was a snake walking through the city, leaving behind militants in its rear, destroying only what was destroyed. It was impossible to dismount and conduct reconnaissance actions due to the infinite behavior of motorized infantry. In almost every unit they had a commander somewhere absent, killed or wounded. Units were mainly commanded by sergeants, warrant officers who survived. A soldier-infantryman, I do not want to humiliate motorized infantrymen, jumped off a batteer, pulled the trigger and drove the machine gun until the horn ran out, shooting around him. Then he inserted the horn again and ... The horror of the motorized infantry before the events was so strong that, dismounting, our group of paratroopers, instead of conducting reconnaissance, were forced to lie down. We raised our heads and lowered them again, because the neighboring, attached infantrymen thrashed us again and again. In such a chaos it was just impossible to go. But still, I set myself the task of identifying targets and destroying them. Of course, everything was through the mat, howls, through the beats with butts on the heads of some of the infantrymen. For me it was not the first fighting. And for the main body of soldiers and some officers - the first. We, the paratroopers, were looking for an enemy, destroyed targets, but still had to hide from ours.

I am one of the observers reports that in the house opposite two firing points. I put the task on the nomination. We dismount, we advance to this house competently, as taught. I do not want to boast - the preparation of my people was very strong. It was clearly visible that my paratroopers were really a cut above the rest. They rushed to the wall of the house. Ten meters remained, as the rumble was heard ... I turned around. Behind us, our tank approached, directed the barrel directly to the wall we were near, and fired. The wall began to fall on us. The house was five-story. As much as we could, we left, but received bruises and fractures. One of the soldiers had a helmet flattened out like a wolf from the movie “Well, wait a minute.” Two more received concussions, contusions. We moved. The tank turned and drove on. No consistency. Again, everyone sat on the armor, continued to move. They also revealed the firing points of the Chechens, stopped, began to fire. I was in the second batteer with a group of soldiers. We went deeper into the city for three kilometers.

We knew the new 1995 was coming. In the mind it was recorded as a date, and nothing more. There is a holiday - the New Year, and everything ...


The paratrooper officer of reconnaissance units, consisting only of officers and warrant officers, a special forces officer of the “Vityaz” detachment of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, a special forces officer group of the “pear” brigade are officers-fighters. These are the people who have been assigned the task, and they carry it out in groups. They have one philosophy ...

I, the commander of a group of soldiers, had a different philosophy. I think about the New Year, about something else - there is no way. In a combat situation, you only think about soldiers subordinate to you. You remember how six months ago you stood on their oath. Before you a number of parents. They give you flowers, whisper in your ear: "Take care of your son." “Save the Soldier” is my philosophy. There is no such thing that you, as commander, are in the epicenter of the action and you fire yourself, without thinking about anything else. You shoot, when you need to help, to target those who cannot reach. Well, soldiers' hands are shaking. Who should be constantly in your field of vision? All 12 people are groups. If someone is missing, you need to stop everything and look for him. And take an infantry unit - there was chaos.

... I already had three wounded. Killed no. We went to some square. Cinema. Open field between houses. And in this space there are concrete slabs dug into the ground. It was here, having begun to incur substantial losses, that the Eastern grouping rushed under the dense fire of the militants. Only one thing sounded on our air: “The two hundredth, two hundredth, two hundredth” ... You drive by motorized riflemen near the airborne troops, and there are only corpses inside them. All killed.

We began to enter the space between the slabs dug into the ground. In the absence of a general guide, all this was reminiscent of a child playing with cars, when a silly child is in chaos ... A tank could crash into our carrier, lead the barrel and pin down my signalman. Seal the soldier, press into the armor. The fighter spat blood from the ears. He is all white. I had to jump on the tank. Under enemy fire, knocking into the hatch, which did not open, and when I got up, I put the machine gun in the hatch. There was a desire to shoot. A certain barrier has already been crossed. A soldier, exhausted by the fighting, got out of the tank. He spread his hands, his trembling lips said: “What I did ... I burned everything. There is no connection! ”In the convoy were T-80 tanks stuffed with electronics. And this electronics was burnt by the inept actions of the crews. No connection, nothing. It was possible to work only on the turn of the tower and on the shooting. The tankman removed the tower. My soldier was still breathing. Removed it from the armor of the batteer.

Somehow everyone shoved them off. Took all-round defense. My group covered one third of the square that was girded with concrete slabs. We used hollows. Having taken up the defense, they again began to reveal targets, to destroy them. Gathered their wounded, dead. Engaged in the arrangement. And all under the fire of the Chechens. The desire was not easy to survive, like cattle, huddled somewhere. The main thing was to complete the task and survive. The personnel was dispersed, all were assigned the task. The signalman, pinned down by the barrel of the tank, was laid on the boards. He could not move. I barely breathed. In addition to promedol injections, we could no longer alleviate his suffering. Our ambulances with crews were destroyed by the militants even at the entrance to Grozny. No medical care. Only in the side pocket of the camouflage jacket was a package with promedol, the bandage in the butt of the machine, rewound with a hemostat, was a standard set. And except to put promedol to the wounded man in the thigh or in the arm, we could not do anything. My signalman survived. All night long, one of the soldiers didn’t move away from him, pulled down by a bulletproof vest. They were on duty, not giving up for a second, so that he would not only not die, but in order not to miss this moment. At any time, at least something to help. Than? Absolutely not understood. But the reconnaissance paratrooper was clearly performing the task. Changing, lay next to him and "held" him, listening to the pulse on his neck and arm.

Suddenly, a motorized infantry unit came out in front of us on eight Beterahs and BMP-2. We stopped at the front of about a hundred and fifty meters from us. Under the dense fire of the Chechen militants, soldiers jumped out of the vehicle, ran in our direction. All staff. And, like peas, poured into our trenches. It was a silent pile of demoralized people ... A soldier rushes up, throws a machine gun and dives into your trench like in water. It was almost impossible to disassemble who was the commander of these motorized riflemen who were dazed with fear. Having caught the first soldier, I hardly achieved who is the eldest. He pointed to a man who, having fallen to a concrete slab, threw an automatic rifle, covered his head in a helmet with his hands and sat without stirring. I crawled, asked his rank. He turned out to be a major. He turned to me. I am all camouflage, already with a beard. Looks like a spirit. And he did not understand who is in front of him. But my vest, though dirty, brought him back to consciousness. To the question: "What the x ... did you drop the vehicle and come running here?" - he said: "We were driving. We lost. We can see from a distance, paratroopers ... We abandoned the equipment, ran to you, because no one, except the paratroopers, could escape. All others will shoot! ”. I shout: “And the technology? Equipment! Will burn it! Right now". The man was completely inadequate. Could not command. Just huddled into a corner and shook. To persuade his subordinates to return to the technique was unthinkable. I gave my command - to throw motorized infantry out of the trenches! Maybe it was wrong. Maybe these people had to be saved. But the technique has closed me the whole review. The very next minute she could be burned by the enemy. And then, under the cover of burning BMPs and combat soldiers, the spirits would go with me to a rapprochement — they would attack. As long as there was a clear field in front of me, the Chechens could not approach. And now they had such an opportunity. As far as we could, we threw motorized riflemen from the trenches. It can be said that they fought off them with butts, fists, and threw them over themselves. They clung to us in a stranglehold. Grabbed a weapon. The confrontation could begin ... So the motorized infantry remained in our trenches. Taken some position. I gathered them all on the left flank. Within half an hour, all eight units of motorized infantry armored vehicles were burned by Chechens. Naturally, they came from neighboring houses, strengthened behind this padded equipment. Almost in front of me.

On the front, to the right of a hundred meters, was a Chechen pillbox - something like a brick house, from which continuous fire was fired from a heavy machine gun. It was impossible to raise the head. Our column entered chaotically. Therefore, it was extremely difficult even to find an unused grenade launcher or a flamethrower on my farm. I have set such a task. Found And from time to time they fired grenade launchers at this Chechen pillbox. Kneeling or aiming lying down was very dangerous. After all, the fire on us was carried out not only from the bunkers, but also from those of the burned-down Beteers and the BMP. We were deprived of the opportunity to conduct aimed fire. I had to crawl out of hiding places, crawl up to the little knolls, so that, fleeing behind them, at least somehow, lying or from the side, firing, to destroy the Chechen machine-gunner, entrenched in DotA, or rather in the dugout — very, very small, which was overly difficult . To my right lay my deputy, like me, a senior lieutenant. I remember ... I heard a voice from behind: "Commander, I crawled!". I turn around. An infantry fighter from those who leaped into our trenches like frogs is lying. Shouts: “I am ready to destroy him!” - “What?” - I say. He had a Bumblebee flamethrower. Lying and shaking lips says: "Only I can not aim." I shout: “How can you not ?!”. In response: “All is ripped off. There is only a pipe. Sights were shot down. In appearance, the flamethrower was in working condition. I gave the command: “Crawl to my deputy. - He was in a better position. “Shoot down!” To my surprise, he crawled. I was in 5-7 meters. The rifleman, despite the enemy fire, crawled. I explained everything quite clearly to him: “... You shoot either lying down or slightly kneeling”. He got up on his knee. I lay there and saw that he was pointing at the target through the flamethrower pipe, as was agreed. But I look from the side and see how he, taking aim, suddenly lowers the Bumblebee down, straight ahead. I still managed to shout to my deputy: “Close your ears! Roll back! It was a fight. He did not hear. I remember, for the first time in my life I was raised above the ground. I flew to the right. He bumped his head in a helmet into a concrete wall and fell into someone's shit. In the eyes of an asterisk, a red veil. Then the world around us took some shape. There was a funnel in that place. The soldier was lying with a bloody hand - insane, wounded. My deputy was bleeding from the ears. He was completely contused. Still experiencing contusion pain, fighting in a dream. With this shot the officer was incapacitated. Now he is on staff activity.

My intelligence sergeant crawled up. He asked me for permission to fire a grenade launcher, got down on his knee, brought a grenade launcher at the target under the fire of the Chechens and, handsome, hit the dota embrasure. Blew it like a house of cards. At this time, about twenty or twenty-five militants in camouflage white coats came at us from the Chechen positions, from the burned-down infantry forces and the BMP. They went, like the Germans, in a psychic attack. Before us, they had about fifty meters. There were rushes. When the pillbox was destroyed, they were in an open field without cover. The fire we focused only on them. Eighty percent of the advancing Chechens were exterminated. Out, who had ... Bright, red flashes, torn bathrobes, screams, screams ...

Darkness has fallen. On the New Year, when they remembered him, tankers crawled to us, brought alcohol. Spilled. They say ... According to the connection they went Chechens. On their tank wave, they said: “Well, Ivan, mark the New Year ten minutes. And then on a new one ... ”At ten minutes past twelve 31 December 1994, up to five minutes on January 1, 1995 was a respite. Overthrown a little alcohol. After this, a massive mortar attack began. From another type of weapon you can hide. From falling mines - no. It remained to rely on fate.

The shelling lasted two hours. Fully demoralized, we still held our ground. Chechens could not get through to us, even scattering mines. We brought all the equipment on a direct lead. And she shot in the directions, without goals. Two hours of such confrontation! Mortars ceased firing. Come shootout. Apparently, there was a regrouping of Chechen forces and equipment. Our and Chechen snipers began to work. So until the morning.


From Grozny, we again left the column. They went snake. I do not know where, what was the command. No one set the task. We just circled around the Terrible. Strike - there, there. And we were fired. The column acted as if in separate flashes. The column could shoot at some kind of passenger car, traveling three hundred meters from us. Nobody, by the way, could get into this car - people were so overworked.

And then the column began to roll, go. The infantry came out lumpy, chaotic. On this day we paratroopers did not receive any task. But I understood that nobody except motorized rifles would cover. All the others were simply not able to. Some of my people were loading, another was shooting in the directions - covering the waste. We went out last.

When they left the city and again passed this damned bridge, the column rose. I have a machine from the dirt, crowded in the shops with ammunition, jammed. And then the voice: "Take mine." I lowered my eyes to the open hatch of the batteer - there was a seriously wounded ensign, my friend. As far as he could, he handed me a machine gun. I took it and put it inside the hatch. The next shelling of our units from several directions began. We sat huddled against the armor, shot as best we could ... A bleeding warrant officer filled the empty stores with ammunition and handed them to me. I gave orders, shot. The ensign remained in the ranks. He was white from a great loss of blood, but he still filled the shops and kept whispering: “We’ll go out, we’ll go out anyway” ...

At this point, so did not want to die. It seemed a few hundred meters, and we would break out of this fiery cauldron, but the column stood like a long, large target, which was shredded into pieces by bullets and shells of Chechen guns.

We left 1 on January. There was some chaotic collection of desperate people. For all to gather at the gathering place, this was not. We walked, wandered. Then still set the task. They began to collect the wounded. Quickly deployed a field hospital.

Before my eyes, some kind of Beteer escaped from the environment. Just broke out and raced in the direction of our column. Unmarked. Without anything. He was shot by our tankmen point-blank. Somewhere meters from a hundred, one hundred and fifty. Our our own shot. Apart. Three tanks smashed beteer.

There were so many corpses and wounded that the doctors of the developed field hospital for organ-preserving actions had neither the strength nor the time!

My paratroopers, who had a shard in their thigh, who in the ass, who in their hand, did not want to go to the hospital. Bring them, leave. Five minutes later they were again in the unit, again in the ranks. “I,” says, “will not go back. They cut the only way! Take out everything! Blood, pus everywhere. Where without anesthesia, where how ... ".

Send the calculations. A lot of people remained there, in Grozny, many were thrown on the battlefield. I brought all of my own, as well as some of the infantrymen whom I managed. Rest? A lot of people were thrown. The eastern column suffered and this ...

I did not give my wounded. The choice was: either to wait until the evening of a pinwheel - should have come. Either the convoy departed with the dead and some of the wounded in the trucks. Realizing that there were militants in the rear, I did not give the wounded, but waited for the helicopter. Although heavy were ...

And so it happened. The first column with the wounded near Argun was completely destroyed. Shot by militants. In the evening, turntables flew in, loaded the wounded, killed, and accompanying people. And they left ... My slightly wounded refused to evacuate, remained in the unit. Our combined group of officers and soldiers was practically not operational: two dead, three seriously wounded, the rest were shell-shocked, slightly wounded.

The group, as it could, was dug in, representing a small mix of people. As they said later, in Grozny, the Eastern Column lost about sixty percent of the personnel only killed.

Fired already not much, but for a long time. We went another few kilometers. 3 On January 1995, by special communication, I was ordered to return the group to Tolstoy Yurt for replacement. There we were waiting for other units of our unit.


When we went to Mozdok, the unhurt officers were assigned to accompany the ten recently killed officers and soldiers from one of our company’s mouths. We flew to Rostov-on-Don. There, in the future Center of the dead, just put the first tent.

We fly. The bodies in foil are wrapped, lying on stretchers. Then I had to find my own. Identify. Some of those killed had been in tents for several days. The soldiers assigned to the treatment of bodies, sat on vodka. Otherwise, go crazy. The officers sometimes could not stand. Healthy-looking men fainted. They asked: “Go! Identify mine. ”

This was not my first war. I went into the tent, identified. I accompanied the ensign of our unit. Decent person. From his left only the head and body. Hands, legs were torn off. It was necessary not to move away from him, so that no one confused ... I recognized, and the soldiers refused to wear my ensign. According to our landing practice, the deceased should be dressed to the vest ... Well, all that is necessary: ​​cowards, camouflage ... Takes must be on top of the coffin. The soldiers refused to wear a torn body. I had to take a stick and make people. I put them on with them ... What was left ... We dressed them anyway. Laid in a coffin. I did not leave him for a long time, so as not to be confused. After all, I was bringing my relatives - a son, a warrior.

And the soldier-signalman, who was crushed by the barrel of the tank — he was presented to the medal “For Courage” —and was not awarded. Because in the headquarters of the group they wrote to him that the injury was not received as a result of hostilities. Such bureaucratic, unclean squiggles. This is the flip side of the war. As the problem of property written off to the war. It is also the millions of money that have not reached Chechnya, which have turned or stuck in Moscow. The downside of the war is on the conscience of those who sit in jackets and ties, and not those who fight.

It's a shame that you have been taught in military school for years, then you taught with fanaticism "science to win" the personnel of your company, believed in the invincibility of our tactics of fighting, in the methods of survival imparted to us in special classes, served, was proud of your kind troops - and all in vain. In this war, we were simply made meat. As the song says: "... Do not make meat from us, and then look for the guilty. It is important for us that the order be clearly heard and that the soldiers do not doubt. ”

All of us, from private to general, have executed the orders given to us. The Eastern grouping solved the problem, having corrected all the rules (written in blood) of combat in the city. She portrayed a powerful and awkward blow of the federal forces, quickly entered Grozny, held as best she could and, torn to pieces, crushed, also quickly left the city. And somewhere very close at the same time, another group was dying, a smaller number - the Maikop Brigade, which entered the city from a different direction.

And the top commanders - graduates of academies? They knew how to fight. They knew that the city was taken from house to house, from piece to piece. Every penny is won. So they took Berlin. In Grozny, most likely, there was a tough order from above - focused only on the time interval. Say, it is necessary to take it tomorrow, another day after tomorrow. Do not move, hold on. Take it. The rigid statement of tasks from above put the command people in the limits unallowed for war. What is the time factor? This town must be taken by five o'clock! And according to the entire logic of hostilities, this order is impossible to execute. For the appointed time, one could only prepare, concentrate funds, conduct reconnaissance, clarify the task, assess the situation, set the task, issue combat orders, improve the coordination of subunits, radio communications, radio exchanges, clarify the dynamics of the event, determine the ways of escape ... Terrible time was not given. Today, so far no one recognizes this as a crime ... But a man in large epaulets went to the crime - against his conscience, against his morality, ruining the lives of soldiers and officers. Madness What was this command? What is the management of the operation?

And if we talk about infantry ... A soldier approached me in Mozdok, and seeing three lieutenant stars on my shoulder straps, asked how I could connect the magazine to the machine gun? From this case, we can draw serious conclusions. And generally do not say anything more. A soldier does not approach his commander, but, seeing a paratrooper officer, asks how to connect: one way or the other?

At the time of the outbreak of hostilities in Chechnya, the army was already degraded. The soldiers had not only theoretical, practical skills. Most did not have the skills of mechanical actions, when a soldier assembles and disassembles a machine gun with eyes closed, knows how to perform elementary exercises. For example, production for shooting prone ... He should not even think - how? Everything must be done mechanically. And he has ... chaotic, ill-considered actions that I saw and experienced during the New Year's storming of Grozny. Terrible, some half-crazy movements of motorized infantry, and in the hands of weapons, spewing lead, which killed their own soldiers ...

Regarding our paratroopers, today we are going to the Airborne Forces Day, August 2. Soldiers are coming, thank you. "For what?" - I ask. “Thank you for the fact that at two o'clock in the morning we crawled on the asphalt, because we didn’t walk along the roads like others, but crawled through streams, fell into the mud, ran several dozen kilometers. Thanks for that. Then, before the war, we hated you. Fiercely hated. Clenched fists in the ranks. Were ready ... Were you happy - if something bad happened to you. And when they left Grozny and almost all survived, they said “thank you”.

I remembered their bloodied, matured faces in a few days of fighting. Yes, gray-haired, angry, contused, wounded, but alive then, in 1995, the reconnaissance paratroopers said to me: “Thank you.” And I was happy that they are alive.

Call now ... ".

The severity of the memories did not lower the paratrooper officer to the bottom of life. Having passed the first Chechen campaign, drawing personal conclusions from it, he again fights with the spirits, destroys the mercenaries in the mountains. He does what he does well. Ichkerian fighters promise a lot of money for his head, but mother prayers keep this Russian soldier, who still believes in justice and ... in military training, without which the army is not an army, but a meeting of people condemned to death.

One of the many thousands of officers thanks to whom Russia did not perish, he is inconspicuous in the crowd, in the Moscow subway. And this is his advantage. Without demanding anything from the Fatherland, confessing the thought: “Who signed on,” this officer is for responsibility, for the ability of the state to ask those who are authorized to make strategic decisions. Neither the state, nor the friends, nor the betrothed, he will not ask for love. But - will require it for those who died for Russia.

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  1. Asgard
    Asgard 8 February 2013 09: 16
    The article is long and "sick", but the conclusion is one organization ...
    And we will fight (MANDATORY))
    as part of the units, look at your commander, if he is weak, shoot him and appoint a new one (not necessarily an officer)) THIS WILL SAVE A LOT OF LIFES and during the battle UNCONDITIONAL SUBMISSION, discipline, only THIS will save you from inevitable death ....
    Take care of yourself, but protect the weak, setting yourself a task - do not change it in the course of the "play" - it is always "failure" and death ...
    Here are some simple rules and we will win
    1. kot11180
      kot11180 8 February 2013 11: 05
      Of course, a weak commander is bad, but if you "shoot" him, then there will be no unconditional obedience, it will be a gang where the strongest survive, there will be no BATTLE BROTHERHOOD which we have always won
      1. Asgard
        Asgard 8 February 2013 11: 45
        What fraternity is among weaklings and incompetence ??? Let's consider vivid examples .....
        Let's take Misha "Tagged" or "EBNatik" one betrayed Russia, the second staged a coup .... and drank in an embrace with Yadren-Baton (nuclear suitcase)))
        Wait, here is the "Committee member" suspiciously similar to a double agent .. In a Munich speech he says one thing, and a month later he signs FZ-99 (NATO troops in Russia)) and this committee member signs another FZ-99 (unique case)))) operation cover ...
        He shouts that there is no sovereignty and signs accession to the WTO (This is a voluntary surrender of sovereignty in the economy))) EBNik has not ratified START for years ... and Putin came in 2000 and immediately ran to parliament and forced the destruction of the VOEVODA and BZHRK missiles ....
        Now Shoigu (Altai shaman)) you know why he received the rank of General (for betrayal)) he was in a hurry to give 1000 automatic rifles from the warehouses of the State of Emergency Situations to Tyumen criminals to support the coup arranged by Yeltsin (career from reserve lieutenant to Generals .... in one day )))
        Makarov (General Staff)) this military man understood that he was destroying the army, headquarters (governing bodies)) science, Suvorov and lieutenant schools ...
        Unlike FeldMebel Taburetkin ... staged by Putin ...

        Here are striking examples of not using my tips .....
        mediocrity in war must be destroyed ...
        Otherwise, we will lose more and may not win at all ...
        therefore, does not constitute authority, destroy, we will breed snot then ...
        We’ll see what came of all this and how Vovik chews snot ..... (commander in chief))))))
        1. Sashka
          Sashka 8 February 2013 12: 35
          With this understanding of things, the country will definitely fall apart ....
          With all due respect, you are a potential rebel who, following his fanatical convictions, and not his reason, will calmly kill civilians on the way to their goal. The most interesting thing is that such people sincerely believe that they are doing for the benefit of the motherland ...
          The inability of people to think deeply, analyze, etc. can easily turn the President into an enemy of the people, and his actions are treacherous.
          If someone had shot the commander in front of my eyes during the fighting because he was weak, I would have shot this shooter myself, well, or I would have handed over to my family and friends on the law enforcement !!!
          1. Asgard
            Asgard 8 February 2013 13: 22
            That's about understanding and let's talk Alexander ...
            The goal is to protect the HOMELAND, where did the civilian population come from ????
            You didn’t demonstrate deep thinking, but I wrote about actions (specific slaves ... Federal Law on theft, incompetence of proteges)) and how this relates to the situation in the country ....
            During the fighting (battle)) -I WRITTEN-unconditional submission ....
            That is, you came up with the phrase-
            Quote: Sashka
            If in my eyes during the fighting someone shot the commander because he was weak, I would

            that is, the lack of analysis, the construction of actions and the lack of representative reading skills .... (this is often done by Jews))
            so refrain from commenting or strain and read carefully and adequately respond ..

            Verdict: for the next 5 years you will not be a commander ....
            1. Sashka
              Sashka 8 February 2013 14: 20
              Vladimir, I don’t want to enter into a polemic with you, because in a nutshell, you won’t be able to speak, you are right in something, and judging by the comments, the person is not very stupid. It is a pity that your moods are close to rebel, the desire to crack down on the government never leads to good. In any case, there will be a confrontation between those who support the government and those who are against it, which is equal to fratricide! Our country has been through this more than once. And these shocks plunged the country into poverty, chaos and a mess! With your moods, you support those who seek to ruin the country from the inside ...
              As for my attitude to GDP, I’ll say right away that in some things I don’t support it. But, analyzing what was and what is, I’m sure that he is not only a good strategist, but also strive to put Russia on its feet!
              The difference with the past and present is enormous! Many military acquaintances note that the level of training is many times better than with EBN. The pilots began to FLY, and not sweep the crumbling airfields.
              Many are trying to explain the rejection of Russia's foreign military bases by the betrayal of the leadership ... In my opinion, this is not so! In those conditions, the country could not only maintain a base, it could not equip its army! If it was a betrayal, then Baikonur and Sevastopol were given away. This was not done, because these are strategic, very important objects! They clung to them with "teeth". NATO transshipment base on the territory of Russia, it would seem that this is a betrayal! But .... this is a transshipment base, not a military one. The money will go to the budget for it! But it’s not really about them! It is to our advantage to keep NATO members in Afghanistan as long as possible! The US economy is bursting at the seams, they are curtailing various programs. And here we "help" them. This is a kind of "long-term investment", we help them to invest money, funds, manpower, etc. into the bottomless barrel AFGHANISTAN.
              Serdyukov, a protege of DAM, was fired at GDP, and is likely to be planted.
              The only thing I agree with is theft !!! Officials, especially the locals, steal scary! Somewhere more, somewhere less! Inflated reports are sent to the center, supposedly everything is fine! Here it is necessary to fight with it hard !!!
              But here, too, is not so simple. Transplant all at once, power will fall apart.
              But there are shifts !!! Undoubtedly! Luzhkov, Serdyukov, oligarchs, etc. still removed and planted.
              I really hope that everything is so !!! And that everything will be GOOD !!! It only takes time ....
              1. Asgard
                Asgard 8 February 2013 15: 09
                Eh + for a calm position, (unlike my aggressive and correct))))
                We don’t have time ... This year everything will begin ..
                Vovik caught himself only a moment after the murder of Gaddafi, when the Westerners "black mark" sent, remember, I didn’t go to the G8 in Chicago (where they wanted to slap him)) In Mexico, I didn’t smile with the Negro Obama, (unlike me))) In Novo-Ogaryovo he hid for a while ....
                Enraged Russian PEOPLE, fuck us such Commander-in-Chief, who rests in Sochi, builds bridges to the lifeless islands and Sochi resorts (pathos))
                AND D AND O T - The army needs to be built, and what He said at the conference - "What did Serdyukov steal? I don't know !!! .... well, cho continue to swear ......

                Owns Surgutneftegas (verified information)) there is a profit comparable to the defense budget ...Camran, Lourdes, Berd Brigade GRU and even the private Army of Gazprom can be equipped and the Space Station didn’t have to be drowned, because the moron offered money for it ..... no, because He’s a SLAV .....

                In general, whatever you want, I don’t need such a Commander-in-Chief ....
                I’ll tell you about Kazbekovich Baloev (the Nazis do not write tolerantly))
                In 2000 he was Vovka's confidant in the elections, he was awarded a medal for services to the Fatherland, then again he was the “face” of Vovka = two more received, at that time he was the Director of the Baltika brewing company, the chairman of Olimpikstroy and a United Russia thief ?? ? Look carefully at the video-there in plain text Vovka is interested in money here, at least built something ??

                Tell me, You would be the president. You would have This Kazbekovich with his mug in your Kalashny row ....
                ... or all the same, you would have used Kalashnikov .... for the fact that my MOM receives a pension with 42 years of experience-8 thousand rubles ....
                Seryoga, don’t be aloof, our parents will die, we’ll die-how will you leave the children here, without education, in a ruined and sold country .... where they don’t own anything, the state corporation makes sales of Siberia and the Far East forever, you seriously think that one of Us (members of the forum)) at least buy something there ...... open your eyes Alexander .... think with your head, work ahead of time so that they don’t slaughter you in the trolleybus Creatures from the Caucasus, so as not to be shot as a colonel Budanova .....

                Remember a simple rule - there are no limits to the necessary defense, only movement in your direction - urine ......
                It is better to talk with the Judge than with GOD))))
                All the Good, if you do as I say - you have a chance, so see you ... let good luck accompany you (by the way, she loves prepared ones))))
                1. Sashka
                  Sashka 8 February 2013 15: 41
                  Thank you for your wishes !!!
                  As the saying goes: "wait and see ..."
                  I will remain with my opinion, you with your ... "I do not change horses on the crossing"
                  I hope that in a couple of years you will agree that I was right ... But, as you advised, I have been preparing for the worst for a long time!
                  Hope for God, but don’t be too bad ....
                  Good luck!
                2. Yars
                  Yars 9 February 2013 00: 49
                  and Putin that the dictator to decide without investigation who is to blame ?! There is a consequence there they will already decide what Serdyukov stole and what not! Or Askard here already knows everything for earlier and decided everything for everyone! Dictatorship nastalgia? Sorry for our democracy! Stop the cheap stuff here to push! Funny to read! Why don’t you think that Putin should be cheated and you yourself have done something for the Motherland other than clicking on the keyboard ????
              2. TUMAN
                TUMAN 8 February 2013 19: 25
                Quote: Sashka
                The transshipment base of NATO on the territory of Russia, it would seem that this is a betrayal! But .... this is a transshipment base, not a military one. Money will go to the budget for it! But the matter is actually not in them! Keeping NATO in Afghanistan as long as possible is beneficial

                So you yourself believe in what you write? Money to the budget! Did you watch the video above? Look again where the money goes from the budget. To keep the NATO in Afghanistan as long as possible, for our benefit and other crap. Give facts of benefits for Russia, from NATO in Afghanistan. Only without these pseudo-patriotic formulations. And I will give you the opposite facts.
                1. Sashka
                  Sashka 11 February 2013 09: 19
                  Quote: TUMAN
                  Give facts of benefits for Russia, from NATO in Afghanistan. Only without these pseudo-patriotic formulations. And I will give you the opposite facts.

                  I brought it ... But you did not bring the reverse ...
                  So what’s wrong with the NATO members raking in Afghanistan?!?!
              3. Grishka100watt
                Grishka100watt 9 February 2013 00: 11

                Sashka, support.
        2. kot11180
          kot11180 8 February 2013 15: 28
          friend, a military fraternity can only be among the WARRIORS, I’m talking about them, and here EBN and people like him
          1. Zynaps
            Zynaps 9 February 2013 02: 10
            despite the fact that from ancient times it was known that a herd of sheep headed by a lion is a pride of lions, while a pride of lions headed by a ram is a herd of sheep. what good is it from an ambal if he has an imbecile head?
        3. Yars
          Yars 9 February 2013 00: 42
          Asgard - you are not a bad rascal. Do you write this nonsense yourself or mentors from geyropov or you get help? Do they pay at least well?
      2. kot11180
        kot11180 8 February 2013 16: 20
        I forgot to say, Russians have always had the principle "die yourself and help your comrade", "give your life for your friends", and you shoot your own
    2. Lopatov
      Lopatov 8 February 2013 13: 32
      It was already like that. They shot, chose. For several months, the front collapsed to the joy of the Germans
    3. ikrut
      ikrut 8 February 2013 15: 59
      Quote: Asgard
      look at your commander, if he is weak, shoot him and appoint a new one (not necessarily an officer)

      Is it like in the 17th year at the front? Shoot the officers because they are not what they should be?
      If the commander ordered to retreat or to defend, and I thought he was weak - should I shoot him? The freemen will still be that. Everyone can shoot everyone, if he does not think so about him ...
      Have you ever read the Charter? What is written there about the relationship between the senior and the subordinate? Why are they (charters) written at all? They are written, among other things, by the BLOOD of our ancestors. And if what you say at least once was necessary or useful - it would be in the Charter.
      And what you write about with such reverence (weak-shoot) is banal cowardice. First of all, for your own skin. In a self-respecting army, it’s a crime to drop (not to shoot) a weak or wounded man.
      But then you write:
      Quote: Asgard
      Take care of yourself, but protect the weak

      So shoot the weak or take care? Or depending on their rank?
      I got lost in logic. Excuse me.
      1. Asgard
        Asgard 8 February 2013 16: 42
        Well, guys from the outskirts, what do you say ....
        Why do you need a weak commander, if the unit suffers losses, food is not organized, security, there is no intelligence, places of rest ...
        how it sounds according to the CHARTER .... the risk is great to die and not a hero))

        Now, take care of yourself (on this point, I generally did not think that they would object to me))))

        But protect the weak, including shooting incompetent commanders such as feld furniture .... Elections also do not need to be arranged, give your life to a strong organizer (while warning about .... the law of martial law, if you do not "screw up" your brains)) )
        and the weak are the wounded and commanders including women, the elderly, children (protecting them, give life without sparing)
        during the battle ....... the elections do not need to be organized, here there must be brotherhood, support and mutual assistance ... the commander is king and god, only He can shoot you during a collision, for disobeying orders ..

        as you can see everything according to the charter
        1. Sashka
          Sashka 8 February 2013 16: 53
          Vladimir, nobody argues about stools. You won’t get to those ...
          But who you can shoot is the one who is sitting next to you in the trench ... But such a commander, who is at that moment with you, he is no longer weak.
          Really, those young, not experienced sergeants who jumped into the trenches to our author had to be shot?!?!
        2. ikrut
          ikrut 8 February 2013 20: 33
          Quote: Asgard
          Well, guys from the outskirts, what do you say ....

          I used to be in my youth a couple of times in your places. Engozero, Vonga, Barn. Beautiful places. Love them. Although, also, not the very center :)))
          But in essence - all that you wrote - romantic lyrics for students of vocational schools.
          If you really want to replace the commander, if he is confused, self-isolating, "withdrew into himself" - you may well do this without being shot, taking the command over yourself and announcing it publicly and before the same commander. He may disobey and arrest or shoot you. In this case, as for me, emotions simply prevailed in you and the commander put you in your place, and he was weak only in your imagination. If he silently agrees, then you are right and take full responsibility for the actions of your own and those of your subordinates. With all that it implies. Shooting here is the last thing. And as for me, the case is weak and cowardly.

          Quote: Asgard
          the commander is king and god, only He can shoot you during a collision, for disobeying orders ..

          Here you are a fan of shooting at your own (just kidding). A commander is a GREATER educator of his soldiers. Authority and role model. And he is worth a penny (what, there is already "the king and God"), if in a peak situation he has to shoot at his subordinates. IMHO.
          Do not call for such indecency. Well ... this is not right.
      2. Zynaps
        Zynaps 9 February 2013 02: 18
        Quote: ikrut
        Is it like in the 17th year at the front? Shoot the officers because they are not what they should be?

        buddy, do not repeat someone else's stupidity. John Alexandrovich Shemyakin has a lot of special stories on the history of his native Fatherland, written in the style of entertaining stories, but such an exposition of quality material fits well into the head of the general reader instead of constant references to boring documents. here, read for a start:

        I got almost the same picture from the high-quality works on the Russian Army in the WWI of the tsarist generals Kuropatkin and Golovin, in whom the same story is presented in a cloth-clerical language.
    4. Hon
      Hon 8 February 2013 16: 22
      MOSCOW, Feb 8 - RAPSI. The Moscow City Court on Friday sentenced 13 years of imprisonment in a maximum security colony of a retired colonel of the Main Intelligence Directorate Vladimir Kvachkov in the case of organizing a rebellion.
      1. TUMAN
        TUMAN 8 February 2013 17: 17
        Quote: Hon
        MOSCOW, Feb 8 - RAPSI. The Moscow City Court on Friday sentenced 13 years of imprisonment in a maximum security colony of a retired colonel of the Main Intelligence Directorate Vladimir Kvachkov in the case of organizing a rebellion.

        Well guys! Does this not prove that Asgard is right? Or do you need more evidence? They put Kvachkov, Budanov served and killed, there are still some who are sitting (I meant officers). But Chubais will never be imprisoned, and Serdyukov will not sit down! Who will put him in prison? He’s Putin’s guy!
        1. Yars
          Yars 9 February 2013 00: 55
          TUMAN working out money here !? Take a pendo and with a geyropa they organize wars, they kill people, but apparently they don’t pay you and Askard!
        2. Eric
          Eric 9 February 2013 01: 48
          Ulman, Arakchaev, Khudyakov.
        3. Sashka
          Sashka 11 February 2013 09: 49
          That is, if he is a former GRUshnik, he cannot be the one who is exhibiting him now?!?!
          Honestly, I only recently found out who it is ... I have never heard of him before. So, I will not judge a person, because I don’t know anything about him. But here I did not like some of his statements. Yes, and the support of the Nazis does not really paint him. But, once again, I will make a reservation that I do not know him, and I will not judge! But my opinion about him was negative ...
    5. aquatic
      aquatic 8 February 2013 17: 32
      Quote: Asgard
      the rest of the units, look at your commander, if he is weak, shoot him and appoint a new one (not necessarily an officer)) THIS WILL SAVE A LOT OF LIVES and during the battle UNCERTAINTY SUBMISSION, discipline, only THIS will save you from inevitable death.

      Do you have a problem with the logic of both in this post and in those below, aggression cloudes the mind, unconditional obedience by definition excludes "kill the bad commander" who will decide that he is bad, soldier? there is always at least one soldier who believes that the commander could be better, according to your scenario we will get a highlander) I will kill everyone alone)
      1. TUMAN
        TUMAN 8 February 2013 17: 54
        Quote: aquatic
        you have a problem with the logic of both in this post and in those below, aggression cloudes the mind, unconditional obedience by definition excludes "kill the bad commander"

        You are all attached to "kill the bad commander", and you do not see the essence of what the person wanted to say. The army is full of amateurs who cannot even adequately assess the situation, not to mention some elementary planning. So which is better? Submit to the fuck, and incur losses, or remove him, and save lives? So how long can you look at the plundering of the country, at the betrayal of its interests, at the destruction of patriots on trumped-up charges, or simply killing them, while rewarding recent enemies with stars? For the surrender of territories, and a lot more "on". This also applies to Ukraine, there is generally a quiet horror!
        1. aquatic
          aquatic 8 February 2013 18: 03
          everything is so, just unfortunately in a country with such an area as ours and 140 with a million people, such decisions like the commander of a fig need to be replaced do not lead to anything good, only systematic work can solve the problem; if you change 1, change everything for 140 million, do you understand that
          Therefore, the essence of the said "kill the commander" is vicious, so that meat grows on the bones, you need to pull iron every day .... and you suggest that you cut down the boss or get drunk so that it grows faster .... in a complex system, this does not happen ... everything is interconnected. it's like a medicine, treat something, cripple something, a good strategist can achieve improvements in the whole system by compensating for the possible consequences, in our country the temperature has already passed, but a runny nose still remains and shoots in the ear ... everything will be fine, guys) only we do not need bloody revolutions
          1. Astartes
            Astartes 8 February 2013 19: 43
            So do not change the same !!! Asgard’s indignation is understandable, reading the article I myself was ready to shoot the commanders who did not organize either the deployment of troops or even the supply of soldiers. Although the hostilities in Georgia still showed that something is changing .... But why do you always need to put a bunch of soldiers to learn how to fight ??
            1. aquatic
              aquatic 8 February 2013 20: 29
              change, but not as fast as we would like

              although in many ways Asgard is right as it’s not sad to admit it
        2. Eric
          Eric 9 February 2013 01: 49
          For example, my friend, he serves, but his level as a junior commander is none. And as you know, not generals go to battle. And the soldiers and junior command staff.
    6. Guun
      Guun 9 February 2013 00: 13
      I disagree with you. Looks like a lot of things were not seen. I’ll give an example, the commander ordered to retreat, and the woe-warrior shot him saying that he was weak, the result is such that the group will be surrounded and destroyed because of the idiot whose roof has slopped off. Let me give you an example from my life, one idiot let the whole group down, the commander ordered to sit quietly and with no reason to burn the caravan, and they had the task of destroying the caravans, and the commander said this. He ordered because there were 10 times more Taliban and the caravan was not easy, but this idiot made himself a hero and killed half of the group, disobeyed the commander who knew better. And if this one would shoot the commander? The whole group would lie down there. The commander changed the task, to sit quietly and wait out and thereby save everyone. And if he did, he would bury everyone there, including himself, and the caravan would fight back and move on. War is such a thing that it does not go according to plan.
  2. zambo
    zambo 8 February 2013 09: 31
    Eternal Glory to the Heroes of Russia! ... and eternal shame - to traitors and fools with big stars ...
  3. Kerch
    Kerch 8 February 2013 09: 32
    The article is excellent. If I am not mistaken, taken from the book "Spetsnaz. Love us while we are alive." The book is read in one breath.
  4. NKVD
    NKVD 8 February 2013 09: 33
    Russia is holding on to such peasants
  5. klimpopov
    klimpopov 8 February 2013 09: 47
    Read. Thank you for posting.
  6. heruv1me
    heruv1me 8 February 2013 09: 54
    The article was already, more recently.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 8 February 2013 09: 59
      Maybe it wasn’t this? I don’t remember for half a year ...
  7. Foamas
    Foamas 8 February 2013 09: 59
    Too pretentious article, the author allegedly writes from the words of a "friend" and distorted half to embellish the image of the protagonist.
    Like, he’s the only one so smart, and all around are just oaks.
    The description of many aspects of the operation, starting with the capture of Khankala, is inconsistent with reality, which the intelligence officer could not know about and allow such blunders in his narrative, which generally casts doubt on his participation in this event.
    1. Moritz
      Moritz 8 February 2013 19: 07
      I bet you +, at the risk of running into cons ...
      shots from a tank into the wall under which there were paratroopers, a helmet as in wait, a signalman crushed by a tank, crazy infantry shooting into a circular one from a pit and much more ... somewhere it already happened, it looks like some kind of minced meat ... . the further those events, the more often the memories of "veterans".

      The children have eternal memory.
      1. klimpopov
        klimpopov 9 February 2013 20: 46
        I put you a plus without risking running into a minus. Do not pay attention to the pros and cons - write what you think ...
  8. erased
    erased 8 February 2013 10: 01
    But none of the politicians from the top leadership of the army was responsible for the betrayal! And some are still in power. And how to understand this?
    1. Guun
      Guun 9 February 2013 00: 21
      Yes, they were not ready for this. They wanted to show that the Russian Federation is the same power as the USSR and only screwed up strongly. Most were not ready for this, especially among the Chechens who were those who served in the USSR and went through the Afghan campaign. That is, they fought with each other since they were taught in the USSR. The carnage was also a mistake that everyone makes - underestimating the enemy.
  9. pa_nik
    pa_nik 8 February 2013 10: 03
    "... One of the many thousands of officers, thanks to whom Russia did not perish ...".

    + + + + + + ...
  10. Krsk
    Krsk 8 February 2013 10: 06
    Thank you to such commanders just about you, the words of Gazmanov's song "who did not make a career from soldiers' blood" thanks for the feat of your memory to those who did not return and a lesson to the Rams strategists !!! And the Airborne Forces is not a branch of the military, it is a state of mind. How many times have they covered up the mistakes of the command with their heroic death? Thanks guys ...
  11. JonnyT
    JonnyT 8 February 2013 10: 15
    Anger begins to boil ..... what filth sat on top !!!!
    The guilty people are accountable !!!
  12. aksai61
    aksai61 8 February 2013 10: 17
    And "General" Grachev received medals and counted the bucks from EBN !!! negative
    And the guys have eternal memory !! soldier "and a zinc coffin from the country"
    Interesting, and who minusanul article ?! what
  13. DDR
    DDR 8 February 2013 10: 41
    An officer who thinks of a soldier is worthy of respect, our army has always kept such
  14. Romeohihnic
    Romeohihnic 8 February 2013 10: 47
    Daaaaaaa how many times reading such articles there is simply not enough evil for the fathers of the commanders, not those who shed blood next to the soldiers, but those who gave orders in the office. How is it even possible without proper preparation to let the soldiers slaughter ??? how lucky. If we don’t succeed in sending others, we will send sooner or later all the same we will beat all the militants with not so many people as ours. And for those who died honor and glory.
  15. Ross
    Ross 8 February 2013 11: 17
    Glory to the real heroes.
  16. воронов
    воронов 8 February 2013 11: 24
    The article admits some inaccuracies and mistakes, casts doubt on the direct participation of the officer, on behalf of whom the story is allegedly being conducted, at the epicenter of events. I was there, I know, but the mess was really enough during the first assault on Grozny, and indeed in the first Chechen
  17. Skavron
    Skavron 8 February 2013 11: 37
    Yes ... men with titanium rods inside ...
    Praise and glory to such.
  18. donchepano
    donchepano 8 February 2013 12: 41
    May God grant him health to this officer for preserving the lives of the soldiers as much as he could.
    While he was fighting for Russia at this time, someone in the headquarters and in the government sawed the budget, was engaged in the seizure of all that was possible.
    Now it seems, if I’m not mistaken, the government is preparing the next privatization no worse than Chubais
  19. Nicholas II
    Nicholas II 8 February 2013 13: 05
    you still feel some kind of falsehood. something is not entirely true here
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 8 February 2013 15: 12
      Thank God that Russia still has such officers!
      How false did you "feel" in this article? That senior officers and generals simply send soldiers "to slaughter" without appropriate training, just to report on their success and their active participation in time, or do you prefer pictures about handsome Rambo?
      Who is interested in military history, I advise you to read the memoirs of an officer of the front-line soldier, Shumilin Alexander Ilyich, a participant in the Rzhev battles - "Vanka company commander".
      The memoirs are nowhere published and literally unprocessed, laid out by his son on the site dedicated to the Rzhev battles:
      1. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 8 February 2013 15: 49
        In addition to the memoirs of the front-line soldier A.I. Shumilin - "Vanka company commander".
        The book is read in an exciting way, in one fell swoop, although literary and not processed. Something like this article.
  20. Uruska
    Uruska 8 February 2013 13: 34
    The confession made a strong impression. I think that everything was really so. They studied, learned to fight, but never really learned. And we attack "like a pig", without cover, communication, control, without specific tasks ... Several years ago I checked the alarm raised by a motorized rifle company, so there was such chaos, but only until one moment - until the arrival of the company commander. This one immediately took everything into his own hands and organized everything as it should. So it goes...
  21. Edgar
    Edgar 8 February 2013 14: 34
    Alas, Russia has always fought like that.
    thanks to this officer. one of the few worthy
    1. aquatic
      aquatic 8 February 2013 17: 39
      this is not true) do not dream) here people are educated and thoughtful
      my country and the People who fought for it fought bravely, perfectly, wisely and our native ingenuity, as evidenced by the whole history of our country))) and by such officers and soldiers our Russian land is full, pray that you do not happen to see them in action)))
  22. Black
    Black 8 February 2013 14: 45
    It is painful and embarrassing for the army.
    Until we have those guilty for such "military" feats, until the generals and politicians begin to receive real sentences for betrayal and breakdown ..., the "capture of Grozny" will be repeated and repeated.
    And nothing changes !!!! Neighboring boy in the fall came from the army. Somewhere near Orenburg he served. The machine held 2 times, a year - cold and hunger !!
  23. Sashka
    Sashka 8 February 2013 16: 14
    Quote: ikrut
    So shoot the weak or take care? Or depending on their rank?
    I'm lost in logic

    I thought about that too ...
    Although I guess about what he was trying to say ...
  24. jury08
    jury08 8 February 2013 18: 38
    Scary and insulting to tears !!!!
  25. stalker
    stalker 8 February 2013 20: 17
    The eternal memory of the fallen Russian soldiers who laid down their heads in the name of their homeland and burn in hell and traitors who profited from this war.
  26. Farvil
    Farvil 8 February 2013 20: 55
    We are accustomed to harassing the commanders of the Patriotic War, and those who led to the answer, I mean the top staff who made decisions, drew conclusions after the 1-2 Chechen and Georgian years of 2008, no and they won’t, our people don’t appreciate and don’t appreciate he’s gathering, and our people are mostly beautiful and have a future, and politicians will have to answer many questions sooner or later.
  27. motorized rifle
    motorized rifle 8 February 2013 22: 09
    Well, if it's true
    Well, at least a third
    One thing remains
    Only lie down, die (V.S. Vysotsky)

    The commanders’s head, and the fish rots from the head, as I wrote about the egregious incompetence of these, then I decided to stop it, but it doesn’t work out. In military schools, it is necessary to accept persons who have served military service, the benefit is now a year of everything. Then the percentage of officers unfit to control the battle will drop to a minimum! And then they go to universities, without knowing why and what is military service. People with weapons, in my opinion, are divided into two categories: Servicemen and Warriors, the former are good and bad, and the latter are good and very good. From experience I will say that the good will always teach the bad, but only if they are given the opportunity to do so. The officers didn’t teach us, but they didn’t interfere with learning either, the ammunition was in bulk, they didn’t collect the cartridges, for which I thank them. They set the task and until everyone shoots well and perfectly, no one goes to sleep in the winter. Those. in the field from 6.00 to 24.00, or even longer. I made more than 20 shots from RPGs a day, and at night also for comrades, I want to sleep ...
    And about shooting an incompetent one, I recall the story of my friend’s father, both have already died. Small land, heat, almost no water, a fontanel on the neutral side, ours and the Germans crawled for water in turn. The one who crawled later, waited for those who crawled earlier to draw water. Here we have a new political instructor, what the hell, ambush! They arranged it, the Germans responded, they filled up the spring with corpses, the heat, the corpses decomposed instantly, they can no longer take water, and the wounded are dark, everyone wants to drink. At night, someone threw a grenade into the trench of the political instructor ....
    1. Edgar
      Edgar 9 February 2013 16: 21
      finally I found a like-minded person! hi good
      I think so, a respected motorized infantry!
      only after serving as an ordinary, and it is possible to separate the sensible from those who have a head for wearing caps only fit. in all truly combat-ready armed forces it was like that. and at all times. and a departure from this principle of selection of commanders is fraught with disaster. unfortunately for the Russian empire, then the USSR, and now the Russian Federation - no one ever seemed to even think about this principle of selection and training.
  28. roninas
    roninas 8 February 2013 23: 31
    Oh well, nh ... Too smart for an officer, excuse me. The war is simple and dirty, so all this reasoning is the reasoning of the young lady from the Smolny Institute, and not the reconnaissance officer of the paratrooper, I understand everything. And the stupidity of command, and etc, but too intelligent an officer is simply nonsense. I was not impressed, it’s just some kind of Lermontov, his mother looks from the side. A soldier who can’t attach a store to a machine gun, PPC, why are you among them? ?? I, his mother, from school knew how to do this
  29. OATS
    OATS 9 February 2013 02: 26
    I liked the article. Written by a man who never fought in Grozny and Khankala, did not hold a bumblebee in his hands and did not see how the tank shoots and the tank shell explodes that destroyed the five-story building? .This is a genre ---- battle science fiction. The truth is ------ dirt, mess, snot, fear, DEATH .........
  30. motorized rifle
    motorized rifle 9 February 2013 04: 23
    Regarding the soldier who asked about how to fasten the store, I think it was like this: -Comrade Senior Lieutenant, show how to attach this thing to the machine. -And there is nobody to show? -Surely, no one. -Well, look (shows). -What is that easy? -As you see. -Thank you, but you will not smoke? - Hold it. -And you can a couple of pieces? Yes, keep the whole pack. -Thank. The fighter returns to his own and says: -The guys live! I spread the summer for a whole pack! laughing
  31. OATS
    OATS 9 February 2013 10: 46
    And I also liked how the senior lieutenant speaks with the general?
  32. Zomanus
    Zomanus 9 February 2013 15: 12
    Well written. There are a lot of similar things on the Dig.
  33. go
    go 9 February 2013 16: 50
    The bad thing is that not one bastard did not answer for this!

    Many probably still sit in the Moscow Region or somewhere else in the civil service and are engaged in their unprofessional activities. So, not all conclusions are drawn from this insanity. Irresponsibility strikes sloppiness. This crime is criminal irresponsibility! If you start a war, which in itself should be an extreme decision - you had to prepare a group, plan everything, including through special services, police, media, etc., save anyway at that moment as far as I can remember there is almost nobody was in Chechnya. Although recalling the chaos of the 90s, it certainly sounds unrealistic. The most important thing is to draw conclusions and take action.

    There are, of course, exceptions like Rokhlin, Shamanov, today's chief of staff also seems to have experience, but in general, when I see our fat, near generals, I’m worried about the soldiers, I definitely don’t want to be under them. Maybe something is not right in the system of their preparation and appointment. It is dangerous that such lessons, unfortunately, are quickly forgotten, and this cannot be forgotten.
  34. go
    go 9 February 2013 18: 30
    Not quite in the subject, but on the question of professionalism - I just saw an interview with the Minister of Ext. Kolokoltsev’s affairs (lead on Saturday), and so the policemen reduced as a result of the reform will be increasingly replaced by conscripts for working in cities, parturing, etc. Those. 19-year-old boys will be engaged in the work of police to protect the general. order - this is where professionalism is !!!! I saw them like that a couple of times in the subway - a miserable sight.
  35. Alekseev
    Alekseev 10 February 2013 19: 44
    Perhaps the article contains "artistic" exaggerations.
    But "practice is the criterion of truth." Our dirty, snotty and unorganized army nevertheless defeated the Chechen militants, even with losses and foolishly, even in the first war. So there were "comrades" who were able to do this despite all the problems. There were still many officers, warrant officers of the old, Soviet leaven.
    Politicians betrayed, yes.
    But the conclusion from all the memorable events is clear: the collapse of the state fully captured the Armed forces. A lot of all shit came to general posts, to the posts of unit commanders and chiefs of staff ... By pull, for money, etc.
    And this, no matter how much we scolded Putin, was one of the reasons for the appearance of the stool. But, it’s true, there is little sense from his appearance, more harm ...
    What will happen next? We will see ...
  36. a boat
    a boat 11 February 2013 22: 47
    few are very few such commanders as this starley! and for this it is bitter that good-natured people die because their homeland ordered, while others ring with medals at the General Staff without understanding or ignoring all the horror of war! fear as starley wrote, but because of the money of these chocks! are we Slavs into whom we are turning? when we are so easily pitted against each other